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Little Misfortune Demo

Little Misfortune Demo for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Killmonday Games located at Killmonday Games Emausvägen 15 776 34 Hedemora. The game is suitable for Rated for 16+ (Strong Language, Drugs) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

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You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game was fun but the game will Lag and crash if you go to some places in the game, I'm playing on tablet so that's probably the problem but till then please fix this problem
Please make this game out as soon as possible! I love the little misfortune, she adorable. I love the plot line and it actually talk about children these days especially from a broken family. Mr. Voice is the perfect example, our inner demons voice that we hv to deal every single day. The reason y I gv 4 star it because the screen will be black and need to restart a few time and some of them can't be press. Not only that, I can't hear the music intro.I know demo game, but I hope ur guys fix it.
Yes it is worth the storage even though it is only a demo I'm very happy!,and I think most people are too because of the full game having a cost.Even though I still have no experience with the full game I'd say I think that it would be 10x better since this is not even half way through completing it.
I love this game but it takes a while to download but... it was worth it! And i love little misfortune shes soooo cute :3 and also can u make the full game free? So u can have more downloads just trying to help :3
Wonderful little game, enjoyed it very much, eagerly awaiting full version. I did have the same problem as others did with the diary, it would skip pages and I couldn't interact with one of the pages. So happy with it though I cannot wait to see what adventures await. I hope that this is not like other demos where we have to wait years before the full version
I love it. I like how it is a little girl how ever she is bright and buble. In my oner it its the best game you can play that is a mix of creep and not. Sorry it is so sort i was on the bus and it dident let me to use the voice thing but if i did it will be longer
the demo is nice but i want the whole game because this seems like a great game to play i saw Coryxkenshion playing it and it was the demo then i played it it's not enough its awsome to play all the time but you can't because its not all done i am starting to dislike the game(might delete the game very soon) so hopefully the creater will finish the game thanks for reading(i dont even know who is reading lol) bye have a great day/night
This is a good game but the reason i gave it 4 stars is because whenever i cross the road when the vid or i don't know when i finish it always teleport misfortune to the road again and AGAIN!! Hope you understand what I just said
I really like this game but its really short and also when i try to sprinkle the objects nothing happeneds and i wish it would be th full game because then it would be more fun and the money is not worth for the next little bit of the game like seriously.
When I began to see the enterece of the game it froze on the loading page.when I saw bijju Mike's video on it I was like this game is super cool i would like to play it I only did for couple seconds but then froze then kicked me out I'm not sure if it's my phone or not but if it isn't then please fix that
This game is kinda fun. But the thing is it really doesn't go that far so that makes me give it 4 stars. I know you put the full thing but it says that the game is not for my Phone. Which i really do not get. But yeah other else this game is not bad it self ;)
Its a great game but you might be wondering why im giving 4 stars well its.... Very sad and creepy... :/ but its really good just needs work ok
I downloaded this because I didn't wanted to pay and it ended up short it was the worst,also it's demo maybe that's why but anyways it's sooo short but it's good little bit soooooo ya please change it,it's so short
I love it!! The graphics are great! But it did take a while to download but its worth it! I feel bad for Little Mrs. Fortune... I dont really have money for the full game but the demo is really nice<3
It's super fun!!! You make Misfortune such a loveable and adorable character! The art is also outstanding. I love how the cutscene in the beginning of the game shows the body less heads with the long hair, and one of the pinecone guys, those were really neat FranBow references. <3 I do wish the demo was longer, but I'll be sure to get the game when it comes out! I don't know what else to say besides I love what this game is turning out to be, and I'm really exited for whatever is to come!
