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Loot Hunters

Loot Hunters for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Running Pillow located at Pod hrází 1447 756 61 Rožnov pod Radhoštěm Czech Republic. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Enjoying it so far. Deck based party combat with good flow! Update: This is a dead game with a zombie playerbase and multiple exploits. Still fun, but it doesn't have a bright future.
Fun game love the concept the only thing that needs to be updated right now is I can't upgrade my spells past the green level even though I have at least 10 of the next level spell please update this asap and I'll give 5 stars
it costs gems to name your character. 5 or not that is BS, and ive been asked to rate 10 times in the half hour ive been playing, so 2 star at best.
I like this game a lot but for some reason when i came back after 5 mins it just wont load for me anymore..? Is there a way to fix this please??
I'm really upset this game isn't updated more or at least since its been dropped by developers just made to progress faster. I love this game but it needs maintenance.
The game has potential but is so underdeveloped that there's not much to it, if it wasn't for the time spent waiting on treasure chests to unlock you'd be able to max your characters out in about an hour. It only has three classes with a few moves each, barely anything to do and plenty of glitchy play. If they developed this further I could see it being a good game, as it is now it's not a good game.
Stuck on loading screen, uninstalled and reinstalled. Still stuck on loading screen. Maybe I'll try again in the future. Galaxy S9+
Waiting time for opening loot boxes that you can skip by paying premium currency is predatory game design. Putting monsters in the game that A. Do a lot of damage, B. Have a lot of health. C. Reduce youre defence by 4, D. Reduce healing received by 50% is just infuriating. Uninstalled, no desire to be frustrated by this any longer.
Surprised at how fun this game is, the strategy matters and the community is nice. It's a little grindy but it hides it well enough between your rewards...and almost all rewards are fantastic. I also noticed that everyday monsters will literally tell you a promo code
Garbage repetitive money grab waiting for chests to open (you can put your clock forward to open them instantly) hitting back button on phone brings you to your home screen kicking you out of any dungeon or level that you were in Pointless grinding
I like thes style of games. This game Needs Friends list and Guilds. An a way to invite people to Dungeons. So not just somone random. That's really my only problem with it. Wish more Friend Oriented. Maybe few more classes.
It's fun overall and everything is pretty fair, the only thing I gotta say is the screen hangs off juuuuuusssstt a lil bit the top of the screen and I can't read whatever pops up there. Other than that, maybe add like a single player gladiator mode and a way to earn like 5 crystals a day through a crystal farm Hope y'all take my info into consideration :)
A solid turn based RPG-like game. Fun for a longer while, though one quickly needs to buy gems to progress really fast. The main progress mechanism - recipes for gear - are only available in chests which take a long time to open, unless gems a used. Still, I liked the game as graphics and controls are good, match the style of the game and there are no obvious bugs while playing. A shame no Google account save and achievements are present, but FB ones instead.
It's a really fun game I like it but it gets boring after a bit I checked back... 2 years after I last played it and no updates. If they want more people to play it they might want to add more features in more updates
Super great game that is not pay to play or pay to win. You are able to play this game in short bursts or extended amount time. I would like to see more content updates though to see the player base revitalized and make dungeons accessable again. It's a great game though and I highly reccomend it. :)
This is fun but there are some serious mistakes... We don't know what cards and damages de monsters does, and what is the next card, a strategy game without strategy... Lack of enemies designs, waiting 2 seconds at the start, dying and straight we are spitten to the island, it feels weird
Bland. Very boring and repetitive with strong emphasis on P2W. Apparently devs don't care anymore. The "one time offer" looks designed to have your player name cut and paste automatically and I laughed when it didn't even get my name right.
Easy to pick up and learn. Fun while being simple. Wish there was a way to invite friends to co-op together and not just strangers in the lobby, also would be fun if I could co-op with three or four people instead of just being two-player co-op.
Really great concept not many adds. If you like fantacy and a decent challenge, I recommend it. I haven't played long but you dont seem to need to spend money if you dont want to.
Very little gameplay, power curve is extremely frustrating, you either get destroyed by everything or nothing is remotely even hard. Even when you can never fail against any set of enemies, you still need to grind for days before you can access the new area. Very little overall content. Extra star given for multiplayer content but barely anyone plays anyways.
awesome game, grate soundtrack. Gameplay reminds me of your older card rpg game, But it's much more to do. Only thing to improve I've noticed, is that you get resources almost 100% randomly, and it delays prospering through game. Still 5 stars though, huge plus for 6hours days!
Fun, but grindy and desperately needs updates. After over two years without one update, it seems as if you've given up on the game. There should be one daily repeatable quest per reset per area, I've only made it to rare gear and I can't even scratch the production costs. I can't even imagine the cost to max out all three characters. Ad rewards should also be given for free if you've already watched the daily limit; don't punish players that give you more ad impressions.
Overall good experience. Mostly recycled sprites from their other games is the main reason for not dating higher at this point. Concept is not too original either, but the implementation is actually better than some others I have played.
