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Legend of Blades

Legend of Blades for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by AmusingGame located at 香港,九龙. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I give it a 3 star rating because honestly the game itself has good graphics, its afk and its enjoyable BUT! I have uninstalled it today for the simple fact of how extremely HEAVILY PAY TO WIN its based around. Installed this game the other day but after half a day of off and on playing im always getting killed mid boss fight by players who are much higher levels than me and constant ads to try and push me to buy hundreds of $$ of ingame currency, UNINSTALLING.
you do nothing people need to stop being lazy and dl a game that actualy makes them do somthing cause this is bad its all about doing nothing and eats y out yr battery up fast !!!!!!!! and devs PLEASE SROP MAKING TRASH LIKE THIS ....
I quite enjoy the game, I love that you can earn the premium couns, makes it easier for ftp players. Basic game play could be improved tho.
This game needs you to keep paying to progress. 'events' arent really events that give you the possibility to put in time to progress in the game, but they require you to spend even more cash to get to the next 'grade'... My advice? dont start unless you're prepared to pay and keep paying, or dont mind to be cannon fodder for the people that are paying. this is from the leader of highest guild and 2nd in power lvl of the whole server. take my advice, look for a different game.
This game so far 5star, really funny and entertaining, love the fact that while I'm not in the game the progress is pretty smooth, as it was promised. I will give the true five start it deserve when someone explain to me: if I was already lvl 96 I went down to lvl 90?? I mean What the............ It was all perfect.... Then why? Edit: meant my word, didn't knew that detail.
super simple yet appropriately busy idle/auto game. been playing for about 3 hours and not once have I stopped upgrading this or that. i'd give it 3.5 stars, (its making me 5 star review for reward) since a cash grab game like this cant morally have more than 4 stars, I think 3.5 is pretty good. if you like this sort of time waster, its definitely worth a download! not bad
I have had this game for 4 days and it dose not matter how I bind my account my progress always gets reset at night, I have used my google, facebook, and even signing up on the game itself but it always DELETEs my game and I have to start from lv 1.
I love that you eventually unlock every chartacter. This game got me hooked unlike other games. I always look forward everytime I get in the game and start playing. I hope in the future that we can use other joints, because that would make the game more exciting! Anyways, I highly recommend this game to anyone who wants to try it!
I love this game! But last raid i spent $ and the game decided to only let me use 1 of my 3 characters (which ended up making me and my server loss cuz i couldnt do anything) and theres no help line or server gm to talk too? Except ppl to put in $1500 per event but say meehh if something happens ingame like OK not like we put hella money into this game for that to happen.(add on to this WTH IS HAPPENING! Im lossing my progress on everything?! I just went to upgrade my ring and its back to 1?)
Good, faster paced Idle Game. Keeps your attention and you're always clicking and doing something and you continue to play. MMO meets Idle. Always something to do and you always feel like you're making progress. For lack of 5* would be I bought an Avatar with Gold and it bugged out and I can't access settings or avatars clicking on my Profile. Only big bug I've encountered. If this gets fixed itll be 5*.
My server has been dead for 2 months. I notified the devs that I needed a merge, and nothing happened, I don't even see my server on the merge list. The enemy server has 10 active players daily and beats me every day there is an event that involves more than 1 person. The amount of resources I lose out on because no one in my server plays is ridiculous. It's basically free money for my enemy while I spend. Why should I be penalized for other players that quit? I feel this game won't last...
The same OLD AS F--- autobot, V.I.P.= PAY TO COMPETE( because your NOT keeping up with the whales) issues that ruin every game that's designed for mindless spending that leaves you feeling unjustified for for spending $1 on anything so trivial.🤔
I reverted to a one star because I was going to play and when I got on the game, my account was not there. It was telling me to relog in and when I did with the email I used it under, the account was gone. I spent a lot of money on my account and I'm very upset that it's gone. I hope you guys are able to fix this because I put a lot of time and money into the game and supporting you developers.
it's an auto farmer experience type of game so you dont have to do much but it's kinda nice because you dont have to think alot, I've been at the mechanics for 2 hours and have leveled up my gear a decent amount. game can get glitchy at times like a low fps but it's pretty good
Please fix the game. Its always freeze when you try to open again. It makes me reinstall to play again, after that when i exit then re open the game it always freeze again the choice again is to reinstall. Please fix the game i already spend and willing to spend more just need to fix the game freeze first.
Don't waste time and money, if you are a genuine player, you won't be able to cope up with hackers on their platform, will endup wasting your money.
I love the game but can you be replace the time in the event in 5 or 6 pm not 7 or 8 pm it's too late I can't join the sabug in that time. I hope you do my suggestion.
Game is pretty fun, minus the constant crashes. Youll go into a boss battle or tower and the game will crash on you while your fighting, or at any point the game will crash. It makes it frustrating to sit there and do stuff while im actually able to play and the game constantly crashes for no reason, even with everything shut off in setting, wifi enabled and all... I would rate the game higher but they need to fix the stability for people before ill even attempt to put it at a 4 or 5 star...
