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Life Simulator 3 - Real Life

Life Simulator 3 - Real Life for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Playdrop located at 9 Price Grove, St Helens, WA9 2NR. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I like the new features added but it should also have things like you car actually see the house,car,boat,plane and everything that you buy .
I really love the game, but I really don't like the self love thing. a lot of the things that decreases self love does not make sense. I also do not like how you cant see your pet, take care of it or do anything with it. same with children. I also wish to see my house and car. thank you though, other than those I do like the game for what its worth!
Top game. Why aren't i dying normally like a heart attack or something from old age? And why cant i make a WILL to leave a inheritance for my children? I had to "commit suicide"/prestige myself to end the game... Maybe a better explanation about that?
This game is nice. I like some of the layout and format. But i wish that i had more investments or there was more ways to make money other than jobs and the bloger thing. And why does it matter if my villen is up or not? And why are the random events always the same thing even if im 100 years old. Why cant you make your kids work? Why cant you do part time work and apperentice? Just some ideas
It is fun, but I have had 2 charecters die when trying to move because you must sell you old house in order to move.(you must be homeless for a second so you can buy a new house.) However when I became homless for a second I instantly died loseing all my progress.PLEASE fix this soon.
Its a great game! I would love to see even more additions to the game. I love how it doesn't shove ads in your face but rather has options to progress by watching ads. I can tell this game has even more potential.
The app is nice. It feels that I'm really working and studying masters and doctorate degree. I also suggest to make the business section has more option. Thank you!
A really simple yet interesting game,teaches about how choices you make can affect you in the long run. I really like it
its nice.. i love it. but my only concern is whats the use of stats? and from the insurance, food, house i dont know wat did i choose because there is no arrow or indicator.. I also i was confused with the children but now i finally know that they also increase the income.
Why not add some ideas as like invest your house or invest your business. And add some contract as like assasain contract to complete it to generate millions and if you were caught by police for your vice, you will be sentenced for 10 years in jail or sentence to death.
Game is relatively easy, and relaxing. You are not pressed to purchase anything, although, to get farther in the game, it is easy to watch "commercials", and get what money you need to get further. It's a nice game to play if you don't want to be pressured to purchase.
Great idea and super small size. But why should I save the progress manually. Make it automatic. Once I got so much money and property then I quit the game. The next time I came I saw I have nothing.
The prices of things are pretty odd. All "courses" including drivers licence, pilot licence, and CPR cert each cost $5000 and take 6 months? A library card costs $600 a month? Also I did the buisness masters degree route and it does not allow me to advance past the first investment option because it will "put me into debt" even though I have more than enough to invest. It just tells me to make a micro transaction and buy more in game money so that expensive career path is a dead end.
It's a fun simulation game, has some real life choices, but would be more fun to play if there would me more business options and ways to earn money. Hope the creator's try to add more businesses soon.
I think when you figured out how the game works you will become RICH really fast.. well me my profit is Β£100k - above and my income is also Β£100k - above how about you?? I has Β£15 millions in my bank and Β£700k in cash.
Less than 1 day of playtime and I already like it but we'll see if it keeps my attention. Real rewards and incentives for ads. Nice touch πŸ‘Œ
Brilliant, but sometimes it can be buggy, for example I tried to change the frequency I upload in the vlogger business but it won't let me.
I downloaded this game at first around 2019/2020 Since then it never bored me I got a new phone this year and i installed it. The thing about this game is creativeness, lets get more creative. I love the game, besides im earning over 100k/mon
I love playing this game, how to start a business, I have masters in business, Β£100k and have joined the library to earn logic, it's been years since I joined library, I can't seem to start business please help. Okay so I have 3 businesses which I invested in, on the fourth business (and so on) it says low profit and I might end in loans, how can I invest more? Please make a calculation on how I arrive with profit from annual revenue less monthly marketing expense to 10% share
Its probably the best life simulator game on the play store. I literally skip college to play it. But maybe you could give us an option to buy multiple houses and we could sublet it to other people or rent it out. This would definitely help us gain more profit/month. Just a thought. And also could you add more business options? Overall this game is fabulous.
Like many people have already said, the game has a lot of potential and is a great time killer but it needs more features. Being able to customize our character would be great, and as time goes on, it should look older (start getting wrinkles, gray hair, etc). There should be a lot more features added for the children and spouse too! Looking forward to future updates.
