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Legend of Kings

Legend of Kings for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by ShenZhen IYouLong Technology Co.,Ltd. located at B4-1201 KEXUEYUAN,NO.15 KEYUAN AVE,Nanshan District,Shenzhen ,China. The game is suitable for Rated for 16+ (Strong Violence) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is so much better than the Ultimate Glory the only problems are there are a lot of glitch and bugs, sometimes it lags, i can't use neither facebook or google to log in so i am using the guest login instead, i can't play in the arena always saying "rank error", the tutorial is very very long, and i can't purchase anything. I also don't like how the first heroes to get in Ultimate Glory is just the same in here would be better if its random. If you could fix everything it would be much better
Good game , I never get bored since there is so much to do, it has many elements to it and none of them feel like a drag. I love it.
I played this game before through Facebook and i made it to level 18 but then i had to delete the game and now i download it again but when i login through Facebook it takes me all the way to the start!!! I have absolutely NO progress saved through Facebook and i did put money into this game so can anyone help me get my old account back?!! PLEASE!!
Only thing I dislike about this app is that it saves its data on internal storage not SD card please reform the data to obb so that I can move it. At least the downloadable content.
I love how I get two games in one as both are combined to grow your heros and main Avatar. Pack purchasing is not expensive which is a plus. I gave five stars because of the game's all out none stop endless missions, superb graphics, A mix of City battle and build meets League of Angels.
بازی خوبیه در حد خودش ولی چون last empir war z رو بازی میکنم این دیگه حال نمیده .ممنون
No way to contact Support on the game.... I upgraded training grounds 2 different times and it stayed at level 10 both times. Thought it was glitched so I relogged and it was still same level 10.... Minus 100's thousands resources lost and Speedups. Nobody EVER talks in World Chat so to me the game is dead.... Guess I will uninstall this one and find a new one. Glad I did not spend too much money on game like I started to.
This appears to be an expanded version of Ultimate Glory, but is mostly just a reskinned version; even the names of the characters haven't changed much. That said, Ultimate Glory isn't a bad game (albeit a traditional pay-to-win thing), so if you've played that, you probably don't need to play this one. If you haven't played that one (or the other skin, "War of Survival"), this is probably the better one to check out.
i really love this game but auto controlling don't like. Reply: yes function auto control. war time is just for a while don't like that.
I love how this is Dawn of Revenge without the devloper paying friends to bully people. Items fairly priced in the middle by how much in game currency (diamonds) you get for free and out of packs. Not really cheap, but not high either, acceptable as we understand this games your business. Few bugs ive noticed so far, in the castle, when building the original time for the upgrade will show lower than the actual time after you hit the upgrade button. For instance it will say 13 minutes to upgrade then when you hit upgrade the timer will say 22 minutes. Your discounts in sales are backwards. Says 80% off but its really paying 80% of the total which is really 20% off. Got me for 1k diamonds with the gift sale that way but im sure the items will pay off down the road. Overall great game. Great strategy and time consumer. Of course its newer so bugs will be expected but you guys should start advertising the game now. More people NEED to be playing this.
I'm guessing the game on the computer is fine, but the app is totally useless I'd give it negative stars if I could. Half the game is missing from the app version. Please don't reply with I should play the pc version just fix the app or make it a separate game all together.
Alot to do story moves slow but adds sum depth..i like it..after a few weeks and more understanding of the game..best game i have played on play store..must try
Nonfunctional. No support. Once was a great game to play on android. It was dropped in the dumpster. Have no trust in the game developers to support future games. They could bring this game back to android. Have seen new interest from players. A big drop the ball.
Great gameplay, nice story line, great battle animations. Grinding is not to hard but not to easy either, in game purchases are very much opintional, doesn't feel like you have to pay to get ahead. Very well developed game with a steady but fun learning curve!
Has to be the best game on the net! Love it and apk is working good! Only wish Google would fix translations as may Jesus Bless all the souls I can't understand a thing in world chat! Great People Playing and when a small bug hits the support is terrific ! Play Now!
I haven't been able to play in arena.... It keeps telling me to find players my level because it has dropped. I have hit refresh for teo days about 50 minutes each time. Please fix or I will delete
It's been well over a month since my last review and the game still has not been upgraded still can't take part in any clan activities or send stones . Starting to consider deleting and finding another game.
