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Lily City: Building metropolis

Lily City: Building metropolis for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by MAFT Wireless located at 145 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai 18/F On Hong Commercial Building. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good game but workshop & logistics building have both frozen so can't make wood & pick axes to clear fields, very disappointed. Please sort the problem's.
Poor game. I love builfing game and wanna test this one. After wasting a lot of data for download, the game force to upgrade when try to play. I checked in play store for update and found no new update. But the game keep showing need update to play.
One of the most family friendly games around. A bit heavy on the number of quests to complete a building or the number of items needed for any one step for my taste. Generous with ways to earn game currency. One of the few games I would consider paying cash for boosters or supplies.
Why can't I get my game 2 update been trying for 3 days plz help me with my update ,plz and also I miss playing ,,am only on level 12. Is any other players having TROUBLE with their game Lily city,,stay safe strong God bless,,hope 2 have this game up and running please help me out with this new upgrade thanks happy gaming
What can I say now I happy to download this app . LilyCity building. I love it this how many day's are gone. I finding a best build city app . Now I found it great app. It's having too many happiness. And 1000th building too build , renovations, help, constructions, farming, and business also etc . I soo ooh happy . So my friend's I request pleased download this app . Thank you .
I absolutely LOVE this game! Designing the town is OOBER fun and the buildings are updated so your not stuck with the same old look all the time! The absolute best feature for me! It deserves the 5 stars 100%. Thanks!
I have played this game since Dec 2019. It has had issues all of 2020. The players have worked really hard with the developers. At first they responded in kindness and sympathy, now it's like they cant respond to all the problems that players are faced with.
Enjoyable and it's easy to earn bank notes for other purchases on your city. I don't have to buy it. Glad they give unlimited life daily to give players longer play time. Cheers!
Got the game to work a short time. Buildings not producing and then disappear! I'm not going to repeat the cycle Everytime I open the game! I was hoping this would be like super city but bugs are bad in this game. And as anyone can see, I usually give great reviews. πŸ˜”
If you like playing zygna cityville, you will like this game. I loved playing cityville. I gave it 4 stars because this game freezes alot during play time. If they fix the problem then i will change the rates.
I've played over 20 city builders/managers on Android and this is one of my top 2 favorites. There is so much variety in the buildings and so many missions/tasks to keep you busy that it's almost overwhelming, and that's a good thing. 2 drawbacks: 1 while you can earn in-game cash it's slow going and some missions need buildings that cost said cash. However, real cash offers come often and are pretty reasonable deals 2 no option to manipulate terrain/add water. Overall, I recommend this game!!!
Lowered my star rating. It says there is an update and can't open the app to play. There's no link to update.
New: The items we need to find in neighbours cities are really scarce, I've visited 5 neighbours and only got one spanner. Please fix this so more items are dropped. Still love this game. Some if the buildings you buy with cash are a bit too expensive though. Graphics are nice and game play is easy.
Update Still love the game. Lots of perks without having to spend real money. Great graphics. Definitely a way to relax.
I am very upset. I couldn't access the game for several days. Each pay day I would spend several dollars for bucks to expand my city and buy buildings. I loved this game. However, when I was able to update my game earlier today, I was in a much smaller city that was nothing like the one I had. All my money was lost, stolen by game development. They took my money for game bucks but since the freeze I've lost a year s worth of effort and enjoyment. This game robbed me of cash dollars!!!!!!!!!????
Please install the latest version of the game to continue game... When I'm trying to open the game...it stucks at (loading 6%) by saying please update it, as I have updated version so please solve it...
I love the game. With exception of lately. I havent been able to play it for 2 days. Yesterday it said there were technical issues. Today its saying need to update. I just updated the game last night. I uninstalled and reinstalled. No new update.
I love playing this game but I wish they would get rid of the rocks as I can't afford to pay for the tools I need to clear the land.
Was a 4 star review until the 5/6/20 update. The game doesn't recognize I installed the new version and now will not let me access my city. Just repeatedly tells me to update. A shame because I was enjoying the experience.
Great game as far as what its supposed to be but..... Constantly freezes and or drops out. Thats why 2 stars. Can be frustrating. Update, now saying update required when there isn't one available!! Locked out!!
