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Light a Way : Tap Tap Fairytale

Light a Way : Tap Tap Fairytale for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Appxplore (iCandy) located at 71 Ayer Rajah Crescent #06-05 Singapore 139951. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I LOVE this game! It's the best game ever! I definitely recommend it! Well done to the developers of this game! I am proud of the developer's! They did SO well in making this game! Milo my dog is very happy,once again thanks to all of the developers!
*Update* The developer replied very quickly and was very nice. The app was also fixed. Thank you!😊
I love this game! I like the style and my character is super brave!, I love her blue hair and the Feys are adorable!! As well as the other little animals or.. I don't know what to call those adorable things!~ And the title of the game fits it very well! and the monsters are cool, I like there style and colors,like somsome of them were purple and white or maybe pink. I just really like--No scratch that, Love this game!! I really Really love this game, Thanks for making it!~
It's so much fun!!!! but I do want the map to show us how close we are to the next area. love the bosses and the outfits details and many more. can you make a part two? If so thank you. Also I do wish that the power up like the minute thing wouldn't take so long to get ready. Other then that I think it's great.
I love this but sometimes it's getting harder and harder but i still really really love this game but i forgot to add her name but it's ok πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’ i really like the dress it's so cute love it
I like how you can play without forced ads. That way I can choose to watch ads at my own convenience. The graphics are nice and the story is cute. I wish they spent a little more time developing the story and strategy behind the game, become sometimes I miss the point.
I really like the story, and the graphics and colors are amazing, and it's a pretty unique idle game, I like it a lot
I like the game so far but I'm stuck in a loop of it not letting me to stage 10, killing the same monster over and over.
I just started playing a few days ago but I already love this game!! The turties are super cute and her dresses are adorable as well! I recommend to download this game!!πŸ’–
I just like the game but it is too glitchy and jams up must uninstall before it kills my phone. Dang it because it was fun.
I've had a few bugs crop up in recent updates. The sitter team has been very attentive to the issues, and they've been resolved quickly. I'm very pleased with how they treat their player base. As far as idle games go, this one is quite cute. Come for the graphics and music, stay for the relaxing idle time.
This is a very unique game I'm loving it. The mechanics of it are simple and very easy to learn. I like the fact that it does get very challenging which is good because I welcome good challenges. I just wish there was a way to get friends on it. It seems like no one plays it and my tree is so empty and boring. Other than that, I do hope to see this beautiful game grow!
The glitch is that you can't "tap", screen's not freezing, but it won't register any "tap", can still use skills and all those buttons, only unable to tap. I noticed it'll go away if waited, and restarting the game does resolve the issue too
When I first saw that this was the company that made "Crab War" I knew this was going to be good, and I was not wrong. The effects are magnificent and the storyline is progressing well, though I do wish it didn't stop at only 8 comics. And just a suggestion, could you add more staff's? I'm kinda bored of only one Like maybe ones with different elements inbound in them. Anyways great game! Highly reccomend. Also if a developer looks at this and decides to reply what is 2+2? Just checking for bots
Putting it to 2-star due to the current update. The fee to create a Tree is too cheap. Everyone creates their own Trees which is not good since Tartarus is too hard to kill alone, although possible for non-stop tapping in hourly basis. Hope you address the current issue. (Or am I too early to assume on the issue?) My basis was most of the Recommended Trees only have 1/20 members. Like all of them. So, I try to create mine as well and boom! 50 gems only.
I think the game is glitched. A level says to "reach stage 55," but I am now at stage 69. There is an exclamation point on the tree, but there is nothing to unlock. Am I doing something wrong?
This game is super cool I cant stop playing it we level up super fast no lag or game crashes I would like to thank the creator to make this game I played it today and already have been level 142
UPDATE: Awesome app support team. Quick replies and addressed the crash within a couple days (which is incredible). Between this and stories from others, it's honestly the best support I've seen for an app. Raised to 5 stars. // UPDATE: New update causes game to crash (pixel 2). Please fix. // Super cute comic and very pretty game. Does get repetitive if you continue to play but joining an active tree can be a fun way to stay engaged and I still haven't gotten all the runes etc. :)
i dont understand why this is editor's choice.. i can play while i close my eyes.. what i mean was the game was too easy and bored.. i just have to tap tap tap and that all.. nothing adventurous to do than tap tap tap.. i called this baby games.. just tap tap tap huhh.. no movement to do.. but i admit the graphic so pretty..
