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Lophis Roguelike-Card RPG game,Darkest Dungeon

Lophis Roguelike-Card RPG game,Darkest Dungeon for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by DreamSky located at Rooms 05-15, 13A/F., South Tower, World Finance Centre, Harbour City, 17 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Tel:00852-22060092 Fax:00852-30030133. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Horror) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love it! I love this game. There are a few cards which absolutely need better translations but they don't affect the game overly much. I think the tutorials which advise you as to what cards do could perhaps be better but with persistence you can work it out. Overall a seriously addictive rogue lite which at never point demands money. I'm a massive fan!
Good storyline. It is an app which tells quality over quantity. The ending for every character Is bad. I think the ending should be good.
I like this game but ill give 3 star because there some bugs need to be fix the boss doesn't showed up and icant walk through another level i hope you fix it sooner so we can play it again🥺
Where's the endless mode? I dont see any options pointing to endless mode! -.- SCAM update, yet still enjoyable
Now the game took away all the classes except the swordsman and the twins... And I can't even get past the first boss because there is no boss. I'm not sure what you guys did to your game but for now I wouldn't even give you 1star but Google play doesn't allow zero star ratings
This is game stupid, putting a boss on the second stage with a very strong card with adding energy cost to your card every second turn of the boss is stupid. Stupid developer,stupid game, the crashes after yoy repeat again and restarting the make you fight the stupid boss not a very. If there an option for zero rating. This game doesn't deserved a one star rating it should be zero. The most retarded dev. Team ever. Dont even think making another game..
Great card game. Totally addictive and awesome! Just a few bugs ok? Sometimes the boss doesn't appear and u can't surrender. Could you guys fix that pls? Would be appreciated
I enjoyed this game. I love card games, and I've always been looking for RPG card games. The art is also beautiful. This game is comparable to some childhood games, so it also makes me feel nostalgic and happy to play. The English is poor, but tolerable. I have only given this game 4 stars because of the lack of balance. Most cards are useless, and bosses can bring exceptionally hard challenges for those who are not interested in deck building, and just want a simple RPG card game experience.
The game is great but the only issue I have is I got a new phone and I want to transfer over my purchase of the assassin but the profile upload won't work. If I could get that to work it would easily be 5 stars.
Not exactly original, but executed well. I don't really like the battle pass , since it doesn't feel like it belongs in this game. Other than that, the game is actually pretty fun, and it's worth a try if you like games like Darkest Dungeon, Slay the Spire, or Monster Train.
I was supposed to give this app a 5 star But I can't update the game, and when I do the app just exits by itself. please fix this
Gameplay is quite good, and I do not mind the difficulty and RNG. BUT there is no progression whatsoever. You can play for hours and hours and your character will stay at the same strength level. Granted, your deck building and enemy knowledge grows, but that is no different than playing tetris, especially because the only thing that progresses/expands is the RNG. Basically you play to get A CHANCE to get better cards IN A ROUND OF PLAY. Also, packs only work for one round,thx for NOT telling.
I love this game a lot but the latest update just made the game unplayable when I reach the first boss (there's no animation character of the boss and the cards didn't come out of the deck). Please fix the bug
Fun game. Lots of great deck possibilities. Great many opportunities to try new combos with each death. This game isn't a 5 star because migrating the save data from 1 phone to another failed. After buying 3 classes and a bunch of gems, plus paying for the battle pass track thing, not having it migrate to my new phone is painful. Still have my old phone, so not ALL is lost. I'll play my game from there instead of starting over fresh.
Love the game but I think the card damage is too low.. got fight with a boss; double health over me, attacks were high, and my build is just trash haha What's wrong with the boss health? I got only 170 and the boss got 550 with undead skeletons... Not to add that when the fight is too long,, rage appears and the damage keeps on rising .. at least adjust the boss health😢 Update: got a screw loose? "Just be happy",, wow
Great game, but I've been struggling to finish the last boss. It seems to rely heavily on resurrects or rare rez cards. Also broken English makes it hard to understand some card effects.
An excellent time-killer. not a perfect game as some area needs balancing, but it is quite fun with lots of strategy to go on. 5 stars from me because it's really addicting if you are up to the challenge. p. s. please adjust the difficulty of the vampire lord. its almost impossible to kill unless with a deck specialized in stunning/paralyze. his vampire kiss card is OP as it bypass armor. The RNG on ghost needs work too.