It's a great game because I played it it's really cool and I really wanted to be like her so I got the same kind of stuff and clothes it was like cosplay:)❤❤❤
I love this game I will say it better on computer but this is amazing it is worth spending the money and time
Giving 4 stars just because it's the demo version and not the full game. I really liked this game. Even though it was very short obviously, it got tedious by how slow she moves. I know she can run, but then you may miss the 'eyes' in the game where you check stuff out. I also think if there was an option to skip the convos, that'd be great. I found myself tapping the screen to move the convo along out of habit. Great game so far. Looking forward to the full game release to play it's entirety!👍
The demo game is good but the downward is,this game doesn't let screen recorder apps to record it's audio. Can the developers let the audio of this game be recordable?
I love the graphics, the music, the whole concept it's wonderful. Unfortunately I did experience some technical issues, I couldn't interact with one of the diary's pages and couldn't walk past the carpet bump because it froze. I know you guys are working hard to make the game, hope you can debug the demo so that we can play it fully.
I really love the whole Aesthetic of it. And the innocent view from a child's perspective towards all these dark topics makes it very unsettling to an adult player. Really gives you chills! Will the whole game will be released on mobile as well or only PC? (My PC crashed recently, so I would love to play the whole game on mobile if possible). And is there any planned release-date already? (Sorry, I hope I don't sound too impatient! I really appreciate all the work you all put into this game).
I downloaded it a little while ago and I really enjoyed it. As a demo it does a good job of immersing you in the uneasy atmosphere that will come when the full game comes out. I just wish it was a bit longer but I understand the idea of just allowing the player to get a small taste of what's to come. The controls were overall good on my tablet but the only small issue I had was near the beginning cut scene when it stuck a little. My tablet is an android. Might be a file size problem. Thanks!👍🏻
I took about 20 min to download but I love it over all the graphics are amazing and i love all of the characters and litte easter eggs!!!
Such an adorable game. Its messed up super interesting and just really good but I just hate that its soooo short. I would buy the whole thing but from the reviews i read and the low rating of the full version. I wouldnt dare pay 8 bucks for a game with 3 stars that wayyyy to high of a price
Best app ever. Im kinda sad that the full game costs money and the demo is just a fraction of the game. I really don't want her do diee >:^ Im just going to randomly assume that mr.voice is a bad guy and misfortune shouldn't trust him. Especially because he's saying she dies today ?? Anyway--please download, its the best and if you aren't broke like me get the full game, it might be 10×more fun!!!
Honestly really cute and fun, I love stoney the stone, from one of the reviews that said "she crossed the road and *bam* that's it" I was expecting her to get hit by a car so I was really scared! I wish it was longer
I absolutely love this game. Sadly, I am broke and cant but the actual game. I wish that it could show you a little more of the game.
It is an awesome game I am greedily waiting for the game I really loved the demo you are enthusiastic man what a wonderful story I am very suprised by the game please create the game fast I will shout out for it 😊😊
The real one is 8.99 and it works good but if i move around than she will get a little flash back of her getting hit by a rock before game starts and thats weird
I bought the full version but I have yet to finish the game because it's so laggy. I only make it to the hallway and it freezes. There's no new updates which is disappointing because when you pay money for the game you hope that there's updates.
I love this point click adventure. Its very unforunate that you can no longer purchess the full game. Ive been trying to find it again for gaming systems and even tried phone app game but all I can find is the demo. It leaves me wanting so much more than just a demo. Once you play you will really fall in love with misfortune.
I have seen people play this and I think it is fun to them so I will try it out. The only thing why I gave it a 4 star rating is because it takes soooo much apps to delete and I had to get rid of the apps that I loved
It was a really fun to play and her story is kinda sad but i love it!I think the only thing is that it is a demo so its really short but other than that its actually really cool
It was very cute but good thing I didnt play the whole game because she would die but the demo was so cute
I dont like this hame when you get a choice it wont let you click it which is bad because now it wont let me leave the room bue and fix this (ps im one the phone you might be like just go on the computer or somthing like that well I cant the one upstairs is for shoping and work things one the small chrome book is for Epic a reading site or learning and zoom stuff like that make it usible for the phone plz and thank you.
