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Live or Die: Zombie Survival

Live or Die: Zombie Survival for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by PRIDEGAMESSTUDIO OU PLC located at Harju maahond, Tallinn, Prohja-Tallinna Iinnaosa, Randla tn 13-201, 10315, Estonia. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Was going to download but I read the reviews like everyone should. Lots of bad reviews tells me to keep looking for a better and fair game.
I enjoy the easier than other survival-type games"game-play you offer. This is a great "starter" game 🎮 for the entry level player. Top-notch.
SUCK A GOOD GAME! all the stuff in this game is great! idk why people dont like it, its AMAZING! you guys have made my day :D
This game Keeps saying I have not played for a day and takes 32 gold coins!!!!! I play every 9 to 10 hours!! It has just taken gold coins again! NOT FAIR. On the weekend I play practically all day. I spent alot of money on this game. This is the 5th time it has done this.
Initially I thought it was pay for play, but now I am coming at it from conservationist standpoint, we'll see how that works out. All I can say is it's a hell of a lot of fun and...whatta want for nothing? Rubber biscuit?
This is the kind of game i always wanted to play good graphic but little bit confusing i love challenge games
This game is good when you weast your money on guns and things and this game not hang my mobile ansd start in only5sec all people are layer
I wish there was a way to stop doing a task for the adventurer. The bunker is too hard and i want to stop. I wish there was a way to sell stuff to the trader instead of performing a task for him. I wish that there were more opportunities to view videos for coins for faster travel between sites. I have got caught up in trying to survive in the game that i wasn't paying attention and spent money i hadn't budgeted for. I think there should be a way to sell the food you produce to the trader.
Good game but annoying when you beat the zombies and someone hits you over the head and steals your stuff. If you have no drones you lose everything. Unless you buy them. Most things need to be brought. That's the only down fall. Since update also, iv cleared military bunker twice, but quest still says the same, and the adventurer keeps asking for cigars. Which there isnt any? In any location he asks.
It would be nice if you could move the floors and walls and where do you find the parts needed for the truck and motorcycle I have 2 truck tires but it's not letting me use the on the truck
I enjoy the game but there are several things I do find rather annoying. 1. Loud zombie noises when they arent near while tracking you. 2. Random survivor encounter, B-lines straight at me from across the map in EVERY zone. 3. Cant turn off app notifications, had to block. 4. Cant exit game while in shelter. 5. Always start on world map even if force closed in shelter. 6. Once spotted, cant lose your pursuers without zoning. 7. Backwards sliding with base destruction everyday gets boring.
The game is amazing I'm level 85 already and my camp has some defence 😁😁 one small problem.. Can you fix the glitch with the improved melting plant please... I have all materials but nothing will work.. Unless it uses somthing other than wood or coal to work?? Thanks again... Amazing game.
This is a very fun game with interesting storyline too and great graphics, but it just need to adjust the camera angle some more.
This gave is better than zombie survival,no raiders loot your camp,thats a good sign....what i dont like is after building and salvaging lots of items ur camp get raided till bear...
Game is not opening shows license verifying screen and that's it. I tried it offline as well as online. Dont know whats wrong with it? I dont think I can keep this game on which is stuck in one single screen for more hours now. Yeah I am serious, I kept it on for 1/2 hours or so but nothing happened!
Gameplay is fun graphics are awesome the audio bugs out a little Its a good game supplies are easy to come by enemies are balanced the ones ive fought, its just the gold currency isnt used for much atleast have the option to buy any item with gold. Whats the point of buying or stocking it if i cant get what i need this is other survival game problems please dont make same mistake.
Great game among other games with similar gameplay. What I like is some of the places stay the same for 2days, so you can go back again without having to kill the same zoms. Some suggestions tho: 1. I think the vendor should accept various things for trading, it's annoying they show randomly with limited time in far places & I don't know what thing they accept. 2. Show where or how to get the ingredients. 3. Once I forced close the game & half of inside my box goes missing, maybe it's bug
This game is fun but it feel incomplete, i got bug and the game crash but i have to uninstall due to massive lag
A complete but incomplete game. It's such as shame this game is better than most of the other survival games. It's complete as in all resources can be obtained and used. It's incomplete due to the company.stopped updating the game.
