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Is a Action game developed by SEGA CORPORATION located at 東京都品川区西品川一丁目1番1号 住友不動産大崎ガーデンタワー. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence, Mild Swearing) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
There's no depth and no room for it, as matches are designed to be so short (<2min, many literally lasting just seconds) and the decks are so small. It's a shame, since the UI is well done, and the art direction is pretty good. The soundtrack is good too.
As my opinion, this game is better not for the reason is a game like Anime - Clash Royale, is better than Clash Royale. As my point, this games haves strategy more different as comparison like Clash Royale. The reason of that is simple: each battle you have 2 minutes to defeat the enemy and you only need 2 tower to take down! That makes more tension at the battle. But, in other point, this game I like can this game don't copy much many troops as Clash Royale. Make the difference! More creativity
A decent "strategy" game, and... weak story. For a ccg with tactics-ish battles, it is fast-paced with the 2min victory time. Moderately ptw, though with work and time many cards can be had. Could have been better in a lot of ways.. especially with the long release time. Was unhappy with it after a couple days.
It seems to have bad frame rate despite the device can fully support it. Optimization would be lovely. If you are new to this kind of 1v1 arena, it's a good game to start if you like anime as well. It does have a great potential VS Clash Royale and the "draw" mechanic is cool too, especially the draw camera. The game is generous as well (for now). If you have played CR for a while then you should give it a try. As a 2-years CR player I thought I wouldn't enjoy it but I do enjoy it overall.
Game is pretty good. Very generous with low waiting time to open chests, gives a good amount of rewards and then there's season rewards. Reminds me of crimson x chaos. The UI however seems to be not to my liking, seems to in your face or over the top. I prefer a simple traditional UI tbh. Other than that solid game.
One of the most amazing games I've ever played. Let's just make a million characters and maps though. I'm sure the longer I play the more I'll have to say but I seriously don't have anything else atm. Edit: I have something. You guys need to enable ADS. Possibly for a low amount of coins. Leveling up cards is really hard once they reach level 6. It would be a great way for us to help you all by watching ads. Make it unlimited watches and for like 15-20 coins or something.
First off, beautiful graphics and animations. But it's basically Anime Clash Royale, which means no solo content and extremely p2w. If you're into that sort of game then give it a try, have fun whalin' it up. But in my opinion it's sad to see such well made aesthetics and potential be wasted on a mediocre, boring genre.
Really wanted to like this game but it seems it could have been better. SEGA tried a similar card/action battle game before and then they dropped it for this game.. what SEGA needs to do is realize if they want a mobile Clash Royale type of game, they need to make it vertical for easier casual gameplay AND add actual classic Sega characters to the roster.. As it is.. the horizontal gameplay makes this less casual and the 2 minute battles don't leave much strategy involved..
Game's really fun but not friendly to f2p for many reasons: power creep spending players will quickly make cards stronger by spending and crush regular players. Also, matchmaking is horrendous! You normally fight players 2 to 5 tiers above yours, a waste of time and energy, followed by the frustration of losing 5 times in a row. Been playing this for a couple months and have seen many people quit just cuz there's no value for skill or strategy, just the same 2 or 3 units all the time.
Unfair gameplay. Terrible control. Draw control is terrible. Game lags and reaction is too slow. Huge delay before each actions. The game can't keep up with the players and instead the players has to follow the pace of the game. On top of all that, laggers have the advantage in this game. Enough said.
Fantasti . I used to hate games like these until I played revolve 8 recently, which is now being shut down.. :-: i was skeptical about L.O.W. but guys.. this is the best amity arena style pvp game ive played for multiple reasons, namely, cards can level from use (omg) this includes all rarities. Beside that, the chests have five slots, and the longest opening time (diamond chest, lol) is EIGHT MINUTES. If you dont want to wait they give you keys or let you use gems to open. Amazing art & devs.
Used to really enjoy the game but I feel it became very unbalanced. Great concept and the company did a good job of not making it pay to win. Certain characters really needed to be scaled back but they never did.
Tutorial is very pool. During a match, each unit card should has some kind of icon to display a unit type. Each unit card on player hand and each unit on field should've able to tab for displaying more information. So I can know which card I should play or what opponent card can do. Countdown for opening chest is too annoying.
