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LINE Rangers - a tower defense RPG w/Brown & Cony!

LINE Rangers - a tower defense RPG w/Brown & Cony! for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by LINE Corporation located at 東京都新宿区新宿四丁目1番6号. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I like the game but every time I leave it it has to reload again pleas fix this and it chrashes often pleas add and fix these problems but everything else is fine keep up the good work and have a nice day ☺️☺️☺️☺️
A good game to kill time the reason i gave it a 4 star is because the pvp its so unfair my character is around lvl 100 and i got match ups with enemy character lvl 200 and better base missiles etc. But over all its pretty good
The game is very not lag and not false. It is really good but the chances of getting a good hero is very bad but overall its one of the best games I played before
fun but flawed. cute characters. new special stage crashes constantly requiring a full restart of the game which means lost feathers and no prize at end of each play. odds are poor. constantly getting yellow 7 star characters in gacha when 'odds are up' for the new characters or 8*. odds seem poor for special stages as well, rarely if ever get feather box or characters. i like the new special stage that it has 5 plays per level and that the feather box is more than just 5-15 now.
Loved it.. but now I realize it can't compare to (battle cat's) slow evolution progression unless you pay. Laggy with sound,New S10.. problem isn't my phone The lag with the sound HAS NOT been fixed
Until now, Package section of Ingame shop is empty for EU players?... UNFAIR!!! 7th year gear package and 7th year rangers package NOT Available for players in Germany / Europe.
fun game, but all the LINE apps I've installed somehow have the ability to bypass my system volume settings and it's super annoying. they are the only apps on my phone that wake me up in the middle of the night when my notification volume is muted.
the game is good, story is amazing, graphics is great. But even with the same line account, my data in Line rangers keep disappearing so i needed to play the game. It's not a problem to others so overall its amazing
It suddenly logged me out, and now it won't let me log back in to my Line Account! This wouldn't be as bad except for the fact that I joined solely for the Attack on Titan event, and now, I've not only lost my progress, but my fav characters I grinded for who are now unattainable.
This game is great, addictive, challenging and good fun. It's like reading a good book you cannot put down x 😃
It's a great game but the infinitower is sooo annoying because you hace to go through every single stage every single month. Would be amazing if there were something that would automatically play the stage for you.
It's sometimes too hard. And sometimes in Gacha your very unlucky, getting 7 stars (in the 7-8 stars gacha) all the time is NOT fun. Other than that, this is a pretty good game.
Very cool game with nice graphics. But I started noticing that sometimes the health bars of enemies tend to linger around even after they die
I installed this game , because was advertised to give you 60 points if you play till level 5! Never get this even if now I am at level 300! Then from a certain point it becomes linear as challenges, so kind of borring. In main stages , after number 400 the progress is become exponentially hard so you get stuck for weeks. Then Gatcha is a joke , you never get the so said improved odds high level rangers or items. SPEND 900 RUBIES AND GOT ONLY .. GARBAGE. 85 RUBIES COST 5.99 EURO. SHAME
Pay 2 Win game, you can litrrally just pay your way up the ranks. Get overpowered Light/Dark units, same for the gears. Wth is this game.
Nice game, it's easy to play, play with friends together, collecting rangers and items. But i found a bug when i'm trying to complete the daily mission, about train 1 time at the training center, i've already train my rangers but the quest didn't complete. It happened to me several times, pls fix that bug
Can't send text in guild chat. I only typed in some English alphabets like most of the members did. It won't send it. Tried typing 日本語 with my 日本語 keyboard, too. Still doesn't work. It said 'There are some words or characters that cannot be used . Please check and try again ! ( pot )' It's weird because Thai members can type and send Thai messages in our Japanese guild but I can't send messages in Japanese nor English. I have already dropped all punctuations.
Decent enough game for Line standards. Very P2W, but enough to do that even free players can enjoy it for awhile. Would like to be able to add other players as friends on my friendlist and not just Line contacts.
