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Loong Origin: Clash

Loong Origin: Clash for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Origin Games located at ROOM A, 15/F, ETON BUILDING 288 DES VOEUX ROAD CENTRAL SHEUNG WAN HONG KONG. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is one of the most generic, stereotypical, and shallow MMOs I have ever had the displeasure of (not) playing. I say (not) playing because from the get-go, the game puppeteers "your" character around in auto-mode, accepting quests, completing dialogue, and walking from point to point. Whoever made this game obviously has no idea what makes a game fun.
I get major breath of the wild vibes from this game. It’s awesome and it’s free. You can pay for a chance to get a rare and great character but you can totally play this game without that too. It is no necessary at all to pay in order to be good at this game or complete it. It’s kinda like fortnite how you pay for skins even though they don’t really affect the game play.
I love it it’s free, the characters are great the quality is phenomenal I mean it’s one of the best games on THE PHONE I have ever played. I’m not much of a gaming type person but I looked at the app and became instantly obsessed and now I can’t stop playing it !!!
This game is like a tv show and a game at the same time. It’s hard to get stuck on a quest and there’s very few glitches.
Truly one of the best free game on the iPhone. The graphics are awesome and the system combat is perfect. Impact always impresses me with the system of the combat. Try the game out it’s perfect you won’t regret it.
This game is very enjoyable it does take a lot of time and it starts off fairly slow but as you go along it opens up many different task which give you more opportunities to do different things and continue leveling up and enjoying the art work and never end challenges that you look for in a game best of luck out there and keep grinding away.
OMG this game is AMAZING it’s so much fun to play, even when you have to level up to get the next main quest, it’s still super fun to do! All of the characters are really cool, the story building is amazing, 10/10 thank you so much for creating this!!
The game plays fine until you reach the higher levels. The game will no longer load so that ends any more game play. And after several purchases I am still only at vip4. What a waste of time and money. Uninstalled.
No controller support, back button doesn't close the game (or prompt to), full autoplay from the moment you log in. This is not a serious attempt at a game.
Utterly boring to the point, I fell asleep playing it. Completely auto, you can't zoom in on characters and there's the annoying player announcements going through the characters head. Avoid.
Out of all of these types of game I have played, this scores in the bottom of my experience. The game compared to others I have played has a really poor drop rate on the higher end gear. The events aren't much better, for example treasure hunt. Despite a high luck chance the rng seem pretty set and not random. I am now logging in less and less especially as there doesn't appear to be any community including the guilds. Shame
Game was decent until a modder took over. He's written a program to literally be at every boss in the game available to the public on server 11. No bosses no new loot. The game doesn't offer a report player button either, so we are entirely on our own while this guy is killing the activity rating of the whole server
Not interesting whatsoever. It's so automated that the game will play itself just by opening the app. No prompts, only auto battle. I let the game run for 10 minutes without paying attention right after install and it finished quests, equipped gear and completed conversations with npc before I pressed the first button. Just a waste of phone memory, data and battery.
To start with, this game has surpassed my expectations and it is driving me crazy a PC game on your phone. Another is there are "NO ads" playing and they reward heavely everyday! This is not only for players with money but also those who are free players can enjoy. One thing to improve is market, they should do it cross servers but again the whole game is GREAT.
I'm disappointed in ingame settings about guilds - I paid real money ti create my own guild, after 7 days being off from game your guild goes to random player from your guild... What the hell... Full refund must be made as no one stated this rule for guild masters. Please respond ASAP
Updated: 4 star to .5 star (.5 for DEV effort) Bottom Line; do NOT waste time or $$ here. TL:DR 1) Guilds are dying. Servers are dying. 2) You will hit walls (VIP, Level, Equipment) only way through is with massive $ injections. 3) drop rate one of the worst I've seen in a game. Not a P2W, P2 have a CHANCE, small chance, for single drop, you need 20 of item. 4) You must be top BP on server (major $$$). 5) Equipment combine system is a joke. VIP5, RealmV 112, level 482. Just Don't!
The most unfair game I've ever played, spent a lot of money, just to learn that only the #1 player can get boost items unless you spend boatloads of cash.poor drop system, no one wants to play a game without a chance to get ahead.
