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Like A Boss

Like A Boss for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Versus Evil located at PO Box 482 Phoenix, Maryland 21131. The game is suitable for PEGI 7 (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
this game excels at its category of gameplay. You truly feel like a boss, destroying your enemies. sure there are transactions, but they dont force and they allow challenges and opportunities to farm and earn items and gear.
Experiencing a problem with the introduction of a new game mode called freedom bringer. I can't seem to tap on the freedom bringer game mode. There doesn't seem to be a lag in the game because the arrow is still moving but i can't proceed. Coming back to this game after a break so i have an existing account. Maybe that's the reason but i don't want to lose my progress... please fix thanks!
i think this game still full of basic bugs, the one notice able for me like claiming rewards from dailies & achievement more than not the game displayed 100% progress and the reward can be claim, but when i do, the game crash. the next time i logged in again, the progress reduces to less than 100% and it happens every day. so, if the target says 5, i'll do 10 (or more than the said target) just to make sure i don't trigger the bug.
It's a great game i love it so far but there's one thing if you can add different monster's to the game that you can play as i mean all 3 are cool in there own way but having more options would be better just saying
I thank you for the response "Versus Evil", and I see this game as one hell of a game to play while Im stuck in the subway but the game will still Not work, I gave it 2 stars cause the introduction of the game worked but further on and it crashed, but it's highly possible it's because of the devise I am currently using so I will remove my 2 stars and put 4 to not make a bad mark on you're great work Wich COULD be because of my device. Keep up the grea work "Dev(s)" Thank you, marry Christmas.
SO. UNIQUE. Let me start off with the biggest detail LACK OF ANIM- for real though I could imagine your co-workers grabbing a dictionary and tearing "traditional" out of it; the art is unique, the equipment levels are unique and the gimmick (Being a boss!) is *SUPER* unique! One feature I would like though is a new "Defence?" class that would be more like a WOW boss (being stationary or having an ability that alows just that!)
I would like the game more if it would stop crashing, I've uninstalled, cleared cache, everything I can think of still crashes won't even let me submit a report.
I used to play this all the time when I was younger, and had a blast. But now I can't even play it for 10 seconds before it closes itself, and now I can't even play the game. Furthermore, please fix this so I'm capable of playing this game.
The game is good, i like that it actually feels like you are the boss of a dungeon game. But even that is not enough to cover the fact that this game crashes too frequently. You open the game, it crashes. You beat a level, it crashes. I have 2,1 gb with this game installed but it keeps crashing. Device I'm using is the Motorola e5. My iPhone that i don't use often ( with over 4gb left ) crashes aswell! I like the game, but my experience is ruined by the frequent crashing. 3 stars in my opinion.
I really like this game I'm usually used to playing as the hero but sometimes I always like some breaks in between games I've seen not many use this kind of you are the villain kind of thing one thing I like how is the game that occasionally destroy it up break the fourth wall fourth wall breaks I find pretty amusing
BEST GAME EVER! The freedom bringer gamemode cane be a bit easier though. BUT STILL THE GAME IS SO GOOD. Almost makes me feel pity for the Ender Dragon and the Wither from Minecraft. Almost. Awesome game!
Hello, I'm on my first playthrough and I gotta say, I LOVE this game! It's a combination of everything I like with an unique concept sprinkled on top. There is a bug that has been bothering me for some time now, though: On the tutorial on crafting things (in this case, the bastard sword), the minion talks about the damned loading screen and how much he seems to dislike it. I'm ok with him sharing his opinions but the game crashes everytime he says that. Might be a problem with my phone (already uninstalled 3GB of useless stuff) but I'd appreciate it if you guys could help me out on this one. Not sure if this matters but my boss is a dragon warlord. Thanks!
Great game all around until it didn't work anymore. On campaign level 30 it now freezes on the loading screen before the fight and does not move. The other parts of the game works and other levels work, just not level 30. I tried redownloading the game, restarting it and nothing. Hopefully this can get fixed soon so that I can rate 5 stars
seems fun, but I can barely play with how often it tells me to do stuff (read as forces you to learn how to click on a button). I just want to play the game and it wont let me because of how often I get pulled into a tutorial of some kind. the minion clash in particular takes forever........
I'm not able to even load up Into the game at all besides the loading screen which I jsut get stuck on. I've emailed them for help and no answer.
