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Life is a Game

Life is a Game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by DAERISOFT located at #1013,10F,Byucksan Digital Valley 5-cha Gasan-dong,Geumcheon-gu,Seoul 08513 . The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a good game, would rate it 5 stars, but why have I rated it 4? Well, it's lacking equality. There's no black characters and bearly any other races. I also wish there was an option for an LGBTQ+ character, even if you had to buy it. Other then this it's a good game and worth checking out, but hopefully in future updates they at least add more race options.
I love this game! It's very cute! However, I'm noticing that most of the characters are white and you can't be LGBTQ+. That would be something really nice to add! Otherwise, very fun game.
I don't think this needs to be LGTBQ+ There are other games out there for that. This is a very specific type of game and I enjoyed it. However, minus two stars due to the fast pace. I wish there was a time slow or something when making choices.
This game is awesome! It puts a good perspective on the little things that you'll miss the most! The dev's of the game worked hard!
I absolutely love this game! I have no words to explain it, but I just love it! 我绝对喜欢这个游戏!我无话可说,但是我很喜欢它! Saya sangat menyukai game ini! Saya tidak punya kata-kata untuk menjelaskannya, tapi saya menyukainya! 나는이 게임을 절대적으로 좋아한다! 나는 그것을 설명 할 말이 없지만 나는 그것을 좋아한다! Ek is absoluut mal oor hierdie speletjie! Ek het geen woorde om dit te verklaar nie, maar ek is mal daaroor!
It was good but whenever I tried getting enough points for a career there was never enough for music and I kept having to go with sports :/ I'll give 5 stars if you fix this
this game is incredible. when I first got it, I could'nt stop playing it. All though, I kind of wish there were more story lines. I think this app deserves five stars for the hard work the develepors put into this. <3
This game was very fun, there are a lot of complaints about only getting a sad ending but that is easily avoidable. The point of the game is to keep your person happy, it helps with choices and also changes how the game interacts with your character. When you first start the game it explains how to keep your character happy throughout.
This game is really good, I've seen some people say they wish there was more controls and I wish for that too, but that's not what this game is about in the description of this game it says it was inspired by the saying “life is a marathon” so your literally going on a marathon, running constantly really know way to stop but that's alright it's enjoyable and if your with the constant running having to jump and grab things without stopping only for a short period of time than you should play it.
Exciting! It's not only for women's life but you can also choose men. It's like playing the sims with rapid mode. And also after the player died, you can flashback for whatever you do on your life. It's like real life, you can also choose what you want to be by choosimg the right option
Good game, but why is there no same sex couples? Its 2020, just about to be 2021. The gay couples can adopt children instead of having them biologically and there should be an option to make your character gay or straight, like how you can change your characters gender.
I believe my character moves too fast for me to even make the right choice. Kind of frustrating honestly but the creators of the game had a great idea
The game is really good and a good time-killer and I don't find any problems with it. But could you add a option in which a guy can marry a guy and girl can marry a girl? It would be really fun. Btw it's a great game! ❤❤
It is damn near impossible to select anything labeled choice, I spent an entire life trying to select choice things and having nothing happen.
It was fun and i like it, but it always ends up in a sad ending even tho you help a lot or do some other things u don't know if your character is alright and it had a short time to live.🙂
There is now a banner ad that covers information that you absolutely need, making this game unplayable with ads
People may think of this as just a game but after going through the different endings and perspectives, it left me with a lasting thought about life, and after questioning life in itself, I feel it has made a difference in me and my life, and I hope everyone understands it too.
Fun game I just wish it was longer. It is way too short. More decisions for one playthrough would be nice.
The game is a bit fast paced, wish it were slower but it's still a pretty good game I like the achievements. I do wish it was less limited on sexual orientation but overall is still a pretty good game definitely recommend you give it a try.
Fun game to pass the time! However, I hope there is an update with more content soon. LGBTQ, race, and variety of story, choices, and other variety & diversity overall would make this game 5 stars!
Amazing game but I have some suggestions maybe make the charcters LGBTQ because I think it would be really great! And have options to adopt kids maybe? And to people who say you get a bad ending all the time I just suggest getting a spouse It can typically help and call your friends and family and continue your hobby! Its really easy I was always get the ending they say he/she was a good hearted person, game over- keep these icons good not all the way to the bottom ( :) ♡) hope this helps
I really like this game! But I just wish that could date the same gender, and there be more poc skin colors or non-binary option!
