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LifeSim: Life Simulator, Casino and Business Games

LifeSim: Life Simulator, Casino and Business Games for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Hypergames, Inc. located at 209 E 11th Street #45, Los Angeles, CA 90015. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Not much going on (you need money). The game is boring, very limited things to do, you run out of energy very quick and it takes too long to get it back, so you may end up paying real cash for more. The graphics are not the best either, you get ads all the time and you can't close them, plus when they are finished, you are taken to the play store straight away. Disappointing 🙄
Horrible. The gameplay is nearly non-existent. There is no story. No reason. The only thing pushing you forward is to see your avatar get other clothes. You tap buttons. And the minigames are laughable at best. To top it off, I played a while. And after the update it set me back to an earlier save. Where I was still 19 and nearly did anything. Great. I also don't know why I must be connected to a server with a single player game. I hate that stuff. Done.
I like the game but their are a few things I don't like for example getting energy is super slow, plus the mini games keep reseting their time not giving me a chance to play again. There is also something wrong with the spin machine but it's not as 😒. Plus can I say that when I logged into Facebook to get the $5000 I got it but then when I clicked off the app and back on it was gone.
This game was good until about 20 minutes in I ran out of energy and the energy ran out too fast everything needs energy so what's the point there isn't any way to replenish it enough so I just keep running out of energy! I will be deleting if this doesn't improve because I don't want to be paying money to play this game every 20 minutes
Definitely rate the game 5* it's very well put together all I will say is if your going to do add based energy please make it so we can gain full energy after watching a ad as it's very frustrating when it runs out within not even 5 minutes of opening the game up. It's a game I could play all day long if I had the time and you guys could do so much with it please take what I'm saying into account it's definitely a game I would like to keep on my phone for a long time.
I just started to play the game and it's very slow paced. there is no way to restore energy without paying real money for it. there should be something to where you can sleep or something like that. once the bugs are worked out I will rerate. but for now this is what I am rating... I am sorry developers but it's not as fun as it can be.
What the hell is this game? I played for a few days, got up to 20 years old, got married, could never connect to Facebook to get extra reward, then suddenly today I opened it and poof! It's back at the start and character creation. What happened to my character?? DO NOT download this game as it's way too buggy and DO NOT spend any money in it because you'll lose every single thing. Uninstalled the app. What a waste of time.
it is a good game, but takes way to long to progress if you don't wanna spent a lot of money on it. energy system could really use improvement. like instead only having 100 energy you should have like 500 and the amount of energy should stay the same or even be less. to many ads and the fact that you have to wait to watch another ad to refill 20% of the energy. have a hard time keeping it installed.
The game itself is good, its very intriguing you know. However, the actions require a lot of energy and take away a lot ot your energy and money in return, so I do something a few times and i have to boost up my emotions and health so i dont run out of energy even quicker. To add on, all i ever is a cradle, there should be an option to choose the looks of your kid(s) and then have them grow versus there being a stroller next to you for 6-7 odd years.
I didn't get a chance to play this game until later at night today, and I got on and I have 2% energy, even though I hadn't played all day. This is the fourth or fifth time it has happened to me since the newest update. I may change my review if it gets fixed, but when I get on I can't even play because my energy is low even though I haven't done anything.
I downloaded this game about a month and a half ago. I played for two weeks, and then my game broke. It just goes to the city loading screen greyed out and never progresses. sent in a service ticket, and my game has not been fixed to date. I followed up and received a vague response. I've tried to be patient, but this is ridiculous. I am uninstalling and will not ever download one of your games again
i really like the idea of this game but the energy doesnt restock for like 2 whole and i would likento reset data but when i click it nothing happens. i want to start over from the beginning. ive tried deleting the app but when i download it again ,it picks up where i left off. also want to connect my facebook and get the reward but it does nothing either. pretty disappointed.
I dont know why some people say this game is addictive, when it's far from. The currency exchange 500 for over £80/$97 I think its appalling, apps these days try their best to take as much money as they can in exchange for practically nothing. For that much money I should have a decent amount of stuff, not pennies/cents. What a joke!
The game is super fun! I only have one complaint. I can't seem to get the cash which can be obtained when you connect your Facebook account and gain cash, and when you share a house upgrade, you will be given 500 cash but none was given to me when I did both actions. What do I do?
i really wanted to like this game but i cant the ads are so bad. not only do i see ads almost every click, after the video ends IT TAKES ME TO DOWNLOAD THE GAME without even clicking it at all. i go back to the game and my energy is never back up. this game is a hot mess. edit- it is NOT my phone. it only happens from this app. it take me to go download the game it doesnt download the game. to blame my phone instead of considering it just might be your app , calling it fraud..wow. 1 star.
so, i finally decided to give this a shot. life simulation is a hard genre to crack and lifesim fell short of making it in. first of all, the energy system just doesn't work for a simulator. its irritating and mkses me quickly lose interest. perhaps some extra character creation options would be helpful? that way they wont look so terrifying. i immediately got the feeling this was pay to play. not a fan at all. all in all, very disappointed.
