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Line Driver

Line Driver for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Bad Review Games located at Polskyi Uzviz 11, Odesa, Odeska Oblast, 65000, Ukraine. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is just a copy of Line Rider. The game itself looks very slightly different but you're even advertising it on youtube with stolen videos. Just got an ad for this using "Dance of the Line Riders" by DoodleChaos. Reported for plagiarism.
I saw the ad for this game and was hell yes i wanna make music with lines. Nope. Just a cash grab game. Ads every 20 seconds. You dont unlock sandbox mode till after level 30. This "game" is just a fail in general. The people who made this game are called "Bad Review Games" for a reason apparently...
Yah, uuuhhhh first of all, constant, constant ads and, the way they advertised this game on YouTube was so damn good, I never thought it would make ne download trash.
Not like the original LINE RIDER. Looks like it, but not fluid like the original. editing is also hard to do with this app. when restarted, an ad pops up, but tapping return several times stops it... still, needs a lot of work. shouldn't be in the playstore just yet. removing after playing maybe 10 min. I love the original, and couldn't tolerate the limited control with this version. .
So yeah, this game when you want to move. And your line comes follow but, the bug are very big and. This game had a full bug about, so don't do this game..?
There are countless ads provided on this game. It's also pretty slow most of the time. Also this game will take up a lot of your space. I simply just deleted this game for good. It's not worth your time.
TOO MUCH ADVERTISING Okay, I get it. It's a commercial product that they really want you to buy. If you don't buy, they advertise. Got it. But when the advertising is *this* intrusive, you can't learn enough about the game to decide if you want to chuck the money at them.
It's a good app and I like how you have to play it for a little bit for you to access everything in the sandbox it's really fun drawing lines I never thought I'd say that
Ads appear everywhere and after every level or try. Honestly I hate it. Awful game too easy and too many ads. I can see why this game has 3.6 stars.
It's an excellently made game, despite the ads. Like, if there was some way to lower the height of the ads, that'd be convenient. Also, It would be optimal if this had more support for ChromeOS devices. I give this a 5 star rating because it is still very fun.
this game is so fun like you have to drive to fastest stages when one was my favorite if you get to make your own round it's just the best
So many ads the game is barely playable. You'll spend easily twice as much time if not more watching ads instead of playing.
Waaaaay to many ads, I can barely play without getting an ad every 30 seconds, I just uninstalled, I k ow you can just get no ads, but games dont need THAT many ads
Overall 0 stars. It SUCKS. Ads every 10 seconds, when i try to move the camera view it draws and when i switch to the eraser tool to move camera it erases my lines. So take my advice and don't download this game. Its a waste of time and phone storage.
TOO MANY ADS! A decent gaming experience but the sheer amount of ads constantly stop the flow of the game to which is it unbearable and have to uninstall after 20 minutes of gaming.
This little game right here is very relaxing, has very calming theme music and sometimes involves to think smart.... Overall very nice game... Just wish there were lesser ads... But anyways for each add I watch I get free rewards... Keep up the good work developers.
Horrible game. Way to many adds, plus its way too easy. I wanna play music but it doesn't have any. WORST GAME EVER. BTW among us is way better.
Poor physics compared to the game it's ripping off. Horrible ads, especially the ones on YouTube that are blatantly stolen from from other games
the game will randomly delete lines you've placed making you restart entirely. you cant erase just parts of the lines. it has to be the entire line. Also ads are getting ridiculous. didnt last 2 days on my phone.
Most disappointing download ever. Watched a demo of a classical piece of music and it was amazing then after downloading game found that it was just continuous ads and a crappy interface. Deleted.
I give u five stars because... I like the Ads XD . I'm just sitting and watching 3min Ad on Utube ......
Hilarious game and fun to play however the ads are ridiculously overwhelming. All in all though it's worth the download for at least a few days or weeks.
Garbage. Full of ads. Not even what the advertisement was at all. I downloaded because the nostalgia, i use to play line rider. The advertisement was exactly the old game i use to play.
There are ads after each try and you do have the option to buy, but I'm not sure if it's a one time buy. I didn't buy anything and still find this game enjoyable despite the ads.
