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Legend of the Cryptids

Legend of the Cryptids for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by PARADE game located at 〒107-0061 東京都港区北青山2-11-3 A-PLACE青山3F. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence, Sexual Innuendo, Nudity, Mild Swearing) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game has literally crashed 8 times in the last 15 minutes, this seems to be a regularly occuring problem as well. From what I understand they have done little to nothing to fix it. My exp boosts were wasted to crashes. I'd say don't download till this gets fixed, I have a feeling they're working on ending themselves like rage of Bahamut did by wrecking their fanbase.
i had some fun with this game a few years ago. Back into Ishtaria again, which led me back here, but I can't even open the game back up after finishing the tutorial due to "connection issues". My connection is perfect. Plus, the game wasn't responding correctly even during the tutorial. Lame man.
So I've been playing for a few years and lemme tell you, the card art will suck you in. Yes it's very nice, yes you think you have enough to scout for it, don't do it. Personally, I think the game is failing at whatever its trying to be. The gameplay is repetitive, some of the page links are dead or don't work. The rates are absolutely abysmal. Good luck getting that 30 pwr when the selling community is horrifically inflated and there's no way to really get anything without shelling out hundreds of bucks. Bleh.
This is a terrible app! Get to the loading screen and "please tap here" flashes across the screen. No loading at all. Hours I waited. Actually fell asleep to it waiting to respond to my finger tapping on the screen. What a piece of garbage. The app used to be good back in the day.
dont be fooled by the pictures that are being used to sale this game, it is a horribly managed and build program. When it randomly connect to the server the load times to move between screens is painfully slow. The game play is reminiscent of an early 90s PC port that had no planning team to steer the makers in the right direction. It may have been a good game when it started but has sense been milked for all the starting cash available and thrown to the way side.
Terrific artwork, patience will get you great cards, and contrary to what some are claiming does not download anything malicious. What does irk me are two things - it's confusing battling other players and not understanding why I've lost AND (the main reason I rarely play anymore) there's no way of looking at a card to see if you've evolved it. You have to either go to your card collection and hunt it down or make a tracking list by hand, and at this point my list is huge.
I have a problem i have an account on my old broken phone i spent real money but forgot my password, I found password cleaning my house but it won't let me sighn into it says I've tried 5 times, I've emailed but no reply Amazing game from what I remember..
This game was awesome, been playing for a while now. The support team is great, but the play isn't what it used to be. Takes forever to load ever since they combined platforms. The rewards aren't worth the effort .... can't get any high power cards cause the exchange rate in market and pull percentage are crappy, the free exclusive card pack they used to give they got rid of. Its all about money for them now, only way you could advance is if you pay big $$$ How can you trade a 32pwr for 1.5mil?
I love this game! It's easy to play, nice music(could be better), but the art is stupendous! Best CCG on Google Play!
Think developers have abandoned the game. I know hundreds that have been trying to log in. Game is now stuck at Log in screen. Google needs to refund players and go after developer.
Game is too laggy and booring to play Not worth it to download and waste it internet and time. As u can see from the total ratings😂
I've lost several accounts with no way to recover them at all. DO NOT PLAY unless you're prepared to lose all progress several times.
Is Mynet ever going to update the Servers. the lag during your events are getting worse!! During your current event, players get a boost for beating the boss and from winning a Test of Strength Battle. 5 minute boost. I only got to quest two times in the 5 minutes to obtain the items needed to rank in the event. I have full Wifi connecting and I have full 4G service and it takes 3 minute or more to register an action. this is absolutely ridiculous! Fix your servers!!!
I played this game when a I was using a small Ipod 4th gen (2011/2012~) and it was a blast. I found this Ipod years later and tried to regain access with my Android phone but it's still near damn impossible. You can't recover anything and a I've lost all hope... Sad to see this game never evolved to be something wonderful. Please, add ways to recover accounts more easily (xxSLADE117xx/SladeN)
One of the worst games I've ever seen.. Extremely poor quality. Only one good thing is the art it self.... Game sucks like no any other game. And what's wrong with the screen light... Geeeez.. I got blind. And can't even control it... From my phone even if I made it the lowest degree possible.. It's still like camera flashes in my eyes. I honestly don't understand how Google let such games and apps in their store.. It's sad and frustrating.
