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Legends of Martial Arts

Legends of Martial Arts for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by FIFUN located at ROOM 1201 12/F PROSPERITY CENT982 CANTON ROAD MONGKOK KL. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
too muj autoooooo play.make diner and game play itself..when some company will make.game.without auto.or ok auto but if finish dungeon in fast time.this is goood but when i realised how fast & easy reach lvl 70.i disapointed
Do i have any option?payment have been made,but no ingot are given.it says no connection.why blame connection?my internet are in good condition at the time.why must struggle play this game.always hang and laggy.i really love this game.but i have to stop playing this game.dissapointing.thanks.
Graphic good, control smooth, only bad when open cheast treasure need gold.. maybe that why les player in this games event in new server. Take a note
I have been having frequent dc and when sending remote gear in chat, it freezes my game other type of gear do not have this issue. Also the server has been lagging a lot and it keeps disconnecting me very often. Please do something about it. Thank you.
Horrible game with a lot of bugs. The drop rate is way too low, and they want you to pay to get anywhere. You still can't sign in every day for rewards even after waiting a month. Not worth the effort.
I can't even get past the loading screen. All it does is load load load load load load. I have a sturdy connection and still just loading. Fix this and I'll change my review.
Gave it 2 stars because it has the potential to be a decent game the constant disconnects are what killed the rating. 5 minutes of play and everything freezes, I have to close out game and restart just to have it happen again 5-10 minutes later and I know it's not my wifi I have high speed.
I would give this game 5 stars because it's impressive that the game is not even 1gb in file size and yet the graphics as far as these type games go are decent. I think you should add more social aspect to the game like being able to upload are pics as our avatar. And some storyline would be great like up the file size and add to the game instead of opening new servers create a stable fan base the game play is good and the mounts wings pets and spirit pets balista and spirit weapon is cool :)
Drop rate boss too low, only drop trash gear, high lv boss drop useless reward, more higher your lv more hard you find a gear, drop boss often dipolar and tripolar, even if you get gear shine, often not full stat, God gear dungeon is useless too, drop only dipolar, forbidden so hard to get orange gear, this game is not iam sugessting, coz this game to hard to get gear and even boring, zhenwu gear so hard to drop, more often is potian and spirit gear, war boss now even not drop a gear
always disco..while do boss or in the middle of game,its blank and back to my home screen phone by 3th time..so freezzy and laggy..do some action la developer..dont just ask for money then u start to action?..gmbc to you
So at first were doing well. And i was top of the leaderboard. The next day i saw im 50+. Leme be honest with yall.. 99%RPG games or this type of afking games, are all PAY TO WIN!! the reason is simple. U dont pay, u cant get good gears and cant keep up with them. Yes maybe at low level u can, once u reach a certain level u cant keep up unless u cash for vip etc... Not recommend for these type of games. NGL most mobile rpg games are PAYTOWIN
Seriously disappointed at the in app purchase. I baught a top up and never recieved it in the game but they were happy to take my money. I am still waiting for the devs to fix this issue!! I would not recommend anyone to top up I'm thos game.
I like the game a lot actually, first try got me hooked. At first its not really a game where non vips cant climb the rank. Everything is still well balanced that the non vips can still follow the vips as long as theyre willing to grind. Lots of bugs but its reasonable as its still a newly released game. Pls do fix some major grammar errors in the game. Im from s6 and literally the server is dead with the release of every new servers so do consider releasing bulk servers at once. Goodluck.
Game is just about unplayable. Constant disconnect. I've tried al the tricks. Play on data and wifi. Same thing over and over. Need to log in about every three minutes on average. Can't even make it through most events. Would be a decent game if it weren't for the DC issues. What I don't understand is why I'm still on the screen and timers still going but nothing happens. Then when I close app and log in again I get nothing for my time. I've messaged devs and nothing.
Auto everything. It is helpful but not all the time. I was trying to figure out the backpack and stuff and apprently my character is already in battle or accepting quests. Would be ok if auto claim rewards and quests took about 10 seconds max. I no longer get the story because i don't get to read the quests. Auto pathing and auto battle should be optional.
This is a very p2w game. I solo boss for equipment, before I pick loots a player kill my character. All your hard work is not enough because the whale got much better equip,items,exp. You only slaving away if you dont spend much. Only your guild leader will enjoy the benefit. Biggest whale will server for every battle and pvp,and the best rewards goes to the biggest whale,usually a guild leader. Casual player will not enjoy much because no adventure,only auto grind level,equip,guild contribution
Would love to continue playing the game but I've contacted support in several ways about not being able to do sign in I uninstalled and reinstalled game several times and I am on high speed internet so it's not connection and I have up-to-date phone
Played this game since jan and if u guys thinking of investing your time and money, walk away. Its not worth it lol
Horrible experience!!! This game company build game without providing a stable network server. Game is so lag to the point I don't even know what I'm doing. If this keeps up, I would suggest you quit the online business and make offline game instead.
