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LokiCraft 2

LokiCraft 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by akseno2 located at [email protected]. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
please add search option ,add function that we can spawn ravager,pillager,mutant zombies,etc. and pls add function that we can make gold, iron, emerald,wood,tnt,obsidian and god golem eggs,alsothis game can beat minecraft if game developer add various function like minecraft and realmcraft
Hello there, i just want to say please fix the damn game, the problem Is the game won't let me In which Is sucks, I wish i could rate this game 0 star i repeat, FIX THE DAMN GAME.
This deserves 2 STARS because, i would've give this app 5 stars but i will not give 5 stars cause of these FR*CKIN ADS and they're like 30 sec, 20 sec, or 15 sec ads long like i dont get it soo it went to 4 stars next EVERYπŸ‘30πŸ‘SECONDSπŸ‘ THEπŸ‘MENUπŸ‘POPSπŸ‘OUTπŸ‘WHENπŸ‘IπŸ‘DONTπŸ‘NEEDπŸ‘IT!!!! Also, when im building my house, what im holding, drops itself when im not holding the invinteory buttons soo lets give this a 3 star,i mean 2 star):)
This is really annoying this game have so so so so many ads and if i press X or the close button theres a three options and somtimes in need to close this game and open again because AFTER ADS IT STUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate this silly game
This is a amazing game. I love the controls and the graphics are amazing. I just don't like that It deleted all of my worlds when I clicked clear cache or delete files but that is probaly my fault. Please download great game.
This game is the BEST it looks like Minecraft works like Minecraft and only like 3 ads a day only thing i want it to have is for u to play with other players over all it's GREAT! Hurry up and get it!
THE BEST GAME ever . Soo good. This game is amasing It is like Real MINECRAFT and it helps save My Pocket Money 7. 99 SAVED. And I have locked some horses in a house and I Take care of them . you can try too :) all 5 stars. And some people in the reviews Say it gets stuck , it is not TRUE . MINE works perfectly well . Just free some space by deleting apps . Nothing has gone wrong in my I-week experience So far . Just one complaint it doesn't pause when a ad pops up and when you open your menu .
Gives almost the same experience as minecraft and is extremely addicting.Would highly recommend as a pass-time, offline game. But my only issue is that there are way too many ads and they are unskipable, which makes it kind of annoying especially when the ads pop up while you are trying to kill mobs and it takes a while for the ad to go away from the screen after clicking the "x" button. Otherwise it's an incredible game but would really appreciate it if you just fix those minor bugs and issues.
Everything is amazing! Love the game the graphics just OMG so cool. Just one problem that's whenever I play and some ad of the game comes I press back to game, And it doesn't work so I have to exit the game and join that server again… That's it just fix that it's the same problem on lokicraft 1 with me. So yea do download it.
I like it because it is like Minecraft. But it doesn't have elitras or bells. And it has WAAAY TO MANY ADS. And I really don't like it that you can't change your character 😑😑😑
This app WAS good, but then it updated, and lost all of my worlds I made. Also, after the update, I couldn't join anybody. Please fix this and I will give you a 5 stars since the game was good before.
I really love this app, but rating it four stars cause of the ads, how about this, reduce the ads to one, For example: every time I open the app one, ad at a time. Cause it's really disturbing me when there's ads ever 5 or 10 mins. Because of the ads it causes the cp to lag and it will automatically leave the game. And it's really disturbing when i just want to place the block and accidentally press the ad. But again I love this app.
This game is very good but i have some complains with it...There are some things which should be added and some things which should be fixed... Added:1. A multiplayer option should be added 2.Search option should be added when we open creative inventory 3.Make the texture of blocks much like Minecraft 4.You should add a option in which we can put and craft things in our own. Fixed: 1.When a ad comes and finishes,our game pauses...but then we have to click "back to game" a thousand times to go...
Really addicting game but occasionally some ads will pop up and freeze the game. Last time I tried playing the ads froze the game 10 times. The game is good enough that I'd spend some to remove the ads
Very good but the only issue is ads there are somany ads and its very irritating when ever i open the game it shows too many ads and that's the only issues thus this game diserves 5 star
Its so much better that the original, for 1, it isnt constantly stopping for a loong time, 2 because the graphics are soo good! i still dont know what button to click to get off a horse but i figured out i can just walking into water so. Also it would be really cool if there was a fish spawner in creative because i tried with a silverfish spawner not knowing what it was lol they crawl out of the water....
