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Little Light for Destiny 2

Little Light for Destiny 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by João Paulo Marquesini. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Fantastic app! Runs smooth, great for item management. One feature request: can we have an option to filter/toggle powerful vs pinnacle rewards on the milestone screen?
Absolutely indispensable app, a real must have. My only gripe is that it doesn't always update your inventory.
Love this app, use it more than the actual Destiny 2 companion app. Would love the ability to get bounties like the companion though
Edit: two weeks after my review below the app was updated to add the feature below! It was five start before and I'd give it more now if it was an option! Must have app if you're playing Destiny. The app is great for helping me sort through whether gear is good or can be dismantled. One improvement could be putting a yellow border around the upper right triangles when a roll is a god roll. Right now vaulted items it's harder to see. Still a great app and highly recommend!
Best Destiny utilitity by far. It's ability to show me the strength of my roll is the best feature for organizing and curating my weapon collection. It's helped improve mt pve and pvp game as. I used to feel totally out of depth as to what a perk could or couldn't do for me but my game has steadily improved since using this app in both regards!
Super easy to move weapons from one character to another and super easy to equip things. Also, I like the max light button that equips your most powerful gear that really helps if you aren't max light and dont know what's best or forgot
The best app for destiny item managing, tracking, and putting at upcoming content. The loadout creation is helpful for having different great for different activities and the perk evaluation helps clean out your vault if needed.
What happened to the lore book section? why was it removed? EDIT: Thanks for your reply! I'm looking forward to see the lore again.
DIM will always be my first choice but when I'm on my phone and browsing through my gears and comparing em or wanna flex my on my clanmates, maybe someone is playing on my account to try out certain weapons and rolls and I wanna send in weapons, I think this will come in handy a lot, clean, pretty informative, it beats that clunky official companion app
Great D2 app! Every detail not left out. Everything we need to know from god rolls to where to get the items! 5 stars keep it up guys!
I love it cause I don't have to worry about accidently deleting a God roll. But for some reason the app is not working at all for me rn.
Its now coming up with syncing failed which i dont understand as i always use it, please fix it on android.
Its really great as far as companion apps go. Frankly its slightly better than the official. But I feel it lacks the simplicity that the official one has. As soon as you open it, all these suggestions and stats just crowd the entire page. Perhaps it can be ordered a little bit, it would definitely improve the app quite a bit
I am a heavy player of Destiny 2, it is the game I play most and I have tried a lot of destiny2 companion apps. This is the best one I have seen yet. It is clear and sharp, its easy to navigate, has information about badges and seals as well as your collection and triumphs. I love the load out options, I have been trying to find a quick way to change the characters load out quickly for different game modes and the ability to create, save and equip multiple load outs from one app is awesome!
Excellent app. Can you tell me that with the new season, have all the weapons been updated to show whether you have a god roll or not?
Beautiful app. Easy to use. Would appreciate a little guidance, but I'm happy with every bit of what this app has to offer. update: doesn't seem to work on Chromebooks. App stops working after returning from bungie authorization site.. Updated update: the Chromebook problem doesn't have anything to do with the app. Developer was helpful in recommending a solution. Cheers!
great app but you need to fix the transfer speed it's SLOW and that's y i stopped using this app make it instant and I'll be back again
doesn't work on my Chromebook. Everytime I try to login and hit approve, nothing happens. (update) Fixed!
DIM will always be my first choice but when I'm on my phone and browsing through my gears and comparing em or wanna flex my on my clanmates, maybe someone is playing on my account to try out certain weapons and rolls and I wanna send in weapons, I think this will come in handy a lot, clean, pretty informative, it beats that clunky official companion app. Best mobile loadout management app, beats DIM and Ishrar imo
Delightful Destiny 2 item manager, truly one of the better item managers out there. Might I even say even better than the one developed by Bungie.
This app has been fantastic, my only little nip is that there's no way to switch between D1 and D2 cus I still like to play 1 from time to time, but aside from that this companion has been awesome 🙂
Great Destiny 2 management app. Includes Vault & Inventory management; tracking options for bounties, quests, and milestones; triumphs and vendors; and allows you to build custom equipment loadouts. 10/10 would recommend.