So... it's really good, I love it, but it isnt letting me go to my parents, and it keeps putting a rain cloud over my head, then a couple minutes later it says game over... it might be normal, and part of the game, but I at least wanna know what I'm doing wrong so I can fix it uwu but it is very much a wonderful game!
This game kinda made me want to change my life around. You only get one chance in life and once an opportunity is gone its gone for good. It gets really repetitive really quick though. Wished it was more complex, longer and not so repetitive. Reminds me of the sims.
A trip down memory lane.. I still remember playing this game during its early days and I enjoyed it. I had forgot about it for probably a year now, then when I was just scrolling through apps in the Play Store, this app caught my eye. The feeling of nostalgia coursed through my mind and without hesitation, I quickly downloaded the game and played it, and was just like how I remembered it but now with some more good stuff. It was fun back then and it is still fun now. I might be a bit biased tho.
I love this game. It's hard to get a good ending at first but I learned how to do it now. The only thing I dislike about this game is that only women can do certain jobs. The creators should make all the jobs optional for any gender.
This game is just the same over and over and over and over and over and- U get the point. And the worst thing is that there's no happy ending! I repeat, it's just the same ending over and over. Even on the male. well, the ending can be different. It depends on the choice. Oh, and one thing- when u pick a hobby, the points of the hobby u have chosen will decrease, you have no other choice! IT MAKES YOUR LIFE MISERABLE one way or another. If ur installing this app, DON'T. It'll just waste ur time.
Hello I don't hat this game but the first thing that is annoying is when I go in the game it takes a long process to log in and that's boring so please fix the game so it can be playful and exciting and to be able to play in deferent phones
Omg I love the fix! For some reason I could not get into the game. But now after that fix I somehow can!!! I love the fact that you can have a pet that follows you threw your child hood. But you do haft to work on when your character is old and dying, when they walk to there coffin it takes a while for them to actually lay down in it. But other then that. ITS A GOOD GAME 10/10 oh wait 5/5!!!!!
Well .. I LOVE THIS GAME! I think I'm the only one who found the phrases of the good endings quite sad ._. I like the ability to choose the story that each person decides about the character. I don't know how to speak English much. But that was the most I could ^^ ".
The character is walking too fast couldn't see what exactly passing through him. My suggestion is to keep it moderate pace so players can actually take appropriate time before making decision. The concept is very INTERESTING tho, would be nice if we can control the character movement and choose what to do at what time and day.
VERY NICE~~~ I just reinstalled this a day ago? I don't remember much but, the last time I remember playing this WITHOUT the female version yet, IT WAS BOMB AND STILL IS! This will always (and I hope still will be) one of my FAVES!! Looking forward to new updates and great improvements!
Sorry but to go far you need to have inclusivity. Maybe include people from all races and skin colours, lgbtq+ people coz, it's means a lot to have representation. Probably people who are not in marginalized groups might complain "to shove it down our throats" but honey, i can complain the same about yours being shoved on me.
Almost all stars why? Cuz it would be awesome if as can be able to choose sexuality at the beginning or in, like trans too, even be just masculine or feminine, that's part of life too. Great game I love it
I'll give it another star if I can figure out how to move my progress from one device to another. I've been playing on device one for a while, but when I try and move it to device two I can't even when linking my account together.
Great game! It even helped me cope with existential dread! But it would be nice if you could date somebody of the same gender and or change stuff throughout the game(like your gender, hobby or s/o). But either way it's a great game and I would definitely recommend it!
At first, I found the novelty fun but after a few rounds it quickly died on me. At its core, it's a frustrating roguelike that goes by too quickly. Give it a few runs, have a chuckle, and just move on.
I liked the game and was super excited about the update cause I'm a woman and always thought it would be cool to be female but then it came out and you can't be things like officers, fire fighters and workers. Just that wouldn't be that big of a idea but you don't get to choose your partners gender and it sucks because I spent in game money on stuff for the opposite gender.
PANCAKE FLIPPING AMAZING. I hope get if you play a certain amount of times you can design a character. thatd be really cool. Pls get more inclusive of cultures and pls allow us to customize our people. 😍😍😍😍😍😍
This game is nice but I want something more realistic like consequences that will ruin the main character's life or show what's ganna happen if the Happiness is zero
to the people who made this game . the game was fun not gonna lie there .i just wished there were more lgbt options and you can costamize your charactar more .the pace is a little to fast .slow it down maybe
There's something about this that's so ENGAGING. With each and every ending, I get emotional in some sort of way. Not to mention how insanely addicting it is. Fantastic game all-in-all
How long does this really take to load? Cause really, I cannot play. It doesn't even show a bar to see if it's really loading.
