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Lophis Roguelike:Card RPG game,Darkest Dungeon

Lophis Roguelike:Card RPG game,Darkest Dungeon for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by DreamSky located at Rooms 05-15, 13A/F., South Tower, World Finance Centre, Harbour City, 17 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Tel:00852-22060092 Fax:00852-30030133. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Horror) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a pretty good game but everytime i get to the second boss the game break down please fix this bug and I'll consider giving it a 5 star
1 star cause there's bug at the end of chapter 3, boss doesn't spawn. So game is bugged. If this was fixed it would be 5 stars from me tho
The gameplay loop is a ton of fun and it's perfect for filling short breaks and waits. I just wish the game had more content worth spending hours playing for. There's really only the primary loop and nothing else.
Hello developers! The game is really good and i love it! But the thing is, i just started the game again from the start and i can't proceed to the next story because the 1st boss isn't appearing. Please help! :'(
All of the above is cool,the gameplay,graphics etc! But...mr dreamsky all of your game I love it but im going to defeat the boss the...the boss not showing up and I restart the game while I restarted the game I cant go to story its not tapping the story but it can tap the abyss(locked)the story cant tap it/unavail to play...I know theres a bug all of your gaje are cool!(but you know uhhhh....league of leggendss.hehehe)so that.
Good game with interesting game mechanism but extremely frustating. Lophis is just a pain the ass. The game itself is not impossible to beat just really nervecracking. Replay same characters multiple time to fiddle enough and know what best for your deck. Edit: Now it just a terrible game with numerous unfixed bugs. Removing my stars
I like the gameplay, the graphics and also the cards but the main problem is everytime when I will reach the first it didnt appear even though how long Ive wait there are no boss showing off
O.K not great like a beta, doesn't feel like a completed game, bug's and crashes occur sometimes but fine to pass time with.
The game is fun but i have only one problem i dont know if only my phone or the game is the problem but in the first boss once i defeat it and go on after some level and got defeated i cant go fight the first boss its showing the battle screen but no boss and if i surrender nothing happens. But im having a blast playing this game 5star for that :)
Great concept but progression is waaay too slow and now I had to change my device so I know I lost everything :( Also just use more ads, up the price, anything but take the sanity mechanics out, Christ...
I just updated the game only to find out that 2/3 of the content is gone, with no way to restore it. As much fun as I had playing this game, this is the clincher that has me regretting spending any money on it. It's no longer worth playing.
Game pretty amazing but some problem boss dont, the start button after quiting the game dont't work anymore apparently but hopefully it will be fixed card game that is actually really really fun (Conclusion: recommended to play)
I love this game and what it tries to be. Every character in the game has a unique play style AND a unique story and final boss to go with it! I noticed that quitting the app and entering it resumes your progress and I don't mind this at all, I would go as far as to say I like it. Here is why, I once got defeated by a boss and used souls to get a revival scroll. I lost again...so I "reset", my progress was still there but I lost my souls, so the reset worked but there was still things lost.
The game mechanics are fun and I've played for hours but very recently there seems to be some bugs. The other characters like Knight and Blacksmith are no longer available. And in story mode the game hangs on the final boss encounter. There is no boss character that shows up! What should I do?
This roguelike has diverse strategy and randomly generated dungeons that keep gameplay interesting. The gameplay lacks difficulty and depth despite the diverse strategy. For one dollar it definitely delivers some one can commit hours to this game if they so wish. One complaint I have is that occasionally the game becomes unresponsive for an indefinite amount of time for some reason. Overall though the game is worth its price.
After latest update, the game became more worse. Boss not appeared in chapter 2. And the other locked heroes was gone. Too bad, this game have a potential to become the best offline card games on android. I like this game but... fix the bug and make this game more stable. Also, I don't see any of the latest update features you added in the game. 😞
The base itself isn't bad. But other than that is nothing but problems. Bosses are too difficult to beat unless you got that one perfect build. Let's just say if you have more than 4 methods to cancel death, something is wrong. The storyline is very on-the-nose, nothing engaging to follow. Lastly the UI makes it uncomfortable to play. Just by the mere fact that it is horizontal orientation.