The game is fun, but I don't much care for the ideal aspect. I'd rather time freeze when not playing. Since it feels like you are wasting your characters life when you aren't playing the game. I also don't like that you can straight up buy more income or millions of dollars with real money. It defeats the purpose of a life similator. In real life you can't just magically pull millions of dollars out your butt whenever you need it.
It is more of academic than adventures. Which is good for one's IQ but I suggest that it may be made more fun and colourful. Thanks.
This game is nice but it is too easy and makes the game get boring so I will want the game to be harder and more realistic
Pathetic game before the last update i was not able to do anythung and now my character suddenly dies with 1m monthly income!!!!
I've seriously been in love with this game. I think you just need to add more of a variety of jobs and random events, and this game will be pure gold! Thank you Playdrop, for making this great game.
It takes to long to do anything. Please speed it up.. Edit: Nvm and How do you get jobs quicker? And can you get a job without education. Just downloaded it and it is very impressive. Keep up the great work! Geta job and an almost family. Great work. Edit: I restarted a new life and its going well except I deleted it and lost my education token
The overall is is in more detail than the other games in the series, the one problem that I have is the casino. When the dealer has a hand less than yours, the dealer has to hit and cant stop whenever they want to, plus your the one that hits until your hand is good enough or over 21 or right on. You should add more games to the casino at some point. Otherwise the game has more thoroughness to it than the other series games while staying true to the overall simular gameplay.
Its a good game, just wanting more options for the job's and maybe the layout could be changed? But overall very good.
Loving the game. Wish there were more things to do with money. Gambling, stocks, better investing. Would also be nice if each house had it's own utility cost instead of all having the same. More variety of the random choices, or less frequent. I had 3 of the same thing in 2 minutes of playing.
Great game....but major bugs I am progressing nicely. bought and paid a 2 bed off...but accidently rented a 5 bed house, and now I can't buy another house as I cant move out of the rental. stuck with renting. ok...rented a small flat...and bought it...sold it...paid debt...and could now buy the 5 bedroom.
Wonderful game ...please add businesses and the option to run multiple businesses and transport.. I would also like to see a bank being added so that I can borrow money incase of need
This game is super fun! I was doing really well, until randomly when I was supposed to have a 4th kid, (and yes I had enough income to pay for 4) I died because when my kid was born the game thought I had 6 kids in total and not 4 so I couldn't pay for all six. Did the game make me have triplets? Or was it a glitch? Anyway, this is super fun!... except for when I died.
This game is good and diffrent from other life simulator games,u can't age up your charachter and u have to wait and that's make the game good,but i only give 4 star bcause the game is too boring,maybe u can add other stuff like 2 relationship or adoption and more salary? Cause the highest salary is 15k/month
I like this game, there are a lot of possibilities, women aren't limited to movie star or influencer, and you can style your character however you want and change their appearance as they mature and age
It's an excellent game, a perfect simulator but in the beginning the game feels super slow but eventually when the responsibilities increases it becomes fast
I Love This Game. It is very fun, and I think time just goes away. I mean I just started playing this game and I seem to be enjoying it much more than I seriously thought. Anyway, that's my two cents with
I wish there was more options to interact with your kids. To be get the options to give them money, let them live rent free in your house, pay for their tuitions. It should also have more ways to spend money because I have money backed up with nothing to do with it besides gamble. Also remove the debt warnings because I have money saved up but it doesnt let me spend some of it since my income is low. I like this game but alot of it is very limited. I wish there was more options.
Good concept, quite fun. Would be even better if everything we choose e.g. career or shopping will have pop-ups to confirm that we want to buy it with the details of it. Also, the children feature needs improvements as it feels like all there has to do with the children is just money/getting profit, more emphasis on love and interaction will add points, and the children's pictures definitely need more improvements :D
Excellent game idea,my little problem is that,the game should have an age limit where the character dies and his or her next of King continues from there.
The game screen now has a blank bar at the top of my screen after the update, it's about the height of the menu bar. I can still play but it's ugly and less info showing on my screen please fix
I found a bug that made me lose a couple of hours of idle money where i disnt close the game i just pressed the home button and put my phone off, when i woke up again and checked my game, it didnt give me the idle just how i last left the game, please take a look at this developers Thank you and this is a great game guys
Interesting idea. Enjoyed playing around with courses and jobs. However, het extremely repetitive while waiting for it to be completed. If you vould make it more interactive with kids. Ex: recommend courses or skills to learn. Offer rewards to them for doing well. This may we could have a family business and Tree going on πŸ˜‰
Fun but missing some stuff, cant have 2 part time jobs? The relationship stuff is a little wonky other than being able to spend money no way to go on dates or anything The housing is glitched bought the first apartment and paid off the mortgage and then was hoping to be able to rent it out/keep it and move into a new place and it gave me the option to only sell the old place before moving in but then never got money for selling the place
The game is a great way to pass time. It offers a variety of career pathways. Some mechanics such as the business options, relationships, and children feel very base level for a game that's a life simulator. There is little options for these, expanding the choices would make the game more in depth and even more enjoyable.
