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LogRogue for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by moitititi located at Tamanoshi Uno 2-13-17, Okayama, Japan. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Simple yet fantastic stats increase game. Been looking for something like this for a while. So many different things to do. Love it.
It's not really bad, it's just a lot of afk and cute pixel graphics. And sound I think, idk I turned off the music and sound first thing. The game appears infinite, but there is definitely an end. Most of the items that bestow passive stats are worthless due to how impactful leveling is vs how often the items drop. It doesn't feel like lower speeds actually net more drops either, despite the in-game text. However, it passed the time for a few weeks.
It is fine. I would like hints on how to get the missing stuff in my collection and leveling gear seems to be too limited because you will inevitably reach the 99 cap with the secondary level of your weapon ect and have to get a new one which most of the time is a lot weaker or not as useful as your current weapon ect
Pretty standard gameplay for your guys' run of the mill Minute series game! I however would love to see you guys tackle the Rogue action RPG genre in the future with your own incremental skill mechanics. You know, something like Binding of Isaac in essence, but make it very barebones and simplistic like all of your Minute games.
Fun game! Enough engagement to last for several weeks if you're playing constantly. The growth of various characters/classes is fun to discover and optimize as you unlock new hero slots. :)
love all moitititi games. been a fan for years. dopamine inducing strategic idle gameplay with beautiful and charming sprite work. love the new features coming out in updates. would like notifications when quests end and the ability to see what job a character is while they're on a quest. wish i could pay the artist directly instead of/in addition to ads.
For what it is. I am enjoying the experience. Though I have a fondness for 8 and 16 bit music. As well as a pixelated art style. All in all I like this game. And i think it would be interesting to see if the developer could take the concept to a higher level some day in the future. As an idle game though it does its job, and is entertaining enough for me to regularly check
good concepts, but it gets kinda boring after 2000lv, it's just more grinding for equipment. I hope there's more options for player to choose like upgrades for ability or passive skills.
The game is pretty neat, with some cool and complex enough stat/alignment stuff to make it interesting to customize your character. Only issue I have with it is that there is no possible idle progression. I can't sit and watch for hours, and realizing that whenever I forget to check in after a few hours have passed, know my hero died within the first 10 minutes... kinda sucks.
I would love to see this game but with a futuristic setting. All in all, very enjoyable, and a good way to kill time.
love your games; especially discovering effects thru combinations! this one is O.K., but the title had me hoping for a game like 'Whipper' or 'Logging Quest 2' ..if you can do an 'idle' like them (in english) it would be epic!
Pretty unique gameplay. I like the idea of multiple characters having access to the same equipment but not job levels, so that allows you to focus on one aspect per chatacter.
Loving the game, hope you are able to add more like pet combinations to get boss pets? Just putting it out there, more use for metals or further the charts?. Thank you for continuing to make games.
Fun, much like minute dungeon and others. Being able to clear some while away is a great new aspect. I took off one star for the banner ad with no option to remove. I'd pay to remove ads if there was an option, please consider it.
I like this game. The only downfall is no cloud save and you will never figure out where the files are saved on your phone if you get a different phone. So u will have to start over :(
This game is incredibly fun and probably my favourite of the developer's games! It's simple, cute, fun to pick at, and has great music. I find it incredibly destressing!
Another great RPG game from Moitititi. They are without a doubt one of the best mobile game developers on the platform, and never disappoint. This game has more idle-type gameplay where you can mix and match armor sets, and multiple jobs which award permanent stat buffs. The music is all chiptune too, which fits great with a game like this. A very enjoyable experience and was worth the wait.
It's a fairly unattractive and complex interface to a very simple game. Atl the variables could be presented more clearly, but you'd still barely intact with the game. You unlock things with little hint as to what they are.
It's simple yet enjoyable. I like games like this where you don't have to worry about all this kind of stuff to get very far. I wish gear was a little more common, but other than that this game is really good.
You can...fight Elmo (Red Monster) at Volcano 205km...why? Anyway, this game is rad! Gets more fun after you unlock a few of the levels. It may be automated battle, but it's just as satisfying to get stronger as it is in other Moitititi games. It's got a few things that bother me a little, like how 16 out of 21 of the items are useless since they add flat stats instead of percentage, but it's very early in the game's life and I'm sure many things will be improved (I want to say more, but limit!)
Moitititi does it again!!!! Though I've never spoken in person with this dev. I wish he had a discord server for all of his game. As an avid fan and player of many of the games produced.... its gaming done right! Sense of progression, multiple grind routes, random unlocks, challenge and full sense activity. I have suggestions but only in a 1 to 1 chat. And honestly if u want freedom + growth + a sense of gain, this is a game for u! Totally f2p as he does. I actually wish for at least p2p ad gone
This game is really interesting. If you like RPG's, it is similar to early final fantasy games as far as stats and leveling and different jobs and such. Otherwise it's an idle dungeon crawler and really all you do is manage your character. Optional ads for extra goodies which is a system I really like for free games. Would like to see more direction added, like traditional quests or rewards for various achievements. But it's a cool game!
