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LifeSim 2: Career, Business & Life Simulator Games

LifeSim 2: Career, Business & Life Simulator Games for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Hypergames, Inc. located at 209 E 11th Street #45, Los Angeles, CA 90015. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game was just ok, but quite boring. There's is no interaction at all, like you just have to tap a words.
This app is not very well going for a person like me. I like to play games when I'm mad or out of mood. And this game takes a ridiculously long time to start up! And before it could even open- I'm sorry- I uninstalled.
I am convinced there is no way to win this game. Several hours trying to make my way up for my funds to be decreased 2,000 dollars at a time every 10 seconds till I am broke, homeless, and depressed and once you are broke there is no way to get your way up without spending cash. I watched ads every time they were available and it still didn't prevent a game over. This is unjoyable, time wasting, and just a ploy to get cash via micro transactions. DON'T DOWNLOAD!
Stop making every game cost money if this is a game to try to experience life then let us do it in the game why do we have to waste real money on a ecperienced game I might as well experience it in real life. On top of that I earn thousands then Just lose it for no apparent reason and go poor again I really dont get that and a gf or bf cost way to much spending half my money and I have to spend money on clothes and houses and cars then they just disappear and it keeps saying -money fix this !
I wanted to really give it a solid chance. But after a few hours, I'm so completely burned out from watching literally ad after ad to the affect of over 150 ads. I lost count after that. So if you want a game to do nothing but watch ads, buddy this is for you. If I watch one more ad, I'm tearing my hair out and running down the street screaming.
You have to watch ads. You never make as much money as is required for your job. There are no choices. Just a scam to get you to watch ads for hours at a time. No thanks
I've been playing just because I've got nothing to do... in about an hour I've watched about 50 minutes worth of ads. There is no way to succeed in the game without watching the videos. When you finally start having money random events happen that force you to watch even more videos for money. Ive got close to 200k, and a good job and I still lose more than I make. If you don't mind watching advertisements this game is for you.
Nothing like the ads of course...you literally are just standing around watching your money burn away...I thought I could save on monthly expenses by just buying a car and a home outright but nope you buy them and they still have monthly rates. I'd like a refund honest and true...
This game is actually so so so eye opening. It's made me look at life differently and I'm an adult. A lot of this game had to do with saving money and sacrificing to make ends meet (watching ads) it's really interesting I wish there was more interaction or scenes to see in the game to make it even more interesting. I reached 58 years old as an international superstar. Now I don't even know what to do there's definitely a strategy to this game it's up to everyone to find out on their own.
The concept is fun, but the game requires you to buy things in order to progress in your career choice, and often when starting a new branch you take a pay cut, and you can't remove things that are non-essential, so budgeting is a chore and if you don't buy money or wait FOREVER to save once you are making money again you lose everything. The character makes dumb choices I would never make and loses money all the time. I get the happiness numbers changing over time, but not health.
Cool idea, poorly executed. Don't reply to me saying to email you with suggestions, there's plenty already there, just read. Make it possible to play without watching adds all the time!
I like the concept of the game.But, it's really annoying when I'm losing money, can't backtrack on ANYTHING, and I need to do a course to get the next job.Also, the situations that lose you money are really annoying.If I'm making hundreds I'm not going to go out with friends and spend a thousand or if I'm losing money I'm not going to punch a client and take a pay cut.I think for the losing money things, you should get a choice on what you do.I also think there should be a way to back track.
Uh it is the worst game ever and it is not what they pictured it to be you literally do nothing such a waste of data i would never ever recommend this to anyone .the reason why i rated it one star is you cant post without you rating it if not i would have given it no stars at all
I have no problem with this app although their is alot of adds and you have to watch adds to gain money its a amazing game! But sometimes it won't give me my full money im supposed to get after watching an add.
You have to watch a minimum of 10 adds to progress, even by a tiny bit. After that you will need to watch 10 more adds if not more to do anything. Especially after 5 min of playing.
I downloaded this game just to leave a review about how laughable the positive reviews are. One 5 star review even mentions using the app as a fitness app... πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ Clearly, they're faking reviews or paying them. The game is literally trash and impossible to play unless you devote money. Hypergames are nothing but greedy money grabbers who SAY the game is possible to play without spending money, but it's not true at all. Without eating your data by watching ad after ad, you're forced to pay.
This is a very easy game for me, because I understand this game, have extra knowledge this game, this is my favourite game
I've achieved everything but the only way to do this for free is watching a lot of ads. Several hundred. Maybe even over thousand. Random losing money is so annoying but the first part of the game is great and very addictive.