5 stars! (Epic!) But, will you guys add some more epic items like loom, anvil, terracotta and many more. If you didn't add them we will shut down of your game. So, do it now! And remove these ads, otherwise, we will shut down your game as well. So, fix those bugs, remove all of the ads and add more biomes, animals, items and mission! Do it now. Make this game reach 10 million downloads. (Epic!) I'll challenge you to do it and.... Stay Funky, Bros! (OMG!) (Make this game to reach 1M reviews)
I played about an year and it is very good but after that it stopped responding I re-installed it but it's not working. And one more problem that there are too many ads. Please tell me what to do , and make sure that the problem is also fixed. Please!!
I absolutely love this game, especially since it is just like a free Minecraft!! However, I only gave it 4 stars because LokiCraft and LokieCraft2 are the exact same. It would be great to have LokiCraft 1 to be solo and offline, and LokieCraft2 online with joining friends options!!
Once again I barely even started the game I placed down one block and there was a ad then there was another one that followed up behind that one and another.... Then once I finally got my house down the entire thing just glitched and said Loki Craft 2 has stopped.... When I got back most of my borders of my walls were gone.... I was really mad and now I have to refix them it actually took some time because the walls were pretty big...πŸ˜’πŸ€” Please fix
It's a good game but it contains so many ads that my phone lags... This game is a little laggy tho... And this game is way way better than lokicraft 1 bcz that has some more issues.. And the creators of this should also add the multi-player option bcz I wanna play with my friends too but all over this game is good.... So I gave this game 3 stars.....
I give it a 5 star because I can play with my friends and the graphics are great but there are too many ads and can you add a costume player please and take away the ads
I like the game a lot because the chickens are heralious . But i gave it a 4 star because there are 1000000 ads per second but overall the game is good Update this things pls: 1)pls add ender pearls 2)add the end pls 3)add eyes of ender pls 4)add the wither pls If the devoloper adds these things then the game is 10 star rating .pls download this game if u dont have MINECRAFT.if the direct replica of MINECRAFT.
I started playing it it made the animals look diffrent. And you couldnt change your charecter. I dont recomend it. but lokicraft (the original) is great! And lokicraft 3! But please in lokicraft can you make it so you get hungry quicker? Its been 5-6 days (in the game) and i havent been hungry yet :(
this game is really cool it is same like minecraft and ilike this game very much. The reason i gave four star because here is no armor stand and i want to spawn other animals like elephant ;tiger so please.add these features
It was very nice and fun playing it but the reason why I gave 4 stars too much ads glitching and I hope we can change skin and names in the future other than that I really love the game THXπŸ˜πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
can you please add eyes of ender and ender pearls to make it more like the REAL minecraft? if the ender dragon doesn't exist in this game, can you add him/her? By the way this is a great game!
This is a great game but when it's the day after I downloaded,it doesn't work.it doesn't let me change the block that's in my hand.Then the other thing is that when I click my map that I'm going to play it clicks the one on the bottom.this is a great game ,but please fix this.
I love the game but this game needs to add some stuff like ender pearl , stickers piston , piston , commands , animals , summon , Saddell, weather, new texture ,etc . I will change the 4 stars to 5 star if you give me all this stuff and the oceans are were plan it needs ships . And pls add parrot to this game .and the only problem is the adds why r there so many adds in the game .
It's a nice game but why 4 star is that 1 no Armor stand, no banners and 2 is I would suggest you to give animal mod, ocean mod, furniture while rest is fine
I rate it 5 stars becuase, ITS AWESOME!!! And the random ads are anoying, but can you add armor stands, it would do a lot better πŸ–’ Over all its the best survival/creative copy of minecraft ever, it just needs armor stands, thats all I want, wait no REMOVE THE RANDOM ADS! PleaseπŸ™‚
I'm giving five stars to this game because this is good and i love to play this game. We can make our own world and house. As well as we can do farming. But I'm disappointed because this is single player. This should also be multiplayer.
I wanted to go to the ender world and they don't have the eggs or pearls of ender they also don't have a search which I think is ridiculous and then they need to get an armor stand. I really think they need to let us put blocks in the crafting table so we can have more things to use. They have too many ads.