Extreme pay to win. No cash no chance. Was OK for the first few hours until you hit the cash wall. Everything requires cash. AVOID
It takes up very little space and graphics are smooth. Just that it gets boring real quick since there isn't any strategy or things to spice it up. Also, you can't back up your data so don't bother making purchases.
The game is extremely expensive. Levels mean nothing, it does not contribute to any your stats. 90% of what is required to improve or make your character powerful requires to be purchased. No possible way to earn 90% of items needed through the game. Events are based on purchases, Gifts are not Gifts, they are items for purchase. The game is solely based on how much you are willing to spend. Communication impossible, chat is limited to 30 characters including space and a huge wait time.
Love the game it's free 2 play friendly if you get an item in you item inventory look what it's used for check the status of what it's used for then use it some things auto use like evo panacea baught from events so it can be confusing but no rip offs here solid game funny too and great community
Its one of the most unentertaining game i encountered, no sense of objective, not good gameplay and stort that will make you play for more than a week or more
Its a great game just sit back and have fun playing a game that is so easy to get addicted to. And if you are worried about not leveling up. Well dont be, it autos for you for how ever long. It also auto when your sitting and watching (cuz thats an option) amazing game highly reccommend
The game itself is alot of fun. It is more of a P2W game, that is if you want to he at the top with in the month and not wait for a whole year. My main issue is that the game keeps crashing on me and not just on my phone but also my tablet which tells me this is a server issue. Please fix!!!! I guarantee you fix the server issue then I'll happily spend more money to invest in this game and I'm sure many others will as well
Messy. Can't keep up. All over the place. Not intuitive. Kicked me out and my account doesn't exist. Was neat at first but it told me to take a nap and kicked me out. However it is very easy to play
This is a heavy money grabbing game. If you don't pay you'll be left behind for miles. The money paying players will easily out level you. And if you do decide to invest, the game has so many ways of robbing your gold without you knowing it. This game does not follow the standards on the google platform on which players are informed first before the game eats your in-game gold. One wrong click and your gold is gone without any warning or pop ups notifications whatsoever.
My partner and I both play this game but he has had to start over 3 times when he has got past so much for some reason when he started the game it didn't have a log In for Facebook,email, or Google to save how far he has gotten and he has lost his progress multiple times
Great game, really. 5 stars, but... The only way you can get good stuff quickly is to play for hours or pay. The graphics aren't that great, it's easy to learn how to play and there is some awesome gameplay, also developers please respond to this cos I started playing, got quite good then went to bed, the next day I went on it and it said 1st time loading in takes a while even though that isn't my first time playing
this is Good. but you guys on developers need to focus on this game to be able to develop it.keep this games exciting.and pls be fair for does non VIP players let then make their FREE guild
The game started out great but all the servers are dead and only a handful of people still play on them. They need to merge the servers desperately otherwise everyone will stop. The game is very much P2W but you can still do well F2P
this game is made for pay2win players...We free2players cant even get strong faster, to get in top 10 ranks, the strength, and also we cant win and no chance...I hope you could give us the free good items for F2P ....
I have always like the legends of Mir games but this is nothing like the lom games I'm used to should make a game like lom where I can run around and meet up with the people on my server to do a complete run with friends .come back out with the lom game please it was so dope
i really like this game but i wish it were easier to navigate. the in game chat is horrible, youre limited to like 30 characters and you cant hardly send more than 1 message with out it telling you "you talk too fast" lol. most servers seem to be Asian so the language barrier is really difficult and events are about 12 or so hours ahead of America so its hard to participate in some events. really good game and nice graphics, just a little challenging to operate.
I don't understand the circumstances of games like these. It's bad enough that it's an idle/afk type of game(completely idiotic in my opinion cause why play a game if you're gonna end up not actually playing it yourself....?), but it's so pay2win that it's sickening. You will NOT get anywhere without paying insane amounts of money. You can buy multiple games on the consoles/PC for the amount of money you gotta spend on getting anywhere in this. And why "play" a game if you're not gonna play it?
This is so embarressing.1 the ads are fake.THEY ARE DIABLO 3 GAMEPLAY WITH MIXED SKILLS FROM OTHER CHARS.Also the game is bad.I didnt evrn play the game because you stole gameplay from a game that you didnt make!Realy dumb!I know that you wont respond because you have nothing to say.There is no excuse for stealing...
It's a good game but the game is a money maker it will take money from players The one thing I don't like is the more you spend the more you get strong You should give chance to other players to be strong without spending much money like coz I think every month your making much much much money in this game I'm sure of that coz from my server everyday lots of players recharging for this game...
its probably the worst game i have ever played. the graphics and animations are lazily designed just like the controls. oh wait, there aren't any
I have spent money in this game but i regret it. There are Many hackers in the game....one of them confessed about this in cross server chat. I tried to contact customer support but its non exsistant. Developers dont care.... Hacke said he wasr using game guardian app to get unlimited gold. I suggest whoever is reading this not to dl this game. If u still dl NEVER SPEND HERE.