I CANT DO ANYTHING! YALL KEEP TAKING AWAY MY MONEY EVERY 2.5 SECONDS. Fix the problem, or im unstalling..its like I get 30 dollars, but then its gone anf it says "u needed axtra studing" so it takes away my 30 dollars its annyoing, fix it!
I enjoy playing this game but will love it if even more if my partner (boyfriend/husband, girlfriend/wife) would contribute to some of the expenses. And if I can also get an option of choosing my life partner according to their career and life status. Also if we could have an option to be a single parent.
I think this is excellent games. Very usefull and helpful. I recommended it to my friends. Thanks to the developer for sharing such an amazing games.
It was fun at first but then they just randomly charged me and I kept loosening money and I went from apartment and good job to on the street homeless you need to change this to make it easier but I still like this game.
This game has potential, but it's dang near impossible to be successful. You get jobs were you have to live a certain lifestyle, but the pay does not match the lifestyle you have to live, so you have to watch a million ads. If I wanted to watch 45 ads in 5 minutes I'd go to YouTube. It's ridiculous, to own a fish you have to pay 300 a month. Is the fish eating gold fish flakes. To have a boyfriend you have to pay over 1k a month. Your monthly expenses seem to always be more then you make.
Interesting sims game but too many ads. Also, I watched several ads for coins and did not receive the coins after watching the ad.
This game's pretty good,really nice but then...... The amount spent is really much, plus when the person has a boyfriend or girlfriend,why is he or she still paying for them I mean they're married or fiancees or boyfriend and girlfriend I mean don't they like share the expenses than adding more expenses on the character, the game doesn't really define life as it is said so please do fix thatπŸ™‚
Boring! The only way to get anywhere is to watch adds. Other than that its just an avatar that doe nothing.One of the most boring games I've ever played. Uninstalled!
Way better than my successful life, I actually maxed out on everything within two days. It was fun, not impossible. The video ad that gives you money goes up every time your job goes up, so it keeps you from going broke and losing everything. I love it, 5 stars.
The game was nothing like the ad I saw, completely misleading. The actual game is ok but you basically have to watch ads to have enough money and the rest of the time you are just waiting. Not worth it, not a good game.
It could be a good game but in order to go anywhere you have to watch a million ads! I've spent 2 hours playing the game just to have everything reset on me because the game takes ridiculous amounts of money away at random and if you fall below a certain amount of money in a career you loose everything and have to restart! All that time spent watching ads wasted! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!!
Boring and totally overpriced. No imagination, no creativity, just a black hole to throw money in to play. Terrible.
Iam very happy to using this App.There are many interesting things that i like so much. I recommend it to download and give 5πŸ’« stars i think it will go ahead in the future
This game is not what I expected it to be. I thought I would spend most of the time playing it and rarely watch ads when actually I spend most of the time watching ads because I always ended up without any money. Probably if this wasn't the case I would've given you a 5 star rating.
Played for a couple hours then character randomly died while waiting on something to do and had to start over. Way too little to do in this game other than wait for a some kind of trigger to peform an action to justify a restart. Basically a tap tap game that randomly triggers restarts.
This game would be really fun if it wasn't so hard to earn money. When you upgrade to a better job you loose money instead of gain it and the requirements you need to get a better job require you to spend more and in the end you loose your job because you can't earn enough. I wish it was easier to play and had more customization for your character because this game could easily become one of my favorites.
Literally click bait for ads. It's built in to give you the same issues at the same levels every time. You spend more than you earn even with watching ridiculous amounts of ads back to back. Deleting after giving a really good go. Do not download unless you want to waste all your data on ads. There should be a system where you can pay a price in game and no longer have to watch ads in it. Reported this game to app store for danger to data.
I spent about 100.00 real money it was the only way to beat the game my character made it to 60 years old had 99 million and they killed her said she died of old age what happen to her husband and kids and the 99 million I saved up gone when I clicked start a new game I had 4k like what how do I go from 99 million back to 4 k ....this Game is a rip off I don't mind spending real money but to take all the money away that u saved up when the character dies is wrong I'm so angry 😑
I don't like this game,you lose money entirely too quick (back to back) and losing a job because your home caught fire and you don't have enough for repairs because of losing money is a bit too much,the maintenance for one fish is $300 a month which is actually 15 min,just a bunch of crazy fees, not cool when you're spending actual money to keep playing... NOTHING like it was advertised,oh yeah and it's very boring,you never see the inside of your home or job,I'm going to uninstall.