Good game so far. The avatar starts out in cryogenic sleep and from there heads topside.Where the game starts with you grathering resources to rebuild a shelter that's conveniently placed for you. You fight a few zombies and prepare to head to you first location. Now this is where I have a problem with the game in that the energy aspect will limit how far & how much you can travel by running vs. walking. It either needs to grow with you as you gain level's or be gotten rid of ENTIRELY!!!!
Pop up ads in the middle of a battle???? I spent weeks searching for and building up resources to make effective weapons and gear, only to lose it all in a few seconds...a total waste of time!
I really love the game it's easy to grind and it's not a pay to win type of game that what I like and can you devs pls make the map bigger like add watch tower to make the map bigger and add more bunkers and with new guns and armor with a story line love the game thank you
Firstly its not a Terrible game, I enjoyed a days gameplay, but I've literally grind to a halt, even on the very first wood level I get murdered by zombies,getting loot is a hassle, I wonder if there is a way to sort this out..maybe up drops, give starter players enough to at least survive a few weeks not 3 days, noooo micro transactions is there default position, the cost of these items are ridiculously high that no sane person would pay that. Just throttles what I think could be a good game
I'm having a grrat time with this game, but there is still some issues with the trade vendor. It is hard to trade with the vendor without knowing what he wants before hand. The radio use to tell me, but now it doesn't. I can't complete the quest "trade wtih the vendor" if each time he changes the items he needs when I visit him. If that is fix then I can continue playing properly in this game.
The buttons are not working so good.. exit button is useless 🤣🤣.. and i don't know how to switch the weapons.. when i open the backpack, choose the weapon and the zombies beat me up to death.. i will give you 5 stars after you fix it
I thought it was a great game but, if you don't bye nothing you dont get anywhere in this game, also getting the supplies needed to even upgrade is damn near impossible, again if you dont bye you dont get no where, I'll never download this game again EVER!.!.!. If I could put half a star I would.
Great,but making clothes is pretty stupid.Please make a update we can make cloth crafting bench so it can be ok.And why is health not restoring when i'm at shelter.Overall good game.
I love the game concept, however things go missing in inventories, weapons can't be fixed or scraped just throw away your precious shotgun, a walk or a ride Somwhere can't be cancelled like I want to go to pine forest and I forgot my axe owel walk all the way there and all the way back no way to stop and go home. Map borders should atleast ask if you want to leave this area because loading screens take time, you can only destroy stuff not drop... And you can't pause the game why?
Ive played many survival games and this is the best in the modern zombie category. Challenging but not impossible to play. Allows creativity in construction too and clothes dont wear out too fast. A few suggestions though: 1. Fix the zombie death animation 2. Allow roof view on construction mode 3. Increase hemp quantity per map til we can get at least 16 in the whole area 4. Change Carbine image from M203 to M4. You show a grenade launcher.
Rated 5 star. this game always make my day. but am having trouble in the laboratory i think i got wasted not just once but seven time in raw thumbs up for making the game nice.
Super fun game but its annoying how when you get recources from an area and die that area is still not refreshed :/ great game 6 stars if it was possible Edit: This review ss from the premium game that is a great 99 cents game :D
A very good game with adventure and animated to look good I gave it a 4 star because when I was at a location I could go through the wall
Nice game I like the game and this game graphics is also nice I love this game but I am giving 4 star because the when I make some tools these takes most levels thank you
I got several issues regarding in your game that you should include in the next update. 1st, the energy system. Its so frustrating when your energy is depleted and you need to gather resources so you need to walk which takes a lot of time! My suggestion is whenever you lvl up your energy is restored by 20 or less. In that way we can travel faster and improve our base faster. 2nd, you should fix your "watch ad for free items". It doesnt show any ad!
Fun game until you get the improved furnace it will not work so you can make what you need to make guns
Just loaded the game. Would be nice if items had names w them, its a bit of a guessing game when it comes to combining cpl items to make a new item. Other than that pretty fun.
I love the graphics of this game there's so much to do and it's really fun and not hard at all but it is a little bit challenging but other than that the game is super fun and real easy.
needs some changes. it takes too long to pick up items. and the ability to obtain resources to make weapons without getting killed by attackers in the few levels is stupidly difficult. i play several other games that this one is copied off of. graphics are better but could still use some changes. and it would get more attention if it was a little different than all the others. the ability to have a 2 story house, or the ability to have bigger storage boxes would be nice... just something diff.