I have been looking for games like these for months and i think this is a good one you should try it but one problem is that after playing for 40 minutes smoothly I don't know how it got slower please fix that bug if it's a bug.
Its a great game but the way you have to buy most of the things to win certain levels kinda makes it boring. The auto gaming setup as you are offline is great but it would use some better gameplay
Awful experience.. Nuisance of hackers is too much and developers are not taking seriously even after too many emails. Not recommended.
I put 4 star, the game is very very good.. But the server S1070 everytime i log.. Maybe 5minutes only.. I automatically out of the game..i dont know what is the reason.. I cannot raid bosses more than 10mins. Because i out of the game.. Please fix it.. Thank you so much.. And please help me how to donate through loads bill because i am from phil. I have no debit or credit cards.. Thank you so much..
similar to rage realm. except a bit more confusing and more money spending probably. I'll keep playing and see what changes are made.
I have mixed feelings about this game. It looks great and it runs fairly smoothly. I love that it keeps playing for me even when I stop. Also grinding your way through the game seems possible so far. If you're a f2p player don't expect to place 1st in any competitions off the bat if at all( I'm still trying though). My biggest issue with this game is there's no guide or any help page for describing building a character. You have to guess at first.
Nice gameplay of diablo 3 you're showing in your add.. you even put captions on it so you HAVE to know this is not your game. Installed and uninstalled just to highlight this.
It's a great time killer. But dont expect to get high ce without spending money. Wish they had p2p servers and f2p servers separately. Also you can't go and play on any server you want. But overall it's a decent game. Wish it had more tips and tricks such as what days does bonus wing xp comes out.
I like the game mode but by the first loading it takes more time in that time I have completed by breakfast but also it is going on loading up to 3hours it is going on loading so please check that problem by that I have lost all my network of one day to loading
It is a starnder p2w game. And like most they are pretty and somewhat entertaining. The combats are all auto as advertised though they need to be manually initiated. There is no solid way of contacting Customer Service. Their facebook page states there is a way in the App but I was not able to find it. What i found negative is every once in a while a power enhancement to your character(s) will require you to "quest". The are not a stand alone quest but just doing the dailies. Problem is that there is a good chance you already did them. What is annoying is that enhancements have to be earned and have huge requirements. What joy to spend a bunch of money or time and the have to wait 24 hours because you already did the "quests". I don't believe any p2w game i have ever played has done that.
I didn't like this game.because,when I opened it for the first time I can't control the game.it's an auto playing game.if we can't play this game our self so why did you make it.I lost my internet data by downloading this foolish game. If anyone see this comment please don't download this game and I'm going to uninstall this app
its fun buttt.... my first account was gone i was so devastated i was aiming to be lvl 80 and i almost got it when i sleep, the next morning boom.. its gone but since i like ur game i just keep on playing but i hope this wont happn again tomorrow if it do im going to uninstall it
good very good game but i hope that the chat system is free and can speak continually maybe up to 5 consecutive chat of less, im enjoying it so far but i hope we can chat in private cause vip5 to unlock the private chat , its unfair to those who can't afford to recharge . thats all of my concern thank you !!
Good game play but some people dont like it when the game does it all people like to go and lrean by themself other like it when they do nothing and get everything just by going afk but i dont blame you if you make it that you need to play it and not going afk some people like that but at the same time people hate it like thats becuase everyone is lazy when they dont wanna grind the stuff they need in my opinon i dont care..when going afk it tkaes the fun out of the game so i perfer grinding ily
Fun but atleast let the f2p players make guilds maybe like the 1st player to login in new server can get the benefits of getting a chance on obtaining a lvl 1 or lvl 2 guild to make it fair for the f2p atleast
It was good but it black screen when i open and i need to buy the gift to rechare gold pleassss fix it good game: )
The game deleted my character. I just installed it yesterday and have been enjoying it ever since, I logged into my account this morning and it's telling me to create a new character. My user name was Sandraa hill. It would not let me change my name. Unsure why. But that's neither here nor there. It upsets me that I wasted my time playing the game. Please if you can developer, get my account back please.
Updated Review: so noticed at the top this seems to be called Epicwar mir2? Sorta wished it was just called that. But anyway, doesn't derail from the fact that this isn't the new Mir game I wanted.
The old school graphics give the game character and responsiveness. The gameplay is straightforward and feels rewarding & engaging. The idle aspect helps gather a lot of loot. I'm still new to this game but so far it's got me addicted. Of course like most games of this type they try hard to get you to buy stuff with real money. But it doesn't kill the free-to-play experience for me. For now anyways. Looking forward to seeing how things go from here.
Nice game loving the overall style just a few bugs, one suggestion, lower the vip for clan maybe 1-2 or just free because even if we wanted to be social and grow it would take about 3-4 days and not many people in that server would stay
great i thought that it would be worse because how I seen him but it's actually very fun and to water action going on which is what I like and you have a lot of army that you can collect smelt and all that stuff i just love this game and it is a great time killer i love it and i had no problems playing this game i would recommend this game 😁 its just awesome
This is a very good game I liked it only problem is, I know all games you can buy stuff with real money I get it must make money but can game developers do us gamer a favor if you going to make price so high at least make it worth hour while cause prices are so high but whe almost get nothing in return (well not anything that gives a meaningful boost especially for those prices) hundreds of rands for stuff you can make over a 2 to 3 days of game play but 4 stars cause overall great game
Seems like a fun enough game but a decent few of the features are locked behind pay walls. And not a lot of the gameplay mechanics are explained at all as to what they do or how they change your player stats and affects.
