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Live or Die: Survival Pro

Live or Die: Survival Pro for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by PRIDEGAMESSTUDIO OU PLC located at Harju maahond, Tallinn, Prohja-Tallinna Iinnaosa, Randla tn 13-201, 10315, Estonia. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Overall the game is pretty good. Graphics is good, gameplay is good, control is good too its easy to understand. Maybe this game need some improvement in energy refill (the energy we use to run) and waiting time from the crafted things. The energy refill would be better when we're not playing it but the refill is still going. So we don't have to wait and watch the screen for a whole day. The waiting time too, I grow a wheat seed and I leave them for 3 hours without playing the game, the time remaining still the same as I left the game. That's not a good way to play this game. Maybe teaming up with friends will be a good choice too, so I recommend that to you the developer of this game. One more thing, maybe you can add some sprint button so we dont need to hold the control button all the time. This is a great game, but still have a lot to improve. That's my opinion
I like this game a lot. however one of the major issues are the weapons. The durability is gone before you realize it. This needs a MAJOR buff. Otherwise it makes the player feel like they need to put real money into the game just to keep the weapon repaired. But then there is the -10% to repaired weapons. If you keep this part (which makes sense as it can be seen as a fast repair) then you need to BUFF the weapons durability. Drastically.
i like it everyone else hates it but i dont mind the loading it lets me get a snack so i can keep playing but it keeps trying to type somthing so i have to stop and click while i am in a fight but im getting used to it also the butcher is really hard to kill i had to use all my drones on it and its still not dead
This was a great experience of a zombie game i've played. The intro and graphics was all that kind of put me off. At the beginning, I was a little confused with the gameplay, since it never told me where to find things. The frame rate was slow, and the physics was basically just touch and boom. Sneaking up on zombies and killing them with a nail bat, thus making them explode into pieces is not really physics. This reminds me of Last Day on Earth. If i'm desperate for a game, it'll be this one.
it's a good game, but I got a glitch that cost me a lot of good stuff. I had finished a laboratory run and I had a lot of good stuff (including a shotgun and a sniper rifle and 3 ak's and lots of different kinds of muta fruit) and I go home and I start putting stuff in boxes and when I press sort in the chest my entire inventory (excluding my armor and backpack) gets deleted, I had only put away one of the three ak's and the rest of the resources and weapons were gone
This is a stupid game play where you pause for a split second in your inventory then some survivor beat you and you don't have time to react to it. I've died more times with the glitch where I can't get out of my inventory and I get attacked. I played for 2 days and I can tell this is purely a paid to win game unless you have a patience of a saint to deal with this stupid bug. I spent money on the game yet I can't do anything but die because of this game glitch. So I lose everything.
This game is an exact replica of Last Day on Earth: Survival. From the crafting system, to the leveling system, to the building system. Everything. The mini map and icons are exactly the same, the requirement of energy to travel to other places is the same.. If anything is different it is miniscule and I have yet to find it. Do not purchase this game if you have any interest in it, just download Last Day on Earth: Survival for free. Total ripoff that does not deserve the money.
Long way to go. Similar to many other popular titles out there. Didn't receive item. Exit doesn't work.
The game is very good and I personally love it because of its interesting journey. I know it costs a little but totally worth it
mediocre. there's some kind of glitch in the tutorial. It's telling me to go to the post office to collect food, but I've been all over my bade and all over the available map and cannot find it. the controls are a bit choppy. you have to carefully hit them sometimes while other times it seems to click them when you aren't even near them. first I thought it might just be my screen but I don't have any problem with other games like this (last day on earth, left to survive, the outlived)
Best zombie Survival game but in the newest update, they made the military bunker and laboratory super hard. I use more weapons to get in than i get back from the bunker. And still waiting for new locations. I hope the devs fix this soon. Edit- the game got uninstalled by mistake and i lost all my progress of more than one year. I feel cheated : (
I have been play for a long time and it took me a long time to get my stuff for some reson my stuff restarted unit i get my progess back it well stay a o e star
After the mandatory update, items keep disappearing. The most disappointing part are those your really struggle to make like the V accelerators, all gone suddenly, not even the game was saving.
This game would be fun if it wasnt so damn hard to play. The player dies too easily! Just as I obtain weapons and supplies the zombies kill me, I lose everything and im resurrected back at my shelter naked and unarmed. So frustrating! Needs more free game play and not so many zombies that kill and dont give the player a fighting chance! Lucky i even gave it 2 stars! Ugh!