I loved the game but, you can never win. And at the end it will always say" She was a cold and heartless mother" , " She kept distance from her friends", and " people said she was cold-hearted ". But its an awesome game I recommend you should get it. I hope everyone has a great day. Sincerely, A Good Person Named Grace
Absolutely a amazing game!!! Only thing I'd recommend is being able to buy different scenarios easier other then that no complaints.
I enjoyed playing this game. Lesson learned: live your life to the fullest. But its kinda hard to get the diamonds. You need to watch a lot of ads 😂
Hello! I really enjoy this game, as it has kept me occupied for a while. I'd like to suggest maybe adding LGBTQ+ options into the game! You could make a new stage where you learn more about yourself like Sexuality and/or Gender Identity. Which would mean same sex couple. Other than that the game is great!
Great casual game to pass time. It'd be amazing to get different sexuality choices. Also now that the female protagonist is finally here, it'd be great if we could get the cop, streamer and firefighter career routes.
It was really fun, but idk how to even get a good ending? Whenever you earn money you become sad, and I died from smoking, but I didn't have any control over that. It's really confusing and I don't reccomend this unless you want to lose.
This game was amazing as it had a sense of new every day. As it was easier to get new things after watching ads for gems and gem farming but right now the ads to get gems are not working or are bugged out this makes it a more is to play game.buy it would be amazing to have minigames
Very fun! Although it would be more fun if there were more LGBT friendly options and less gender specific options. Why can't I be a streamer if I'm a girl? Anyways, really fun!
Would be nice to have more diversity for the characters : skincolors, genders, sexual orientation... More hobbies as well, and events! And why are the characters so sad when they don't get married ugh it's okay we're not in the 15th century anymore
this is a really good game but when it say choice i can't make my onw it make me doo what they want the only thing i can do is jump and when i was old in the game and i try to jump it did not let me and then i die and when i pick choice i could not do any thing please fix this
Amazing! But I think it either has a bug or something because yesturday I played it it was fine but today it kicked me out and said it had stopped so I decided to delete it then redownload it but it has simply stopped working please fix this or say why this happened Thank you
An amazing game, I rated it 4 only because sometimes you get locked into certain things based on luck and less on choice but its not the end of the world. I still recommend the game.
I really enjoyed the game! But you can't marry someone of the same gender as your character and if you don't marry anyone you end up sad and "cold hearted" which is not true! But the idea of the game is pretty good!
This game is amazing. It is so simple, yet addictive. So many options, so many routes- it is a great concept AND has minimal ads!
It's an okay game, can get pretty old though. Could use some more options such as; Character creation, Same sex relationship options, more to the different routes
I've really enjoyed this game! I didn't realize when downloading that it is a game based on maneuverability (jumping and timing things) rather than a story type/ choices game but once I played through it a few times I loved it!! The upgrades keep things interesting and there is an option to upgrade to skip the tedious replay at the end each time. Good game 👍
Honestly a really fun game when you have nothing to do! I would recommend if your looking for a game!
Amazing app. I have had lots of happy lives, and it's so fun. There are many options, but I do suggest more LGBTQ+ options because I want my person to be able to marry women too. Overall an amazing app, and I definitely recommend it!!
I dont know much what is going on here. Something just like cant choose the job or whatever. Badly, button seems not responsive. Dont know how long the range that they set
I would give it more if I didn't have to do alot of signing in just to play a simple game that I'm gonna delete after? U guys shouldn't need my Gmail and me having to wait 3 days to play a game that probably isn't even fun :/
It's a great game but at the end when your walking into a grave to die it keeps walking and don't stop and I have to reset and I think it would be better if when tour back at the school choosing a hobby I wish there were more like math and stuff ALSO why is it so hard to grabvtwh right stuff there so much stuff everywhere that I end up being office worker more times then I could counting could go on for pages bit ima leave it here...
I would give it five stars but I was playing as a man and the only choices for love (that I have seen) are women. As a gay man I don't really appreciate that. It's nothing big but I think that you should put same gendered people as a choice for love.
There are bugs where my cutscenes wouldn't show up in my gallery. Please fix this. Overall a great game, thought could be a lot better. Looking forward to that.
i like the game alot i just think it would be nicer if there was different characters for each sex, i know their appearance changes a bit according to the job but it gets tiring seeing the same guy and girl so it would be alot more fun if there was characters we would choose from especially if there was poc options too!