Instead of stealing content from DoodleChaos (Youtube) for ads, you can make your own videos and show that off, Plus, when people see that ad and think "Cool, three riders!" (as shown in the dance of the line riders "AD"), Thats something your promising that you cant provide at the moment, as that video is from a diffrent game and has a little more content then your game
This isn't at all what they show in the ad an need to change it the game itself is fine just not what I wanted as seen in the ad.
I have had an amazing time the best thing about it u can make mistakes and they turn into the best things the only thing I had had a problem with is that sometimes it will erase what i have placed but only a little so still 5 stars u should really play this game u can be really creative with this game no I'm not a bot either for the person saying bot πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ also I'm adding this a little to many ads though try and make them less and i gurantee u get more players also if u could make a multiplayer
The game is good but the sandbox mode has bugs. The undo button isn't working at all and when I press button it also made me draw and the erase button can't draw small lines. Pls fix this game so I could change my rating to 5 stars.
The game itself is great but I'm not lying when I say the ads ruin it. You get as much play time as you do watching ads. Of course you could always buy the add free version but they might as well make the game itself cost that amount because without purchasing the remove ads thing than there is basicly no game.
Horrible ripoff of an original game. If you're looking to play the original, try the free browser version (just search "line rider"). I think anyone can trust a pearson with a profile picture like mine.
This is trash it's very easy on the levels but on sandbox mod when I rotate the camera view it still draws the line. It's a fun game but, sandbox mode is trash.
I belive you should take away music...Because when I first started it glitches.I like the game thoughπŸ˜‹
When ever you go in sand box and you move around using the joy stick it starts to draw when you start to move around the screen with the joy stick...its very anyoing and needs to be solved.
Just a ripoff of the classic line rider. Also stealing line rider videos to promote their ads online. Installed by mistake. Uninstalled after two mins.
It's a fun game to play when your bored and every time you get an ad as appreciation for playing the game you get extra coins and rewards
It's great but I have one tiny problem on the sandbox, it draws while I use the joystick which can be very annoying at times, please fix this and I would rate it five stars.
The ads for this game were not made by you, they were stolen from a youtuber called doodle chaos, who is not getting compensated for providing the videos you STEAL for your ripoff game
I'd rather buy a laptop to play line rider, then this. thus you're app is absolutely garbage friend. might i add that getting three notifications all at the same time, every fifteen to fourteen minutes, at 11:06 isn't pleasent at all. This game is the retarded cousin of line rider.
This app is amazing. Very creative. The one thing I would suggest to the developer(s) is that they should add in a feature that would allow you to add your own music in Sandbox mode. But all in all, great app.
Good Game and very cool and musical if there was music but I know they should be music because the thing is about music and I can get it is so cool because it ride on things just to get to the end of the finish line on the whole base of the game so that's why he was forced off because it's kind of funny and kinda good that you actually make things and it's nice to make music on something so I hope all of you people would like to play this game and I have saying that it's cool but it is fun go
The ads I saw for this use stolen content from a youtube channel called DoodleChaos, and they don't even edit his signature out of the video! DoodleChaos had been trying to get them to stop using his videos for their ads, but they don't say anything! Don't download the game so they can't make money from the ads in the game!
So if youve seen there adds its nothing like that the ads are completely different from the actual game its just a trashy ripoff not worth spending time on if you liked the ad you wont like the game
Absolutely horrid copy of the real Line Rider. The only thing worse than this app is the fact that the developers use videos of Line Rider without permission to shamelessly promote this knockoff! Do not download it or give them any of your hard earned money.
I've given this 4 stars because its addiction but a slight problem. Theres a glitch that's happening on my phone on this game. Please can you fix it guys who made this game. Thank you. :)
Line Driver rips videos from Line Rider, an actual game that y'all should check out, and YouTuber, DoodleChaos (you may remember their rhythmic videos in Line Rider, Minecraft, and TrackMania), to use for ads. This not only is false advertising, but hurts the Line Rider devs and the content creators. The idea is essentially completely ripped from Line Rider as well. Please check out Line Rider, it's well-made, fun, and has an amazing community backing it! Also check out DoodleChaos on YouTube!
Too Many Ads! Even for me. Every action requires a ad. And I usually don't have a problem with games that has ads, but you can at least switch it up. It's the same damn ad over and over. Also they're all unskippible, except for the ones that guarantees rewards. Like the one that says, "If you skip this one, you won't get your reward." So even when you can skip it's not recommended. Change this feature, and I'll change my ratings!