It's too hard to get the material, but too much material require for anything, seriously dude? I can't even make basic clotes here, and basic weapon are useless against monsters, it's a fun game tbh, but devs needs to be less greedy.
This game feels like a reskinning of a different game (ie, Westland survival). The only thing better about it is that you are given better initial equipment, which you lose as soon as you die, the in-game purchases are organized better, and crafting menu is grouped. This game is worse in that other than unlocking your crafting menu, there is no point to leveling (no increase in stats or health). Even if you run, if the enemy had reached you, you are still damaged even though they are off-screen w
You can't name your character or change the gender of it. The game is supposed to be a simulator yet you can't make any custom changes so it takes away from the game
Negative 10 stars. Just opened game after being forced to raid another survivor by quests to find I'd been raided - THE ENTIRE HOUSE IS GONE!!!!!! THERE IS NOTHING LEFT ON LOT!!!! I HAD SPENT A LOT OF MONEY ON THIS P.O.S AND EVERYTHING IS GONE!!!!
Game has a lot going for it. Played for 3 days about 10hrs a day. Kept glitching out during battle then dieing and loose what takes 2hrs to gather.......
This game is extremely challenging. Real time to walk back and forth to new areas to get supplies (basic ones at that like wood and stone). Closest area being 13 minutes real time. You can "run" but that uses limited energy that takes time to recover. Growing, cooking, collecting water, smelting, creating planks. All things necessary to create items to survive and progress take real time. Heck it takes 10 minutes PER BOTTLE to collect water in rain collectors (essential for thirst) Very limited inventory space so you WILL be traveling ALOT. Weapons break fairly easy if you're using starting items (which are weak and enemies hit just as hard if not harder and spawn OFTEN). Overall an ok game. It's hard as nails, weak weapons early on that is shadowed by enemies, hunger and thirst system hovering over you at all times. It tries it's best to make you buy in game purchases to actually be able to survive and get far in this game.
One of the best game i ever played been playing it for some months but i would love this game more if you make a pet update pls make the zombie pet stay forever i really love the zombie pet pls make them stay forever and make it that you can find them from areas
It's a well crafted game, quite entertaining and challenging. What really kills the love for me tho, is the timing affecting almost anything. Wait 10 minutes to grow this, wait 30 minutes to walk there. I really find that this format doesn't fit well the survival games. Leave the waiting or speed up thing to farming games.
This game is awesome, very interesting story and gameplay rather than other survival games, Zones are quite unique and everything is pretty decent. Very easy to play and quests are also fine, I hope that you guys update this game and push it to the top. Really appreciate this game
Why so much time to walk please adjust the time .. i enjoy ur game and thats only my problem the time๐Ÿ˜ƒ ๐Ÿ˜if u want to travel other map .i will rate ur game a perfect star if update my suggestion...๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†thank and God bless๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡
To cut a long story short, this is another classic example of a resource gathering survival game that is addicting for all the right reasons. However that being said there are some pretty serious glaring issues that I personally can't see the devs fixing anytime soon because, again, it's your classic money grabber game too. This title is HEAVILY dependant on resources, more so than any other I've encountered, resources which don't respawn. You weapons and armour degrade faster than in any other game, and if you mess up with your resource management after putting hours into the game, then your only two options are to pay an EXTORTIONATE amount of real money to purchase what you need to progress, or start over. The in game microtransactions are prime examples of everything wrong with the gaming market today, the inability to move between locations more than a couple times a day means that progress is slow, and overall I'm dissaponted that such a well thought out title has fallen so short of the bar in regards to actual playability. Oh, and I should mention that the grammar used is laughable, not to diss whoever was in charge of text, but to say that English is not their first language is a gross understatement. No, I'm thoroughly dissaponted, as this game had all the makings of a no.1 but unfortunately due to lack of foresight by the devs is destined to fall into the pit of depression that is the 'pay-to-win' catagory.
The gane would be alot easier/ playable if it had no energy and we could keep play but walking to one place to another takes too much time and run energy is too low! Can thud be buff or fixed please???
The controls of this game are so retarded, graphics aren't as bad, but I like the story of the game. deserves 3 stars and nothing more.
It's just another one of "those" games. Why in hell would i pay $99 for this game (i downloaded it when it was free) that is only a little better than the rest? There are legitimately thousands of this type of game (all copies of one another or the original) smeared across Google play, like the dead, beaten mush of a horse that it is.
