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LINE I Love Coffee

LINE I Love Coffee for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by LINE Corporation located at 東京都新宿区新宿四丁目1番6号. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Hi Line coffee, I'm a loyal fan of this game and have played more than 4 years. Everytime when there is cash tree offer, we always log in before 7pm and wait to buy the cash tree. However, after buying 2 cash tree, the game will automatically cut off our game connection and force us to reconnect again, this resulted in us not able to log in again to buy the cash tree! By the time we log in, all the cash tree are sold off!!!! What is this??!! It is not the first time that appear this type of situation, is not that we don't have the ability to buy the cash tree, is this game system that force us to log out and have to reconnect again!! We specially log in before 7pm to wait for the cash tree, and this is what your game do to us! Force us to log out?!! That's sarcastic!! I believe I'm not the only one who face this situation, other loyal players who played this game more than 4 years or above has also face the same situation. This shows how incompetent the game is and has not show any sign of improvement at all when is cash tree offer. More and more people are playing this game, if there is no sign of improvement when there is this type of offer, it shows how this game is disappointing, complacent, conservative and refuse to make changes (固步自封). As a loyal fan of this game, I demand an explanation and follow up from your side!
Cannot play it on my Redmi Note 7. It says it's for older android version. I see that the latest update was on November 2016. When will you update it again?
always got an error upon opening the game "error has occured, restarting the game" and it stuck on the pati game screen. honestly i really love this game before the error. i hope this will fixup soon.
PLEASE BRING BACK THIS GAME ALIVE !! Do some maintenance or update the server or anything.. why is it taking to long even to install and log in..what the hell is wrong with this game now..it use to be an awesome game
I love this game cause I already played at least 5 years now, but why the newest update make my royal coffee I purchase are missing? Can you help me or maybe have a notice I not noticeable by now?
[Paid Cash is not reflecting in the game] I bought 64 Cash from Level Up Shop for $4.63 (if i'm not wrong) yesterday and the cash doesnt reflecting in my account. I have sent my order details through inquiry form in the game as soon as i didnt received them. It already 2 days now but i still got nothing. Please fix this ASAP.
I thot i was d only one who cannot login into d game.U have to fix this problem. I was unable to login since yesterday. I never fail to play this game everyday. But this problem is really affecting my mood. Hope i will not lose my interest for this game soon
I have played this game for a very long time, but now it no longer works on my system, and so I am stuck for hours on the Pati games logo, please fix it as I would love to continue playing this game.
I was able to download the game normally and get it into 100% but everytime I tried to log in with my existing account it always says "Unable to log in. Please try again later" I've tried changing my line email, to changing my password, and even uninstalling-reinstalling my line and I love coffee but it doesn't work. Please immediately do something about this as I've been trying all this methods but none worked!
How about updating support for newer models? I usually have to install/uninstall a couple of times before it works on my phone. And even then I still get kicked out/logged out of the game and getting errors, making me have to uninstall and do the whole process all over again. I simply love the game whenever it actually works, so I would really appreciate it if you guys do a proper update so I can play it more often!
I used to always play this game on my old mobile. Now since i got a new one, this game barely loads. I redownloaded it 2 times but yet it still says its unavailable to load in. Please fix this. If its a bug or not, just fix it. I was really excited to play this game again.
Like many others are saying I'm constantly stuck at 9% and once it gets any higher like 10% it says there was a connection failure even though my wifi and data are totally fine. I've played this game on and off for like 4 years now and I really hope this app starts supporting newer phones and the update downloading data stuff gets resolved, I really want to play again :)
Developer can you please fix this.. We put alot of effort in this game because this game is too wonderful.. No other cafe games can be compared with this.. Why new phone android can't play anymore? Developer can you create a new one similar to this or how? i miss this game sooo soo much T.T
can't accept special guest's gift... it's full but can't receive... pls fix pls update. can't play bcoz bought a new hp, ILC need old phone, new hp can't load.... 😱 I'll give 5 ☆ when u update...
It's a great game, i love it. But it force close way too often, at least 5 times each time i open the game, please make it compatible for newer phones.