This game used to be so great... I reinstalled it after a few years not playing and I found it full of bugs, crashes and it was not even working properly (yeah, tap here to start playing and nothing happens uh?). I'm disappointed because it was a great game and probably one of the only of its kind after so many were discontinued. It seems like it has not evolved at all, the UI is blurry because the image are stretched to adapt larger screens, that's a shame. It needs a major update.
The artwork is great for this style of game. However, artwork is not the only factor when rating and reviewing a game. I spend 40% to 95% of my in-game time loading and sometimes that leads to the app just erroring out and becoming none responsive or leaving the only option to close and reopen. Unfortunately this is frustrating to the point that I am looking for a replacement.
Confusing UI, freezes a lot, crashes from time to time because of being frozen, biggest problem, CANNOT TRANSFER ACCOUNT, if anyone starts this game on a phone, make sure that's your phone for life or that you plan to keep it for as long as you intent to keep playing. It is NOT POSSIBLE to transfer your account, I have tried over 20 times on multiple devices, uninstalling, reinstalling, everything I can think of and nothing works. Be aware of this if you plan to play
Great game if you want to feel like you were in the early 2010s or late 2000s. Changes your brightness settings without your permission so good luck if you're in a pitch black dark room. The art is pretty okay but that's about the only good thing about this game. I can't tell if Parade started or bought this game but it's horrible. Everything you do in this game you have to do extra, it's like playing a dead flash game where you try to convince yourself everyone is just offline and the devs are busy. The gameplay is terribly boring thanks to the small feeling of superiority when you automatically get 5*s at the start of the game. Only worth playing if you want a taste of nostalgic 2000s card games or collab events
NEW PLAYERS BEWARE! This game was good when I first started 4 years ago but as of the last 2 years has gotten way too Pay to win. Getting rarer cards are a joke if you are f2p player and it's harder now Especially since the introduction of the New coliseum rank battle. Good luck getting above rank C without paying $$. There's way too many things wrong with this game, I could go on but won't. The only thing keeping me playing is loyalty and being a Guild Leader. Hats off to new players!
UPDATED OCT 15TH MY ASS! Got through the tutorial, screen turned black. Restarted the game, had to redo the tutorial. Finally get through the tutorial, game crashes. Restart the game and now it refuses to login. Aside from that loading too often which wouldn't be too much of a bother if it didn't take forever and end up crashing 99% of the time. Also black screen happens somewhat often which turns out you can still tap around, you just don't know what you will end up tapping until you get to the next screen.
I have been playing this game for years, recently had to make a new account. Been emailing and emailing trying to recover my old account, and whoever is in charge is repeatedly ignoring my emails!! I've spent money on that account and have sent proof that it's mine. I WILL take legal action if needed. Tired of waiting and waiting for nothing.
Been on and off this game for years. Devs dont seem to care to much about game or its players. They just do the bare minimum to keep the game running and if you end up having problems good luck fixing it. Its either they find out what went wrong or begin to ignore your emails; but sometimes you get lucky and they actually do something about it. Over all they are only waiting for game to die like the rest of us at this point which is a shame considering the amount of potential it has...
Used to be good. Now it's more like crank out the paid CP's and heaps of bugs. How long has this been out and still buggy? SPEND SOME MONEY ON UPGRADING YOUR SERVERS AND FIXING YOUR BUGS!!!! Installed again years later. Asked for phone call permission. Uninstalled
Game was incredible when it came out, but lately Is nothing but crashes and loading screens. they are too concerned with banging out the next paid cp and not concerned enough about the game play. There is also a terrible issue with devs banning long time players for made up reasons, no validity or proof is given to those banned, just suck it up and move on.. If they cared about the community at all it could be great again, until then... just keep scrolling
It's official..... LoC has hit the fan! "Let's do a maintenance check in the middle of an event, instead of setting up a routine maintenance check between events." They took a holiday and somehow the game got worse while they were gone! Now this! Catch a grip and actually run the game right! Instead of this nonsense about taking holidays during a time when it's already been pointed out that the game is bad enough as it is to play!