Love it much its easy ro learn driving and drawing some pieces of line it does work after all but it has many many many so much ads out there but i luv it keep it up good work.
Insane amount of ads! Couldn't even make 5 lines before getting an ad then everytime you change the tool you get another ad.
I want to rate this a 0. It's so bad, it loads in like 10 seconds later, and it doesnt let me use my imagination bc all the stages are like, the shortest ever?! Absolute garbage!
Decent game but its ad hell just as the reviews say. I had an ad that nearly crashed my phone. Can't say I recommend it.
So disappointing. I saw the advertisment of this game and thought this should be a really good one (The 2 stars are for the ad not the game). Now that I played it, I regret wasting time on it. The background music goes on your nerves. Random ads keep popping up everytime you complete a level and levels are done in less than 10 seconds. This should be considered as an advertisment platform, not a game. Edit: After reading the comments, gonna take the 2 stars back.
Missing a lot of features I'd like, ads are way too much with no option to remove them, pausing the run then continuing starts the sled from a standstill instead of continuing the run at speed, making edits in place hard. Things I want: - Undo button - Speed continuity on pause/unpause or implement a way of creating a "ghost" of the player when a flag is placed so edits are easier - More vehicle choices (bike, car, rollerblades, skateboard?) - Straight line drawer with bender
The idea is good but the app is hard to play. The tools are hard to use. Plus there's an ad like every 15 seconds.
Terrible, for 1, it doesn't have music and second of all way to many fricking adverts. I am uninstalling right now 😑🀬 its not even fun, it would have been fun if there was music but nope
Way back I used to love this game, so got excited when I saw it. Installed it, got spammed with adds every 30 seconds, and it didnt even play properly since my guy always ended up elsewhere each replay. Huge dissapointment
To all those who are saying that there are too many ads just put it on flight mode and you will have none
To be honest, it's probably the best cash grab game there is! I didn't like the ads on YouTube because thay were stolen from the game this game is replcating, line rider, there is not to meny ads between levels, evry ten minutes or so, it's nice it gives you a reward for watching the ad, BUT way to meny notifications! got two in the span of like ten minutes! Any way this game is like line rider but with a goal! Only 3 stars though.
I saw YouTube ad for this. Several sled men were sledding on lines that are the visual of the sounds in the nutcracker which is playing in the background without looking like sheet music. I was disappointed to discover you cant watch and interact with sled men that are riding the sounds of famous songs. Now I want that with customisable sled men. I want to watch a reindeer ride a sled to the theme of jaws only for me to poke it and watch it get eaten by a shark. I am not angry just disappointed.
Ads after every level and a level takes 1.5 seconds to complete. More time on ads than playing. The game is fun the but ads are ridicuoous
saw this game in yt,, it looked really cool at first! But it twas a lie. Sandbox world buttons don't work how I imagine they're supposed to, but I can only imagine, CUZ THEY DIDNT DO ANYTHING. Levels are easy but when they have a chance to give you an ad, it's a 75% chance they're gonna give you one. Honestly, this was just disappointed ;(
The game itself isn't great, but omg the ads are everywhere. There's an ad after almost every round, and they have no early skip option! Unless you are willing to deal with ads, I recommend against installing.
UNINSTALLING WAY TOO MANY ADS!! This is so rediculous every time i pass a level (which is super easy, a little too easy) there is ANOTHER AD or 2 ads some times. And that's just rediculous. Unexceptable! I am immediately UNINSTALLING! Even if it was an AMAZING GAME (which its not) i would still unistall, because there is never an reason for that many advertisements! So upsetting. SMH πŸ‘Ž
Horrible. Its so hard to create. Wen you use the joystick it draws. Horrible game. Dont waste your time
Took about 3 minutes to get fed up with the adverts; this isn't a game, it's ad platform. Play a level, only get 2 out of 3 stars ubless you watch an advert. A permanent advert at bottom of screen. In the few minutes of playing, also got 3 adverts to watch through between levels. Apps like this shouldn't be allowed on the play store, there's plenty of games with adverts which are still playable.... so it can be done right.
The game is so fun it's really fun to play because you can draw lines to the finish line and it's really fun ride it a 5-star I did and you guys rated a five-star to
Bad. Just bad. There is way too many ads, and there is SO much lag, it doesn't let you pass some levels for ages, just because your trying to make it more fun by doing loops and stuff. You don't unlock sandbox until level 30! I wouldn't buy it.