It really is a fun game, however, when you haven't played in a while there is no way to just reset and start over and replay the tutorial. I am not happy where I am game wise and wish to go back to the start in the campaign map. I am not really a pvp'er unless I absolutely am required to by the game. I would give a better rating if given the option to delete my progress and begin again.
Love this game Its the only game we're i can enjoy being the villain. I just wish wish it was more comical. Like terrorize the village. Or kidnap the princess. I would have blast laughing. There's allot it can improve here. The concept 💡 is great.
Great game, however the tutorial is too damn long like Jesus. I just want to play the game leave alone you little minion cannon fodder. Make the tutorial optional or streamline the tutorial please.
Game sucks. It literally doesn't let me play because it says I'm "not connected to the internet" even though I am. Other times it just says I don't have resources for Il (something else I forgot the name)
Great game! only thing holding me back from a five-star is the aim system. if you are a melee user it's almost inpossible. Please fix it!
This game is utterly fantastic. I played it a while back when it first came out but never really got far enough to properly enjoy it. The gameplay is fun, as wreaking destruction upon heroes is very satisying, as you send them (and their following body parts) across the map. The progression is fun and exciting as you unlock new gear. I'm currently only level 15, so I don't know if there is unique gear that doesnt adhere to a set. Only 4 stars because the game can have issues loading levels.
I love this game to death! i have some suggestions that could improve the game! maybe like a war gamemode where 2 bosses and their armies could fight each other and win some sort of special prize?
I Played, Kinda Fun. Gets Extra Bonuses, Good. Very Very Long Newbie Walkthrough, Bad. And After I Played It In Some Time I Didn't Receive My Reward. I Repeated, Still Nothing. It Just Show My Orb Reward, But The Inventory Still Saying There's Stuff! But Actually NOTHING, I Got NOTHING From This Game.
good game, let's you fight with your minions and with other bosses. I really hope they add more to this game.
It's a really good boss game I really like it sometimes it does freeze a little bit and I have to relaunch the app and sometimes it stutters a little bit but other than that it's pretty good
Very fun game. The Dev team is very active and are constantly updating to improve the game. Still one of the best mobile games I've played.
game is quite fun to play. but would it be possible to add an option where we can see players online? in a guild? like "MagicMan is online". because some people tend to just rrauest fragments and doesnt do anything else to help the guild earn like doing raids to get a better chest. I do know the possibility of them being busy but some really don't do anything and just leech off of others.
Really love the concept! Never thought playing as a dungeon boss would be so much fun. It would also be awesome if we could bring our minion clash minion squad to the game (that content feels like it doesn't contribute to the main game at all) I reached the first chapter at morroque and the level just doesn't load for some reason :(
It is a decent enough game, but I got some complaints about it, the daily rewards, I don't get the blue free chest, but it is probably a bug. Second, the recipes, it is boring and obnoxious to get them, even more when you spend all your lucky charm on a mission only to get 10 pieces of what you actually want, because you still obtain from the recipes you already completed. Those are my main complains, plus that at high levels, I feel I don't do any damage though I am at the recommended level
The game is great but I tried to delete a character mid tutorial and it refused to let me proceed because it kept wanting me to send minions on a raid I have screen shots for proof
I would love to play this game, it looks like alot of fun. The only problem, it crashes after about five seconds of the app being open. If I can actually play, I'd totally come back to check this game out
Cursed Chapel bugg . my minion ask me to tap the Cursed Chapel "next node" and after tapping it . it won't even start or even tap into other. please fix :( irly like this game
Just started. Pretty good first impression. Good tutorial that leaves enough gameplay to not instantly turn you off. Don't know about difficulty yet, ez so far. Overall the various game mechanics seem to flow together well and have a lot of room for player-driven optimization. The humorous comments from time to time and general attitude of the game appeal as well.
I thought it was a very good game I haven't played it a lot but I still think it's good only problem is the the other bosses are hard to buy
awesome game but why wont it let me go passed level 30? if i could get passed that id say 5 stars all the way
I was completely unable to play the game. I've played it before on a different phone and although I don't remember much about it (other than the fact I thought it was decent enough to keep when space was low) I'm still very dissapointed in this lack of functionality that I have seen others complain about as well.