I don't understand that I have stuck with this game for donkey years, now when I updared and open the game it start over from level 1, what is going on? very sad. not going to install.
worst bloody developers. I cant get past the line login. has no option to create an account. the only other line app I see to manage account is a message and call app witch i shouldn't need to play a coffee shop game! i message the developers and they tell me its a no reply email and that i need to go through the in game support. well guys I cant get into the game because of the stupid line login!!! dont support this developer. not worth it. if i could attach the email i bloody would! the worst!
I really love this game, I have been dedicating myself since its first realease. Yet recently I received a notice that this is build for an older Android, please do an update for the recent Android.
I've been playing this game more than 5 years already .. start from my sister's account then I start download it myself when I have my first smartphone.. Overall this game is the best as it always have new event and many special item that can be collected. Keep up the good work I Love Coffee team 😀😀😀. ## P/S For those who have log in issue, I've face it as well and I try download line n log in through it. Thankfully it works and I can play my game again. Hope it works for you guys too.
I have been playing this game for 4 or maybe 5 years. The last time i played this game 2 months ago. Usually if i dont play game for long, they make me login line again.. but this time i can login again. I had try 4 times even with uninstal and instal again. But i cant login line.. it says "unable to log in, please try again". do you know how to fix this? I dont want to play from begining
i just downloaded this at my new phone (not flexing tho) and it says that this game isnt available for my phone version? i mean, i downloaded this at my samsung s5 and it works just fine..this game is very cute and has nice graphics but how can i give you a complete 5 star when i cant even pass through the downloading screen?i thought it was only me who had these problems but turns out that everyone does..im really dissapointed.
its been so long already why havent you fix the game??? cant even log in the game and its downloading really slowly. It keep saying it has error or connection lost even when my internet is good. Does this game got deleted or something??
Thank god my phone is Potato i read the comments is pretty bad think it's up date in game not outside probably not its always like that all of line game up date inside ....... OH WAIT FOR ALL PLAYER WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME ITS ACTUALLY NOT THIS GAME PROBLEM BUT THE LINE CORP cuz i just see the pati game its update on april and its giving you how to launch the game if you had a problem and this not patigamescorps. so i dont really expect much becouse its not the maker haha uhh so pls read this
I've actually never been able to play the game which is quiet disappointing, it keeps saying I have no internet connection when in reality I actually do have a strong internet connection. I would really like to play the game but...I sort of can't, could you possibly fix it?
The new update is bad. My game chrases all the time. I have good internet connection, usually i play fine. But this month (may) the game crashes everytime i fill the cofee machine continuously. Please fix this
Please fix the problem ASAP. I keep getting stuck on the download screen, somewhere around 60%. Then it tells me that there's a connection problem but before crashing by itself with the message "Error has occurred. Restarting the game". So I re-open the app and the same message re-appears over and over but I would never ever get past through the screen with the words "GAMES pati". It's so frustrating cause I've tried restarting the game AND my phone AND even redownloading the app but no change.
Dear Developer, I didn't know what was happen to you. What's going on? I have been playing this game for years and so some others i guess. But i just didn't get it. I no longer can play this game, not even can start the game because when i was installing the game it suddenly ended with error though it's already reach 98% like really... Even if i have deleted some apps in order to play I Love Coffee and my connection was stable enough i was wondering as why these days it keep going like that....
I never got to play it because it stayed at 9% when trying to update... for a week straight. I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it but it said the same thing no matter how long i kept it open. I might try again later but I'm not sure its worth the hassle for one game.
What the heck is your software team did because it keep freeze and crash out of no where... this is ridiculous!!! Almost 3 weeks now!!!!!!!!!! Stupid!! I've played this more than 2 years and this is stupid!!
