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Little Monster Jump

Little Monster Jump for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Master Li. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I actually only played this for 20 seco ds and immediately uninstalled it. While your playing its so laggy!!! And it's very hard. You have to hold your finger to the screen for it to jump and if you just tap it you die. It's very annoying. I did this for a website and I just didn't enjoy doing this or playing this game. I suggest not to download this, waste of time.
The game is pretty bad. There's idle gold making that doesn't even make sense to me I can buy something for coins and I don't know what it does. The first stage is pretty boring and annoying. I have to wait after every attempt, it interrupts gameplay with packages that make me wait while I could jump aka play the game. Even with no internet it shows fake ghosts and their score. Even though the initial character is cute and blocks have different models which look nice, UI is all over the place.
Messy interface. Not user friendly. Gameplay completely non intuitive and confusing. Game itself is not fun at all. Laggy. Watching ads for rewards does not work. Ads all over the place. I applaud you for trying and actually making a game but its bad.
Very glitchy. Point two the stage game is so annoying, it's very inconsistent, if it lags its certain death. Also in the stage mini game you can't watch ads to revive yet there's a glitch out add but every time I die.
It's super fun! But when I compete with others it glitches so much that I can't even see what is going on and I lose right away. But everything else is amazing! Especially the characters! 😚
This game is so frustrating. You're either too short of the platform, or too far. No matter how little or long I touch the screen it's not right. It doesn't help that the tutorial level only gives you one life before asking you to watch an ad, or sending you to the main screen. After you fail a handful of times the game just freezes up entirely.
Programming is horrid. The ads pop up at horrible times and suddenly 5 different programs open on my phone. Watching ads for rewards never actually grants the rewards. The amount you get from the monsters fluctuates randomly. I can turn off the game and get 1b gold, change nothing, turn the game off for more time than before and get significantly less. The platforms in the jump stages only lower half the time, the other half they are static and I can't tell how much power I'm building up to jump
This game had a lot of ads and lagged a lot when I installed it. Even when I tried to watch an ad to continue my progress it just played the ad and still said I lost. Wouldn't recommend
its pretty fun. im on hroebook so i ant give the most acurate rating, but my only problem so far has been the way the screen looks on chromebook. its streatched and you cant see everyhing you need to
This game really grinds my gears. If you hold the screen for less than 3 seconds, you don't reach the platform, but if you hold it for even the slightest bit over 3 seconds you completely fly over the platform. There's absolutely no possible way to win! But hey, at least the characters are cute right.
thanks for breaking my phone, having my homescreen reset, and having to deal with the virus that happens when i restart my phone again.
Anyone downloading this to get to level 23: Don't. It'll take you a loooooooong time. I gave up 1 hour in at level 12. Also the game is pretty boring.
Too laggy I couldn't even make one jump it took me days. This game isn't worth it don't install it. Worst game I have ever played it's just too laggy you can't play it. I was only doing it for a reward but I just had to uninstall the game!
Tryin' to get money for another game with this app. The characters are cute and all though this app is also pretty annoying. It looks like an app a second grader would make.
its a really fun game the only complaint i haveis sometimes whenyou are in a roundit will launch you and imnottouching the screen at all so thats why im given 4 stars instead of 5 fix it and ill give it 5
It was so laggy, even if you touch the floor you still keep going in the game. The graphics are horrible, everything is so SLOW! The round never moves on.
Sketchy and terrible. Game starts by asking for location... unnecessary. Then you deal with this horrific control and at any point you can get shot across the map. Needs a ton of work
I downloaded this game only to make level 23 to get a reward but I ended up loving it. It really brings a smile to my face and I feel more positive and energetic. I have depression issues but this silly little game really cheers me up and makes me want to get out and do things. Really a magic cure. Recommended.
Im addicted to this.. i play as soon as i download this.. But one thing i dislike is tht i already turn off the sound n music but its still vibrate.. I really hate vibrate when playing any games.. I hope u fixed it.. Also why its easy to get 'no ads available' sucha turn off lol
The little minigame is hard I never beated it bc its either I suck or its too hard and some other people agree too so please fix this please and another it kinda gets boring!
Decent waste of my time. Cant think of anything wrong with it. This is my second time playing it. Kinda boring but it's kinda difficult which makes it interesting (at least to me)
For now im giving this app 4 stars because i didnt have any problem with it. Its fun to play..i downloaded this and completed level 25 for the litecoin reward which im supposed to get for doing it..its not yet credited and i dont know when i will get the promised litecoin. Free litecoin should also check on my support request. For now, i just have to wait for the email they will send me.........
I only downloaded this game to get coins for amino. It takes forever to level up and gets more expensive as you go. Big waist of time and the games don't do anything, plus they are quite hard to actually finish levels. Glitches alot, would not recommend
Keeps glitching when i press a little, takes too long to reload,wont stop asking for location. Do not download everything about it is terrible.
I enjoy playing. It's just the right amount of a challenge to be fun and make you really estimate how long you need to hold down for. Something I would like to report is that sometimes at the beginning of a stage when I hold down to jump, the particles wont appear, and when I let go, I get flung way over the first platform. I'm not sure if this is an intentional game mechanic or a bug. If it's intentional; Why? If it's a bug; Please fix when/if you get the chance to. Other than that, good game.
Id be surprised if anyone would actually enjoy playing this game, all 5 star reviews are either botted, from the own creator or from 5 year olds.