a pretty well-rounded game with plenty of things to do not to mention they have a special little spot for suggestions on how to improve the game which most games don't even bother with one thing's for sure the developers of like a boss certainly do care about their players and wants to make sure that everyone has the best possible gaming experience I applaud you fellow Developers you certainly do care about your clients my only wish is that I had more time to spend the play the game sadly
Just letting the devs know that you may not be able to progress passed chapter 30 i'll selected what i needed for it. I press play and it gets stuck on the loading bar for the chapter so i can't progress onwards. the game on the overhand is actually quite good the schematic earning mechanic is one of my favourite thing in most games i have played you can choose someone else's boss to figth for you and they get a good amount of in-game money but yeah hope you fix the bug and thanks for a gud game
I really like the feel of the game, it radiates such fun and engagement as you try to return your master to his former glory. I rate this 5 stars bc it is an amzing game that everyone should try. Thank you so much gamr makers and developers!! Keep up the good work!
This would be a very good game if i could restart all of my progress cuz unstalling and installing doesnt work and deleting my character dowsnt either.
It was great. Loved the gameplay, the graphics, the classes. The loot was satisfying to grind for and all around I could see myself getting further into the game. Unfortunately they charge real money for new Boss slots. And just like every other mobile game, fall into the same dull category that all mobile games seem to be part of these days.
I only got to play the first 15 min before it crashed. It's now stuck at the beginning load screen. :( looked like a really fun game tho.
An all new experience not like those dungeon games you have pathetic little soldiers and love all the current modes defenty going to tell all my friends.Also I have one suggestion make a boss PvP mode where 2 players have their army's and boss and fight each other and there are towers that spawn minions and you need to kill the enemy boss 3 times.
The best game but unfortunately requires an internet connection. And has very poor optimisation and takes huge storage this would be the best pc game ntw
been playing this game for a few hours now, and I confess I'm absolutely loving it. can you give me minor Vibes of Overlord but at the same time carries its own player and its own style very well. overall I find this game to be quite enjoyable, I would highly recommend it to those who aren't afraid of being a little bad
So as many others have said crashes android 11 , no update since like July 2020 past reviews say early 20 many 2019 def got developer responses looks like they haven't done that in awhile so probably worthless to hold out hope to get fixed think devs just gave up (P.S. not that it's gonna do anything they probably won't even respond but emailed them shaming them for just going poof haha)
Great game so far, every time i spend a lot of time in one place (ex; the menu, a specific level) it'll tell me "the item youre trying to create doesn't exist!" and crash. half the time im not even crafting something. i really want to play but i dont want to have to redo every level it crashes me on.
Good, until it stopped working. I can't progress in the game because level 30 fails to load every time roght after choosing a boss to hire. Restart, reinstall, trying to access the level different ways...no success. No reply from support. It's also frustrating that you cannot raid previously completed dungeons directly from recipe pages, though it's clear based on grayed out button that you should be able to. I'll happily update the rating once the game works as intended / advertised. :-)
Great game realy fun and enjoyable but my in app purchases I mafe have not come through with my rewards and the money has been deducted from my account!
I'm on the cursed chapel tutorial and it won't let me play the mission or do anything else in the game.
when i had to do the chapter 8 i had to do a tutorial and there was a glitch that made it so i was stuck in the tutorial so i uninstalled the game if this gets fixed reply to me so i can reinstall
The tutorial is sooo long and i quit.i tried to play again but a black screen showed up and i waited but nothing ever happens and this game sucks
Fun game. Graphics look nice and the gameplay is pretty good. There's also a ton of stuff to do, to the point that it gets a bit confusing. Great time consumer. Some issues are a couple of bugs, like loading issues, there are also issues with organization (kind of hard to see which armor you have crafted before and to find certain items), and the inventory is tiny. Other than that, I'm pretty satisfied.
I love this game, because your an op boss and then the heros turn the tables and you panicing. What the bosses say during the fight is kinda funny, and I highly recommend it.
I got the the second cursed chapel stage it then goes to a tutorial but when I select the level like it asks it thinks I haven't so I can't continue as there is no way to skip or disable the tutorial parts
Ok so i played this game before and there was no problem, but now im having troubles with getting my rewards whenever i finish a quest there are moments where a notification will pop up and saying that there was an error or that the item/boss/etc is not available even though i can clearly see that it is, and it would only give me the choice of "quit" and nothing elses and it would close the app and i would even get any of the rewards i got from the mission and wasted all of the lucky points i had
Nice game, and easy on newcomers. I like the progression system and the the flip on typical dungeon hunter gameplay. Keep up the good work devs.