I find this game very enjoyable! It is similar to Eerskraft, which I enjoy also. It won't share the world's but the seeds are similar, some of the land will change bit. I absolutely adore playing this game, and ads don't bother me! Please make a LokiCraft 3!
I love this game!I suggest you to play this game if you dont want to pay for minecraft.I do have one problem,each time I get out of the game and enter the game,the forward and backwards are broken,then I can't open the inventory pls adds a pause menu and fix the issues!
This is a very good game but in my phone when I playing this game every time the game hang and I was unable to fly and choose any other things from the inventory please see this matter. Otherwise this is a good game than craft Vegas.
That Game Is The Best Game I Ever Played But.. I Was Wanted Play With My Sister I Mean Play Together And I Will Be Happy If You Add Mulitplayer Mode Multiplayer Is Like Play With 2 Players Or 3 Or 6 Something Like That And Like That The Game Will Be More Fun That's Why I Gave It 4 Stars
I gave it two stars because l cant get to the end portal blocks are useless and I can't make the wither boss. But also for all the people who can't dye a sheep just long click but dont hit it. And Lokicraft you cant excuse yourself about the end because the end was added in 2016 but this game was made in 2019 so yeah I did research ok. Please lokicraft pay attention to minecraft updates like crafting and building Bye lokicraft hope you see this.πŸ˜€
Really love this game but maybe you guys should add skins section back because I don't really like to play with the same character but anyways good app keep the work up! :)
it is a great game the reason why give him three star is first it contains too many ads second sometimes what happened that all the controls get invisible I cannot see them but when I touch any of the car and where the controls were then there are the controls work.
Very nice some doubts I just love the game and I want more blocks and I want survival in flat mode I want some things to add 1. multiplayer. 2. block search 3. shield I also want some things to fix 1. It doesn't have traders, farmers and librarians and lamas
Very nice game! No bugs! I request to editors to add multiplayer mode which can be played with our friends.
It's amazing but sometimes the back to game button freezes and I have to close the game and start again. Please fix this!
I love this game it's so good to play on πŸ‘πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰but whenever I go in Loki craft 2, 3, and 4 it says I have to clear the history and I tried to do it but it didn't work 🀯 so please fix it if you can
I have often seen when people over exaggerate with apps and the amount of adds that pop up... but this was ridiculous! As soon as I started to enjoy the game an add would pop up. Then when I went to go back to the game it would freeze. I suggest I different craft app.
The graphics have been improved I liked it but 1. There are many ads 2. Controlling issues and it was not in lokicraft 1 The main problem is when was about to complete the build of my house the world corrupted so I make an new world it says you cant make me world And when I am opening the app it says app is not responding But the game is good Pls fix these glitches plz
The app is excellent πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ. New things amazing but I have only one problem which I think everybody have that there are too much ads. So I am not satisfied with it.
This was once my favourite game because we can get the joy of minecraft in it. But 4 star means that add end pearls! Add Fireworks and I found lapis luzuli at the bedrock stage. So please do ease in finding ores. Else everything is okay.
Hey this game is really really good! I like it a lot and since i cant play minecraft, this is a greatt alternative. The only reason why im not giving it 5 stars is because I'd really like it if we could change our skin! I think this was a feature but you deleted it. So I'd really appreciate it if you could add this feature back? :) other than that, amazing game!
That's a app above my expectations. For somehow reasons I can't buy the paid version of Minecraft but this game is absolutely as Minecraft . Sometimes I think even forget Minecraft because I feel like I am playing the same game. I agree with that the graphics are not that much good as I expected but with the things it has we can absolutely create everything. If any of my friends ask me to recommend a game expect of Minecraft I will say LokiCraft That's all Very good video game I appreciateπŸ‘πŸ‘
Overall game itself is fine, pretty good actually, it even has pistons. BUT BUT too many ads, like one ever 12 to 15 seconds, and most ads are unskippable, so nearly half the time your just sitting there waiting for the ad to end. And somehow the ads still reach you even if you're offline.
I am giving this game V stars because it has very good items like pistion sticky pistion observer . Ads are not that annoying i play this game in offline mode and there are no Ads At All .Also good job on this game . I love it
It's all because tons of ads per 5 or 10 seconds and after completing ad game will restart .please fix .if you have to make money through ads it's nice but so many ads making game bad .please take my suggestion and improve .regards AdarshπŸ˜¨πŸ˜“
I absolute LOVE this app! You can create your own village and name your village. It teaches you to be creative and it makes me happy! But the only thing I dislike about it is that the ads are very annoying. They pop up everytime. Pls fix this...