Ahh the nostalgia of old asian net cafe internet games that have no storylines and everything is done for you as well as having a TONNE of upgrade stuff thrown at you along with the early 2000's graphics. it makes you wonder what's going on without telling you with any clarity of what's actually happening but the only thing you know is that you are walking death to EVERYTHING. I miss that kind of clueless power tripping.
originally gave 5 stars because I loved the design and play style. but after buying gold I noticed 100gold here and there would just kinda vanish.my sabug coins I was trying to save up would randomly vanish.play world boss and use gold to inspire characters for more dmg and the game would freeze and crash,reboot the game and jump back in to see the gold is gone and so is my inspiration. the game randomly malfunctions,tried to get a refund but Google said nope.
I did not dislike any app before until this whole thing entered my life. There are another 2 app that is truly just te same as this. When you download that app afyer playing LOB, you'll just get the same progress. You reading this! Get out! Don't tap the install button.
It's a great game but it is annoying because I've made it to lv 80 three times now, all because the game is resetting me
this game is the biggest money pit ever. bosses drop nothing, you have to buy everything, and i mean everything. I've never given a game just 1 star until now. this is by far the greediest game developers I've ever come accross. you have to spend everyday just to not get stuck on map and tower. it is really crazy. i tried for 7 days, even spent a very little amount on it and it made no difference. don't waste your time.
The app closes from time to time, players are also losing their number of runs and gold..it sucks..please fix it..I've been a victim of these for how many times already..so frustrating..
we cant even get into the mine anymore on S733. for a week now if you even attempt to enter the mine area it locks up your game and you have to exist out completely. I know that many people have complained about it to the developers at this point.but so far no fix even after the server was shut down for maintaince. you can play it and for the most part it is fun. just be prepared for glitches that never seem to be important enough to fix.
I really wish there's a control like Joystick,Skills,Attack skill,Dodge,Block,Jump this game would have been reslly awesome
I experience most of the time the logging issues. i have a good net connection but it is still the same. i can't play very well because of this issues... developer please fix this issues.. I am a VIP player of this game. other players are complaining the same issues.. a logging issues... it looks like, we invest money for nothing if the developer will do nothing regarding this issues... thank you. I will rate it 3 stars for now.
Fun game you can play with multiple characters at the same time. the graphics is good enough and great gameplay.
Vgood bar ongoing in-game issues. Titian needs drops from bosses/mobs and needs Samsara gear working. Ring spirit doesn't work as intended. But still a really good game better in alot of area's over Immortal Blade. Just needs issues fixing.
good game, and addicting but it has some issues. i was level 104 and then it bright me back down to prefer 100, it's a minor issue i guess but still an issue and there's no customer support link in game to contact for issues such as this. it's good to pass the time but i wouldn't spend to much money on it with this kind of cs
Not bad, awful,,,,, do not play this, due to other players taking over your personal game, it's impossible to level up,,,,,, more powerful players steal everything, you can't level up to stand a chance,,,,,,,,,, A GIANT WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY
Flog fun and ez I'm shy ppl think itsptw, just play more! I have a lot of fun on this game but had to uninstall for space. Anyway great game but still I would like y'all to adhere to the customer's advice and comments on the game, geez but for me, everything is cool it's good way to spend time😊😏😀
This is one of the better pay to win games. BUT. I hate the fact you need to pay money to be reach a certain level of VIP. if you add a friend and want to simply chat with them, you must be VIP 5 to chat with a friend in your friends list which is an absolute cop out. So far I have spent roughly $25 on the game because it's been worth the prices and I'm still not VIP 5. If I bump into more paywalls like the one I mentioned above I can't see myself playing this game in the long term..
toxic game model, it's not even just p2w, you actually need VIP to unlock game characters, the purchasable items go all the way to £200+ stay clear of this cash cow
best game to burn your money 👍🏻. dont care how much you play, you will lose with VIP player. everytime you want to upgrade, you ll need more money to burn 🤣. 100% PAY TO WIN GAME..!!!
It was cool and i really love the upgrades and all the armor and weapons look totally insane im only a level 87 and i have 3 accounts on this game it is cool for people who like to be strong in games of look cool and i would totally recommend this 👌
Hello, please help, The app froze when i was playing after i completed a stage lvl and the app wouldnt load after i exited, i cleared cache, then when i uninstalled and reinstalled, when i linked it to google again it took me to a new server and it somehow erased my old servers, the one i want to get back to i was name Glen Kingg and it was on s2980 or s2981, i would really appreciate some help as i had just made some purchases over the last few days before this had happened.