Wrong with this app is just when you I guess when you own when you don't even put your hand up it stops and the little guy gold up and that's the really annoying me so I put two stars
Seems pretty cool I just started playing and I liked it but the only reason I'm giving it a 4-star is because it has some ads and like as a lot of ads
Game sucks. Ad made it seem like there was music. There isnt and ads popped up 30 sec into game play. No easing in, just bam. Garbage
I love this games so much! Beside the ads it's super fun if we could put more than 5 stars I would put more.
So many ads it's unplayable. Good luck in free mode. I understand you gotta make money. But it's a ripped idea that's like 11 years old now but slow the ad rolls killer this isn't original. Cant play 1 minute without ads.. Worthless install.
Million of ads you waste more time on ads then the game don't bother installing it it sucks big time waste of time games like this should never be on here
Very fun, entertaining and has a good concept but i dont like getting spammed by notifcationes LITERALY 5 SECONDS APART!
Yea umm, why not just go play line RIDER. ya know, the game that is shown in the adds instead of this cheap remake. Seriously guys, why do this? I may just be one review but i speak for MANY people who try to ignore it. STOP RIPPING OFF OTHER GAMES! Not only that but STOP STEALING OTHER PEOPLES CREATIONS FROM THE GZME THATS NOT YOURS. You are LUCKY this system doesnt have a report!
Downloaded it just to rate one star. So sick of these game companies using footage from another game to advertise their ad ridden garbage heaps. Google play needs to do something about this. BTW, for all who came from the youtube ad, that game is "Linerider".
Worst game ever it isn't even letting me draw, from the ad it looked so fun but it just made me frustrated 1 star if i could make it 0 i would
This is a downer, its so unlike in the add. Even in the developer's gmail, they knew what reviews to expect about it. This app should be a simulation just as advertised. It would've been great.
I paid $4.99 to remove the ads from the game. Not only did it not remove all the ads the pop-ups spontaneously, it doesn't remove the ads that you are required to watch in order to get three full stars for every single level. Plus the ads sometimes are 35 seconds or longer. After every single level. Ridiculous. I already got a refund. They're no ads claim is misleading it best in fraudulent at worst. Completely deceitful.
I do like Line Driver. But if you dont mind me saying the ads in this are ridiculous! The rating on this is 4 stars but it's really 3 and a half. This app should really cut down on their ads because it could turn some people off the app. And the notifications as well are very annoying. I know their only trying to tell you so and so about the app but its still annoying. Thanks for stopping to read this and have a great day
I've played games with a lot of ads but this is ridiculous. On top of that because the game is so focused on playing ads it's almost constantly laggy. Waste of time.
It looks like a fun game but then when you play it BOMBARDS you with ads there is too much of them please cut back on the amount of ads
This game sucks ... the only reason I downloaded the game was because I saw the ad on YouTube and it looked awesome but at the end it's just another one of those awful scams games made by some low budget companies
The adds ruin the game and its not like classic line rider where you make your own map. It's just stupid easy simple short levels. Its so boring and easy. They're just milking advertisements.
The ad with the Symphony No. 5 music was a complete install-bait. I thought I was getting a game like that but this turns out just another line draw game, similar to Brain Dots but a thousand times more boring, with no physics, no special effects, no innovation, just a big fat stupid ad dump. DO NOT INSTALL.
Ripoff of a Great game/site called Line Rider, also, I've played for 3 minutes and watched unskippable ads for 9 minutes, I recorded. Also, hey player, if you see this review, and you came from one of their ads and thought it was cool, no, the ads were taken from DoodleChaos on youtube, go check them out and use the og site
I think it is good because you have levels but I think you should add free play mode which you can fall down and the screen moves. :β€’)
I actually give it a zero I'm just saying one cuz I can't put zero. I can't even download the game because it takes like 160 million years for it to download, but now finally it downloads but there's so much ads that I can't even play one level and it's a ripoff...AGAIN. I don't even know why I downloaded the game first of all.
Potential to be a great mobile game, way to many adverts even for a free game which I would expect adverts in, but every level you start/restart or everytime you die you can expect 2/3 adverts everytime. Don't even touch the screen cause the link takes over and off to the app store it takes you, get back to the game and its restarted the level and you get a new set of ads to deal with. Fun great game just way to many ads. First 3 levels i had 13 adverts to contend with.
