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League of Stickman Free- Shadow legends(Dreamsky)

League of Stickman Free- Shadow legends(Dreamsky) for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by DreamSky located at Rooms 05-15, 13A/F., South Tower, World Finance Centre, Harbour City, 17 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Tel:00852-22060092 Fax:00852-30030133. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
There's to much ads and Hard levels I can't Pass even tho my BM is in Level 22 But over all This game is the best I love this game
This game is awesome and realized at the end I played ch3 end but the ch gives me 100dimonds always pls fix this glitch, anyone can gain infinite dimonds by playing last stage of ch 3
This game is amazing and satisfying hard enough for you to have fun and stress at the same time .extremely fast but good graphics
Dream sky just be happy. Wow This game really made me very happy. Since then I am 8 years old and until now I am 14 years old it is still the same as before and it is even more beautiful. But I would like to increase the number of heroes here so that we can have more fun playing this game ❀️
I love this game but its so bored when i play alone. I have one suggestion can u put a multiplayer via hotspot because iwant to play this with my friends. Keep up the good work πŸ˜πŸ‘
I think the game needs more characters just to make the grind better and a button to tern off screen shake(the screen shake gives me motion sickness)pls do and some characters need a remodel take "ninja" for an axample the if your running around woul see the buttum wast of the character is not even finished and while running woul see his legs is not finished im not complanting im just saying some characters need a remodel
This game great so great 9 if I could heheheheh so if your looking at this game and it say download DO IT JUST DO IT thxs and thanks for allowing this game to save progress like skyrim....πŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒ Ps someone who likes your game
Verry nice game,i like the graphics it so fun but may i ask?How can i add friend i search in youtube but there is nothing,pls answer this.But in all its a nice,cool,and fun game.
I love it but please add more heroe and skin, ninja dont have skin so please add some ninja skin and i have a idea add some rank when u winning in dungeon
I just wanna say can we do that we can refund characters and get the same gems that I bought the character like if it cost 200 then the game needs to give us 200 if we refund the character
This game is the best there is no bugs I love BM He is like my favorite character and I thought BM was gon for a minute I'm just thinking u guys should add more characters like ZACK and this game gives me to learn like heros BM he teaches me to swing ZACK He teaches me to kick and punch a lot Zack And BM are my favorite characters
Hey! I always loose my gems when i check the heroes,like..im building up 200 gems but..when i check heroes it just makes my gems to 10.like what!? Youre taking people what they made hard for! If u would fix this i would rate this higher than 2 if theres no bugging things here i would rate it full star,i would rather delete it if u dont fix it,i hope this review helps to people who checks out this game
I have played this game for 2 years and I have to give a rating this game is so fricking good amazing offline game would recommend everybody play it
Its a good game and best offline casual game but their some certain bugs like when the ads shows up it will stack in their and never finish unless you re run the game i hope they could fix it........
nice i unlock all heroes and theyre all strong and cool im playing this for 5 yrs. and nice thanks im really enjoy playing this gameπŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ˜šπŸ˜™πŸ˜πŸ’—πŸ’“πŸ’–πŸ’”πŸ’•πŸ’—πŸ’›πŸ’ͺ
Pls update the game, add more heroes, I already got a all the heroes so it's getting kinda boring. Add heroes like 1 hero per month pls!!!!!?
I'll rate it 5 stars beacuse there is a lot of characters and you can also try them out! And I liked it. So yeah it was a really fun gameπŸ‘πŸ‘
Its a very recommendable game. As our internet is VERY SLOW, I have no choice but to play offline games and this game NEVER failed me. The heroes, graphics, everything is GREAT. I have some suggestions: 1. Can you please have a multiplayer game? Like other offline games where you can play together via LAN WIFI/ HOTSPOT. If this happens, I could not thank you enough.
The game is great but offline/online as your in battle it just keeps lagging as you kill so many, please fix this because it gives me the feel to uninstall
BUG! Can not enter Activity Raid even when new season. ALSO cannot do Arena as it pop up 3rd party app and need to delete and reinstall, tried it several times (reinstall, delete data) but still pop up again. Come on, I topup numerous times already. Is this how you treat ur customer?