It ain't perfect, but it's better organized and it's got more features than Bungie's neglected companion app. Honestly, the only thing the companion app has over this is clan management. Little Light's even got interchangeable loadouts if you wanna change multiple items quickly or on the fly. 10/10 would loadout again
Measurably more functional and helpful than the official Bungie app for Destiny 2, along with an overall cleaner and smoother interface. What glitches there are generally seem to be from Bungie's end with changes to the API.
This app is perfect in every way. Only thing that could make it better is the ability to set up armor perk loadouts. I don't play enough to masterwork 3 different sets of armor for raid, pvp, pve and gambit, but I find I use different weapons and armor in each
This app does an amazing job at keeping your inventory organized ☺️ and went well beyond my initial expectations!
Excellent and easy to use interface. The duplicated item feature is great for cleaning up your vault.
I have tried linking my accounts multiple times. I have 3 accounts for Destiny (PS, XBOX, and Steam). Here it WILL not allow me to not have my PS account. If I can only have 2, that's fine. But make it easier to control which ones I can see. My PS account isn't even linked on Bungie anymore, but I'm stuck with it here. **UPDATE** Just reinstalled. Cannot add any additional account. Stuck with Steam Destiny data. Cannot add XBOX data, as that is my primary.
Really nice app. But you should remove the old rolls on reissued weapons. I have to look elsewhere what are the current rolls because of that
Absolutely a must have as a companion. I have used this app since I came acrossed it a couple years ago. It's got everything you could ask for. Having the ability to change your equipment effortlessly while in game is just such a welcomed priveledge. Not to mention all the other uses this app has, and I'm still learning my way with ease. If you are searching for a fantastic companion app for Destiny, I must insist you look no further.
Wonderful app. It changed the way I play Destiny 2, now I'm able to choose the best perks per weapon, manage the infinite amount of duplicates and free continuously slots for new items. And this is only the basis. It also track all your progress. Absolutely fantastic. I'll recommend it for sure!
Works very well. However you cannot acess postmaster, quests and bounties and does not have an lfg function. It doe have a much better layout than the destiny companion app. I recommend you use both.
Smooth, every piece of info you could want, and only hangs up/has trouble loading very occasionally. Very nice resource for when you don't want to pull up 3 different websites on your Desktop.
Doesn't work well 😕anymore. I can never get invites and now can't even send them out.......sorry put the wrong compliments on the wrong ones ,I meant can't delete items from the app that you don't want
Until today this app was great, it seems the latest expansion was aptly named, as the app seems to no longer work. Beyond [little] Light indeed... (I am hoping this is due to server overload? Once app returns to functioning, will update rating to the 5 stars it deserves)
Great app, switched to it as soon as I found out about it. Bit of an odd request, but if you could add a menu for the hud like the fallout pip-boy app so you can see your ammo, abilities, and the mini map while playing so you can have the hud off in game that would be amazing.
I really like this app which saves tons of time managing inventory (weapons, vendors, etc.) without traveling to the different locations. However, the Spider only shows up in the 1st guardian character but not the second. Can that be fixed?
Excellent, way better than Bungie's official app, my only nitpick is it sometimes take a few seconds to update if something changes in-game, which rarely, if ever, impacts the user experience. Intuitive, useful, and with some nifty features concerning your power level. Just good stuff all round
Use this all the time whether Im playing d2 or not to check everything. Best way to transfer weaps and stuff to my other chars and vault
I found this app after years of playing destiny and I can't stress how much I love it. Still discovering new features a few months in. Unquestionably a huge baseline help to any skill /experience level. The interface is well designed to help you find anything quickly and once you pick up on a few of the key quick actions and shortcuts, you'll wonder how you ever destiny-ed before you saw the Little Light :§))
This app is so helpful as it allows you to move things around very easy and see any progress as I am playing.
