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Looper! for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Kwalee Ltd located at Kwalee Ltd Ricardo / Midlands Technical Centre Southam Road Radford Semele Leamington Spa CV31 1FQ . The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Wow, this is a great game! Idk y people are saying it's bad and it lags. Well I can give some tips: Switch on airplane mode, it will stop and and prevent lag. Also whenever you are going to a new level, close the game open it again and press the next level. Do this for about 3-4 times and lag will reduce. I followed all these steps and now it's very smooth! Also you have to feel the beat in the game, and go accordingly. I mix sounds and audio, so I'm good at that. Great time killer and gr8 game!
Not bad. Glitches a lot which make me mess up the beats most of the time. May I suggest maybe add a level creater. It would be a lot more fun
Looper, when ever I loose 3 times in 1 level you freeze, and break down and crash, I have to leave, close down and go back in. I'M TOO LAZY TO DO THAT! CHANGE IT PLEASE, Theres also many advertisements and I barely play, music makes me more deaf
Freezes too much, I just want to play the damn game but I can't even make a orb before it freezes. I have a lot of storage, so I know that it isn't because of space. I remember it to be really fun and I would've put a 5 star review but how can I rate a game that freezes when you get into a level? Don't get this game, unless you want to waste all your time on a screen that's froze that takes you 10 minutes to realize that it's frozen. If you read all this, thank you for reading all of this.
When this game first came out it didn't have any problems now that I installed it again it lags to much I can't get passed level 4 it freezes and hopefully u guys fix this problem I'm not happy with this ):
I have to admit this game is pretty cool. The only problem is everytime I open it and play a round, the get freezes and I'm unable to play. I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it but the same thing keeps happening. That's the only problem
Omg the worst app! I used to have it and it never used to freeze but now its completely froze! Until you fix that I'll give a one.. sorry ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ข
You literally can't play 2 levels in a row without a million ads, 3 popups to upgrade, a buggy popup to rate the app that can't be closed. Why bother?
Good game, but it begs for money. They have a subscription for 5 dollars/week and ads every 2/3 restarts.
This game is awesome, just love it. Since after the update i am having issues. During the game all of a sudden everything gets stuck, cant even close the game. I have to restart my device so i can use it again. Please do something. If its not for this issue i would rate it 5.
Good game when in comes to gameplay. But there are just too many ads. You have to watch an ad after a level, to get to home screen, to change skins, to get help, to play levels. It's ridiculous! The LEAST you could do is not put an ad to navigate or to change skins
Only less ads and this game is good for our brain. I'm so satisfied with this game and if you're the developer of this game, please reply to me so that I'll be happy. And if you're others reading my review, just give this game try. And again, I'm so satisfied with this game. Thank you!
Barely runs on my phone. Glitches out either right as the ads finish or between levels. Have to completely stop the app and restart for it to run again. Doesn't save progress so basically worthless to me.
Would be a fun game if you could actually play it freezes constantly can't even finish a level without having to close and reopen the game because it froze therefore losing my progress on that level๐Ÿ˜ก
Great concept. Was really excited to play after seeing it on ads for so long, finally caved. Unfortunately my app wouldn't load that I completed the second level and with always freeze. Thought it was my storage space but freeing up some didn't do much. Really sad to have to uninstall hopefully next time I'll be able to get further than level 1.
Well, I like this game but why does it keep Stopping? I want my Answer, Why is it stopping?. I know this game is the best but not if it keeps stopping, you know?! Come on. Well, anyway, Wear headphones too, Not you, you,hehe. Get it? Ok bye, AND I WANT MY ANSWER ๐Ÿคฌ Error: kid talking right now hehe
Good, good but. See my rating 3? Oh I'll tell you. When I'm playing THIS game. Something sudden happened. When I lose I can't click a home button or restart level button even a single level! What, I will just have to exit the game and open it again!? That's horrible! And the levels are filled with ads! And it took long as it seems! What a shame! I wanted to rate 5 rate stars but there are some issues in the game! But for luck I will not uninstall this game. Because of my excitement. ๐Ÿ™ fix 4 me
I love this and all and I love the app, but why 1 star? Well it is simple, I love this before, BUT then it all got laggy and stuff. And also, it freezes in your screen, sometimes even my phone would glitch and my phone is FREAKING BRAND NEW!! And so, I give it 1 star cause of that, sometimes it also stops popping out any balls. I keep clicking yet, nothing is coming out. So if you wanna play this, go a head, but I wouldn't so I am just deleting it. If the glitch and freezing isn't there, 5 star.