Amazing game, more reward codes and better benefits for watching ads, but what I truly love is ads are not forced upon you, they are optional to help you out if you wanted it. 10/10 probably the most simple but most fun mobile game out there.
By playing it you will understand wealth creation is all about assets you hold...it is a good game every person aspiring to become a billionare should play
This game is very interesting it's just that it took me a long time to try and find a house and I just died because I was homeless! So can you please make the house money cheaper, and the money renting thing was quite annoying so can you please change this and I'll rate it five stars ty :)
This is an awesome game with very realistic scenarios! If you are having trouble starting out, I would totally recommend the premium pack! However, you'll probably be just fine! Great game and would 100% recommend it!
It's a fun way to kill time and a very well done game. You can tell they worked really hard on it, and it's as interactive or passive as you want. Unfortunately, I paid $50 for various upgrades in the game. I briefly communicated with PlayDrop about restoring my purchases, but they just stopped responding. I'd recommend not spending any actual money on this game. I'm actually disappointed in the lack of communication, but I guess that's just a part of dealing with a faceless company πŸ˜…
It's a great game but it keeps crashing and deleting my progress. Fixed just uninstalled and reinstalled the game
this game is cool. in fact very cool. what you should do to make it more exciting is that you should increase the salaries for the jobs and in the character editor you should add more options. another thing is your partner should also have his/her own business and you should see your children getting married and having children too. hope you'll fix that. Thank you in advance ☺️
Great game played it all time then I deleted it but then got it again but now it just get really boring only suggestion is make more jobs for crime and non crime also please make the arrest avoidable or if you get arrested please make it so you can escape or something thank you also make it so you can get more than 1 car pls
I love how the game didn't force us to watch the ads... Even the best is it's only show a good and appropriate ads.. love this game so much for being fun to play....
Perfect game but i would like to suggest the developer to add-on the options for:- 1- Loan from the bank 2- Lending money to others in market at specific rate of interest
I really enjoy the simulator. Though for me its pretty easy. because, on my first life i started my own buisness, had 4 properties that i was earning money from, and became a millionare.
It's great, my problem is just one, could you please tell me where the off-music button is? I would like to play while listening to another music too, thanks
I love this game so much! But now, its rlly easy for me to get millions.. So, i dont know what to spend it on now. Because every else is already the most expensive already. So i hope u can add things like to interact with the childrens. Like buying gifts for them, or sending them to school. Or like something that is related to family, maybe scenes too. I hope u can add those. Anyways, i love the game!
Nice game, great plot. 2 stars because it gets kinda boring, once you're living stable and can pay rent, manage bills everything else is just boring. The random events get repetitive, your kids move out and interacting with your partner becomes a bore aswell. I recommend adding A LOT more random events, run into obstacles like near bankrupt, family crisis etc. Also different difficulties would be nice. And please make your partner, kids, and pets more interactive! MOTS: It gets boring quickly.
This game is great and very addicting! I would give a suggestion or ask for them to fix something, but there's honestly NOTHING wrong with this game. I dont know what else to say! ❀
Idle clicker game in a life simulator wrapper, was hoping for more simulator (like the old Alter Ego) and less mindless clicking and ad watching but someone must love these idle games cause they keep making them so what do I know (plus I play 'tap tap dig 2' so yeah I may not have the greatest taste)
I give this 4 stars because I may be 9 years old but this game is also good for kids and kid friendly and it's like real life only problem is that the game need to add a bit more pop and better thing then buying money I played this game for a few hours and I had a lot of problems at a certain point with my money it stopped giving me money I mean come on can somebody fix that pls and one last thing please start with more games like this but you see your self doing actions and that's all.