It's premium not freemium game . Are you guys sorious , I pay money to play a game without anoying waiting time . And what do get , the same old waiting time 5 mins at max to travel anywhere , make it a police, 90 bucks down the drain , please don't make the gaming experience with horrible waiting time I play to relax . Not to get agitated .
I bought this game, i liked it a lot, i wanna give it a 5-star rating, but... there really is no other way to recover your items after you die? Because if there is no way, i'm gonna leave it at 1-star rating and will totally regret that i bought this game. And also, item/weapon repair with the same item/weapon would be great and really helpful.
Good concept, but need lots of work. The game is very unbalanced, when you travel to one part, the weapon doesn't last the entire time your there. The monsters are hard to kill and by time you kill them, your health is down to 3, and that's just fighting one monster. weapons don't take any health from the monster, and they are hard to come by. A lot need to be fix to make the game enjoyable, I've lost to much by dying.
I like playing this game but it is showing connection issue unable to connect to server where my wifi is working properly plzz fix this problem
Nice game but needs to make batter There are some problems in game like furniture upgrade. When I upgrade my box I am lost all my things have in my box ๐Ÿฅบ There is no warning before upgrading my box to about loosing my stored item's. Please solve this problem.I hope you work on this problem.
There's no easy way to collect materials I tried to pick up logs and rock but I couldn't at all. Auto just attacks whatever is in the area instead of collecting materials. I do like the art work, cinematic and the feel of the game but the controls and no tutorial on surviving the woods on how to build and collect is a deal breaker for me. I hope the controls gets better someday.
I just installed this game again and see some changes at Military base like the route and map changes. But I don't see any update to the storyline, like collecting notes or new map. Currently I'm on level 180. I lost the items when I click 'Confirm' on Armored Truck. Is it bug?
I'm not usually picky about games, but since this is a paid app, and I got it for free, I'm gonna write a review. The time I've played this game (roughly 30 minutes) it was alright. Controls are a little ishy when comes to actual control over the game, but the thing I had a problem with was the quests for the tutorial. Not sure if it was the actual tutorial, but the quests that the lady gave me were glitched sometimes. I had to exit, and reopen the game. Not a terrible game..
Best zombie survival game I played so far but I advise developers to make it multiplayer to interact with other players make clans do raids together trade,add new vehicles like helicopters or a robot that u can go inside it to assist,new outfit like special armor suit thats dropped by a hard killing boss an regarding this idea add special bosses that appears on some parts of days with good loot,zombie raid on our base and defensive systems like auto turrets dogs,etc.I wait reply hv more idea s
Decent game, can be addictive. Forced to update by a version check in ver 0.1.435. Missed the visiting Night Guest. UI takes a bit getting used to. Action buttons are a bit small and/or too close to each other. The 'Build' button can be relocated and use that space for a more accessible and more regularly used 'Backpack' button. Crafting with resources direct from your possessions is a convenient idea but it messes up your neatly stockpiled inventory. HealthBar not prominent, EnergyBar obtrusive
Energy drinks dont refill my energy i drank two and i still have same amount of energy fix this asap trader doesnt always show what he wants on the radio. And loot disappearing when placed in box or body i lost items at the oppen crypt kinda upset i didnt die or anything i simply cleared and returned to bank again but it was all gone
Just a free pay to win game, where you need to buy stuff in order to actually play the game, i assumr the game is always at 100% discount, i came here to look for a game i can play without losing money.
I love the concept and the idea of being able to, at the very least, pay to not lose everything you have on you.. and I totally don't mind the lower quality graphics-- but, the controls on this game are absolutely terrible. You regularly hit buttons and they don't respond, (especially the sneak button) & it seems to be an all-around worse version of another game.
Excellent game, worth every penny. But I'm struggling to find oak and ash trees, I searched some red zones couldn't find it. If those trees really don't exist I will change my rating to 3 stars. Edit:- Thanks devs, appreciate your concern towards us.
The game was good but not great first I think you should work on providing different camera angles in the game . Then you can improve the graphics of the game
There are that many of these game out there (most of wich are free) that are all the same the only difference really is textures its so annoying they all have the same crafting interface and items they all have bases to build all raidable they all have the same consumables. And worst of all the same shops with the same ridiculous prices. If you want to play this trust me you can get a version of it thats exactly the same. Shame on devs that use the same game to make money
It's good that it was free when I downloaded it, so I didn't waste anything on this. Even as this would be a paid version, you pretty much must spend a lot of money to enjoy playing. The travel times are so long (traveling from one place to another is an essential part of the game), that if you don't buy energy that allows you to travel faster, you will spend 30-60 minutes waiting then playing for 5. There are other issues too but this one makes it unenjoyable.