Its a great game,but when i was at Ultra master level,i got so bored.please add some ruby missions again,for hugh lvl playe
graphics r great and cute, never forget the original LINE characters. The endless amount of heroes u can get is a great movement to keep pl aying the game. Just a great game! The tinsy bit I hv to say is that i think developers should make getting the better heroes slightly easier, just saying but overall a great game.
My special quest keep stucking in "participating in guild raid". If the server ain't ready yet, don't make it as a special quest!!
Two years I pay, I collect "Ultra Leonards" to level 240, a new player comes, takes 4 avatars with "Slow opposing team's unit production" without any gears and beats me, very stupid game, fake promotions, and a lot of cheaters in PVP. a lot of hackers in PVP who take my points and no one refunds them to me
please to fix "collect", even i have reach max, in the "collect" im still at level 1, so i can't have my reward
Since the last update, the game crashes nearly each play - not playable. Android Pixel. Otherwise it used to be a decent game.
It's a good game for kids and other Ages. But its hard to go to the end. But i hope this game going to be good in the future. Good Luck Line!
The worst thing in the game is the advent stage.it is so hard to get the advent rangers ,it took like 50 times playing just to get one and wasted all my feathers.so hyper evolving is so damn hard .it makes me sick and quit.
Attack on Titan event was awesome, please bring back Yakuza rangers soon. The game can be very play to win sometimes, and there are hackers in PvP. It would be nice to find guilds based on who is still active, since when you leave a guild you can't join another again for a few days and if you join again the guild you pick might be dead.
The game glitches because of tutorial (this happend when i'm forced to do the tutorial due to brown and cony events) I'm forced to upgrade popeye moon but he's not on my team and when i put popeye moon,it crashes. I try reinstall it and now i can't do anything, please fix immediately
i never expected it to be very fun. just one thing that gripes me is the mediocre results of some high level loot boxes, but that's just luck, i guess.
I can't play the game it said that some necessary files had been deleted, but I didn't delete anything. So I re-installed the game but nothing changed. Is it a bug or something?
The game is just getting worst. All enemy in PVP are all ultra and hyper 8 star. Also, the rare gatcha is rubbish. 50 rubies that one you can only get 7 star. Actually yiu can change the information to: 7 star :99%8star:0.9%Ultra8star:0.1%The game is going more hard and boring. New update are just ranger. Not the game mode. This is the worst RPG in the world. Even worse than angry bird.Also, the wheel spin jumps. It is not even the reward it should be if you slow down and see. It just skip away.
Very fun and easy to understand game to play that you won't tire of. Invite your friends and family from line app. Always room to grow and learn it's just an all around great game!!
Hopefully players can leave guild if he are alone in guild, because no one join and if player need to leave they must have a new leader how about one person guild, he cant join another if no one joining? i'll keep the 5 star if get fixed but if not fixed i'll down rated
I LOVE this game! It's simple, easy to understand, but addicting 😱. If I could suggest. This game makes new rangers every month. So I suggest we pick the rangers for our team in the start of the stage. So when we click a stage, we would have to choose the rangers we want to put it our team. If we win, we can use the previous rangers for the next stage. If we lost, the ranger we used will go for a cooldown, so that we have to use a different ranger. Hope you read this and have a nice day 😊
!!! PLEASE !!! FIX THE BUG . i cannot switch my rangers into Hyper bcs my material Leonardo points ranger didn't appear , even though i already reached the terms . PLEASE FIX THIS.
I love this Game but, can i get the Collaboration event Character, Please Bring back Them, i wanted it
Anybody have the same problem on can't received reward for after collected 3 Potential Beads? No feathers and coins received for collected 5 Potential Beads again.
I think this is an awsome game but I want more free gems from the start so I can progress more quickly and hav better experience
I Love The Collab Event, But Its So Hard To Get Ruby:( and My Gacha Is Ampas :( But The Games Is So Fun, I Play This Game Every Day
Love the attack on titan rangers! Please do Yakuza event again! The Valentine's chocolate event didn't work, I logged in, checked mailbox and played special stages, but didn't get any chocolate at all!
