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Learn Japanese for Free with kawaiiNihongo

Learn Japanese for Free with kawaiiNihongo for PC and MAC

Is a Educational game developed by MardukCorp located at MardukCorp Jan Malte Dittmer Martinstraße 8 52062 Aachen. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Educational game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Ignore my previous review, I was doing something wrong to make it start glitching out But I love this app! It is a amazing app! Easy register, and the game is just so fun! It's fun to learn, but I enjoy it because it just feels nice! I really like this app! I really do!
Ive been learning for two days and im getting lots of progress. I find no problems with the app its both fun and educational.
Game force quits every time I try to start a lesson. Twice now, I have uninstalled it then reinstalled it and it worked for one or two lessons then went back to force closing every time I select a lesson. Too bad... I was getting very far along
Amazing app for learning japanese, would reccomend, worked better than any other language learning app
I'm currently learning japanese on duolingo and in this app, and I can say that duolingo si more efficate because the app let you do more frases alone. This is a fair app for learning japanese,and even very cute!,but I wold appreciate if kawaiinihongo's concentration could be more focused on you doing more test and frases, because people that seek for learning japanese want to improve their writing skills and their speaking skills,also sorry if my comment is grammatically incorrect.
I didnt like the game because it's essentially a weeb romance game with cringe dialogue, or at least the first part. If you decide to play anyways, make sure you hold down onto the keys as thats how the rest of the letters appear. Im half Japanese and downloaded this for a refresher, and ended up uninstalling right away thinking the dev either glitched the keyboard or was teaching jpn wrong, so I uninstalled right away as I forgt about this keyboard format. U should add tip though 4 ppl like me
Easy to use with motivation and pictures, you can disable it to make it lil harder or easily in settings to make sure things stick, small challenges to keep you going nice BG music to make it relaxing, plenty of time to think while answering, all around very friendly year . a year later after putting it down to focus on other things still very much rather use this app over the others the life concept helps you not over cramp which helps you focus on retaining lessons well done
This app has got me the closest to learning Japanese than anything else. I've never had a problem with it until I tried to do the Money lessons. For some reason when I type じゆう for 10 it is counted wrong even if I use a hint it still shows that im right but claims that it is wrong. It isn't asking me to type the Kanji version because it wants me to translate the Kanji form into Hiragana. I really want to continue to use this app but if I blocks me from progressing I will have to find a new one.
Iv always wanted to learn japanese so I know what anime people are saying so I don't have to find one with subtitles this is very easy but you have to write on a book tho but I give 5 stars cause it's doesn't need data japanese language is so different and the writing is very unique thank you for making this app if this app doesn't exist i would be clueless and my dream on going to Japan would be shattered so thank you so much!
I talked to Riko shes so sweet and helpful and I'm so happy and it's very helpful now I know what's a hiragana and katakana!
Having used a standard kanji keyboard on both iOS and android, I have grown familiar with the layout. However, the keyboard in the app is completely different in configuration, and it would not do new users good to become accustomed to the keyboard. The difference between keigo and kudaketa nihongo should be explained. In one question, わすれます was said to be the present tense, implying that わすれる is not present tense. Converting to keigo should not be called a conversion to the present tense.
I think this is a good learning app but I'm uninstalling simply because it doesn't have sound settings. I'm honestly really surprised. I like to listen to other things and only hear the word pronunciations when I'm learning. But there is simply no setting to disable music or sound effects. Really disappointing. edit: Apparently sound settings are hidden in the "shrine menu;" they honestly should be in the cogwheel menu.
Great and fun way to start learning Japanese. Really enjoy the game. Wish it had more story to keep you engaged in the app besides minigames and lessons after a while. Still great way to get into learning, practicing, and help retain a new foreign language.
Food learning game of Japanese and the pronouncation is also good but they have to give a reward like 30 coins when we finish daily target for casusal:10, normal:25, serious:50, determined:60. So I will rate 4.7 stars for this game
I love this app!!! It is easy to use and you decide which things you want to improve on like listening or writing. The only thing I would say to improve it is to have an option to turn off the Romaji as it can distract me from the actual hiragana. ありがとう!