There seems to be a bug where the new season guns and VOG weapons won't show if they are a good roll or not? Great app otherwise tho
Super easy to move weapons from one character to another and super easy to equip things. Also, I like the max light button that equips your most powerful gear that really helps if you aren't max light and dont know what's best or forgot. Also it shows what weapons are god rolls which is really helpful for crucible players
Truly quick, useful, and effective! I've been using this since the release of Shadowkeep for Destiny 2 and its been amazing. Easy to manage my inventory, hot swap weapons from my vault to my account. Its also super easy to select multiple weapons or armor pieces and move them from my vault to my Guardian or my Guardian to my vault.
Wonderful app that allows you to view your characters and transfer items and weapons between them. As well as alot of reference material built into the app. Effecient and easy to use.
This is the best app for destiny 2. You can make loadouts and equipt them. And the support from the creator very responsive. Gotta get this app.
I loooove this app. I was using a different one but wasn't liking it. I love how it shows the actual statsnof gear and weapons.UI is super nice and clean. And they have symbols on perks which show if it shines in pvp, pve etc. Dedicated players know, but it's nice to still have it there. Really enjoying it!
The app works really well, I encounter very few issues that are easily fixed via a simple refresh. It's been a huge help and is vastly superior to other Destiny apps. I would ask if it's possible to be added that a custom objective function with manual updates be added so that users can track items that don't have an associated quest, i.e. acquiring catalysts like iznagi's burden, steps for getting wishender, etc.
Much better than some other apps out there. Little light loads up very fast. A great asset when you're in the the field
Really good app for inventory management, readily replaced any other option for me. Nice clean interface on tablet and mobile, all around very pleased with the app. Edit: Appreciate the snappy response, I'll try your suggestion! Either way, it works perfectly on my tablet, so no big deal if my mobile can't handle it anymore. Thanks for the reply!
Sometimes things move a bit slowly, but being able to search my vault with multiple filters is amazing. And if I tap on a piece of gear, it shows me all of my dupes, which makes comparing rolls really easy.
I love this app, so easy to use compared to the the buggy and broken official destiny 2 app, highly recommend this app
This has been the most wonderful Destiny 2 companion all thus far! My only complaint is after the recent update the app no longer switches to landscape mode, which was one of it's best selling points! Hope this gets fixed FAST!!
Really good app. But for some reason I can't get it to Authorize my Bungie account on my tablet. I was able to use the app on my phone to authorize but it doesn't work on my tablet or laptop. Would love to be able to use it on my tablet.
Easy to use and looks good! A must have for any Destiny 2 player. Makes transferring weapons from the vault a cinch.
This app is really good i like how it shows your pursuits and the nexsteps &what to do none of the others do that
Having so much problems with new update. Now it never wants to load and freezes up often. Had to uninstall many times. This is my go to app for destiny 2. Please fix.
Still the most useful Destiny App I've used for years (Yes even better than DIM imo) I just wish we could sign into our D1 accounts along side our D2 accounts. Sometimes a Destiny Player would like to look at our old stuff for nostalgia ya know? Besides that petty con everything else is perfect
Best one so far. Thank you!! ^^ (im having issues with logging in for whatever reason..something about serve errors )...
excellent companion app for destiny 2 has some issues with fast updating, (e.g. weapons would be put in the vault in game, but in app they are put in vault but reappear in inventory) kinda used to that though, so still 4*
Great Destiny 2 app if you want a full breakdown on your gun rolls and armor! Also helps with deciding on your weapon rolls if they're PVE or PVP godrolled as well! Great Job to the developers of the app! You guys rock!
Really great app but can't get the search function to work for weapons, the developer is working on the issue. Thanks for the response by the way. Edit: it worked thanks man that was exactly what was going on, love the app!
Even better than the official App! A must for anyone trying to cut down on vault and inventory management.
Good item manager for d2. Haven't really had any problems with it except for around update times, but those are fixed in a pretty timely manner
This is a good app but when I come to it at time it will say can't pull up witget I even uninstalled the app and it still says it. And yes I tried the refresh button
Edit: My complaint seems to have been fixed, so this app takes it's rightful place in the "very good" category.... Original text: Can't just have this open. I open it to swap one gun, and if I want to swap later, I need to close and reopen it, otherwise it just doesn't respond to taps. Very annoying. Still good though, well organized.