**edit... I understand yall have had a major problem and worked tirelessly to fix it. My review has been changed to reflect how I really feel. even after I uninstalled and reinstalled its still doing the same thing. Guess its time to move on......** I've enjoyed the game up until yesterday. Yesterday I couldn't get into the game, now today it's telling me I need to update but when I go to update, there's no update. Help! What to do?!
Unable to load game. While loading it says "Update". When clicked on update the page in Google Play does not have update but "Open". Please fix the bug.
This is starting to be like supercity kicking me out of the game saying check my connection when it's not my connection. Uninstalling now not doing this again. Tried to reinstall this game wasn't in two minutes kicks me out saying check my connection. It's not my connection, uninstalling.
Finally a game that meets my expectations; a game where I dont have to match 3 of anything to build my town
I REALLY LOVE THIS GAME!!! It reminds me of Cityville, I am on level 123 I play it everyday it's one of my TOP 5 Games on here and it's one of my favourites and I can't wait to see more buildings especially at Christmas I hope there's some opportunities to win more prizes along the way... Because that would be more interesting so keep them coming... πŸ˜€β™₯️
Dear developer, what happened why I can't update it said update the latest version but I pressed the Update it said no result and I check in google play store there is no update it shown still uninstall and open only. Pls. fix your game I'm really miss to play your excellent game but thrilling.
Be prepared to use lots of your own cash. Need banknotes to really progress and if you don't buy with your visa card or something everything is locked after a certain level. If I had known that, I'd never had started the game. LILYCITY_CHEATS_U ...... guess what I renamed my city
I have always stayed away from these city type games because they were always so small until now. I love that the buildings are bigger!! So happy with that. Well done 😊
First, thank you for the 100 dollars cash for the inconvenience of not being able to log on yesterday, because of technical issues on your end, but that is not why I am giving you 5 stars. I love this game. I have done lots of build your city and farm games, and this by far is my favorite. I especially like the opportunities you provide that allows you to get the items you need, even if you don't have the needed building.
A fun quirky game to pass the time in these unprecedented times that we are all unfortunately living under,I found a game that finally put a smile back on my face I like this game the graphics are excellent the gameplay is excellent its perfect for someone who is not a game freak like me a beginner if you like to use that word instead of freak (no insults intended to any real gamers out there). Its just a super simple easy game for simple people like me.
I want you to move something like a sidewalk behind a immovable building. i cant click that can you fix it?
I love this game because it is so fun to play and i can get a lot of buck and houses building often upgrade.
Update Still love the game but you will need banknotes for special buildings to participate in special building events which can be earned in game or purchased with real money.
I love this game so much. I play it daily and have beem for probably 3 months and was just working on a new layout for my city last night. I wake up this morning and it needs an update. Fine. It takes me to the play store but there's no option to upgrade. I uninstalled and reinstalled and its doing the same thing. I'd like to be able to play this game. Can someone explain why the game needs an upgrade but doesn't give an option for it?
Edited review 10-10-20 MAFT responded to my 1st complaint and was very helpful my concerns were being looked into and they offered options and ideas on helping (great game )❀❀❀ 9\29/20Shows technical difficulty on my ipad and android devices during game play even after reloading and even turning my tablet and phone off and back on
It's almost the same as the old Cityville on Facebook. You do not have to spend any money. It's a wonderful game!
Love playing this game some quests require a lot of doing but ok. The app is not working today it will not open x hope it works soon
Fun and colorful building app . The biweekly quests are interesting There is the advantage if being able to double rewards .
Great game again this game is a storage hog uses over a gig on my tab even though am only on level 12 this will x2 or more as u progress though the game same with data use it uses a lot of data and is laggy in loading in game pages needs to be smoother running and less of a data hog and playable offline fix those few things and thus game could be come one of the best games in this field but a good game over all.
Developers updated last week and messed up everything! EVERYONE lost their cities and all their accomplishments. This game is very expensive to play and people lost a lot of real $$ . Developers are attempting to compensate but it takes a lot to progress in this game and few are willing to start over. DONT spend money in this game it's unstable and unpredictable as many just found out the hard way $$$$$
After a couple of months of playing the game I fell in love with it. I like that the players have 2 hours of free energy.Please give to us lower prices (greenbacks) of buildings as well as add more new buildings and other things GOOD GAME GOD JOB! :)
This was one of my favorite games to play and have even spent a little money on it. I am very far into cause i have been playing it since it was introduced. And now i cant even get on the dang app cause they are having technical issues that where supposed ti be fixed by now. I am getting very aggravated with this cause its been lonh enough to gix the issues. They are telling us to be patient but dang how much more patient can a person be before they just say screw it and delete the app..