Love the game, but it would be nice to know where you can find materials like oak, etc. Instead of using energy just to find out it's not in that area. Plus the walking to areas is a little time extreme, shirten them by half and I'll play all day long :D
Every time i try to go to suburbs it freezes and kicks me out of game, need more locations since the same ones get boring real fast
Game is fun. Controls aren't the best. If you get attacked while looting it can be hard to fight back or run until done looting. Also, I've purchased about $10 worth of items, and haven't received anything. They sure took my money fast enough though. Will raise rating when my purchase issues are resolved. No support to contact that I can find either.
I love this game so much I literally like it takes only 4 minutes to restore one energy, not like the other games that is very slow.
Beware of other survivors coming constantly out of the blue when you are weak in the green zones. There is no opportunity to build yourself up once you have died once and lost everything. It's a good game right up until you die it then becomes frustrating and unenjoyable.
I've been playing now for over a week. Good game, few problems. Number one, it keeps telling me im on day one reward, wont advance me to collect day two and so on. Second, I spent money on weapons and repair kits, how ever if in a battle you depleate your ammo, your gun is gone. Not happy about that.
I play this game all the time. It's a little tough at the beginning, but it's awesome once you get the hang of it. The support staff has been stellar!! Every time I have a problem they point me in the right direction and make things up to me in the case of glitches or game errors. Buying things is worth it too. The things that help the most are definitely affordable. I can't wait for the map to get bigger so I can use the delta wing trike (hint hint!!) Great game!!
It is good game but few things which shows here like making Allies and friends and ridding other bases there no option for that you have to keep ridding over and over again that same few locations which gets boring kidding help if any one knows how to make friend and Allies
As survival games go, I think this is one of the better ones. Unfortunately, if you run it on BlueStacks there is a bug that drive me crazy. If you are using W,S,A,D keys to move around, it suddenly goes nuts and brings up a text box like you are entering a chat message. Not cool when you are running for your life against zombies! Also, there is no feature for submitting a support ticket from within the game. Were it not for this, I would rate it a 5.
I'll give it three stars because I'm been playing for like 5 days I'm level 41 I only spent $10 but I realize when you first play during the day if you need to go to a vendor or the adventurer to make a trade you have to go see what they want then run back get it and then run back to the vendor and then run back home and by that time you've been playing the game for about 10 minutes and you already have to get off the game and wait about 4 hours before your energy recharges that is ridiculous
I just loaded the game and I think I'm level 4 or 5... Got my last animal hide and BOOM! I'm killing a movie and my screen goes back to home screen. DOMT LET ME LOSE MY LOOT. Tried to jump back in and not loading. 4 or 5 stars if this works out.. ... Sweetdeath67
I like this game I really do I've been looking for a game like this please up the energy or take it away please having no energy to play and no ads to watch for energy is really lame this game would have 5 stars if I can just play freely
completely broken if you are looking for great survival game i swear not this one this game has no development no maintaince so many major and minor bug errors since last years ago they dont do anything also you cant connect with anything means if you lost you cant get back i just understood why many people and youtuber leave this game i just lost mine too as for me my disappointment is unmeasureable
It is a pay to play game. You need guns and you can't make them without buying parts. It is so hard for a beginner. I was at the easiest forest and went through 3 spiked clubs to try and get resources. It was all the weapons I had. They break way too fast. If I can't even compete at the easy ones how am I to advance to harder ones? Also the only gun I had i used up on a survivor who killed me with a crowbar. Seriously? A crowbar won over a gun?
The frankie zombie the help to search for box he doesnt search only run away to find zombie instead of searching plz fix
Not sure what happened, but this game has gone from great to trash. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. Ads for buying materials pop up as you are being attacked and you die (losing everything).
I really like the game but it's rather expensive to buy items, I little bit cheaper would encourage me to spend a little more. I had to start from the beginning twice as my first go, my guy got stuck firing a gun in the beginning bunker and I had to restart the game. I had my beginners pack and had stored it so I had space to gather more bits so all of that was lost. super annoying. It's happened a few times, he just gets stuck firing his gun!