I love this game so much and I actually learn alot of things of playing it and I'm happy that you made the gender update you made a very good game you should probably get 5 Stars
this game made me cry a lot, it's a perfect game if you are playing for the first 5 times, after a while it can get repetitive
i really liked this game but there is a bug with the new update and I can't even open up the game. Please fix it!!
I played this game before and I loved it and I still do.This game is really addictive.Really good!!!!
This game is very touching .. my heart feels very tearful while playing this game. That's right! This game is like our real way of life .. I am very proud and love this game !! ✨✨✨💗💗
It's addicting for someone like me who obsessed on trying to get different endings lol Eventhough it's frustating at the same time but the variety choices makes it exciting.
I absolutely love the game and when you finish a life the ending is so damn cute like it almost made me Cryyy. It is hard to get a good life because getting money breaks down their happiness but overall its a simple, cute game!!
fine graphics but it's so boring...Oki I will tell more it's hard because when u get a lover it's so hard to not make her happy like I don't know how u do it plus I wish u could control the character it's so hard btw it's so hard to get happy endings like none of my endings were good I was happy for half of every single one then it's like impossible to stay happy like ugh and they say ur a horrible mother well u can't do anything to the child to help ughhhh make this better
So far this game is pretty interesting. If I could put a half way review I would. I just wish that it would go way slower than it is. I would recommend this app.
The game is really good! But am really bored of always having the opposite gender to be the lover,like it be cool if you choose what gender you'd like to date also for the parents thing it also be cool if the parents were gay,and the last is be the only child or get more siblings! while playing i thought of me and my brothers it be AMAZING if you were the eldest,middle, or the youngest child! Now this just my opnion so you don't really have to this,but i really apprciate if you do this,bye!
The game is fun and addicting but the ending makes me feel something that I can't explain. The ending is kind of sad, which I hope you can make it more happier/positive 😊
I love it has amazibg graphics and the story line can be crazy but its the best there are different hobbies and friends to meet
I like this game a lot, but I don't understand some of the stuff. 1) Does each baby outfit effect apply together, or is it random? 2) I've got no sweet clue what affects how people remembered me, cos sometimes it is cold-hearted, and others I was remembered as a good person. 3) What does the happiness addition mean with the baby outfits?
I enjoy this game, but it could have more diversity. You could consider adding same-sex relationships and people of color. Except from the lack of diversity, its a fun game
I like the concept of this game. It needs minor improvements with the story line. Make the story more believable and match the selections I am choosing.
pretty good but after a bit the ending doesn't reverse back so you get stuck on the death, meaning you can't collect any gems you got. that's a pretty annoying glitch but otherwise good game. 2020 Edit. There's a new female update and besides the end dialouge being male still, this game is one of the best and most repayable of all. Best 5/5
I had an intense emotional response when I first played this game. I'm sensitive and the dialogue at times hit hard for me. I like the game play and wish there was a harder mode.
I wish there where LGBTQ+ relationships and I could customize your character at first. It would be nice if you could goose your race that would be a good detail and also when somebody gets out down from the person they like there happiness bar won't drop down a while lot maybe just drop it down 25% becuase getting put down by someone you like isn't that bad.
A little too fast paced and literally only get depressing endings even if your character is happy at the end. Kinda gets old after a while.
Ok life may be like a marathon but having to run in a game of choices is not useful. It's not easy to make the choices you want while running. But it's still a nice game 👍
4 stars. It needs to be a bit longer. It's a lot to explain but it's just way too sad. It's a fun game , but if you suffer with mental health this may not be the game for you. Especially with the character having regret that they did nothing at the end. Its realistic, yes, but for the E rating maybe it needs to chill down a bit with the realism.
Overall a fun little game with a cute yet somewhat darkish undertone that I find appealing *edit: I just came back to playing again and the new gender option is awesome!
It's a great game but there isn't a lgbtq+ opinion. Other then that this game is amazing and you should really download it.
It is so much fun and such an adorable game. I almost cry every time I finish a life because it perfectly captures every possible milestone.
Interesting if you like runners! I'm not much for runners tho so I played through a few times and got bored. Love the pixel scenes.