This is a fun farming game n yes, there is recent issues w/ lost data.. However, the developers R REALLY TRYING 2 MAKE IT RIGHT 4 US PLAYERS n recover our lost data as fast as they can! They responded back 2 me within 5 min of me emailing them! Give them a chance instead of slamming them! P.S.They also have been giving us many perks for the game (for free) in an effort 2 make up 4 the issues..
I love Lily City this is the best building out there it settles my mind and thoughts! Thank You Devs for this wonderful game!
Update to my old comment. Restarted playing this game after their update fiasco. I love the game and glad I am able to restart playing the game
Don't play this game unless you're prepared to spend your money buying dollars to complete the majority of tasks. Most of the tasks require you to buy buildings using your own money and not the games coins.
Update: I lost all my game activity and my money I used to buy things. When I was able to get into the game it started me over. Crashed again! If I could give you zero stars I would! I still can't update, I've spent a lot of my own money. Please fix! Message says update, I've done everything to update..nothing! As if screen is locked on update. I even uninstalled. Nothing!! Everything I had, all the money I spent, the progress I've done is gone! You took all of it!!! Give it back please.
Love this game. Better than Super City. The only issue I have is that some items take way to long to produce. Some items take 10 or more hours to produce. When you need a lot of these items to complete a building it takes up all of your production buildings. That delays other projects. Please consider lowering production times. 10 or more hours is alot especially if you need multiples of the item. Thank you.
I like this game it reminds me of Cityville and I've missed that game. But lately the game has been pissing me off because there are too many simple bugs that need to be fixed that have been expressed constantly and just go ignored. Bottom line fix the bugs or I want a refund of every bit of real money I have spent on this game. Bug #1 when your moving things around buildings disappear and you have to keep backing out of the game to get them back. Bug #2 the game constantly freezes and pauses.
Stuff taking a long time to make and use all the money you try to get to buy something then take it for buildings to finish this is not near cityville to buy some building 300 bugs really and why can't we extend property with energy this is a follow on supercity same thing
The game itself is super fun. My only complaint is that you need to play A LOT to get the special buildings. Also, you will need to spend money if you want to get far. It takes a long time to earn dollar bills otherwise.
It's a good game but now it's telling me to upgrade. Yet when I click to upgrade the game its not working so therefore I give it 3 stars.
Have been playing LilyCity for some time and went to play and am now not being able to get into game, message saying need to upgrade to play. Have tried to upgrade and all that is appearing is the open option. Would give a 5 star as I love the game but annoyed I can't get it to load. Hope it can be sorted as I don't want to uninstall.
Very good builder this. Always on the go. This is as good as township. However the latest update doesn't seem to have worked. Or just keeps saying update to the latest version even after I update it. However 12.month on, there's no new buildings to build without buying cash tokens to buy . I'm level 96 and no new challenges. I think I might have to delete this one soon.
I love the game , but recently it keeps saying to update , I updated twice, but still can't load Too many bugs Please fix Thank you so much for fixing the game I like this game very much
I was at level 43. The game had problem loading. After reinstalling my game progress are lost. Very disappointed cos I spent money to buy the banknotes.
This game is so much fun and so much to do I love to play.My tablet broke and now I have to start all over but I do not care it is that much fun.
The longer I play, the more the game starts to lag. If I leave the game and come back it's fine again.
This recent update won't let me get back in the game. It keeps showing that I should update. It's sad. I really enjoyed this game. My loss for spending money on it.
My problem was taken care of and love this game! The only thing I can suggest is that the price of things when you get up in the game gets a bit to high. Other than that it's great!
You say it as OFLINE game but it is ONLINE game. If it is online then why do you mention it as offline game they are many who prefer offline game. Plz remove it as offline game.
Its ok.. I want to love it, but too many technical issues and you need to reset game. So everything you have done, you need to do it all again. I lose my patience with it. Its a shame cause it is a really good game, its just really annoying at times.
Very good builder this. Always on the go. This is as good as township. However the latest update doesn't seem to have worked. Or just keeps saying update to the latest version even after I update it.