Game is really unbalanced, the first 3 bosses are all in the right place, ranging from easy to hard, but the 4th boss is nearly impossible without good RNG, and the paywall for the new characters defeats the purpose of spending that time going through the game, but a good time waster
The Boss has healers,powerful attacks,and more HP.Plus,repeating some of the past stages isn't an option!In other words,thanks for giving the player not much of a chance!The rating reflects what this game deserves,in my opinion,plus also how much fun I had with it!
First time you play is good like very god but after boss fight is lag like freeze or somthing i can move and after i off the app and go back to boss fight is still same.this game is still in beta so you need to fix this quick ok.ps.you should give every player the purple thing 5000 and money 5000 in start of the game.
When I play the game offline sometimes when I reach the guardian (2nd one) the game freezes! Please fix this !!!! or frankly speaking I'll delete your game !!! And also add some new cards , skills & characters please but the most annoying part is your game freezes that's not cool !!!!!!!!! Rating it one star but if you fix my problem will rate 5 stars ! Please reply !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fun and difficult, could use a couple of spelling errors and updates, but overall it's a well made game.
The game was great...But the problem is that the Guardian in Chapter 1 didn't appear...I waited for several minutes and it didn't appear..I thought it will have a grand entrance or something..so I cleared my data and tried again..and after 3 day's..the Chapter 1 Guardian appeared..then I forwarded to Chapter 2..but after exploring it.. the Chapter 2 Guardian also didn't appear..some of my card was actually op...I wouldn't uninstall it..I'm just gonna wait till next update...
I don't usually pay money for phone games, but I definitely felt like this game was worth it. It's genuinely a really good roguelike card battle, and the strategy for each different protagonist is so different that I'm still trying to unlock them all in Abyss mode. I also really like the art style; it's just the right mix of detailed and cute to make some really unique monsters!
I rate it 4 stars. Why? It dose not give a heads up in terms of difficulties, and the tutorial never told you how saving works, thankfully saving is simple. Also the names feel a bit wierd, I know it might be a bit offensive but... "Ahh come on man" - Joe Biden. Also my tablet is a bit small and the game dose not really fit my screen. Though I would recommend this game as a good time waster.
Good deck building game. Tough Final Boss fight, but if you keep your deck lean and effective, the boss is quite easy to beat. Story wise is a bit confusing (I played the swordsman) but the mechanic of the game is the one that makes this game good.
Problem with boss fight.. sometime the boss didn't even spawn causing the game to "stuck". Restarting and re-doing the run didn't fix it, which mean you basically hope that the game bug favour your run.
They ignore the bug at the last boss that didn't appear also the other characters it's good game at first but at the last the only boss u can defeat is the goblin king the orange ogre and the green dragon those boss are the only shown up on the boss battle it's so annoying u have best card but in the end u can't use them against the boss battle because of some kind of bug plsss don't disappoint the player in playing fix the bugs first before adding nee stuff there's a lot waiting to fix it
Sorry,but this game has bug.I almost win but that time I want to fight the boss,the boss gone and its loading.I have restart the game,but still gone.I hope you read it and fix it.I will play after another update.Thank you.
Gameplay is okay though could use some more explanation like showing details about the card that will be created by other cards. Animation and levelling is good but i have encountered a bug wherein the game wont end even though Ive killed the boss so yeh
Not really an experience per say. More of a question. Why is there 2 of the same game on play store. Both have different ratings. Also I've been playing for quite a while and I've noticed that when playing swordsman, the ending is a little hard. Not sure if I'm just doing my run wrong but the gap between moves and damage is rough to fight.
Pretty cool game, story lines cool, and pro game mode very fun, also a little trick is if you watch a video for a trial of different characters, and you beat the game, you unlock them for the pro game scenario. You can watch a video once a day for each of the characters.
I really did enjoy this game, it was one of my favorite back then. But I can see this game be more balanced on how strong the bosses and the player can be, I can see how this game can be better and even better if you developers puts your heart's and mind into it more and put some more great references like the JoJo references ones, it was so good. Anyway wish you guys the best of luck.
I like the art style here, I usually don't play these type of games but I see this as an exception. The problem is I cannot go pass the second chapter. When I challenge the boss he dosent spawn and I'm there waiting with the music and all playing but noting else happening.