This is an amazing app for beginners or intermediates learning Japanese. It has adorable characters and art, an easy to understand interface, and very helpful lessons. I would suggest pairing this app with other sources of learning especially for learning kanji, but this app is great for learning grammar and sentences. I wholeheartedly believe this is the best free Japanese learning app I've seen so far. Keep up the great work developers! :)
This is a suprisingly fun app to learn Japanese! When it was recommended to me and I saw that it was free I figured i'd try it out. Overall I love how it encourages you to learn and the learning itself stays within memory! It also has sections that teaches you phrases unlike other apps i've seen. I've subbed for the year and i'm looking forward to learn Japanese!
This app is fun. It's easy to learn with this app. Although, in 4hrs. I reached Hirigana Lesson 2 hahahah means I'm a slow learner. I take notes just in case I forgot it. I gave it 4 stars cause when you write the Hirigana. There's a Stroke thing that counts your traces. Funny, I tried writing 2 strokes that doesn't match in e (え) and I got the correct answer even though its wrong. I realized that there's no perfect app. If you want to learn. Don't cheat and memories it. I wish they dev that.
Good, I used this app to review my hiragana and katakana because I was not able to keep up my learning due to real life issues. I will soon go on to keep learning my grammer. Fight on everyone you can do it!
This app is The Best!! It helps me so so much I write it down and practice its super fun not hard at all I rate this app 5 stars for being so helpful!!
Great. I found it a bit too slow to get anywhere. The game itself runs great and looks cool. But the story elements slow down the process abit too much for me. Adding a story into the learning certainly makes it more fun but it then took longer to learn. But for those who like these type games it's a great way to learn and play. Ok. Developer responded to say one can skip the story elements so that could speed things up alot! Thanks 👌
Been learning for a few weeks now, and I'm really liking how it works. The fact that "premium" is unlockable without paying cash I think is a great idea! Very useful for learning how to write and, therefore, read as well
This app is amazing. I have learned hiragana through this. All the cute pictures and games really helped. Also you can communicate with other people who are learning and i got a few tips from them. Overall the app is great. The only little problem is the pronunciation. Except that it's a very good app. Totally recommend it.
KawaiiNohongo is a great way to get started on learning Japanese. Now, the downfall is that its difficult to learn the words. I find it troublesome to try to remember the words and phrases even with the pictures. Maybe a bit more of audio would work. That's all that's bad about the game, though. The rest of it is amazing-- and adorable might I add. Whoever drew the images are great artists and the little story is really cute. 9.5\10 would reccomend.
Its pretty good, i had some knowledge of japanese before it but had stopped studying, this app is a great help to catch up to where I left, it's really well made and the lessons are well planned.
It is an amazing app! It really helps me understand japanese more. But, after a lesson or two, the app starts to crash and overheats my phone. But, I don't really mind ╰(*´︶`*)╯
ONE OF THE BEST JAPANESE APPS! It teaches you EVERY hiragana, not to mention it's free to play and you can get the full game either with real money or in game currency you get for playing! I love it not to mention the cute, simple layout, minigames, story and pictures in the lessons! Highly recommended
Really cute app. It has every letter with a card and illustrated image with really cute art. And it's actually teaching properly by first learning the alphabets, which u can also skip if u want, and then some grammar and phrases which I didn't get to yet. It has some minigames too, which help with memorising the letters. Overall, perfect app from learning Japanese
The best Japanese learning tool I have seen in a while. It helps you learn them, and from there it is up to you to memorize them using the writing. It properly starts off with the Hiragana alphabet in a good order, unlike duolingo....
as a beginners learning tool it is great. If you are already familiar with Japanese though, you may want to give it a pass. The placement tests don't really do quite enough and the lesson skip tests have some off translations and weird questions. One that stood out the most was to respond to "りこはかわいいです。" with the correct answer being "あおいもかわいいです". I don't know how I am supposed to know that I need to respond talking about Aoi when she was never mentioned in the question.
I really really highly recommend this app for whome who r wanting to learn japaness language in an easy way im only 13 yrs old wanting to go to japan ... For a long time at least i could have learned some japaness words . I really appreciate this apps ads.I actually learned a lot of things only in an hour . Plzz try this app ull love it but plzz dont get angry if it shows ads cuz its the way this app is free for i guess . Thankyou so much to the creator of the app .
such a cutely, well displayed app that is perfect, as unlike most other linguistic apps, they dont bring you up to a certain point and then demand you pay for the rest. the art obviously has alot of effort put into it for each card, and i was able to walk up to my japanese friend and have a full on conversation after 3 months of using the app. They like to keep the ads subtle, and there are barely any flaws. The little fox teacher Riko makes the app less plainative. GREAT,HIGHLY RECCOMEND.
