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Logistics Expert — Simulator Games for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by IO Games Ltd. located at Россия, Иркутск, Юрия Тена, 21. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Countdown way too less if you have to do more than one task. Driving containers with the crane from the Trainsite to the boatsite is a pain in the a**. Would be nice to have sth like a trailer to transport it faster. Else it is alright, but the language shouldn't change every time I close my app and the tasks that I am doing shouldn't be gone afterwards. Furthermore, what kind of logic is it to make my tasks disappear when I close my game but the time to respawn the tasks is frozen?
Cool game. But sometimes I can't land a box on the ship. Twist locks don't unlock. No crane department to call.. Need the override key. Lol. Also you should add a little swing on the cranes. Lol.
Having trouble the left controller on forklift with being out of frame and can get full functions. Need to close game and start over and then lose all the work done.
The controls for the mobile container lifter are not correct. The right hand joystick is good but the left is not as you can not lower the arm at all
I like the game but would like if you add the top loader and Noel or Straddle carrier. I work with these machines at work would like to show my kids how use them at least in the game. Thanks
It has potential. Will there be a Russian to English translation? Parts are in Russin even though I have selected English. Can't really advance much more. Reply and let me know if you need screen shots. I'll also beta test new patches. EDIT:1 thanks for the reply. I meant to update, that's what I did and it helped for the most part. Now only very few parts are still In russian. So far the game is getting much better.
Unable proceed as it get stuck in the middle of tutorial. Tried to close the app and run it again and issue still persist. Sometimes it displayed non-english language even if I choose englisg
Wonderful game. The only downside has been expressed in past reviews with higher screen resolutions on newer flagship phones. These issues are only present however if you force the game to run in full screen. Changing the settings within the phone itself to allow the game to run at its native resolution fixes all issues with this and the game is then fully enjoyable. Keep up the good work and look forward to future updates and new games as well.
CRANES! CRANES! CRANES! Need I say more? Yes, I do. The wait-for-the-clock vs. choose-to-watch-advert-now to progress to the next task is probably the best model I've seen for full screen ads. No surprises.
Just started playing, why is it all in Russian when I select English. Looks like a fun game, but not being able to understand it is difficult.
When I take shipments from train to boat I can load one or two on boat but after that it want let me load three and four.
The game is fantastic, all that I like to play. however the forklift did not work. it is impossible to get a green to pick up the container. please let me know if you have any tricks for that.
Re last review. Trying to play on nvidia shield k1 tablet with nvidia shield controller, which must not be supported. Would be good if it was to use d pad as crane controls with trigger for picking up containers. Use my controller on many other games and makes them far more enjoyable. Love this game so far and to be able to use my controller would keep me playing it alot longer
It really made me feel so bad. I installed it twice in my device but both the times it stops working while giving tutorial at a place. This needs to be fix the bug. Developer should upgrade it the way it can work properly...
Had phone repaired and had a factory reset done. Reloaded game from App Store and have lost all progress and had to start from scratch again!! Not happy
Don't install it,, You'll stuck in the tutorial,, And I think it's not a bug, i think it's just a photo when u get stuck in tutorial mode,, Can everybody who's read it report the game like this when u read it !!!
Just started this game. Love it. The first part to teach you what to do is in English but as soon as that stops and you are left alone the English is gone and I don't know what the rest of the menu screen means
Ok but it's in Russian. I like the game tho but would like to know what I'm doing. You fix this I fix my rating.
Cool game. I have one problem (solved it, but need to be fixed): if you unload a train before it stops, then the train won't go away.
Unfortunately I can't even start the first mission lets me get up to it but as soon as the first message pops up it stops working
Great game, fun time killer, but the forklift truck controls don't work, so all I can do are the trains. Disappointing
This is the best game ever.Wilberjean and me is going to start a fan club. We just love the ads.they dont blow your high.
It's fun oh I recommend you most do jobs where you don't have to transfer containers from ship to train or train to ship
Like it but almost perfect add trucks from EURO TRUCK DRIVER but well done almost !!!😔adddd cooler trucks😠pls u guys i always wanted game like that but but it missing something😐😤your stars was 🎖️🎖️🎖️now it's 🎖️sorry so improve than me make more ok
Game is great but when it comes to the reachstacker i extend the boom out and the frame that locks on to the containers rotates and i cant figure out how or even get it to rotate back to how it was when it started. Therefore i cant straighten rhe container up to get it on the rail dock. All i can do is lift up and down and sideshift. Cant rotate the frame or retract the boom. It is so frustrating being a reachstacker driver myself lol. Am i doing something wrong or can someone explain the controls pls
Game is good.. I see this operation every day at work... Why can I only operate the crane and not the reach stacker?
Selected the English language on the menu screen but when game loaded came up in a different language that was certainly not English. can't say anything else about the game as I did not manage to play anything.
i realy wana play this game but it frezzes on the main pain where says like the view withthe train tracks n tower crane i hope u can fix this iv tryed unistal n add it agagin nothings fixing that :(
The game is stuck in tutorial section. Tried 5 times but the screen just stops responding at one particular part (tutorial part where access to crane is given). Tried on a nokia 6.1 plus
Cannot be played in Android Mobile. Why post it when its not working? probably a malware or virus uploader when you download the game.
The game is great...some comments on the operation though...i have work experience on these so...the port gantry crane should work the same as the railway crane..meaning the crane operator on the port crane should move along the with the spreader...and for the container lifter,i think it will be more realistic if only the rear wheels would turn...
This game is realy good, simple but for me very addictive. However i do have 1 very big problem which i gope the developers can help me with. Iv just opened the reach stacker and dock levels but when i use reach stacker and change to the operation controls soon as i touch the left control the right side control turns grey and is then unresponsive meaning i cant use this equipment. Is there any way of fixing this. Also could the developer possibly put an options menu in the game.
You need to fix this game all together it will not let me up grade to the next level I got 22000 for the crane and it did not go to the next it just keep adding more and more I like the game bit need to fix all the bugs in it You'll have to play it to see what its doing please fix the bugs very concerned
can't even press on next after great view text from the first . fix the bug . cant even play the game . faster !!! An d i'm using a oneplus 7 pro . how is it my phone problem ?