Boring, full of adverts and no reason to come back to it. Sandbox mode had some potential but there's no real reason to keep playing this. Don't bother buying the ad-free version, it's not worth it.
Great and what we know. but back exits game completely amd controls are awful although leanable but makes your end result not what you wished. STILL Linerider tho....
Its nothing like the ads on YouTube I saw. They said it played music and you didn't have to draw it but it's not that and I don't like that lie. Otherwise it's a fun game just wish the ads were telling the truth.
Too many ads. Game has potential but given the amount of ads. Got frustrated and uninstalled immediately after playing for 3 minutes. Had about 10 ads that popped up. Maybe more
Opened the app and instantly noticed a small add permanently across the bottom of the screen. After about literally only 1 minute of messing around I was forced into a unskippable 30 second add. Awful copy of line rider to make money off of ads, dont download
The adds are deceptive, they are from Line Rider, and are using videos without permission. The game is meh, and packed with ads. Also uses notifications to try and make you play it more.
This is the worst ap i've ever seen. Like, the concept is pretty good, but, there are ads up your face every five seconds. And there are tons of more problems with the game that i don't have time to explain bc there are too meny of them
Game is honestly just a big glitch. I go inside the app for the first time and the screen appeared but, I could not go to home screen, could not change my volume and my screen froze. I put my phone off (luckily that worked) and the music of the game was still playing. My phone then said Line Driver did not respond and I could not even close the app cus they gave me the option. I had to click the close button so Manny times. This app caused the biggest glitch on my phone.THE GLITCH HAPPENED 2Γ—
Installed just to warn everyone that this is a knock-off app that's stealing DoodleChaos' creative work for its misleading ads without compensation or even permission. Please install Line Rider instead. See any video by DoodleChaos on YouTube for details and a link to a reddit post with further discussion and advice on the topic. I hope the creator of this game isn't allowed to delete my review because I believe he definitely would.
This game is fun I thought I'd be the worst but I saw an add on YouTube. About it now i downloaded it and it downloaded fast. But I love it now so thanks for making it!
Fun and super nostalgic of what was a very good fun time killer of a game I used to play ALL the the time!! And watching the amazing things courses ppl would make and put on YouTube was astounding to witness such commitment and beauty in each track!!!!
This game is both a knockoff and a ripoff. There are more adds then game play and the videos advertising this game aren't even of this game. You should be ashamed puting 'Line Rider' footage and claiming it's Line Driver. Just pathetic.
Great game but in the first 3 seconds of playing there was an ad i would like to see A LOT less ads Please ;)
this app is really cool. just plat offline and the ads will not appear when your playing the game. i draw big ramps at sandbox. this game is like a puzzle drawing game. so i rated 5 stars on the game. pls add more new levels and new songs at the sandbox for the new update. for the other people. just play offline and you will play with no ads appearing at your screen. thats my suggestion to play this game. just play offline ok? got it? you will amaze of this game just play offline not online ok.
Sand box is horror. When you are drawing and then press a button to move or go backward it just draws while your pressing or moving the button its annoying and the undi does not work
When I saw the add, I thought it would fun, it isn't that fun at all. Good progress, but you need to still improve, because there are too many adds.
Terrible game, plastered with ads at every corner and even has the audacity to steal a video to advertize itself. I wanted some good ol' sandbox sled action and that isnt open immediately. Tried the first level and was blasted with ads. Worst attempt at capitalizing on nostalga, dont even try this game, horrible stuff
The game itself is alright but this app will spam you with notifications and will show ads everytime it gets a chance
I like the game, but the only problems aren't small ones. I. HATE. ADS. WHY ARE THERE SO MANY ADS IN THIS GAME?! I'M SO ANGRY AT THEM THAT I HURT MYSELF ONCE BECAUSE OF IT! 😠😠 PLEASE CHANGE THIS πŸ‡³β€ŠπŸ‡΄β€ŠπŸ‡ΌALSO IT KEEPS SENDING NOTIFICATIONS.β€ŠHate this SO much. Like it's the worst game EVER. Don't download. It's trash I'm deleting this. Creators pls see this and DELETE THE GAME. The ad was a BIG FAT LIE. BAD. IF I CAN RATE 0STAR I WILL. NOTE TO SELF: NEVER GET IT. NEVER WANNA SEE THIS AGAIN. πŸ‘ŽπŸ˜ 
Installed just to comment this is a line rider ripoff. There is a pinned post on r/linerider detailing the situation.
