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Lord of Dice

Lord of Dice for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by NGEL GAMES Co.,Ltd. located at 201, Samsung Creative Campus MakerSpace, 51, Hoam-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu, South Korea. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Nudity) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The art is one of the main reasons I installed this game. I've grown fond of it and actually really loved it. I was able to compose stronger teams and unlocking characters isn't hard because this game is F2P. However, when you've reached a high level, there's barely anything to keep players going. Almost no events to keep us excited.I wish devs could do something about it.
Love this game. The art is beautiful and it is truly free to play. The game is generous with the premium currency; you can almost do a 11x summon every day if you do all of the activities.
A great game to play from time to time. The characters are amazing and are very cute! I highly recommend it for you!!!
game is fun. a lot of free cards. gameplay is very balance. story is okay, kinda confusing, very short, not enough for me to start caring. games pretty repetitive.
Took a bit to summon other characters. Love the game so far, did crash once but phone sucks so understandable
Art is nice and gameplay is fun, but I personally can't play it for longer than 5 minutes a week. Going through the infinity floor/dungeon thing is too easy, as I litterally cycle between two moves that are basically the same move. The game also has a lot going on, which is a bit overwhelming especially to casual players. It's got an interesting take as a game, but I wouldn't even be able to explain how to play this game and it's modes.
Sorry, I know I gave it a 5 star, but the issue wasn't in the game, I was unhappy with the events because it was the same like in global. I wanted to wait until I could get my selection chest in the end of one of the events. But after the recent update, it wasn't there anymore. That made me sad... But this is a really nice game. I still like it and like it too much to give a 2 star. Stop reading this
Im playing at jap server. Not too p2w. You can awakening using normal char (not only dupe) but limit break must use dupe. The downside is when you stuck at story then start to improve to full lvl 50 team. It took many resources and you need key for it (time consuming) & when the other features use specific card (key) and reset daily (not auto regen like key). Starting to ask what to do at day 5 playing.
Been playing this for a long time. I'm not sure which update it was. But I no longer see any of the events. I can see it in my menu..... that there's a supposed event on Dec 19 to 23. Been online most of the time but can't find anything. I still like playing this but the UI in the shop is also somehow broken(?) Bruhh
Great game for strategy and pvp, have not run into any issues just yet and it's easy to get free gems with some grinding! Not only that but the dicers are adorable and have unique designs and the story is unique as well
I love this game so much. Especially about the illustration. I have searched for the application as same as lord of dice evolution illustration, and I found no one. Please keep update this game!!!
The game is great but I find the arena really unfair. There are times that I could only move around and not be able to attack my oponent while he/she has landed a few hits already without me being able ti counter it. I can't seem to understand why's that. And most of them I've already battled a few times can't we get more random opponents to battle?
I've been enjoying this so far. Pretty underrated. Aside from that, the game is pretty hard to understand at first but I understood how this works now.
I give you 5 star, now please add private chat! pretty please. The world chat is a chaos. We were barely able to discuss anything there, as it filled with languages other than english and there aren't any notification about the incoming chats. Also, the raid invitation notification isn't what a normal people called 'notification'. Thanks for your team efforts anyway.
Great game but please add support for phone with fullscreen options. The game got cut off on top and bottom of my phone screen. Thanks.
has nothing to do with dice, its a gatcha card game. tutorial is not clear on how the game mechanics work or are controlled. needs more avatars to choose from other than a male swordsman or female mage. overall a very misleading game.
It's still a fun game but when you've played it for a few months and you have to go through all the dailies without some sort of background auto mode, it gets very tedious and repetative.... Just can't do it no more, plus the game isn't even full screen. No more purchases from me. Uninstalled...
I guess this game is underrated, because the graphics are absolutely breathtaking along with the animations. I really like the unique yet various types of combinations that we can explore with different dicers. The dicer drop rates are really friendly, but I do wish there could be more events/activities which could make the gameplay even interesting.
Honestly, I had my doubts at first but it has been a really fun experience there are very few....there are no games that I have seen so far that take this perspective on a game format and actually make it work, except for this one it has been so much fun l, and I hope to see it grow and continue getting better...not that I think it canπŸ˜‹
This game is gold, if you think that this is a game you've probably played before then you're in for a treat, completely different theres a lot of dicers to choose from you can pvp other players with your stuff. If you played deadmans cross (card wise not the other stuff and picks) its like that but with brave nine.
