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Logging Quest 2

Logging Quest 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by shirobakama724. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Occasional Swearing) and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its a good game. But it takes so long to level up because ive been playing for 2 weeks and im not even lv 6 yet. I dont understand how the experience works or how I used to randomly lose to monsters i had killed before. Im new to this game and i like it alot. I juzt need Knowledge and tips on how to level up faster. Thank You.
This is sort of like an idle game. Out of the dozens of app games I've tried, this is the only one that doesnt bombard me with ads or try to bire a hole through my wallet. That alone is nearly enough to make me enjoy playing it. I really like the ability to create custom characters. This game gets a lot right, and it shows that you dont need much to have a game that feels rewarding.
Honestly up to this point it has been a fun game and i like it but i have reached level four and cannot learn new skills for the rouge or warrior class but my wizard could learn a new skill but only in warrior skill set is there somthing wrong? Is this how its suppose to be? If anyone has any feed back id appreciate it
Very much enjoyed my time playing this game!. Just wish there was something to do at the end all, my party are all lvl 100 but iv nothing more to do with them except grind and craft more top end gear but there's no point!. Gonna miss my routine with this game every day!. Ty to the developer had a good bit of enjoyment
Is pretty fun and I played for the third time,I really hope there's a sequel...But It's been 7years since this released...
Glitched game. Wont let me progress through 2nd dungeon because the key in my inventory is glitched. Also impossible to progress in the game if you want to have a solo character. Not because the enemies will kill you too fast, but because it will say something along the lines of "ran into strong enemy. You decided to turn around." That's BS because I added someone to my group and ran the same dungeon 3 times and never ran into any strong enemies. Just seems like a lazy game with a fun concept.
Awesome game, fun and detailed, if you like RPGs and dungeon crawlers it is a new take on it. Only thing which is difficult is figuring out how it works, not much in the way of tutorials but it's fun to learn by doing :)
Its pretty interesting but because of its slow progress you cant enjoy the game so much, It has a lot of potential. Im enjoying it still. And! I think its better to have more help options like how much exp you need to level up or get some skill points and stats points.
I love the game it's so good. The only thing that's bad is that you have to wait for 16 min for the first floor.and sometime when I go on an adventure it dousnt let me because I have 20 things
So for anyone that loved D&D, this is the game for you!! It has everything an "IDLE" game could need. (This is for people who actually have a life outside staring at their phone all day.) There are no ads except for a single banner at the very top. No pay content to make it seem unbalanced. The game is like a D&D game where you set how long your session is, then come back later to see what happened. It could benefit from a more interactive interface though. Or side quests with another party?
Great game. It's sad many people saying the game has bug and gave 1 star. Usually, what they found is not a bug, they just didn't read the manual and have no clue how the game works.
Good concept but execution needs a lot of work. I figured out most things but the math doesn't add up, as another reviewer stated. Nothing is intuitive. I was ok rolling with it until I checked my adventure logs and realized only my thief was getting attacked, despite having a fighter in the front row as well. So my adventure ends every single time with a dead thief and a fighter and priest with full health. It's nonsense. I'd be happy to update my rating if this is fixed bc game shows promise.
Overall, an excellent game. Concept is good with an interesting story. Some spelling/grammar issues made the game more entertaining for myself. Agree that a some of the key mechanics to continue were an issue for me, such as how to use the anvil and how to use items on an adventure. Ads were present but non-obtrusive, the way adds should be done. Would play the next edition.
It's a great game. I like how I have to think about what strategy I would have to use so I could go through the dungeons. Although it would be good if there will be an option to earn more money to buy items more.
The game is absolutely excellent, I love it! However, what bugs me the most is that I don't receive notifications from the game, even though I have enabled them in the settings. I don't really know how to fix this, and I can see that others have a similar problem.
Please Other work like wood logging, farming, mining, fishing, etc. To earn randomly few stats. To earn gold. Etc. Monster egg(very rare) that we can proudly share to online, this can be hatch and help us in adventure. Hidden class to make the game more fun, and a feature that we can buy a house, and design it ourselves.