Honestly kinda fun for an idle game. Still full of ridiculous in-app purchases, but I've been playing for like 4 hours now and it's not too shabby. A little confusing though; tons of feautures and 5 of them generally do the same thing but hey the more the merrier I suppose. All in all, not bad. And I haven't even spent a penny.
Don't waste your time and money this is just a cash sink, I want my money back! Updates that do nothing!!! bosses that drop nothing, characters that don't get stronger if you power them up, have to spend more money to upgrade useless items. Don't even try it, just a fail of trash. Why have 4 toons if you only need to power up one? With no restrictions, please fix this horrid situation and I'd possibly return. That just dumb!
So iv played some time now not too long but more than 1 day for sure. it could be a great game but unfortunatly its bad. 1. You die and the game points you to spend money. 2. Your own guild members claim your ownership by killing you and taking the rewards that option should be removed its like alot of games this happens team members killing you how boring is that so much for teamwork
easy to play,but i reduce the stars from 5 to 2..idk why,but today i stuck at the loading screen. it says "the first loading time is a litle longer" but i play it yesterday and the day before,and now i wait for more than 15minutes.even when i login successfully,it only works for few seconds and everything freeze, cant move and tap anything. already clear my chace,havnt try reinstall yet.but you know...( i wait the loading when i write this,still the same )
10/10 wouldn't recommend, this game has literally just been textured from the other games, they want your money, 3 games identical to this best chance is don't play any
This is one of the best game i have played so far. However the biggest problem to this game is every now and then your characters level decrease, one day its 160, then after the next day it goes down to 156. Ive spend almost 3 weeks on it and a big spender in real cash to reach vip 7. But this big disappointment has let me down, wasting my money and my time for nothing. I have reached contact through email with the game developers but still no reply...... Plaguelifter S3222
Not recommended.. If you plan to spend money, its not worth because of hackers. They always dominate this game.
Great game. Been playing for 5 days and it still has me playing. Of course if you want to be the best, you will have to spend money and compete with other spenders. New things to do each day, great visual effects, epic looking gear, multiple ways to upgrade, Conquest, Raids, Guilds, Bosses, and PvP. Cross server events coming soon.
This game is a good and very progressive for its nature, and you don't have to be VIP. My problem with it is the constant reset of levels on a daily basic and the resets of prestige. Doesn't matter how much you work for it they always manage to lower your level and prestige, I don t get it, is really frustrating. Since last update I haven't being able to log into the game, always gets stuck on log in to the game part and won't load in. I'm on server 29.
Spent over $100 for very poor results. Cost too much like every game. Helps if you understand the best way to play a game like this. Do not understand all the upgrades, so many. Were to get info? Do like the game.
Worst game I played ... it's just a way to make money ... everything you do costs money it's ridiculous.
the game is good but please improve your daily log in reward. please put new items in daily reward. some of the reward is useless for me because it is not very important to use. i'm started thinking to stop this games if there is no improvement in the daily reward becuase of redundant item. again please improve it and i will sure to recommend this game to my close friends. thank you..
This is literaly THE game I have been waiting for all of these years. There is so much to do in this game that you won't be able to put it down until your phone dies. I know I can't myself. You don't even have to pay to advance in this game! Truly the best game of the year so far.
Well you see, I didn't download the game or play it, you just took a clip from god of war and put it as an ad for your game zero everything, I would rather get yelled at my face by Gordon ramsay than playing this game, and it's a heavy grabbing money game, EA is better even though it hurts me to say it
Reminds me of League of Angls in that item aquirement is key to advancement. A fun little idle game with a lot of different things to do so far.
the game is going pretty well but my only problem is that i noticed that some events are really pay to win events and the enemies got stronger than before and i just died for like 40 times now because of it
One thing I've noticed people complaining about is them losing levels. There are function in the game where you sacrifice a level to get experience towards your evolution, these people must not understand that and think the game is cheating them. Level is not important, evolution is.
great i love the game easy to level up and a lot of elements that go great together you always have a way to get stronger and faster on here
The game is a start what in seen is how much money can you spend on our game the story is far to short there is no sever Center it needs more class its leveling system it's terrible that's also pay to win the whole game just requires you to spend money to win that's the biggest problem you have to use barely any effort to beat the game if they rebuilt the game remove the Pay to Win part of it actually took time the time to redo the story this could be better if the game had a individuality
Doesn't seem like a terrible game itself, but it seems to be very poorly made. There are translation errors everywhere, when you try chatting, the on screen keyboard covers the chat box, so you don't know what you're typing, the character limit is at only a couple dozen characters, and for some reason, the game seems to download textures every single time you restart the app, contributing to the game's outrageously high mobile data usage.
not a free player friendly game. everthing is expensive even the donation need a lot $$$. for free player out there : there is a lot of more interesting games than this one. just not this one
100% p2w game. all p2w attack there own alliance members to steal rewards and items. Total garbage game. Some items can only be equiped with high vip level which you cannot get vip without spending lots of money. There is no earning points to increase vip level. Devs designed game to allow p2w to do whatever they want. They dont care about f2p or p2p. To put it simply; Its a game made by greedy thieves for greedy thieves and they are proud of it. Dont support this by downloading.