The game is good and all but there are some problems that are keeping me from enjoying the game. One of them is the bug on a level (specifically Floor 1, Zone 9) where a star is awarded for a bonus enemy defeated. However, I can't find the bonus enemy even after 10 play throughs.
Honestly one of the best game out there, it's crazily underrated. The only thing is that i would really like for master summer skins to comeback please if there's a way to contact support and give suggestions or something, it'd be appreciated. otherwise the game is fun, you can get anything if u grind for it and is patient and the designs and IU are always updated and beautiful. Love this game, please add summer skins back hihi
Trying to login with my Google, it only loads to 75% and won't go any higher then a blank message pops up and it closes the game. I made sure to have enough room for the game
I love the game overall but I'm giving it 1 stars because i bought the first LB Jelly rank up package at around rank 34 and I'm now at rank 51 and i never got any LB shards OR Gems. I tried emailing CS twice and haven't gotten a response yet so i kinda spent $30 on nothing. Update: i just want my money back.
Absolute underrated gold find! I've been playing for about a year, and while I find the store prices and gameplay a little worse for wear, the story is intriguing and the art of all the characters, especially their designs and when animated, are the absolute highlight of this app for me. Every 5 star dicer I've gotten, I fall in love with, their designs are all so interesting and well made. I just wish they all had voice acting;;
Don't give up on this game devs! I've played so many hero collectors and this one has it all it's unique, it's fun, so much content, so many actives to play with friends and so much more! Not to mention it's a beautiful game with beautiful art! If I could wave a magic wand and make it more popular I would β™‘ maybe try advertising or give a big update like remaster it and advertise it as a new game! I believe this game can be big! but PLEASE don't give up on this amazing game πŸ’œ
It was working just fine up until today. I played everyday for sround a month but now it says it's failing to load over and over. I don't want to delete my app and lose all the progress I made. Before these issues it was a very interesting game with fantastic art. I loved the unique blend of board games and rpg. Unfortunately, it's completely unplayable right now.
This is such a good game! The art is amazing and the gameplay is easy to learn. I just hope they have auto mode for the dailies. I think this game would really be great if they add more content.
The artstyle of the characters is beautiful and there are so many to collect non of the characters need to be purchased to unlock they just require a bit of work and luck I've been a player for a long time but the one thing I miss is when you were able to see all the characters images without unlocking thim first.
I love the game, Very F2P and I love the game, ive been playing for like a year and 9 month and the game has always stuck to me and will forever!
This game is cool! Also I have a little problem with hard mode of infinity tower. I played 5th floor for the first time but I forgot to kill paddler fox so I got 3 stars. After that I try to play again but I can't find any paddler fox. And I try to play many times but it's still gone, so the paddler fox will gone forever or it's a bugs? Please help! I NEED 4 STARS. T____T
Fun game with great graphic, pretty unique battle system. But there is still some issues with connection, if you have bad connection it will stuck at the same screen unable to load. But other than that, its all fine and dandy.
One of the best game i've ever played. Fun time killer. Totally worth to play. But just a piece of advice to those who encounters stuck at the loading screen with 75% or so on and a blank message pop up, just clear the game cache and it will be okay. It works for me since i encountered the same issue :>
I am really enjoying this game at a casual pace. I'm given plenty of resources to get a decent team going without spending a dime. 5% 5* rate is amazing compared to any other gacha game, no issues getting 5*s so far and im not very lucky in general. Very interesting gameplay that seems fresh compared to standard turn-based games. Overall this is a good mobile game
"f2p" "no purchase necessary" I see in a lot of reviews. I was ready to go to sleep playing this. Tiny amounts of strategy and you need to spend to progress at a decent rate.
It is a great game with a great visuals. But i didn't give 5 stars because currently I just made a purchase, it already been cutted from my google play balance but I didnt receive it. At the moment I'm purchasing this, it stated in the app that the purchase is in error but my money already been cutted. Pls help, I want my content that i purchased TT
Been playing this game for alittle over 2 years and still currently. I think its a fantastic game to get into with friends but can be alittle daunting/grindy going in alone. But there is ALOT of content with monthly events, Guilds, & pvp. The work you put into it is what you'll get back, you can also earn everything without having to pay money. But i wont lie, a stray 5$ once in a blue moon could help. Or literally a single purchase of the monthly reward if you reeeeally wanted. Good Luck!! :)
I've seen my friends play it and it looks cool, but it doesn't load past the loading screen for me :,). it also makes my other game, which I've had for a couple years and have used while using other games malfunction saying that there is an illegal program so. if anyone can help, that'd be coolio