Loved this game.played it when I was 7 and until now I still do. Also 1 problem with the gacha I never got a blue until ultra master level 12 and still didn't get the thing I want and it. And also one more thing I got some of the ultra evolved rangers from special stage Ty and plus give meh 3 blue star ultra evolved
The game is good but I want a way to make a new account without using a phone number for line, that would be really helpful. If you are reading this thank you very much and please fix it.
I cannot login this game for several days after the new update. It's really annoying. It seems this company never run the full test on different Android versions before rolling out the new software.
It's good game but I want to say that that I'm very bored of the clan I'm waiting for the clan to update
I love all the giveaways and colabs they're doing by giving us gems and stuff but i just recommend that we need more so that we can progress more
this game is truly amazing, it has a fantastic outline and structures and it also has a unique functions of the game and systems that no other game could be taken place.the fantastic characters that attracts player to keep enjoy the game , the stages that will keep challenge the player was fantastic. this is fantastic
i get this error "failed to connect to server. check you network status and try again". my network is fine, tried in 3 devices, tried with wifi and data. i cant log in my game
It's incredible how unlucky you can be in this game. Really struggling to keep up with the rest of the PVP players now with all rubies from the past years used up for gatcha, no flyer/anti-flyer/light/dark rangers and only one 7 star gear as a f2p user.
nice game! really enjoyed it but it was often unfair because the gacha odds for me was terrible and enemies are to O.P
I cant play the game, its stuck on the loading screen everytime i try to play it. i wait for a long time but to no avail. my phone model is Samsung Galaxy Tab 4
The game's good but I couldn't enter the game, it just stoped functioning at the start and I can't play the game
stuck on main stage 255.... after complete the stage it keep server error and cannot connect to the server. please fix
I need more new hero like bendy and the ink machine or sans from undertale in the special stage of have it its will be pretty good
It's really fun and i'm really happy that i'm level 60 master that i just play for 2 days( i'm serious)😐😐😐😐
Worth trying to play if you would like to see fancy LINE & other collabo characters in the game. It is a defense game so you will need to study to be more strategic. With decent in app purchase you would feel better as it will give more strong characters.
1st is why is every updates coming that the ranger are stronger than the old ranger, so that mean if every updates come new ranger that mean the ranger will be stronger at the ranger updates, so thats why i dont really like it. So please read my message. And update it please :). I will give ☆☆☆☆☆ stars
I can't login, last login I lose all my Rangers except My Team 1. Please solve. My Game ID : 10537066
its better for you to create money changer from any in game currency e.g. friendship points, feathers, ruby, etc e.g. i can change feathers to ruby of coins because i have almost 1000 feathers
Had only just downloaded it, and attempted to play the first stage, but get a 'Game cannot play- deleted files' message. What complete BS, Line!
i gave you 3 star bcs I have a bug in this game, trophy on my pvp has reached 1800. But, I didn't get my ruby. and I didn't go up to diamond III
Well overall this game is really good, but the problem thing is why is it so hard to get an Advent ranger, i already try on the hard stage and all i get is three star or two star material.
I DownLoad this Game, And Allow All The Permision, Why After The Last Step Always Loading About 4-5 Minutes And Respond And Writes "Line Ranger Is Not Responding" Please Fix It
after the latest update, there's some bug with the PVP. The rival's level when first shows up does not match with their actual level.
I really like this game because of all the constant anime crossovers and because of the art it's amazing!!!
Its a very fun game you can spend hours playing it. I buddy at work introduced me to this game and i left all my other games for this 1 really enjoying it
it was amazing i had a great experience playing it but i cant stand the gimmick "odds up" it was such a lie to make people spend more money on rubies but overall it was good
This game is good,there's just 1 real problem is for the late game players. As late game players it's almost impossible to get more gems to gacha or something else. You can only p2w when you're at late game. Can you please make getting gems easier for late game players or make more events with gems as the reward?