THIS APP IS EPIC! I recommended this app, i hope the developers see this! Plus you can HAVE BABYS! and i was getting gems at the beggining and i dont know how to use them, but today I GOT RICH AND GOT 2 BABYS AND GOT A BLUE FURNITURE IN THE BABY ROOM! I love this game And please make the pixels smaller by 0.25x to make it more realistic! I love you game! 😘❤
I've played this game in and off for quite some time now and I do enjoy it. However, after a while all the runs start to look the same. There isn't really much you can do to "enhance" your experience, the new careers/partners/pets don't really add much and are only fun the first time you try them. Also you're pretty much on the mercy of rng as soooo many events and achievements are purely luckbased.
The game is amazing but you should add more hints to indicate certain options that we cannot know about just by looking at the gameplay and also how to interact with those options, example : after getting a spouse I I only noticed once that there's an option to go upstairs and actually do chores, but I don't know how I did it and I can't do it again
This game is not closed the what i expected and the picture it's may be look close but not that you can make a choice yes you can make a choice but you're running and you're just going to have to option a choice or jump what kind of game is this anyway
I really love this game ! Fell in love with it over the weekend lol dropped like 15$ on it already 😅 you don't need to pay to win - I just like it that much ! My main gripe tho is that its sucks spending money to get the Streamer, Firefighter, and Police jobs but then not being able to have a female baby play them. Even the coworker you befriend as a cop is female! It doesn't make sense why female babys can't do those jobs, but hopefully that'll be added overall, very fun! Def recommend! <3
Great, but I had to deduct two stars because of the lack of representation. why can't I be a girl and marry a girl? Why does our character have to be cishet and white? I understand you may not have thought about this beforehand, but I still believe you should change this. I ended up choosing the male option just so I could have a wife. Also, in the ending, if you don't marry, it says you were sad and lonely, which was questionable.
The game is all right. It moves fast for me. And you can not go backwards. So if you miss the opportunity you miss it. Kind of like life yes. But the ending no matter what I do it sounds like it is full of regrets and therefore this game depresses me. It was a good idea though and I love that it is 8 bit look
this game is so great fun beautiful! for girls who love this game and add this game is so fun that it doesn't matter what the reason why the world was so different is cool because it's a lot fun for girls
I absolutely love this game.This game is both for kids and adults but much more effective to younger generations.Even though this is a game it really makes you think a lot about yourself.
Great game but I had to keep doing the same hobby it gets boring I don't have enough time to get green on everything you can do please fix that thanks
This is very impressive, and I like the pixel style, BUT I do think there should be more options, and jobs, like being a criminal, and having a chance of getting caught, otherwise it's a pretty good game.
Good game but the last update added tons of loading Which is very annoying I enjoy it though,a very good game for like a road trip or plane ride
So since I've seen people suggest it, I would really love if you could make it more diverse! LGBT, different ethnicities, all careers for both genders/non-binary.
Pretty fun! I love all the options and the story summery at the end. I only have one issue. SAME SEX COUPLES! I wish there was an option for the gender of suitors. But other then that, tons of fun!
Its really easy to use and understand but I can never find out how to be a doctor/firefighter. I dont know if it's a premium thing or something else
It's pretty good and I like it but it has hardly any sexual representation, it's only man and woman and man. I think I should be aloud to choose a female partner as a female character and a Male partner as a Male character.
It was very fun,you get to choose which choice you want to and there is more endings but there is two bugs that have accurex to me when I played the game. The first one is when you want to be picked up by the parent, I pressed the choice button and it didn't work,the second one is what hobby you want to choose, I didn't really want to choose a hobby but when were in school the study points show up,so I hope you can fixe the to bugs I just said.
The game itself was a bit meh, but the ending was just wow. You get to go back through your life and see the choices you made and better. The consequences of them, showing you how far you came in life or how little you really had. The end really does make the game worth a play or two
I love this game, it's so addicting!!! My only cons for the game is I wish when my character is a parent or when they grow old they still look different rather then everytime I play it they all look the same.
UPDATE: The game was really fun and simple, you play as your own character and you get to decide how to live your life. Tho it's a bit too simple, If u could add some more stuff that you could do, that'll be great. Overall it's a really great game.
Its an okay game but in the end if you get a spouse you always end up as an average nuclear family. It would be nice to have some lgbtq+ community members in this game. As a lesbian, I want to be a lesbian in the game. And what about people who are transgender? Or people who cant have kids? What about adoption? Or having a choice to have kids with your spouse? If you have a spouse you have kids. If you dont have a spouse you end up cold hearted and lonely. Doesn't make sense. please add lgbtq+.