I love this game but the problem with this game is that, it consumes so much data allowance. I am monitoring my data usage and as I have observed after an hour of playing, this game consumes almost 200-300mb of data allowance. My 1gb of data allowance is gone within 3-5hours of playing this game. Compared to other games that consumes less data allowance while his game really eats alot of data and because of that I am giving this game 2stars, Iwill change it if you guys manage to fix the problem.
I am giving one star for now but the game is fun ...but it keeps taking lvl away and I can't find a way to chat with the makers of the game I have lost 9 lvls over 3 days.
Another idle mmorpg? whats the point of the game? to pamper lazy spenders? I only installed to leave this review. it's pretty sad that people lost the concept/purpose of a video game. not to mention it's just like every other idol mmo. but people are too stupid and quick to spend to realize it. in case you respond to this with your "apologies" or whatever know that my response will be telling you to take yours and stick it up your a**
It is a good game , progression feels nice, even for a ftp player you still progress but at a much slower rate.. Some features requires cash spending to get it upgrade but many of the features also is ftp friendly , stages gives you free gold , and from quizzes , and red packet as well. I recommend for developers to add a feature where gold can be earn for players like gold tower that resets monthly.. I wish it would be more free to play friendly.
Not completely bad has potential to be a great game just have to have a bettter way of saving your account to google or facebook or anything like that cause ive had to restart 2 times now because it could find my previous characters or server for that matter
highly recommended to others. I've been playing this game for several weeks now (over a month) and I'm hooked on it from day one. I very much recommend this game to anyone looking for a game that will keep you hooked for hours on in and this game very much satisfies my game cravings. haven't been this addicted since I played Taichi Panda and even then I wasn't as addicted to that as I was and still am to this one since day one.
This game promotes bullying and breaks almost all ethics and morals because of its rules. basically it's the survival of the fittest. The strong bully the weak.
I really like thr game but i have ONE problem, when i logged back in all my data was gone for some reason i was sure i saved it everywhere
It was great at first but now I can't stay in game for longer than about 5 minutes at a time I'm #1 in my server and can't compete in events for getting kicked every time I turn around.
Buggy, no need to say more, Example: I went from level 100 back to 97... Has guild event for single guild. Pay-to-Play after evo 4 !!!
Aweful game. Its already bad that you need to pay a LOT to level decently, worst It will rob your gold at every turns and corner of the game without notifications. This is not the standard google has set.
READ THIS TRUST ME this game wont last long, they opened 115 servers in 8 days WOW😂..there fb page closed down also, i think this is a quick money grab then close down...its a good game but i wouldnt invest any money as ive never seen a game open so many servers in a few days...EDIT. i clicked on game after this review and another 4 servers had opened, i started playing new server 25 last week ther now upto server 144...TRY holy hunter free vip3..
Its not that bad if you play it for a few hours...the only problem is this is a Pay to Win App so people who bought things in the app is Much more stronger than you...
The game are nice and addicted. But hard to get good item drop in bosses. That's the only small problem.
These are scammers. They started 2 previous games and closed them down roughly 6 months later. They will take your money and run. Service will become non existant from admin. Features a d events won't be maintained as part of the scam that they are having issues. When they feel that they have taken the most cash from players they will close the game with short notice. Don't believe me? Check out players reviews and thought about the parent company. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED
Its just waste of time, money and other resources. You can't keep playing with hackers and cheaters around. Game needs imidiate attention.
Never download this game. This game playing developer's friends and family. They also monthly combine different server to one, so what you pay and played is get down every month. Filipino people using dirty words and that is allow to them because they are friends and family of developer.
Horrible decision playing this game. Advertises that you can play with guildmates and friends but if your friend does not join the same hour you do then you dont get to play with them. Also only get to play with guildmates if your server is lucky enough to get some real players that happen to start the game that moment you do.
The game can be pretty much summed up in 2 hours of play if you play it this long you will experience all it really has to offer if that's to your liking then go for it for me it's a little to short and simple really just an upgrade fest.
Please fix the game. It freezes and does not open afterwards. Your Heirloom is not giving any items.. i wasted 5000 gold and didnt give anything... pls fix.. server still freezes, atleast not that often.. but still fix it
Can someone tell me why is in kings conquest I am in silver rank try push but keep vs diamond rank and also is quite hard to get chess after update.. sometimes game kind glitch..
I like your game very much but 1.What I do not like is how in chat after sending about 5 messages you have to wait an hour. 2. I've paid enough to get VIP 4 so I can start my guild I think it is BS to make someone pay to start. 3. how can someone with VIP 4 not being able to chat with friends you want to have them pay so they would be VIP 5 so they can talk to friends. I hope you will change this and thats really the only thing I found so far that I do not like about your game and lower prices
pay to win. Instead of adressing this problem, the replies are "contact fb" People with money can easily kill you while you are doing a raid and take your loot.
