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Legend of the Skyfish Zero

Legend of the Skyfish Zero for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Crescent Moon Games located at 488 Charlton Road Ballston Spa, New York 12020. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game! Original and looks amazing! I also like the way they implimented adds. At the start of a new level you get the option to whatch an add or buy the game. Infinity better than annoying popups. Thanks crescent moon!
Not sure how to move around no obvious buttons, no indicator in the settings and no tutorial. Also can't read the word when the menu is up as it is all black blocks,so had to figure out what does what via trial and error. Unplayable unless I'm missing an obvious trick. Looks nice but can't do a thing
Dont bother with this verson they used to have a full verson which they took down and screwed anyone that payed for that full verson like me. Not cool guys.
Y'know, in games of this style that have round joystick move buttons, you're supposed to be able to move diagonally, or the joystick pad at least shouldn't move when your finger does. I have to stop, reposition finger, play, stop, reposition finger. It just annoying, plus the aiming for the fishing rod is shakey, and jerky, and moves on its own. And this isn't a puzzle game...
Love this game, and the puzzle is not as frustrating as I thought it would be, thankfully... But the control are somewhat difficult especially the sensitivity of the hook aim.. Other than that, it's a great game which I've enjoyed playing.
Dear devs, you got somthing special here and I think that people would buy the full version if they had more free levels to play b4 ads were a requirement. 5-10 levels without ads is more like it, No1 can tell if they like a game enough after 2 levels. But seriously, beautiful game, nice game play. Perfect mobile experience except for the lack of "free" levels.
The visuals are appealing, the gameplay is quite repetitive. Not much motive to play on, to pass the spikes yet again, to move the totem to a switch yet again... Perhaps you could unravel the story bit by bit at each level. The game starts with a story and then turns into what seems like a never-ending randomly generated nothingness...
Well its a Game, But the controls, my god they're janky as all hell. Definitely need some option to optimise the layout and sensitivity of the controls... And whet even is the purpose to this game
a really good DEMO it doesn't let go beyond 18 levels NOT even half of the game before FORCING you to buy the full game I'd say skip this okay game.
Game is ok, but it's too plain and the controls are horrible. All my losses are due to the poor handling of the character.
If you have a Google pixel 2 XL, this will not work, as the game thinks you have a controller connected. Devs - please fix
Just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE this game! Thank you so much, devs for creating this and for even having a free version! It is unlike anything I've played. The graphics are intriguiging, the music is lovely, and the gameplay fun and stimulating. I think the thought and care that went into this game is just wonderful. I'm quite picky about games, and this one is truly a gem. Thank you again to the creators! You should definitely check this game out. Give the controls a chance so you can get use to em... They're a bit tricky at first (or they were for me) but I got a handle on it by level 3. I honestly think this game should gave a much higher avg than 3.9 stars. Should be closer to the 4.5 range just for the gameplay, music and the beautiful, hand-painted graphics. Everyone's a critic nowadays. Download and enjoy the game for what it is! ❤🐳🎣🐝🌲
It's a cute game, and very imaginative, but the controls are sluggish and make moving extremely difficult. If they fix that, I'd be happy to download it again.
Got to level 3 then had to watch 5 adds or pay 4 dollars to continue, I chose add but it cept repeating one add and no close button, I left but it said no adds
Way to difficult too early. Regenerating enemies that have fast attacks on 4th level. Hearts should be quartered like Zelda and be easily replenished or else it becomes unplayable. Needs serious balancing and then it may be a really nice game. Had such potential.
You can only play until world 2 level 3 without buying it. Fun game, creative puzzles and a lovely world that remind me of link to the past. The controls are a little wonky but if you're a gamer it won't bother you much. I recommend this for anyone looking for a fun platformer.
I played the first 2 levels and enjoyed them very much. You have to watch videos or pay to unlock the rest wich makes sense because thisnis an amazingly well made game but I don't want to pay for it.
If only I could give 0 stars.. this game is absolute ignorance, why would anybody spend money on this?
God awful movement control. Can't we just have an option to have a circle pad that doesn't move when we're dragging our fingers across the screen? It's awfully hard to control the character with the current options.
Not bad. The fishing line is kinda hard to aim, since its control is too sensitive. Gameplay is not bad, but I was expecting something better. Graphics are really good!
The controls need an overhaul, the fishook button should be horizontally parallel to the attack button, and none of these buttons should actually move from their initial placement. I very much like the puzzle aspect of the game, but the designs are repetitive, quality of life aspects would be make it more enjoyable, and I'm not watching an ad just to play, especially as early as stage 3.
Just when it starts to get fun they ask you to buy the full version even though I've watched all the ads to play the next level every time so lame
Please fix the controls. Although multidirectional the movement is stiff and very annoying, and the fishing rod is the opposite and extremely sensitive. The game is great but the controls are making it very irritating to play. Edit: Also, four hours for one level is a lot. Why not watch an ad every time you lose?
What others said, the controls are really bad. Why is the circle pad moving around? The game is great, but it is annoying to play with these controls.
I love this game! The controls are great, the story is intriguing, the visuals are stunning and over all it's a great product, Well worth the $4.00 price tag. My only complaint would be the ads. I understand they help a developer, but they are EVERYWHERE. There are too many of them. 1 ad per level is fine but then you throw in the 1 ad per death too and it becomes quite frustrating. Please lower the amount. Other than that, amazing game with a great and unique concept.