Ngl it is super fun. The levels seem to repeat itself tho making it kinda boring. My other problem is that it has tooooooooooooo much ads. Also pls make it has less ads and more levels.
Broken garbage, can't do a simple loop without glitching out and on top of that horrid ads interrupt gameplay and the story/puzzles are dumb several solve themselves
First of all the ads are from a different game. Second of all, the ads are stolen from a YouTube channel called doodle chaos. So not only are they scamming, they are using other people's videos without permission.
There is a bug in sandbox where it draws or erases when using the move screen option and when moving the square that controls the play options as well. I changed my rating because as a fan of the original, this doesn't cut it. When you restart a run in sandbox, it should do the same thing. It doesn't. Each can can be completely different seemingly at random. It was such a disappointment.
Not as good as i thought, i saw adverts for it and it made music which is really cool but it dosnt, it also dosnt have a tutorial to show you what the buttons do
So many adds makes it unbearable. Also found it's a rip off from the original line rider which everyone should look into. This app is scam in my eyes.
I love it but add Al the other modes in the game bc some ppl get bored of installing things pls do it for next update πŸ™. Also a tip that if u turn off the wifi there will be no adds it's tru try it πŸ˜‰
do not download, it is a knock-off version of a game i actually support called LineRider, as you make thousands off of linerider youtube videos ads to get people thinking that linerider is linedriver and it has put a big dent in the game and the community. do not play AT ALL
Ads in ALMOST EVERY 10 SECONDS!!! It's okay if the ads only a few times but the ads keep coming after 1-3 rounds of game... Auto uninstall😌
Its such a simple up but its so fun! And The ads that you make for these games are just incredible! I wish you the best of luck, devs!
Too easy to be enjoyable. You can solve every level within 30s or at most 1min. And no they don't really get much harder as you progress.
too easy!! it was so easy to outsmart the game, i could get 3 stars by drawing only 1 dot,,, it was fun tho! it made me laugh a lot soo i enjoyed playing it :DD
It seems they use stolen videos from an actually good content creator to advertise for their ad-ridden knockoff game. Not work they can be proud of, and their company name is quite fitting. Don't waste your time. But if the ads do lead you here check out Doodle Chaos on YouTube to give credit where it's due.
Horrible, this basic game has got no other purpose then promoting other platforms and apps in 30 sec intervals after every round. It's not as advertised, horrible .... Don't waste your data and time downloading this.... go for it if you are a bleak person with no imagination and more then enough time on your hands to p!ss away.
The game is fun at first, but it gets boring very easily. Ads are extrememly repetitive and at times NOT APPROPRIATE FOR CHILDREN. If you want to protect yourself and your possible kids, do not install this game.
To be honest the game play is not as i intended and you get 3 notifications in 5 minutes so I suppose you should not have the game :(
Worst game I have ever downloaded honestly was a waste of time. It has bad quality editing, physics were wonky, infested with ads, and it makes you play levels before getting sandbox. Dont download it, it is clearly lazily made and a useless scam.
This app sucks there are so many ads I can't even finish a level without having another ad. It's so glitchy and it has false advertising because in all the ads it goes with the music but it actually doesnt
Free version unplayable. 5 ads in the space of 2 minutes. If you don't plan on buying the ad free version I wouldn't even bother.
Turn off your Wi-Fi and data and you get no adds, got to level 30 in about 5 minutes easy peasy. I'll save you time, the sandbox mode is rubbish. Still fun going through the levels
It's great and you should love the 2nd part when you get to listen to music while drawing a line, also it's very easy but at some stages there very hard as well so definitely get this app.
To many adds its so annyping Becuase the levels are easy then u pretty much at a add when u finsh every level so to many adds
One star why. I give this one star because whenever I messed up on a level advertisement "RIGHT AWAY" its very annoying so I divided to delete this game
Not bad at all some and press botns adds but idc bout ads pretty good of a ripoff ove line rider i reomend donloud it if its not the game for you then thats fine
The game is fun but some levels they don't give stars at all but some people have problems with the game because i did see the rates but the game is fun!