Fun but should be able to add friends, set private groups for dungeons, have more party members and more character classes. Will continue to play.
Seems fine. Chest times is frustrating as all hell but whatever. Seems ftp is gonna STRUGGLE to save for the highest chest after the first. Definitely pay to win but it's fun and interesting
I like the game but I've always found the waiting for chests to.open mechanics makes me quit games its boring filling your bag with loot that will take days to open .. gateing loot behind a pay wall is a joke Mobile version of loot boxes ... it should be illegal
The game itself is quite addictive but there are many bugs that will annoy you sometimes. The joy from playing this is so great that i don't mind them at all. Now the really bad things: Global chat but region servers. Short community. Very hard to find a party in your region. Devs abandoned the game. It's dying at this point :(
Nice little casual game. I like that it isnt pay to win and I am not waiting for timers. Thats the way to develop games.
This game is a hot mess the tutorial isn't bad but after the tutorials over they put you right into the mess your character super low and your face three or four enemies that is way stronger than your character and from there they don't tell you that Sarah how to defeat your enemies or even how to level up your characters and weapons after 10 mins of playing this game I realize this game is it worth playing
No idea why but the game seems to have a very minimal number of players from mid tier and on. Good luck getting groups for dungeons.
This game used to be really fun but now it's pretty much dead. A few years ago it used to be active, but now nobody is talking in the chat and there are never any parties in the queue. The social aspect to games is really important and since the developers didn't seem to add anything to the game like new characters/equipment/maps/etc most of the people who would play it moved on. RP needs to really step up their game(s) if they want to make money on android/iOS devices.
This game had a bunch of potential. Its sad to see that its wasted with a team that abandons their half finished games to move on to new projects. Look up Running Pillow, you will find complaints of poor customer service, half a dozen slight variants of the same game, and their new VR game they are likely to abandon next.
Could have been great The chest mechanic is broken, various other issues make it annoying. Otherwise, could be a 5* game P2W, otherwise grinde or die.
Love these co-op games. This one had perfect balance of simple yet tons of strategy. Sad to see if losing an audience.
Fun but grundy. If that's your type of game, try it out. Simple game play, nothing difficult and don't have to pay to advance further just faster.
Chest with timers 1/3/6 hours prices are ridiculous high. Gameplay takes around 5 mins and then waiting or paying for continue playing. AVOID THIS GAME.
Two problems plague this game. First is the lack of players - there is hardly anyone online ever, co-op is unplayable unless you luck out or just wait for hours - why have multiple servers when you have one person playing in each: MERGE SEVERS. Second, and far worse, they entered the pay to win realm - get elite gear for $24.99. What a joke. Too bad I wasted all that time grinding a game that ultimately became pay to win. That's the last time I trust these devs (Running Pillow). Buh bye 👋
It's a fun game, I even put microtransactions into it as a form of thanking them for the entertainment... I would like to play it again if it would work when I open it. I can't even get past the load screen even after uninstalling and reinstalling, when it does work I'll be sure to play it. It's just frustrating that it won't work at times especially when my little brother and I want to grind the dungeons
Art style is cute, but copied off other games by the dev. Gameplay is pretty addicting at first. Progress is very slow and grindy. Not enough in-game content to keep you going. The game is filled to the brim with bugs. Examples: Mana reaches -1 and then stops re-filling, forcing you to surrender. Dungeon co-op does not work; it shows a permanent loading icon. You will need to force close the app. Chat works 20% of the time, but often I cannot write anything, the message won't appear.
Equipment progression its ridiculously slow, you can open a lot of chests and barely get any equipment. The problem is, chests take a lot of time to open, the first one takes an hour, the next 3 hours, then 6 hours and so on. But you rarely get ani equipment after waiting that long.
Good game but damn near impossible to level anything up when there is such a low chance of getting materials to upgrade equipment and everything one shots you at the beginning of the game
Gotta say it is interesting game. But, really?! Tons of silver and some gold chest and no rare or epic blueprint?? What kind of sorcery is this? The grind is good but, 2 hours for opening wood chest? 3 hours for iron? And 12 hours for silver? Gold for 24 hours? And ended up with s*itty content? Ah yeah, i don't know why, but playing this game makes my phone heat-up really quick, faster than playing MOBA with 100 players!
Fun little game, when it works. Unfortunately like many games, this one has a plethora of bugs and in this case they are the game breaking kind. Starting from the random kicking you out of the dungeon eventhough your whole team is alive, to the more recent "Account Error" one. The game has a potential, but it's a headache to deal with the bugs.
Your game is infuriating. How am I supposed to achieve ANYTHING when a mob can LITERALLY instantly kill me with his OP attack that shreds armor and reduces healing recieved if you even survive at all. Nerf that attack immediately tweak the version the Dark Knight is using because it is absolutely ridiculous to fight only one at a time, so good luck fighting 2 or more