I love the game but suddenly it wants me to update the game, but there's no way to update it in my Google play store. Very frustrating. When I uninstalled it so that I can update it. I lost all my progress and I will be deleting this game if I can't find a way to get my old account back
I absolutely loved this game until today! I updated my game yesterday and now it tells me I must update before I can play again!! Very frustrating!!! What is going on here??????? 05-11-20...updated my game today from all the technical issues...NOW I have lost all MY neighbors except for the main character!!!! VERY FRUSTRATED STILL!!!!!!
Finding the bus station and logitic centre irretating because they can't be move. Any small object that is place near them can't be move because those are in the way.
Terrible! I started the game with no tutorial or any instructions. I tried to expand and it took all of my coins and never expended. Then asked for cash to expand. I DONT TRUST THIS APP.... Uninstalling immediately!!!
Game won't play . Tells me I need to update to latest version but there's no update there. I'm using an iPad. I've uninstalled game and reinstalled but still no update. Have rebooted my iPad several times as well. This only happened from Wednesday.. weird thing is I can play it on my android phone no probs.
UPDATE!! I changed my review to 5 star I love this game thank you for reinstating the free 2 hr energy it makes your game a lot easier and more enjoyable to play 😊
I am sad to play the games but I give start but it seem like a cool and awesome game but I will let you know as I continue to play the game whether I like it or not
Be prepared to use lots of your own cash. Need banknotes to really progress which you can only get by buying or collecting one every day. I calculate at this rate, in twenty years , I might have enough money to purchase the buildings required.
Now I am having problems,It won't let me UPDATE,WHY?????I love my game and I want to PLAY IT!!!!!!!!! After a few days without playing my game,Sorry to say but this isn't my City please recover my game and my account please. This not my city, my city is called Flamingo Bay i put alot of money in the game if i can not get my city back at least give me all the money back that i put into it. Your update messed everything all up. 9( This is still not my City
I like this game. I have only given 3 stars due to it lagging a lot and the prices for everything is far to high. You do not earn anywhere enough money to buy anything. When you do the tasks you only get twenty coins and to buy anything it cost hundreds. If I choose to watch an add to obtain more coins it doesn't work. It would be a great gameif these things where changed. I would definitely give you 5 stars if the money side of things change and it stops lagging. Thank you creaters thoughπŸ€—πŸ‘πŸ€ž
Would love to give 5 stars as I love this game have even spent money on it but it keeps crashing about every 5 minutes and every time I try to visit neighbors please fix this problem as I really want to keep playing..........after sending email I have not had any help and now the game won't load at all says to go through Facebook but I don't have it or want it. very unfair!! Fix this problem soon or refund the money I have spent on it
Nice game ang very exciting, but very expencive building, how to get, like entertaiment building and landmark . All price banknote,hope fully minus the prize banknote, for can afford to buy, so much fun to games. Reduce the prize. In your buildings very high prize.
I like the progressive building and helping neighbors. I don't think I will play very often though, because it costs too much money to clear land. That's about 30 minutes of ads if you go that route. Not what I signed up for.
I have stopped playing this stupid game iam not able to update and it will be not of any use no new task and also it will not be easy
Great little game. Played so many games of this type. An all have failed but this keeps me going after a hard day.
I really love this game but Im tired of all the tech errors and saying my internet isnt working when its working perfectly on my other games! Please fix the stability so i dont have to reboot the game 5+ times a day!
Game is lagging and keep cutting off. I am upset and the game is stopping on me. I would love to play the game but I can't get it started. So if you can fix it I would appreciate it if you fix it. It would be appreciate it. Thank you if you would respond to it. Right now I can't play the game.
It's a great game but I'm having problems it's constantly freezing out saying reload but when I reload it won't then it says technical error reload I'm spending most of my time reloading this game if it continues freezing out then I'm going to have to delete... I'd be most greatfull if you can sort this problem out ... this is the 3rd day and it's still not working all it says is open I press open and it says reload I press reload and it says open and this is all I'm getting every day
I love this game. It recently had some technical difficulties but I was so impressed by the way they were handled. The developer was really on top of everything and communicated well with everyone. It's worth downloading. Fun game
Honestly I'm enjoying this game , I even want to buy bank notes before, but, how I can trust this?, I can only log in every other day, it's always,' " reread, or connect to internet" what I see, and nothing change ever since.. ..a bummer..
I keep being told that I need to upgrade, when I click on the upgrade it takes me to the store but it shows it is upgraded. I click on open and keeps telling me that I need to upgrade. I have uninstalled the game multiple times and reinstall it, but I still can't play it. If I could I would give this game zero stars now!