Cannot replay PVP. It's a haven for cheaters now. My friends aren't getting gems from guild wars while I'm getting a whole lot of it even when I'm losing the war. Is this a bug?
It crashes during PvP battles and won't save the won battles to battling records. It is also weirdly good at saving the crashed battles as lost battles with no recording replay available. This latest update has made PvP impossible. Over 50% of the won battles showed the "No PVP opponent has been selected" error.
It's a fckng P2W game, when u play this game for the first time it's fun but it gets boring after 2 weeks if you are a F2P player, and the most annoying thing is that u have to download line before playing this game
Like the game a lot.. However, need more special mission to obtain the rugby 😉 And why is the chance to get 8 star Leonard in the special stage Planet Leonard extremely hard?! 😑
This game is very good but the gacha rate is very low. I've spent 2.100 rubies for the aot banner but I got not even a single aot character :( please gip me one :(
there is a bug or something i don't know, because after i autoplay at main stage, i check to see my ranger, my main ranger is gone, i don't know where is it, can you please fix this and give compensation?
Pay to win. Odds are horrible, especially for gear. If you can spend $30 a month then you have chance at the new gear. Otherwise you will have a very difficult time trying to advance.
This game is very good, the ranger are so cute uwu and i don't know why people says it a p2w game, i can win just by using the rangers i have.
I like this game, because you can play for afew minutes. I been looking for this style game ( filler game ).
Worst app ever... Don't even install it if you are looking for getting free line points. It is just a scam and they don't even give you the points
The latest version of PVP system is atrocious! Please change back to the previous system or make better system!!! I hate this system!😠 Anyways, I hope Line Rangers will collaborate with more Kamen Riders.
Everything is nice, but the developers still didn't fix the advent ranger not being recognized by the hyper-evolving mechanic. But overall its kinda ok.
What the meaning of this??!!I at floor 18 in infinity tower n i has 2 hyper evolution ranger but still can't pass I try to upgrade my hero,spin gacha n evolve more hyper heroes but STILL the enemy are stronger n stronger Fix this or never 5 star from me
When I complete a stage too fast(I used a goose cart sally), it say failed to connect to server. When I don't complete it too fast it doesn't disconnect me. My internet is also good. I am sure. It looks to me like a programmed anti-hack.
New Year packages (gear and rangers) and promos (rangers card) and sale items, are not purchaseable equally by all players; even though you are eligible to buy - the Notice says, "the packages are purchaseable once per account during the promo period" - but the package is not appearing in shop. Maybe not available to some countries or to some accounts. This is unfair; but helpdesk has no answer yet to this issue, since more than half a year every month I had been inquiring.
Amazing game but not for f2p.. sometimes when running the game suddenly disconnects for no reason.. please fix it or give any solution
Too much crashes, with 50% of PVP and 1 in 6 event stage attempt ended up crashing reproducibly. No gem reward via guild wars. 25% of PVP defense battles are engaged with cheaters. Should return the lost pts from cheaters back to the victims while banning the cheaters. Do something about these cheaters! PVP league grading doesn't reflect the scored points. There was a time I scored 2120pts but ended up in gold 1 but I know damn well there are people with 1808pts in diamond 3.
it is so fun fun fun u can get a lot of characters like angry birds or lego batman this game is just so fun all my family members play this game it even has differint options to play so do whatever u do and download the game now!!!
Nice game with cute adorable characters. However, the game itself is very heavy to run, maybe also due to too much characters introduced and too soon, made the game is seems very commercial and not that fun anymore. While, rubies and gems are limited to gain freely. Need an improvement here.
'unstable network connection' when with my network connection i can watch 1080p movies on yt, good job
Goods: Characters, ranger statistics, PvP, Guild, low-end graphics quality requirement, more strategy than skill. Needs: realtime multiplayer, reduce trash rangers, hard to understand all theory for newbie, great time wasting, a lil pay to win.