Add all heroes in league of legends and add more chapters and increase the graphics into ultra graphics and fix the characters motions to attack and movement thats all thanks.........
All the heroes in this game look like they were copied from league of legends and changing their name, This is plagiarism and unoriginal.
I play this for a whoke year and i didn't see what im expected when i open this game il sign in for log in rewards it took too long to respond and everytime i click the event always slow loading and i can't even play when im not using a wifi this makes me angry this game make trash not at all but sometimes please fix this
This game is really good and it's an arcade, simulator game and you really had to try hard to achieve a goal πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚
My cp can't gandle the game and the other mode didn't work, I am at chapter 82 in normal, elite I finish it it's just 2 chapter, abbys the chapter 2 didn't work and chapter 4 at nightmare
I really like the bug if i win i have 100gem every winn that is on chapter 3-5 thats why i really like this hehehe😍 please dont remove that bugπŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–
I love thΓ­a game but the thing make me cant vote5 star is BM skill cooldown so long, please make the skill cooldown more fast
I am so upset. I changed my device and now I can't get my data back from the previous device. Ive spent way too much money on certain games that I like for me to lose everything simply due to an upgrade. I won't be playing until this is fixed. I'm not starting all over from the beginning only to spend even more money for stuff I've already purchased.
This game is awesome. One of the best I ever played. Can you give the ninja a new skin please that would be great.
This is the Best game I've ever played but it will be better if you can buy. Coins using gems or buy gems using coins that will be so much better
I love the game! This game has enchantments, up grading skills, arena and way more🐒 I think this game shoud add heros from league of stickman 2 and heros from zombie...β¬…(I forgot the name) but still this is my favrait game on my I pad
Very good game but i feel like when you get past chapter 20 it get really hard please fix this i would love to keep playing this game
This game is great for a stickman game but I won't give you too much credit because there's still plenty of bugs that still need to be fixed. But overall its a fun game it's not on my Top 10 but its still great
The spirit is kinda broken when i was playing BM.The spirit was teleporting like crazy when i was fighting monsters and when the wave was done,it never came back LOL.Plz fix it
It's a good game but i gave 3 star because they so many ads and loading they so annoying and make me anger
A very cool game but please make the elite boss the first one is easy cause I spend 50 gems or what it called? To defeat the elite boss
I think it's just soooooooooo awsome to play this game i have a friend who played this and showed me it, i love it the graphics are really good maybe you can also put a free character πŸ˜‰ 😁 i hope all is well with the gameπŸ™βœ…πŸ˜˜ but it is slow at downloading I dont know if it's just the WiFi but i rate 5 stars still nice game thats whyπŸ˜˜βœ…
I like game hero samurai and monkey it's a expensive I like to be you make this new update it's can be unlock all hero for free
Hello i love this game it has cool graphics and heroes theres ay map when you play ay map it will give you ay 50 gems if you end the batte and ay forgot what map it is but really cool game
Wooow i give it five star because this game its so cool you can play world boss endless mode and even hero dungeon
The games pretty cool! Very smooth gameplay and great to kill time. however I'm not very contented with champion pricing, a bit too... expensive. But this is just a minor reasoning on my 3 star review. Although it's just my intuition, the main reason I only gave 3 stars is because the character design seems a little too much like League of Legends. BM and Yi/Fish and Fizz literally have the same basic skills. It makes me feel like they're just cheap knockoffs. thus the three star.
This is the best game I have ever played,it's offline as well!,it's so fun and good,but can you add more characters?,I got all the characters,and it's kinda getting boring.Also is the last level on chapter 3 broken?,cus I get 100 gems from beating it,idk if that's normal or not.And the santa character is absolutely amazing.
Game is fun and all but I sign in to a new phone and I cant seem to have my old data back? Start from fresh? I payed for in game items too.