As you may see, game has potential, but seriously needs to be balanced. Since bosses are impossible unless you have the right cards which is random. To many have damaged enemies, and spear throwing enemies are best avoided as the can be harder then boss
At first it didn't seem like there was much to this game, but after a couple of runs, the depth became apparent. There are many cards to unlock (I have no idea how many), and leveling cards makes them substantially better. However, it isn't in your best interest to throw every card you find into your deck - keeping it lean lets you build a theme for your deck and consistently get the cards you need. There isn't balance between all the cards - some are much more powerful than others, and that's by design. In addition to needing damage in your deck, you need some kind of disruption for your opponents - the end game enemies get very strong and dish out a lot of damage. If you don't have a way to mess with their deck/hand, you'll be in trouble. Each boss can give you a unique ability, and the bosses are random. You'll also find different cards on every run. Each character's innate ability changes the way you play, and each character's base set of cards does so too. As a result, each run will be a different experience. I've had a lot of fun finding strong card combinations. The animations and gameplay are tight and the art style is interesting - 5 stars for sure.
Repetitive gameplay, extremely slow progression (obviously made to get you to waste money), cheap cartoony stiff graphics, no real depth to the gameplay, overpriced features, paywall blocked. Can't recommend because of the overpriced features of the game, its cheaper to buy a AAA. It looks like the developer made it overnight on Photoshop.
Not such a bad game. Good effects and sound is not bad. Very simple game style and good story and easy progression. One thing that stands out is that its a pay to win app.
I really like this game but it needs some polishing. The sound design is a little distracting ,the guy who laughs when the red thing comes closer in particular , also the game could use a good translation since it has some spelling errors.
It's mostly fine, the video ads aren't overbearing but the progression turned me off of the game. You start with one character and that's fine then the next two are 60 shard/gem whatevers. Which you can buy or earn in game and that was fine BUT then the next character or two jumps to 100 and after that 300. The final character was just a non-farm cash purchase. Game wise I liked it but that scaling character cost was a dealbreaker for me.
They still haven't fixed the bug where the boss isn't appearing,nor can you surrender on that level,you are stuck there.
Its really good, but when i always go to boss level it didnt always show up even i restart the game its mess up. Plss fix this, i will make this 5 star when its fix
Fantastic game, but it is unbeatable. The developers have stopped working on it, and it is in severe need of balancing. This game still can't be beaten even if you unlock the $15 VIP package (swordsman, knight, and twin gunner. Ive unlocked 95% of the cards in the game, and I STILL can't beat the final bosses- of which I have seen 2-3 different ones.) Hoping somebody sees this and tries to get another developer involved, because it's too good to just abandon.
Awesome game, the best card game I have ever played, the story is so good, the monster s at the start are super easy but its get hard sooner or later which is so challenging but there is this bug that the boss won't show, I exit many times but it still won't show, I even cleaned my phone, still didn't work so i restart/clear data but still didn't work, pls fix this bug
I did 2 play throughs. The first time was fun and I felt like I broke the game by building a deck that essentially worked like a storm deck from MTG. The second play through they changed and removed some of the key cards. Now you actually have to play fair. Still really good for a free easy play through game.
Really like this game, has good balance between afk strategy and rouge-like. I really want to see what other characters abilities are like!
The game is great but the game over screen is in Japanese and when I hit the okay button the whole screen goes black but I hear the music still.
Well this is a fun game but it's really hard and the base hero is significantly weaker than all of the others
this game is fantastic, simple and user-friendly. i like the gameplay & graphic, thumbs up for these. the thing is, i don't get it what's the purpose of getting some new cards every time the game is over but i can't use them on custom start or never encountered them when i play again. please tell me what's those new cards for? i'll wait one week for dev. answer. i'm going to change my rate when i got no answer, for worse
As a free roguelike card game this is honestly top notch, ive beat the game about 10 times and died about 10, its punishing and hard but heavily rewards smart plays. Ive only unlocked two characters so far and both have unique and fun gimmicks which have kept me interested in wanting to progress/unlock more. The game has "pay to convenience" with purchases that let you retry if you died to a mistake and the ability to purchase new characters sooner, but honestly the in game grind isnt that bad.