Please fix the binding issue i can't bind to neither facebook or google i will not purchase anything because my account is in danger and i might lost it and waste my money and also fix the arena rank error problem ASAP i want to enjoy this game as its fullest but with these problems i cant
سلام بازی خیلی خوب و گرافیک عالی هستش حتما پیشنهاد میکنم دانلود کنید. فقط کاش سازنده عزیز جنگ کلن و همینطور اضافه کردن دوست رو هم به بازی اضافه میکرد . Thanks for this good game. Please add clan war and add friend for game. Thanks 😍😍 ممنونم ازتون😙
Fun game good time killer. However it isn't letting me collect my dungeon clearance reward from the event section and it keeps freezing. There is also a bug that when I use multiple of an item out only shows on removed but it will only use as many as you did have so it is hard to keep track of how many speed ups you have left
Firstly, not a pay to play! The devs made sure you get plenty gifts, though items are costly. Graphics are brilliant! Seems to use very little data (after downloading app+patch(which you will need at a later stage(download over wifi!))) But nevertheless, still happy about that so dont change it! I have to admit i was sceptical about downloading the game. But its seriously not what i thought it was. The general gameplay is quite cool. The tutorial is a small shlep, but once done not to bad. My only concern is the Arena challenge. Every time i try it keeps giving me a "Lord ranking error". If this issue can get sorted that would be cool! Regardless i give it 5★s for a new favorite game of mine that i shall definitely continue to play, so long the devs dont make it pay to play!.
Great Game; However I Can't Make A Purchase. And Can't Challenge In Arena! WHATS UP?! I Fill Like I'm Being Cheated
Its the best game ever, It got me addicted, I almost play 1/2 a day, its so full of wonders. I can't wait to play again & again......
I Love this game!!! I want to say this developer ¡Hands Down! knows what FREE means to the gamers who don't have the money to spend online games!!! But this game interested me when I first seen being in the ads .... Lil story I never use to play these games before I started maybe couple years back ....Since my first & favorite game was {AC} (always&forever) They sadly shut down after 15+ years and me at the time being a 'non-gamer' when I met my husband and he was the one who got me into playing on{AC} and let's say made me sad after a year+ of learning how to play! 😢 But then this game had replaced my favorite spot! Thank you Guys and Ladies! Awesome just play you'll get hooked with ALL the rewards you get are outstanding!👍👍👍☺
First - The game seems like one big tutorial, it took me almost 20 minutes to finish the tutorial which is extremely fustrating. I'm smart enough to figure the entire game out within 5 minutes. Second - The coding is awful, things that should take 1 second to load take 10 and the lag is so bad that I can't even comprehend what is going on. The game seems amazing but unfortunately these 2 things are keeping me from giving it a good review.... How disappointing.
I loved the game on the PC but it will not load on phone. Waited 5 minutes and it did not play. (Update) 2 months later still won't play. Fix it please.
This was an amazing game but the in game support is a joke. Also if your a Google plus user, you get screwed compared to the facebook users. Waste of time!
Game was amazing until I went to log in this morning, now all it keeps saying is "patch test update failed to load please restart gane" and for over an hour!!! I have unistalling 3 other games and apps for this and it's still not working. Not to mention the money I spent on this game to bump up my gems a little. Seems like as soon as I gotta my packs the day later I can't sign in!!!!!!! Not impressed at all.
Improved the battle game play... both side should be open to attack and depense. Add more slot for hero battle slot... make it 9 or more not only six.
سلام دوستان اگه به دنبال بازی در سبک کلش اف کینگ و یا انتقام سلاطین هستید اما دوست دارید کنترل اتک زدنش دست خودتون باشه مثلاً مثل کلش اف کلنز!! 😉 حتماً این بازی رو نصب کنید خدایش پشیمان نمیشید. فقط یک بار امتحان کنید تا بفهمید من چی میگم
I really-really like the game but my experience is so bad for example there are a lot of bugs - arena bugs, rank bugs, and also not all the desktop features are in such as X2 in game to make it faster. It's not fair if you guys locked the fusion thing on PC then unlock on Android phone. So please respond to this developers jus please I like your game. Thank you so much but for now my experience is 3/5 this is based on my experiences and my own honest opinion
Not a pay to win kind of game. A refreshing change from greedy devs . Wish the heros were easier to level up though.