The game is great the only problem i have is the tutorila it dosent let you sort out you inventory before a fight so i lost a lot of good stuff becaus after the level i didint have space, i needed to sell the stuff
First time I played the game it was fast, I enjoyed it very much. I took a break for a few months and I'm now trying to play the game again but it's too slow and unplayable using the same device I used before. The game was great but the fact that I can't change any settings to make it run faster is really a bummer.
Now THIS is a video game done right. It's not only including you on the bad guys side, but it has you as a boss battle on the bad guys side, and it's basically you in a multiplayer video game. This is truly the BEST mobile game I've seen ever.
Can you change the controls so there's a joystick on the left and your moves on the right because the controls are so difficult could you just make it an option to change your controls to that please
Are you kidding me? Are you actually kidding me? I lost all of my rubies, on accident, on the godamn minion battles, because the buy button is too damn sensitive. I swiped once across the button and the game said, "oop, looks like you just spent all your rubies! Here, have some useless ass minions for a mini game you'll barely play, and we'll just take all the stuff you've spent so much time getting!" No, "Are you sure?" box at all. I'm damn well not gonna waste any more time, or money, on this.
fun game but would be better if you could upgrade minions and have mini bosses pre set types which level and can get their own gear thx for adding part of this I would like to reccomend the minions you have in minion clash spawn randomly instead of your basic minions
I'm enjoying this game so far, humor, game play, and I think the rate between earned items and purchased is fair. I want to give 4 stars but now it's a 3 because of the bugs. Currently when I send a friend request the game makes me join their guild. If they have no guild then I have no guild after sending the request. I have to reboot each time in order to rejoin my guild.
The amount of character development areas is amazing! The battles are exciting and the different level of challenges can be hard sometimes, but this would get 5 star if it was not for odd glitches in the main menu sometimes.
Repetition is sometimes good in games, it saves the developers time in designing. But in this case, there is nothing besides the same repetitive process of fighting. it gets increasingly boring when you are fighting the same mobs over and over. Even your character is boring after awhile, without the character customization, everyone ends up looking the same after a while.
Love the idea and all but hated that I had to have my hand held for like the first whole 45 mins. I love it when I get new equipment and it wouldn't like me equip it until like 10-15 mins later. Idk something about this game didn't sit right, feel like they're trying to hard to get my attention and at least with the couple days I played it, I hated that the minion games felt completely separate. Like there wasn't much of anything combining the two modes. Did enjoy the style and whimsy but idk
This game is pretty much a gem, to put it in simple words. By that I mean that this game is pretty cool. Nice aesthetics, easy mechanics with a good enough late game, phenomenal models and humorous writing that stays true to the theme, even if there's not much of it past the prologue. 8.5/10 rating from this filthy peasant. Oh, and also, poop loads of grinding at late game. Yikes.
Tutorial is absurdly long. I think I've played for an hour and I'm still going thru forced tapping to learn obvious game mechanics that every game in the genre has. Not fun.
I've had a fun time so far, the tutorials were nice and gave you lots of free stuff to help jump-start your gameplay. I'm level and I have a gear score of 354, I have all purple gear and it's thanks to the free daily chests that you get in the quest section. I enjoy watching my minions fight in Minion Clash and fighting along side them in guild raids and normal campaign missions. The game is also a bit funny, if you read the dialogue at the right time you can see some pretty funny jokes.
very good, beautiful game, but after update I can't progress past chapter 40 and all the mission names are messed up.
Great stuff, good amount of charger control would still restartingy that "semi-idle" feeling that I've been looking to scratch in a game. It offers a auto fight mechanic, but abilities still need to be manually used. Get in here and enjoy the ride! note:Had to edit my review, they just released a patch to fix the stuck in tutorial bug, so now I, and a whole wack load of new players can actually enjoy this glorious game!
I haven't been able to get past tutorial without crashing. This game looks so much fun. It's sad I can't play it...
The game seems fine overall, however all shop items and purchases are showing "in-app error" instead of letting me buy something. Also this doesn't let me even pass the tutorial in minions clash. Edit: I am logged in into google play services, I am guessing the problem may be due to my country, a lot of stuff is banned for me, it would be nice if I could at least bypass the tutorial in minions clash mode
this game is absolultley bad i cant even battle anymore 😡 now how do i play now?!?!?!? this also have so many bugs and glitches and why when you lose it said victory? explain that
Its an average title. Its a fun action RPG at first, but by the time you hit level 15, the paywall activates and you have to buy lootcrates to get the gear with the numbers you need to keep playing. As a result, you either pay or grind heavily (through raids). After some time, it gets kind of boring. That being said its much better now than before. Also dear Devs: Im going to uninstall to save space on my device. If I get locked out of my game again, I will be IRATE! You've been warned.
can we have the function to move around with joystick becausw my character doesn't move when I press it to move away from catapult shots.