Only the ads. Other than that, it is AMAZING. (and doesnt take much storage) plus, the ads just pop up and you can always after 1 second x it out. If you see a tab that says "let Lokicraft 2 access photos, media, and files on you're device?" Say "allow" so you can uninstall the app and reinstall it and still have everything. Trust me, it works. (They are not just trying to steal private info.)
I love it! Especially that they have maps! All ads are skipable and it is the best free minecraft knockoff ever! Recommend downloading. Alright so what you just read was my past review. Now, stuff is happening. All of a sudden my world's wouldn't open so I Uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it gets to like around 70% loaded before crashing and trying again. It does this over and over and I don't know why. Also andesite and iron look very similar plz fix that.
Nice game but many problems with this, like the first one is ads.ads pop out every time.second is end portal frame is given but eye of ender and ender pearl is not given. Some mob spawner are not given like iron golem,ravager,pilliager, phantom, ender dragon, drowned, ,.etc.are not given. these are some problems that are with this game. and the most annoying is that if you are out of your house and leave the game then when you reopen it then you will be slainby a monster or else. Please fix it.
A very great game! Minecraft goes 95 percent similar. Some problems for four stars Added 1 make villages easy to find change colour of animals the same like minecraft and wish you the bast for new game. Its a complete minecraft knockoff. And a multiplayer option please
Ok, I'll be honest, when i downloaded this game i thought: "this is going to be another one of those minecraft clones, isn't it?" But instead i get a real nostalgic MinecraftPE experience with texture changes and ads, if i would give this game a one star, I'd be giving it if the purpose of this game was to be bad, its not bad at all, you could even mistake it for the real thing if you changed the textures, 10/10
I am giving this a 4 star review... because the graphics are not tariabal but confusing to me,,, because you can't really see the graphics as easyly as you can in lokicaft1 .... the normal lokicaft... but other than that it is really good......
This game is awesome,but add pops up while playing and this is very annoying..😣😣 and can you please put skin button so we can change our characters... and can you make it multiplayer so we can play with our friendsπŸ™..Afterall this game is superb and awesome...β™‘β™‘πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
For some reason, when I was building the pistons weren't working, just wanted to report the problem. And it would be nice if you made it multiplayer
I think people who cant play minecraft and want to learn about it then they can use this game. Everyone is saying about ads and stuff so let me tell you something that ads can be cut down by clicking back button so do it once.
It is a good game but go install craftinga nd building then go to settings then go to recource pack when you clicked that then press default texture press the plus then go back and play then go to your world and your finish and they have ender Pearl and 3ye of ender and end portal and end chest end stone aswell just go look at crafting and building app
It is a good game like minecraft but needs some multiplayer and is lacking like crazy I mean it like *crazy* and no end portal and water doesn't fit it is like a full square cube block and while playing the land disappears and no underwater plants
Sorry this is my opinion it had great reviews but when I installed it i pressed open it didn't work i pressed again and a couple more times and waited . Everytime I press on it.it would turn to a black screen. i hope it works for you definitely recommend the normal Loki craftπŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒsorry to the creators of loki craft this is just what happened to me
Ads just pop out frequently very disturbing like u have 2 life in survival u want to escape from zombies ad comes and when u press back to game there u go u died!!!!! This game litteraly is stupid at ads
This game is awesome but I an giving it 4 stars bcz of the ads. The ads come in every 5 or 10 minutes. I hate that sometimes I have to restart the app and in a survival mode I had got a diamond block and when I was going to break it at the same time the ad came and when I restarted the app my all items were gone I was shocked 😨😨😱😱my house bed chest gold alk were gone but also this game is fun
I think the game is really good in the ads are really skippable but the thing I don't really like is that how can we not change our skin cuz I don't want to be a boy character I like to see a female character. any way can you please fix that
Great game. But please stop it with the advertisements. I was playing in survival mode and a video popped up. A creeper blew me away. Oh also when are we going to have a multiplayer and change of skin and name. Great game. It's exactly like minecraft. πŸ˜„
Amazing!!! I had to delete the game for some time, and was afraid that my world would lose all its content. But after re-entering the world seed, I got ALL OF IT BACK!!! I'm very happy. 😊 Also, it's a good thing that redstone reapeters were added. 100% dowload it. Just a few too many adds. But it's free, so no problem!