It's ok but I don't like the ads And if you were to improve it you would make it so the gameplay is easy without internet. Right now you are forced to get certain things to get to your next job and then your job can't pay for all your needs, forcing you to watch ads for money.
So far so good. Can't rate game when I'm in the app and prices of stuff is to expensive but overall good game. When I am in the game and it says rate, I can't. I push rate but nothing happens. I have to go to the play store to rate the game. update. after I rated the game my energy doesn't restore until morning usually but today my energy is at the same place it was last night. It isn't going up. If it only takes a min for energy to go up, I think it would be faster for me to gain 100 in no time
(Sorry for the choppyness,saving space)I like the Med Center and Beauty Salon, cool way to add these features;same for karaoke and gym; Besides the characters (shown in many app games) I like the art and the set up, nice and simple I think the karaoke notes should match notes in songs instead of the ding sound;Id like a simple pet(dog, cat, etc.) without spending actual money; Basic clothes set over 3k, maybe drop the price for more realistic feel;maybe more hair colors and makeup designs
I love this app. It makes you work hard to rise up which is super realistic. As far as the comments saying that energy refills slow, during the tutorial You're told that when you are happy and healthy it will refill faster. This is true. So if your simmer is unhealthy and sad you will have slow energy refill . keep your health and hapiness 70+ and you'll be good to go
too many adds. not enough energy bars. gotta wait 10 minutes just to collect 20 more energy bars and then you use most of them on one event. and then you pay $.99 just so you get a full 100. not a fan. cant do much in the game to enjoy it because you use too much and have to wait 10 minutes to watch an ad for 20 energy.
so boring. The first 30 minutes I spent playing I didn't play it was all tutorial and then when I got into the game there was nothing to do. I'm not willing to play it anymore but I will give suggestions. I think it would be less complicated without all different tabs for things, maybe 1 tab for everything and like different subsections. also remove 90% of the tutorials just tell us what tabs do what and that's it. people aren't dumb and they will figure it out on their own.
It's an ok game. The story could use some work, along with sentence structure and grammer, but you are able to get the gist of it well enough. Gameplay itself is simple and good if you just to spend a couple of minutes in between other things. Overall, it's a pretty pretty simple and average game that's been done before.
I was making good money and had a lot of life progress and my mental health went all the way dont and it reset the game I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS GAME FOR ANYONE TO PLAY not to mention the million and 1 adds you gotta watch to even get money dont download its a waste of time
It's an OK game. There is 100 energy you get to use and it goes by fast. It takes 3 minutes to restore 1 energy so it takes a long time to omay again unless you pay 99 cents for full energy. there is an option to restore 20 percent of your energy every 10 minutes but you can barely do anything with that little energy. The ad situation is dumb. I feel like I am always watching ads whether it be to fill life, happiness, or bc I need energy.
I have tried to give this game an honest chance but its impossible to actually play. None of the timed things are actually loading and becoming availabe. Its been almost 8 hours and magically still at 1 energy, the ad videos for health and happiness are still saying wait 50 minutes, and the gym and karaoke still say need 40 minutes. Just how I left the game 8 hours ago. Time did not change anything, this just wasted time.
This game has potential however in order to advance in your career you sometimes have to take a drop in wages which can result in you being "bankrupt" which includes education stopping so then it gives you the option to either buy or watch ads to get money and most ads don't give many coins so when the next (in game) month rolls around you are once again bankrupt and still can't continue the education therefore it becomes a repetitive and frustrating pattern of : watching ads and bankruptcy.
Deleted Game! I downloaded this ignoring the negative reviews to give it a chance. I actually enjoyed it and didn't have any issues with energy. I even purchased a money pack. I opened the game today to find my game has been reset! No link for help in game. I wasn't able to link to facebook because that feature doesn't seem to work. very frustrating! update: tried reinstalling with newest update. game had just reset again. will be installing if I can not regain my original game
I've been really enjoying this game until last night when the loading circle just kept spinning on the energy tab not letting me restore energy or double my money or get health etc..... I've updated, no change I've switched phone off and on again, no change, its annoying me now don't wanna uninstall but might need to if it carry on. What's going on?
Would be fun without the energy feature. looks like wasted potential to me. Instead of creating an enjoyable game it is entirely built around energy which I am sure is to rob your wallet. There are other ways to make money through cosmetics, ingame money(this is potentially game breaking), real life attire, accessories ect. I'm deleting this game but I will check back in and if the energy is removed and implemented with something like click to sleep that is instant then I will recommend the game
Could be a fun little game but it fails due to the fact that there are, literally, absolute no ad available. It just shows a round arrow spinning around like a loading symbol, and that's it. Unclickable. No ad at all to make money. So I need a 22.100$ house so I can advance career, currently have 1000$ in account, so the only job I can do pays 144$ max. No ad makes me need to make the job over 140 times. Uninstalled. Will try again when ads are added to the game.
