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Let's Sing Mic

Let's Sing Mic for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by VoxlerGames. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Music game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
After the latest update the Mic isn't working on Lets Sing 2020 on the Nintendo Switch. It connects but then the mic doesn't pick up any audio... This is sad because my wife and I used to play this game every weekend with no problems and now it doesn't work anymore... I wont be purchasing any more Lets Sing titles till this is fixed.
Sorry but this app is garbage and I definitely couldn't recommend the game. I have an xbox microphone that works perfectly with singstar. Lets sing has only once recognised the mic, so I have to use this app via my phone. Strangely, with the app linked, it recognises the mic correctly, but cuts out every 5 seconds in a song making it unusable. Sometimes the app works on my phone and sometimes not and it is an infuriating process. Plus using the phone app means I can't use my phone every time my kids want to play the game, which is ridiculous. It is simply not fit for purpose, which is a shame as it would be great if everything worked correctly.
Had a hard time connecting my phone. Then it feels like no matter how much calibration there's still a latency issue. (One X and Series X)
Updating my review , it eventually connected to the app when I screamed into the mic on my phone , also it didn't pick up any sound from the mic a couple times
This is THE WORST APP I have ever downloaded! Not good enough! Paid a fortune for the Switch game for my kids and I, and can't use it due to how AWFUL this app is. I would prefer to give it 0 stars. Randomly kicks us out mid song, constant errors, having to re-enter codes... no lie, FIVE times during ONE SINGLE SONG. Honestly, do better.
Awful app. Wow. This is a hot mess. Spent $50 on the game because we could use with our phones. First, the app wouldn't let us connect - showed the console but just would not let us select. Then it let us connect, but would immediately lock us off. Happened to all three players. We tried closing the app, reinstalling the app, and rebooting our modem. Nothing.
To all the dumb ass fake reviewers bitching this app doesn't work. It works perfectly so pay no attention to the fake reviews. Excellent app. Easy to pair with the game using a code. No issues with this app whatsoever.
Frustrated!!! Download this game, download the app. Note all the versions it supports, only to note after all the downloading that this app DOES NOT COVER 2018 on the NINTENDO SWITCH!!! It can cover 2012 and 2013 but not bloody 2018!? What a blinking waste of time! PLEASE FIX THIS!!
Everything goes nice but it doesn work good on "in hell I'll be a good company" it cancels the whistle. (Same happens with the real physical 🎤)
The app does not work for me or any of my friends. We have attempted to access the game through the app on at least 5 different phones, wifi connection great with both the Switch and the phones and yet cannot connect.
I spent $85 on this game, because it said I could use phones as microphones. After turning the game on, it recognizes my Switch system on all 3 phones i have tried, but when i try to click on the system to connect them, it doesnt do anything. Cant get it to progress past the search screen. What a waste.
App does not recognize mic input for Let's Sing 2020 on Switch. It connects but goes no further. I tried pretty hard, rebooting both devices, attempting docked and undocked, etc. Attempting to work around, by connecting usb headset directly to the Switch, sends audio out to the headset as well. Not so fun.
It won't connect and it says there's an error. Wifi is connected. Its a big waste of money. They also only have 10 songs and songs you can buy separate from the app. Not happy with this "karaoke" at all.
This is by no means an actual five star review! This is a warning, this app does NOT work whatsoever, rendering the game completely useless! If you are reading this please do not waste your money on this.
This app just does not work. It will not pick up literally anything, it just sits there broken. We looked online, changed all settings, etc etc, it does not work. Huge waste of time.
Easy enough to use just wish you guys had some sensitivity setting or something. The app takes almost full blast from your voice to pick up your voice I work days so I'm sure my neighbors don't want to hear me horribly belting it out at night while I'm trying to find that ground between making the song sound good and being loud enough for the app to pick me up. Might wait to continue playing till I can get my hands on a singstar mic GameStop's got them for about five bucks.
The app is mostly hot garbage. I had no problems connecting it to my Switch, but it doesn't recognize my voice through most of every song. I have to make a high pitched squealing noise for it to pick my player because even singing as loud as I can directly into the mic on my phone, it just isn't enough. I'm among the disappointed and would have bought the PS4 set that included the mics if I had read these comments first. Removing my phone case only helped minimally, what a waste of money.
I just paid nearly $70 for dumb game that doesn't even work. how on Earth could the developers could have been so dumb as to make an app for a game that doesn't even work before they even launched it is beyond me. I feel completely ripped off.. and even if it did work, apparently based on some of these other reviews the game doesn't even have real karaoke because they forgot to make the option turn the vocals down. glad to know someone got rich today off of all the people they ripped off.
The reviews had me worried, but I've had no issues with the app. It connects well if using the same WiFi and the sensitivity is fine. I'm using the app on a Samsung S20 and it also works fine on a Samsung S10.
can be better, somehow not all mobiles mic connect .. with updates could you add more 90s 80s alternative songs or more tame impala . billie eilish . nirvana . etc more like sing star that is cooler in music selection.
It does work. Its quirky but it does work. 1. On the Switch pick a song. On that screen there's an option to search mobile device by clicking the R button. 2. On the phone click the search it will pop up your Switch to sync them both. To pick the players you have to sing into the phone it was almost impossible. We had to improvise and used the phone headset, anything with a mic. It picks up your voice more clear anyway. Hope that helps.
When we first got this it was great, we loved playing to he game but for some reason the app can no longer pick up our voices we haven't done anything different, it's ever since you have updated your app!