It's like Clash Royal without spells, instead you have unit skills. However, the art is really good and the devs did a fine job of making the game look manga esque! The team function does not work properly as of now though.
Great game, but not new user friendly. I'm only rank D3 and cannot progress further due to constantly being matched against rank C and higher. My units are maxed for my rank, but still cant match against higher rank and level units. If match ups are not fixed for same rank match ups, I will uninstall. Very frustrating.
The game was great,, but in my previous game,, how can the enemy(goddess amaterasu) still invisible in bushes while attacking my unit?? And my unit just walk trough while being attacked..That pretty stupid.. U should make the invisibility vanish after attack...the rest were great,..
Used to be a great game with endless deck variations that were viable to use and easily compete within top 300. Now the latest few updates are just forcing meta on the game. The best made they released was only temporary for a couple days then removed. Game isn't too p2w except with op new character releases. Game is basically dead now with 0 advertising. It was fun the couple weeks it lasted at least.
This game is awesome. Love how it gives story characters a chance to shine again. Tutorial was short and simple which explained the game mechanics very well. The game rewards are great so you don't have to pay to win. If you understand the game concept you'll do just fine. Highly recommend for fast pace strategy gamers.
I liked, far better than clash Royale, great designs, graphics, and art style, if you like anime like graphics, and strategy games, you definitely should try this one out.
A lightning pace character card game. Yes, it's like clash Royale with placing units and generating MP but that's where the similarities end. Spells are attached to unit, so you will always have a body to counter with. Spells have limited range so you can out position your opponent. The halftime pauses the game for a moment and gives you a boost of MP to make a massive play. It encourages aggressive play instead of waiting and responding. Overall it's a good game.
It's a great game, and I would recommend this to anyone who has a love for anime, because it takes that all common are style and mixes it up with some amazing 3D effects (if you enable the effects). It's has a certain competitive aspect to it that I can't seem to keep away from. However I did notice that when I was close to exiting into a new rank I would be battling against the rank I was striving for. I think they did this well because there may have be a big skill gap that I had yet to fill.
It's like Clash Royal but in my opinion, I prefer this over Clash Royal. It has a nice type of anime effect and each Wonder Rare character and some SR's are of a specific folk lore or tale. It's cool to see characters from like Alice and Wonderland throwing down on the battlefield. The graphics are nice too the menu having a nice comiv like effect. This game is really something I feel people could get into.
The game is fine but it needs work atm. The game is a clash royale clone with an anime twist. What makes it different from it is that most popular spells are turned into higher rarity units with drag-able skills and can counter each other with each other. The only problem I have is the stability issues. I'm currently rank b2 and using a Samsung galaxy s7, but there are many moments when the game freezes and interrupts your unit placements and getting steam rolled later. Same for my opponents.
As much as I love playing this game. I swear some player are cheating by using a lag switch. It especially lags when I destroyed a tower or go into overtime. Even the top players are using this cheat especially JP players. Not trying to discriminate but it is what it is. I would rate it higher if the problem solves. Edit: Increased the rating from 3 to 5 because there is less lag.
Quick and enjoyable matches. Only thing that irks me is the slow loading screens 1st on starting up, and 2nd in-between home screen to matches themselves. Don't know if my side has the prob or not.
A way faster version of clash royale! Each battle can last no more than 3 minutes, so it's perfect to jump into when you're short on time. Animation is fantastic and the gameplay is easy and simple. Your deck is limited in the beginning, but as you level up you can add more rarer units! I enjoy this game and recommend giving it a try.
It's basically a game you've already played out. There are a few different features but one of the main poisons to this type of game is in this game. It breaks everything into levels and fractions. You have to spend thousands or years of your life just to reach the point where everything is whole "maxed" and you can actually compete evenly mind and reflex vs each other rather and higher level wins. Another bad thing about this game is you cannot choose you team. You can only select one character.
The game is kinda broken atm, battles arejt synced with your opponent, i can have a whole army win the game, given the win screen and then the game crashes, and then when i load back in apparently the game is still going and the opponent wins bc i was stuck in the loading screen, there isnt even a syncing system which makes the quality of the game very poor.