The game was good in the beginning. But whenever i have completed the levels the game doesn't take me to the next stage. And i completed the first levels 60 and it didn't take me to the next. But i kept playing it. I played until the level 70. And suddenly when i open the app i was again in level one and all my creatures are gone.
Hard to hold down on the level up buttons to level up multiple at a time because the sensitivity of the screen just scrolls it up and down, very frustrating please make it easier for people to level up a lot at a time
I love this game! I have played it soooo much before and now I can play it even more! The graphics are really good and the designs are so cute but so good as well! It's super easy to play and the objective is simple for everybody. Great game overall.
It is awsome!!! It is super cool you can fight those evil monsters like you and i shall save the day no offence but this have no multiplayer but its still cool I vote this 100/...........100
This game is not only beautiful to look at, but fun to play! I love tap games, and this one mananger to have mechanics I am used to, while still feeling fresh. Super cute!!!
i play this game for idk 1 year and still doesnt sync with my google play games account (even though it's properly connected) so i can't see my achievements, plus there's nowhere i can report it inside the app (like a support board or so). Fix it please. Besides that, the game is so addictive and easy to play. i love spending time with it (the song is so πŸ’•)
I love this game! It's so colorful and cute, super easy to play, and also very satisfying! Free to play, no in-app purchasing required! Though there are options to! And ads don't randomly pop up, you can choose to watch ads for certain things! And usually they are short, the longest being 30 seconds. Though most if the time they are 15 seconds or less. Anyway, i adore this game! I'm hooked!
Cool game, the art is stunning for me and the story is good too. If you are looking for a fun offline game then here it is
I know this is not accurate but I see this game as 1: stick that boom 2 floating orb creatures that boom, and 3 turtle that shoot da boom I love this game and hope it keeps on getting more UPDATES horrraayyyy bye bye
I love this game! It's super relaxing and fun to play! I love how there are no ads, and the graphics are soooo cute and relaxing! This is one of my favourite games!
There seems to be no way to report a problem, so I will do it here. I have been playing this game for a while, and I have lit up nearly 20 worlds. However, I just lit up now, but my fairies are all doing negative damage? They are healing the first umbra with each tap (and the pink bunny thing heals it) So it is impossible to defeat him, as I am still at 0 stardust. This is a weird glitch that makes the game unplayable. Please fix or I have to uninstall. EDIT: fixed it by restarting the game.
It's a nice game but after a time I get tired of tapping so much even tho that's what I'm surpose to do and it takes a long time just to reach to level 550 and Light up the world,I've done it about five times already but for some reason I still find myself playing this game
It comforts me while having many problem and struggling ,It was a good game for everyone and it was so addictive game.
Lovely graphics, sweet imagery. The gameplay is a little opaque but you don't really have to worry about it much since it's a tapping game.
This is a cute game with an interesting story. Love the graphics. Beautiful and coloful fantasy world.
great game , my only complaint is that you have to tap the screen tons of times to get any prizes at all
It's a great game with cute graphics, just it's the game play that can be slow sometimes. But it's a great game overall
I'm quite against these big blue "evolve" buttons that never go away. You have to pay for these evolutions but they are constatly on your screen. Should have an option to disable these so they are not cluttering up the UI.
I totally love this game!! The Feys are soo cute!! The dresses are beautiful. I just wish that there will be a story for the other worlds too. I just downloaded this game just this morning and im in the 2nd world. There was no storyline ( once i reached the second world ) and i also realized my power went back from the beginning ( i dont mind that ) but please make a storyline for the other worlds, but the thing i love the most is the ancient turtle ( because i love turtles ).Thats all i loveit!
I like it so much in the first I thought it was for kids but when I tried it out I liked it and ads don't pop out suddenly and that's why I like it I hope you can try it
First of all: This id really fun to play keep up the good work! Second of all: its completely free thirx of all theres no ads atleast i think..
It's cute, very addictive and had some good graphics but i rated it 4 stars since i feel like something's missing, well overall it's a good game ^^ nice work!
i got addicted the moment i started playing, the graphics and the actual game play are simple not. although i was kinda hoping for a bit of an option game for getting the crystal or a bonus round would be nice.. but all in all its a good game to pass the time. thank you so much for the great update!! way to go!!