It's a great app and I'm enjoying learning, but I often get the drawings wrong so I try to practice them, but then I run out of lives because I'm not good a drawings... I understand you have to complete a previous lesson for more lives but it's very time consuming. If there was a way to practise without the pressure of lives it would be great. Other than that, awesom app, definitely recommend it.
I highly recommend this app for learning Japanese. This teaches the most well known words, and makes it fun! Just realize this is for learning written Japanese. Spoken Japanese should also be studied using other tools, like 'That Japanese Man Yuta.' When used together, the lessons are even more useful!
It really helps with learning a lot. It looked like it would be a dating sim at the beginning but it was only helping with learning the controls and what each area did. Hiragana is really easy to learn woth this app
By far, this is the best language learning app on the market that I have used thus far. It's free. No pressure to purchase and unlike other language learning apps that can be boring and mundane. This app keeps you motivated and interested in learning Japanese. Keep up the great work!
Really enjoying the game though placment test was abit strange. I already learn Japanese but the test put me much lower than expected so i had to do the tests to skip the modules thought its hard to do if you dont know the characters names. Some questions i got wrong just due to the name which i think isnt very fair as it doesnt mean i dont know what i am saying. Other than that its really fun and helpful cant wait for more updates to see what they have next 😊
I can't believe how much this is working for me! I've wanted to learn japanese for a while, but as a teenager I don't have a credit card or any of that so I'm unable to make online payments. This is the only free way of learning japanese I could find. I'm really happy that I stumbled across this. If you want to learn japanese here is the place. Danget I sound like a robot. ┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌
This app is terrific! It had supported me with both hiragana and katakana, which I have completely learned. (I'm currently doing sentence-making and grammar.) The game has cute graphics, not many ads, great teaching, fun minigames, and even a free (only when you get a certain amount of in-game currency) subscription for additional content!
Really good and intriguing way to learn Japanese! Just wish I could pay for the coins and buy membership that way instead of a subscription. I mean, the game is better than duolingo because duolingo doesn't even have that option. Still!
Cute little visual novel, but little else. The Japanese is less than elementary and likely won't be used in any context. (Unless you're taking the N5 exam, and even then, it won't be this easy.) The mini games, although enjoyable, don't actually help with learning. Relying on ひらがな like this game does will in the end just make beginners shoot themselves in the foot, rather than help. This isn't worth your time. Read Tae Kim's grammar guide, watch MattVsJapan's videos and start immersing instead.
It's really good! I already now lots of Japanese its my first 2 days. Also it's entertaining and you can do other stuff too. I know they put alot of effort in the game and they these things were how !any points you get a day. I can't do alot and I like it, they do small steps. I think you should get this game!
I LOVE THIS GAME!! It has amazing graphics and fun minigames! To whoever is reading this and wants to learn japanese, GET THIS ITS BETTER THAN DUOLINGO!! I understand why there are ads and respect that too. I have an idea for a future update too! Maybe you can add a japanese translator, it might be a little far out there but it could help people alot as well as the lessons. Riko is best foxE
Well so far the lessons are pretty great and explaining the grammer rules is nice rather than having you guess by context or guess by repetition. The subscription isn't expensive imo. Very nice app which I'll see throughly to learn I hope.
This is AWESOME. I've been studying kanji for a couple of months on other apps. I still have trouble with grammar, but this app is a bit better teaching you the grammar with better baby steps than duo lingo. Keep it up and this will be no problem for any of you. I might come back to tell you about how good this is for kanji. At least for grammar is way better than anything I've tried so far. 👌
I've just started using the app and I find it really useful. The repetition methods help with memorization, the animation and overall design are really cute. I find this app very entertaining even though it is a learning tool, which comes to prove that learning can be fun. Thank you for the good work.