I'm literally kicked out of this game. I have been a player for more than 3 years. It's sad to leave what I have been built over the time. The game cannot run on the new Android. I have changed to new Samsung S10+ phone and the game is constantly crashed there. My previous review and asking for help never gets any reply. I have to keep playing on the old phone but now it's not working either. You have lost a player and will continue losing without any upgrade to match the system
Those who have problems with login via LINE, you guys should install LINE APP and it will auto log in. No worry
Hii! I've started to play ILC again after a long break. However when i started to move the furniture around to change the theme of my cafe, my items suddenly disappeared. I've checked my storage and they were nowhere to be found.(I've also restarted the game too). I've lost my cherry blossom chairs and the coffee cans. The game also lags once in a while and kicked me out of it. Please fix this as this is a v lovely game :)
I really wanted to play this game but I can't even play this game! Please fix it,when the download data reached 75%,it said that there's problem with the connection then when I tried to open it again,it will said that error.. I hope devs do something about this since people are complaining too.. Good game but there's a problem
I have downloaded this game before. In choosing to re-download it ive noticed something infuriating. My game is stuck at 9% on the downloading data screen. Even though, I watched it increase to 11% it went back down. I've been waiting for an hour and know for sure it isn't my phone, I have great internet speeds and a 4g data plan.
I love this game cause I already played at least 5 years now, all the update is cute thats why I still playing, but now all the limited item are using cash, for me whose not fave about using much money in the game is really disappointed, I do topup, but all item using cash? Surely make me consider before buying, if the case I buy it, maybe when I spend all my cash, I will stop playing, it sad cause I love this game
I can't log in with new update. I can log in to another line game with no problems. I used to play all the time. I have been playing this game for about 3 years. :c please fix this issue.
I don't get it. I used to play this game a lot whenever I had long periods of free time. I love cafe games and this was the best out there for me. WHY THE HECK DOESN'T IT WORK NOW? There is a message that said it was built for an older version of android. Then again, it looks like this game hasn't been updated since 2016.
I love this game!! 5 years ago i play this game and i'm comeback! First, i can't log in and i install line and i can log in~ so, if u can't log in with the ID, u must log in with line chat 😁
I love this game, been playing it since 2012, but can't seem to open it on my Oppo Reno 2. Saying that the software is too old, hoping to see an update soon!
I used to play this game all the time and loved it. but i had recently gotten an Android S10e and when i tried to download and play it, a pop up came and said that the app was designed/made for older model phones. When i tried to keep the app and play it, it would constantly restart my phone. Would it be possible to improve this? I really miss this game
Whenever I try signing in my LINE username, I get a message that says "Sorry. There problems logging in. Please wait a while before trying again. (4:445). I've waited for a while, had to restart my phone and even downloaded the game on my other phone just to see if it works. But no! I can't even sign in even with the correct username and password. Please help! I would really want to havw this fixed.
I used to play this game like 4 years ago,and now I wanted to play this game again,But the in game loading always stucks on 75%,I keep on reinstalling this game but it's not helping at all.I really hope this bug(?) can be fixed because I really miss playing this game.
Tips for people who couldn't play after download, login to your line messaging app on the same device. It worked for me.
Downloaded. First time play failed. Downloading content and foreverly stuck at 9%. Using my mobile data and keep downloading in the back. Already uninstalled.
why i love coffee game cannot log in? so many days alredy! i play this game more than 5 years, now alwys say the old version bla bla...pls fix it as soon as possible, if no i will stop to play this game and also ask all my frien atop it. dam angry
I've been playing this game for 2years. N I have no problem. But Since yesterday I cant openy account. N stuck in Checking Version 0% n keep saying i have no internet connection. I try to uninstall this game n install it again but it doesn't help. It still the same. Dev pls. Im already lv 73.
Great game but...it wont load! It stays stuck on download screen! Its been this way for like 2 years now & ive had like 3-4 new phones it all did this with. This was with both Apple & Android. When i did have the game it was so cute and relaxing💔 Trying Again (on a new phone) now.
It's been 4days, i couldn't log in. Always in 'loading line friends' page. I alr uninstalled. And i use wifi.
Thought of giving it a shot when I saw the poor graphics in the screenshots but I just couldn't accept it. I didn't like the art style. The gameplay is ok, somehow I prefer "I love pasta" more with similar art. And the patching takes ages. Other games with bigger GB doesn't take that long.
