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LINE Bubble 2

LINE Bubble 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by LINE Corporation located at 東京都新宿区新宿四丁目1番6号. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Full screen display not compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. Please fixing it as soon as possible. Thanks
Why there are so many crash???? I'm so freacking pissed, like you playing in the middle of the game then suddenly the screen is freeze, then you can't go back to the game. What a lame game, delete soon.
I like this game so much. It is fun and have many events. I love the characters inside, they r so cute . It is really easy to get coins as u pass levels. I really recommend this game, I think u guys should try it too! I give u guys a tip, to decrease the energy of the big boss, u can shoot at it as long as there is no bubbles blocking the way. I think the game can improve on this, when I pass the collection level for the1st time, it doesn't give me the collection item. I need to try a few times.
This game really struggles under Android 9. Never used to have issues on Android 8 but now it's very slow when shooting at things.. Makes it very difficult to play now with the lag.
Freeze a lot, lost lots of lives bc of it, im on level 1070, spent a lot of money on buying flames, lives etc... and it keeps freezing causing me to shut the game down completely and constantly. I've even Uninstalled and installed it a couple times. Developers are making the game a lot harder which makes u buy the gems to be able to pass the levels !! Not as fun as it used to be.
Used to be really fun. The game had a cute story and skill based game play with friends to support you on your adventures. Then greedy money schemes were implemented to make the game almost impossible to pass without friend support which you need to spend rubies on which cost real money. Cheap tricks were put where the "retry" button is removed and replaced with spending rubies button. The cheapest was after collecting all the buddies and maxing their experience bonus buddies were added. 🤷‍♂️
the animations are cute the combos funny and the gameplay is smooth i highly recommend you try it out
Used to be fun. Now constantly glitching, freezing. Can't reach High scores (unless you are a spender probably)
A total RIPOFF. 1st thing if yoh lose your device and redownload the game on a new device you lose all your Gacha buddies.. then when you ask the game to look into it which they should have the data on they say sorry, sucks to be you and over 100 rubies as compensation which isnt even close to what the buddies cost you or are worth. Then they ask for a ton of information and after you provide it they dont read it and ask for the same information 2 more times until you get fed up and and just give up trying for the disrespectful, poor attempt to appease you. 2nd: the events they hold are rigged. I just played the detective one where i made it ro the 5th floor after countless powerups used and rubies purchased and on the fifth floor you have to collect 120 of 2 types of bubbles. They never even put rhe required amount of bubble on screen after buying the 3 xtra bubles for 300 coons and spending 6 more dollars to buy rubies to buy the 3 last chance trys which total 18 extra bubbles and 3 powerups. I still was ledt wihh 20 of each bubble to find with a screen full of evey other color bubble but the ones needed.. amazing ripoff of a game will not be recommending it any further and will uninstall immediately since they already took everything i had when i had to swith devices.
Only installed it to get some stickers... Still think this kind of game is a waste of time, but let's see whether I get hooked.
We should be able to play without wifi ! please update. Also some levels are a little too hard and you can't get much coins and gems so could you at least make some levels more easy ? and possibly have a more simple way to get gems and coins ? thanks. Other than that it's fun and addictive !
It has the worst game mechanic ever. always give you the worst bubble and the bonus time WILL hit the worst angle
just a typical bubble shoots game, BUT there's so many rewards , so you feel a chalenging situation to the game plus sometimes they give you a LINE sticker bonus !
These characters are so cute. I can't help wanting to play games with them. And this is a fun game too.
Funny and addicting. Did not spend any money, if it becomes too difficult I just play another game and try again when flames are full or I feel like playing again.
Addictive fun game, don't be fooled by people complaining about the rewards. Can easy play without needing to spend.
Some levels are very hard to pass. Sometimes they unknowingly ask us to pay to pass (by buying gems) the levels.
Easy to play. You aren't barraged by ads or requests to sent to friends all the time. Just a simple bubble popper game with a sweet story
It used to be fun. Now, this game cheats. It forces you to use all your items to try to get you to make real money purchases.
Addictive and then costly. Not a lot of help figuring things out, but most things are straight forward.
Game was great until the last update. The cancel button is remove and only left with button to continue using ruby. Wasted a lot of ruby because of this.
The worst bubble game I've ever played. Nothing new and innovative. Control is sloppy and slips away all the time, not to mention the pitiful reward.
It's fun game and I love it. This game is like back of the days (the bubble games) but with Cony Brown style 🥰
Design of the game is creative but newer episodes are out of original concept and game players are unable to pass without using massive items. There is not much statistics and fun in later episodes but more about making money...
I really hated how there is no confirmation before you use jewels (gems, whatever) to continue your play session. If you miss while tapping, there goes 8 or 12 or more jewels that are very hard to come by in this cash greedy game. But it's by LINE, everything is a cash grab. I got sick of that aspect and quit it cold turkey. Good riddance!
It CAN be fun. But winning is like playing the lottery, you play many times until you win something. The fact that you don't earn rubies as often or even coins is ridiculous, other games have ads and stuff where you can earn them for free. It seems like you have to pay to win and that's a bummer for me. I used to really like this game. Play at your discretion.
Used to like this game but as i get to higher stages, the level starts to get boring. Lack of innovation. I find that some obstacles like cloud will make the timer mode stage lag. And some of the special event is quite dumb cos the difficulty level is too high even at initial stage that it makes me lose interest already.
Fun game, love it to death. Still angry it asked for an update then restarted from the beginning of the game and administration hands were tied as to how to fix errors.
this is fun games, some stage are easy some stage are difficult. But this is the longest game in my smartphone
Give us an opt in button to add bubbles after a game, so we have a choice, before stealing our rubies🖕🏻. Game was great till last update. Game algorithm is absolutely unfair now and the UI changes now have buttons placed strategically to steal your hard earned money. Boo guys
Take wayyyyyy toooooo looooong to load!!!!!! Along with tooooo much pop up!!!!! Annoying!!!! And seriously guys, what a cheap trick you guys have. Obviously make us miss-shooting and all. I tell you its OBVIOUS guys! OBVIOUS! It takes forever to recover life too. like Seriously guys? Its LAME!
addicted game, but too difficult without items, and bad is game play on Xiaomi 8, 9, 10 China ROM is not smooth in the time many bubble was shoot during play on iphone very smooth. Can Dev team find the cause and fix please.
The game is really cool, but no full screen experience in Samsung phone device, I hope can be play in full screen experience in future, thanks for line teams, hope you guys can make it happen.
Quite the mental game! I enjoy the way the game makes you pay attention to detail, ensuring you place your bubbles JUST RIGHT!
The game is not fun as used to be, developer makes us have to buy helping items with gems becausa more difficult stages now and cannot win without using it.