Perfect apps for weebs to learn japanese. I mean literary who made this app was a genuine weeb. The USER EXPERIENCE is just😚 At first I was reluctant to download this app but after downloading it I am now addicted to it and learning Japanese. I mean this is THE BEST app for learning japanese. As most of us (not me)start out by curiosity after watching anime without knowing the complexity of the subject this app can do. I passed the placement test and it directly threw me 27 lessions forward😍
Good job, this is an amazing way to learn Japanese. I wish there were more aesthetic items in the store and more things to spend the in game currency on, but otherwise this is perfect!
love it good for beginner.. it would be nice if there a list for all characters . i want to compare some words
Pretty ideal form of learning, as far as I am aware. It's at your own pace, but you can set it to be more or less aggressive on reminders to practice, and it encourages you to continue in sectioned off, relatively small and direct lessons. High customisation capabilities in lesson-planning, and gameplay in arcade mode. It is relatively incomplete by lacking in sheer vocab, but this is fantastic for learning the and essentials and sentence-structure. Fantastic for beginners.
This app offer a great learning experience, I've learned hiragana from this app, it's easy to learn, it's a really fun experience, this app also has cute characters and lots of events which make this app even more exciting, not only learning hiragana and katakana you can also play lots of intreseting games on this app and communicate with other players. Overall it's an amazing app to learn Japanese. Highly Recommend for anyone who wants to learn Japanese.
I honestly think that this app is wonderful! The app is really beginner-friendly. The games where you can test your knowledge are very cool too. I love anime, so the graphics are 5 stars. I don't know anything bad about this app. I think this app is very helpful!
Very good so far. Have just finished the hirigana section and feel like I knew more than I did previously, despite having already attempted to learn hirigana. Visual novel style is very encouraging and goal driven style of learning really helps me. Very useful for people who are trying to learn Japanese and very accessible to autistic people such as myself. Haven't rated 5 stars because I haven't gotten far enough through yet to seem this app 5 stars reliably, will update when I do. GJ guys!
The app is pretty good. A tip from me: if you know a little bit of japanese from maybe anime or other japanese media, I recommend you to turn off the image in the flash cards. Cause you can cheese it. If you turn on the images, you won't actually remember the japanese characters, you'll instead remember the image which I think is a little bit counter productive. Turning off the images in the flash card allows you to focus on remembering tje shape of the japanese character you're learning.
I truly love this, it feel as if I was in a begginir school like it should be. For the first time in my life i can say i am enjoying japanese this ways, there a few other apps and sites to learn from but this method it's just brilliant.
This is a VERY nice app. I've made good progress and it's understandable even for beginners like me. It works with small steps and exact descriptions. I'd actually give 5 stars but when I just opened the app today ALL MY PROGRESS WAS GONE!!! Luckily I could take a skill test to see what I know already but it's not exactly were I was. It's really sad that all my progress is gone and I don't know if you can fix it. This is the only critic I have. All in one it's a great app to learn Japanese!!
Nice storyline, good teachings. The only thing I dislike is the emailss they send, though I haven't gotten many emails. 🐈 (I meant notifications, sorry!)
This app is so good for helping people to learn Hiragana, it helps you by having a little calendar and you set a target. There Is games to help you learn and challenges you. The cards are simple to understand and it even helps you how to write the Japanese. The cards are so cute and help you memorize it with cute decor. 10/10 there is even a community hub. What is there not to like?
Ive just started using this app since a few days ago, and I already really like it. From what it seems, there are grammar lessons as well, not just words and random sentences. The structure of the app is somewhat like Duolingo, but this app teaches you everything from the beginning. Instead of teaching you sentences like "the boy is a cow", this app starts with hiragana and katakana. There are fun games to play and I really like the storyline with riko. Up until now I've really enjoyed it! 5/5!
It's enjoyable but would like to have a review for all you learned in a section,example: a 50 card review for all hiragana you have gotten to level 1 in.
This app is much help full to learn Japanese properly. I love this app. Thanks for making this kind of app. Thanks again...
My review is strange. You don't learn things as fast playing this game, but it really sticks in your memory. Id only suggest this to those that aren't currently moving to Japan though, since this app slowly but effectively programs you with Japanese. Also the first mini game you unlock isn't too interesting, its not bad just not too entertaining. But the second one is pretty fun ngl.
I think it's really clever to match pronunciations and drawings, the ways the app makes you remember the characters are really cool. After reading responses on the lower reviews, I have also learned the people are very helpful.