Login rewards/sign in if you miss one day you cant sign in for the whole month this needs to be fixed messaged dev. And have not heard back
Horrible game can't even play it is all auto even if taken of gose right back to auto play. I mean the graphics and all is good it's just the auto play you do nothing and level to easily I got to level 40 with an hour.
It has an auto play feature. The dialogue automatically progresses so you can hardly read it. I feel that plots are a major asset to games, so it sucks that this game doesnt seem to have a defined plot.
Too much lag and worse than ML. I cant even change the graphic setting.Too small the words and too many pop up announcement that i cant hardly see the button in option and No tutorial on how to play. No direction or map that lead the player to the right place, the only solution to find your way is through Auto Pathing but it is Too much auto combating and mostly when you are upgrading or in any option button it will suddenly auto pathing to the quest. To make it short it has so many FLAWSSSSSS!!
Stop using same engine and same things as other Mobile MMOs. I know it makes it easier to port, but its ugly and lazy. For the 1 millionth time, with red dot notifications, CP power system, Auto-combat (can turn off), lvl restrictions on Chat (lvl 80) 😟? . Cluttered UI with notification red dots all over the place. I know it's not easy to port your way because of standards, but the Community suffers from "clone-like" MMOs. This plays and looks like 98% of all Chinese mmos/Korean on mobile.
I think it's a well made game with good graphics, controls and abilities. My only problem is that it won't let me sign in to claim my daily rewards. Would 5 star if fixed
Completely trash for me,Before Top Up..it was running smooth and steady,After Top Up and claim all 1st Top Up rewards..Everything changed to crash app.It suddenly stop by itself,And Some box that i've claim from the 1st Top Up cant be open,Open the bag and try to tap on each item in the bag,which is nothing happen,i cant even read the item name,nothing happen when i open the bag,its just showing the items in bag but cant be tap to check what it is! Bug or Game feature?!!!!
1. Too many dungeons. Too much to do on the daily. 2. Too hard to gain roses for marriage. 3. Boss dungeons can be done like 5 times a day and each time can take up to 20 mins. Ridiculous. 4. You are charged coins for EVERYTHING! Even to open chests you've won! Cant get into this game. Uninstall
Disappointed. Game was ok first week, then starts crashing. I was about to top up for vip8, thanks heaven I deleted the app or else my money would go to the trash. And lastly, this kind of unfixed games should be deleted on GooglePlay. It seems to be copying the gameplays of TaichiPanda.
THIS GAME IS THE BEST!!! The movements through the game a practically flawless and even with the fast sweeping movements of the weapons and the attacks flow together so smoothly even on an outdated phone like mine this game is so amazing the background music is nice ive only been playing and hour and im hooked
Its a great game because i did not encounter what others did. And I hope for more improvement example like adding voices to the npc and also do not repeat the line when you encounter the npc again. Its Great Just keep improving this game and i wish the creator of this game a good luck.
Every reviews before mine were spot on! i cant believe how many useless items in my bag were there after top up! EVERYTHING were perfect at the beginning but then, my experience took a complete 180 after my first top up! im just glad i only topped up a dollar after reading the reviews.
Im giving two stars because i feel that you should somehow change it to where players who are in peace mode trying to enjoy the story end up getting killed by other players should be able to enjoy the game without having to worry about other players killing them. Kinda defeats the purpose of peace mode. Please fix that and i will give higher rating.
It looks promising had it not for every 5 mins or so the app keeps crashing. And the fact that you cant open some boxes without spending coins which isn't easy to obtain unless you spend real money. The drop rate of the boxes after spending real cash is also laughable.
The lag is unreal in this game considering that they don't have servers in NA. You will always be Constant 400 ping. The (developers) should probably stop and consider fixing the server issues so the game is more playable in NA, but overall games not bad but the lag makes it unbearable to keep playing the game
The only thing i hate is dissconnected....like always....within 5 min dc more than 10times ...this game really suck ughhhhh...when hitting boss ady 18% and dced then boss back to 100%...pls fixed this dc thing
Everything is fine except its P2W but players still can be a top player by recharging 20$ . But somehow when I got Rout Blade from World Boss Ranking No.1 I can't equip it even though the requirement is only AwakeT2 and I can equip my T2 necklace just fine . Not being able to equip Rout Blade cause me to fall in ranking so please do something about this . My server is 77th and my charactre name is LingTian
Total Rip Off. Dont put any money in. Ok free to play. But total ingame ripoff for cash. No real benifits for being vip. Take money give you a few things and thats it. Unlike other games where you get vip benifits and gifts. Game is unbalanced. Costs more to lvl up and do things than you earn in game.
Like the game but don't like the way the developers handle it so this 1 star is for the developers, error in the game they would just make up some reasons for you not to get a refund for their mistakes if you don't want negative feedbacks please be clear and precise with the terms you use in the game, if you have poor english then you would just agree to whatever they would tell you but if you read and understood some of the descriptions clearly they would explain to you in a different way