Can i just play qnd not watch add like every time i die, fell, or just gonna start cause its very annoying. This game is cool and good wasting time but wasting your time with ads just to get 100,10 is just a waste of time and we dont even need the other things. So pls.. reduce this ad JUST PLS i wanna play in peace PLS JUST PLSSSSS
To many ads you can't really even do anything without wasting money on no ads and even then the game is really boring might be better if there where less ads and random glitches where there is no collisions
Line rider copy. Also saw a ad on YouTube where it used a video from DoodleChaos probably without DoodleChaos agreeing to let you use the video. I think this because the video was of line rider, not line driver
Good game, but very laggy. They should add in a button to turn down the graphics so then it's not as choppy.
ok game.. but ads pop up eight in the middle when your designing... if your gonna bend us over with all your 30 second long ads.. do it like after we hit stop... or something..
If you want to make a game, make it original.. Don't take videos off of youtube and put it on your trash game.. Also, wwaayy too many ads, I can barely play it
Well this game has ads left right and center sure theres level "builders" kinda like super Mario would not recommend. If you want a game that has a similar idea I would recommend alto's odyssey its not free but its so beautiful and nice music unlike this games ads.
This app is good for a one time use. There isn't much you can actually do since there is a very small limit to the amount of lines you can place. The main thing that makes this 2 star is the adds. You get bombarded with adds for every level and the levels are quit short. Don't get it the adds ruin it plus there isn't much to do altogether.
Too many ads and there are ads that I can't escape I'll give you an example once you get a add you can go back to the game you have to go back into the game relaunch it so that's really needs an improvement not all adds like an escape it's not fun while you're making this improvement I'm going to play something else
New update is a load of poo. Please bring back the classic or make another app that's the classic I wont even go up hills and I keep getting spammed with ads had this game installed on my phone for 8years now iv deleted it
Here to just tell all people that this app is NOT Line Rider the famous well polished better app. This is a knock off. DoodleChaos the maker of Line Rider is struggling with unauthorized use of his gameplay videos on youtube as unsolicited ads for this fake app. BTW, this is really bad as compared to the original. Full of forced fullscreen ads with no option to skip and obtrusive screens. πŸ‘ŽπŸΌ
the most hard and easy weird game :v the only thing you do is draw and a stick man drives :v it's soon weird
I thought that I would be able to create a level. BUT instead it's just an ad money grab game. I would not recommend this game. It would be JUST A WASTE OF TIME PLAYING IT. The pictures that it shows are FAKE. Dont believe in them and delete the app if u have it installed.
Out of the 37 Line Rider knockoff games I've played, this is by far the worst. A hell of a ton of adds, level builder doesn't work, and uses illegal footage for it's adds. Anyone who sees this and enjoyed the add, I can tell you what the add is. It is a youtuber who makes videos of the game this is a knockoff of (Line Rider), and they stole his footage and use it in adds. They do not have his permission. look up on YouTube "Line Rider Dance of the Riders". That is a great one.
More ads than game. I understand that you have to have ads in order to have a free game, but I've been playing for about 60 seconds and have already had to watch 3 adverts. One, just for going to the settings menu! That one hundred percent takes away all of the fun from what otherwise is an amazing game. Thus, one star. Uninstall... Also, the one minute loop of music... C'mon!!! πŸ‘Ž
A bad rip off of Line Rider that steals other creator's work. They've taken a concept made by another individual and crammed it full of ads and overpriced microtransactions, it even has a $199.99 subscription service, on top of its premium currency. I was only made aware of this game because I noticed one of their Ads was a stolen video of a custom Line Rider course made and uploaded by DoodleChaos. Just don't give them your money, the mobile port of the original is cheaper.
I loved the original pc version, but this just massacred it. Have to play to level 30 to unlock THE ORIGINAL SANDBOX LEVEL, but you have to deal with a 30 second ad after basically every level. Once you get to 30, every time you test your track using the play button, it's an ad. If each level took 5 seconds to beat, that's 150 seconds. Plus 30 second ads after every other level, it takes 10 minutes to gain access to the ONE FEATURE WE DOWNLOADED THE GAME FOR. Deleted after less then an hour.