Start with 1 hero and after a week I had unlocked all 6. Lots of different jobs to be unlocked. Lots of equipment to try and upgrade, not by the annoying 1-5 star combining that most games use but by actual levels. This game is fun and easy to figure out even without a tutorial. By the time you get your first hero to lvl 2000 you will be addicted. I recommend naming heroes by what types of skills you want to improve. Like this: Tank (HP-ST-ATK-DEF), Mage (MAT-MDF), Thief (AGL-LUC), Balance.
Great game. It would be great if there's at least a basic guide on the combination of weapon and armor upgrades. For example, a "potential" results after combine the two weapons or armors.
Lovely little idle-style game that allows you to equip your adventurers however you would like. There is also a simple crafting system. Send them on quests to level up, get skills and grow in power so you can tackle harder quests. It could of course use a bit more content esp towards the harder/end area. It still is better than 90% of the idle games out there.
Wonderful game! Huge props to creator. Would love 16 bit snes/Sfamicom version. Would definitely be happy to pay a few bucks to support creator and encourage more along this kind. Also would appreciate a 1-2$ donate to remove banner ads. Please carry on good sir! This game is awesome and I enjoy it greatly! You've made a gem here for sure! Thanks so much for making this and sharing!
very fun, but gets old quickly. since weapon/armor/pet combos dont give special buffs like the other games in this series, collecting them is not rewarding. after unlocking all the quest arenas and finding a bunch of the hidden classes, the game started to feel like a grind. fun for a while though!
Another great game. one day I hope you take this lore and make a big game. This one is one amazing, took the world and made an idol this time! Also, I have a request. Push notifications when the quest completes? jo
This is a Great Game! And the main menu music sounds like a zoid region, or that's just my perspective with the background as black, 10/10! The graphics are very fitting for the style too, in my opinion
In LogRogue, the player chooses equipment and classes for the character and progresses through themed stages in true idle fashion. The outfits are plenty, there are pets and hidden skills and enough content here to make you late for work. Ads are optional and if you want, you can put the whole thing in your pocket and let the game play itself. This is an idle rpg you can't afford to miss out on. Equip your fish hammer and prepare to take on the scary cave, things are going to get fun.
Fun 8 bit style rogue like idle. A really fun game, but it looks recently translated and there isnt much explanation as to what does what. (Which is where a lot of the bad reviews come from.) If you are familiar with RPGs you'll get probably 95%of it though.
Its a fun game. My only complaint is the ui design. In adventure mode the combat log is the only thing that should scroll. in the item/blacksmith panel, equipment should list their type and element in their stats, not name, and the font needs to be adjusted so the entire name is shown.
If you like his other games like MinuteSlash you will love this. This is based more on logging quest where you can set your warriors on a quest and come back later at the time specified which is when the quest will end. This game scratches an itch I've had for a while. Definitely worthy of play!
Fun and interesting idle game. I actually like that the quests are less than an hour, because you don't have to wait long to check in and browse your loot and upgrades. You can change jobs whenever you like, and it only takes a couple quests to get the basic bonuses that carry over when selecting a different job. Besides that, tons of loot and unique items.
LogRogue is simple, yet elegant. It seems small, but has a bit of a diverse job and treasure system. It's relaxed. Ads are optional. ADS ARE OPTIONAL. If that hasn't sold you on a free to play grinding game you can come back to whenever you want, you're playing the wrong game.
Love the game, but I wish there was a way for you to make it more likely to recieve weapon types based on which quests you do and which job you are fighting with, because I have great equipment, but they are massively underleveled, because I found the equipment once, and never got them since.
A nice and slow rogue to pass time idly. And great soundtrack AS USUAL. For reviews about you being weaker as you progress : It's scam from noob player. You can either combine or upgrade equipments. You are the one who choose when to. And sometimes the result is worse, but you cancel it. Only noob will confirm the combination and rate the game bad because of that. The combination has certain pattern on it. And I'd be enjoying this more if I can combine accesories and pets too. XD
If you want a more active gameplay, play Minute Frontier. Unlike Frontier, your character build relies on RNG gears and pets, instead of unique passives such as Bloodsucker or Treasure Hunt. However, you can have 2 characters which share inventory to have better choices of gears/allies. UI's graphic design is lackluster compared to Minute Frontier. Overall is ok, but if you are a Minute Frontier lv5000+ players, you will feel sad on lack of uniqueness on building characters.
All of moitititi's games are great, this one included. The charming graphics are borrowed from all other games, and I'm enjoying the idle aspect of this one, along with the upgrading and combining aspect. It's super addictive! Side note: Bring back Devil Works Project officially! :D
Would love it if you could add a couple things: 1) No ads purchase and 2) notification for when hero is done with a quest.
Game is really awesome, you can play actively and push your highest zones, or idle away to farm equipment and whatnot (also, phone can be off). But replayability is mediocre. Once you reach the Terminals of every zone, you're done. Perhaps a prestige system where you get permanent class bonus aptitude points (the ones you get per level up) every time you reach the Terminal of Castle would be really well received and would certainly keep me hooked for a very long time.
so far so good. i can that this game is perfect for someone lazy as me. hehe. can i have a request? a notification if possible... whenever the run is finished... like "hey the run is done come back and lets have another." some notif like that hehe... overall its amazing so far. and also how about reseting the run when done? i mean if we're offline automatically reset with thensame condition as last would be good too.