I would like to give this game 5stars because the game is fun to play the mechanics are great one of the strengths of the game but there is a problem i dont know anything about programming but i think there a bug in the game bosses don t show up surreder is not working words are in japanese when i die and also the screen is blank or black to the devs of this game i really like your game so please fix these problems look i cant really offer any support to you guys but i wish good fortune
Do not make any of the paid for purchases if you lose the device you made the purchase on then all that money you spent is lost i bought these items: unlock Assassin cost $4.99, upgrade to vip pass $14.99, 980 soul pieces cost $14.99, holy pass cost $1.99, valuable price package cost $0.99. As you can tell I love this game but it will not let me use what I paid for all because I lost my original phone
The bosses in this game are literally too hard to beat, it's like fighting god mode all the time with them. The bosses keep doing way too significant debuffs three times a turn which you can't get rid of before they just put more on you and then they increase your cards costs to the point you literally can't play anything which immediately makes everything no fun.
A nice game, definitely fun even though it's forgotten by the devs and i haven't run into any bugs so far, which according to others they are a thing.
This game is great i really mean it but the problem is i can't really see where the boss is pls fix this
Story mode is great. Abyss mode is very bad. The san system is stupid. Gold income and gold needed for san potion is not balanced.
Awful design final bosses while beatable require an incredibly broken deck that the game will only provide about 1 in every 4+ runs. Essentially to beat the game consistantly you have to open your wallet and buy revive scrolls.
When I started playing the game everything worked fine until I got to the first boss. There was nothing there and the game would not let me proceed or leave the battle. When I tried exiting the game and returning to re-load it would not allow me to enter story mode. You need to work on that.
Last week i gave a 3/5 rating because of a bug/glitch that left me unable to play. I got an answer with an email so i emailed immediately, and over a week later still no response so im givong a 1/5 now due to poor devs.
Everything against just tries to stop you from playing your cards. It's either increasing card cost or adding trash to your deck so you don't get your cards. Stop telling us we can't play the game!! It's a horrible trend for card games.
Great fun, a lot like Slay the Spire (which is a good thing). My only criticisms are that a lot of features and even sound effects have been lifted from other games, some characters are way too powerful or way too weak, and most of all, the English is pretty broken in some places which isn't something you need in a complex card game. I'd consider possibly hiring somebody to do a full translation accurately if possible. Other than that, love it.
I had a great start! And then for some reason the first stage final boss did not even bother to appear and I was stuck waiting for 30 minutes just tapping randomly. And when I restarted the app it says I have to update 0.6mb and whether I press yes or no it just boots me out of the game....
I just noticed there's 2 versions of this game of which one is a paid one but they are both the same size and the same description. Both have ads it seems... About the game: Teh game is interesting, sometimes tough. Interesting mechanics. However, the game is set so that once you get to the third area boss that's the end. I've played 7-8 runs and every time I got squashed at the same one even though I had really good decks each time. If you get defeated you can buy a revive but it also res boss.
I love this game, however no matter what you do some of the bosses are almost impossible to kill with certain characters, almost. With certain decks you can kill them. I love this game and I'll continue to play even if it's completely unbalanced and broken. My favorite deck so far is the Secret Wind and lots of Stabs deck, completely ridiculous. I'll give it 5 stars when it's more balanced and a little less broken, anyway keep up the great work and again love the game.
It was fun and the art style was amazing the effects could intreact with each other i hope you upate soon
A good game but before the update I can still fight and pick a hero but now I can't even fight the boss and all that left are swords man and the twins developers can you fix the problem
There are some issues with this game. 1.pay wall, game only gets better if you either grind for months or you start using money. 2.bosses are very unbalanced. 3.what is the point of upgradung cards if you can't just find a shop that does massive amounts. Or put in a system that upgrades cards over time, like conpleting a task. This game is for those that have money or enjoy grinding though ads. Go and play rouge adventure, better card rpg and they have a great discord for help!
Great game but there's this op thing with twin gunner if u use insight on the 5th turn when the card u play doubles and after that for the rest of the round every card u get is 0 energy but arcane heal and I think ballista backstab has the cost of 1 energy I haven't tested ballista yet but I confirmed with arcane heal fix it if u think u should
Bought a bunch of characters cuz I liked this game, but when I moved to my new phone I lost them all and the restore purchases and self fix button don't work. I don't want to spend all the time and effort to unlock again, so I'm just Uninstalling.