There is no option to save our game when we delete and install again we have to start from first. So this is only promblem that i have faced so fix it.
Starting out waking from cryogenic sleep is a great way to start this game. But at the foot of that cryo tube should be a storage box with a glock 117 pistol, the shotgun, a carbon steel fire ax & pickax that NEVER wears out, a 10 space backpack that contains 7 cans of food and 7 canteens of water along with all the militarily stuff you try to sell to plays when they strat the game. You developers can afford to be that generous since it could generate more sales.
The game is too like unethical you get thirsty to quick and hungry even quicker then that please fix that and it still can be a survival game as well but the hungry and thirsty thing is unreal 😔🥺 but in all it's still a decent time waster average game
I like spending $ on good games like this BUT I can't because each pack you buy gives a "possibility" of what you can get. I have to know what I'm buying. Add packs without "possible" items and I'll spend my $. I will give 5* if the shop changes ;)
This game is really cool. I love how easy it is to get killed. It makes it a little more realistic. In most games you can just go through the game wiping everything out so easy it ruins the game. I appreciate a challenge, and love how you can build things as well.
I have been playing this for a day now and so far have found out it is a pay to win game , they do not give you enough hit power life or water to do anything really , i have tried many different ways of doing it including , not even trying to fight the zombies , but when the game sees that they send in a "surviver" who is faster and stronger , so unless you plan on paying and paying and paying , then dont bother. Z SHELTER SURVIVAL. Repost : there are a few more things that needs changed.
The game don't even open on my device I m a fan of survival games and all of this is the worst experience I have got plz don't download it unless you want to waste ur mobile data.
do you call this durability? i fired five shots with a rifle i got at the start of the game, and it broke.survivor gets hungry too fast. I still gave 3 stars because of the graphics
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS! I've gotten so much ads of games saying the game play experience is like this but it never was, until I downloaded this it fiannaly came. You have made such a master piece, I wish you and your team the best of luck creating more fun updates. I have 1 thing, can you add a quest where you can find a pet dog?. You can add like purchasing dog food for your dogs energy for a income, if you want. Have a great day, goodbye!
I love game its fun and realistic but I wish you could make the controls and buttons more compatible with joysticks I would appreciate it if read my inquiry I love game though
I have 1 major problem with this game. I've played many of these types of games and a weapon would last through at least 2 territories. In this game it doesn't last at all through 1 territory. The tools dont last very long either. Come on. I know you can fix that. Make them last longer please!!
It took 2 days and £2.00 to get sick of this,once the initial free weapons and armour run out it's hard to get the stuff needed to make anything but a spear also energy runs out real quick and the game only gives a few ads to travel before you have to walk or pay,shelter is destroyed daily by a horde,nothing you can do to stop it,note to design team,games are played for fun,this is not fun at all,don't waste your time on this,all of these games have the same flaws,DOZ, Last day on earth etc
Controls don't work. Cannot exit out of game without resetting tablet. Game does not save progress, even signed in to google games. Very disappointing.
Very good game I love it to the core, first game i have ever played that they won't suck your blood for money, , and please game developers , will the map become bigger ? Is it going on ? Or this is it ? I am waiting for more tasks and map getting bigger , I recommend this game l, it is a fair and quite good game.
I like the game , but too many glitches . For example ,When i use (Auto button) went to Raiders camp, He automatically pressed the Person inside the Tent . When i click the Close console i can't close it, so i ended to close the game and reopen. Example 2. And more Options they lacking like(Change Name) . Additional Opinion . Can you minimize the usage of energy? It's boring when you wait until to full the energy. Or add more energy like 150 or increase to 200 . It's my opinion only.
Great play, At first. I wanted to see if the game would continue to be playable and fun without spending a dime. It's not looking good for me and my wallet. When the zombies or other survivers get you. And you lose all your sh..stuff. standing there, Zero balanced, in nothing but your under shorts... Spending some $$ to armor up and bring the heat begins to seem like the only logical thing to do... Right?