This app is AWESOME especially for those who love the art and style of speech towards this app! 100% recommend you use this app for people who also love foreign language ESPECIALLY Japanese - I can tell you - this is my absolute FAVE way to learn the art and method, not to mention pronunciation of Japanese words and letters! You don't even have to be a beginner! 😀😆😀😄😃!
I love it! I am slowly learning & have memory issues due to PTSD. The cards help alot! I do hope new games are added & the bookstore offers more for us to buy with ingame coins. Maybe give us ingame avatars to talk back & forth with riko. I HIGHLY Recommend this APP! I am using duolingo in conjunction with this because my sensei wants me to study hard while shes away.
Love the app, very helpful for learning japanese with no paywalls in order to learn more. The ads are minimal, but please support this app so it can keep giving us free, good, and simple japanese lessons!
I have learned so much from this game! The only problem is when you go and check how to do the Japanese words, you cant have a chance to pause it when you need to.
A great app for learning Japanese! I'm quite sad that people don't really mention it for learning. But it's great! Though I suggest in order to memorise better, (at least I do it that way) get a notebook and write lessons in it. The name of the lesson, new words (+new kanji), the sentences, translations, on-yomi and kun-yomi of different kanji and romaji if you need it. It's very useful! But the app helped me memorise hiragana, katakana and some other through simple lessons! It's great! ^-^
Support service sucks but the app is good. Makes learning Japanese fun and cute, hence the name. Switching between platforms is where my 4 star comes in. I'm currently on android and switching to iOS. My progress is linked to my android so if anyone knows how I can continue my progress on my iOS I'd appreciate the info.
Seems pretty legit. An hour a day and I almost have the hiragana sorted in a week. Might consider paid version if passion still burns within to learn after a month. Not the worst add implementation.
It's brilliant, I've learned a lot and the pictures that are unique to each card really help! One issue is that when I swap to a Japanese keyboard I can't find the answer not sure if it's the game or my phone but if the game had a in game keyboard that would be great!
I love it ♥ It's the best game ever. You learn but in a fun way. I've tried different apps to learn Japanese but I've got to admit that they are that, just "learning apps" if you know what I mean. But this app is awesome because it's a mix between your normal app and a game that you can actually enjoy. And the best part... it's completely free! You should totally try it!
This is the best language game ive ever had! Really cutesy and sweet, whih makes me wanna go on it more. I remember being one of the first people on it a long time ago (before my phone broke and i had to get it again) and now over 1m people have downloaded it! There have been alot of changes since then, which i actually really like. I recommend this to any beginner looking to learn japanese
Really so good game ,and that too totally free ,don't keep searching apps for learning japanese dude ,try this one now. It's really fun and awesome and they provided notes in this too ,so you can just revise and summarise easily.
This is the most fun I've had learning Japanese. I love learning while laughing and enjoying the cute pictures and situations. Really helps me remember what I'm learning as well!
Great, alongside Duolingo I'm finding Japanese pretty simple (at the moment anyway haha). My only suggestion is when playing the audio for the flashcard, perhaps add the hiragana and katakana as well as the romaji for the multiple choice answers. Example like when "ka" is said, instead of answers being ka, ki, ku, ke perhaps have か, き, く, け too. I only say this as I find the romaji answers easy to select for the audio. Otherwise, great app. Helpful.
I've been learning Japanese for a while and have struggled with some grammar aspects. However this app has helped me crack verb conjugation without me really struggling, and I am much more confident. Hope to see more lessons added soon!
I rate this app with 5 stars. I feel like it's a very effective and helpful app to learn Japanese. I also like the cute art style and the way the lesson are presented to you but my only complaint with the app is the error with the test you take to skip the Hiragana, I tried uninstalling and then installing the app again but it didn't work. If this problem was fixed it would be very helpful but overall this app is great to learn Japanese.