Great game itself, but too many ads, you literally stumble on ads after two levels or even retries, we know there's a price to pay for the freedom but it's just too much!! Unless you love watching unskipable video ads, don't bother, I'm uninstalling in less than 10 minutes of playing it.
WAY too many ads. Not a very good first impression for anyone wanting to spend money to remove ads. That's a big NO from me.
Randomly deletes some lines for no apparent reason. Lots of bugs, fixes, and improvements needed. Keep working on it. I loved the old Line Rider on PC and would love to love this app too.
Guys, they stole the video in their ads from a YouTuber named DoodleChaos. That is so dumb and does not even remotely look like the game which is swamped with ads which makes the game literally unplayable.
I mean its a super fun game i love it but as every single other review... ADS! You play a level and finish it, the next level you get an ad. You lose at least 2 or more times, ad. Cut the ads please! At least make it so you can CHOOSE if you want an ad or not EVERY TIME! Instead of if you get 2 stars, you have the choice to get the 3rd star by watching an ad, and even if you dont watch the ad, YOU STILL GET AN AD! ADS ADS ADS THATS THE PROBLEM!! Fix ittt!!
What would make this game better is the physics of how the character runs across a surface because I try to make a flat surface but somehow he keeps hitting speed bumps that aren't there. Another thing to do is make the rider a seperate object from the skee and if he hits a wall hard enough or falls on his head he should be seperated from the skee like a ragdoll, then you should put flags at random locations so we can try to get the rider to those points and this should be a seperate gamemode
Ads everything ADS go in level ADS finish level ADS go in sand box ADS want to play your map in sand box ADS want to change something in sand box ADS middle of testing your map in sand box ADS in the middle of a level ADS! Oh and also they give you a notification every min saying new updates blah blah blah I'm done dont get this game isnt what you expect...I couldn't help myself but I had to delete it it was getting on my nerves, on some levels you have to restart the game to play it... annoying
As a developer, I find this game appalling. Riddled with ads after indoctrinating you into the early gameplay ad-free as to coax players into paying, to locking player progression behind payment or ads, the current development is garbage and deserves to be taken down for it's abusive use of revenue earnings. You, Bad Review Games, disgust me.
This game was a complete rip off. I think of it like this cause in the add it looked so cool, so i thought that it would be playing some music but no and most of the levles are really easy, so it is not that fun.
Have to play through 30 ridiculously stupid levels just to unlock sandbox.. also, way to many ads. Uninstalled, not even worth my time.
The ad on YouTube literally was stolen footage from DoodleChaos. I am not even going to try this. Stealing something and then making something that is not as good as the advertisement is not acceptable.
Really good game the graphics are amazing but one problem there are to many ADS!!!! I do one round and ad and the same every round I go offline on it but still ads!!!!!! I hate it so annoying I am angry to the point I'm deleting it
This game is actually great. Sure, there's ads, but not many of them. I like how there's sandbox option and I made a pretty cool level in the sandbox. Still I also like the level- Y'KNOW WHAT SCREW IT, I LIKE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS GAME!πŸ€©πŸ€©β€β€πŸ‘πŸ‘
This thing is flippen stupid. Literally imstalled it 5min ago, played for 2min and watched adds for 3 and now im uninstalling. Why do apps get bombarded with adds. Doesnt the developers know this is one of the main reasons for app dissatisfaction. You can bring adds in but less and smaller, dont make the app's main function that of conveying adds.
This is a ripoff of line rider and the some of the ads are stolen from youtubers who worked hard to make their content with the owner of this app steLing it for personal glory without permission frim the content creators.
Why did the YouTube ad for this game show the original line rider game by Microsoft, and why does every knock off mobile game ad I see use a video of the original game, tell me, please
The game was great. Good game for players. You see that rating only four? Oh well I'll explain it. So I playing this 12 times but on the 12th time I open it I played the chaos one. And I left the chaos and switch to the sandbox and not working. I quit again and rejoin but it still not working. Even if I switch Vehicles but still! Now I can't play this mode. Please fix it to make the rating perfect. If fix then I'll increase the rating of my rating. But I can do is clear data! Please fix it hagd!
Level 30? To do what ads say. Like come on! It's about 50 ads a level. really next time scam pepole better β›”πŸ•Ήβ›”
I like this because if you rate it 5 stars you will get 150 coins for free and it's easy and they got my favourite song