The only problems I really have is that you have to have VIP to do most things like make a guild (need vip3) and it seems like the only way to get VIP up is to spend money. And to do/open some things you need to "recharge" and spend more money. Other than that the game is great
Fully unsatisfied...i recharged with $1.99 but nothing is there after 2 hours only...all is wiped out...refund my money or give me back my progress...🤬
Keep a close eye on your level. You might loose levels when you least expect it. The numbers listed for the Gold recharge do not match the pop up when you try to use it.
It's a fun game, if you have LOTS of money to spend. the daily package that most games will give you for free, you have to spend $1-2 to get. That is my only complaint with this game. You do earn money when you're offline, but you'll want to leave your phone on all day, as bosses drop the best loot. The bosses pop up every 30 minutes, or so and you have to be quick to join. Even if you're fighting a boss, you can have a big Jerk (like me) kill you and steal the better boss rewards.
I do enjoy everything about the game. Yes you *can* pay money to get better stuff and whatnot, but that' in almost all mobile games now days. My only complaint about it is that there is no way to trade/sell your items to other players in your server. I get off work and have tons of gear I won't use and can only scrap it, it'd be nice if I could give the random gear to others so they can get stronger too.
You can't even control your character. It's all auto, why do developers keep making games like this. It's not even a game if all you do is watch your character run back and forth extremely boring. PLEASE read all of the negative reviews before you decide to purchase anything from this game. I've read a lot of them and it seems that whenever somebody buys something,then logs out, they can't get back into the game. Or they get banned and they lose their account for good!!! UNINSTALLED!!!!
Not much going on in game extremely p2w more than any game iv seen some servers are pretty dead after 3 days of opening due to they make so many new ones
Id rate you more than 2 stars but I'm experiencing some problems getting past level 155 like I wake up it be 153 I'll log out for couple hours it goes back to 150 maybe 151 then it refreshes at 00.00 server time and I'm back to square 1 been stuck for weeks and also during the events within the game I experience so lag issues which makes me log out coz the lag can be very bad hope you can take a look at the issues thanks
Way too long to level and farm! Spent about £50 on this game and still struggle to level up! Money grabbing chinese dev team...
I like it but hate it at the same time because the game is more focusing on payers and real money so its not very free players friendly and this game push players to use money and the game get really boring once your progress higher because nothing to do than log off and let it run for a few hours because its hard to get alot of coins and also free players have so much limited stuff to do like dungeons, mines and etc
I already played this game almost 3 weeks, but recently (these 2 days) I cannot get reward from ice dragon in domain after killed it. Don't know why just shows some letters "Ultimate owner: Amber Rose". Really disappointed, because I played it without spend money. Also I found player still in evo3 but could have 3 character. How come? I hope the developer read it and fixed it, I killed ice dragon monster in domain about 10 times already.
COPY AND PASTE! Game is very similar to Immortal Blade idle RPG that has been removed and replaced with this. HEAVILY P2W and PVP. You will hit a wall in which you I'll have to pay to stay within high ranks. Multiple servers and new servers seems very alluring to new players but as time passes by, it will be abandoned and be deleted. A Huge SCAM imho.
I'll give this app 3 stars. I literally love the game however, this game consumes much of my celular data. This is inconvinient most especially to me who is using prepaid acct for my celular data. Like I have 1GB of data consumable for 7Days, the game consumes 800MB for only 7hrs of game time. This is not usual compare to other RPG/MMORPG which consumes just 50-100MB for 1 day of gaming. I hope you can do something about this bcos I really love the game. Your respond will be much appreciated.
There are two things I don't like about the game one is the autoplay I was making my morning cup of tea and it turned itself off which really annoyed me. The second isn't really a big problem for me because I have SoundCloud but the games doesn't have any music it has sound but no music and not everyone has an app that allows them to listen to music and play a game. That is everything that I don't like about your game so far and I like everything else.
full blown pay to win.. also the maintenance compensation is only 500 gold, which seems a little cheap tbh.. even more when it's during world boss times so you miss out on items and get very little gold which isn't enough to buy anything useful. couldn't even wipe your a** with that amount in this game.. suggestion increase compensation and pick better timing? But I doubt that'll happen.. 👎🏻
There's a big bug that needs to be fix asap when attacking a boss it glitches out saying player is attacking you when they aren't and we by mistake attack back thinking it's true fix this asap then the game would be better
Hey you know what the number of hackers has drastically increased since few months and it seems like the studio is unaware of it or ignoring this fact. I was really enjoying this game back then but now uninstalling it.
The game is 100% P2W don't let anyone fool you. But if P2W is your style like myself, this game is for you. I'm currently ranked one in almost everything in my server "Which is 901" and I really enjoying the game. I gave it two stars because it is P2W and doesn't give out many ways to get gold for free except for STAGES, but even then you'll need more an more gold to even be considered a top player. Also if the server goes down for maintenance you'll only get 500 gold which is pitiful. So 2 Star
Overall the game is pretty good ecept for some issues with game performance, lots of menus overlaping, and the settings in game do not change athything. And one more thing i would like to see improve is the map the player walks on
Good game but no updates from Dec's in over a year makes people wonder if we should play if the games going to close.you guys need to post some updates or events for f2p players to make the community grow and you will make more money.you got a good Basis of a game here .with some work it could be made amazing if you fixed things and made a smoother game play/graphics/content
Truly disgusting, I did all standard fixes before re-installing game only to lose everything after i just spent $280 within 2 weeks on this game all whilst I was linked to google, google supp was no help and devs couldnt fix it on their end yet alone reply,I am on fb the legend of blades group,i posted there and no reply, given i sacrificed lunch money im beyond frustrated, couldnt get my acc on s2980 (Glen Kingg) back and its been over a week so i dont want it back given how far behind i'd be.