Great game, from when I last played it the translations were a bit... iffy... But the core gameplay is rewarding and pretty clever. The artstyle is also great. But I will warn you... you have to get very strong by the end of the game if you want any chance of beating any of the final bosses.
It's a fun game... but jesus it's also bull you cant ever really beat the final boss even if you prepare yourself with the best stuff it still doesn't matter so the time you've spent almost doesn't matter
To beat the story mode you need HUGE luck for cards (deck with less card are better), maximize passive skill and lucky monster encounter. I just beat story mode once and have try around 20-30 run for swordman. Now trying with the twin. Buying starter deck doesnt help too much.
It's all fun and games until I get popups asking me to buy a pass to collect the rewards I have already earned. I'm so tired of microtransactions.
Great game really worth my time, 4th boss was nearly impossible but luckily for me iam pretty good at these types of games and completed it on 3rounds
Can't even open it. Every time I try, it immediately crashes. This is probably only happening to me so please don't base your opinion on the game on me. I was able to get a refund so it's not so bad.
I really like this game but I have a proplem where I go the guardians but once the fight start the its stuck where the boss doesn't appear the music and background still work but the fight just doesn't start please fix I really like this game this proplem keep happening
Nice graphic and story telling. But there is a bug at first boss level, the boss didn't show up, and become idle.. please repair this i started to like your games.. thx b4
I really enjoyed this game until i lost my phone and had to buy a new one. The progress was all gone and I invested some real money in this. There is no restore purchases either. Shame, because game is good.
Fun card game, it feels great to play, and while some bosses are real cheap, it's still a fun experience
This is a amusingly fun game. It's poorly balanced, but fun anyway. Sadly, the ability to move between devices is broken. I discovered this when I thought about paying to open the one paywall class. Decided to verify that that wouldn't be a bad move. But I tried three other devices, and it throws the same "too many requests" error each time, even when it's the first attempt to load the save. Without a useful save/transfer ability, I just can't pay for anything.
It's really good I saw a lot more potential but I hope you add more features, but please fix the bug about the boss not spawning it can't be fixed until I restart the story again please fix it! Also I hope you add more Characters and other way to play once you finish all the story and if bored at endless mode
Latest update broke the game. Character selection only shows the fighter and the twins, though I had the knight unlocked. And the first boss doesn't load up, game just waits in battle mode with no enemy. Surrendering isn't even an option, as the game simply goes back to idling in the empty boss scene.
Game breaks every time you finish a game of story mode. The story button doesn't respond and you have to restart the game. They also need to hire an English native speaker to go over it, translations aren't that great. If you enter a custom mode by accident, there's no back button to get out of it.
I want to give 1★, but I will give 2, would give more but the first boss would not load into battle... I tried to reset the game and that did not work -_- . tried many times, still did not work. No Boss = No Progress. I like the concept, looks intereating. Seems entertaining enough. Thanks for killing 15min of boredom.😺
I expected it to be terrible with ads and iap. The adds are 1 per game, a game can go an hour or more with save points and deck builring along the way. The story is kinda basic/boring (except the monk who is pretty good) but it plays really well. I wouldnt mind playing it as an actual card game. Overall I was happily surprised. Good game!
I try to play it once every couple of months, but always face the same issue: before the end of the first chapter game suddenly crashes and all my progress (saved or not) is lost which also means that it forces me to go through the tutorial since there is no option to skip it. As much as I like the part of gameplay that I got, the fact that I can contact you only by giving my personal information to Facebook and bc that wasn't fixed since the release leaves me no option but to leave a 1 star.
Super fun game. But ran out things to do after I cleared stort mode with free chars. I could grind out abyss mode I guess to unlock the other character but that's not for me.
The game story mode is well thought out. Many interesting deck combos. Alot of cool synergies. My only issue is that abyss seems imbalanced, especially sanity bar. Losing one match means losing 50 sanity, there is no way to recover so why not just end it there. There is also no option to quit abyss after losing 50 sanity. Overall the abyss feature needs brushing up. For quest record, please also record the stats of each round, not only the deck used
Im giving this game a second change because i can see myself playing this for hours like night of full moon(seeing as i completed everything there) haven't played it in a few good year hoping it has improved
Very addicting to perfect your deck before the last boss in story mode. Is always coming to close fights in the 3rd part. Characters are interesting and their skillset are a bit alright. The challenge is there is just finding the right strategy to pass it is hard.