The game is not bad, it's classic game mode is pretty interesting and not as grindy as I thought, short and simple though but it's alright. Artstyle reminds me a little of bloodborne and darksoul but some of the creature you fight are... Seem to came straight out of meme lol, kinda makes me wonder if multiple artist worked on their own enemy to put in this game. Abyss though.. Now that's a rough one. It's probably have something to do with much more difficult leveling system than classic.
Pretty fun run-based deck builder, different classes and a big card pool. Downsides are that the translation is occasionally horrible and some cards don't clearly say what will happen. The difficulty spike between normal mobs and the final boss is also ridiculous, you can usually breeze through the entire run only to get absolutely destroyed by the final boss.
Has potential, but needs some tweaking before I could recommend it to others. Not enough money sinks, not enough node variety. It's an OK replacement for StS if you're REALLY needing to play it, but other than that.... I'd check back with this game in a few months, see where it's at. I'm optimistic this will eventually be great.
I really enjoyed this game and story of the characters. It's a good game but it constantly stalls when I'm playing and I keep getting a notice saying that the game is not responding and at certain points it just kicks me out the game and the annoying part is that I'm always at the point of winning a battle when it does this. I restarted my phone and the game and even updated the game but it keeps doing this. Please fix this bug and I'll increase the number of stars
Enjoy the gameplay and art in general however, the difficulty spike from the third boss to the last boss is massive. You can flawlessly beat down the third boss and then not even be able to dent the last boss. The characters have cool stories but the only difference between them as far as gameplay goes is there starting cards. This to of game depends on repayability and it loses out in that because of the minimum access of characters and unique cards.
I really enjoyed my first playthrough. It's not too ad demanding, so I didn't feel like progress was overwhelming. I don't know about the tier thing because it resembles [email protected]$#!, but it's not lophis' fault lol. I'm up for the long haul so maybe some refinement in the difficulty may help. I felt like I was in complete control until the fight that killed me. And the graphics of cards and enemies and such are worth gushing about. But maybe include options to change the overall gui graphics?
Boss does 80-100 pts damage per round. You got 150 hp. Guess how long before the game tells you to buy ressurection scrolls for real money?
I like the game. The only problem is that when you die, the entire game resets. I can be doing really well, have one bad run, and lose all my progress. Something that might improve this is going back to the beginning of the chapter. Aside from that one complaint, great game.
This game is fun. But it seems like the recent update has wiped out the big boss completely. It has gone missing completely 😳
I used to love this game. But the latest update removed all the other characters except for 2. There is also a bug with the final boss so you wont get past it besides other bugs in the game. And now, the devs want the players to rate them 5stars in exchange of 300 ingame currency. What a loser! Pathetic development!
Very fun "slay the spire" -esque game with some interesting additions and changes to the formula. Props!
Was a big fan of the game, but they locked it after they made it a paid game, can no longer access it, even though it is installed and has worked fairly recently(before they charge .99¢ to buy it) So now the few in-app purchases I actually have made are lost behind a paywall.
Overall the game was fun out of all the card games I have played so far. But i encountered an issue where once you entered the guardian's castle, the guardian wont appear on the screen and also no cards are drawn. I was also unable to exit from the battle by surrendering. Im having a good time with this game until I encountered the issue i mentioned. Kindly fix this, thanks.
Was good but the recent update deleted my Knight character i spent soul points on. I dont see the new endless mode. Finally bosses have stopped showing up, not all just certain ones.
Sure the game was fun but like the other people the boss didn't show up I thought it would show up with like a cool intro but nope the mist showed itself instead of the boss but cool gameplay
Amazing game hands down fun and interactive ad give players who beat end boss a game with more content and entertainment. 5 star.
Looks like this game is written with incorrect resolution based aspect ratio, everything is small and doesn't utilize the screen space, ie. a lot of empty space(-1). And if i disable the sound in game, that should apply to ads as well(-1). Watching ads for "a few" soul points gives 1 soul point(-1).
I lost all other characters since the new update other than the gunslingers and swordsman, even though I paid for every other one, including shelling out $5 for the Assassin.