Honestly this is a nice game. But unfortunately it lacks several choice that might be possible in real life. In example choice for abortion, adoption, or give up baby for adoptions or interact with children. It will be an excellent game if there are choices like that. And the game is very slow since time passed each day
It's a really fun game, but my idle te seems to be buggy. :(( And also a prestige should aid in speed. Gameplay seems boring if it just going and going. Thanksss
It's a simple game but I find it very enjoyable, and can help take away boredom. Two thumbs up to the creator / developer.
After losing my purchases, contact was made with the developers on here and has been sorted within the space of a couple of hours! Love the game and so pleased I can keep playing!
The game is way to slow, and after awhile It gets either repetitive or predictable. I suggest maybe adding rivals or some sort of competition and have a lineage that picks up your assets and connection. Until it becomes more unique it'll stay 3 stars.
Really good game. Why I can't doing special job while I'm on the other job? On the game, special jobs are part time job.
I love the game, and the new update, I just wish there was an option to continue on as your child, and I wish that we could see the characters picture next to the graveyard.
The simulation is amazing very addictive game and fun to play but, i have a suggestion for the developers the game got boring very soon there should be more options for example to run both real estate and online business together, more valuable options to buy with the money, i simply dont wont to have 8 kids and a 8 bedroom mansion. much more options should be included as user feels like the game is completed once he/she makes over 500k i made over 500k in 4 hours time and now im bored of it.
It could have been best if there is an option to continue the game as the child. I also find it tiring and boring that after all the hard works that you did, all the money will be wasted. It will be more realistic if there is an option for the parent to execute the will and one of the children can continue the next generation, using his inheritance
I believe that this is the BEST life sim out there. I think that it's intuitive use of ad points is genius. It never forces you to watch ads, it just gives you great rewards for watching them. It's a win-win for everyone. Not only that, but the points you get from watching ads can be used for EVEN more rewards. Great choice for a casual idle gamer.
super fun i love it! Not hard to play at all. Very fun if you need to just waste some time for an hour or 2.
It's fun, wished you could see what the kids looked like and could change their appearance. Also it would cool to make upgrades to house to resell it for more. Also would be cool to see if you have siblings, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and great grand kids.
Got offered professional sports, actor, and musician in a couple different lives. Actor is best one. It'd be nice if there were career promotions instead of stagnant salary. Itd be cool to increase investment in businesses, maybe be able to have multiple streams of income (serial investor and streamer) Buying and renting real estate would be neat
Wonderful game though should open up avenues for character being able to see the grandchildren, career retirement, other investments made and net worth
The game is alright, wish the casino had better odds. Every time id bet over 100k id lose every single time. Especially when the dealer has the same cards as you, which would be a push in real life. Nope, you lose in the game if he has the same as you. Other than that the game is okay. One other suggestion to the dev, if you could allow for a part time and full time job, but have it where it degrades your health over time or something, that would be cool. Little better for monthly income options
A really good game! I know it sounds kinda harsh but I think you ahould have the ability to put your kids up for adotion, because I sometimes have a kid and then accidently dont have enough money to provide for them. And also I think you should be able to buy multiple properties. Overall its a really fun gameπŸ’™πŸ–±οΈπŸ“±
I paid for the permanent starter pack and nothing happened but my money isn't being refunded, please fix this and I will give a better rating. BTW you should probably add a restore purchases option to prevent this kind of issue from occurring again.
I love the app. But i would like to suggest some upgrades to make it more interesting, make it more interactive when it comes to your partner, like feel free to date anyone while having a relationship with one haha then choosing if it you might want to hide it from your partner or tell the truth..
Great game . Something different in life Simulator games really love with you guys. Going here don't know how long it's been out but it's a great game
I love this game! :-) I have always been addicted to life simulation games. my only issue is it is a little hard for me to know when I have activated something, like an action such as the home tab or relationships, etc because I am totally blind. A workaround for this and a great feature in general would be to add some sound cues. for example: when you click on a tab or action perhaps a click might be played or something similar. otherwise this game is perfect πŸ‘πŸ‘
Keeps me interested. One problem I came across is that trying to be a vlogger, I can only make one video per week is my only option when I have enough income to go 2 videos per week but it won't activate. EDIT: Never mind. It randomly started working. It wasn't working since I downloaded it but it just started letting me choose something other than 1 video per week.
There's just not really enough to do. There's so few character character icons and so few options and it's a whole bunch of waiting around without much payoff.
