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Logging Quest

Logging Quest for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by shirobakama724. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Occasional Swearing) and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Both LQ and LQ 2 need hint/walkthrough forums where players can discuss tactics with each other instead of having to email the author for cryptic hints. Also both need a way to abort an ongoing adventure instead of just waiting. A complete YouTube walkthrough would be great too. Its too easy to just go around in circles aimlessly, not knowing where to go next.
Really fun game, beat it and now collecting items. Going onto the second soon, hopefully after inheriting character in LQ2. Cannot get the menu up with back button long press, using pixel 3.
I have a suggestion. Add a cancel adventure button, so for those who forgot to bring potions or chose the wrong dungeon will not have to wait... That suggestion is mainly for me because I do both of those mistakes...in some cases both at the same time ha ha. Once again awesome game.
Never played a game like this and have no clue how to start. I see in the log I've entered a dungeon and killed a slime but have no idea how, how to move, pick up items, or anything else. Weird game. Seems like it's playing me rather than me playing it.
Have gotten pretty far. I have the Mythril chain mail and Grayswandir working for me and at level 42, but I'm curious about the spring in the seaside cave, how does it work? Have I missed something?
I am not getting the key to let me past the door on 2nd floor. I DO have a tactic set in both to do so. Help?! EDIT. Thanks. I finally got the key and advanced to the mine.
I find myself stuck again. After finding a Stained Map in the Abandoned Mine, I could only venture to a Haunted Castle. I wish there was a walkthrough or hints to help you get through the game.
Not killer time. More like strategist here. I love how my imagination worked when I read my battle with each monster. Though, I don't know what the monster looked like. Now I kinda stucked at border fortress. Do I need to do something to get past the barrack?
I am stuck again. I am at death valley and there are few monsters I cant hit. Like chonchon and specter... they keep dodging. How do I defeat them?
Unlike "Logging Quest 2" this one didn't asked me for an internet connection for the time confirmation. Hopefully the second sequel can be the same with the first that it didn't asked me for the internet connection. Well, in this situation i get to play both, switching from 1 and 2 while waiting to reconnect to go adventuring again in the 2nd sequel. Maybe its fated?(to get to play the 1st) lol Anyway thank you for the game and more power :)
I'd love it much more if I had a team. Idk if you can get more characters or not, but it would be nice.
Wonderful game and very good alternative from the game play of more often played games. Question: We believe that we have completed the game, but we are missing Item Number 25 from the item list. If you could provide any sort of hit or advice, it would be appreciated.
fantastic game, though help is unsearchable because of the name of the sequal. I wish notification worked on all devices. still, 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Why mixy religious aspects? Why biblical demons, and adventure gods? My character can walk back, and I don't want ancient idols. Why are all games religious!? I love playing for minutes, and waiting hours, rather than active play. It fits my busy life. I delight in quiet moments reviewing progress, strategy, and character arsenal. Plot and character development are thin. I'd prefer a simple choose-your-own adventure-story to statistically and emotionally advance. Strength Ring says +3, gives +1.
How do I get past this? I enjoy the game but this is such a weird spot. I try to use my brass key but that doesn't work :(. Ty for the quick reply seemed to be a bug as when I tracked back and forth the dungeon fixed itself. A fun thing to have would be some sort of wiki to not get frustrated with being stuck for too long.
I have done all dungeons except for the unexplored labrinth. I cannot get past floor 10. I am lvl 77 with aegis and traitor sword. Any help or hints please
I just got past the science city and obtained the sealing amulet. However, after traveling to the border fortress, I can't get past the fourth floor. It says I need to be prepared. Any help?
Love this game because it's simple. My character is a great fighter as well, I was surprise on how the stats can make the character understand what kind of skills he can use. And by skill I mean fighting style. Word of advice raise up the Agility stat first.
I have done the deep cave floor 7 three times I'm now level 12. 13 strength and every time my inventory is full and discard the key. What do I have to do???
I've been playing this about three weeks and now for some reason, i haven't been able to continue because it always force closes whenever I try to travel or start an adventure. I've tried restarting the game from scratch, uninstalling and reinstalling, backing my data up and restoring it and everything. Nothing works.
I have a bronze key but it's not much help as it won't unlock anything. I've down the same tower 30 times and tries changing tactics too. Any help???
so im kinda stuck and ao far this is the best way to get answers i cant defeat mage floor 8 of the tower, do i need an item or just my charactors inadequate? also i have no setting i dont know where the setting are i have no dots and no way to do it in game i have seen 0 menus besides the for basic one outskirt/inn/shop/warehouse can u help is it a bug i apreciate your feed back its been helpful and both those ways did not work to get to settings
Really liked this game. Just send your character on a quest and your done! Great for people with little time for gaming.
Level 17 character with great items goes through the first dungeon first floor and the very first monster is too strong. What a load of crap. Something is wrong. I'm I quite mad about it.
Found the answer I was looking for in comments below, How to pass Arcane tower floor 2 )( and im really enjoying this game so far.
I am a very busy person and don't have much time to fiddle with my phone,but I really love playing RPG. Thank you very much shirobakama 724 for making such a great auto RPG. It really brings back old memories of the time I played Icewind Dale, Might and Magic, Betrayal at Krondor, Revenant. The game doesn't disappoint. Thank you so much 😁😁😁. Looking forward to Logging Quest 2 when I have finished this.
Because the game is awesome, i installed both version 1 and 2 so i can play both side by side... It takes time to play but worth more than most rpg games...
My tactics don't seem to work :(. I have actions at 25% HP, but they always take place before (29/43 HP); and I have the tactic of inventory full, return to home, but I never return, just fight until I -really- hit 25%, then I run home :( p.s. healing scrolls don't stack, I think I read in another comment that they're useful because they don't occupy inventory space; but they do :(
I just realized that you're right so I re-rated with 5 stars. Those gold dragons keep eating up my healing scrolls though.
I figured out my problem. It turns out my char just returns just after his adventure cos of a return tactic involving 0 item count :D i hope this app gets more updates too though~
Almost one of the best games of it's type I've played so far, really lacking depth and balance. Wish the store upgraded with character, as gold has been useless from level 4 up. It simply becomes nothing more than level grinding. The developer apparently gave up on this app... would be 5 star...
Love the game. My only problem is knowing where to go! I have been to Science City, Death Valley, Desert Oasis, Sea Cave and bunch of other places. I have the Stained Map, the Blue Dwarven lantern and a Harpy Flute? and don't know where I'm supposed to use any of the items. I tried using each in every place I come across and nothing happened. How am I supposed to get to the Dark Lord? I saw him mentioned a couple of times.
A great game for you idle RPG lovers. Some parts can get confusing that you can get stuck for some time. Myself, I search for the pointers in the review section. But overall, it's a good and simple game with a stiff tactic system.
I'm loving the game so far. Really fun Rpg with little time investment. One thing I would love to see is having two conditions for tactics, like for Example "If Hp are below 25% AND Character is out of potions, return home".
This game's really good! Well, compared to the sequel I kind of prefer this one more. (I still play both though). One question, what is the stained map for? I'm still at Abandoned Mine and I think I've grinded my character too long. I hope someone could help me with this. Thanks! (EDIT: Thanks Shiro! I just found out that I didn't get the lockpicking tools, so the Town Ruins and Desert Oasis just opened for me.)
So far if I am to relate LQ1 to LQ2, I rather go with LQ1 cause of the flexible playstyle. The only issue is getting stuck. I already have a Mithril mail, a lock pick and two harpy flutes. I do not know shere to the lock pick and harpy flute, but I am sure the Mithril mail is what you need in Death Valley. Pls respond.