This is a great game, but there are still a few bugs. For example: when entering the boss, the boss doesn't spawn. I tried restarting a new game but it still won't spawn. Developers pls fix this
I know this is supposed to be darkest dungeon game... But man... u will never beat Abyss if u not spend some money to buy perks and more bonus... I mean u really need to spent money on 1 run abyss, who there's no ending and u will be ded no matter what... And when u want try again, u need to spent again... Golddigger, nuff said developer... Bad... Real bad
Hello developers! I really enjoyed the game and the art. But I have run into a bug that prevents me from continuing the story. THE SECOND BOSS DOESN'T SPAWN. If you click on the 2nd boss's level you'll have a blank screen only with the background. Note:I have viewed the prophet. Please fix asap. Thanks!
Overall fine. I would have liked the free to play mechanics toned down a bit, the translation is a bit wonky at times, and most of the heroes are locked behind a premium currency wall, or an ad, but it definitely was enjoyable dor a few hours.
Was enjoying the game and yes, the English is quite plain- nothing interesting about the story. I played up until I reached the town ( think it was boss 1) and the spot where the monster was supposed to be was empty and it wouldn't let me surrender either. I find it hard to believe this is a game worth paying for.
its really unbalanced with some of the bosses being impossible without insanely good rng and perfect preparation. also if playing the knight its probably wise to try to avoid getting the mirror as the fight can take upwards of 30 turns
This is a wonderful game and I love how replayable it is without getting bored of it but after finishing each game it lacks a reward, you just unlock some of the card that you may find or not trough your next adventure, some souls stone like 1 to 5 and thats it. Because of the lack of reward every adventure feels kinda useless especially on the long run when you unlock all the tiers. It also lacks levels and I just finish the game for the 2nd time. This game has great potential thus I rate it 5.
Gonna change my review now that ive come back to it after a while. Translation suddenly became terrible??? It used to be so much better but now i dont even understand what the story is supposed to be. They've patched up some exploits which is pretty good, and the new bosses are interesting. Don't listen to the other reviews, this game is pretty easy as long as you know what to build. I beat it in 2 tries with swordsman, and 3 tries with twins. Overall its pretty fun i reccomend you try it out.
Posted a five star review once before because the game itself is great, but I didn't get a response about the ridiculously difficult final boss and how the Abby's mode shouldn't be hidden behind beating them when it's seemingly impossible without pay2win. Willing to restore my 5 star review when I get a response or the boss is nerfed to where it's actually playable without paying real money. I've played multiple times and been creamed every time by the final boss due to ridiculous difficulty
I rated it 3 stars is because the game is kinda fun but in the prologue's boss doesn't appear on the screen so then I realized that it was glitched because i couldn't back out, after that I restarted the game but it still is glitch then when I cleared the apps it worked but when I got in to trap in game it crashed (blackscreen)...maybe because the game is in beta, well looking forward to this game it really is an fun (I'll try reinstalling the game if the patch doesn't work)
Games is fun, the card starring system need some changes. After playing for a few hour I encountered a bug when you enter the boss room, the boss doesn't appear for battle on you're just stuck in battle screen with no enemy
I really do like the game, but I cannot forgive the absolutely cheap bull hockey on ice end game bosses. All of the heroes have custom tailor made end game bosses that are designed to outplay whatever engine RNG has allowed them to scrape together. I have cruised up to the final fight of a given run numerous times, and each time have been simply outplayed by boss power cards that shut down my whole deck. Disapointining. Oh, and the horrible translation is oddly endearing. So, there´s that.
Uhm i think there's a bug that on chapter three the boss or like the light when i go there and fight the boss theres no enemy and when i quit it it doesn't quit and i restart my phone then it said that it needs an update when i update it it makes the game quit pls fix this bug btw this is my fav game so ill rate it five stars
There's a problem. After playing making a new game, i can't see the boss anymore, I'm waiting for more than 5mins and still didn't see it. I hope it will resolve.