I like it,not hard game and you don't have to be on 24/7 but...starts you back to lvl one is annoying guess that's why they upgrade when you are ready 550 is a lot but hey doesn't bother me makes sense you are on a new world planet whatever and you don't really start all over again
This game is really fun! I love all of the cute creatures, the quests are really fun, and everything is really cute anf exiting!
I like it I want to give 5 but I'm only like 10 mins into playing. But still cute cute game I'm loving the art and little fairies!!
Love it The graphics are soooooooooo cute just like in the other game y'all made called Star Tap and I LOVEEEEEEEEE that game also And there isn't a ad poping up every 5 seconds and that is also why I love those games Keep up the good work guys Thanks
basically all you need to do when you play this game is get your player leveled up (stop around the enemies with 1mil hp) then get at least 5 or 6 Lumis to 100 or better, then don't touch the game at all till you go to bed, collect your afk stardust, blow it on player level, rinse repeat. tl:dr- this is a solid clicker game, for being on mobile. all ads are 100% optional and they actually help. however, I do have one quarrel with this game; it doesn't change and it's extremely easy bc of that.
I love the game though it could use a mechanism other than tapping. Like, say, boss fights. A new mode would be nice too. But overall its very nice.
It's just really awesome. Would've given it five stars if you could fix the bug that stops me from tapping the game.
it a very unique game it is easy to understand you can let your kids play and not worry about them using all you money.
Very good game, smoothe gameplay and it registers when Im clicking with 6 fingers at once trying to rush progress, the only problem I have is the transition period between enemies when I have a lantern on. Then it doesnt add your stardust from those clicks to the lantern. other than that I dont have a problem with the game.
Amazing Job πŸ‘ The Graphics are Great and there's a little lag. Although whenever an ad pops up it's starts glitching a lot. The art is amazing but it really doesn't explain the story really well πŸ˜…! Great Game πŸ‘ I Recommend this game if you like adventure games!
This game is very sweet, and can be simple yet hard. I'm on my 8th world! The little Feys are adorable, but I'm still learning to this day. It's complicated sometimes, with three currencies varying in difficulty to get, but it's a great game through and through. Have already recommended. Also, I might have figured out what 1 Zz could be, which is ten to the power of 2028, or one sescenquinseptuagintillion. Yep, did my research 🀣
Cute Game. Seems a bit girl-ish. I checked the reviews to see if girls actually put up with the Crab War-Like gameplay for longer time. Still don't know, but i think it's stupid that "idle" exists as a tag. The early moneygrab is annoying. Maybe i'm not the intended audience ? Then again, do girls actually play this for long ? I would play for cuteness, but certainly not for the gameplay. Just to think, that ppl waste their batteries to tap for progress instead of being engaged intellectually.
how do you unlock the tree of light? i dont know how and there is a "red exclamation mark" on there but i dont know whats wrong with it.
I rated it 4 stars because when I downloaded it cause it looks like a great game but when I started to wait at the loading screen it's was stuck at 50 it doesn't go up and when I try to do it again it still stuck at 50% pls tell me what to do so I can play
A fine free game, a warning that it's still pay to win, ad filled and doesn't give much replay ability other than upgrades. Just fine for casual players
it used to work fine, but now it crashes every time I try to watch an ad. UPDATE2: wow thanks for responding 😊!! but I think I fixed it, I cleared all the app data and everything works fine again~
Started around an hour ago. Loved the story and the comic-styled cutscenes, nice relaxing music, lovely artstyle. I have to agree with the others; I understand the story is meant to be a cleverly packaged tutorial, and I wish there was more. I wonder if you realize what a gem of a story it is. Don't let it go to waste. As for the game, love it!
it is fun and time consuming so you will have lots to do it is really simple I like that cause I don't have to remember a bunch of rules and other things like that
I wish there was a way to "fast travel" to the first boss that would kill you. I dont even want the gold from that fast travel, just a way to do it. Put a timer on it or have an ad for it, maybe have us unlock the option when we hit a certain level. Its all fun n games until it takes SEVERAL hours to get to a point where I can actually make progress.
It's boring and takes long to upgrade. Plus u need spend a little money for upgrades. I wont. It takes all day long to play this. Even leaving it on afk. It still takes too long.
I love this game especially the type of animation you have used. This game inspired me to make an imaginary game for my self. I just love this game☺️
Just started but love it so far! Revision: After a while it gets a bit repetitive and would like more action or side games etc.