This game was fun at first but honestly it feels like you can't win it. You're forced to get more expensive life styles just so you can move up. Which would make sense if the new jobs you were applying for payed more then your last. Going from comfortably living at 3000+ dollars in income just to switch to a job that doesn't pay you even half of the last job. Has potential not worth it
Terrible It cost too much to maintain the health and happiness of the characters yet as soon as you improve on it the scores get lower. Making it difficult to meet the requirements of the next job opportunity
Finished the entire game and achieved everything in a day without spening any money. If you play strategically it's pretty easy to by pass some of the levels by looking ahead and planning out what needs to be sacrificed for the time being. Fell off track a few times but was able to get back on my feet quickly. Great game, but still a lot of room for improvement. More interaction with other characters.
Ads are broken. You won't get money for watching ads. It's so annoying. Fix this bug I will give you more ratings.
i wouldn't recommend this game unless you feel like spending a bunch of money on it and even at that, it'd still be a complete waste. this game was cute at first but it's extremely difficult to find it enjoyable. you lose money faster than you can earn it so it makes it hard to even get anything. when you lose too much money it takes away everything that you've bought and makes you have to buy it again. this game would've been perfect if the currency wasn't so hard to maintain.
this app just forcing us to watch ads in order to survive..income always not enough, then always lost money to something..the game also boring, nothing to do to get more income..just staring at the screen waiting for the time to run..still u got nowhere without watching ads..terrible idea n terrible game..nothings good in this game..not even worth a star
Horrible. Nothing like advertised. Have story line advertised, but not when play starts. Deleting this game after only two minutes
Really easy geam II personally recommend to all people use the app I hope you can enjoy the geam and the video game very easy and earned money my experience was really good esy way to erning best pkg so let's start geam and earn allot of money
Waste of time. You are constantly losing money no matter how far you progress. You have to watch a boat load of ads just to earn money to stay ahead.
This is a cashgrab ad game. All you do is wait for things to have been equipped for long enough and then click them. 50 second ads give almost no reward. I dont understand the high 5* rating. At most i would be comfortable giving this game a 3 star but only ONLY because of the graphics.
It's not hard to play or keep up, I kind of thought that it would have been like the simulation games where you can walk about, design your home an...
The best mobile game I've ever seen, 12/10, i had a wonderful experience playing it, it's the best game of the century !
This game is wack downloaded it with so much expectations but its not as you see in the pictures the character does not do anything it just stands in one spot it you dont see the character eating sleeping or going out or going to work it just stands in one spot very boring have played better sims games
Its nothing like the ad i seen but still thought i give it a try... after playing i find it is very boring really such a pointless game i tried really hard to find something i liked about it but i couldn't its like why even make a game where u can't interact with nothing or nobody so people DO NOT waste your time on this game
I got pretty far in the game, taking producer courses and being a lead role in a tv series plus a cohost on the side. I was looking at the cars and accidentally clicked to buy an expensive one. I hurried and clicked back on my previous car, not realizing I would have to pay AGAIN for that car. Now I'm broke, and apparently I don't have enough money for my job so I tried to watch ads but because there's waiting time after each ad it's impossible. I lose my job and have to start over. Uninstalled.
It's okay. It doesn't make the game worth it enough with any customizable elements. You look the same, don't choose your outfits, can't decorate your place, etc. Add small purchases that are in-game money. Hair, clothes, clothes for your pet. Paint for your car. It's so boring.
Not great Simply because, as a bartender in real life you could afford home cooked food and rent or even a long term mortgage on that wage, for once I'd like a more accurate life sim with more career paths
This game is actually so so so eye opening. It's made me look at life differently and I'm an adult. A lot of this game had to do with saving money and sacrificing to make ends meet (watching ads) it's really interesting I wish there was more interaction or scenes to see in the game to make it even more interesting. I reached 58 years old as an international superstar. Now I don't even know what to do πŸ˜… there's definitely a strategy to this game it's up to everyone to find out on their own.
The game keeps freezing when your making money or fullfing health it doesn't show that its adding itπŸ™Œit's very frustrating....Overall great idea for game. But... it would be nice to move about a little as the sim. Maybe just in home instead just look at her standing there just not moving and smiling. It's a little awkward. Hope this helps.