It is fun but soooooo slow! It takes 5 to 8 minutes just to go to the next level! After every level they show an ad. It is ridiculous! Even every once in a while cab we skip having an ad?
I love the idea of the game and the levels! The only reason I HATE the game itself is because of the constant ads every thing you do. If I pass to the next level there's an ad, if I retry a level, there's an ad, there's an ad after everything! It's not even every few levels! I would NOT recommend this app to anyone because of this. If you just made the ads less frequent, it would've been way better. I'm very dissatisfied and disappointed. Shame on the developers.
I would give it a two star because every time I lose on the game, an ad pops up every single time and it's actually getting annoying to actually beat the game when you keep loosing. Also every time I mess up, I press the restart button, but for no reason it would not work properly and I have to restart the application several times.
Would have been 5 stars, but won't play the 4th level it just freezes. Fix the issue or big and I'll change my star rating to 5. Other than that it's a great game, but not when you can't even play it.
I remembered it being a fun game, so I downloaded it. But after I got to the 4th level, it froze. I can only get 1 orb but even that doesn't finish looping. If you could fix this freezing problem then it's a 5 star.
This is a good game in general but after every level there's an ad and when you crash there's a add. If you like ads then you'll live this game ๐ŸŽฎ plus it froze every time I went on to the game ๐ŸŽฎ don't download it
Seems it would be a fun game. However, it freezes during or after each play. Hope it gets fixed soon. I'll reevaluate score. Thanks ๐Ÿ‘
Looking for a good, free rhythm game? Don't bother here! There's literally so many ads you can't groove.
games is so fun BUT WAYY TO MANY ADS. Why would you give an ad after ever level. Way to much fix please asap.
It's a fun game and a unique idea but it keeps crashing. I got to level three and it carried on so I kept minimising it and restarting it but it would not work. On top of that there are more adverts then any game I've ever played. I will be uninstalling but congrats to the creator.
I wish i could put more stars, but this game just freezes too much. I try to play and i cant do much before it freezes. I advise to not get this game and try to get a game similar to this one due to that fact, like one called neon looper. The real problem is the ads were much better quality than the game itself, as they didnt freeze. I dont like ads, and i prefer the ad over the game.
I might actually have njoyed it, if: A. There were not adds poking out everywhere, and every two times you lost (-1 star) B. I cannot play the next kevel or go to the home until I reload the game (-1), but the VIP button still fricking works. Now, imagine that onltpy two of the three buttons do not work. (-2) Now you know.
I love how it makes music and when we finish the level the balls glow. I wonder how do people make these AMAZING games like all of the games are cool too ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‰
I had this game before, and it worked just fine I liked it, but now I try to use it and it will constantly freeze and go REALLY REALLY SLOWLY.... Do you think that can be fixed on the next update?
Cool concept ruined by bad monetization with ads. Stop putting so many fricking ads between screens/attempts!! Also, I don't want your stupid, scam-like VIP. At least try to make a good game and not a shallow money grab.
The concept of the game is good. However there are way too many ads. I dont care if thats how you make money. If you want to person to like or rate 5 stars then take most of them out please. Ive given it a 3 because im being genorous, but other then that the game is great.(without all the ads)๐Ÿ˜’
OMG THIS GAME IS SO FUN I LOVE IT. Yeah but why the ads? The game itself is fun but with an add every single time you wanna do something it's just...too much. Like an ad every now and then is fine, but this is overkill. However, the game itself is enjoyable and I liked playing it.
The game itself if fun but ive never seen so many ads in one game. U literally get an ad every 10 seconds. Its not a joke, literally every ten seconds, will be uninstallig
Lots of fun, but the sheer number of ads that interrupt your gameplay is astounding. If you wanna advance to the next level there's probably an ad. If you wanna get a new ball, there's an ad, even if you wanna equip a ball that you already have, you have to watch an ad. The only way to prevent them is buying vip which is either $15 USD a month or $5 USD a week.
So fricken Laggy. Rather then that, the Game is fun. Minus that The game Freezes literally on the First lv. I'm UNinstalling. Also, it restarted my progress when it freezed. Even tho I was 2 Lvs in, at Least if it Freezes, Fix it or at least have it NOT restart.
