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LogiBrain Grids

LogiBrain Grids for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by Pijappi located at Pijappi Netherlands. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I really enjoy the puzzles. There is one that I am stuck on (the fortune teller), and I can't figure out the answer because I think there's a clue missing. But a very excellent game!
Set up is small,and fill all doesnt work. But puzzles were pretty decent. Solved all free puzzles fairly quick. Sad that you have to buy to play more
I would have given this game a MUCH BETTER rating if not for the fact that the user has to fill in all squares of the grid. The game should AUTOMATICALLY cross out other squares when adequate is checkmarked as the correct one. Right now the user has to waste time doing it!!!
Sure it uses a good grid, but having to fill in All the options instead of just the top ones takes a minute more than the other 2 logic games I play. Great job addressing issues when needed. Will try it again later, maybe they will speed this up. Thanks
The free games are all 3-grids, which are ridiculously easy. The grids don't automatically X out the row/column when you mark a yes box. Played ok in landscape, but had to reposition the grid at the start of each puzzle. Selection screen was in portrait. Overall, pretty lame.
I had no problems reading or interacting. I would knock you down for me having to use my s-pen if not for that I would just zoom in, as that is a function. That isn't the reason for my less that praiseful review, though I do still give it 5 stars. The reason is I had a couple of puzzles where a couple of answers were contradictory to what was stated, in my opinion. I will email you the pictures. Also, people claim the puzzles are too difficult, but I think they are fine if not need to be more difficult, the 5 star puzzles still take a Max of 10 minutes with the 2 star puzzles taking around 5-6 minutes.
Clues in the hardest puzzles are sometimes unnecessary information. Too easy. Autofill would be nice, other than that it's awesome
It's real cute (not) that all the hardest puzzles are pay to play instead of offering base free puzzles of varying difficulty and then packages. Also for a grid logic puzzle, it is obnoxious to have to feel on all the X's whenever put a check and even more obnoxious that you have to fill the whole grid to mark complete. Didn't even bother finishing first puzzle as most other apps will have these BASIC features and better options to expand play.
The game itself is good, if you are patient to wait 30secs to unlock the games. The scenarios need some 2021-appropriate updates e.g. Casanova "conquering" his "conquests" of nurses, librarians and secreraries....
I downloaded this app last night and finished this afternoon. I completed every free puzzle in less than 2 hours total. The puzzles are fun but way too easy.
Fun game but not many puzzles to do and each puzzle you have to pay for is $1.99...so not worth it. Put more free puzzles out.
Love these games thank you for making this!!! biggest tip; you should be able to zoom its way too easy to hit the wrong square
The puzzles are pretty easy. And not many free ones. Meanwhile, the UI is baffling. Literally every logic puzzle I have ever played used the X for wrong and big dot for right. This one wants to use a check mark. It just looks wrong. And then when you double tap for the check mark, it doesn't fill in the Xes across the row and column is the checked box. Pretty annoying to force us to do it manually. That is a big benefit of playing on a phone.
I dislike that I have to fill in all the grids in order to win a game. It would be better if you only had to fill in the top row of grids (or the leftmost column, or whatever). Typically figuring out a puzzle doesn't require filling in each grid, so doing so is just time consuming and boring.
Apparently an earlier version had a glitchy auto fill, because this version doesn't have one. Overall, not bad.
Developer always listens to our comments and concerns, and addresses them individually. :D thanks for the great app.
The puzzles aren't at all challenging. It's more challenging to check all the tiny boxes than it is to actually come to the solution. "5-star" challenges just shove more information into fewer clues. Many of these puzzles can be solved before reading all of the clues. Not worth spending money on (glad I did not).
Fairly reasonable price to unlock the extra puzzles and I like the layout, although those on small screens or without a stylus may struggle. Main problems are: awful English translations, leading to confusion over many of the clues and they often leave you having to guess the gender of extremely rare names, which is poor design. Could also do with adding 'auto-crossing' to save time when you place a tick. Fairly decent otherwise.
Expert puzzles don't give you enough information, leaving multiple valid answers, but only one correct. Double and triple checked the answer I put in, and every piece of information was valid, but you had to solve it THEIR way to get the correct answer. Very sloppy.
More then half the app is locked behind a paywall. This gimmick needs to be removed. I can see buying hints if needed or have ads play. This is pretty much just a free demo.
Very frustrating because grids are so small & zooming creates errors. Also not written in American English. Could be improved.
Really fun game to play. But i hate the fact that you get ablut 15 ish games free but for anything else you have to pay but you dont even get that much...
App won't let me finish a puzzle. Tried twice to finish the same puzzle, popup interrupts my play & says what my time is on puzzle. When I press continue, it defaults to same puzzle without all of my answers in progress, just a blank puzzle. I tried again, filling it in all over again, & just before I finished, popup with my time came up, I pressed continue, again blank puzzle of the one I nearly finished. This is futile. I'm uninstalling.
Options don't automatically X out when you mark an option as checked. Also, game does not register complete when the top row is solved. User has the busywork exercise of filling in all blocks. Small annoyances that make it not worth paying for puzzles that aren't ridiculously easy.
why dont the other boxes automatically fill in when u make a selection, and why are the majority of the games paid games
Just doesn't work. Click on the title of an unlocked puzzle and it goes to a very dark, borderline illegible, unresponsive screen image of the puzzle. Unresponsive to any of the buttons or even zooming.
The puzzles are easy. Way too easy. And with no auto-fill the squares are hard to hit on the bigger puzzles.
Pale comparison to other logic apps. Clicking a check mark should automatically x out the rest of the choices. Hints are too telling, rather than logic.
really good. clues spot on. only thing is paying for additional puzzles once youve finished doing the ones they give you. not happening! uninstalled after i finished
These puzzles read like a fifth grader wrote them. They are in need of an editor or a more proficient writer. The puzzle I just finished had mistakes in it.
It's a good game that makes you think but I don't like that you have to pay for more puzzles. I would prefer if when you solve a puzzle you get points and can redeem those points with more puzzles. I also don't like that it's timed and they compare you with others.
It is really addictive and fun to play. The suggestion is for more number of grids, the boxes look too small to tick using finger tips. Either make them easy to touch or provide zoom in/out feature. Also, if hint section has many clues then it must be scrollable. Some clues are hidden due to non - scrollable frame.
Can't finish a puzzle because the bottom row won't let me check the boxes. At first it was continually closing because of my navigation bar when I closed the navigation bar the bottom row still Does not engage. No sense in playing if I cant finish the puzzle.
I enjoyed the puzzles however I feel it is too costly to go forward. I played what was available in around an hour. Waste of download. Because I will not pay for more puzzles
Classic logic puzzles. Love them. Love this app. Ps on two star level tough babe. There a mistake in one of the clues. You've put the girls name as Amber instead of Angie. Still love it though 😀
Make selecting an answer fill out the negatives on the grid, and accept just the top area as an answer. Too much unnecessary work when you have the answer.
I likrd thr selrction of puzzles but the text id a little difficult to see because of how small the text and graphs are. There are also such a limited number of free puzzles to play which is the most disappointing
Pretty good puzzles. Only played the free ones, though I might spring for the additional ones sometime in the future.
I liked the couple of games I tried, but everything is too small. It was too difficult to read anything - and I'm using a large phablet. The blocks are so small that I kept tapping on the wrong block - and I have small hands. Too frustrating to try to play this. Uninstalled reluctantly.