I would love it if not for loading time that takes ages both this and millionaires games! Unbelievable! When will you improve this with all games!
the game as a whole is great, but here are some things that may help improve the game. firstly, pvp isnt fair, especially on lower levels. matched with super and ultra masters with ultra heroes, meanwhile i was still somewhere around master. might wanna upgrade the algorithm in matchmaking. secondly, NERF HEROES THAT CAN SUMMON ENEMIES AS ALLIES. as if fighting 10 different heroes isnt bad enough already, now you have to face 10 MORE. nerf the duration to 3-4 second to balance it. cheers devs
This Is a very good app. and it's better when you have the line. (I'm posting my experience to earn 10 gems😂) but is very good
Fun game I do F2P. There is allot of parts to this game so you gotta learn and take your time. The game knows your starting out so you do get allot of feathers through doing normal stuff in the beginning. You won't win allot of things but just build up get your 1000 LP team. Guild Wars doesn't work. The button doesn't work at all when I tap on it.
Nice app! My problem is it's kinda loading when you enter the game and go fight some enemies but this is still the best game I installed in my life! Not forcing you to not make the game less loading and laggy but you can do anything while you can in this game!
consistent drop in game play. Not worth spending money on! Also, their daily log in awards don't award you consistently be warned!
Cant download data. It says that internet connection fails but my internet is fast enough and i didnt turn off my data connection.
I'll rate 5 starts if you add a public chat and further more add a function where you are able to add people in line rangers, not everyone has friends that play line rangers. BTW JOIN MY CLAN: ANYONE IS WELCOME. Name is "Thebois" will be waiting.
I have a problem, when I go into a battle (main stage or pvp) my sound keeps glitching, I tried it on my other devices and it doesn't seem to have a problem, is there any way I can fix it? Please let me know!
It's a really fun game, one of the best games I've played, it's very entertaining when life gets boring but it also can get boring once you play it too much times, but overall with the updates and everything , it's a fun game
The Crayon Shinchan collab is kinda worthless, I don't think these characters are fit for fighting, I would be great if u guys did a Kirby collab
Dev please fix the loading screen cause i stuck at there and i just want to play this game but when it comes to loading this game stuck at there and say no internet but my internet is good when i open other app or game that required internet please fix this 🙃
its so addicting...like i can stay up all night playing this...easy to get gems just by only levelling up ir events....
I love this game but i have bug when i play like 1hours, thats make my phone crash "system ui isn't responding" like that
I love this gamr because its a lot of adventure and my favourite this is the quest. It because you can get a free gems and xp. Thats all i love it
It Was A Very Fun Game Started At About 2013, It Was So Fun Back Then, But It Was Hard For Old Player To Get Rubys And The Game Was Not Balanced, It Was More Like Pay 2 Win Kind Of Game, The New Rangers Are So OP But Player Who Earned Rubys Legit Cant Get Them Even If The Odds Are Up. Hope You Guys Can Fix This
It was great but why the guild raid fitur was deleted..?,that was the best part for get the gear,that makes me a little bit boring in playing this game
It is a very fun game to play but as we move along to higher stages, we need the new rangers and that will take very long to get as we need gems to get a higher chance for those rangers, hence players without the ability to use money in game cannot finish those hard stages quickly.
LINE Rangers is a fun game if you like spamming a lot of crazy animals like pork throwing pigs or characters from other video games. You can level up various characters and there's a ton of stages with ridiculous enemies to go through! Also there is PVP, player guilds and many other things like an item crafting system.
The game is fun, figuring out the right combo of rangers, gear, skills, and elements to win. But too much revolves around chance and slim odds. Want the very best rangers and gear? Be prepared to spend a lot on loot boxes with a lot of garbage results. Why can't we have the option to lock gears to prevent accidental deletion/sale, like with rangers? PvP is more fair now that losses count for half what they used to. Having friend battles cost Special Feathers discourages use of that feature.