Its amazing and I love it. Its almost perfect, I have one suggestion. Can you make an update for the LGBTQ+ Comunity? I am a lesbian and hope you could do this! Basically it would be the same lover thing, But you get both girls AND guys. And then you could choose the stairs (in house) for adoption? I think this would be an amazing update, But, It might be complex so I apologize! Again, Amazing and wonderful game. Love it ❤❤❤
I like the game a lot!❤ But I kinda had troubles with the controls and kept clicking random stuff thats why my character ended up having a bad life- But oh well its great anyways idek why i laughed at the funeral tho...
I enjoy the game and it's features. There is one thing that bugs me a bit and that's what happens if you don't marry a woman. In the game, it reflects the steriotype of "no wife = messy house and life". Then there's that if you want to marry someone, it HAS to be someone of the opposite gender of your character. And, finally, it would be nice to add the option of skin color of your character.
nice tho add less ads plis also make a mans life and a poor persons life tbh think tht would be cool- anyway bye thx for the game its reccomended!
Such a simple game, I regret playing it but only because it has made me cry. Excellent replayability, and quite a message.
I loved this game. This game was one of those types of games where you honestly get excited for the ending. Absolute 10/10
I definitely recommend.It is different from other life simulators.It has intresting choices the ending depends on what choices you make,what else I've liked about it is that it tells the whole story on how good you've done when you die.Quite unique I'm impressed..
I really like this game, it's fun, it's challenging, and it's very unique. I just wish that it was more LGBTQIA+ freindly. A man is only able to date a woman and vise versa. I believe it would make a lot of people very happy if you made it so not everyone was straight. I still love the game and will continue playing it either way, but it would be great if you added that.
Had potential. It's basically a jumping game, life choices streak past your screen and you jump to hit the right icons to get a good life ending. If you or your phone is slow then you'll always get a bad ending which is sad. Uninstalling. Did ten runs and it's too hard to get a good game and there's no satisfaction even when I do
Game is out dated. It's 2020. There needs to be more diversity. We should be able to marry any gender. This game is sexist. I noticed after playing multiple times that life is easier being a male. Also not being happy without a spouse is stupid. Other than that, this game is cute.
I love this game, it has a wonderful message and, besides that, the graphics are so simple but that is also really cool. I don't rate apps neither write comments, but this game deserved it. I also love the fact that the character would says how he/she felt throughout his/her life and the decisions he/she made
It's a bit too fast, it would be more better if I could choose my choice calmly without getting rushed while oblivious about what's happening around me. Overall not bad, but the pace are the only one that's bugging me
This game, unless you have quick reflexes, is really, really depressing. Hug your people, tell them you love them for you may not get another chance.
This is pretty cool! LOVE IT! I just have one thing to say...there's one girl in the reviews who said if you have mental illness that this isn't the game for you and referenced the "regret" as something that needed to be "chilled down". I am schizophrenic with depression, and I have ptsd. This game wasn't even that bad. I really REALLY wish you guys would stop treating us like we're frail, weak beings and speaking for us. We can handle a story for Christ's sake. And regret isn't even that bad. ❤
This was one of the best game I've ever played. But i cried a lot especially at the last part ♡ it has really cute graphics and more.
Great concept. It would be more fun if there's more variety to the events that appear. Maybe at the baby phase the parent is not there because they divorced, or at work the events varied depending on luck. After replaying for 5 times or so I got bored.
Neat concept but not very well executed. Cute with nice music and the format is wonderful BUT the dynamics of the game make it impossible for you to succeed in all areas. You are lucky if your char dies with one or two good things. Each and every time you play through it is a ton of regrets at the end. Overly critical. If you had a lot more time to develop your char before they die, then it would be more fun. It's kind of a slog with a similar outcome each time. But no good as a speed run.
"Make choices... but make the choices WE want you to make or we'll make sure your ending is sad," should have been the tagline for this game. There are shockingly few choices to make and it's lacking in variety. If you decide not to marry, you get a sad ending because apparently sprinting past a line of eligible bachelors means that my character secretly wanted a partner. I don't know. It was a cute idea. And I was excited until I realized how little there was to do.
It's a good game. I'm glad they added the female gender, so now you can choose to be a girl or boy. I, like many people, still liked it before. It's simple, it's fun, you don't need internet to play it, and it's brought me joy. Overall a 4/5, 9/10, would oh so recommend.
This game is wonderful i learned about it by a youtuber called captainsauce it is simple a little more careers would be good but not a big thing needed keep up the good work
It's an ok game it dosent take internet so it's a good car or road trip game. But its pretty hard like if had it for a month and I cant get a good game. Over all it needs a lot of improvement but i like the game and recommend you try it out.