5 stars because it is fun,addict and time consuming please add a cat level keep updating make mor games like this
5/5! This was my childhood, I used to play this game after a church day in the Philippines, even though there's alot of pfp, it's pretty good and the art is stunning. I was 10 when I played this game. I clearly want everyone to appreciate the creators for doing this app. Thank you to the creators from making my childhood special, also, edit from jan. 25, even there's alot of pfp, it's fun to play. -Xoxo, Chesca.
Beautiful graphics. Non-intrusive, optional ads. I'd love to see more quests though. But overall, great game and graphics for me.
i downloaded this game abt a hour ago and im veryyy addicted ! the graphics are super cute and evverything is just amazing. would recommend if ur just looking for actual good apps! i honestly didnt expect the game to be this weirdly-good experience for me. idk but it brings me back memories for some reason. this deserves so much more recognition :D hella good job to the devs!
As an app it's good and I'd heavily recommend it! The only thing is that it satrts getting a little boring (for me) because it's just tapping and tapping and tapping and tapping. But it's, still good, you can freely download and see what you think of it!
Yes this can be a big money grab but it doesn't have to be. There are only 3 purchases I would suggest you make if you really want to get into this game, other than that you don't need to make purchases to continue the game. It's a tap game which I didn't know it was but I'm fine with that. The graphics are beautiful, really nicely done. My son with ASD enjoys helping me by playing and watching the light show in the game. This is my 3rd game from this company and I am enjoying all 3 games!
Ive only just started and so far i have no problems, game play is smooth and it explains what to do exceptionally well, no bugs or crashes, the only issue i have is screen size but otherwise there is no game issue
I love this game but I would really like more added to the story because after you've lit up 7 worlds there's nothing really more to do. I also like that the developers actually respond to comments.
Lil heavy on the buyable perma bonuses, but none are necessary. Event currency is plentiful which is a nice surprise.
It's a very cute game with super adorable art, but the game play is a whole lot of tapping and upgrading things. Not sure if it'll keep me engaged for very long, but I'm enjoying it so far! It's really easy to learn how to play.
I mean, other reviews are correct about the quality of the art and how easy the game is. All you have to do is tap, tap, tap. All day. All night. Then every time you reach a milestone and click on the icons with markers, up come requests for you to pay money. 1.99, 3.99, 4.99. I'm not paying anything to sit and tap.
I love the graphisms, the music is beautiful and the story good. But like any "tycoon" game, it gets boring after a long time
Overall it's a good game. I just started in it has a warm welcome. It also has a good storyline so you'll never get bored:p
This Game is so awesome! The graphics, the controls,the storyline, EVERYTHING! I will definitely recommend others to download this game!πŸ’œ
This game is so cool.Thank you for all your efforts Wrote this review in 2018. Uninstalled the game after a couple of months after writing it, as I got bored and needed some space. The game is great and has improved, yet it still doesn't save the data even after I link the account, might just be my problem, but at least it is the only con I have found so far.
I got to tell you your math algorithms are a little off. when i get 20.2TΓ—238%+50% offline winnings, you are giving me 30T. should be closer to 75T. this makes me super mad because I wasted blessings on receiving the extra 238% off line winnings. Fix it
Really fun! I've been looking for a fun new game for awhile, and I finally found it. This one! It's easy enough with enough challenge to keep it relaxing and enjoyable.
I enjoy it alot. The storyline is great so far too. Its a great mix of addicting,entertaining,and has a cool story.
I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH!!! The detail is amazing, and the story line is always interesting! It's such an addictive game, not to hard, not to easy!! β™₯️❀️β™₯️❀️
Nice estetic, looks cute and magical, however I personaly think there should be a character customation at the start of the game. I think that having a choice to choose between male and female, different skin tones or hair styles and colours would add a more personal element to the game. The comic is realy nice and well made, props to the artist team. The game feels real, and interesting at a first glance and opens up as you go threw it.
Super cute game. Extremely easy to control (simple tapping). The art is cute, it's a good little adventure story.
This is what idle clickers should be. The gameplay is complex and engaging. The graphics are beautiful and I love that it's suitable for all ages. It's challenging enough to stay interesting without getting frustrating. And the developers really did a great job with integrating ads in a way that actually makes me want to play ads to get the generous perks. This is the sort of game that you spend money on because you just love it that much, not because you have to in order to have fun.