[Edit] I was somewhat disappointed that someone killed me right in the very beginning, so I left a worse review first. Anyway, the game isn't that bad, but it doesn't add anything new compared with other similar games. I played five or more of these games and can give these tips, if the developers are willing to listen: 1) Reduce the energy requirements for moving about the map. They seem to be too high. 2) Auto-close inventory on "Take all". That's what you do each time anyway. 3) I'm not really sure what's the difference between the Pro and free versions. Maybe it should be pointed out somewhere.
Best zombie Survival game but in the newest update, they made the military bunker and laboratory super hard. I use more weapons to get in than i get back from the bunker. And still waiting for new locations. I hope the devs fix this soon.
The game would be a lot more fun if it didn't cost so much energy to move from place to place. You use up your energy in just one round trip and then it might let you watch a few ads but then your done and have to pay to play. I know your trying to make money but it's not cool to be so greedy. Weapons wear out quick and it's buggy. When sneaking around it will randomly stand you up and make you run and the directions controls are not fluid in motion at all. The game has potential but needs work
Horrible game experience graphics and animation are Horrible it just a copy right from last day on earth but worst. This game is not premium it a duplication of the original game they made it free to get more people to buy this BS of a game.
As of now I'm at level 138 and I'v travelled every corner of the map using the chopper. The only problem now is that the improve melting plant ic not working properly so I can't produce steel bar, tungsten bar ,titan bar kindly check on that.
This game has been such a drag for multiple reasons. The game is really fun but it is designed to be difficult. I'm going to give a few examples. Let's say you die right, there is no way to get your stuff back unless you died at home. Another example is. Let's say the zombie swings but you ran away. No possible way for it to hit you right? Wrong. Another way u can end up dead. Lastly. It's the survivor. He comes even in the easy zones and always has better stuff than you that leaves u to run
Total waste of data... I just downloaded it and when I checked it it wasn't downloaded...I have to reinstall again ...so I just give up giving one star...
This is just a bad copy of last day of survival like really if your gonna copy someone else's game you better atleast do it better , the grafics are just so wrongs
Unplayable. I love this game, greatly. It is one of my favorite games, but after being away for a while, and coming back, I can't play. I get a "Syncing Time" screen, and it never stops. I have to uninstall the game and reinstall. Until I close the game. Then the cycle restarts.
I Love this game is one of favorites. The only thing I don't like is you could make it easier to get building materials like the for the motorcycle so you can progress in the game besides that this game is A1. I put all my friends on to this game.
Blend and unoriginal. Got the pro version when it was free (11.1.18), but it felt exactly like the regular version. The character movement is awkward upon moving him. This game copy Ldoe and its sad because I want something new, but it's just a complete rip off with little option to choose from, such as picking a different gender for starter, a house without building from nothing. You'll notice there is a huge difference once you try out a similar game call The outlived. The female model there are an eye candy, they have pet, and free bike. No offense but this game is an eye sores. Uninstalling.
Losing everything and starting from scratch every time i die is a huge time waster. Unless, of course i want to drop real money on a drone. At least let us go back to where we died to reclaim our loot. I like the game but I uninstalled it after spending a load of time advancing only to get killed repeatedly. There are more issues but thats enough for me. I'm a sucker because i actually spent a few dollars on drones. Bye.
Extremely glitchy game. Errors all over the place. I've spent actually money on this POS and when you purchase packs ingame and you don't receive them, there is literally no support. Their Facebook page is rubbish, they ignore emails and direct messages. Absolute rubbish as I am now down almost $40 and have no way of getting it back. The developers are crooks and this game should be avoided at all costs. I only gave it 2 stars as it kept me entertained for a while. They won't even answer this.
Its a good game and its really fun, the only problem is that when you leave the suburbs you can not come back, i have tried multiple times and i can only get in when it is updated
The basic game itself is excellent. I could see myself spending hundreds of playing it. The in app purchases are simply awful. I'm not going to spend $2.5 to revive only to die again literally five minutes later because I didn't spend $50 buying all the packs in the game. If I had spent that $50 then the game would be pointless because the packs completely skip all the progression. Bottom line: game mechanics good, game publisher has removed any possibility of fun or potential from this game with their blatant greed.