This is an amazing app! I wanted to learn Japanese to translate anime, but it's so easy with this! The only thing is, sometimes when I try to do the skip previous lesson test,it says restart it and I restart my tablet,but it still doesn't work. Can you please explain what it means by that? Today I tried to do a writing question,but when I asked for a hint,it said ' tsu '.I wrote tsu but it said it was wrong. At the end, it said it was tsu though
The "strokes" are all that's required to answer lessons. You don't even need to get the hiragana remotely correct. As long as I get the correct amount of strokes I can draw anything, if I draw it correctly but use too many (accidentally take my finger off midstroke) strokes it's incorrect despite being indistinguishable from the correct answer. (Thanks for the reply, as it's a play store issue I've corrected my rating)
Such a great app for learning Japanese! The animations are so smooth and the drawings are so kawaii! The ads aren't annoying at all, they're just pictures and no videos. It really works for the learning! Keep it up!
Its pretty good from what I see. Personally I'd like the option to mute the music though. I think the repetition aspect is good for learning a language, and maybe this gets added later, but I'd also like the ability to draw the symbols as well. Thats more in the anticipation of kanji being introduced.
This is a nice way to get someone start* learning while being not boring. There is something I wish this would include, which is strokes order to draw kana. I think even though writing is being used less than before these times and typed on keyboard, but if there already are kana drawing lessons, there could be some guide on how to do it. A small note- the stylus pen on Galaxy note is not recognised on drawing parts, although it is detected on menus.
This worked better than all the fancy apps like duolingo and such! I also love how a literal anime fox girl guides you! 100/10 would recommend!
This app has honestly made learning japanese easier than learning my own native language in school 😅
Been using this app for a long time now and I love playing it everyday because of how fun and easy learning Japanese is with this app. Every Lesson has an optional 'review' to read so it makes the lessons clearer to understand and they don't take too long to read and keeps it simple. there are always people in the community to help if you need help with something. I would love to see some more mini games added in the arcade in the future but apart from that, it's a perfect app! :)
It's a really fun way to use kawaiiNihongo because it learns you stuff in a really way but you also feel like your sort of watching a anime. I have this big chart at home with all the hiragana and it really helped me get through it. And now I'm somuch more better.
Love love love this app. I have been learning Japanese from the Genki textbook. But straight off the bat this app taught me how to spell Kawaii, and also Genki. And that's what I want. This app has its priorities straight.
I've only just started using the app, but so far it seems very useful for anyone who wants to learn Japanese are an absolute beginner. The best part it is completely free with the option to subscribe (very cheap) if you want to support the developer and unlock a few features such as removing adverts (with some exceptions) The adds aren't that bad or too intrusive. You should definitely give the app a try.
I am only a few lessons in, and I am thoroughly enjoying this. Naturally with learning you will need to replay a few lessons to remember, BUT! It is glorious, entertaining and with many different ways to learn. A little something for everyone! :>
I installed this because I've been wanting to learn Japanese for a while, and it's an amazing starter! I've only done the first couple of lessons but it's really working! The app likes to take it slow on teaching, and it works perfectly! Ads are there but they hardly impact your learning at all. 10/10, 5 star, perfect! Recommend for anyone beginning to learn Japanese!
Not only does it teach you japanese but also has a beautiful art style it's so nice the background music is also so peaceful this definitely deserves 5 stars and I would really recommend it if you want to learn japanese
Amazing app. I'm using it along with other apps, lessons on YouTube and work books and I feel like this app is a great way to help you'reith your Japanese study if you are a beginner.
Found it easier when I turned off the card illustration which was a little distracting. But cute to have a little story to go along with it. The order you learn in is good and I like that if you get bored of learning theres an arcade. Amazing for free aswell. Theres adds but its worth it.
Great app so far, but it won't let me sign in with google play. It is installed and up to date as of 1/5/2021. Using Google pixel 3a device
I love it! Super cute and super helpful! I feel like I've made big strides already and I've only had the app for a few weeks.
This is a great app! When I've had only started this cute fox have slowly introduced me to the language. Here you can not only learn hiragana and katakana but also acknowledge grammar and vocabulary. My personaly favourite is chat with other learners. Basically it's huge motivation thinks to developers❤️
The flash card system is really freaking good! I'm far from being a flash card fan as these almost never work for me. But the way the app presents you new words associated with images and how they're spoken... it's truly amazing. You will definitely want another source for practicing hiragana of course.. but for learning grammar, basic kanji and vocabulary? flippin' awesome.
This is a good way for beginners to learn. The typing part confused me at first but I figured it out. The limited energy to learn new lessons can be frustrating when you are starting a new part as you make mistakes more frequently.