No way to remove ads. I refuse to make purchases if I'm going to be watching ads every minute. It might have been a cute game but who can tell between ads.
This game has a lot of fun things to do. Also, whats with the weird, "Tell us more", questions? When you rate the game most of the questions don't relate to the game. Wich I find strange. Ex: "is this a bubble shooter game?" or "is this a dance game?"
I love the graphics, story, comics and music, but I wish there was more of the story and comics when you light up since after that, it will restart your level and become an endless tapping game.
OMG THIS GAMES SO ADORABLE!!!! I'm in love with the plots very creative and many clothes it's making my heart in love with this game it's quite easy controls! I hope the developher does great!! This game is like so cute I don't care how much times I said cute I just can't EEEEEE I would highly recommend it to anyone :))) ❀❀ Hope your doing great developher!! I love Y'all!!! πŸ’žπŸ˜πŸ’žπŸ˜
This game is amazing!It has beautiful visuals,relaxing music and simple(yet fun)gameplay.My only problem is that even though the girl is the main characters,she does not really do much,except for do that supercharged flare thing.But overall,this game is truly one of my favourites.=-)
Update: joined the discord and loving how engaged the dev team are. 5/5 The game is fun & addictive but I wish the help section included more game play tips on how to use features & minimise grinding. Plus I have a light tree request but when I click to open it comes up blank & I can't find any info in the help section. Anyone able to help a human out? :)
Love this game I used to play it in 2018/2019 and I wasn't able to find it again but I did same experience and amazing game play, so happy I found it once again <3
I really love this game so much! It's the best games I've played since my childhood! I love it so much that I installed it on two of my phones!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
UPDATE(2020):this game always impress me with the style and yet very easy aswell after my phone broke i have to wait to get another and looky here im back and i miss some of the event for the costume(poor me) but het the game have always been my fav when i have no data with me plus i got fast reflexe thank to thisπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.also i really want if there was a town we can build i just feel that is nice going adventure and lvl but sometime i really want a place to call homeπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
ITS AMAZING NO OTHER WAY TO PUT IT!!!!!!! Its still amazing but sometimes when i tap it doesnt do damage so plz fix that but still amazing game
A really cute tap game, lots of items to collect, especially outfits for your character. Devs are very responsive and new content and events are added regularly.
Fun game. Some of the power ups can be confusing but over all its very colorful and pretty to watch as you play. Kind of repetative. Im not tired of it yet but it can definitely happen.
I liked the graphics of the game! Great Job to the developers! I just downloaded this a while ago and I already enjoying this game! I forgot this is a tap tap game, I was about to say that what if you can add, when you press the screen for a long time and the fairies will automatically hit the umbra🀣 I forgot to mention, I like the game that can be accessed offline, unlike other apps...anyways, thank youuuπŸ₯°
i play this game for idk 1 year and still doesnt sync with my google play games account (even though it's properly connected) so i can't see my achievements, plus there's nowhere i can report it inside the app (like a support board or so). [Edit: i cleared up the app cache and it worked out, all my achievements appeared]. The game is so addictive and easy to play. i love spending time with it (the song is so πŸ’•)
The graphics are beautiful. The object and how to play are not that clear, but it's still mostly a tap style game. It's a nice game to play a few minutes here and there, any longer and my hand gets tired.
its fun but gets boreing fast. it's literally the same thing over and over again. i wish there was more adventure. like exploring the caves when you run into the umbres. jump to collect boxes ect. it doesn't have to be a big exsplore game can be back and forth motion jump up and down. just saying tapping isnt all that fun.
The graphics are good, and so is the story. The Comic popping up when you finish a task or quest is really cute! The animation is smooth too! I really like it, it's relaxing.
Its really fun the graphics is so good and its also challenging to keep clicking but with thw auto clicker by the mystic turtle i think so yeah
Amazing game. Very calming and addicting and I just started! I get stressed out sometimes and this is PERFECT to relieve stress. Love it and also it doesn't need wifi!
Cute art. Innovating on the other dull directions other tap tap games offer. Very awesome. Good luck to the devs
Could use options like description of a spell before you use it plus a 'confirm' mechanism before you cast. Friendship adding and sending invites needs work. I have a bunch of other ideas that could really help. This could be a really great idle click and collect game.