The ads don't work like they say they do. I have to watch 3 ads to get the credit for 1. Must watch thousands of ads to even try to make it anywhere or spend real money. Way ro many ads
the game is good and fun but it is anoyng that you are almost always loosing money and need to watch ads or pay for it, also it would be nice to be able to be gay which is possible in the first version of the game but not in the second.
I see a few negative reveiws on here and yes it is hard if you don't know what you're doing. First off ...living in the real world is not easy. It's frustrating,hard,expensive and it gets even harder as you go along This game challenged me to think smarter and think where i can save money and what do i need and what is a luxury. Yes in order to get a new job you need certain things however i would suggest saving money on courses. This helps a great deal. I am in love with this game
The ads have nothing to do with the actual game. The game has to be the most boring Sim game I've ever seen. They should be dinged for false advertisement at the very least. If you want to waste space on your phone and be bored out of your mind then this is the game for you.
It's fun but there's really nothing to do. There should be games or something to add excitement and gain money, instead of just watching ads. I think it would be more fun if you could also switch back and forth to different houses and cars and jobs, once you've earned it. Making it more if a strategy game too. It also doesn't make sense that once you have bought something you have to rebuy it. There should also be a way to stop you from getting so many bad situations which lose you money
Really easy geam II personally recommend to all people use the app I hope you can enjoy the geam and the video game very easy and earned money my experience was really good esy way to erning best pkg so let's start geam and earn allot of money.....😍😍πŸ₯°πŸ₯°
Absolute and utter garbage, managing your funds properly without watching ads or paying money leaves no room to play the game how you want to. Everything has to be completely linear if you dont want to go broke and if not you have to wait until you get to 30 and live of savings. Maybe realistic but not great for a game. The cherry on top is not being able to pick your spouse or clothing.
This game would have been fun if not for the fact that you lose money and "happiness". The loss of currency makes it a chore to play
Really wanted to like this game but it keeps you in the red financially so that all you can do is watch ads to make money and make ends meet. And it bangs on about in-laws gifting you money when all you have is a goldfish. Then they have a bunch of bots to leave 5 star reviews because it apparently gave them 'life experience' πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† and then they'll post the bog standard reply below πŸ‘‡ when you give an honest opinion. I've already uninstalled it, don't bother.
So first of all, their ads are misleading, its barely a life simulation, you don't make any choices, the game is repetitive, all you do is tap and stare at the screen. Another problem is that this game is absolutely unplayable without watching ads.
Time flys by if u play... But the thing is the more I get renowned the amount of earning is reduced which doesn't look logical at all... Yes there are expenses but this is absolutely aburd!! I know u guys want to make money out of it by pushing the limit.. Due to this I have lost quite an interest to it... Kindly consider the expenses for a fair play... Which makes it more exciting!!!
This game is really lazy. There's no animation whatsoever and all you do is watch ads to make money. You're always losing anything you make from watching ads also, and it's only 30% of the time you actually even get the promised money. The progress is really bad. It's just a money making thing, nothing more. I hate games like these because they're basically just a scam. All it is is about 400 ads so the developers can get undeserved money.
This game was so depressing ..it was no way to get ahead and little to nothing was really showed to me In the tutorial would give zero stars but that not a option
This Is An Amazingly Excellent Life Simulator Offline - & - Online Single Player - & - Multi-Player Game App'.!!.
I brought a game item and it did not reflect in the game . The game interface is designed so lousy that there is no customer support option or info available anywhere in the app. Pathetic app. Please don't install
The worse everytime i watched a ad i wouldnt get the money after it was dumb and then we gotta watching ads when they are too long.
Obnoxiously boring. I'm not sure why this has such high reviews when it's ridiculously slow to progress. The only way to get money without spending real money is by watching ads every 30 seconds which covers half an upgrade. And there's zero customisation, even for such a pretty game. The character gets broke and sad immediately. Disappointed.
Worst App ever wouldn't recommend wasting time on it. Boring and no way to get ahead unless you want to spend real money on it. Characters are crappy looking offers no customization
It's a good game to pass time.. but you have to be ok with watching ads. If you watch ads then you can make money and progress at a decent pace. If not then you will constantly be losing more money than you make.. no matter the job you have. Kind of frustrating and repetitive. Could definitely be better, but still a good time waster for when you're super bored.
I really like this game, but...any career you choose you will stay having a negative balance. I wish the vehicles, relationships, homes had a one time payment rather monthly. If you do not have enough money saved/required on a certain jobs, you have a minute or less to get the money back or you'll lose the job, vehicle, clothes..etc.then you have to work your way back up. Should make the game more balanced. Higher payouts, more customization options for the characters....etc.