Good game but please add these things to the game : New food & drinks : Cereals box : +30 hunger -5 water +5 HP Milk : +10 HP +25 water Cereals with milk : can be crafted using milk and cereal box +30 hunger +25 water Milk and cereal box can be found at : the suburbs the oilmen campus or at a new location called the gas station which gas got a 24/7 store and a cafรจ Add this too Pankackes : +25 hunger -5 water +10 HP Can be cooked using flour and water and a new food called sugar that's all .
When i finished the toturial the game screen freezes and i had to restart my entire phone to unfreeze my screen! It's not worth you're money just play the free version is better.
Very fun game but definetely pay to win. Packs/items are VERY expensive , like $99 for a level 3 room???!!!! Too funny, Devs. Edit: still lmao at your reply. But you failed to address the 99 dollar packs. Still too funny guys. But regardless, this is a great game for 99 cents, if not my favorite 99 cent game if all time. I said pay to win, but it is definitely NOT pay to play. Plenty of food and items are everywhere.
Terrible game. I mean, the start was good. I had fun collecting my stuff. Then I went into another sector, collected more, and as I found a storage box there, I left all my things in there and collected more. When I got all resources from that sector, I went back to home and dropped resource and went back to the sector. And everything was reset. Every valuable things in container? Gone. And there was no single warning about this. I got so pissed and decided not to play this game again.
Nice game worth the money a nice survival action game keep it up (ps. Make the updates smaller so that it wont cause too much space)
It's all hard to make the weapons and they don't last long. It's not like loss and blue but they can make it better. Only reason again one star is because of the graphics
When i explore different places the loading screen freezes and it won't load all the way, so i reset the game and the screen won't finish loading again, i rate this game a 1 because the screen won't finish loading and i can't even go home so Im uninstalling it. And to think they would have the nerve to charge people $1. And now that it's free, they still keep trying to get you to pay for it. But you can bypass the payment method.
Why?I am playing this game for more than 3 years since it release but,all my progress is gone.PRIDESGAMESSTUDIO OU PLC please fix this why I cannot load from the google cloud save anymore?There is no load data that I save for playing more than 3 years.Do you want me to work hard back?Fix this and I dont give 1 star...
The core elements of game play for fans of this simulation are well executed. There is a sense of care when it comes to the style, concept and overall art design. The animations are simplicity at its best... while still feeling responsive and living mass Overall I would have preferred if this concept had a much higher expectation of itself. instead of a cookie cut out like some things found in my exploration to speed up developing time. It is a well created experience but limited to its cut out
Would rate higher as it was working great for the first 3 days of playing. So I decided to spend $35+ on the game. Within 20 minutes I was having major issues, the screen going blue yet the character was visible & stuck in running mode. I tried refreshing, it didn't work so I restarted my phone & reloaded & guess what.. All of my game data is GONE including everything I PAID for. And YES I saved the game to my cloud. I am very disappointed.
Been playing the game for a few months now.Love it. There has been some updates most of them are good, some are not. But removing the night guest has removed my daily fun. The monster moving slow and strong but do give random weapon if you can kill it. If you dont want to fight it just stay inside. I dont know why it get removed. If the old night guest get back without change it should be a 5 star game.
Guns break a hair too quickly besides that it's a great game. Lots of grinding to build your base unless you start it small.. I did not lol
Well, I was playing for a couple days, went to an air crash site, died, and the site went away before I could recover my corpse, so now all the new. Weapons armor, and stuff are just... Gone. Pissed, because, if you are naked you cannot recover without spending cash which I refuse to do. Update: if you die in any instance, you cannot recover your corpse. In places like the bunker, you can. It's not the fault of the game, it's just the way it is. Be aware, this is a beta, not a finished product
The graphics is good, the game is awesome. 4 stars because the energy bar to go in many places was too much time to regenerate and the saving system was sometimes slow and I lost my resources. But overall it's really good, keep up the good work
highly similar to "Last day on Earth: Survival" but with many improvements to performance for low to mid tier phones. LdoE:S is more intense on memory ram graphics and internet. the only thing keeping this game from that fifth star in my opinion is that there is another game so similar but at the same time different in enough ways to make it a distinct difference.
The Game is Fun in a way reminds me of How to Survive 2 just with vehicles & the Ability to build a Base. Purchased the Pro version immediately. Also I'm happy you can play this Game OFFLINE to. I have 1 Question & that is how do you name your Character? I wish to give him a name. But cannot seem to be able to..