Good game easy to complete when you know how to make money but would be awesome to give your children money or do more things with your children and partner on the game and things like that maybe more companys to own just xtra things to do untill you can prestige again thanks for reading and hope this helps the game more in the future
The game is 😍. The courses and education is realistic. Though, the part I don't πŸ‘ is the relationship manager. The options available are too limited. What makes it more dislikeable is that the player is the only one who can strengthen the relationship. I would appreciate if the partner could reciprocate. Changing the child's name as the only option is πŸ˜’. Better if the player has the option of spending time with them, and I mean not in the random events button but in the children's panel. Tnx.
My granddaughter loves this game so much every time I look up she is playing this game it is obvious that she loves it and plays it a lot on her phone she plays this game this game and roblox are her favorites.
Wonderful! Just wonderful! Like I've never played a game like this one... It deserves those 5 star, I didn't rate it by mistake.
I'm just gonna give this a 4s coz the process of becoming a professional actor/sport player/musician is way to long. Overall, it was indeed a nice game.
I had trouble with the game crashing when I first downloaded it but after trying a few times it stolled crashing and its been fun.
Love it so much❀. Would it be possible to know cause of death perhaps? Had 1 guy die at age 39 with no reason, health was perfect.. thanks guys, great job!
Edit: after more then a year, developer didn't add any content, game is absolutely the same, with same limited options and tons a micro transaction. β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” This game has a lot of potential, but at current state, you can get everything in a week. Also the amount of purchasable stuff is insane and even without spending a single penny you can "complete" it very quickly.
This game can be upgrade alot. Like changes in wife lifestyle. Business in multiple cities. Multiple businesses. Sending gifts for children.
The latest update is ridiculous. It now hides the qualifications required for a job. The fonts are ridiculous. Also there are bugs, my character was living in a 3 BHK with complete food and insurance then too he died saying the you are losing health as you don't have insurance.
but why cant i select the "two videos per week" option and other next option? the only one option i can select just "one video per week". pls fix this or tell me why :)
Pretty interesting game. I just bought the game and regret it. Paid just below 10 dollars and still get ads in form of promotion (big red Special Offer button that cant be removed) and like our facebook pop ups. There are also few bugs that i hope will be resolved soon. Edited below. Clicking no thanks on the red button will dismiss it . However it will come back when you launch the game again, which is often. You should have an option for paying custumers to disable it.
It's an OK game. The rules are simple and easy to follow. The downs side I find is that there isn't much to do. You just sit and wait for the next thing. I would also like to be able to change the avatars aperance, they also don't age which is odd. You also cannot see what you own, for example your house, pets, car etc. You can't even see your children which you'd would think would be a minimum as you can see your partner.
The game is really nice and much fun but there are some things you should add to the game like giving money to your kids and doing some things for them and even i would like to see spending my cash to educate them and even opening businesses for them . looking forward to see the game features thanks
I really like this game, but it's too slow and a bit too easy. My first character (35yr), almost 900k per month and 300mln in total cash. There's nothing more to buy. I was offered to be a professional football player (18k/month), buy a business outfit and I started investing in rental properties, studying business skill. I became a serial investor. That's basically it. I admit, that I watched some ads for money. You can add some more expensive events/activity like holiday or family activity.
I like this game, it has its similarities to real life. I would like to suggest however to have a option to change the date of when it was set in. Maybe I didn't want it to be set in present day and wanted it to be set in like.. the 1980s or something.
Fun game, but I thought it said the max time i could get locked up was 5 years, im currently in an 11 year sentence. Gonna be able to prestige when i get out of it lmao
Perfect simulation of life no bugs everything is perfect and you don't need to watch ads by force and if you watch them u get a lot of money
i have a suggestion add schedules such as when you sleep, when you wake, what you do in the morning, then work. i love the game this a very good or amazing time killer.
This game is only fun for a moment. 1. if you want to restart, you can't. You have to finish the life you are on and that takes DAYS. 2.. it won't let you go in debt so I had the means to have one child but had twins and my character died because it wouldn't let me buy food because I didn't make enough but I had $70000 in cash. 3. Once you get to a certain age you can't do anything. You just watch the time go by. It's nothing like other life simulator games which move swiftly and smoothly.