Would not recommend if you want to play something enjoyable. At the beginning, it was interesting. As you progress, you need to watch more ads in order to keep your job and keep your character happy. It becomes rather stressful to play seeing how you can barely save money and keep having expenses.
I like the game and played for a while but made a $8 purchase and the money never showed up in my game.
Well this app is not really good.the graphics are so off and don't look realistic .I opened the app and after ten minutes the app just closed
This app is really amazing .I like this game .this game is very easy and good. I like this app very much .
I like this game and it has potential. What I dont like is the pay cuts and how I have to choose the job that picked. I want to be able to choose my own job and place to live and classes I want to take. Its gets redundant after a while because you already know what you HAVE to pick in order to progress. I'll keep it installed until a better update comes along.
Game is wack. No choices once you complete everything there's nothing else to do but rack up money. Really boring game.
The only way to succeed in this game is with ads. You're nearly constantly in debt no matter what you do. I got to the modeling career levels and I'm on average I'm taking a loss of 2-4k/ month because of the amount of times my studios get sued, which means that I'm constantly having to watch advertisements just to make even Other things that irk me: - You have to pay to have a boyfriend/girlfriend?? Why are they not helping provide?? I don't want a scrub. - I have more but not enough space
After a little bit of leveling up you get so much negative income its impossible to make money without watching tons of ads
This game wants you to spend real money, because if you play it right and gain a lot of income without having to spend your real money on it to have money in the game. Out of nowhere your character starts getting a lot of expensive not just once but many times for example (car accidents, tickets,car getting vandalized, robbers, scammed). All of that happens to your character to the point you lose your job, and have no money left, and it's wrong for game wanting you to spend real life money.
Literal definition of a pay to win game! I spent all my time watching ads just to advance, plus there were so many unnecessary expenses like paying for car, clothes and everything you already own for the rest of your life. Plus so many deductions like ratings, popularities. NEVER INSTALL THIS APP UNLESS YOU LOVE WASTING YOUR TIME!
Life Simulator game is a joke. Not at all like the ads. It is NOT how life is in real life and this game is a joke. And all the developers do is copy and paste the same message on bad reviews. How about some orginality? The developers made a corny game that does NOT simulate life at all!
This is the best game in playstore. I am playing this game everyday and enjoy to play. In this game all the features quality is best. Thanks to make this game.
The game is terrible. You can not get ahead without watching ads every 20 seconds or spending your real.moneh which I refuse to do. Even after watching COUNTLESS ads to build up revenue, I lost about 10 ads worth of cash from lawsuits, car crashes, buying gifts and apparently partying with friends. It might be fun if there was some sort of strategy but there isn't. It's all random and not thought out well. Do better.
I can't even play the game. 😣 Edit - I've deleted and reinstalled the game 3 times, yet still no keyboard. I choose a character, and tap on the input name box, but my keyboard won't open at all to let me enter a name. I'm not pressing the back key at all, but the name box to try to get my keyboard to open, but it won't. There's no accessibility feature on my phone (Pixel 3a XL) that I'm aware of that'll open my keyboard forcefully.
You have to have things that are upgraded to get a job with less income so you are earning less than you spend Yet have to have a certain amount of money to get the next job. You have to watch an ad to make up the money. And it's not very active it's a tap game basically
The gameplay is good. My only issue is, at higher levels, none of the jobs are profitable. If not for watching the ads, over and over again, there would be no way to advance.
I "won" the game and became a super star with $30m plus, but there is no "winning", it just keeps going. This game is basically just watching ads. I mean a ton of ads. I spotted counting how many I watched after 80 within 15 hours. Watching ads is the only way to "win" without just buying money. There is literally no animation, or actual game play of any kind. All the characters are the same other than looks.
I enjoyed this game at the beginning, however it takes a ton of patience regarding your character making money & improving in life. Also, I had this downloaded on both my laptop & phone. They did not sync. I had built up to $200K for my character on my phone, but when I opened the game on the laptop, it showed me at the beginning of the story... Both were connected to my Facebook. So, I'm not sure what happened, but it should sync on multiple devices. As a result, I deleted the game.
I put all that effort into this game. Even had to log in to Facebook. Went back to play again after work and not game saved. Total rip off.
It's okay but it doesn't require any skills and the characters are stereotypical in appearance, not realistic at all. You have to be straight or rather your character has to be straight if you want to level up. You also have to make poor financial decisions to get ahead. Which goes against the marketing for the game. All and all, not worth my time.
