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Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey

Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by Bacon Bandit Games located at Bacon Bandit Games 1918 St. Regis Blvd. Dorval, QC, H9P 1H6. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very fun (mabye a couple of vowels too many) but expanding the dictionary would make a great thing better. Fantastic job!
Good game, too short, great concept but hope to see it expanded. The quests run out and all of a sudden, you are at the end of the road. Played it to the end twice and ready to move on in less than a month
well thought out, different star system, unique achievements, creative gameplay, no ads every five seconds. 100 times better than traditional wordplay games. I will actually pay to support this dev. would love an update soon!
One of the few games that I've actually enjoyed playing that isn't hindered by paywalls or over aggressive ads. Great concept, highly enjoyable and just a well done product all around.
fun word game. ads do not work for bonuses. upgrade costs vs rewards means you have to replay the same level several times to afford upgrades to progress the story. Very grindy.
I'm really upset. I was enjoying the game, so I spent close to $20. on it, on the first day. One thing that I was enjoying about the game, was that I could play it, though I have poor vision. The 2nd time I tried to load my file, I accidentally tapped near the tiny x, and deleted not only my progress, but also my nearly $20. worth of upgrades. I've only been playing 2 or 3 days. It should not be so easy to accidentally throw away money. I really liked this game, but am telling people NOT to buy.
This game reminds me of Bookworm Adventures, and I freaking loved that game. So naturally, I think this game is fun. Definitely great for killing time and keeping your brain working.
I enjoy word games. This particular word game comes wrapped in a cute art style. My biggest gripe at the moment may be a conflict with my phone. The right side of the screen is cut off partially. It's exactly where my navigation buttons pop up.
Realle engaging! just a little better navigation prompts woul make this excellent. my favourite all time word game.
Great game, does not fit screen on Huawei P30 Pro. Right side of screen is cut off, can't read challenge text.
Seems fun so far, except for the fact that it doesn't fit on my screen. I'm using an LG V40, and many of the options aren't visible on the screen.
Great game. If you're a fan of Bookworm or other word games, this is for you. However, I gave it 4 stars for two reasons. First, I got to the end of the level and found it was the end. There is good replayability with 4 different goals per level and an expert mode... But I still wanted more. 2 or 3 more levels would be nice. Secondly, I just got a new phone and the screen size is a little different. When I booted up the game, part of the screen was cut off. I'd still recommend it, fun game.
The game doesn't fill entire screen so half the board is cut off. You can play 6 or 7 letter words and it does barely anything to the enemy. When it gives you information on those characters such as damage for certain letters used they dont give you the letters until it's too late and your energy has been depleted. Great concept but needs some work.
Honestly a fun alternative to bookworm adventures. You can tell there was a lot of work and effort put into making this game and I'm more than happy to spend money to support these guys, they're awesome.
Great game, tons of fun! This is the second device I'm playing through it on! Damage math is a little confusing to work out, but I'm sure it's too complicated to be plainly put in the help menu.
Really great game, if you want that Bookworm Adventures feel, this game has it. No pay wall, microtransactions are entirely optional and not necessary, this developer is fantastic!
This is a great game! Well thought out, polished, witty, no annoying ads, and no purchases are necessary. If you like word games, download it now, you won't regret it. The only bummer is that the quest is a bit short, but I have hope that Bacon Bandits are working on adding more levels.
Fun word game/dungeon crawler. Spell words to attack various anti spelling monsters and creatures. It's much tougher than it appears also. Keeps my brain sharp, which is vitally important in these interesting times in which we find ourselves. Definitely highly recommend for any word game fans.
Fun word game with quick levels. There is an issue with the bar for the back and home buttons cutting off a little bit of the screen, but you can see most information in other screens.
Super fun and unique among all the word games that you can replay levels not just as they get harder, but the win requirements change
nice game, although I had to use a vpn to install it after changing my phone. apparently is unavailable in romania now.
This game was really fun. Its free and has no ads. The word gsmes are fun and theres a lot of challenges for each level that add to the gameplay. The entire game is beatable without buying anything and the art is cute. The dictionary used could be expanded as some words i tried weren't acceptable but i still had fun. I'm thinking about getting their switch game after this since it has an endless mode.
Loved the game on PC (Steam), love it just as much on mobile! Some features missing, but nothing worth docking it a star. Awesome game!
never even got to play. could find the settings to change so I see. That would be nice.i couldn't even read one word.
Good single player scrabble game that doesn't artificially limit your play time or options, and no ads. Has a nice system that let's you progress well for free, and good bonus if you do want to pay a little.
i love this game and had it on other devices. the reason im giving 2 stars is it doesn't fit all the way on my phone. making it impossible to play right. the part not fitting on the phone, usto be on the left, please fix. its a great game except for this.
This game is great for children or something but if you have over a 5th grade vocabulary, the dictionary in this game is very limited.
Good game. Lots of things to unlock, can replay lower levels and encouraged to redo lower levels to complete. Must play at least once if you like word games. I do fell it still needs more developing but still a good game.