Been playing for a while, game is fun to play, but the chat is painful, after 1 long text you can't send anymore more than 3 words in sentence and it makes communication painful, cross server battles are designed so the biggest spender server wins, and other server would spend more money. So for newer servers its impossible to achieve anything in Cross server battles. No customer service button, a way to cantact any moderators, game master in game.
Good reviews about bad games have me wish Play Store add comment option.. to follow up on when does this game become good. This rating is specifically for how boring and annoying the game begin. My main problem is "how to play?" I felt the game isn't friendly to understand on day one. I see community chatting but tutorials should walk me through.
Fun game but can put ppl off quite easily if they do not lvl long enough to unlock the features of the game. For example you can rename your toon for free once you hit a certain lvl. Joining a guild after a certain lvl. Chat only become available after a certain lvl. Lvling is reasonably fast but careful how you spend your gold, it is a slow process to build it up unless you spend $$. Also to get the most out of pvp you should get to VIP 4 so you can get 3 toons. A good players guide required.
For me, I give 5⭐ because I really like this game promise, I can play even on my duty. I am not VIP, I can afford VIP but the problem is I don't know how to buy VIP😩 I play almost 5 days and i load my smart Sim 250pesos... My only problem is the POOR signal here in Phillipines. (Notice me GM) PinoY
Brilliant... edit... I have a problem I have even spend money on this game and a vip3 the problem I have is I was lvl 91 after all day then now my lvl is 88 I've had this happen a few times but now it's annoying me this is dropping me down in the ranks what's the point me spending money if you lowing my lvls don't understand.. Edit problem solved back to 5 stars I'm vip 4 and will spend more on this game brilliant addiction and hoping future updates thank you
This game is very nice it has the best graphics I have ever seen and it doesn't occupy a lot of space in your phone and it's free!
Changed my review to 1 star because of poor costumer service. I went to spend 200 gold for an extra chance to go into a tower, it charged me 20000 for some reason. I sent a msg on facebook to the team with screen shots and they left me on seen with no reply. Wont recommend spending money as you lose it due to bugs. Now i will lose rewards on an event because they did not fix my problem. Vip2 Ghost S2924, will change my review if they fix the problem before event finishes.
An awful experience. may be it was my mistake downloading the game. The Nusanse of hackers and cheaters has been increased since march 2020 and after mailing the customer service several times there is no reply. that is why i am forced to write this review here.
Nice game, i get to play a good bit and also its a time killer. I also love how it auto plays while im not on the game. What i do recommand is that it, to have music. Its kinda lame without it, overall i love it though.
The game is good and it's fun, BUT! a biiig but is that the game uses HUGE amount of battery! Please make like a power saving setting or something!
This game is diablo3 pay to win edition. I paid and became VIP2 and one of the top 10 masters later i was down the leaderboard. And the offline earnings are pretty good. But its pointless to have multiplayer because you have to stick to your own server or else you have to start all over again. Servers are actually different save files, and to use your original character you have to go to your server. So yeah, Single player pay to win grind. Sadly uninstalling. When will diablo immortal release?
This is a really great game and I suggest yall keep up the great work and maybe make an awesome demon armor that looks like a demon with all red colored.
Y'all really need to fix world boss. I'm tired of people jumping in with less than 2 minutes and they get the main drop.
I like your game very much but 1.What I do not like is how in chat after sending about 5 messages you have to wait an hour. 2. I've paid enough to get VIP 4 so I can start my guild I think it is BS to make someone pay to start. 3. how can someone with VIP 4 not being able to chat with friends you want to have them pay so they would be VIP 5 so they can talk to friends. I hope you will change this this youit's really the only thing I found so far that I do not like about your game and lower prices
If you can't invest in this game atleast 50(€/$) so this game is not for you, every event focused only on real money, every day u get only task if spend atleast 5(€/$). There is no support at all, if you send a ticket to support they just ignore and bot will auto reply. In first 5 days on new server will be like 10 people but after 20 days you will be the only one.
Worst experience playing this game. Hackers are all around the game. Take some imidiate action or else this game will be not worth playing.
It's a game that you can take your time off an can still level up and grind for equips. For me i think it's a good game because most of the time I'm busy at work and don't have alot of time online grinding for myself, so now i can just let my character do the leveling a grinding for me.
Don't ever waste your money here. They intentionally allowing hackers to use mods and hacks, complained many times on social media as well with proof , but they never took any actions. Uninstalled app!!