DON'T WASTE YOU TIME AND MONEY!!! this game sucks you have to pay real money for half of the stuff in the game and 5 minutes in real life is a year in the game!!! I thought this was a life sim not standing around and wasting you time AND money
all you do is watch ads to get money. there is no other way of being able to complete the game because you can't get enough from any of the jobs. I liked the concept of the game but would not reccomend.
This is a very cheerful game...I play this game a lot.. I love the graphics.. love everything about this game.. it is so smooth and bug free.. ads does not come often...thanks
I rate this game 3/5 because the games has the full potential and I actually do enjoy this game BUUUUUT I can't stand having to watch an ad every couple thousand and idk why the money gets taken away so quickly and then we start losing money so far we're doing good BUT I think every job she's made should have increased her money but if your impatient then this isn't for you cause it's not for me I'm trying to rush but up to you to see
It's a pretty boring game. The expenses are unreasonable and you're constantly in the negative when you're just starting out. You can't customize your pets or boyfriend/ girlfriend. I'm going to uninstall
This game does not interact with other little people it is stupid you just stand there and wait till you run out of money
Ive never played but it's loading and it better be real cuz if it's fake just gonna say to who made it FIX IT IDIOT there now you better when I come back I'm gonna look at the game so no ads better be there so yeah if it's fake just say that FIX IT IDIOT so yeah there's some tips
Bot reviews.This is the worst game I have ever played. First of all, the game consists of a screen, then you press the rest of the time. There's no originality, no choices, just pressing. Secondly, you cannot advance in this game for 3 minutes without watching at least a 15 security ad, and most of the ads they play seem to be scams anyways. Don't trust the rating, I looked through the reviews, there's many that say the same thing, they've obviously fake. Report it for wrong rating.
This is actually such a,fun game. You kind of get an idea of what it's like for less fortunate people but also how hard it is getting just to get by in life. If you don't spend,your money carefully it might prove fatal but when you strategize, it's very rewarding to see your person become successful in this game. Thumbs uπŸ‘πŸΎ
I cannot type in the name for some odd reason, it might just be because of my phone (which is a Google pixel) or it's just a small bug, but I can't really continue without the name. Based off the ratings I cannot tell if it is good or not.
This game is very boring. There's really nothing to do but stare at the screen while waiting for time to pass. I understand wanting to make it difficult because like is difficult but this is ridiculous. The requirements for advancing jobs constantly give you a negative cash flow. So you either have to pay real money or sit through a ton of ads. Not worth the time or phone space do not reccommend.
This game sucks! It's a real life simulator alright, keeps you stressed by keeping you in debt AT ALL TIMES all you can do is watch ad after ad after ad and hope to survive... Fudge that πŸ’©!
I came back to see how you were doing, and I realized I might have been wrong. But by just a bit. The game is pretty fun to play in the beginning but when you keep playing (when I got to the promoter for special promotions job), it gets harder to balance money, needs, and job requirements. I suggest making an option to get loans or something. Other than that, this is actually pretty good.
A boring and slow game. It takes too long to move forward and get a better job,clothes and home to do what you need to do to earn more money and complete task. All you is left to do is watch ads and your character stands on the screen doing absolutly nothing. It's nothing like the sims.
Do not download it , this is the worst game ever i was fine and i had alot of money and a house, car and a fiance now after one second everything is gone so dont waste your time with it
The game quickly reaches a point where you cannot move forward without paying or watching endless ads. It's interesting, but far more ad watching than actual play.
The negative reviews I read aren't wrong, the cost of living gets to be more than your income and now when I try to watch the add to gain more money or skip time studying half the time it doesn't even give the reward, just a 30 second ad for nothing. I like how the games difficult personally but at this point its just frustrating when you can't afford anything and can't get extra money on top of it, and when you try to get the extra money it wastes 30 seconds of your life and doesn't give you it
Ad button doesn't always work. Should fix that. Edit: I know how an ad for rewards works. It doesn't open an ad when I tap it, just continuously counts down like it had already played when it didn't, and then I have to wait 20 secs to try again. Once again, should look into that.
Amazing application! A large of exercises, i have been using this application as a fitness and I have been successful as well! Wow, I loved it! Must try!
Terrible game. Point and click. Completely pointless. Set up so you lose even if you're earning in the positive amounts. Can't customize at all. Some ads don't earn you rewards even though you're forced to watch them. Impossible to progress in game without watching infinite ads. Boring as hell.