Really good game, the Buiseness is one of the greatest and strangest ways to earn money, starters can only use the Vlogger buiseness due to lack of multipliers but even though once you have multipliers it doesn't make sense that the shares are only 10% even when you are the main invester, especially since the expenses are being paid by you, so early players won't be able to do their buiseness without enough prestige or at least a week of daily rewards so I guess I will give it a 4 star.
it's a great app but I think that they is room for improvment in the business part of the game I think in the next update you can give us more business options or letting the player own more than one business at the same time
If you like this type of game, this is a good one. I prefer it over any other. Compared to Bitlife, it has less options, but feels more detailed. Also, lots of opportunities to earn rewards watching ads, so you can easily play AND enjoy, totally free. I just wish there were more things to do and a better avitar selection.
thank you for your quick reply but there is no sell button. i will definitely enjoy playing this but at the moment there needs to be a more detailed guide/instructions for gameplay. in-game support would be better than downloading another app or using email. and being able to restart your life if you no longer want to play as that person. i can't see that option.
I actually love this game but when your characters dies can you give the money to the children and start a family tree it would look great thank youu
Good game, but you can prestige no matter what, just need to apply for a small job and WAIT FOREVER! Also, the casino is completly broken... EDIT: I played the blackjack and two times lost while the computer having 20 and I'm at 21. Also you automatically lose when you push, and if they got two aces you lose too... Should absolutely be written somewhere.
i think you should add full and part time to tge game so that i could have more money and i could have a top level job and be runing to risk of going to jail at the same time
Its was good love tge music and it make me feel like an actual business man but could use some finer details as in more business opportunities and probably so new career and some jobs new ones.
All i can say, after playing this game for a couple days, is that it is a nice time killer, since there are things to always do. Only complaint is that when the app is in the background the game time stops,if its not fully closed. Open to editing my review after more playtime. Good luck to the developers, be sure to wear your business outfit for income multiplier. EDIT: got a pretty much instant reply from devs which is fenomenal, and as a software student i understand completely.
It's good, but it gets boring real soon. The first time i played this game, I got bored of this game in 10 days. The second time i played, it lasted like 3 weeks. But it's fun in its own right like i set myself a challenge like how many children can i have in a life time and my highest is 38-42 (i forgotten). I was trying another challenge where i don't use any ad to earn money but unlock all cashless purchases and plus have the highest number of kids. But it's good overall
Pretty good game, but it makes everything harder for you, just to force you into buying some of the in-game purchases. Everything is slow and you need to wait a long time to accomplish anything.
It's a really fun game but the UI is so frustrating and it's not a learning curve either it's just actually bad. I wish you'd let us purchase things even if the monthly income goes negative otherwise what's the point of saving money for stuff. Let us decide rather than holding our hands every step of the way. Otherwise a really interesting game albeit a bit slow.
this game is great there are a few minor bugs that work in the players favor eg. you can have a full time job while in education which you arnt suppused to but that only helps. try this it is really good. you can have any job path you want. i have a suggestion please add more buisnesses as there are only 2 and i have done both. thanks anyway.
I hope we can send our kids to university? I couldn't find this option. I have a lot of money, and I don't know what else to buy for it. I also accidentally press the prestige, and it will actually kill my character, I thought I can choose an heir or something.
Love the game but I purchased the 5.99 starter pack and it says it stays forever. When I redownload to my new phone it would not transfer over. Bummer.
it's a fun game, my only comment is that I wish there was more you could do with your kids in stead of renaming them at 37. had fun making my wife pregnant at 63 years old (her not me) was laughing when that actually worked. Over all pretty good game to pass the time
Fun idle game, but as many has stated, the option is limited. You cant have multiple houses/cars, plus there is no confirmation button everytime I try to get a job/education, which leads me to mistook a choice and dont have the ability to undo it. You can easily get rich in this game, but much of that money is unused as you cant have multiple properties, or get a fling like in bitlife. A very simple game
I love it super great tine killer i love this game awesome i can say anything can you add rename your partner because in real life i have a partner and i want to put her name in the game can we access fully costumize our characters so we can put what we want like birthdays motto hobby and more..thats all thankyou
The newest update broke my game, I was doing perfectly fine and when the update installed I got a bunch of notifications telling me I was unemployed/homeless and my spouse was also a different person and then my character died
It is a good game, but after the last update, time stopped working! After 4 months the CV would not change, and I was 8 months away from being a Special Forces Commander! If and when the issue is fixed I will rate 5 stars.
The most recent update completely ruined the game. Every time I log in, it says I'm homeless, I don't have a spouse and it bugs loads of other things. Please fix these issues!
Great life simulator, it may not be easy sometimes to make money but it is a great game I recommend it for anybody
Good game, can get boring. Need more options for when you're older. Going to a music festival at age 50 being a Special Forces Leader is not legit. Also why are all my children unemployed? There's no page that shows what rental properties you own, unless you remember which ones you've brought.