This is my experience with the game. Open app, Wait about 2 mins, See creepy glitch that messed up my device, See small leaf in corner of screen Game exists itself. Would give O stars if possible
I love the voice of misfortune because it's soo cute and funny and stuff like that except the language but I like misfortune and benji and the art is a master peace and everything like 100% perfect yea like omg that's the horror and cute at the same time for real
Wow! This is amazing I just wish there was more, quite short but pretty good! Just maybe make the actual game 5.99? Its still amazing you rock!
This Game is amazing The Demo is like a sneak-peak to the full game I Highly recommend Installing The Full Game,I Got Very Sad When I Found Out that there is no Little misfortune 2 But The Game Is Still Good.
It was really hard to download and I had to delete most of my apps fust for this and it took days to download!!! And the game play I thought that if the demo was gonna be good I can forgive about the download stuff but the game not really what i expected the art and visuals are very good but the game play it kept kicking me out and freezing so do not download
the graphics are very beautiful, you can get an idea of how the game really is. it took a while to finish the download but it was worth it.
I really heard this is a good game, but this is 1 year ago and its still demo, Alot of youtubers play this game (full version) But why is it still demo?
Love the game, super disappointing that the demo is available in my country however the full game is not, was really enjoying it, only to find out that even though I am willing to pay for the full version, I can't
It's not downloading and it probably won't be able to download on a mobile device like mine that's why I'm giving it only one star ✴️ I like to try it out but I guess I can't because it won't download! If you have a mobile device don't try and download this app! I just wanted to try out this app because I thought it is cool because it's on YouTube and I like to see what it's like to play this
The game is good but is sooooo glacier cannot play the game it doesn't work I don't know what's the problem everytime I do I fix it it just warst everytime I don't know why is just a block I don't know what is
I saw PewDiePie play it it looks fun so I downloaded the demo and people do not complain of it being short it is a demo not the full game buy the full game if you want ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ keep up the good work creators
It's a demo people! i see so many reviews mad about the fact that they couldn't play the whole game but it clearly says demo in the title, the full game isn't out yet! Also about the dark there's of the game, that's kind of killmonday games signature, the cutesy artstyle and characters contrasting with the dark themes is what makes it great! But yes, you probably shouldn't let young kids play it but that's not their demographic. It says right there that it's for ages 12+ so don't fault them!
dear developer, i just can't describe in words regarding how much i love this game. it's beyond perfect! the storyline is amazing. it brings me back to my childhood days. I've played fran bow as well, both are just awesome. please please release the full version soon. I'm dying to play it. And regarding rating, I'd say, even infinite stars would be too little for this magnificent work. This is absolute perfection, this is brilliance. what an amazing story! thank you so much for creating this game
I loved it! Could you pls make another part! It was so similar to the game as if it was the real one! Except it was quite short but that fine☺️
It was a really great app at first. I was really enjoying it. I so happened to miss the thing that said demo,And so when I walked away it played a cool theme song. I thought it was just the beggining. But then,It said " THANK YOU FOR PLAYING LITTLE MRS. FORTUNE DEMO!" HOPE YOU ENJOYED IT!" When it gave me options,I pressed continue. Then that whole process reastarted. It really bigged me it ended right there on a cliff hanger.It made me upset but at the same time excited for the full game.
Watched a playthrough and the video was superbly funny, yet dark at times. A very rewarding experience to say the least! Excellent game. 👍🏻😄
I dont really like this much it is not a long thing its really short i would not want to pay the price of 9 dollars for the demo it took me 30 seconds to finish this i would want the price for the real game to be like 5 dollars i would pay that
I love this game! Its absolutely adorable and amazing! The quality is so amazingly good. And the voices fits the characters in the game! But when you soon go into the game, its a bit laggy, but when you actually play the game their is no lag what's so ever. I love how you can interact with things. Also, the art is amazing! I wish their was an another app like this but had the full game, but I know its a demo. Other people do not like this app, but its a demo. Little Misfortune is the best!