Just be buggy. Using the gunner, the boss of the first stage wont come out, surrendering wont take us out either. Force closing and reopening would reset every progress, even the tutorial. Not only that, even when we use the knight, the game will sometimes force-closing by itself. Looks good, you can say its a lite version of night of the full moon, but its too buggy to be enjoyable. Uninstall. Bye.
Love the game but my personal opinion is there should be an ad option to get free soul gems instead of having to purchase them or only get 1 or 2 when you encounter the random video
Done with this game. In game updates don't work and always close the app after 5 seconds, there are multiple text and UI bugs, and the game is very unbalanced (ik roguelikes are supposed to be hard but this is another level). The souls that are received after runs don't have that much use either.
This game is really cool but it is super hard to beat all the boss.You loss all your card after you die.
It has potential to be a good game if they fix this game breaking bug where the boss does not appear only the back ground appear and nothing else.. Fix this bug asap
I'm a little upset that it is forcing me to repurchase all the content I paid for just because I switched to a new phone and it didn't save my purchases.
I rate it 1 but I totally like the game but the bug about blank bosses totally ruin the game. we cannot play anymore bacause of that Im so sad because this game has potential. I like this game but I do not recommend it. I be glad if you fixed that bug.
Pretty fun deck-builder with interesting characters and ideas. My biggest criticism is that there are not a lot of different ways to play with each character, and even less of these ways will lead you to success, causing the game to become repetitive and even slightly frustrating at times.
noice card game. it has various kinds of ability and i kinda like how story is, sadly its so hard to unlock abyss mode. and no pvp. hopefully pvp will soon come
Fun game to play and waste time on not to complex or simple only dislike about the game is just how long it takes to get new characters and the only way to even get the currency for then is you haveing to whatch an ad
Since the new update I can't play as anyone other than the characters I have unlocked (the swordsman and twin gunner). also endless mode does not show up. am I doing something wrong?
With the last update i cant fight with any bosses, so i thought that was a problem that i can fix delecting the app an downloading. When i did it the app start crashing after tring a download of 0.65 mb. Plaesa fix it, i love this game.
That game is opressed coz it's the best game u can play offline and It also have different ending better than classic ones the only thing i hate is when u die u start over again but theres a glitch u can do to avoid starting over it's to leave the game befor u get back to the main menu . And I dont recommend u to delete the game if u unlocked to many cards coz y lost too many progress when u delete the game
The game itself is fun, the story is ok++, but there are a lot of English mistakes, and not to mentions some very annoying bugs like the fact you "can't" progress after beating the first boss- It will allow you to fight a few more "camps" and then bug out, freeze the game, and when re-opening the game it brings you back to the first boss fight...
It's basically slay the spire, but it's obvious some real effort went into this. I didn't think I'd enjoy it, especially with the typos throwing me off (which leads me to believe the developers learned English as a second language) but it's actually pretty high quality. Are there better games? Yes. Are there worse games? Oh God yes. This game may not be perfect but it is still quite good. Don't go into it expecting it to be an award winning game or anything, and you should enjoy it.
I have played this for a day and its fun. The twins and the Knight are overpowered. With the shield cards and spell buffs combined with their passive, your armor gets to 60+ in 3-5 turns. What I'm concerned is that the 3rd boss is so hard. Even with a cheese strat where you can have a ton of shield and damage, it's still not enough. Even with the passive of the boss that you have defeated feels like it's not rewarding since your cards are mich better. But in general it's a great game.
This is actually a pretty great game. Progression may or may not be slow, it depends if you rush it or not. My main issue is that I can't play this on my new phone. After the part that says I have to download some files, the game crashes in my new phone. It doesn't do that in my old phone, but my old phone's battery is literally going to explode. My new phone is a Vivo Y30. I hope something can be done about this. Thank you for the game. :)
Every time you uninstall the game, even if you backup your save file and data you LOSE all your purchases. Stay far away; not worth the hassle.
Not worth it because this are one of those bias games. Why? because in every 2nd round the program spawns a boss bias to your card deck, much more awful is what they call Character Manipulation (which here is deck manipulation) programed to make it look like you can't get a healing card even though you 15 healing cards in your deck. They want you to buy the card packs but not to go stronger, but to disable the Character Manipulation.