This game overall was good, nice graphic and gameplay. However I'm still struggling with the final boss from the story arc and it seems to be made impossible unless u got countless revive or so, not sure what your real intensions for the final boss to be this difficult. Also the coin earn in game maybe instead of buying stuff like cards, can you add a upgrade shop for us to use the coin to upgrade our card to face the final boss? Otherwise I'm always left with 1K+ coin and nothing to spend on.
Why the game does not start ther is a bug in the app you enter and you will install the update 0.6 mo and the app closed and you enter it again but the same bug
Their abyss has little to get excited about as the abilities for skills are geared to one play style in a random deck builder which is disappointing. Enemy HP, and skills are quite unbalanced. Either can't or the ability to transfer profiles seems broken. Hard grind to encourage paying in the abyss which is locked till you open. Lazy couple lines for story. Just not much to get excited about here despite the wonderful art.
I loved the variety of cards but the english is poor making it difficult to figure out what some cards and status effects do. I enjoyed the game up until i spent souls on a pack of cards and it immediately told me i couldnt use them that round and it ended up being a waste. I did two really hard challenges and got amazing overpowered rewards but even then my strategy couldnt defeat the lvl 2 boss because you dont have any defense cards and mostly have two useless cards in your hand at all times.
Nice art and atmosphere, but a rewarding and interesting gameplay experience this is not. Anybody savvy with other deck building type games will find this lacking in depth and strategy. There aren't enough cards to keep replayability and the difficulty scale of even the first character boss is stupidly high compared to the sub bosses you fight along the way. After enough playthroughs there is only 1 or two correct ways to play and a specific power needed to win
For some reason the boss doesn't appear and I can't even surrender or do anything than quit the game play a new one Pls fix this
There's a glitch in chapter 1 encountering the boss but it didn't appear at all plss fix the issue asap and i'll give a five star i love the game so pls you guys!!!!
Review kept getting deleted, great job devs, loved this game but the devs don't respond to be bassist of issues. I.e. the final boss being way overpowered for how much you can level up.
The bug when we face the boss room, and nothing there, make me sick.. please just fix it.. overall it ia very addicting card game
It's almost slay the spire, shame the other characters and most of abyss mode is locked behind paywall.
I really liked this game, despite its poor translation. The art is decent. Characters plays unique. Monster has a variety of challenges. Final boss is just the right amount of difficulty. I even enjoyed how they manage ads in game. There are almost no ads that's forced on you, IN GAME. You watch ads only if you want something from the game. The only reason this is one star that it introduced a malware type behavior outside of the game. Some sigonews virus (Google it) and it hijacked my lock sc
Please fix the bugs and crashes and also i rate it 5 star cause i was hopingnyou fix it please and ita hard to earn money.
Abyss mode is awful. I'm not sure how it can be adjusted to be better, but maybe start with the sanity loss and negative affects of sanity loss? Coin gain in abyss mode might need to be boosted as well. Rest of game is great. But the "infinite mode" feels very finite. Until this second half of the game is fixed, I won't be spending money on this app. I really want to buy the other characters tbh.
there something wrong in game it first play this but there something wrong the boss did t come and l m stuck level 1 l can t pass level 2 because l m stuck at boss battle boos did t come to battle
I used to love this game. But it has been almost a month since the game breaking bug, and yet it has not been fixed. It was a 5 star up until the update
Was a good game,but after an update you will STILL be stuck on the boss level on custom match,no one is there and the game never progress,the story match however is too hard,too low places to reheal,not to mention you can't progress much unless using heroes like paladin which is for some reason isnt visible on the game,was a good game hope they fic the custom match bug
Its a really great game i've been looking for this kind of game but there's a bug that makes it 3 stars when entering the boss arena there's no boss showing and you can't surrender you really need to quit the game and when you open it again and battle the boss it still not working
I love this game but the problem is in the first boss theirs no animation and theirs no card. Plsss fix this part of the game
It's really fun in first few levels in the start, but when I enter the boss battle, nothing happens..! I just wait there and no boss is there! I've tried waiting for half an hour and still, NOTHING!! I hope you understand, thanks (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)
I used to love this game but had to delete a long time ago because storage resaons......now I got it back and it won't load. I get to the checking for downloads screen then it says tap yes to continue and then after maybe a minute downloading it kicks me to the last thing that I was viewing and closes the game....every time I open it!