Love the demo! Can't wait for the release, but I understand the technical difficulties, and I know it can take a while to make great games like these! Kill Monday is amazing! I'm sure the full version will be just as enthralling as the Fran Bow franchise. (Which I also definitely reccomend! Worth every penny :3)
Its a really good game even if its a demo shes so flipping cute 5 stars for how cute she is oh and for the graphics
Okay so I thought this game was going to be a little bit longer like half of the game maybe but no it was just a freaking beginning and it's cute yes but I want to finish at least half of it so maybe they could add more and then we can actually experience half of it for I will solves and maybe download the actual thing but it gives us like the freaking beginning and it made me angry because it took me like 2 seconds to finish and I got really 😡😡😡😡 you need to add more please
I really enjoyed this demo. Controls are a tad odd (why do I have to hit and hold a button? why do i have to double tap and hold to walk?) also the little girls voice is kind of annoying... despite the criticisms this game is very good. the narrayers voice is nice, the graphics are amazing, the story was actually interesting... when can i play the whole game?
I didnt know Little Misfortune would be on mobile! The game looks really cool and works well mostly on mobile. The parts where you make choices still have the X and B buttons to press, so it should be changed to suit mobile version. When flipping through Misfortune's diary, tapping right on the diary skips a page for me and the book jumps two pages, so I often had to tap back to read the page i missed. Otherwise, amazing demo. I am so excited to see what's in store for Little Misfortune!!
Oh my God this was so fun she is so cute but it's so sad at the same time it was awesome though thanks for the demo
Please, oh please, we need more of this entertainment genius. The creepy but cute art work and in depth story and adventure. I've had to play Fran Bow over and and over again to get any kind of enjoyment from today's point and click games. That series is an absolute masterpiece and I can already tell Little Misfortune will hit similar but also new notes. We need more!
Before The Speed Bump In The Hallway The Game Freezes Or It Apears So Since Tapping & Holding Doesn't Move Her No More. Right When It Tells You To Double Tap & Hold To Walk➡ Which I Would Think Would Make Her Run As Tap & Hold Made Her Walk/Run Fine In Her Bedroom Other Than That I Truely Loved Everything! From Art To OST To Voice Acting To Story💯! Hope To Dance The Dance Forever Soon! 🌈🦊💙 Cause It's So Darn Kawaii We Still Gave It 4💮 Hope It Was Fixed. Might Of Just Been My Phone So 5💮!
Just as good as the pc version, everything translates over perfectly and the touch controls are good, I would like to not have to touch the very edge of the screen to move, just anywhere in the direction you want to go would be nice but that's just personal preference. The only error I had was no audio on the cutscenes, other than that it all worked great
Best 20 minute of my life! The character & voice is so cute! The game run smoothly in my smartphone but there is 1 bug, the song don't play when the story(I don't khow what it called) kick in. I really want to khow more about the story so I'll buy it later on steam or you guys can put full version on smartphone? Thank You killmonday for making great story-game again! 11/10
Ok, lets be honest here this game is cool but the fact is u cant die in this game, it could be a bit better if there was a timer when u break the vase or have to choose an option, but this game is still cool anyways!
Dont get me wrong I love this app as soon as I saw youtubers play it I imedently searched it up the only problem is that I'm on a phone and as soon as I get to the kitchen it's really hard to move misfortune like I cant move her at all if you fix it my rating will be 5 stars but not right now so please fix it I was really hoping that this game would be fab but if that was fixed I would be hella happy great game though please fix it please I beg you I really want to play it but it's a great game
I love this game but i couldn't play it im rating this 5 star because the concept of the game is actually really good but like i said i couldn't play it, it was stuck on a black screen, i could watch the cutscene but after that i could only here the voices of the characters. Please fix this, And thank you it's a first for me to like a game so much to even do research on it. Im excited for you to release the full version. Thank you
It's a great game because I played it it's really cool and I went shopping for clothes and I found everything:)❤
After knowing the demo was short I looked endlessly for the official version. Little Misfortune was much more interesting and better than I ever expected. I really want to find out more of this cute little horror story.