This is an amazing rpg! Although everytime we give up you have to restart but its okay, I really like the game also i was wondering what the CD-Key was but the most favourite hero was the twin gunners, although sometimes when I open at the I cant open story sometimes.
FIX Android: run game, request down load-yes, game crash, settings, apps& notifications, app info, find app and Select it, force stop, exit settings, relaunch the app, worked normally after that.
Honestly, the lich is too op, I hit for 519 damage by saving up energy with t3 energy sword, he had 204 stored hp and 80 left, but he healed to 204... doesn't make sense... your overkill damage should subtract the lich's stored hp... just tried another six times losing every time, even when hia hp hit 0 with none stored... and both skeletons dead... how do you even win... if he has infinite hp...
Need cloud save and google play achivements. The gameplay was rather interesting, it would be good with auto battle system.
The boss is not appearing and I cant proceed the game. Which is the worst part of the game. Cant even do anything else besides waiting for the boss to appear at a certain time...
dont seem to see the difference between free version and paid version i mean by turning off the mobile data or wifi ads wont appear so does paying for the paid version actually provide something that the free version doesn't like something usable
It's really good I saw a lot more potential but I hope you add more features, but please fix the bug about the boss not spawning it can't be fixed until I restart the story again please fix it!
I figure I'd give this game a try again but I can't even restore my purchase. Whenever I try to get back my profile it says "operation too frequent" even on first time...
There are some weird interactions, like when you guard to avoid the next physical damage you take, but it getsb activated magic damage. The last boss is 9 out of 10 times a joke, sometimes I die in 2 turns but that's ok. Ftp is aweful, scrolls and character unlocks are going to take you forever. This game loses its luster in abyss mode since it's basically over after your first death. It's costs too much time for each of the tiny upgrades and collecting that it never makes it feel worth while.
lost all progress after changing phones because no matter what I do, trying to restore my profile gives me an error "this operation is too frequent, please try again later" I've been trying this every once in a while for years. it's not happening. I'm pissed
First: my opinion contains bug problems and not the game itself so you can skip me for game-play details. I like the game and I do love the concept of having choices with cards but unfortunately I am facing some issues including glitches like when get to the second or third stage to the final boss he does not appear and the game stop so basically I have start all over again, meaning I may not finish the story ever! And also after receiving a defeat the game kinda crash on me too.
It's a game that you pay for that has commercials in the game itself. That's right, you are paying to watch ads! Thanks! (Said sarcasticly) now I have to be weary of offline paid games. I should just stick to mobile consoles.
This game is really good, despite the few grammar errors and hard to understand descriptions of cards. But since the last update, I can't find the other characters other than the Swordsman and Twin Gunner. I was about to buy the Knight, but then the game changed stuff. If they must be earned somehow, just why? Fix this, please. On top of that, stuff isn't loading in and the language is Chinese sometimes.
This is a good game but pleasse fix the bug chapter 1 boss seems not to appear why I say so after being defeated and after clearing the chapter 1 mobs the boss of it won't appear and surrender Icon can't be use either.
This is actually a pretty great game. Progression may or may not be slow, depends if you rush it or not. My main issue is that I can't play this on my new phone. After the part that says I have to download some files, the game crashes in my new phone. It doesn't do that in my old phone, but its battery is literally going to explode. My new phone is a Vivo Y30. Thank you for the game. edit: FIXED. Just keep redownloading and if you're lucky, it'll work. The game's still the same as ever. ❤️
It is an overall fun game, except for that bug where the boss level isn't appearing on thr screen every game or so. Even surrendering doesnt work.
Would give 0 stars if I could. Game just suffers too much RNG with cards, RNG drawing cards, and deck bloat is a GG usually. Buying packs is useless; it's not permanent and only good for that run. Extra characters too expensive. Final boss is hilariously OP and needs a mega nerf. Seriously swordmaster boss can casually slam 100+ dmg a turn and he gets 700+ hp. Snakes need a nerf on their energy gimmick. Ressurection ticket effects need a buff. Game just suffers a lot of simple gameplay problems.
Great game but final boss is exponentially harder than anything in the game. Feel like you gotta spend money or an insane amount of time to get the lucky blend of boss buffs and cards to beat it.