This game is awful. It is nothing like the ads seen on Facebook. The game also tries to get you to buy additional money in the game almost immediately. No thanks.
The rating for this app is too high. You need to keep watching ads every 15 seconds to earn money because our character's income is not enough. Even if we got promoted, there are always others thngs to buy/have which impact our financial.. If you love watching ads, then go install this app.
Really easy geam I I personally recommend to all people use the app I hope you can enjoy the geam and the video game very easy and earned money my experience was really good esy way to erning best pkg so let's start geam and earn allot of money
If I could give 0 stars! I would! I paid $5 for more money in the game, and immediately died after!! This game is actually horrible!
This game has a very high quality. The steps are also very attractive I will definitely suggest you ...
Speeding up courses by watching ads should finish more than one month. You should have the option of going back to an old job and changing everything down as well as dropping out of a course and continuing it at a later date. Apart from that, its a very decent game and I do enjoy playing it.
This is the wonderful apps. You can play games easily. The apps run smoothly. I am playing this game and enjoy. I will recommended for everyone to play this game and enjoy with this game.
I like it but it's really hard, even only getting the stuff required for the next job, after awhile you're losing money no matter what you're doing and I'm worried I'll end up losing because of the terrible game design. Like why do I work up to a high job and then the next job I'm taking a 3k pay cut?? That names no sense.
Didn't get the $10,000 for inviting friends. They even downloaded the damn game. Please fix the issue....Other than that the game is ok.
Great app!! I think that's cool and very interesting, i like idea of this app. so I'm enjoying of playing.
I wouldn't advise installing this game, it is a bit of a timewaster. The game is rigged to make you lose money, even if you are earning a positive amount each week. The company made it like this so that you watch ads to earn money rather than playing the game. Overall, unless you want to watch a lot of ads it is probably not worth wasting your's time on
I loved the game made it to the end I'm 62 with a adult and teenager &husband didn't have to spend any real money to reach my goal,I'm at the highest right now and can't go any futher,wish they make a sims life 3
Wow this is a amazing game .. it's made me look at life differently and I'm an adult . A lot of this game thad to with saving money and sacrificing . It's really interesting
This most likely wont be read, However Im gonna review it for other people, This game is impossible without watching about 50-100 Ads for the cash it provides to stay alive at times. The character is a real world pompous prick who needs all the new stuff or things he needs which takes away from the idea that its your life sim instead of the characters, because the only reason you cant create capital is because the game becomes centered around your happiness, if it wasnt reliant on that, its good
It is one of the best game i have ever played.It is so interesting to play.It runs so smoothly and graphics so nice to play.Everyone should spend time by playing this game.
Not a bad game :) I do always get asked to review a bit to soon. When I was asked to review I spent ten minutes on the game just enjoying it. After a while I did notice small glitches like when it freezes suddenly. May have been fixed by now. I'm not keen on how slowly I earn money it never goes any faster and it gets confusing when I lose some at a job for punching a client? I personally would hit someone as a character thought maybe it was because I was winning?
DON'T INSTALL. THE GOOD REVIEWS ARE FAKE. Seriously, look at the 5-star reviews. People saying the app is "useful" and "practical", how when it's a mobile game? They're canned reviews. The actual game has no choices, and a bunch of contrived expenses. No hairstyles, can't have a same-sex partner, GF costs thousands of dollars a month, I keep randomly getting sick or robbed, so much expensive dry cleaning even for the cheapest wardrobe, clothes are a monthly fee, etc.
This is a good game to play but I feel like it can be better I understand that u have to make certain decision to better ur self but I think u should also have it to where u can choose to cut back on things when ur having problems like I'm eating great but I can't offered it let me go back eating hot dogs instead of home cooked meals lol
It's ok but it should have more stuff to do. It takes to long to move up in jobs. Have a part where we can make choices on things. Like going out to dinner. Pick who we want to date. It's just a slow game waiting.... 😴🀧
This game is trash! You can't progress without meeting benchmarks and with every benchmark it costs you monthly. Plus, your mood decreases drastically and you have constantly pay for activities to keep your mood up. Even if you have no kids and no husband it's impossible to progress and not die without purchasing coins. It also starts depleting your mood drastically by 90 every minute so you have to spend like 100k every minute to not die. It's a sham to get you to spend money! 0 stars for this!