The game is amazing, although I would say that it is a bit sexist as everything goes well as a guy but not so much as woman. I do like the soundtracks though.
STOP BEING SO HOMOPHOBIC. Please add female love interests on the female life and men on the male life. It really upsets me, a lesbian, that there is no possible way to be a same sex couple on it. This feature would bring my review to five stars! Other than that, this game is amazing so download it! Thank you for reading this ❤
I love this game cuz you can jump walk in your baby first of all then you changed to grown up then child then old I love it it's straight-up with it.
For Starter I hate that not being able to deflect what you hate especially when it comes to job where there are so much coins where you can only bare dogde it where it drives the character to depresion
It is a lot better than other life simulators, personally this is the best game I have ever downloaded, though the updates take a while this game actually doesn't get boring at all, 10/10 I'd recommend you download it
I love this game, super addictive and a totally awesome concept. Each round of 'life' is super fast which gives off the concept that life goes by quickly and to make the most of it. I don't know if the game developers did that on purpose or not but it really got me thinking. 🤔 It doesn't need Wi-Fi which is AMAZING! 😃 I went on holiday last year (before covid) and this game kept me hooked when it was rainy or way too cold to go outside. 100% recommend!! 👍 Sorry for the long review- 👁️👄👁️
I think this game is very challenging and fun! This game also teach a lot about life. It's pretty fun to going through life with only 2 buttons
it's very detailed after you die. I think its a fun game I recommend it to people between ages 8 and 14
This game is very amazing but sometimes it makes me emotional, the story, the game, the ending makes me feel happy,sad and sometimes realises me that if we do better in our life, we can get success. Thankyou so much for making this amazing game. 😊😢🙂
I think the game is nice and fun its interesting and discovering the new endings is good but it would be good if maybe we cna date the same sex whether we are a male or female
This game is very interesting and makes me very impressed with the storyline available. Very sad .. it is like a real life storyline even though it is only a 2D animation but it is very touching .. this is the only one .. the game that touched me .. SO NICE!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Amazing! I absolutly love this game! I have spent hours finding all sorts of different things. Its so fun when you get a different ending. I definenty recomend getting this game! I love it!!
I like this game but currently being rich is hard and because you either do not get enough money or you get a gameover from depression so please add more money pickups and the money should not decrease the happy bar fast. Also please add a video game job how this works is you can pick the streamer job and pickup controller icons from school. Once you got enough you can be a streamer and make money. Please add this new streamer job and i will leave 5 stars.
This game are the best it fun to play but need more update😅.in this game we can choose what way that we want our MC to go through in life and When everytime i play this game it make me think about my life and how it going to be but...HEY im still 15 year old😋 i gotta enjoy my youth. and btw keep it up it a great game and i know you can make it better😊
At first it was decent but still there no option for the lgbt community and theres several reviews addressing this and it seems the devs are ignoring this. Its either the lack of care or its them simply not liking lgbt
It was absolutely horrible. I get the same thing every time and I never get enough money to buy a house or anything. The things on the bottom to load fast enough a there is no variety of a story.
It was so fun. I realize how life is important to us. Just enjoy, and do whatever we want before die. I learn more of this. So i will vote 5 star for being good and so wonderful game is.
WHAFF !! This a really fun and awesome game, but I have a few problems that are preventing me from even playing it. People complain about the bugs, which isn't a problem for me (i play on mobile btw), but the first couple of days after i downloaded this game i was unable to join servers or do anything, then a few days after I am able to play with no problems. Now I am unable to join servers again, or even view the available games list. A number of different things pop up when I attempt to get in, and I have searched up "why isn't among us working on mobile". The websites spoke about the problems I was having, but most of the solutions were to "make sure you have a stable Wi-Fi connection". I have been playing with full bars this entire time! Help.
Fun and fast paced, I like that they had little details the more you play. I don't like the lack of diversity in the characters or that you can only be in a straight relationship. IDK, just think it's weird and outdated. The only black people in the game are a bully and black choir you can pay to sing at your funeral... Weird. Gets pretty repetitive and boring after a while.
