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Legion of Titan

Legion of Titan for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Anansi located at RM L026, 2/F TAI SHING INDUSTRIAL BLDG 273-279, UN CHAU ST, CHEUNG SHA WAN, KOWLOON Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
To the Developer Fix your game I upgrade my heroes skill using a lot of skill book and essence and when the new update comes all of my heroes's skills revert back to lvl 1 FIX IT
its an obvious ripoff, just straight copying someone else's hard work AND art to get money out of it. Don't even bother installing the game, I installed it just to write this review to warn others. Shame on the creator of this joke.
I'm just going to point out the fact that this is literally a straight copy of Titan throne, a game that somebody developed May of 2018 and this game just came out January of 2019 ripping them off. in the future photos you can even see it's the same orcish character from Titan throne oh, this is plainly ridiculous.
This game is great so far. Not a pay to play or win game at all. Easy to pick up on how to play and if you follow the recommended builds and research you should not have a problem with keeping your resources up.
Has a couple minor adjustment that can be made such as balancing pack prices a bit but other than that, a very impressive game, time consuming but impressive.
Game pretty sound. Easy for non spenders and addictive. Join the right alliance create some farm accounts and enjoy.
the game is really good.,, just need improvement ,,, could u guys plz incrrss charerctor size ,,in Live action seems very small ,,,and add dragons
Don't bother, this game has no skill in it, higher tier just wins, events is design so higher people just get way ahead of you lol Played till castle 16 to see all the events and see if it's fun, was not the
Great graphics, boring as hell, takes weeks to do most things, 1 good hit and takes weeks to rebuild troops, come on devs, speed up the gaming. Once a day log in send troops off farming and hope a PtP hasn't hit during that time to wipe out all your troops. Thinking of deleting is so boring...
This game has some great features... the graphics are great, the devs appear to be trying but they are not doing well at balancing between coiners and non. Shield prices are high and can be purchased with gems but gems can not be mined only purchased and not cheaply. Same with teleports, they can only be purchased with gems for I think 2,000 but again gems can't be mined :/ if they could find a way to balance between pay to win and non coiners then this game would have a lot of potential.
great game but it could be a bit more better if we could make the building much bigger than they are it would be much better
Just joined for I love games but Knights, heros and wizards. Created my own alliance, uploaded a out of game photo that would be acceptable new recruiting members. So far just enjoying the music, especially when you go to the map. Still a little early to judge. I would be willing in future to Update or if the developers make a Facebook page. So far cudos to developers
I ended up having an issue regarding disappearing troops through troop upgrades so I contacted the developers about it they then directly lied to me regarding the point power for each Troop as well as trying to claim I didn't know what I clicked. they then tried to cover it up.
landscape graphics are great compared to build games 3d!!! you do not need money toplay but as long as they offer anything thatll speedup the process its still pay to win.
I'm hoping something makes this game stand out from all rest. So far it's like every other time based , I enjoy some so I give 4 until I see that thing to get the 5 star.
Nice game despite some bugs..biggest bug your total wood and ore remains the same...even if you gather for hours
Game seems familiar but its different enough to keep you playing... anyway you can put a zoom feature in so i can actually read things 😁
Game play awsome. Ppl awsome. now only thing is some things are so far fetched to gain its like you have to spend money. Besides that its a very fun and good game thank you.
it's a good game but it's takes a while to get to understand everything, and sometimes the actions you want to do just won't happen, I don't like that & its time consuming so I just stop playing it lol...
okay game, little slow but good graphics. hard to level up without spending money but money cant buy what you cant earn without it which is good but very slow after level 16.
You have a good format but not be unable to teleport one time to your territory after build a Alliance castle leaves your efforts high n dry, So many dead base at this stage is a bad sign
anyone else see an ad that used ds3 gameplay? honestly u could atleast make it more like what the ad shows even if it's from a well known game
I really enjoy the game. It's quality is amazing. Gameplay is easy but I'm not much of a buyer so it is slow to gain prestige levels quick. But I like it
not very good. resource scaling to high and impossible to fight coiners. if you like the mechanics of this game just play war and order
thanks for this game its really good but..... please add more events..... like a gathering event or farming event..... please find a way to make the game more balanced to free to play gamers, thank you
So far great game... One suggestion though.. It takes forever to get alliance points. When you receive alliance Honor from alliance quest, it should go towards your alliance points as well.
in app purchases are too expensive and vip system needs to be reworked. having to spend vip cards to activate it for an hour or so makes no sense. it needs to be active all the time after spending so much resiurces to lv it up.
I want to like the game, but there are several issues. 1. Too many P2W players 2. No mechanics to balance the game 3. Resource cost scaling for construction and research is too high, per level increase. This kills the game because there isn't much to do because you're broke all the time (unless you spend money). Other games like this, such as Clash of Empires - COE and Civization War - Last King keep you engaged by moderating resource cost scaling so that you always have something to do.
I have played a fair few of these types of games! This one is one of the best i have played! So much content very well designed and lots of fun. This deserves WAY MORE 5 star reviews. I really hope they don't dig this game into a black hole with the pay to win like EVERY other game like this!
ZERO STARS - (I am a long time castle builder player) ...I wouldn't recommend this game. The inventory setup is beyond horrible. Worst i have ever seen in a castle builder truth be told. Items go missing. Rewards also go missing as well. There are no free castle relocators. This is typically the first thing the game gives new players.