I have been playing this game since the first time it is released! It never has major trouble. But the last 2 months I can't log in, I even tried reinstalling the game and even changed my LINE log in password, but it still says unable to log-in! Please fix this issue! Looks like some players have the same problem
Theres a problem at certificate>social>coffee roasting machine. I shouldve archive that goal actually but whenever i tap on freind's coffee machine it doesnt counting my help. It stop counting at 998. Cant please fix this?
I love this game. It's very addictive! However in the past couple days I've had problems where it backs me out of my barista tests! I'm unsure if it is my phone or the app :( I'm sad about it because I would very much like to pass the tests.
What happened to this game? It doesnt work anymore and it says restart the game... I keep restarting but nothing... I played this before in 2014 i guess or before that and i loved it... But what happened?!
I have played this game since 2014 and it's very cool game for those who love interior design. You can have your own custom cafe here, oh yes. Their features & quests are upgraded & updated from time to time, very good. It's perfect game for me. Thankies!
Why i can't click the blinking pot for barista test? When i want to learn new drink, please repair the bug please, it's 4 years already
Very nice and cute game, with non intrusive ads and a lot of content. I have no idea how many hours I put into this game and I still have a lot to do. Never felt forced to pay. The only thing I disliked so far are the quests that ask you to spam your friends.
I can't log in with new update. I can log in to another line game with no problems. I used to play all the time. I have been playing this game for about 3 years. :c please fix this issue.Update reinstalled Line and now log in. :)
Been playing quite some years now. It keeps improving, a lot of events and new furnitures so it's still interesting even after years. The graphic's nice & beautiful for me personally. The game doesn't require much time and attention so I can easily play inbetween schedule while taking a break or relaxing. Sometimes I just hope to be able to send furniture for the neighbour, otherwise it's totally fine. Still recommended though. 👍
I wrote down my password for this and it doesnt work. Stop playing thus for a year because i didnt have enough space, but now that i have, i download this only for my email and password to not work. Ive waisted my time to play this and now i might not be able to get it back.
Reinstalled after a while and encountered the same "Unable to log in" error. Installed Line to check if the info I used is correct and went back to ILC to see that its just a verification screen. I think this error is caused by an oversight by the devs because the log in process for the Line app changed from email to phone no/Facebook and they didn't update the game to let you log in the same way. Tl;dr: install line to auto log-in
I dropped it down to 1 star because I can only use my phone to play right now, my tablet is getting fixed, but it doesnt work on my phone. I installed Line thinking that would help and it didnt. FIX YOUR GAME.
I really love this game. I'm actually planning to work at Starbucks this Summer. It really gives you a feel for how baristas must have a good memory. I love that it has an interactive aspect where you make the coffee, as well as a chill idle experience when you just wanna kill time stress free. I would like to know how to add friends in game apart from the Live friends tab. Otherwise I'd say this is a really enjoyable game to play.
Recently, I can't log into the game. Like others said, "unable to login." Im playing this game since 2013, and this is the very 1st time I can't login to this!? Its very dissapointing... PLEASE FIX IT ASAP.
Seems to be offline...keeps saying to check connection, so I try w/ wifi, says same thing, turn off wifi & use phone data, same thing. So it just will not connect. I played on a dif phone be4 & remember enjoying it. Last update WAS 4 yrs ago tho,in 2016. ---UPDATE curiously now it connects, but the download (why do games force u to download another enormous pack after youve already dloaded & installed it? it's really annoying) is STUCK AT 9%, just as others have commented
i can't connect the app, every time I enter the app, the app always shows the message that the connection is problematic (even though I can play other online games smoothly) or the app is unstable. then I switched to using wifi, but still can't connect.
I cant log in. Why is that??? PLEASE I NEED HELP. I WANT TO PLAY THE GAME. Ive been playing this for 3 yrs yet i encounter this problem for weeks. Please do something.