1. Developer is so greedy, 2. Poor balance in pvp, 3. Very rarely improve old rangers, 4. Very hard to get rubies, 5. Cheating on the gatcha odd rate and events, 6. Never have had proper conversations with users since this game has been launched, 7. Do not give full info of alternative ranger skills and max percentage of stats, 8. Unnoitice patch on rangers and events, 9. Not enough contents to enjoy, 10. Gambling is nealry everything in this game.
I had played this game since I was a child, yesterday I accidentally found it again anh decided to download it. Still the same in my memory. Great game!!
After i delete my line and reinstall it , i cant go back with my old account . idk why but thats not a problem only enjoying the game.
O feel like it would be good but I try to open the app even at home it says "Connection unstable" so... can you like fix that please because I'm not sure if it's the app or the type of phone I have.
I like it. It's fun game you can play on mobile wherever you go you can play this game. But requires wifi. Also please fix the bugg. All I can see is just black screen. I can't see halloween screen on main menu. Ty for making this game. I hope you put more rangers. It's your choice
Line rangers is okay but I would like to add some human (anime) characters to make it more exciting you know.
What a nice game overall, I kinda like this. But in some community, they found some cheater that use hack. Be sure to fix it ok?
Why just my account in the world where there's no 'quest' tab on the top right corner? Besides I don't get Comeback gift after 7 years didn't playing, but my friends didn't play for just 2 months they did had the gift. Whyy?? If this was a bug on my account, please fix it. Because I want to top up in the future but it was canceled because of this problem !
Good Game I Like The Game Itself I Like The Cute Characters And They do Awesome Attacks And I Like The Variety Of Characters You Can Get By Using The Gacha
The game is fun, figuring out the right combination of rangers, gear, skills, and elements to win. But too much revolves around chance and slim odds. Want the very best rangers and gear? Be prepared to spend a lot on loot boxes with a lot of garbage results. Also, PVP has many cheaters, like rangers that never die or towers that survive with 0 HP. I doubt PVP points you lose to cheaters are ever refunded to you.
Fun??? Nah the game is not fun at all. Free players with free gears are ridiculously more powerful than paid players with limited gears and Developers will NEVER fix this unbalance gameplay. This game used to be the best, but these bs AI always buffed and players can never beat them. Ridiculous 😒
The latest version of PVP system is atrocious! Please change back to the previous system or make better system!!! I hate this system!😠 Anyways, I hope Line Rangers will collaborate with more Kamen Riders. And your new guild war us very unfair not every member gets to attack, please do something about it!
This game is good, but i have a problem in the advent stage, its so hard to get the material especially 4 and 6 stars material and the rangers
Its a fun game if we could keep progressing every day, but sadly almost everything in this game rely on gems. Please give us more access to get ruby because this game has a lot of potential. But sadly the devs are not responsive.
Its a really super cool game and their are many events and rewards that the game provides and that let the game more beautiful but akways on any device when i want to log in to the line rangers i put my email and passwored they told me their was a poor connection try again every time and im beside the internet router plz solve it fast
Cannot participate any raid. Guild raid is literally a fraud. Server problem whenever I try to initiate a fight with a guardian. 3 chances to raid all wasted without even getting to fight the guardian. This has continued for over a couple of months and I have not participated a single guild raid because of the fraudulent system.
This game is addicting i played this game a long time ago and then quit but i decided to play this game again and its addicting
Pay to Win. I mean, it used to be great the rangers and gear were erh balanced. Now, it's really hard playing 'free to play'. Want to have good rangers? Huh well you'll have to be legit lucky to get good rangers and gears without paying a dime, and after the new pvp update it really makes me feel like not playing the game anymore. Don't get me started on the developers, they're greedy af.
Good game! But...the game is too lag can you please add the effect off/on switch please because it crash my game almost everytime I play the game thank you!
no more darpa 5G mindcontrol warfare and stop saying my wives and lovers names from Washington's Elisa "Hillary Clinton" Lam!!! where is the weapon location???