Zero stars it screwed my phone up completly it freezes when you want to tap then when it freezes there is nothing you can do i played this for not even 3 minutes and i already hate it, goodbye forever
I wish there was more levels completed all 199 and the special. But a very good game. Hopefully see more games like this :)
I put 4* instead of 5* only because the game is a bit too laggy. Otherwise, it's a fun game and the ads aren't too intrusive.
This game is horrible.it freezes so much.Just horrible. I advise everyone to not download this game because it freezes too much and these people are just making ads to trick you because the game is horrible.although the game is really interesting and I don't feel like and uninstalling it but it this is just getting too irritating so I am uninstalling this app but congratulations the game was a good one but there are just some problems that need to be fixed so I am giving a two star rating.
I really like this except for all the adds! I feel punished to win fast cause then I have to watch a video. But it's fun exciting and a good change of pace from my other games
This game is terrible. It freezes every 5 seconds and is unbelievable. The game is so bad you spend more time looking at ads and trying to get the game to work instead of actually playing the game.
This game is really interesting and fun. It allows you to test yourself as well as have fun which I really enjoy about games like this.
Great game concept, but c'mon with the ads every time you do anything. I understand you have the ad free purchase and I could very well do that. But to force someone to buy that by putting an ad after every completion. At least every other completion maybe or even every third will allow more people to enjoy the game without having the sense they have to always pay for a free game.
Initially 5 dtars but now 3. Too many ads, it crashes often for no reason. It pushes me pack about 2 levels when i open it again. Good game but uninstalled.
This is an amazing game, but what frustrates me a lot is the extreme lag i get whenever I open up the game and start playing a level. You may not get as much lag if you have a phone or tablet with VERY good connection.
The game is very very very nice. But after I get to 5 level I can't complete the level all the way it is getting touched by balls
Talk about ad overload. You get an ad after every other level and sometimes one after each level. On top of that you get a splash screen to buy their VIP pass after a few games and you'll encounter some levels where you can't continue unless you push a button to watch an ad. Had it installed for 5 minutes and had to uninstall it. These companies are getting ridiculous.
It's amazing and so addictive and I remember having it on my old tablet. I thought about it yesterday so I downloaded it. I love it so much. (เน‘`โœชฬคโ—กโœชฬค)โ—žแƒฆิตีฐษ‘ีฒฦ˜ีแƒฆ by Rubie Looper!
It was great! And fun to play.... Just, there were so many ads. EVERYTIME I went to the home page I'd have an ad. EVERYTIME I pushed next I'd have an ad. EVERYTIME I change something I'd have an ad. I had so many ads that I could predict when the next kne would happen. I mean I get it, ya'll gotta put some ads, but not ALL THE TIME. Oh! And I have to unlock everything with either money or ads. That is all! I love the app just not the ads.
The game is a really cool and fun concept but theres so many ads. Everytime you complete a level an ad pops up. I use to have this game and it use to run great little to no lag and it had a few ads but it wasnt constant.
It is such a good game I love it and totally agree with the people who think that this is one of the best games ever made by human kind and my only complaint is about the fact it glitchs But so good download
It is a good game it is just the lag like I would touch on button and it would freeze and I would log out the game and come back do not recommend.
This game used to be great, I hate to say this but now it is horrible! The game gets to about level 8 then on level 9 u get to the last part and guess what, it freezes! I tried redownloading it, restarting my phone, and going in and out of the game but nothing worked! Dont waste your time playing for 2 minutes, freezing then wasting more time trying to get it to work.
I love it, but the problem is there are so much adds and now with the new update it gets really laggy ๐Ÿ˜  >; ( very unimpressed!
Right now its a one this game used to be awsome but now all it does is freeze you cant play it. I dont believe you "fixed the bugs" if anything its worse. UPDATE Ijust did the recent update and its worse than it was. It freezes whaen ypu open the app now... I loveed this game and now I havent been able to play it.
It's a good game and the people who say it crashes deleting some games you have could help with that problem and there are to many ads
Although it is a great concept and remarkable gameplay, it loves to dump truckloads of ads. Next level? ADS! Attempted a level twice? ADS! Wanna change a skin? ADS! If you are an impatient person, either DON'T GET THIS GAME, or BUY THE IN-GAME AD BLOCKER FOR $3.00.
This is an addictive game that incorporates rhythm and timing of hand eye coordination. It helps with my frontal lobe functions without trying to not fail in public.