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Livin' It Up

Livin' It Up for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Sea Monster Entertainment. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love it. It's addictive and I just want to try and do better with each character. Showed it to one of my colleagues today who downloaded it and was also hooked immediately. Gave him a short crash course on how it works and he thanked me for giving him a new addition hehehehe. Fun, like tricky games that makes you think, trial and error and then try again. Loading takes a bit long now that I'm busy with the 2nd character and it freezes every now and then. Thank You
Hi, the game in itself is very fun and intresting but the challenges where you have to tilt your phone do not work...therefore it makes it hard to earn money. Please could you fix this.
Surprisingly, I'm impressed. I think it's a well-designed educational game about saving money, good work. The only reason I don't give it 5 stars is because there are lots of small bugs (they don't affect gameplay though). But you know it's a proudly South African game when it accounts for periodic burglaries ;)
Hey guys, well done with the concept of the game. I think it is a brilliant idea. There are a few bugs here and there and sometimes loading the game takes ages. However I found the game quite interesting and easy to play as it mimics life choices we have to make each day. The only difficult parts are those jobs that can get hard really really quickly. Maybe if you add more variety of things to do then it will make it a bit easier for users who are not use to play games.
The game is great to play while u learn something about saving, however I have realised it doesn't allow one to back to the home screen, u have to force close the app to exit the game. Other than that I love the challenge on the game and I'm always careful not to crack my screen when popping the balls/ kids lol. Overall it's a great game
after unlocking the Zane character the game starts to freeze and loads the whole time. i tried rebooting my phone. it still does the same. uninstalling the game and reinstalling it.. means i will have to start from scratch
Well thought through. For anyone who feels hopeless with money I think it can be encouraging. More so it can teach you the fundamentals you need to get better (better financial planning, saving and living habits). The happiness rating and its impact also adds a level a realism. We have all been there depressed or sad and we spend more Money on unplanned for or wasted things. We'll done capitec.
OTP not being received at all... Possibly not even being sent. Update: I've since managed to register my number. Most likely a network issue.
The game is fun and educational but needs some improvement, I have played all characters and reached all thier first goals. When playing the Lerato character I realized how hard it was to save as my happiness kept going down which lead me to changing furniture which wasn't needed. A suggestion is that, happiness levels should also increase when a deposit into my savings as this is also an achievement. Please also add more games, and decrease the length of tips. get games that incorporate the tips
The game is fun but robbing and waste of timeπŸ™„ you move to a new level you salary doesn't increase😏 and the characters remainπŸ™„
It was supper fun playing this game until I finished my first goal. Now I can't move to the next challenge nor can I get in. All I see is a blue screen.
Games (work) takes forever to load, it will be a nice game if it does not do that. Its extremely frustrating. It takes unnecessary data and battery life.
Fun game and good Financial tips given in context of the game. Only disappointment was that after completing the first goal, the profile of the character cleared and I had to start from scratch
Well it seems good. And i say ehat the hell its here to play so try it out.Looks good..Looks like it will interesting me..So imma give it a try you should to 😁😁😁😁😁
I love this game alot ...... The reason why iam giving it 4 stars is it does take a bit long to load but other than that this game is really awesome!!! Keep it up πŸ₯³πŸ₯³ YOU SHOULD GET THIS GAME NOWW!!!!!! AND KEEP SAFE STAY AT HOME😷😷😷
The game was good i would prefer getting more games like this. It only needs that extra challenges that is in life that can mess with your budget the saving part is good an all and i do understand for the sake of the games end result it made it intense but the promotion part or the salary must be a little more realistic towards to prices in south africa and their salaries and job options i personally believe that would make almost everyone in this country interested and at the same time learn.
I like the idea of the game, since it's educational and it helps you manage your money. But the mini-games is very tedious, it's the same game for all characters with different objects. Your only goal is to make money for your savings account and then you have to buy furniture so they can be happy. I don't understand why you should even use your cellphone number, I think it's a good way to use it for marketing purposes.
There is a glitch when just before getting the community centre you can't seem to save money. The game keeps on flashing and the only way to continue is to play the game rather than saving money.
I like the idea but I just do not enjoy it it is quite boring and I feel from the adverts the game is different. I do not want to be rude but maybe with a few tweeks it can be good :)
I like the pop ups on how to better your finances. I also like the idea of work - life balance. It could be better if there is a time frame in working because it feels as if you don't need to manage finances to much because you can just work for more money. If there is a time frame before you can go and work again then you will have to be more disciplined with your money. Have options of being able to choose fun while you wait to be able to work again.
Please get rid of the tilt games, most people lay in bed while playing games and have their phone at weird angles, otherwise pretty good game
I quite enjoyed this game and it can be a bit addictive. You need a bit of strategy for this game, but simple enough that just about anyone can play. The job tasks can be quite repetitive so from that point of view, it can get boring after a while. It's basically like a very simplified version of the Sims - you need to find a balance between making money; saving money, and being happy (unhappiness makes you lose money). Game is quite relatable to the real world.