I put too many shop buildings on the first map, can you make the building storage box active, so I can move in the second map, it will be easier to design the city. And can you not limit building purchases? Because there are many things I want to do to design a city.
Only problem im having is the games lags a lot and freezes but other then that game is relaxing and not hard to understand
Your game would be nice if it wasnt so slow it takes to long to load it takes to long to go to your neighbors it lags super bad and glitchs takes to long to go through quest which makes it boring needs work
This game is much better than I expected thank you developers it is better than city mania and sim city buildit hope for new updates πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
Got to a certain point in the game and it keeps telling me to update. Have done so. Will not let me in game. Really liked this game, but having to uninstall because it will not let me in to play. Really aggravated.
I absolutely love this game, there is always something to do, great graphics, cute buildings, they are working on a few technical issues slowly. It's also very expensive for most packages and you are required to buy buildings with game cash. Best building city game I've ever played but I really wish they'd lower their prices.
I think it more fun and interesting if it have season quest like Halloween.. Thanksgiving.. Christmas....But still everything is okay
I give you all 5 stars. I love this game. If you can make the mission easier we can afford the buildings I can do it. Some people may not be able to afford bank notes. Keep up the good work.
I really love this game it's enjoyable to play all the tasks are so challenging it's amazing when you win items on the Lucky Wheel and prizes on the Mini Game I also love my Lucky House and my UFO Concept House. ALL I'M SAYING IT'S AN AMAZING!!! GAME!!!
Cute, fast play Love this little game. However, haven't been able to play for a couple days. Keeps telling me to update. I did, and it continues to tell me to update. Using a Galaxy Note9. Update 8/20/20. Still great game. A few hiccups but able to play. We'll see how the new update fairs.
Game is so slow even after update. I can't visit neighbors because the game will just freeze up. So so annoying. I can not finish a quest because of this.
Excellent! This is just what I've been looking for. Most city games never came close to Cityville.(the first online game I played) I'm glad I found this!! EDIT⬇️ You've deleted all of my neighbors. I have the one default neighbor left. A lot of my goals require neighbors. Uninstalled..
It said it needs to update but can't can't play at all very unhappy for 4 days now still can't play still saying update?????????????can't log in
The game is fun but like others say buildings cost too much game dollars. Also these past days the game will just close while I'm playing. Gets annoying. Sometimes the screen will freeze when I first start playing but doesn't happen a lot.
Love this game! One thing i dont like is sometimes you have to push it three or four times! Very annoying!
Love the game...But sense your update ,i havent been able to play. Hit update button,doesn't do any good. Uninstalled and reinstalled still won't work...just said I needed to update...😦
I did love this game I played daily but it said to update and I did that's when I lost everything. I was up on level 50 and I spent a lot of money in the game. I'm very disappointed HELP 5/13 Problems!!! I have a problem I lost more then 3/4 of my cities and more!!!! 5/29 I'm still here, trying to start again.
I really enjoy this game. It's lots of fun. But you can't go to a neighbors city because everytime you go to their city it freezes up and won't let you do any activity for the neighbor. So when you have a task that has to do with a neighbor you can't do it. Please fix it.
Can't play for 2 seconds before it keeps saying reread internet connection. All my other games and web browser is fine though.
Update... finally able to complete the update but now my city is gone and replaced by someone else's. I went to the FB page and it appears I'm not the only one with issue. Seems everybody's is messed up. Did this update get tested before you rolled it out and where's my city?!! Game says to update so I update now I can't get into the game. Uninstalled and reinstalled and game says I still need to update. I think there's an issue with your update. I'd like to give you 5stars but I can't.
Very entertaining and engaging, there's always something to do. I enjoy playing LilyCity. Why is my game keeps telling me to upgrade and install latest version please fix it.
Lost all my neighbours due to the problems but it want let me add anyone as not on Facebook so to get things from neighbours is taking a long time but glad to back playing again as it gives you various task to complete and keeps you returning as want to achieve them to get to next level or finish the building to earn money from them
I love this game for the most part except some of the items you need are not coming from the building they are supposed to.
I want to 5-star this so badly because it's one of the most entertaining games around but ads usually crash the game and mess up the game experience.
Far better than super city mobile. As long as I can log on, this game is great during covid. It's a tad pricey for a fictional city.