Its really hard to give a rating when the game wont load up anymore. It used to be a three because the set up for the game was wack, in a really bad outdated kind of way. But i really liked their cards. The art was great. And im actually pretty upset that I cannot go back into this gane and see my cards. I had some nice ones. But really this game sucks now because before it would just crash super frequently and then it just wouldn't load. Don't download it.
I started this game when it first came out, mainly because I liked the beautiful cards. It was fun in the beginning, but at some point the game became very glitchy and slow. I logged in again just to see how the game has evolved and while playing it I realized that has become much slower and the events are still very glitchy. Very unfortunate. I hope it gets better at some point in the future.
So, I used to play this game years ago and i just downloaded it again because I've been trying to play it and there is still a lot of bugs in the game. Im trying to click to go into the game. I cant even make it past the homescreen without it freezing. Sorry to say but this game sucks now and until you guys fix all your issues i wont be playing again.
Wow, the UI is so janky! I would have been happy with this game in 2000's but honestly, it needs to seriously catch up. Good artwork but that's about all good I can say about it. The loading speed in between the pages is ridiculously long, the pictures are not resized to fit the different screens so it looks very pixilated. I could not battle against other players due to my lineup not being summoned, the tutorial was rushed. I just really wanted to like this. Pity.
Not a great app at all! I downloaded it and it told me to restart my app and I did so soo many times but it wouldn't start.
If this was it's golden era 2012-14 then it deserve a solid 5 stars. I played during that time and it was one of the best games I ever tried. Jaw dropping artwork, fantastic community and great events. But sadly that's all in the past. New cards nowadays are just a rerelease of the old art with higher pwr lvl , dead community , constant crashes and freezing especially during events. As much as I loved this game...I would not recommend starting newly. PS, This game is the very definition of P2W.
Years and years gone all because you can't verify that it's me. Get with the times and do Google log in or facebook. Don't download this game bugs and easy to fix login in
Years later.... im back, still prayin another dev team steals all the amazing art and even some mechanics from this game and turns it into something playable... for now, one can but dream...
Can no longer login as of the last update. I be been playing for years and this is the second time the devs have broken the game. I almost quit last time... Maybe this is their way of culling the players? Update: I figured out that if you wait and don't tap the startup screens you CAN login. So basically open the app, go have coffee and wait 3-4 minutes. Then you can tap the screen and login.
It's ok when it works. 9/10 I get stuck on the top screen, it loads for ages then tells me there's a problem and to restart the app. I played this year's ago and it worked well. Love the art on the cards and everything but at least make it playable. My WiFi is 50mbps and I have no issues running heavier apps. Wish there were more of this type of game around.
Played the game for years and never had a problem with transfering my account. But since the last two years it got worse with the Devs and now nothing happens when you try to reach the support. Just an automated e-mail. The provided account transfer doesn't work and the bugs and freezes on the game are really annoying. Especially the card drawing are very disappointing. If you are not willing to spend a lot of money for in-game gems there is no way to get the cards you would like to.
Terrible. I wanted to revisit this game as I saw an ad on Facebook. I haven't played in years. Tried to get my old acct back but couldn't. Graphics are extremely poor. I used to play on a small iP4. Now a Note 10+. The art is still amazing but half the buttons don't work to do anything and it's super slow. It also looks extremely cluttered. Guess I won't be playing this at all. Definitely needs to be fixed. For a p2w game of so many yrs there hasn't been improvements at all. UX looks similar.
Very poor customer support, it's been almost a month trying to get my account back after playing years. Edit: Still garbage customer help. Don't waste your time, send your money elsewhere. Wish I could give zero stars
Duplicated items are a huge problem in this game; they will ban you even if you didn't know you traded for a duplicate item. They stole my $ and never reimbursed me for the items. The server is slow, it is p2p, the game mechanics are extremely bad, and the only good part about this game is the art, which is going downhill, as well.