This is easily one of the best Rpg games i've ever played especially how you get to play as an boss, it's amazing.one problem though my minion Told me to got to the cursed chapel and once I tap on it he says the same thing as said go to the cursed chapel and I cannot do anything please fix this. :)
This is a great game there are various bosses to choose from and in an RPG you get to play as the BOSS playing with garbage heros who do 1 damage. Interesting graphics and many gear types to choose from. Great game. Highly recommend for people who are looking for a game where you play as the villan.
I do really like the concept of this game, being the big bad guy and all. But now, after just ONE DAY of playing the game, I cant get back in anymore. Apparently I need to update the game even though there isnt even an update needed and the game says if this happens, I should just wait a bit. Been waiting for quite a long while now...Please fix this, I would love to go back to smashing heroes again.
Greetings! I've been playing Like A Boss for a year now. I have to say, The game is really great. But there is this one problem I've been dealing a lot of times. And it makes me frustrated. The problem is that, I can't finish all the levels in Freedom Bringer. Its super laggy, Heroes spawns too many, Makes my game crash. I have unlimited data/Strong wifi. Whenever this happens, I kept losing all my Lucky charms for playing individual levels in Freedom Bringer. Then when I came back in the game and check, I'll have to wait 12hrs. I tried to finish them again, by level. But it all happens over and over. Every level, My game crash, Would you please fix this? I've been wanting my character to wear a complete set of costumes ever since the costume update came in. Thank you -Nethertaur
Great game but gives you no freedom. Tells you something new and then you are forced into another game.
An interesting game, unique compared to games i have played, downfall is there is some unstable connection, and the app size is way too large for me, as my phone doesnt have much storage space for a 3rd big game.... Which is sad
Just installed this game fresh from the store and it says that the game is not up to date? I think it is looking for a packet to install but is possibly giving me the wrong error?
i like the game but there are moments where the game restarts and when i tried buying the starter pack it took my money but didnt give me the package so basically i got scammed for the time being but i am getting help
Good game, only complaints are that the multi sell function causes my game to crash every time I use it, so I just don't use it and my game freezes when I try load into a minion clash round, bar those two issues I enjoy the game.
Any game you can't play and the devs leave isn't a game. I try to play and I just get kicked off this is a warning not to wast time with this game
First glance and it is actually kind of nice. Tutorial tells you the basics, and it seems really fun.
Keeps saying "Cannot connect to asset server. Please restart and try again." This sucks because I really wanted to play this game :( Please fix soon!
This game is good but the only thing is the tutorial because I got some loot and wanted to equip it but my minion disrupted me
I like this game so much! I would like to give a great big thanks to the developers of this game, for fixing the glitch on chapter 8. It also made me very happy to know that they had seen my review, and replied to me and told me they working on the issue. As I continue playing, i might even say 5 stars for this awesome game!
Great game.Great Concept. its fun. Would gice it 5 star if it werent for the connectovity issues here and there, not to mention the minion dialogue in tutorial interupting everything you do. But its a good game overall.
I don't recommend this game. Gameplay and concept is ok. Mini annoyances add up here. The biggest being the tutorias. You.will.get.interrupted.by.a.turtorial.after.every.mission. Two hours in and this game still doesn't trust me to start the next mission. It WILL piss you off. Give it a pass.
got the game an it asks me how i want to download everything, after making the decision its says that i am not connected to the internet. is there any way you can fix this because i am connected to the internet.
Really fun sooo much to do and also there is so much rewards and items and rank up in leagues level up your skills lots of game modes join or create your own guild I really recommend to get this game thank you sooo much developer's for making this game
Great game, only problem is that the game freezes almost every time I go to minion clash tournament which makes me lose 2 points every time. Terrible glitch..
I played it it was fine at first but I wanted to make a new boss and then when I tried to do the first mission it didn't work it just stayed on the loading screen
Fun game but as of this week it's been preventing me from playing until I update. Only problem with this however is that it's up to date. I'll keep it on 2 stars until this gets resolved.