Don't let the low star rating's from other's deter you from this outstanding little game. One of the best soundtracks out there in any game that matches the content, seriously, the orchestral drum and bass battle theme is phenomenal! Yeah, there are similar games, but i guarantee you will come back to this more and more each time. As a former nintendo employee i take my hat off to you sega, great work!
Such a fun game with a fantastical art style that is easy to pick up and play and easy to learn but will take dedication to master! SEGA has a really enjoyable game here and its success will depend on how many users stick around. I know I will while I unlock more characters and climb to the top of the leaderboards. The character designs are beautiful and the in game music is so entertaining! I am excited to play this along with SEGA Heroes. Two games perfect for short bursts or long marathons!
The game is essentially a unique twist on clash royale with an anime style to it. Balancing isnt the worst and you do get units pretty easily with the missions. I absolutely love the art style and the fast pace of games makes it fun. Overall pretty good for now and i hope the power creep doesn't ruin the game like others. Also please fix the lag when the 1 minute boost starts. And the abilities are kinda sick ngl
Really dumb how you get out up against someone 4 ranks above you that have high level towers. When you randomly get out in a match with high levels you stand no chance all you can do is watch or hope they are not playing. Even though you only lose about 5pts against them, they add up! Oh and the game is p2w
["In-app purchases","Supports in-app purchases",[null,2,null,[null,null,"https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/OHPOv1_KARAq6le0gvoUqeZ7Nr5SLmY5Jgbzutmg5LRcj3q_1lV_cgfPeuAB2mRFYDTC"] ] ]
A really good strategy game. Similar to some other games on the market, but very unique in its own way. Don't regret downloading at all Edit: I'm editing this months after my review after learning that LoW is going out of business. I really think it's unfortunate that this game is shutting down, as I can see that there was effort put into this game, and I am going to miss it's own uniqueness and charm. Thanks dev team, I'm glad I was able to play while I could :)
It uses the battle format made popular by clash royale, only this one is much better. The UI is amazing, it looks like a manga for the menus. They really value the player and make everything fair (especially the purchases). Its nice to see a mobile game that finally delivers on it's claims :)
I really enjoyed this game. I really did. But I have reached the point where I discovered that this game is painfully pay2win. Also matchmaking is horrendous. I can't enjoy it anymore because it's clear that I lose games because my opponent has spent money to obtain their strength. Please consider lowering the level cap in certain leagues and make demotion impossible.
There's a lot of bugs. If you don't have a strong and very fast connection, then it'll have a delay connection and your opponents have started first for 30 seconds early than you or suddenly the match has been ended and you lose. This game will die sooner like Revolve 8 even though R8 much better than this.
Yea it WAS cool and decent of a game until I tried to transfer from android to ipad....now it just crashes at loading as soon as it loads.... And dont expect help frol customer support they will just ask you for a bunch of information that YOU CANNOT GET TO ANYMORE.. it crashes on ipad obviously and yet when i try on my android phone again it says account already transferred and doesnt allow me into game even for a NEW account...this makes ZERO sense and they arent even readings my tickets sent
This game is pretty fun for people who likes collecting and strategy games and the game is pretty fair as there are systems in place to make paying only go so far with unit level caps so playing for free without ads feels pretty great. Also the fact this game is pretty good right off the first day makes this game better in my opinion. The many downloads that happen mid game is what I feel many Asian games have. I play others of a similar style so this aspect really doesn't bother me personally.
A fun game based in the Clash Royale formula. Its more fast paced, but ita not a problem cuz of the responsive controls. The short gameplay sessions are perfect for trainrides or during work breaks. And the data usage is minimal too. The fast opening of the first few chest earned is neat, and the rates for units are very generous. You also passively earn shards for the units you are using, as well as various crafting and trading options. Its very easy to get the units that you actually want.
The game is awesome and great. But the problem is their services. Whenever there is a maintenance, the developer wouldn't inform you and just go straight with it. After the maintenance, they wouldn't care what happen to you. In other words, if the maintenance causes u to lose your account, they wouldn't bother to care. Don't play this game. I know it is good. I like it so much. But that would only hurt you even more. You ask them to fix a bug, they would just ignore you.