The app sounds really good to use but my problem is that I can't even login to the app when i try it redirect me tl chrome then when i try to login it gives me the login screen again.
Best, really, THE BEST, Destiny 2 app out there. Light, fast AD FREE and just works. Loadouts, item management from the vault and postmaster on the fly without needing to do back to the tower. Stats on item rolls and next steps on quests you are currently pursuing. Amazing!
I enjoy the app but I've recently been getting AuthorizationRecordExpired errors while booting the app and I can't seem to resolve the issue. Would like for someone to help me resolve this issue since I can't use the app otherwise, and I use it every time I play.
Great UI. Big problem with moving items unaddressed for a YEAR+. Moving one blue item from post via app, deleting it via game, moving another blue item from post...the app hasn't caught up so thinks all slots are full (when theyre not) so the app auto-removes a random item into vault. You have to stop your game, fly to Vault, check recent items stupid app has removed against all your wishes. Downgraded to lowest rating after 2 years. Unfixable? Ishtar commander solved this year's ago.
I've recently started getting an "AuthorisationRecordExpired" message upon loading the app- worked perfectly till now, I love it so much but I'd love to be able to use it again!! ❤️
Far superior to all other inventory managers for destiny. So simple to use and lots of handy features.
This app has everything! Its actually better than the official companion! You can make loadouts, see your stats, highest attainable power, equip your highest powered gear, and so much more! I always had issues with changing loadouts for pvp and for different subclasses in pve, well now i don't and its amazing! Only thing that could make this better would be the ability to change your emotes on the fly, and ornaments. Show what ingame content is available for the week too? Ie nightfall strikes
Excellent app, my favourite bit is it tells you with each weapon if its good roll or a god roll in either pvp or pve,very easy to use once you get used to it, my vault isn't full of junk weapons anymore.
One of the best apps for Destiny 2 item management hands down. They even have rating tabs that let you know if you have good to Godrolls.
App usually works well. Good interface. Sometimes the Bungie API goes down, but that's not their fault. Great for d2
Can you add the ability to get bounties like in official d2 companion app? This is miles better than the official and my fav out of all 3rd party companion apps but I really can't use because getting bounties from the orbit is way too convenient.
I emulate this using BlueStacks on my PC because I like this much more than DIM. Looks great, runs well and I like how it handles good and God rolls. Recommended! Edit, in response: Not as much as you'd think. I run it on an i3 4GB Surface Pro running Windows 8.1, not very powerful, and it runs just fine.
It's great, what else is there to say. Being able to search my 500+ items by perk is a game changer 🥰
Great app been using for awhile. Need a link to wishlist added since panda stopped doing them. Also some widgets/picture are not loading on some weapons and armor. Fix the picture not loading in and update the wishlists and I'll rate it 5 stars. Thanks.
This app is basically a must have for anyone serious about Destiny2. The only thing I could say is that the refresh button sometimes doesn't work and it's a little slow. That could very well be a problem on my end but I keep my phone fairly clean RAM wise soooo I dunno. Either way excellent App and it is losing one star for me just cause I think it could be a little more streamlined and quick. I have an idea also, there could be a seperate digital vault for weapons that are used often.
The app has been great and a huge time saver. But whats with the recent issue of not being able to pull up the triumph and seals tabs?
I color code weapons with shaders, PVP vs PVE, and certain weapons are not matching up as they were prior to the new DLC/expansion. May have to delete
My favorite. I pay 0 attention to god rolls so this has saved me from deleting a good gun plenty of times. Always responsive and great layout.
Great functionality, not sure if it's the fault of the app, but once in awhile tends to not transfer items appropriately
Great mobile companion! Perfect for those not wanting to alt-tab between the game and a web browser on a computer.
The app runs very smoothly. Transferring items is quick and easy. Personally really enjoy the app telling if my weapon rolls are good or godrolls.
Extremely helpful on which guns go in which mode PVP or PVE in recognizing the newest perks when available for what mode are actually used for