Best japanese language app ever. Good pictures for photographic memory and you can tell that the aim of the app is to benefit the user as they recieve less add revenue compared to most joke apps that are filled with ads. They also have a charcater that motivates you to learn which is supportive and have schemes in the app that helps you to digest the language. 10/10.
I've been using this app for 5 months now, and I can say its is a very effective way to teach basic japanese. With this I can understand, read, and even write the basics and some kanji characters. This app is worth to install if you really want to learn japanese all with this free app. in addition, it is really a free to play and learn app. You can even have a premium subscription by just collecting in game credits.
I love this app because other Japanese learning apps dosn't have that encouragement that this app has it sets weekly goal give you gift amd play mini games that all improve you learning Japanese. It even helps you learn how to write and ask how acurate it is compared to the actual typed ones. It's a really good app. I highly recommend the if you like anime or if you trying to learn what the lyrics mean to music lmao. You can always go back to old lesson if you need to for refreshes! <3 the app!!
This software is truly and honestly the single best app I've ever used in my life for learning different languages, unlike other apps this app uses neurological stimuli in a way like I've never seen telling you when you've done wrong in a noce way but also rewarding you when you do good leaving me coming back for more. The flashcards have images on them to help you memorize the content and then when your ready you can take the image off, and it accurately depicts Japanese characters 5star 💯🦄
Fantastic experience. Calm visuals and varied repetition of grammar prevents you from being overwhelmed, as does the "limited gameplay" (not overwhelmed by 300 different features). The only issue that I found was that I had no idea how to make a small つ without the Japanese keyboard. For 1 learning challenge I had to spell a word but couldn't use the Japanese keyboard to shrink the つ that I had typed, so a memo on the different ways that's possible would be helpful (double tap T).
This is probably the best app to help you lewrn japanese grammar in an actual fun and encouraging way. I love it soo muvh!
A fun, easy to use app to learn some Japanese. A simple interface with quick, easy to understand lessons. Similar to another popular language learning app, but with cute photos and characters. The minigames are also rather fun to play. Needs more content, but over all worth a look if you want to learn Japanese. がんばってね。
Best app to start Japanese!! However, it could be a whole lot better if you add another minigame but for kanji/words containing kanji only. Or if you add a way to test drawing kanji. Or a way to translate Japanese to English or an overall review that can be tested at any time. Individual lessons don't give an overall review. Individual lessons only allow me to do a random lesson about one topic. I want to get nouns, adjectives, time and object locations in the same lesson. Please fix this too.
This app makes learning japanese so much fun by not just throwing random letters at you, but by giving you pictures to help you remember what letter you need. It also comes with a table that has every letter along-side with their pronounciations. Don't even get me started with the arcade part, it helps you remember things faster with their 3 little minigames. Ever wanted to ask questions on how to say this or that? No problem because it comes with a social tab too!
As a musician & creative person myself, I love this app, because it makes learning japanese to be so much more fun, creative, & imaginative. The drawings are also very nice. You'll definitely love this app especially if you're familiar or like to watch anime, read manga, & basically already familiar with the japanese pop-culture. Just one question though: is this app also available on PC/computer? For example, on my Windows 7 computer/PC at home?
It is an awesome app! I'm learning fast and good with it! Now I know for sure I'll be able to speak Japanese AND write! Yay! Thanks! Although I do wish all the lessons were offline. But anyway, it's awesome!
Astoundingly good! A lot of apps, books, etc say that they will teach you step by step explaining everything as you go along. However most of them skip over vital information. This app, whilst it doesn't explain everything it teaches primarily through context, this is so much more efficient! Letting the students infer techniques and methods of creating sentences, rather than the student of getting lost along the way. 2 criticisms though: let us make our own sentences. And more lessons!!!
One of the best Japanese apps I've ever used! The games and lesson actually teach me something new in a fun way that keeps what i learned in my brain and theres not to many ads! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who's learning Japanese.
A fun way to learn beginner Japanese with cute illustrations. Though it's too bad that my FREE button (in the Bookstore) doesn't work so I can only scrape Mardukoins from the Arcade. Maybe it can fixed by re-installing the game, but I never tried.