Ok, 3 * for effort and all... My experience with this game: coming home from work at 6pm and starting the game. Made account and pick class..6:15pm my wife serving dinner. Leaving the phone with game running next to me... Finishing dinner 7:00pm , looking at game and I'm lvl 70 😯 damnnn who how when were????? Keep common sense and your game will be much better!
i love this game so much! it has great characters, a great storyline, and great graphics. it’s amazing how this game is free. if you like rpg games like zelda then you’ll probably like this. a few people complain about how you have to spend money on gacha but the truth is you don’t. you can find a lot of nice weapons around the map in treasure chest’s the game even provides you with a full FREE team of great characters. there are actually a few people who are very high adventure rank and far in the game without spending any money.
This game is one of the only few mobile games that keep me actively and consistently playing, great music, great gameplay, amazing story and graphics as well, the production quality is just insane, while it’s all free!?!!? Amazing work❤️
This game is a nice blend of exploration, dungeon crawler, and treasure hunting. Look forward to further exploring the world and collecting the characters.
Player basically dose nothing. Auto pathing takes over on it's own. Terrible camera angles. And a constant banner scrolling smack dab in the middle of the screen. I could go on and on how bad this game is. 5 star reviews must be fake.
Fun addictive really grindy to progress. Only issues I have is bosses, I get more gear for other classes, 90% of the time it is way under what it should be kill boss for rank 9 gear and got lots of rank 6, but jest takes longer to grind.. need more bosses attempts for free 2 play or ability to challenge way more.. and cost to buy dungeon passes are over priced... And VIP4 should be able to add 2 attempts not 1 and should be able to add more in all aspects. Now boss home needs adjusted
This is easily my favorite mobile game. The graphics are stunning and the storyline hooks you and makes you look forward to playing everyday. I would recommend this game to anyone looking for a good mobile game.
This game is really boring, there is no challenge WHATSOEVER, I played for maybe 5 minutes and next thing I know, I'm somehow lvl 50. The graphics are good but that's all this game has, it's going so fast that you can't keep up, it's ridiculous.
Game is boring. You will get bored of it I guarantee it. You don't control your character the game does. There is auto questing which does it all for you. You really don't want to spend much time here unless you have extremely low expectations. Game also makes you grind for XP, In an Auto game, XP count is low so you have to sit there for what seems like hours. Not the greatest RPG from advertisement.
the drops are horrible. Not only are the drops bad after playing longer the game has shown it is VERY much a "pay to play" type. I have 2 characters I started at the sametime,1 I pay 1 I don't. The 1 I do does decent but the 1 don't sucks badly. Also the little "lottery" things are lousy. Even with a high luck rating still get garbage. Most compensation packs blow as well.basically if ya ain't got a bank account move along.
It’s been a very long time since I’ve experience such an amazing Mobile game in a long time. I’ve got to say this is one of thee best games ever for Mobile Gamers that love a great MMO and with quality like this! It’s so very rare.
I have been playing since launch and I am already bored. Lvl 355, rank 18, arena 14. You will find out the more you play that it's all about how much money you spend, not the time you spend to be on top. There is a complete seperation from those who spend little to no money and those who spend alot. Their lack of powercreep will ruin this game. Honestly I think it already has. Lvl and pwr scaling is terrible. The real money items are insanely too high in power advantage. This game will die out.
nice game, as someone already said, there is no european server. hard to do the quest in the middle of the night. and we need more challenge. like server wars against other server etc...
i thought this game was going to be bad because of the ads but after they apologized in an ad i decided to try it out and now im hooked!!!
I liked this game very much when I started playing but the higher lv you get the more money it cost to play to the point that you have to spend lots of money to even complete the main missions . The drop rate for mission items is a joke after a month of playing at the same lv doing the same missions everyday I only received 2 of the 10 bodi from drops . It would be nice to find a game that was for everyone to play and not just the rich
I have been enjoying the game however ... just did demon knight. Character wouldn't attack. I spent gold and coins to boost and got not a point. No way to reach customer service!!!! Where can I submit ticket? Do you care about paying customers or no? Oh I tried the fb messenger. Zero help. Just gave me expired codes that were useless. And asked me to submit a video of the incident....because I record my game playing? Ridiculous.....
Fairly standard mmorpg for it's type. Wish there was more customization; choose weapons and wings rather than the whole set. Also, a potion button in the actual battle screen instead of having to go to the items menu to use it would be convenient. Good job on keeping updates and not crashing which can be an issue for these types of games.