Good except that there are way too many ads and time passes in the world while you are watching the ad. I have gotten killed while watching an ad. I would also like to see a map but it is an alright cheap minecraft.
I overall love the game it's exactly like Minecraft and I love how it gives people the chance to experience Minecraft how YouTubers experience it , I also gave it a four-star because there's too many ads popping up in my face when I'm building my house.I don't like that its not multiplayer because I told my friends about this game and they downloaded the game and they said they really liked it but they wanted to play it with me but it has no multiplayer. Can y'all add multiplayer ❀️
This game was awesome. But the problem was that the villagers were not there without seed code . And there are two more problems that only in one portal world we can go if we make another portal in the same world we go so please repair the problem's that are in lokicraft 2
It is a nice game how don't know they please play this it is very interesting and it is a popular game in the world complarsary every one should play this game so please coparate this game but for ever block there will be a ad I don't like this you update this game it is so nice don't by mine craft but play this game even once please please and one more thing if you play this game you never stop this game that much nice game and you all play this game for ever there is lokicraft 1,2,3,4,5, also
I like the but the reason that I give this 3 star. 1 the planks graphics is not that good. But I still like the game. Question why there is no ender eye and ender pearls but there is a end portal?!?!
This is a good game but it's stone texture is not good....I want to explore this world and I found a village. I don't treas to this villagers. Please help me out.. how to tread?????????
I loved this game a lot and it's like free minecraft but the game still needs to upgrade because there are somethings missing that are in minecraft and I'm unable to play this game properly on this device. And the pistons and red stone stuff sometimes doesnt work properly.Love the graphics, way better than vanilla minecraft!!!
The gamplay is great but I would like to play the game without a ad poping up and when the ads do pop up Its like im afk and I get killed by a mob or I drown please when your pause or in a ad make sure you take damage
I started playing it it made the animals look diffrent! And you coldnt change your charecter! I dont recomend it. but lokicraft (the original) is great!
I like it very much but something missing, oh! I get it,it need some more item like ender preal,eye of ender,armor stand and bees. If u add this item it will be 3rd in sandblocks game i will tell the rank 1-minecraft 2-your super crafting and building 2020 3-lokiCraft 2 Super crafting and building should be in rank 1 but why it is not?? Because minecraft has all of what i say and more nice graphices and severs,mutiplayer and it was made first or your is more cool...ok bye and plz make new games
Hey! Great job developers! Its a pretty good copy of minecraft for people who can't get it. I like it and play it a LOTπŸ˜…The ONLY thing that annoys me very much sometimes is the "back to game" glitch that comes sometimes. An ad pops up, u cross it and the back to game button isn't working πŸ™„ and cuz of that I have to shut and open the game all over again. Please fix this glitch , other wise Great!β˜ΊπŸ‘πŸ‘
The game is pretty much fun yet there a lot off ads that can get a bit annoying. Its like minecart but better graphics and free. Im not saying its a rip off but its fun for people who are not able to get Minecraft WARNING A LOT OF ADS I really reccomend this app. There a glitch I dont remeber if it was Loki Craft or Loki Craft2, when I turn around there like a blank thing I cant explain it more than that its a pretty good game
As long as i can say,like simon cowell said,it needs lot of improvement but after all it is good. That is what i would say. By:Jared Manifeso Thank you for making this game.It is a need of hand in small and old devices.
Just remove the ads and it can beat minecraft also make a PC version so that I can play it on my laptop and update it so that we can use multiplayer mode. Anyway good game.
I love this game! It's just like the original minecraft but I have some suggestions. Can you please take out ads? Whenever I play an ad pops up and press the "back to game" button it doesn't work. Also, can you please add a "Skins" button so players can change they're skins? I would really appreciate if you did this. But aside from that, you're game is awesome!