This app is truly amazing if you want to learn Japanese. It's easy to understand and free. It also makes it fun to learn. I would give it 5 stars, but the problem is, ever since registering, after finishing a lesson and such... It just crashes, thankfully though, after restarting the app, I don't lose any data and I just repeat the process of learning and restarting...
I've installed this app yesterday so that I could learn Japanese. In just 24 hours I've learn some of the basic Japanese language called hirigana. It is really the most awesome app. I really recommend it for those who wants to learn Japanese
It's so easy to learn Japanese with this app.The games and pictures make it much fun and interesting to learn.The notes are so simple and easy to remember
it is relly relly cute app but... i don,t know why when i opened lessons that need internet it just close my phone!!! please fix it please sorry if i am wrong i am not english
The UI of app is very user friendly. U can easily understand things also. The also a bit of story to play in the start of the game. My most favourite is they even motivate you to play with a bit of rewards so you won't forget to play. I personally think is the best app out there to start learning Japanese.
Great theme and very nice teaching style... But my only concern is the super slow animations (even with fast mode). I am not a child, I am just trying to learn a new language from the scratch.. Really it would be very nice if this app gets a super fast animation option or something...
I haven't finished but so far it's good for beginners and better than watching anime with subs and trying to work out what is which it also uses an intelligent way of teaching a new language as it teaches you as if it a kid so you can soon develop a way to put together some words and the use of pictures is genius overall I love this app and would recommend it to others who want to learn japanese
It is indeed a learning app...... not just that, there is also fun games that still teaches you...... unexpectedly, there is an storyline and it really fits well to the game. Feels like I'm playing dating simulation game while learning. Its not that perfect but i could say that it's beyond satisfactory, thanks to the dating SIM like feeling and the relaxed Atmosphere of the game. Ironically, the ads is what makes other players the game even without top ups. In short, THIS IS A GOOD GAME.
Excellent so far, great way to learn. Very nice to have dedicated vocabulary tabs to practise. Honestly cannot believe this is a free app considering how well made it is and how little ads there are (you can even remove ads for free with in-app currency you obtain via finishing lessons and mini games for japanese practise)
It's an app that helps you learn Japanese with fun activities and cute art like a RPG storytelling game. I love it ❤
It's a great app for beginners in Japanese. I was very surprised because I don't really like the anime style so I thought it would be annoying but the info is good. I have a small suggestion though - the flashcards when we're learning a new kanji, I think it would be better if the ON-YOMI was in katakana and the KUN-YOMI in hiragana. I've seen this in japanese/kanji dictionaries. Anyway the app is worth the download and you will remember what you learn.
I would have given this app all five stars because it is a really awsome app, but when I go to open the app it shuts itself down and says it's unable to open and keeps shutting down. I really wish you would fix this.
I've only been using this app for a few days and I already prefer it to duolingo. It is easy to learn the japanese alphabet with the flash cards and the voice clips are clear a d easy to understand. I won't stop using this app any time soon!
I'm really getting on well with this app. I've wanted to learn Japanese for years but it has always seemed overwhelming and scary. This has helped me get started and stay engaged. The only improvement I could ask is that there be a section, (maybe in the kana dictionary) that shows you how to write each character correctly. I like to come out the app and practising writing in my notebook but find it hard to access specific characters without going through an entire lesson.
Great for learning Japanese and new things to learn comes quickly. Love it so far and there is games and other things to help learn. Overall it is very fun and efficient for learning Japanese.
id like it if vocab from previous lessons would actually appear in later lessons so we dont forget it, & id also like it if we could initiate wagers with riko instead of waiting for her to initiate them. its still really good though. Its a lot better than duolingo (duolingo doesnt show u each kanji's meaning or tell u how to write or pronounce it(which makes a huge difference)).
Very effective, I've only learned languages from games so I like it very much, I had a conversation with my Japanese for the first time after 3 months of use! But I did it everyday and I actually had time since corona is already over
This app is amazing I can tell that the developers really put their heart into making an app for learning Japanese that is both fun and has depth. Most apps don't really help you memorize like Duolingo or Rosetta Stone. This app actually let's you write hiragana, katakana, and kanji so you don't forget. It also gives you an option to have ads or not, unlike other apps like Duolingo that force ads, which actually made me want to turn on ads(which I did) to help the developers.