This game took half the items i spent real money on and just made them dissapear. Not happy , like i literally didnt even open them out of my inbox
honestly I dont know how to feel about this, I stopped playing about 2 years ago and came only to have my entire progress lost. But I like that there is story mode now... made it a lot more engaging than before
beautiful graphics but glitchy and to be completely honest the quests just make the gameplay so boring...grim soul is much more to my liking
Just a few things you need to know if you want to play for long term. First, item purchase isn't instantly receive in your mail box even though payment was acknowledged. Second, do not craft motorbike as the game has already given one. You will waste your time, money and resources to build another one. Third, build level 2 floor to place nail machine as they will not tell you level 2 floor required. Four, do not purchase repair kit. It only used once. One star I give.
This game is so cool and this is very easy there is a free gun if your a starer on this game and there is a free suit too i like this so much
Ok I could not find out how to edit my post.. Anyway, I played further and when I build I can never see what I'm doing because of the camera angle! Plz fiz it so we can move the camera!!! Otherwise it's an amazing game❤️
I've played many survival games and there are a few issues I have with this one, rewards for quests are at times not given, bodies disappear when trying to reclaim after death, emailing for help gets nowhere to resolve anything, items like guns, saws, etc have hardly any lasting ability, and more... why is it the makers and maintainers have things this way???
This is the best zombie game I had ever played. The zombies are not so strong and we can easily find a lot of weapons also
Pretty good, I have been enjoying it, but how do I use the improved melting plant? Even with charcoal it won't fire up. Even people on the forums don't know. Please help. Thanks.
Pay to play. Energy is gone for just one movement from and to a place, and you have to wait next day or pay of course.
The game is awesome i have constantly been updating and it just keeps getting better but i would prefer an offline mode
This game is one of the best zombie games I have ever played I like it so much everything is good about this game but can you update the game to be unlimited daily rewards and always add in better weapons that you can make
great game . This is best then last day on earth. I like the zombie pet. and lts graphic. It is the best game in zombie survival game. I love it.😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
You lose everything that you are carrying unless, of course, you pay real world money. This is coupled with bad controls where you can stop moving and attempt to attack but if there isn't a sufficient pause in between, you don't attack until you lift your finger and hit attack again... This same dynamic applies to eating. The choppiness of the controls coupled with real money resurrection, is a sign of a shady developer.
The game is about money you have to pay to survive I just wish the developer give some extraa guns and tool so we don't need to pay again and again I would have given 5 star if the developer do this favour about tool and gifts and weopens
The Improved version. I enjoy this game it is not greedy compared to other zombie survival I tryed them all and I enjoy this one. I play for free and still make progress they give free weapons also supplies shotguns at start until you can manage on your own. The loot on box are helpful you get guns and important supplies.Since I am free to play I dont mind the adds well compared to other games rewards here are good for just watching adds. Try this game hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Fun Game
I've been playing for 3 years and I think the dev dont care anymore to keep this game alive once u reach the limit and that's it..i'm level 300 already and I know thres other player had higher level than this but still the map is not open yet it just getting boring..I hope developer take a good look in their review from their customer, I even paid few dollar and im glad I didnt spend too much
So, I like the gameplay and all that, the only thing is, when you die and have respawn back at your base, if you don't have backups of absolutely EVERYTHING, you can't get your stuff back or go out all without getting killed again and again. Also the plants and rocks take FOREVER to respawn, I like the dynamic that you can build on the go, but if you don't have any materials, you're screwed. And I just started playing yesterday, why has it already annihilated me? Please give us some other ways.
Love the game play. Little tedious at times. There should be other interactive CP's( computer players). Just to give you more moral on your journey.
Great game. Little more content. Maybe some guild based raid dungeons. Something new like multi level homes. (Yes other games have it just sayin) weapon mods. Tameables be cool. Love the detailed weapons and gear. Maybe we can tame something undead?Use them as home defense just wandering around.Cut off hands and lower jaw.Add armor and hook arms.Can't get infected but boom they hurt. Maybe add infection..need to get special treatment as a quest for a supplier. Random thoughts.On a rate post lol
Stopped playing this game a year ago... Logged on today and nothing has changed for the better... New display is terrible with it's new tiny icons. Buttons are placed wrong. No new content.. Just a lot of remodeling in the old tired zones. Loot is still trash. Weapons are less effective with low disappointing durability. I thought you guys would have gotten your s__t together by now with all the new survival apps on the market... Oh well... I guess I'll stick with fun Westland Survival.