*update* Re Let's sings reply. So the MIC APP doesn't work properly BY DESIGN!! Wow. And re latency on USB mics, yeah I the calibration routine (many times) it made NO DIFFERENCE. Your reply was basically a 'we don't care' so I would reduce to 1 star if it were possible. J The game can hear me but I Can't hear my Vocals. The app has NO settings or options?!? Game is unplayable with this app..very disappointed. Could get my USB mic to work either had huge latency.
What a turd. This game and app sucks. There is a delay in the app and most of the time it doesn't register any sound at all. If you're using the phone app you will fail every time.
App is not picking (or very silently if i yell )up audio. Permissions are set right and recorder app show there are no problem with microphone. Game is unplayable because of this.
Installed it on 4 different smartphones all from different manufacturers and it works fine on all of them. Takes some work to get the sweet spot for the mic and there were some songs where it just didn't pick things up - unsure whether it was app or the phone. All in all we found it did what it says on the tin.
Absolutely useless app. I bought the game today and the app can't pick up my voice to use the game, so a waste of money all in all. Don't bother.
Crashing during/before songs. I would start the app connect to console sing into the mic for calibration before every song then song starts and my screen displays "go to players screen" and no feedback on mic I end up forfeiting the song match because my mic isn't receiving any feedback from me i hate it.
Works great! If you're having connectivity issues with your smartphoneyou just have to make sure it's on the exact same Wi-Fi and hit the R button on the switch controller and search in the app at the same time to sync up.
Wouldn't pick up my voice. Got it to conectado but then in order for the game to 'hear me' I had to basically scream to get it to work. Luckily I already bought a mic for the game.
Please ignore these negative comments!! The app works perfectly fine on the switch :) highly recommend
I saw that this app had gotten bad reviews and a low score before I downloaded it, so my expectations were low. And at first I thought there might have been a problem with the app when we were playing because it wasnt registering my singing at times. But then my brother tried to sing with my phone and it registered everything. So it turns out that I cant hit any notes. But the app works!
With Let's Sing 2019, there's no mic calibration, so the app picks up everyone's voice. With Let's Sing 2020, that problem had been fixed. You still get the best results with a USB microphone, though.
Poor as hell! Cant connect to any we sing because they arent specific ones they display! Dont design an app that doesnt support all the games for it unless your going to update it so it can yeah!
For let's sing country it works great. But I just purchased let's sing 2018 cuz it had the songs I wanted and it doesn't work at all. It can't even connect. But 2019 seem to work i don't know but 2020 yet though
Edit: USB mics are recognized by the Switch as a USB speaker, no way to change in settings. *** So I bought the 2018 edition for the Switch for my wife for Mothers' Day based on the song catalog. There's absolutely no warning beforehand that, a) USB microphones actually are NOT supported by the console, b) that this app does NOT support this game on this console, and c) headsets also don't work. Game is unplayable.
Cant get it to work, took the dive and bought the game and not the mics as we were told with good wifi that our phones would work..Neither lf us can get our s10 and s10+ to register we are signing unless we scream. We have checked every setting, can't find a fix. Our phones work find for calls and all that (Upon further review several users have reported and you have not specifically responded on this set issue)
Tried to play with family and it kept cutting my Mic off 1 out of 5 do not recommend also kept disconnecting us.
App does not work with xbox one Tried to connect using the code the game gives me and it just will not connect at all. But when I use it on my wife's iphone it works perfectly. Would've been nice to know this before I bought the game.
My phone wont connect to lets sing 2019 ps4 edition doesnt even connect also i saw you guys came out with a queen version it would be awesome if you guys came out with a KISS version
This app has literally one job and it can't do it. It cant see my Switch on the same wifi network. Comments from the devs here indicate you *might* need to have a linked Nintendo online account for this to work, however the app release notes only ask you to "consider" linking an account. It is not a stated requirement. Whatever the case, this app and my Switch exist on the same local network and there should be absolutely no need to Nintendo's external network for this to work. It doesnt work.
I should have listened to others. This game is NOT worth it as the app does not work for a vast majority of people and the developers apparently don't know why. I reported the issue as indicated in several developer replies and was told "no other players have reported it to us" that there is an issue. Absolute bunk! Look at these reviews as a start. Clearly there is a problem with this app pairing. And I was told no assistance can be provided. I went through all standard steps such as same wireless network, reinstalling the app, different phones, wireless resets, etc. And the developer simply says it is stumped and won't help. We're essentially being sold a scam item if we can't have a reasonable expectation of a working app and support. Do not purchase, and do not expect appropriate customer support. What a profound disappointment. Even worse, the game company doesn't want to provide a refund since the packaging is now open. So be weary, and don't end up paying for an item you can't play.
This app is the worst. You spend an enormous amount of money on the platinum pack to sing karaoke with your family and the microphone app won't even pick up your voice! You try 4 different phones and nothing. So why advertise, no microphone, no worries just download the app? I cannot express how angry I am that I wasted my time and money
Sadly, whoever has the newest iPhone wins, Samsung comes second, other Androids further down the list. The score is dependent on phone rather than voice. Tested thoroughly by swapping phones round regularly. Nice idea, but only works properly for certain phones.
Dont buy the game! I purchased this game during an online Playstation sale. I purchased it because it claimed you can use your phone as a mic. No matter what I tried the game only picks up my voice if I scream into the mic (I tried several mics including different headsets). I have contacted support multiple times with no response. I'm not able to get a refund from Playstation because it's a digital download. I'm going to stick to Sing Star from now on.
Really bad app. It works with some mobiles and others don't, even when all permissions are given. Worst is it doesn't even show a message or error... It just does nothing