Whats wrong with this game?! the problem almost same with other, the connection problem for downloading the data. I've tried this game in another phone, it's great! but i feel dissapointed here with the problem
I love this game. I've spent a lot of time investing in how I would like my store to look like as well. I just wish the game is compatible or updated for the new android system. I have the google pixel 3 XL and the game would not load. I'm pretty shattered. Please fix!
It won't let me login because of "connection issues". There is nothing wrong with my internet connection though, the problem is with the game.
Honestly I played so long for this game. But recently I find out that the developer is not updating to newest device. So I guess some player have difficulties in installing this app again on their new device. I just share my experience
Don't waste your time on this, guys. I installed it a couple days ago but it's still stuck at 9%. I've been waiting for the data to download for DAYS. I tried to wait for it until 100% but when I got at 43% the game suddenly crashed and when I opened it again it was at 9% again. This totally sucks and is most definitely NOT worth it.
I cant even use this game! Let alone get past 9% ! I thought this game would be a nice game, seeing as its LINE, but now I know that i cant get past 9% or even sometimes 12 or 13% I think i might delete it! Maybe if you could fix this i would be much happier!!
I love coffee used to be my favourite game but when I changed to a temporary phone as my old phone broke, I fell out of playing it on a routine. I got a new phone and I wanted to play it again for nostalgia and it's a really good game but it doesn't seem to let me get past the start download page and stays on 9% even with good connection. Has the game been deleted or changed? Please fix the problem soon.
It download, and it's already 100%... So that's mean I can play right? RIGHT?!?! I've actually played this a years ago... But I don't have a Line, but that time I do. And it's already like 2 years ago I have my Line account. So, I think it's okay to start all over, i love this game. BUT! When it restart from the home screen, it says error... EXCUSE YOU?! I already spend my precious time for this app.. And this is what i got?! ERROR?! Well whatever... Just think twice before download this game...
i used to play this game for many years . but now , i cant even play this game ! please fix it ! i really love this game ! i cant play this game cause i have a new phone .
i've been playing this game for years and want to download at my new phone but always stuck in 9% downloading. please fix the problem. hope to play again soon.
Ive been trying to download this game on and off for 2 weeks, it never gets past 9% and I'm so desperate to play it! V disappointing as I cant even try the game to see how good it is... I hope it gets fixed ASAP as its a shame especially with 5M downloads that the devs don't seem to be fixing or acknowledging the issue.
I've been playing this game for months or maybe a year already but I went on a hiatus and forgot the storyline already. I wanna restart. However I can't find a way to restart. I wish there's a restart button somewhere and about the account binding, I wish there's way to connect my account to my play store account or maybe to my facebook account. I don't like how I can only connect it to my line account.
Can't play the game I can't play the game after the recent update. I got an error: Error occured in game. Restarting now. So I reinstalled the app but can't finish the patch now. Patching won't pass the 98% mark. I always get the connection error failure. Tried to reinstall the already but the same thing always happen. Please fix.
I got thrown out like everytime I played. Never had a smooth experience this year. Why? Before I change my cellphone, I thought my cell already too old and don't have enough capacity / memory space anymore. Now my phone is quite new, Oppo f11, I have enough Internet capacity and quota to play Ragnarok Online and Mobile Legend. I also have enough memory space too (still around 90 gb), so what's wrong, LINE?
Dear GM, i've bought 2 times ( 200 pcs) of Special Royal Blend for the same time. My credits have already drained but i just got 1 times (100 pcs) counted as this month's purchase. Please fix this problem and please give me your best solution about this problem. It's okay for me for losing 0.99 dollar, but please fix this inconvience.Please kindly check my purchase info for the detail from your system to any proof.
It won't let me log in, always says unable to log in for 1 year already. This is frustrating, FIX THIS!
hello! I have been playing the game for years and recently I have struggle for open the game. it is always network error when I use both wifi connection and mobile data. pls repair it. thank you.
I download this game yesterday and then I started playing this game. At first you have to wait because it was have a downloading up to 100% so I wait that until the precent is 78% so I wondered because the precent doesn't move and it stopped and the next thing happend is there appeared to be a weak interenet and then I check my internet and my internet is strong. So I try again & again downloading and that the still happend so that I can't enter this game.