Why is that, that my game was not saved?! I almost had the tree of life when it said 'server error'. And when I installed google play game, and played light a way, the game reset. Well done!
This is such an amazing game! I love the fact that the main character looks similar to how I did as a young girl!!
It's such a nice game!I love it so much! It's so mysterious and has a cool storyline.Keep it up,Appxplore! 😜😜😜Edit: I'm so happy you responded!I love the new update! 😍😍😍 By the way, how do we dress up turtie?Can we dress it up once we light up?
after having light up, flares sign becomes +- (positive negative), which means negative, so the monsters don't die. needs to launch app again before it changes to +. i experienced this 3 times. i have screenshots if you need. still, thank you for this game.
In my other phone I played it and beat 11 worlds and 3 of them I played till level 80 And it's so good I can't believe it I found this game it can be played offline too!!
It's a really cute and fun game,the graphics are beautiful and really calming! the controls are easy, its really addictive and easy to get used to playing very quickly.Stardust can be earned very quickly and i don't mind watching the ads for the amount of stardust and good boosts you get,deffinately reccomended for anyone that wants to play a beautifuly stylized and calming game with a good storyline/plot!!
5/5! This was my childhood, I used to play this game after a church day in the Philippines, even though there's alot of pfp, it's pretty good and the art is stunning. I was 10 when I played this game. I clearly want everyone to appreciate the creators for doing this app. Thank you to the creators from making my childhood special, also, edit from jan. 25, even there's alot of pfp, it's fun to play. -Xoxo, Chesca. (Edited on may 14)
thanks for the response but all apps are closed when playing this I always close my apps when playing a game just to get the best performance out off them and this game still crashes when tapping to much or to fast and the ads still crash the game
I love this game! The graphics are sooo cute and wonderful, the story is also great! The Lumis and other creatures in this game are soo cute designed! The game controls are easy cuz its a tapping game. I can just recommend it.
It very a good game . But there's something problem. If I want to upgrade I must buy real money .please Change this
It's fun to come back to this every so often. I'd like them to add a setting to automatically set the "level up" button to "max" so that I don't have to click through the individual leveling buttons for every single lumi or the girl while waiting for the extra "max" button to pop up.
I really like this game but the only thing i dont light is that when you start in a new world you have to start from the beginning. I would definately give this game 5 stars if you changed it so you stay strong when starting a new world and maybe make the worlds harder. Otherwise its like starting over a completely new game and thats not fun.
well there isn't much in the story , it's simply the repeat of the same thing with a few modifications, if the story line were to be improved and different each time the game would be much more interesting and enjoyable.
I began playing and thought I was going to have a fun game to get into but before getting into it, the dialog wouldn't go away and wouldn't let me tap anything in the game or have any control but still played in the background. Not sure why but really liked the game up till then
The game is so relaxing and addicting so far I haven't encountered any bugs! Definitely recommend to kill some time :D
Good graphics, good story. This game is a common prestige-type game which progresses very slowly. However this game attracts me with it's calm, static atmosphere even bugs remain in the game. If you like fairytales you may like this(but you must accept repetitive routine works and fatigue of hands by agressive tapping). P.S. This is my 3rd review for this game. So my impression have changed I don't know the reason why...
I've only been playing for a few days but I looooove the game its so fun and creative and the animations are so cute, the comics re on point. I just love it and would highly recommend to all ages.
It's a nice game and I really enjoy it but there is one thing if you make one Darkness go away then there just comes more and more and it takes long and I not really happy with that so i hope you guys fix it in no time anyway it a very cool game and you guys are great πŸ‘πŸ˜Šβ€
I really like the game. It's a fun game to play whilst bored. 1 thing I have a problem with is that when I see a phenix flys over, and the end of the quest thing shows, with all the speech bubbles and stuff, and I try to get past them as fast as possible to still get the phenix. But I can't. It's really annoying sometimes. Please fix that either by stopping the background to only focus on the speech appearing or by somehow eles
Hey, it's simple, but a nice little time killer. I have never been. a fan of ads, but I understand the need for them. I like it.
Solid idler with lots of features and unique styles but not 5 stars because a lot of things for sale that look overpowered
Great game. Love the graphics but one drawback is that the game freezes sometimes whenever I do much tapping of the screen
Fun for the first hour, but then the storyline dies down and it becomes arduous and all you do is click and watch with little to no storyline left. Not worth investing any money in. Seems a bit like an early money trap that turns into a boring game with no content left.