A wonderful way to decompress without becoming monotonous, great if you love scrabble or boggle, or the bookworm adventures (lex even seems to have cameo) my whole family loves it.
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Im enjoying the concept a lot so far, i cant see how much gems i have on LG android, it clips the right side of the screen and i cant change in settings, hopefully an update soon
The game itself is a 5, I have played it multiple times on multiple devices. HOWEVER I am giving it a 3 because on my phone and therefore probably other phones, the screen is cut off. I wouldn't mind if it was something unnecessary that was cut off, but it cuts off the level select, meaning I couldn't play all 4 stars per level. I could only click on two. I consider this game breaking as half of each level isn't available. If this is fixed, I will of course I'll give this game 5 stars!
I'm addicted to this game. It's easy at first, but still fun enough to keep playing until it gets more challenging. It's more unique than most word games, instead of just solving for the word available or unjumbling some letters, you have to defeat monsters by spelling the best words and spending your gems to upgrade your character. I wish there was a free option to upgrade better weapons though, it looks like those options are cash only.
Ok so I was skeptical at first after reading some of the reviews. THEY WERE SO WRONG!! This game is amazing! The story and graphics are cute, the challenges are fun and not impossible at all. Lots of upgrades which are easily purchased without spending real money make the timed levels a little less hair raising :) Loved it <3
enjoyable so far I like the different challenges for each level it is close to Bookworm which I was actually playing this morning and look for an app on the phone that would be something like it hopefully this will continue to be fun and we'll go from there I'll let you know about replayability later after I complete the game once
Fun little spelling game with cute graphics. Each level only takes a couple minutes and there's no penalty for quitting in the middle of a level, so it's good for a quick distraction.
Immediately uninstalled. Game screen is cut off on the Pixel4XL. Not playable. Looked like it would be fun, hence the 2 star rating.
Love the game, have played it again and again. Wish the devs would add more levels and variations for more game play.
I first played this game on the PS4 and I really liked it so I downloaded it on my phone. It's entertaining and challenging. I like to play instead of just browsing the internet on my phone. I think the music seems a little different from the PS4 but very minor.
This is fun and addicting game. I usually only play scrabble but this is a step up and keeps things interesting
Love this game, I've bought it multiple times on different systems. Brilliant for adults, and also great as an educational tool for kids!
It's okay but it's too big for my cell phone screen and I have a fairly large screen on my cell phone. Parts of it are off the screen so I can't see it. For example; I can't see how many gems I have to spend.
Update: I contacted the developer through email about my issue. I received a timely reply and gave him a day or two to figure out the problem. I just opened the app and it is now working as intended. :) ... The game seems fun and even challenging. However, for whatever reason, the game displays off-center so that the right side is cut off. It's doesn't make the game unplayable, but I also can't see how many gems I have because of this issue. Please fix this and you can have your 5-star review.
Fun. Interesting twists in the different stars. Challenging all the way through. Well paced progression. Generous (never paid to progress to 100%).
Excellent game, clearly the developer has put a lot of effort into it. I just wish there was more! Completed it at 100% in 2 days 😬
One of my all time favorite games. Such a wonderful word game! Only complaint is that when i try to watch a video to get gems it ALWAYS says there is no video available.
Basically bookworm adventures and exactly what i was looking for. However like someone else mentioned it gets cut off by the home bar. Most games make you swipe to reveal it. This one reserves a place for it and it suffers a little.
Doesnt fit my phone screen. I have a galaxy note 9. The game takes up a quarter of my entire screen making it to hard to read or play. I uninstalled until I see an update that fixes this problem.
love this game! please do an update with more levels!!! edit: playing again and I still love this game! please make more levels!!
Simple but well crafted word game that takes the best of other word games and sends you on an RPG quest. I'd love if a game like this allowed you to explore an open world, but this is a great start. Really wish it was longer, only 30 levels, will raise to 5 stars if they expand it.
this is a fun and interesting game. more fun and challenging then i initially expected when downloading the game.
So, I've really been enjoying this- more so than I initially thought. However, my phone updated about a week ago and now I can't see the whole game screen? Very frustrating. Love the concept - have been looking for a game like this as long as I've had a smart phone, as I used to play Bookworm. I would rather pay a couple of dollars for an app than deal with this manipulative way of getting you to spend money.
I like the concept of this games but all in all it is frustrating. I will get a five or six letter word and it will barely do anything. It seems unless it's a word that isn't commonly heard you don't get any points for it. Even if you kill in enemy in one go you will still only get one star at the end of it. Honestly I just think it's really unfair. If you know more words than most people do in the English language you will do fine. If you don't don't bother playing it won't give you anything.
Fun take on your basic letter games. Lots of challenges and power ups to choose, even very early on. Recommend
I had this game on my last phone and loved it, but on my S10 a large portion of the screen is cut off.
Totally addicted!! Closest I've came to original Bookworm Adventure, if you like those types of word games this one should be a pleasure 😉