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Little Pets Animal Guardians

Little Pets Animal Guardians for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Xisle Games located at Xisle Games, Door 44, Log Cabin 10B, Dunston Business Village Dunston Business Village Stafford United Kingdom ST18 9AB. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
the Graphics itself is top notch for a free to play game but the movements are too slow and no other stuff to do but collecting gems.
Fun game! But the controls are just a little iffy so 4 1/2 STARS! Okay, so, I just saw it and, MEDICAL SIMULATION GAME!? Hahahaha. Anyways, just get this game and try it out, everyone!
It was fun at first but then your just walking around collecting Jem's and pets not that fun and just to walk around as the animal takes a lot of the Jem's you collect
I absolutely LOVE this game! im currently on the Jungle and only downloaded it that same day I unlocked it! im so addicted!! there is one thing, when ever I get the g multiplier it dosnt do anything. but other then that I highly recommend!!!!!
This app is great... Uget a puppy and gems u tap animals unlock stuff on all of them if unlock them all... U GET TO USE THEM WALKING AROUND i used the kitty then the heart puppy when i unlocked full thing fir first tine it wa son duck and thats when i figured it out its really nice and i recemond little kids or any one who likes kids games get this its very child friendly also no online things neither! Hope u all enjoy the app!!
Its amazing! The animals are super cute and super fun to train!! I love the dragons pets to they look so cool! 5 stars!
I love it it's really good and I love how the dragon only appears after you tame all the others! It give a good sense of goal!
i love this game! but i dont like how some of the animals look weird. im not trying to offend you but little kids play this game and my personal oppinion is that you change some of th animals i hope you get this and change tjem i will really aprecate that thank youπŸ™‚πŸ˜ΊπŸ‘§
I love this app!! I fully trained all of the anamails even the anamaill gaudein. And guss were i am now im at the... ice fortress! I trained all of theam to! also the anamaill gaurdan. But im still colecting geams to get to the neaxt leavel. I had 311 geams to get to the ice fortress. You need 300 hundred gems to talaport to that. Plus im a kid playing the app i love it! You peapoll ITS NOT BORING!!!!!!! If your a boy you whould think its boring! And its a girls game so you hate it.
I really like the classy picture graphic and the clever and creative idea of animals that go around collecting diamonds and having potion to make them run. I also like the animals and how they transform into the animals they train! Thankyou
Omg this game is so fun I love this game I've been playing this sence I was 7 I'm 20 now please make more like this
I love your game so much! Thank you for coming up with such a wonderful game! This game is so adorable, and so are the animals! I just have one request, could you please make it were you can give yourself a nickname please? To everybody reading my review: DOWNLOAD THIS GAME, YOU WON'T REGRET IT I PROMISE!
It is a good game throw it is not the best but I do like it but it is boring and it is not very fun but that is just my apinyan
I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED! I just logged in to the ice fortress and tapped on a sheep to find it locked! I literally got all the animals MONTHS AGO! Please fix this I am trying to get the desert wasteland!
Fun but gets boring after awhile but still a great kids game or a game to relax and wind down fun for all animal lover's alike and for all ages. One thing i do like is that u can use the animals u already have and find more gims to help u get more animal in order to get the guardian animal witch makes it easier and more fun. Over all i like the game its really fun and relaxing would recommend to any animal lover no matter what the age or even a non animal lover would like this game. Thanks alot
It is a cute game love the music but the grafics can be better the cat, dog, fox and dragon have the best grafics
I love this app its soo fun to for me to collect all the pets it's just soo amazing and it's not boring it's fun and that's all thx for reading if you were
Really boring app overall. All you do is go around collecting gems and that's it. There are way better games out there don't waste your time on this one.
Would be nice to have the option to have a different type of controls. Current control mechanics are difficult to manage.
It cool!But you should make the models a little cuter (some of them) but the rest of it is just awesome!
I've become addicted to it and it took only one day it's so fun and it really easy to get gems it is super duper fun
it's so fun and relaxing that I could not stop playing when I downloaded it. I definitely recommend this game to anyone who has a lot of time on their hands, other than that just a great game!
Honestly I totally recommend this game the reason I don't give it five stars though is it kind of boring after you play it for a few weeks but still I suggest it
The reason I gave it one star is because you need to put more places because I had the game for eight weeks and I have all of the places and they get so boring.