There is no ads except when you want to watch one to get something. Thats amazing! I love this game! I've been playing ever since I downloaded it, which was about 2 or 3 days ago. My cousin was about to download a different life game but, I told him about this one and he says its better and he loves it. Best life game ever!
tried to make a baby and it gave me a triplet. I was immediately put into debt and couldn't rent a new house. then I tried to buy one since I got over 100k in cash but it kept telling me that I need to move out first but swear to god I had no idea of how to move out. and you guys should have informed that i'd have a triplet when my char was pregnant so that I could get prepared, and it'd still fit the game idea though. I was totally stuck!
..Its seems like a unique idea and also has more features than bitlife. But I think the business idea is a little messed up. For example the second investment "account fit" the initial cost is Β£500k, and the monthly marketing cost comes to Β£3500...here's the thing,it says that the annual revenue is Β£500k. So I should be getting : 500,000-42,000(the monthly cost for a year)=458,000. That's the profit I should be getting.But I am getting a mere amount of around 15,000. Please fix this problem...
Hey :)❀ My name is kayla and i recently came upon your game. I just wanted to give you a suggestion , the game looks totally fun and I have been reading reviews. My suggestion is that you put words under the icons so some of us can know what they are for .. because i get confused alot and im really looking foward towards playing the game like a pro ☺ Im really hooping that you reply as fast as you can so I can probably get to know the game better ❀ Ty !
Fun, I like that it takes more time than other simulation games, going day by day rather than aging up a year at a time. At times it may be a little boring but it's much more realistic. Only complaint is that you can't choose names for your kids. Also, in my experience the game doesn't drain phone battery too fast
This is a very good life simulator in my opinion it is the best on the play store. This simulator is very realistic and also has additional purchasable content that makes gameplay more enjoyable.
I love this game, I don't know why, maybe because I'm not old enough to do it myself and my life is crazy, having my own routine is fun for me. But, my ONLY complaint is that in the vlogger section, for some reason I can't make more than 2 videos a week. I do have enough money for it, I make an extra $900. Maybe it's just my phone? Also, I wish it actually took money out of my acount, cause I had 90k in my bank, but I couldn't afford a library card because i don't make enough per month.
Enjoyed until I hit a bug--purchased a property then accidentally selected to rent the same property. Now paying mortgage and rent on the same home. How is that possible? Can't find a way to stop renting. Thanks for the quick reply at least! I assume no way to sell the home at market value and try again...
Great Game !! Would definitely recommend it to anyone.. Needs a few more activities to keep the game interesting as you progress throughout. But overall it's worth 5 stars, keeps you occupied.
I love these types of games! I am enjoying playing this new game and getting to see it develop. The game also has Social Media so that you can get offer codes, enter giveaways, and give feedback, which is really important to me in a game company. I am excited to see this game progress, and hope that Achievements can be added one day! Giving 5 stars even though I'd like there to be achievements, because the gameplay is still enjoyable without them.
Engaging and fun to play on the first run. Achieved 2.5M income with 2x multiplier (200 Ads points). However criminal career is very boring and unrewarding. RNG needs adjustments. You either end up in jail every month, escape option didn't work after 20 tries, and prison events are mere riots, which adds to even more time. I think criminal career path needs expanding upon, great potential there for a whole different gameplay! 4/5 for now...
This game can get sooooo addicting! I love it compared to other life simulators I've played. It's challenging but once you figure it out you can run a stable life. There are so many options to choose from with jobs and schooling. You can even be a criminal although in my opinion it doesnt really give you much of a chance. You get caught fined pretty easily. Thanks for the fun!
I like the game, like a lot. It has a lot of options. The only thing that i have the a small problem with is the interface, it's simplicity nakes it hard to navigate on. Maybe some pictures or even colours will do the trick.
I enjoy this game. This is better than the other game(to respect the other games so I'm not mention them). This game had a lot of jobs and balance work pay than other games like this. But I hope that the avatar changes accordingly to their age.
this game is pretty cool but you can't really find love or friends on your own you have to wait untill it gives you a nonifacation that you found love or somthing like that so that is the only thing i don't like but other then that this is a great app.