Genuinely interesting. Although not much is actually done, the waiting actually entices you to pull it back up and check, strategize, and rework your team. This game has wonderful classes, skill trees, and badass items if you can survive far enough. My favorite part is creating a character and seeing them go from lvl 1 to 10, and slapping the best gear you got on your kickarse little dude. Love the game. I would only ask for an enchantment option for items as I've lots of gold and potions.
Great idle game! It has the best things a game need. It is easy to play, challenge level is correctly dosed, and you want to play it again and again caught by the "story". Only one bad point. It is the trick to use the secret key. You need to go in the strategy menu and clearly parameter the use of the key. Go google it or you will never know how to.
So far, this is a great game. However, there are some points that are confusing. At the beginning, it was confusing on how I get skill/stat points, and there was no guide to tell me when I would get it. So I guess, at the settings, there can be a little guide to tell us these things. Regardless, this is a great game, and I highly recommend to anyone else. :D
I love the game. 😍 its like reading novel offline. But you have a access to make things work out for the characters. Hoping for the full version to show much exciting end much fun adventure story. 😘.
THIS IS HOW TO USE THE KEY TO GET PAST ROOM 4 LEVEL 2 On the Outskirts tab click on Tactics. You will see your characters names and Party Tactics: click this. At the bottom there's an option called Use Item. This is how you use certain items on a particular floor in a particular level.
I personally love this gane and I could play it forever. This game is a great story/rpg/adventure game that all takes place in a couple of menus. Create a party of adventurers and set them out on quests while you go do work or eat and come back later to see the spoils! Or sit and watch the adventure log to see what happens as your adventurers fight hordes of monsters or find expensive treasure! Tons of abilities and equipment to choose from. I can't believe this game is free!
It's hard to enjoy a game that only requires you to play for a few seconds. Waiting time is too long, and there's not really much to do other than start a quest and wait an hour or two for it to end, only to read an uneventful adventure log. It's not that it's a bad game, it's just lacking so much elements that a game should have... like being able to "Play" the "Game". Hoping for improvements to this game and I Appreciate the effort. *Edit: Also, Dark cave can't be opened even with a key.
Although I think this game is very cute and interesting, I will admit the wait times for adventures are far too long. Also, I'd like to be able to manage and send out more than one party at a time! Otherwise, fun and rewarding :)
Great little game. You setup your party like other RPGs and the game literally creates a quest log as the as your party explores. You can kit out your party with weapons, armour, staffs for mages, etc. adjust tactics for the party, and upgrade their skills, and stats. It's more like being an RPG party manager. It's not for everyone, but it's a nice bit of fun for RPG fans. The quest continues even when the app is closed, and the game plays offline.
Best, yet underrated. Both the gameplay and translation are excellent. I reported a few bugs in 2014 (with my former Google account), and the developer responded and fixed them really splendidly. Now that I come back to play it again, it has so many great details and features I missed back then. I am glad I found this hidden gem, Logging Quest 2, in the dungeon named Play Store.
The game offers little to keep your interest, especially since it appears to have a bad flaw. You are presented with a dungeon at the beginning that apparently has 6 levels but there is no way to get past the first level. The help suggest a means of doing so but following the suggestion leads nowhere. I have to give up on it. Maybe try again another time to see if it has been fixed.
Games amazing the people are just idiots lol. For mission: Dark Cave. Obtain a ★Rusted Key★ then switch travel to Dark Cave destination. Click on Floor 2. Then on that same screen on bottom will say ★Tactics★. Click on ★Party Tactics★. Then enter ★Floor 2, room 4★ Then enter Equip item: ★Rusted Key★. Your welcome.
The game is fantastic. I love the simplicity and easy/uniqueness of waiting for your adventurers to come back. I do think it would be more fun if you could have multiple parties out adventuring instead of just one active at any given time, but that is the only thing I might like to see in the future. Great job!
I mostly love this game so far, but I have two main issues: notifications and character images. I've tried messing around in settings, both in game and in my phone, and still I don't get any notifications, ever. And it doesn't let you upload any pictures, no matter what app I try using, or what kind of file it doesn't work. And the pictures already in the game are difficult to navigate since you can only tap them to move forward, long tap to move back, or randomize. Mostly really love it though!