It A Good Game With Interesting Story The Gameplay Also Not Bad But Sometime It Bug Like I Can't Click The Card Or Play Or The Enemies Won't Show Up Even I Waited So Long. Please It A Good Game
Precise Location, and Retrieve Running Apps. There's ZERO reason this app needs these permissions. This has been one of my favorite games, and now I feel betrayed by the dev for using these shady permissions. Shame on you dev! And shame on me for not noticing sooner. Uninstalled.
Very good and challenging, and perfect if you need a good 30-minute distraction. Cycling runs to find good card builds is decently intuitive, but honestly im only giving this game 4 stars. The reason for that is the games difficulty. I swear, i rarely ever get past the second or third boss when my build is absolutely broken and theres 100% efficiency with my cards and how they work together. Ive only ever gotten to the last boss once with an amazing deck, but he wiped the floor with me. 4/5
Played heaps, paid for some stuff to support, changed phone... now have to rebuy everything, wont restore my purchases, no assistance from the email support team... staying low stars until they get back to me
Great game, but this game you need a certain cards for each class you use. The Abyss is never end which no one can beat it and the highest someone got to is level 35 boss.
Card purchases through card packs reset on game restart. Progress to Abyss mode resets on game restart. Garbage. Go spend your time and money on Night of the Full Moon, it's a much better card style game.
Easily one of my favorite game but it doesn't quite make it a 5 star just because the game has loads of bugs. For example when you are about to fight the boss he just doesn't appear so you get stuck at the same place so you gotta restart and start over. (Which doesn't give you any rewards)
For a paid card game, I'm honestly surprised, its lag doesn't happen often, you choose to watch an ad and even though there are some annoying enemies, I really like this game 👍, keep up the good work 🙂
I enjoy the game but the ammount of crashes that ive had recently are making it frustrating to play. In my last run i beat the second boss, which was a bit of a grind, then went to the next area. Midway through my second fight in the area it crashes. When i reload the game, its put me back 2 fights before the 2nd boss. Ive used revive scrolls in past fights and then had it crash. It remembered i used a scroll but put me back before tye fight i used it in.
I'm having a problem where when I close the game and then open it later it keeps closing the game every time.
Fighting the last boss (chapter 4) can be very tough. When revive, the boss' HP return to full, it's like fighting from the beginning, with a huge different in HP and cards' power. May you gives more hands, so we can taste the abyss for the next journey. But overall the gameplay and the visual effects are incredible.
Great game, but has alot of bugs for me. Their is a boss that glitch's out and never appears and makes me have to close app and start a new playthrough. I love all the references tho.
Immersive roguelike card turn based RPG with variety of builds and classes to work with, bad battery optimization.
Love the game but i cant fight the first boss for some reason like i cant see him i cant do anything exsept pres the buttons and i cant leave so i have to press the home button,plz dev/devs reaspond i want to play the game and give 5 stars
If you're allergic to poor english you've come to the wrong place. If you find it funny and like to play games with good gameplay, soundtrack and ambiance then you've found yourself a solid game. I absolutely love it.
What. The. F***. The game is perfectly made... but I have to fight an extra boss (who is nearly immortal) just to get to abyss? This plot twist ruined the game for me. Beating the third boss was hard enough.
The games exellent....but the only problem im facing is when you need to defeat the gaudrian to carry on...he never appears at all
Good game. Character unlocking is a bit difficult however. Not much to say here, but also, why are there two versions of this in app store? Its the exact same game and name, but has a SLIGHTLY different icon
I like this game, but i can't load my previous progress and after i click share or bulletin i can't click story, pls fix it (i use redmi 9c android 10)
I give two stars because there was a bug in this game when I reach the first boss it's freezing. Please fix this bug!
It's a good game if the ratio of last boss(anything u can think of)isn't that big,the last boss needs some balancing,u either need some good decks or just keep revving until u get it but I won't recommend it,it's just a waste of time to repeat again since u lost the first time already,why repeat?u still got the same old decks,smh.Push all that aside,this game is good. P.S maybe lower the price of new character if u want more people buy it
Tutorial isnt very helpful and doesnt explain a lot of stuff, game doesnt seem setup for any sort of planning or skill, just luck. When monsters can increase card prices, increase their own damage, make you take damage when you play cards, and weaken your cards you just cant do anything