I've played this game for a couple of weeks now. Ive gotten as far as earning over Β£3million/pm. Heres the features i think you should add. 1. My partner should have a bank, and i must be able to put money in it, and the amount in her/his bank decreases every month. 2.Add TAX, i end up with loads of money and nothing to do with it. So add TAX to debts. 3.In shopping. Add Furniture and appliances, For my house. 4.A charity, lets us donate any amount to charity Basically give us more expenses
Is there an option for CEO? Different careers, and why bank robbing makes $12,000 dollars per month lol? An astronaut's gotta make way more than that.
I love this game, and it's really good. Not glitchy, you can watch an ad on your own if you choose and even gain something out of it. But I wish there was more ways to interact with your child, like spending time with them in some way like you do with your husband/wife. And maybe instead of online dating, we can just choose to go out and eventually find a partner on that outing. Also I wish we could interact with our parents and friends too.
Everything is great so fat but I really wish that I could also build my relationship with the kids and not just my partner. I want to buy them stuffs too. Aside from that, everything is good! Keep up the great work.
I only gave it 4 stars because personally i feel it has a slightly less replay ability compared to the BitLife simulator. You will play this and highly enjoy it but once youre done youre kind of done. By the time I was done with my first life i had taken several college classes, bought a car, boat, plane, pet, and had 6 kids with a giant mansion. After i got done i havent played since but really enjoyed first playthrough. Must play!
Really enjoyable game, I would change a couple things. Having over 25+ relatives die every 10-15 years seems crazy, it is free xp though. I think 1.5 million from a single 30 second ad is a bit extreme. In one day I have done everything you can do, besides prestige.
It is a great game. I just wish they could add more features especially when it comes to interacting with the children. Other fun features should be added after raising your children because it becomes quite boring as you try and reach the prestige level.
It's really nice, but I would like a bit more challenging, maybe some rewards to make it more interesting. Also if you could put rerirrment and more interaction individually with my children. You have done an amazing job!!!
I love this game, i think it would be great if for the musician/singer career, you can pay to release singles, albums ect and you get fans which determines how much money you get and similar to a vlogger you can get slme kind of manager who makes bonus cash, please take my suggestion into consideration, thanks
this is a cool game so far. just now downloaded it and started playing. it's a lot different than the other sims that I have played. the only suggestion I have is to expand the random events. I usually get the mugging one 99% of the time.
Brilliant free game, able to play fully and not bombarded with ads, unless you choose to watch some for a bonus. Incredibly clear and easy to follow, lots of fun progression that's simply laid out. Main improvement needed is that is says you can manage family relationships but you don't seem to be able to. But still one of the best games I've played.
I like it so far the only problem is the education time It takes to long ill rate this a 5 star if you can speed up time anyways good game EDIT : Okay thnx for the advice here is your 5 stars 😁😘
Fun game very buggy doesn't show partner but still gives random event for anniversary also closed the game for the night and lost my job on it and even though I bought a house it still keeps telling me I'm homeless...fix please
I love this app, its extremely realistic. It hits on a lot of different aspects that other life simulator games don't really do. The first time any of my characters had twins was in this game. Another thing i liked was the clarity with what was necessary to earn a promotion. My only real issues with the game is that no matter how many subscribers i get in my second life i cabt get any sponsers. To add on in the casino even though i reached 21 the game would continue and if I bust then I lose.
This game is super fun for a little while. The first life is mildly challenging and fun enough but after that it's too repetitive and gets boring very quickly. I've played each of the life simulator games and there doesn't seem to be many differences between them. The only difference I've noticed this time is the avatar customization but it's weird that instead of updating their old game they just make a new one.
I really like this game! The only problem was if you went into education you have to wait a certain amount of days. Also it takes up a lot of time, and you can't have a job and go to school so you either start to go to school and live with your parents. Or you start work just to get money then quit and go to school. Which is what I did (it's the smarter way)
It's a good game but you should add more to the relationship page,where you can see past relationships and maybe reunite with them and even after ending the relationship you should like share custody to the children other than its good. Also it should not be continuing when you're not playing.
I've had a child for almost 20 years and they're still 0 years old. i Also wish that there were more random events and that i didn't have to choose between self love and family, as i can't seem to get anywhere with one without damaging the other. this is an issue considering all stats seem to start at 0.
Thanks for responding so fast. Its hard because 1 u lose money when your under age umm in most cases your parents are the ones that pay your way ( inless i got that wrong) they kick you out . in a lot of the games u dont get kicked out then lose health that i noticed yes there is some penetly of not having your own house but not that. I hope that helps