Really surprised how good this game is. Its good if you have 30 minutes to kill. Good story. I like the comic strips
Hello guys. I really like the graphics of the game. I'm quite confused how the game works even after the tutorial. Is it the fastest tap the better I don't know haha. I just love the color and everything 😍☺️
Amazing game 😍 the controls are awesome, the comics are cute and it is a very easy game u just need to tap, btw there's one problem,it takes a lot of time to load and ads crash my phone πŸ“± a lot, but well done creators for your efforts to this game, and I recommend it Thanks
cute and challenging, as you need to defeat the BOSS by tapping the screen as fast as it can be in a limited time.
I just started the game about 45min. ago and it's pretty good. Could use a little bit more story development and a lot less tapping. Otherwise I can't complain about the actual workings of the various parts and pieces that make a wrather beautiful whole. Great Job!
It's a great tapper game thats beautifully styled. I do agree with other reviews about the story being short, but it feels more like a tutorial/introduction to the game instead. The comics are super cool even though there isnt a lot. It exceeds expectations of regular tapper tycoon games and the short story doesnt deserve a lower rating. Definitely play it if you like tapper games! AND they dont force ads!!
It's a very cute game the story is cute and me personally liking tapping games! Think it's a great game and sorta relaxing!
I loved it, it has amazing quality i haven't found any bugs. The prices are reasonable and i LOVE the dress
Hey, so I've been playing this wonderful game for over a week and it's probably one of the most well put together games, mechanically fair except one thing which is slightly misleading. The purchasable ancient Fey is a very good purchase (nearly having gotten them all) though it's given a hard cap at a 2 second cooldown a slight bummer and wish I knew about it prior/in description, also something I found was if you max out two of the three fairies, you cannot upgrade the third, why is this?
I downloaded this app because it looked cute, played it for a hour and it has went beyond my expectations! The medical outfit is to die for and it's a free reward for watching ads!!! 5/5 not money hungry and super cute ❀️
its definently a beautiful game. The comic is by far the best part of the whole game. However, I dislike that, as you visit worlds, your strongness kinda just all goes back to zero. You have to continuously become as strong as you were before over and over again in each world. that gets boring after so long. I wish that you could just continuously build up your strongness throughout each world and meet stronger and stronger enemies but that isn't the case with this game unfortunately.
Simple & Sweet This game is easy n goes with your pace, I can take my eyes off of it n my little faries do all the work until I can re-focus back to the game, then I'm speeding through kicking butt. Extremely rewarding. And it has just enough color to satisfy this Rainbow child! It's Gorgeous 😍 I only gave it 4 stars cause its not really that challenging, I'm going to finish it too quickly for my liking I'm sure.
this game is really fun it works well i love how you can tap on it and it dies there are special effects for the boss if its too hard and it can let you dress up a character when you get to the end i bet it will be so fun i hope this game continues because it really inspirational you have a comic it so fun i mean yeah thats why i gave i 5 stars you have pets you can level up when ever its so cool if your reading this this game is so fun πŸ–’πŸ‘ good job to the creator if its a boy/ girl props
This game is really great I love it but can you add a feature in-game where you can change your character's name.
A super cute idle game that doesn't get old. The graphics are adorable, I love the characters and the turties. A lot of idle games reach a point where it takes way too long to gain money and advance, but I've yet to reach that point with this game. There is constantly something to do, and so many items to collect. I love the guild feature and the special events as well. 5/5!
The graphics are spectacular and it's so magical and mystical and overall just amazing! If you are into simple games and fantasy games, this game is both of those things combined. 10/10!
Its cute, fun and easy to play. My only concern is the amount of worlds. Is there any end to them? I am looking forward to the moment we light up the final time and all worlds are saved.
I got a new phone a while ago and kinda forgot to redownload until now, but I've gotten just as invested as I was before. There are a decent amount of ads but they are almost always just optional for extra rewards, and it works bc it gives your fingers a few seconds to rest. I love all the character outfits you can earn, and the music and lights are really calming.