This game is awsome the controls are a little wonky but the animals are cool and i hope this game becomes an amazing game!!!
Omg this game is the best game ever I wish this game was created when I was only 2 years old now I love dogs and eney type of Animal but bears so I love this game I love that you get to go to different byomes and I love that their is so many different Animals BEST GAME EVER. I love wolfs and dogs.
I guess it was fine. But moving around is hard. But I did just start this game. I might rereview if I can later
I love this game it's absolutely adorable and the dragons that come once you tame all the other animals are adorable and fun to play as and I love their funny expressions O3O :P
What I like most about this game os that its something that helps my anxiety when it triggers. The controls are good. The graphics are amazing this game is just overall amazing.
It's a really good game but one time I had the last island I closed my phone and when I opened the game it was back at the beginning
This game is very boring all you do is collect gems and walk around. Touch other animals and feed them that's all we do that is why I rated this game with 1 * it may look cute but it is not it is very boring! Trust me I am a kid saying this to.!!!
This game is awesome! but, the one problem is that rare animals run at the very second you turn your back.
I like this game a lot! And the animals are really cute. I like how you can change your character or animal also. I recommend this game!
It's agood and family friendly game! It's also a good work! But I'm really sad because it disappeared so i thought i could just reinstall it but it would not install, but thats not your fault! Good game! And i am a girl and 9, highly recommended! You don't only colect gems and wslk around, you do way more than that! It's also idicting and it's hard to get bored playing it! I love this game!
I have big issue, after hours of collecting gems and getting adorble and cool dragons i cant go online! Plase tell me how to fix this problem bc without the problem this app is GREAT! keep it up guys XD
Fun if you love animals or, relaxing as well. Diamonds are easy to get especially with the daily gift.
Great game! I'm enjoying it loadssss! πŸ•πŸ–€β€ I've been playing it for AGES, it's that fun! Great game! Thanks. And... I'm gonna go play it now. C'ya!
Good, but I want new levels with new animals, because it's a little bit boring if you got all of the animals.
It's a very cool game I would like a little bit more updates but it's going to be pretty cool if there's a little bit more updates
This is sad I didn't fine the dragon BC it came to me! Why can't u fins the dragon why do it find u first BC its an robot in a dragon suit
Its so fun i loved the charecters and the thing were you can tap to explore.and how to get more then the 1 charecter is by greeting and unlocking futures.by the way this is not chris its his daughter.
its good but can you make the controls like one of them are like how you move? instead press where u wanna go just use joystick?
I love this game and if you noticed I've been making videos but still this game is noticed I've been making videos but still this game is at the best give it this a like and also this is probably going to be the best game you ever find I mean you can rescue other animals and you can even get baby dragons so make a post and make it safe that you like this also also I love this game so if you find this game Janet you can technically you can technically not stop yourself from getting it it's litera.
This game is really relaxing, but it gets really boring sometimes, but it's still fun to play!!!πŸ’•πŸ˜Œ
i love it, the only thing i would change is thet the animals would be faster. other than that, this is an excellent game!
Its amazing get this app! The animals are so cute and the dragons too! Get it now for free or never get it and miss out on the fun! So get it right now for free and see how the journey countines
DEVOLEPER!. you better listen to this comment! The reason I gave it foar stars is because you have to watch ads to get you're daily gifts???!!! And the ads don't work. And you can't get you're daily gift!!! That's frustrating! I mean COME ON! JUST NAKE IT WHERE YOU CAN GET YOU'RE PRESENT WITHOUT HAVTING TO WATCH THE STUPID AD!!!
Its amazing get this app! The animals are so cute and the dragons too! Get it now for free or never get it and miss out on the fun! So get it right now for free and see how the journey countines update: umm yeah so fun... can you add new things? Maybe add a online thing and mini games? Ty EEEK I GOT LE DRAGON! :D
hi think this game is awesome but I like Littlest pet shops/LPS and when I saw this I thought it was a Littlest pet shop game because of the picture and ideas reading the name and I thought it said littlest pet shop but it didn't it said Little pets animal guardians but I love this game I just started playing it and I already have the first dragon and I can't wait till i get the black,blue dragon because it reminds me of toothless if u don't know who he is he is a night fury dragon,he's all black
So fun addictive really good graphics but slow please maybe add a storyline maybe for more purpose of collecting animals but other than that it's super fun and all the animals are so CUTE