The game is fine but is really pushed at trying it make you spend real money as the energy is gone very quick as is the health and happiness bar and they refill quite slowly and once they do you end up spending the energy trying to bring your health and happiness to a point were you can play play the career option. If they had a better means of managing or improving This, then it would be more enjoyable.
I like the concept but I only played for about 10 minutes, ran out of energy and money. No big deal, figured I would play more when I got off work but when I opened the game i was still out of money and energy. It doesnt do anything while you are offline I guess? but there is nothing to do in the game to occupy you while you wait for things to replenish and it takes way too long. It's a shame, I enjoyed it for those 10 minutes though
The option to connect to Facebook and share certain things to Facebook for extra money doesn't work. Sucks because I've missed out on alot of $5000 bonuses from cars, houses, etc. Also, the energy needed to complete activites continually changes with each opening of the app. If these things are fixed & those of us who missed out because of your error are reimbursed for the missed opportunities, I will give 5 stars. Overall, pretty balanced game & great for passing time. I enjoy to some extent
This game is very boring, it's one of those games where you have to use energy for everything and basically the only way to play is to wait for more or buy the game. Then there's the places on the map, everytime you do good at an activity it "closes" for a bit this is what led me to uninstall the game. The game as a whole just isn't as entertaining as advertised.
The first time I played this game it was extremely enjoyable and exciting, understanding how it works etcetera. However, after an hour or so, the 'simulator' began to be less engaging or intriguing and more repetitive. I watched lots of ads to get through the game faster, this only enticed me to stop playing because of this monotonous aspect. Altough there are games and actions the player can do, I think there are too few of these. Could,You,Also,Make,Us,Not,Need,*F'B,To,Reset. Info Purloiners.
The moment I entered the app, everything was frozen. I was stuck on a loading screen and nothing would happen. I retried several times and yet, it was still stuck. I didn't have high hopes for the app anyways, but the fact I couldn't even attempt to play the game was disappointing. I usually never write reviews, but I had to say something about this.
nice artwork, but that's about it. the energy bar is spent WAY too quickly. who wants to play a game for 2 minutes and then have to stop because "you dont have energy to do anything" that is going to be the biggest downfall of your game. it lasts WAY too long. no one wants to take 6 months to make tiny bits of progress at a time. ANY F*** THAT SLOTH PET I WANT A DOG AND I SHOULDNT HAVE TO SPEND REAL MONEY FOR IT lol
It's an okay game. I see a lot of potential in it. I feel as though I'm watching more ads than playing the game. However, there are still some bugs to work out. I hate to add on to the energy reviews, but it does take quite a while to refill and the activities spend a lot. Also, at least for me, the energy bar will not fill up at all. It's stuck at 4%. I'm going to have to uninstall, but maybe I'll reinstall someday.
Love it! It's really awesome. Although, some things aren't coherent: for example my character had her baby around 23 I guess. Then I completed all of the relationship requests, and then there is the "finally have grandchildren" option (now the character is around 27). As the developers are being awesome and always reply, I may say that time in the game should be more considered. The energy decreases too fast.. :( The graphics are good, can't wait for new updates!
Cost is alot. Have to use way too many ads to even advance. You'll spend more time watching ads then playing
it was not bad at first, and the graohocs are decent. But now my energy doesn't refill on its own anymore? like i'll leave the game for hours and have 0 energy when before it would refill. and i used to be able to play stocks in the mino games and now i have to be a level 6. without energy there isnt much to do and the energy goes out fast. you can watch a video for a little bit of energy or whatever but otherwise you have to pay for it. not worth my time and im not gonna pay real money for it.
Downloaded the game and it froze soon as it came up . The update says July 15 2019. Seems to me it needs more work done on the game . Also the ratings of how many people play this here game is low . Meaning its not up to its full potential of an updated game . Back to the drawing board bring donuts and coffee because you all are gonna have a long night . If you still wanna publish this game.
It was a fun game, but after spending at least a week on building my life, family, and career, it made me start again from the beginning because my happiness got down to zero. Very disappointed
I feel like this game would be a great game only if energy was not a thing! I say that because the energy runs out way to quickly and when it does I end up going 12hrs waiting for it to get to 100! And sometimes it won't even go up e.g. I get to 0 energy and get off the game then go back in 3 hours just to see that my energy is still at 0! So all I gotta say is if you can't fix that or completely remove energy then I do NOT RECOMMEND THIS GAME.
This game did start out to be fun and seemed to have a lot of potential to keep me entertained, but when i first installed the game and came back to play the next day it had reset my whole game and i was having to start new again. I thought this was just bad luck so i continued to play and started again but when i came back the next day same thing happened again and again. It's really disappointing and sad that you have to repeat actions to eventuate to nothing anyway 😞
had a lot fun playing the game but once I got my first $20,000 I ran into a bug where I couldn't get past the initial loading screen despite waiting for hours and restarting several times. I ended up having to re install and lost all my progress. I would have recommend the game but after this and loosing all of my progress I guess I would say that you shouldn't get it until it's gone through further development. other than this it is a really enjoyable game even ifI did lose everything