Light A Way is a tap adventure. It's about a little girl, chosen to save the light and light-creatures called feys as well as stop the dark and dark-creatures called umbras. Beginning attacks such as fairies are tap-activated, but later attacks like lumis are auto-attacking. The action is basic, but the adventure's aesthetic and is something more. The creative creatures, the night plus nature environments, and the magical music make the taps less tedious and the experience more captivating. 5/5.
this such a simple game that keeps you occupied for hours on end. the graphics are amazing and the art style is addorable! and the little cut scenes with the comics make it so much better
I really like this game. it is very clever l put 5 stars because it is very easy and normal.I dont really get it. But it is very short
I played it for a while on my old phone and started again on my new one. It's a really cute clicker game. Would recommend over most others on the app store.
Really great game!!! But it's really hard without in-app purchases... Although I may just not be very patient!! πŸ˜‚
Finally able to install it! Thanks for the tip. Liking the game so far. It does get repetitive after a while but I've played other tapping games before and it's expected. I really like the auto tap. Only witheld 1 star because can't level up my pet without spending real money. Otherwise, great game :)
It's a really fun game to play all the little creatures are all so cute and adorable except the bad ones I love all the little outfits and everything I recommend this game!
This game is quite good. The best part is that it can be played even offline once signed in! The graphics are beautiful, the comic strips are cute and they literally draw you in, the lumis, everything, even the umbras look beautiful, if possible, can the Developer of this game add ''Missions''? Tapping all the way while levelling up and being in an Alliance is good, but having individual missions with rewards would also be great and won't make it too monotonous. Anyways, love this gameπŸ˜˜πŸ’‹πŸ’–
Enjoying so far! At this point there's only 1 thing I don't quite understand the point or if its something I can do or what - tapping to use staff fills a bar that looks like any other game's special energy bar you press once full to do some kind of special move but I can't seem to figure out how to engage it.. maybe its not what I'm thinking..? Lol anyway.. other than that all is well! Really hoping I don't get to a point of having to pay to complete the game.. fingers crossed ! 🀞
Fun for passing the time. Love the pretty colors and the sweet storyline. Only thing i would change is maybe different types of monsters since they all look the same basically.
It was fun and addicting and i love the game but why out of no where why did it delete all my stuff everything i had leveled up a couple hundred reset to one and now im pissed off cause all my progress is gone but i never deleted it.
I think it's very nice!!! I love the comic! There are events to of course. Can you make the story more exciting or maybe add more features?
THIS IS A MASTERPIECE! I am 8 years old and I have been playing this for 6 months now! The graphics are awesome and so is everything. I especially love the part when you can join the tree of light! This game has everything I wanted. I looked over and over and THERE IT WAS. I used to play this game when I was 5 to. And many people are complaining about how boring this game is BUT I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Great game! Keep it up!
The game is extremely cute and stuff but there isn't much to do. The comics are great fun though, you should do some comics with people talking
A very addictive game! But may i suggest to create a really different world. It somehow became boring because of the cycle. So i think another world would help more. But nevertheless, the graphics and storyline is A+!. Love your games. Planning to play it all lol. Thanks creators behind all these games!
Greta game overall. The storyline is very appealing and the art is amazing. I don't like how there are a bunch of in-app purchases everywhere but I'm super happy that you're still able to play at a nice pace without having to buy anything. Overall great game
I like it a lot, even if it hurts my hand from all the tapping lol. The designs are cute too, and I love the art style. β™‘
The graphics are beautiful! The clothes are cute! I just wish they could add a tooltip when you do long press on clothes and it will show what the other bonuses it has before leveling it up. I know they show it before crafting the clothes but once you have it in your inventory lvl 5 & 10 bonuses don't show unless you unlock it so I don't know if I should bother leveling that set or not. It has improved over the years and I'm loving it more. They listen to feedback & strive to do better. <3
This game is unbelievable! When you get to the castle you go through the portal and fight endless monsters. It takes away your spells and ect. It's really fun untill the end so, PLEASE fix this.
Very cute characters and beautiful graphics make the game inviting. There's a lot of constant tapping and leveling up characteras to be more powerful to fight and defeat the enemy characters. I'm still learning about this game.
The style is adorable! I love the little comics that come out when you complete a storyline quest! 5 stars!
This is a nice soft and relaxed of a game experience. It is cute and warm. The only drawback is that there is too many buttons on your screen trying to prompt you to buy things. At any given point you can expect up to half of your on screen buttons to be advertisment for in-game deals. It gets quite ridicolous at times.