A truly different game. So refreshing to be able to return when you want, and dive as deep into the gameplay as you wish. Learning from your mistakes is fun and rewarding!
The plot and storytelling is quite good, in the memeful way. One cant be serious when staring at a piece of text in bright white background, so its more funny than deep. Ambience totally lacks, but that makes it funny. Graphics are simple. Gameplay is rng rpg like. Lotsa luck and preparing involved, or just use a giant club to smash everything in your way.
I like this game... but, i'm stucked at starting village for a long time because no matter how many i'm farming, my stat hasn't gone up. My hero is stucked with starting equipment and can't use more stronger eq. It's a good idea to give a skill point every 5 level (i think) but please rise the stat of hero every level pls! Because my lv 5 hero is not better than my lv 1 hero.they almost same, but the lv 5 is just little stronger than my lv 1 hero. This is annoying. Just need more balancing
I've been stuck on this Dungeon without getting any progress as my party always cancels an expedition at floor 1. Please fix this. Even at the previous dungeon I can't even finish even tho I finished it once. They always cancel on the same damn floor.
the game is good. but just lack of lots of elements to make it even more amazing, Guild stuff. more party to be use. add description to the characters or bio via custom of your idea. and some that have been pointed out by other reviewers already. also online party in which you can add chat section to role play via ur own characters and interact with others. MAPS yes more places please. all in all, it's a good game nonetheless it just lack of elements and some system to make it an amazing Game.
It's an okay game, but it takes forever to level up characters, especially near the beginning. Took me an entire day just to get some characters to lvl3
Like it a lot for what it is... But wish there was a button to press to make your guys come back to town sooner.. because sometimes I forget to put a skill or sell my stuffed inventory after hours coming back to see I'm ready to adventure... dont know anyway to return without HP out or finish quest.
The game is fine. I personally don't like waiting hours on end for a single group to go questing, but that's okay, I guess. Here are some things I'd add: 1. Multi-group Questing: Allow more than one team to adventure in a cave. That way, there's more to do in the waiting of the other group to return. 2. Proper Position Tactics: The game hardlocks your fighting position in a 2:1 stance, with 2 in front and 1 in the back. What would be hard about arranging it in a 1:2 stance? Diversity is key.
This game is very simple and i do feel that it needs more classes or maybe subclasses. Other than those it is not a bad games. I do hope you would update more on this game, if you need inspiration watch anime 😂😂
Very good game. Besides the odd spelling mistakes and off English it's still enjoyable and has some of the old rpg aspects to it. I would recommend this game to others.
It's a very simple D&D idle game. I really enjoy it because of said simplicity; everything is easy to understand but an in-game tutorial would do wonders for the game. Customizability is amazing just because you can upload photos for your characters. I just wish we had more weapons and the quest times weren't so long sometimes.
I expected a more DnD esque type game. Instead, i got an idle RPG mixed with a text adventure. Let alone... Why am i waiting for "an adenture" to progress/end and not playing it?!?!? Thats the best part of an RPG. Anyway, for what the developers wanted of this game....it isnt terrible. But i was really hoping for something more to cure my DnD itch.
Really nice game that dun pressure n can take yr own time to play anytime. Its like rpg offline does not drain too much battery. Only can party 3 members to adventure. Will be good if can make it 4 party members. Drops of loots artifacts quite low. Make it abit more loots. Nothing too conplicated. Been trying for 2 days rating 4/5. Keep improving
Decent enough idea. But for some reason i can't level up my cleric and mage skills. Game insists on making them increase warrior skill? Not sure if this is a bug or a feature. Also rumours tell me of a locked door in cave but i have no way of knowing which room has the door as the log does not mention any relatable clue
I just finished all 15 quests and cleared the game. The game is pretty fun. Anyway, party customization is not much various due to only 4 skill slots for each character. Advance jobs are so useless since warrior+mage+priest can clear all game content. Some advance tactics works incorrect, and tactics condition isn't flexible enough.