This game is good but when pvp usually has an unfairness like a master player denfeder is better than super master
nice....but of course,nothing is perfect in this world...at least maybe faster the loading and what not THANKS
Its already good but can you fix the fast clear stage bug plz, every time i clear main stage within 1 sec using goose sally, it says failed to connect to server please check your network status and try again. And then i must restart the game to play it again
Really nice game, but there should be some kind of wiki. Amount of information for beginners is overwhelming
This game is to bad, cause the gacha. I've been playing for about 2 years and never got the ultra ranger. And the strange thing is my friend's only been playing one week has already got 3 ultra rangers...hahaha nice gacha calculate 👍
login screen quickly erases my email and password when I try to login login button doesn't do anything until the 10th tap when I finally get past it, the allow permissions button does nothing so I can't play the game
gameplay's great, but odds up for event rangers dont appear, and advent rangers doesnt appear even after grinding
i already got 6 leonarpoints on my hyper elvove material, but when i want to hyper evolve its say 0/6, the system dont detect my material
!!! PLEASE !!! FIX THE BUG . i cannot switch my rangers into Hyper bcs my material Leonardo points ranger didn't appear , even though i already reached the terms . ( this is happened 2 times )
I like the Game.Its gameplay is addictive.But i just want to give a suggestion that please add an option to trade gear with guild or friends.If you see this reply please think about it
Great game, very well made, it is pay to win but in a really small way, I have never bought rubies but haven't stop playing for 3 years straight and ita worth it, join reddit community!
Defending or attacking, got totally destroyed in PVP. 12 losts in a roll. LR definitely has the worst matching system for PVP. I taste no joy from this game. 👎 My team with these 4-year-old or older rangers definitely isn't the best but they aren't the worst either, for they completed the main, raid, special and infinite stage with ease.
Hey man i think im before played this game but its not rpg...they likee uhhh my memori aghh like fighting a thug but not like this rpg... Maybe im right? If i wrong please say that name game XD im so confusing and dejavuu
When I open the treasure in the map, I receive clothes and such but they are not in my inventory or anywhere else.
It's just like my favorite texting thing line except for it's just like little battle arena it's in and plus the characters are so cute but to me the music is I'm more like is it this is horrifying music 5 out of 5
Fun game I do F2P. There is allot of parts to this game so you gotta learn and take your time. The game knows your starting out so you do get allot of feathers through doing normal stuff in the beginning. You won't win allot of things but just build up get your 1000 LP team.
The game is really amazing and addictive. But the trouble are diamonds. It took forever to open the gacha. Please fix it. And also about earning high grade heroes. Please make it easier. Thank you.
Falling in love with this game. Lots of feeling such as angry, upset, failure, bad luck but still play with it.
I have played Line Ranger since i was in junior high school. Please collab with digimon series, because digimon is one of my childhood. 😆
I love this game besides one glitch with trying to login with the line login. Other than that game is great, also there are no ads dude NO ADS!!
In some countries, sale and promo packages for rubies, new gears, and rangers are not available. In Germany for example, promo packages are not displayed in the In-game shop.
This game is so best i play this game at morning evening and night I have many game but this game is the best I will not happy is this game is been deleted or something Goodluck developer i hope you can collab with another game again
This game is very good at everything but you wont be able to grow higher than someone who played longer than except paying you that because you will get more ruby from pvp depend on how strong are you. The chance of the boosted ranger or gear is not even work, i have spend like 1000 ruby to get 8 star gear but i didnt get any 8 star of it, i spend all my gacha ticket like 30 ticket and 1200 ruby on ranger i got only 1 ranger collaboration
I love this kinda game and i give it 5 star because of the anime collaboration...keep up the good work and bring more collaboration
This for me is the Best Game In The World because usually when i play a new game 10 minutes later i will delete it but line rangers nust keep me interested you will always hope for something good from the gacha and bammmm i got fortune teller mooon i think it is one of the best in line rangers when you first play you can get 1 spin in gacha and get something good and that unit just carries you through the stages until stage about 300 that us when you need to really be serious now bye
I'll rate 5 starts if you add a public chat and further more add a function where you are able to add people in line rangers, not everyone has friends that play line rangers.