This game could atleast move around and not just have the player standing outside...I was ok with playing the game at first but you literally have to watch an ad every 20 seconds just to get 1.5k... Watching ads gets boring I thought the game was going to be different...They should shut this game down and figure out how to make it better I dont understand how they strip you of your clothes and make you lose your job because youre naked..Also I dont even see the money that comes in from the job..
This game is so lame don't waste your time! I thought it was cool at first but you're basically just watching ads the entire time to advance your career, house, car, etc. The girl is hideous and you can't even change her appearance and they just stand there on the screen while you watch ads. Dumbest game I've ever wasted my time playing. I'm so glad I never invested any money into it!
I beat it without spending money. All you have to do is watch ads for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours.... seriously. It's boring. You watch ads and click buttons. No story line. Nothing. Don't download this. It's terrible.
This game, like any life sim game I've tried, requires ad watching or spending real money to make progress. That and it's undeniably boring waiting for time to pass. Also the ad for the game itself is infuriating when it shows on other apps - it is long, has nothing to do with the game itself, and forces you to wait extra time for a "playable" part that is actually just click bait as attempting to play just takes you straight to download the game. Load of rubbish.
Although I am still playing the game, it deserves a one star. It's just a game where you watch ads and possibly succeed in the game. Not only did they have house, food, etc. requirements, they added MONEY as a requirement at one point. At this point in the game you are spending more than you are earning, so you have to back to back watch ads just to make ends meet or progress further into the game. At least make there no cooldown on ads or make it shorter, since it is all you do in the game. πŸ™„
This game is horrible I played this game and it was asking to sign in to facebook and I get 5k for my character And I was expecting to get my 5k and I signed in and there was nothing same for when they ask me to share and there was nothing worst game ever !!! 😠😠
I thought I'd try despite the harsh reviews but now I'm fully agreeing with them. My complaints; first off, you have literally no control. Only have job starting situations which you can move up on to whatever but never settle. Your person just complains if you take too long, which makes them sad way faster. You lose money on actions you can't control. Which happens constantly. Your husband doesn't help, only costs more to have one. I've tried going as slow as my person even allows, still nope.
I love the game, I think it amazing, it teaches you the life out in the real world and the struggles that people goes through to have a better living. Although despite that I'd like to give suggestions of how it could be a better game. In the game it automatically take away your money and you have to start over and basically watch ads to make up the money you lost. Butni think you should add some options for the players, likebhow much are they willing to pay for the problems that comes there way
At first you make money but then it all goes down the drain when things become so expensive that you are literally losing money every month and all you can do is watch mind numbing ads. Also there are 5 star spam comments.
No offline element so if you want to progress you either watch ads every 20 seconds or waste your time watching everything in person
Couldn't play this game. It wouldn't let me get past the name part at the very beginning. The keyboard won't open so I can't name my character.
Eventually it's impossible to advance without spending money or viewing nothing but adds rather than "playing" the game! Trash!
It is a awesome apps.it is running smooth and good Graffix.you can use it very easily.it is very much useful.I love it ❀️
The game is about saving money, making good decisions. But it is so time consuming! waiting is so bothersome. this game is literally a money grab. why put effort into gaming interactions when we can just force the player to play ads to get money, amiright? edit: I saw your response. i just have to say that i'm still right, do better ❀ THE GAME IS SO BORING! anyone who has given you 1 star has said the same thing πŸ™„ you cant fool everyone with your bot reviews.
This game is impossible to complete without spending real money or watching tons of ads. terrible game
This game is impossible to play without paying or watching 100s of ads for in game money. They make it so that you have to get all this stuff your avatar cant afford so your always in debt and have to watch ads/pay in order to move up. Response edit- I'm sure people have done it, by watching an insane amount of ads to make up for the fact that your avatar is required to do thing s while having specific jobs that make her lose money every month.
Made Super star and completed all task and have 30 million nothing left to do. I think the characters should be able to move around interactively. Didn't spend 1 dollar of real money
This game could be better. It is sooo hard to progress in this game both of my cjaracters died of depression. Did not enjoy it.
I have to give the developers credit, they really did listen to all the criticisms and they edited the game in such a way that was beneficial to both them monetarily and the players in that viewing a bunch of ads actually puts u at a huge advantage to win the game. So kudos to them for that. My only critiques are that the time still passes wayyy too slowly and that sometimes your progress can be stunted by your age.
Its the best but i think you should add more dog breeds,and hat you can choose the woman you like and the man you like.And pls addthat when you close the app money generates.it is the best game