Despite some of the reviews, I gave the game a chance. Made for to about 111 and now, after selecting my character, I can't get logged in. Too bad, as it was a fun game up til this point.
The game is good but once you close the app, you cant open it anymore. Please fix this, and the game gets boring over time since you dont have to do anything. So I suggest that Origin Games to add something in the game that makes it not boring.
Its a great game with lots to offer its a great idea with very good concepts enjoy playing the game alot cant wait to see where it goes next hopefully it doesnt change excessively from its own style. Some bug fixes would be great just look out for updates because it was working great before the recent updates but after im having some problems but other than than great game.
Can't open the game itself. It seems this game is corrupted. I'll give 5 star should be,maybe after i'll open and experience the game
For some reason I can't enter the game anymore. The screen turns black whenever I try too. I got to lvl 207 and all of that was for nothing? Fix this or I'm going to probably uninstall.
Sooooooo tbh I don't even want to give it a star at all no matter how many times I uninstall and re-install this game I can't login at all.... seriously guys come on. I had such high hopes for this game I was so excited and BAM! Can't even log into the game to c if its worth playing or not auto control aside, then again if I can't login then its a sign the game probably is trash. No offense not trying to be rude but idk man its the truth
This game is absolutely amazing Now I’m saying this out of salt but the fallen tears boss is frustrating, if you don’t know what to do for that mission, it can take up to 40 mins. If you like being challenged than this game is for you! Other than that AMAZING it’s worth your time and effort
The game very realistic and the quality of the skills are also very realistic and detailed. The game was even easier to play when I found out I could connect my xbox one controller to it. It’s very addicting. I LOVE it!!!
This is a amazing game but the only thing I didn’t like is how much space it takes up. That’s normal though but overall it’s amazing!
Like the graphics. It is buy to win free players won't be able to play..new events can't even kill bosses so new bosses is pointless. Only two events everyone comes to together .huge gaps between events .
The game still has the same issue everyone else already addressed. I made it to level 152 and can't get back into the game now. I messaged the facebook page and I'm waiting for a response/fix. I even tried going into different servers and it does not go beyond the login screen.
Good game..but only problem is abyss realm and boss home..you cant enter if your not vip4..sad to say...some game..even ur not a vip you can enter in any dungeon...but only for 2 attempts..but its ok...not like dis..if your not vip 4 you cant enter..pls..let us enter even only 2 attempts per day..thank you
OMG! This game is so much fun! The graphics are amazing and the game play is amazing as well! All the cutscenes are stunning! I’ll absolutely recommend!
Boring. The game only seems like it's milking for cash. I doubt anyone pays attention to what the npcs have to say. It becomes aggressive for you to buy cosmetics that will make you stronger. People say it's not a gacha, don't believe them, it absolutely is a gacha since the spirits bring up you BP. Don't fall for this trap. These guys paid way too much for ads on social media to get you to play a boring game.
I really enjoy this game but there’s one thing I wish could be added and that to be able to change the main character’s gender be it in a one time switch or purchase, I’d take either or.
everything is just so well done and the music- god the music. It’s just perfection. The characters are cute and well done, no character is the same. I just really love the game so far and it’s really addicting when you start! Only two times has my game froze for a few seconds and that was when I started, it does take up around 10 gb though which is a little inconvenient.
Made account, won't let me log in. Just sits on login page... FYI, there is no cache, I just created this account after downloading the game. Worthless advice points to worthless gaming experience. It's my advice to skip downloading this game all together. If I could rate it a negative star I would.
Started playing the game and can already say the devs absolutely knocked it out of the park. What I would really like (and I don’t know if it’s in there already) is the possibility to use a controller. I can already tell that this game would feel absolutely amazing on a Bluetooth controller. Haven’t been this impressed with a mobile game before. I look forward to seeing how it plays out!
I get to the Login screen with which server I want to play in but it won't go past that screen. If I can get in and get some game play I'll rate differently.
OK honest truth. This game is a money pit. Approx £20. To get vip 4 then another 50 to get vip5. Then god knows how much for vip6 and 7. Your dungeons are limited to your level. If non vip you can not buy attempts at other dungeons. You can only buy if you are vip4 and above. My advice stay clear. This I a high spending game and will drain your bank. They will say that you are not limited but you will be. Some dungeons you need to be vip4 to enter. So stay clear