Very baaaad , if you lose tour account its gone forever even if u have the password for it. Plus this app company or whatever theyre doing to get away with ripping customers off cant help when u lose yur account. U give them all yur info and they some how CANT FIND YUR ACCOUNT UUUUUH SIIIIRS U GUYS R SMAAAART OR NOT. Very let down started from0 twice , will not do it again. THIA COMPANY NEEEEVER HELP. they text back always saying we cant find yur account. U have do moooore rigorous detailing.
Reminds me of an old game that I played called Monster Maestreo. Too bad it shut down! Anyways this game is alright I guess. You will likely need to spend some good money if you want rare cards though. In my opinion it's a great concept, but more time is invested in the money earned not the quality of the app from what it looks like. The community is small by the way too.
Needs another Debug, keeps telling me the "game isnt running properly could you please restart" every 5 minutes. I also didn't get a legendary rare i was supposed to get for logging in
This game is awful. The graphics are pretty horrible too. But what's worse, you ask? You can't play the damn game unless you allow them to access your contacts...
Someone recommended this to me as i was really feeling nostalgic and wanted to play Hellfire - the summoning. Evidently this game has the same concept but its executed poorly. Doesnt open unless given the permission of my phone number, and shocking graphics. Do not waste your time
This game was amazing but after all these years and all the different people to own it. It never got any real changes this game gets 4 stars from me for just the fact it's still around all of the rivals when it was new are all gone some since 2008 If the right company gets this and slightly alter it trust me you have a 5 star game. Please fix the issue that Parade currently owns it. But the tech stuff goes to Mynet gaming another company that once bought this game.
Only because there's no 0. You'll never have a problem with making purchases....but be prepared for CONSTANT server issues if you intend on using the product u purchase. Stick to free play - you'll be disappointed free of charge. Be happy to modify review when there's more than ("we know about the issue and are working to correct the problem " ) done to remedy this FAILING PRODUCT.
The game is not letting me in if the game freezes it because of it cause I set password on because I was excited to play a characters that already in the game and the creator of this game needed to be fixed until the problem is solved.
I use to like this game, but since you refuse to answer any emails I said I'm giving you a bad review. I've been trying for the last few months to get you to help me recover my account from a phone that no longer works to the phone I have now. But like I said you refuse to help! Do you damn job answer your emails and help the players! No wonder your game is failing and your ratings are going down.
Dont bother even starting this game. It is not possible to transfer your account to a new device. I recently got a new phone. Before getting the phone I set up a password that was supposed to help move my account over. Tried the password and it failed. Emailed their support and was told to provide some info to get my account moved. Sent them the info and it's been 3 weeks with no response. Horrible customer service and horrible experience. Stay away!
Why in the hell does a card based rpg need the ability to make calls? Way too sketchy to be worth it.
I really like this game but there have been issues with it lately where sometimes it doesn't let me log in and sometimes I try to go to the card pack page and the screen just goes black. Developers please fix these bugs for the next update.
Game has really gone down hill. Players have been requesting for years that the developers fix their errors and make the game compatible for Android 9. Still nothing, but the app notices have changed, which no one asked for. I've played for seven years now, and the game still hasn't fixed the major issues plaguing it servers.
None of the buttons work. You can't even access any of the areas of the app. Stuck at main page, I can't even do anything. This app has gone way down hill over the years. Everytime a new develop team takes over, the app has gotten worse. This development team clearly doesn't care anymore. Very lazy. Absolute disgrace and an embarrassment. 👎
Upon install I was logged into a completely random account and I can't log out of it, even erasing the game's storage. After reading reviews, I see this is happening to other people. It's terrible QC from the devs and really makes me uncomfortable with how my account and privacy would be handled by the developer.
Okay so I've been playign his game for a very long time, it's still one of my favorites. But I've just about had it with the music blasting into my ears and I'm still upset that there is no volume settings in game. Eventually, hopefully soon, could your team please fix this issue? Perhaps give us the settings to lower the music please???
I have been enjoying the game regardless of the issues, the tapping error is annoying but nothing is perfect. Thankfully they have resolved the issue with that error keeping me out of the game. The controls are the only big issue in my opinion. It can be annoying with the errors, or it sometimes takes so long to load that you tap and the error pops up. It's a card game, it can get repetitive, they do that after all. It's enjoyable, playable, and can get addicting. Controls could use work.