I love this game serously it's better than minecraft I now think that minecraft sucksssss!!! It's a damm game loki craft is better I'm not lying to you I don't know your opinion but loki craft here are some things that I would love to have 1. Smooth textures like loki craft there are better textures and details mobs look horrible creeper sucks plz improve it. 2. More blocks as you know there aren't many blocks in it plz plz plz add more blocks I would love to say more but I've reached 500 🌈❀
I like the lokicraft series as this is free and loved by every players but the villager's skin must be improved but i have another problem of a glitch that only Animals spawn in spawn eggs and even in nature no doubt but mobs like zombies aren't spawn both in spawn eggs and when its night. Please fix that or just reply me or give a suggestion . I also like the feature that it has a awesome graphics just like minecraft but another problem portals sometimes i want to make them but i can't
I think people who cant play minecraft and want to learn about it then they can using this game. Everyone is saying aboit ads and stuff so let me tell you something that ads can be cut down by clicking back button so do it once.
This game is nice game but it has ads one point after the ads game doesn't work although I need to restart the game . It's glitchy too. No multiplayer. No skins. It's lagging. That's why I give three stars. And it doesn't have cheats. no village. End portal. And no search bar in crafting table to know the recipes how to craft it please improve this points
This is a horrible game. I cant change my name or skin. You have to look for everything yourself instead of searching like in the legit minecraft. I was not happy with my experience :(
It's a great app. Overall, the graphics are great and everything is just awesome in my opinion, but the reason why I give this a 3 star review is because we aren't really able to change our characters. I just say that if we are able to change our characters into what we want them to look like (add our own skins basically). If you are able to get back to this and possibly add in this feature, it'd be really great! ^^ (btw, if there is this feature, then I'm very stupid-)
Nice game. Just a thing for which I have given four stars to it is that a lot of ads are coming in between the game while playing. It is fun to play this as we can make anything. No levels are there,no tasks are there,no design is there that how to make the building that are mainly in other games , just it is a game in which we can do anything of our choice,we can make anything from ourselves and I liked this thing about it.
This game is amazing, but I hope that the people who created this add back the ability to give yourself a custom skin, and make it multiplayer so I can have my sister play with me. One big problem though is that it gives you adds all at one time and doesn't pause the game, I have died many times while walking back home. It also doesn't pause everything when you leave, but other than that is is a great game that I would recommend! Forgot to mention that shift is where the jump should be.
the game is so much good i liked it so much .but some problems are their like , you says that about a map but their is no map . and their should be a mulyiplayer mode . And you can also add new places and objects and their should have missions and more large map . so please try to improve these things
I love this game a lot but I gave it 4 stars because there should be be options in home page play , options , skins I rated it 4 because we can't change the skin of player and can't write our name pls πŸ™ update it I'll give 5 stars then ............
I like this game because it is like Minecraft but I will like it more when its 3 part release so please make it's 3 part with more and more Bater shaders and realistic texture than this game and thank you for the all game which made for our enjoyment thank you sooooooo much. and one more thing that please don't add the advertisement in the all game which you will made in future thanks
It's a good game but if u ask why I give it 4 stars can u add some more items like in a Minecraft shield and others. It's a good graphic but can it's make realistic more but this game is very helpful for who don't have money to buy the real Minecraft nc game keep goingπŸ˜πŸ‘
I love this game it's so much fun! But can you please remove ads the ads is annoying in the original Minecraft there was no ads but in this game there's so many ads and can you make it a multiplayer game so me and my friends can play together and can you add a button that you can change you skin.
Awesome game I know the ads are a problem but, it's like a free minecraft it's like a copy but for free! Keep up the good works and maybe stop trying to advertise slot please?
Horrible app. You can't get out of the menu for some things, and the game randomly freezes and you can't move nor click any buttons. When it freezes mobs can still move but you can't. To fix this problem I had to uninstall and reinstall the app twice.
Only the ads. Other than that, it is AMAZING. (and doesnt take much storage) If you see a tab that says "let Lokicraft 2 access photos, media, and files on you're device?" Say "allow" so you can uninstall the app and reinstall it and still have everything. Trust me, it works. (They are not just trying to steal private info.)
This is an amazing game, although after I did the last update I lost everything. I was thinking that you could add a friend code in the next update, so you can play together in the same world with your friend. Like, you insert the friend code and you automatically appear in his or her world with him/her. It would be awesome!