The game was challenging and it's more enjoyable as you get through the characters dreams and it's also a reflection of your own relationship with money. The more you win the more fun it is but being stuck can be pretty frustrating, challenge yourself.
The thing I hate!! about this game is that when you move on to the next character they don't increase your salary but yet they increase the amount of challenges. The game is good and realistic to a certain level because I don't get why the salaries don't change as you move. How can a doctor earn the same money as coffee shop owner.
Love the game but there is no feature where I can click to take out insurance. It keeps saying I lost out on staff because I didn't take out insurance but where can I do that?
Such a cool game, love it so much fun and gives you great tips on making good finance decisions, grrat job πŸ‘
It's a good game with great interface. Finished all 15 goals and ready for more challenges. Question though, why were there only life events happening for some but not all the characters, for e.g no break ins or tempting party invitations were sent to Dr Sanjay?
I give the game five stars playing it is interesting and more learning about business and saving money that's very good...
Game is quite interesting and very educational, the only issue that I have is that the game takes forever to load even installed and uninstalled twice, its really annoying in that respect.
The game is addictive I enjoyed playing the work challenges..love the saving tips.. I think u can work on exiting it doesn't allow u to exit u have close all apps.. The loading page can be abit better and more exciting don't really like how it loads now.. I played and completed a goal for lerato and this morning when I went back to continue it ask me to start the whole thing again?????? Not good!
The app has great and useful information when it comes to saving, teaches more about the interest rates. However, it's a bit slow when login in and processing capicoins. Also the messages are quiet long I end up not reading everything even though the information is useful, I want to get back to playing. the furniture options are also very limited. on the home screen there's no option for me to mute the sound, now I can't play the game with music on 😩 thumbs up for being an educational game.
Was enjoying the game but second day it won't open. It is stuck on the processing screen. Will be uninstalling.
In this game, you end up working just to make money for the bank. The characters' happiness scores skew the results so that even if you don't buy anything for your house, you still end up in debt and unable to reach your goals. The technical aspects (graphics, controls, and game play) are okay, but the concept just doesn't work overall.
What is this game all about? I will understand this game if there was some kind of benefits for us aswell and not just for capitec... upgrade please and let us learn real coins here... thanks
It's a pretty interesting game. The idea of trying to reach your dreams while trying to payoff mounting dept and still maintain a positive attitude really keeps you on your toes. It's a really good game, simple but excellent. There's no exit button though πŸ€”
Great idea, very educational . Games can be repetitve and bugs on the system of being unable to purchase selected items. Also being stuck on the previous story even though I have quit or failed at the story, next time I open the game it takes me back. Freezes. Hopefully the the technical team can improve on this. Faults still remain the same even after an update.
Pretty good game. I thoroughly enjoy it. Just one issue. You cant turn off the sound. Further than that its a cute app.
I love this app. It's very fun and educational. I almost smashed my phone on the floor because of Zane's lifestyle, it's taking almost half of the money he makes a month and he's left with very little to save. I think I got irritated because that's exactly what's happening with me πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈπŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈπŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈ I have this awesome plans I want to see through but some things (unforseen emergencies) keeps on breaking through my savings. An eye opening game.
Been playing the game for just about a week now.. And its an enjoyable game where you find 3 characters who have different financial goals and challenges. What i enjoyed was trying to keep my character happy by spils which is what also keeps us happy. Its such a relatable game.
I would give more stars but I have an issue with Rebecca. It's so unfair that she starts off with a huge debt.... There should also be at leat 2 male AND female characters to choose from. I personally enjoyed the game though. There is a lot of potential, just needs a few touch ups. I would also add a feature where the characters can interact with others and that can depict the happiness. Overall, it was a good game. And it's South African tooπŸ˜‚πŸŒπŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦
Best game ever it helps on how to save money as from little money, to do budget, not to buy everything by loans, to have good reason to take credit, avoid more debts and how to reduce debts, it helps to kwow that every cent count, let's not buy things just because we have money, plan for every cent we have and it's good to have more games like this hope to see more games in the future, can u increase more mini games its like we have 4 only even happy stars it ends only on 900 after playing a lot
I would rate it higher if the "soccer/rugby" wasn't part of the game(sometimes it's just too slow) ... There is also no "sound", "volume", "settings" or "back" button
Tried playing this game but there is not much info on how to play it I just don't understand what it takes to be happy and how you minus on the reds it's honestly not a walk in the park tried so hard and I'm uninstalling it coz I'm more stressed now than before I downloaded it, I even have a headache mxm πŸ™„πŸ€ž
This is quite a different type of interactive game and is relatable with real life scenarios and life situations. The only negative aspect is that there is no way to exit and it drains battery life.
It's quite a cool game but there are a few glitches to the game, as to when you want to save you add your total cash but it does not allow you to submit it. The challenges become a bit too hard but it does seem very much like life itself.