Best game ever! I really love killmonday games because they are so interactive! The twist at the end is really cool!
I like this game but Its just a demo I can't even get the real game I want everything to be free when I did it I crossed the road then when I made it to the forest there was a ending and that's it...:(
It's not that bad. But it's not that good either. The demo contains too many cutscene and the control is not giving you so much freedom like FranBow.
Well I think the game is great but it needs a update because yk Christmas is coming up and well that means it's almost been 2 damn years which isn't your fault I understand that making games can be very difficult especially in times like we are in today with Corona but you know just do what you can someone like me will understand.
Very good good game but it's too short I wish they couldve made it at least more longer for entertainment but other than that it's a good game
This game is so good when I try to sprinkle the objects it doesn't work I wish this was the full version it would be more fun if the full version is free and it isn't can you please make it free cretor you don't have to
this was great even for the demo! The animation was smooth and the graphics were nice. It did take a while to download but that was no problem!
Very AMAZING!!! Its very sad that i could only play half of the game and i cant pay it , its very sad but atleast it was enjoyable! I didnt trust "Mr.Voice" And poor misfortune...i wish she wasnt really bad luck but anyways very cool demo! °^°
This game is VERY GOOD. This is a short demo of the dark story of little misfortune, it is a story game were you have to make choices and find out you fate. I wouldn't recommend The full version of this game to kids/sensitive people, as it is dark and has very foul language. Besides that I recommend getting the full version, you wont regret it.
The only problem is that it goes off the app before it loads... It might just be me though but edits are good
This is just the demo but it's an awesome game. I do wish that they had the sparkle happy thing. I get that you cannot give the eternal happiness.
Great demo. Game looks beautiful and can't wait to play the full version. So glad to see it on android. Just a couple of technical hitches i spotted in case it wasn't just on my phone: The page in the diary about swimming in the lake, the tap point for the dialogue seems to be in a different place to the icon. Had to tap around randomly to find it. Also misfortunes dialogue was out of sync with her talking animation at the crossing the road part. I loved Fran Bow. Will get this day 1!
I really like it and I saw youtubers playing it and so I was very excited but I wish the demo was longer
I love lil misfortune I've been trying to find a full game for a while are you only played the demo and it looks like you're amazing doing the artist so good and I love the Fran Bow games as well it's done so well and I really really love the games I love all killmonday games it is so amazing how someone can draw like that I love it so much and I hope someone to give me a clue where the full
It is a fun little version of the actual one it is a really fun game I'm pretty sure when I'm older if I become a YouTuber I will be doing these videos for the first ever videos I ever create
This games is amazing! it's so fun and scary. I love the plot twist , it's AMAZING. I never trusted Mr vice, I'm in love with this game.
I can not wait till I am able to get the full game. This demo was every nice and left you one a cliff hanger. 10/10
She is aooo cute litterally cute and her voice is amazing and fantastic I love this game but I couldn't efford money to play this game butI would love to play but anyways I love it and I know that she would die during crossing the road sooooooooo sadddddd but still the animation , the story , the voice , amd almost I love everrything in this game try to make little misfortune 2 love it sooooo much
This is awesome I love it as much as among us. It has a very interactive storyline. My tablet is pretty laggy which is why it degraded the experience
I don't like it because they may be like a bit of it but none of it who makes the demo and you can only play like the shark I thought you can play maybe like half of the game or like maybe a quarter but no it took me like 2 seconds to finish it
I really like this game but when it comes to the part were she trippes and breaks something i cant move can you please change the controles
i love this demo it draws you in i played today and im buying the game tomorrow i would defineitly recommend
This game was adorable but sad at the same time. It made the player behind the screen feel like they are a part of it! I was so happy when the demo realeased but now that i know the official version is coming out i am SO PUMPED. Love this game if you like creepy and cute then i totally recommend it (Me) I really like it and im sure you will too! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 outta 5