I love this game BUT TOO MANY ADS you will see that there is a following ad the button won't work and only one more thing skin can you change it please. 😁 ;^; I will give it 3 stars one the game is fun tow it like the original three it is perfect for a long trip . I would love if it had your friends to join and to make your own skin. ;~; oh and if you're wondering this is not my picture it's my mom's πŸ˜‘
Amazing i love it i played orignal loki craft and did not knew orignal loki craft 2 so there came an ad so i downloaded it soon i will find out loki craft 2020. It is hard to find village in lovi craft i found first one on oct 9 friday 2020.
I dont know why lokicraft and the latest version of it does have end portal but the do not have ender pearls or ender eyes so it's kinda boring Because you should add colored glass to Your lokicraft versions and I watch minecraft tutorials of redstone and stuff but they dont And some of them need armor stand and we need them to make our castle to look like the have guards and I NEED COLORED BEDS at least you can add and add beacons couse the look super cool in your home but it is what it is
It used to be a great game , I play it all the time , the thing that is annoying me is the ADDDDDDDSSSSSSSS I may be dying on survival then pop an add comes up no warning . Please fix it there is an add every 5 minutes
A good game but it says you can play with controller but you cant use all your bind so i tried using dif and diffrent binds but my character keeps looking up and spinning sround when press the trigger and downward when i press the left trigger this is on ps4 controller btw. But with touchscreen its just fine. Now game developers here is a suggestion 1 please fix this problem and 2 ADD THE END. Wither whould be nice to tehe NVM THIS GAME SUCK WAY TO MANY ADDS JUST PLAY 1RST 1 IF U WANT FUN
The game is good, it very similar to mincraft. Since mincraft cost money to play, and you really want to play mincraft but you can't, I suggest you get this game, this game is like mincraft but for free.
Lokicraft 2 is best but no one thing, you can made lokicraft 3 game as latest version.latest,updated version of lokicraft 2, one new thing, feelings change add it, the things name's "tent", and Animals do not run away from home, they should not run after staying in the house for 1 day, please, it changes create in lokicraft 3, and make the LokiCraft 3 with no abnormal battery use, please, i love lokicraft 2 πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜™πŸ˜šπŸ˜™β€β€β€β€β€β€β€πŸ’—πŸ’—, my best faviourite game is mech arena and second is lokicraft 2❀❀❀
Loki craft 1 is better than this one. And the thing is that we want you to add other mobs like enderdragon boss,ender eye and pearl, phantom, the nether pigs that trade with gold, pandas, cats and wither boss, pillagers, ravager, trader, ocean monuments, turtles, dolphins, shipwrecks, the things to employ villagers like lectern. You should also add netherite and ancient debris, end city,elytra and end portal. Please I request that you add all these in especially lokicraft 1 and in lokicrafy 2.
I really like the textures and everything. Its not bad but I was PERSONALLY OFFENDED that the enderman was changed. I liked it better in LokiCraft 1. Its very similar to LokiCraft 1 and its good. To be honest, LokiCraft 1 and 2 were the best minecraft clones I've ever played.
Cool game, because it have so many features that i can play with, but the problem is just the ad. The ad is pops up for like, 7-15 minutes every time.... but this game was great, Thanks!! β™‘β™‘β™‘
It's okay. I recommend REAL Minecraft, rather than this game. I'm sorry to say but this is just a big copy of Minecraft. I have a couple games related to Minecraft, including the game itself. And I don't really think Lokicraft is good. So I recommend not to get this game.
It is a fantastic game,I love this game so much and It's graphics are fabulous, but I have an complain that it has so many ads which I didn't want,please remove the ads,the concentration got discharge with this ads, but the game is fabulous .πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘
Amazing game. Only reason I'm not give 5 stars is the skins problem. I want to change my skin but cant see an option. It say in the "what's new" section here that there are new skins. So how can I get to them?
This is a good game but when you keep on digging no matter what happens. And is there some places already made that we should explore like other houses and desert temple Plz answer my question You can not get skins but you can put armors diamond gold or steel
I think this game is nice. The texture pack is stunning. I can go for realistic detail in a texture pack. There is some small problems. Some strange lagging and ads pop up which can be annoying. By the way, love the game.
I like this game I would say this is a pretty good game to play but I gave it 4 stars because 1st theres ads pops up after 5 or 3 minuts and when ever time I would run ads pop up easly then the game lags. -~-
This game is awesome! I dont really care about the ads, because all I do to fix it is shut my internet/wifi off. My only suggestion is that you should update more.