Did they shut the servers down or something? I used to play this game for like 7yrs, I stopped for awhile and I noticed that not once has it updated since I stopped playing. I tried to get back on, and it doesn't let me log in, it just keeps saying "unable to login. try again later" ?? If it was shut down, I'll be quite sad. I put a lot of time into it.
I just installed this and I'm always stuck at the downloading screen. It only lasted to barely 50% of the loading bar and there'd be a pop up saying "Error occured, restart the app." and now it's just stuck at pAti Games. I remember being capable to play this game on my old phone, a very old samsung phone. So why not now, on a new one, a 2017 model? Final edit: I'm uninstalling this.
I like this game, but unfortunately the Devs isn't update the game anymore. We support you if you want to update the game again, it'll be fun
I wanted to play this again, used to play it a few years ago :( I don't really into this kind of game, but I really love this one, like really love it, please bring this game back
lol i downloaded this app but i cant get through the download phase. always stuck on 79% then it would fail. download wont continue and stuck on an error/restart game popup.
I used to play this game before and i do really love this, I even spent some cash which is I don't usually do in other games. Please let us play again devs
I love this game badly dude ! I begin this maybe about 6 or 7 years ago. I uninstall this lol when i didnt play ilc, but installed again when i wanna play. And it was fine. No problem for login or download. Even i have upgrade my phone, change phone and it still fine to download ilc again.
Problem with the new android system. Hello, I am one of the "I Love Coffee" player. I myself really love the game. And it's always my best game that i've played it already for 5 years. But now, after the upgrading of my adroid system to ANDROID9. It seems that the game doesn't support my adroid anymore. I can't enter the game. But I still really want to continue playing it, because i love the game so much. Could you please do something that will help me to play it again? :)Thank you so much.
Can't get past the download screen because its ungodly slow and then if it does get anywhere its says I lost connection and restarts it. Been trying for 2 days now on multiple connections. Was looking forward to playing, but will have to uninstall.
Wanted to play this game again after not playing half a year. Been playing this for 5 years.. but now I can't seem to log in. It shows "unable to login, please try again later". I hope that developer sorts this issue out asap! Please please please!! I saw many people reviewed the same issue as mine.
I have played this game and I can say it's a very awesome and exciting game. I feel like I have build my own coffee shop in real world. Because of this game I love coffee a lot. It's amazing to experience this feeling to see people sitting and drinking coffee in this game. This game inspires me a lot😍☺️☺️
Why is it taking too long to even increase for 1% it took me like 45 minutes to reach 17 and It said I'm safe to go to home screen I go to open a song and I come back to find it returne 9% once again .. the hell is wrong with this game?!? Why is it taking too long to download plz solve this problem so that enjoy the game.
It was a beautiful game.. I played this game since 2015 at my tablet until now 2020.. I just play this game on July 22, 2020 its still activate BUT, something happen on Thurs. it was starting the game then connecting to line... & then send me out & then all i need is to connect @ line login then i click it.. next terms of service & click allow, then when it comes to vertification i click allow but it never work & can't go back at my cafe i'm still stuck at vertification until now.. Please fix it
"Unable to log in. Please try again later" mesaage appearing for 2 weeks now, making it unable to start to play. I've been filling inquiries to LINE support staff and their help doesn't work ("update OS", "reinstall ap", "find stable WiFi spot"). I gotta admit, reading the reviews, I'm glad I'm not the only one having this issue, because I felt alienated since there's no active ILC community to talk to and felt just abandoned. But that doesn't excuse the company for this issue without fixing it
hello, im new in this game and i cant log in. it say "unable to login. please try again" even though i have entered the coorect email and password
so it downloads and I attempted to sign up for an account. won't let me play without account and I am highly uncomfortable with giving out my phone number to just anyone. with no other way to log in this is one game I will never be able to play. Would be nice if we could sign up with a guest account or Facebook. then and only then will I give this game another try. UPDATE still no alternate sign in options. look elsewhere if you dont have a LINE account and dont like sharing your phone number.