A few things to say here. I don't like how non diverse this game is, everyone is white, background characters, main characters all white. And whenever you don't pick a spouse as a woman, its meant as a bad thing? Woman don't always want spouses. And also, the spouse options are all rich men. Why not add some woman into the mix? I guess what I'm trying to say is more choices, we can pick our race, we can pick our spouses gender, stuff like that. Despite these things, I actually rather enjoy it
I found i a glitch when you go to finish after you die you go back to your room but for some reason I was just walking backwards into darkness can you fix this glitch
I adore this game its amazing you have a life and choices then when u die you get to see your previous chices then it will tell you what you were like no/yes friends,boyfriend/girlfriend and what people thought of u
Playing upside down is quite anoying. Why do you lock screen orientation? You can lock it to landscape and still allow me to play while having phone on the charger.
It's pretty cool and fun to play. Can you just add a part that you chooses the characters sexuality or something like that? It would make a better game.
While this was a fun game, it lacked diversity. I couldnt be LGBTQ, or a different ethnicity. I also couldn't be asexual. When I choose to not have a parner, I get a sad ending, like I always wanted one deep down. But that was not the case. If this game was more diverse, I would definitely give it five stars.
I really like this game but there is 1 thing I wanna say Why do we always have regrets? And why does it always say that we didn't have any hobbies ? And can you guys pls make it LGBTQ+ too? Instead of only putting male + female You guys could do male +male And female + female Ty ^^
I like the game it's fun . But it would be better if we were allowed to pick the gender of our partner insted of it always being a stright relationship. And if we could also pick our race and or skin tone so our person woudn't always be white .
Like the game a lot but its too easy to get the same endings or careers and can get repetitive. Wouldn't spend money on it but a good game
i've been playing this game since 2019, and it never fails to keep me interested, although the plotline is roughly the same for each run. not too many ads, the gameplay has a nice color and the pixelated style is awesome, and the coffin dance guys at the end are just hilarious. 10/10 would recommend
I give this a 4 start because I think the graphics needs to change, you guys should also make a 3D for better graphics so that many people will find it more entertaining and good for wasting a time,but if you guys approved my opinion then I'll change it to 5 stars.
I've played it several times and there's definitely an advantage when playing as a boy, everything is so much easier! With a girl, I can never buy a house, even without buying a car, but with any boy I have money left. There is one part of the game that I can't play as a girl, when the guy goes upstairs, that's definitely a plus, I tried to do it as a girl but apparently she can't (?) , so the family part goes faster :( is this supposed to happen?
It really makes one be appreciative of life. It made me think about all of the little things I miss out on and won't get back. It makes me want to do better in life. The music is pretty cool too.
Hello yes, I love this game, but I would like to give a suggestion please. I was thinking the character can choose there sexuality, the Male and female! It would be cool for a update like that, thank you! I would appreciate that.
Game is very good it taught me a valuable lesson from playing it and was fun to play even though it was a bit to fast pace
It simulates life, obviously. But the one thing that makes me a bit annoyed is that there are no same gender couples. Can you add a sexuality feature? Other than that, yeah it's a good game.
I love this game. But I think you should add LGBT options. Like as a girl you can date a girl. Or as a guy you can date a guy. Also overall custimastion like skin color eye color etc.
Honestly this is too fast paced - sometimes when i wanted to choose an action, my character had already ran past the choice by the time i click on the button. The game slowly gets boring and i get pretty much the same ending for all my characters.
Great game! I've played many playthroughs and enjoyed taking different routes. I'd love to see more options for hobbies, customization for character throughout life(changeable hair, style, new hobbies). Another feature I'd like to see is more influence of the "type" of friend you choose. I love that I can watch their life and see what they were thinking when I made the choices I did. Love the art at the end! Thanks for making this such a beautful game.
Its a amazing game that tells a story,and its sorta sad...in a good way.I loved the game because every action you take leads to positive or negitive.Its all about karma. XD
Does it really take long to load and play? Because I've been waiting to play it and there isn't even any loading in the screen, I can't play it. Please fix it.
Fun... I cried a little The graphics are good since it's meant to be a more simple game . It's a life simulator but it kinda speeds by everything so it's not not simple but it's also kind of difficult to get a good life. At first the controls can be a little confusing but you'll get the hang of it. I really like playing this game and the babies are so so so cute so cute hehe
The women's update is nice, but it's strange that most if not all unlockable careers/blindness is only for the man? I imagine it'll be addressed later, but it would be nice to be able to have a blind woman or a female firefighter...
The game is very adicting i downloaded it yeasterday and have playen it for hours the only thing is that i would like it if there was lgbtq+ couples or hook ups in the game ikik it sounds weird but that what happens in life
Gotta say, the game did not go as i expect. It was better. The story and choice of the game, even though it was fast it was immersive.