Fake unity loading screen to make it seem not a ripoff. Ads are even downloaded onto your device in a folder and can be seen offline since it just loads the downloaded ads. You could even consider this adware. If you see this review, please get the official minecraft, it's worth your money and is not expensive. They just simply retextured the original game and claimed it as their own. In the game, you see the minecart which is named after the original game. Please delete this person's account.
too many ads, it was good at first until the ads. one ad stopped my whole gameplay! i'd give it more stars, but you have to stop putting ads every few minutes! consider making the time for ads more distant so then the gameplay is shown more than the ads. but overall it was good! a few problems appeared on laptop though, so it's clearly targeting tablet or something close to that. please do not take any offence from this, i'm not as muture as i make it seem! it is good, it just needs some work!
Dear Akseno2 Please add glass in this game... This is game is good.. It's Graphics are also good.. But only 1 problem is with glass to make roof Please add That is why i give you 4 star... Thank You πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
Bro nice for everything. Good textures but add an option of an excess to jobs to villagers. There is no poiny of villagers without job. And and betherite and other. Otherwise its very good.
I actually like this game....but the problem is there are no sheilds,? wither or blazes......I have already played minecraft and lokicraft one ......nd this one is already much better! And last but not least,pls add that villagers professions look different than each other....hope you all can add these requests in further updates other than this it's an amazing app.reccomended
SUPER! Awesome!! This is a very good gameπŸ‘Œ better than lokicraft 1,and there's a glitch of BACK TO GAME button,and everyone's saying if this glitch happens,then we need to shut down the game and again start it,but that's not a big problem for me,because if you just click the Back (side) key,it will be alright again.Use this trick,Trust me,its really usefulπŸ‘
This is a great game but there are no skins and i also want to play with my friends so PLEASE add multiplayer too or else this is the best game I have ever played.
I love this app so much i can build anything i one!πŸ₯° But the only problem is there is an add every 5 minutes!😟 I don't like ads and sometimes i can't close the ads!πŸ˜” But it's ok!☺️ This game is still amazing!
I love this app, I play it all the time and have good graphics, but there is lots of adds. I find it can do with more and better things and be able to change our skins.
Wow man! What a game. Super game very very very super game I like this....game....nearly like mine craft....if it want to be like Minecraft you should add these please....1.spawn fishes...like(dolphins,whales,sharks.etc.) 2.it should have different types of villagers..not just the same shirt or shorts..like (managers,doctors,engineers) please add these and it will be so nice up to 1,000,000 stars
I have played the first version of lokicraft and I was shocked by how close it was to proper minecraft. But when I heard the was a second one I had some loooow expectations. But it wasn't this low. IM NOT SAYING IM A KAREN OK. I'm just saying that the og is a better alternative for minecraft. (I can tell cause I have minecraft)
This is a really great app!! athough i gave it 4 stars because: 1. to many ads pop up, 2. we cant pick are skins, 3. it isnt a multiplayer game, 4. Your cant read the books (if can.. can someone tell me how T^T) 5. a bit laggy, 6. You cant name animals, 6. Glichy. Someones there will be a huge black cube in the sky but after a few minutes it goes away, and the wolves will appear out of no where, 7. We cant change are names
I LOVE THIS GAME AND ITS AMAZING! I really hope it will not be ban. Please reduce the amount of ads and most importantly please make it multiplayer! I really wanna play with my friends
I tried to find a village and nothing appears I try to create my own I can't even make it because there's too much trees too much jungles There's too much and those little freaking jungle buildings They don't do anything Yeah you might find extra a chest but the redstone things don't do a single thing It's so boring Please don't download it It gives you a lot of ads too like the other promise But this game is literally horrible horrible horrible and horrible I give it one star
I really love this. And i think u should add some spawn (like fish, cat, and the other) and what i really want, please add teleportation to our house! Bcz i always get lost. So, please! Also, can you add table and chair? So that, i can sit in my game! And one more thing, add some Villager and their house! That would be really good.
Look this is a great game i had been looking for a game like minecraft that actually has pistons but cmon the ads and the sugarcane doesnt show when you place it ,even when i place it near water but everything else is great yeah there are somethings missing but its not minecraft Thanks
IT'S A GREAT GAME, but the adds, when I was fighting zombies, an add played when it was over, I was dead, when adds play, things around you can still attack you, and I have died multiple times because of that, and you can not pay for no adds, but besides that it's a good game