I can't enter to arena it always says, party application detected; please delete and restart the phone to re-login to the game, please help and fix it, i already did that 3 times but it didn't work.
This game makes me happy every time I play it my mind create a beautiful imagination I super like this game but still need a new hero
This app is good very good but its kinda always the same try to revamp some heroes or something but I mean can you make more heroes I got all of them and the skills too pls make new skills for hero but that's all I recuest but overall 10 out 10 for mee keep the great job
hai...i want to say..this game is the one and only game offline that can make your stress gone...i have play this game around 9 years.i suggested to anyone to play this game....but i have one suggestion about this game..how about if you make monkey skin,cause i love use monkey....and samurai ofcourse,please make monkey a skin....not just me but all player that use monkey will appreciate it.. thanks for make this incredible game,,πŸ˜‰ #Monkey King..#Stay at home..
Please Add More Heroes, I Can Only Use Samurai Because The Game Crashed, I Had To Restart In Order To Play It Once Again...
This game is actully good and i have played this when i was 7 and notice that gems are rlly high so would u kindly reduce the hero cost of gems were not expecting to pay to win here
theres a lot of heroes and i love it,but heres one reason why i rate this 1 star,settings requires internet and google play account just to open,if i can rate this -1000,id love to,devs are trash at this
This is the best offline games I've played, but there are a few bugs in the ranking and getting gold in normal mode, but overall it's good so I'll give it 5 stars
The game is really fun until you get just a little further in the begging then its not now its to damn hard! Please sort it out!!
Not gonna lie one of the best stickman action games I've ever played the grinding system is really damn good it won't let you down and a whole lot more, the only issue I have in this game is that the FPS in it, it's smooth and all but when theres a lot happening in your screen then it gets kinda laggy because of the fps and all that, again a really nice game I wish you guys can keep it up making this game better and please optimise it or do something about the FPS in the game.
This game is so cool! I always play this when EVERYDAY even I play this game when I was 7 years old! I found this game when I was 7 years old But now I'm 10 years old now! I'm still playing it!! Love your game so much!!!! ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
The gameplay is good but the thing which makes this game irritating is those ads which comes after every click of the icons.
this game sux bc its not working on me phone really huh when one day ago its working now its not working and the controlls are broken bc when i tuoch noting it moves
This game is so fun but can you add more characters to the game pls so then it's more exciting and can you make the characters like samurai with long range and when you get STK it's even longer and can you give ninja a STK skin because it would look sick
Can you bring back the 2 player mode ? I'll rate 5 stars and happily share your game through all my socmed.
I like that game because it's so smooth an very nice and I'm not having any problems at all and I hope this game will get better soon.
Over all the game is grate but don't buy the ninja pack the comes with 400 gems because when I did it gliched and stole my $$$
I got 35 percent of legendary characters. And on Christmas occasion which is coming soon on 25th December I will purchase Santa Claus and 7th December my Birthday will come. So merry Christmas to all the players and every one and Γ—Γ—Γ— STAY SAFE Γ—Γ—Γ— THANK YOU ......
Game is good, but WHY would it want me to waste green gems? I was going to buy Hellfire Gus skin but it forced me to open treasure. Also the game is VERY GOOD! even though it made me waste gems and also i'm a ROBLOX player lol and i got wanted 11 times on Jailbreak
I like this game that you know why because I don't think it's very cool we get to do everything in the like upgrade your character it's awesome but I wish everything was a little bit cheaper you know but it's okay I can deal with itbut when it's a lot money and then like it's very hard to get the stuff and like I think it's probably will give people for three star one star because everything is so much like hard to get cuz it's so much money you have to get for it and it makes it hard for the ga
Its fun amazing and endless good work on it can you add a buff on all skins cause samurai has a skin that has a buff so pls cause so all hero skins wouldnt be just for looks cause sometimes it feels kinda a waste of gems so plss add a buff for all skins
Wow this is cool! But theres wrong it's the if u want gem u will press the ad but it's just two gem why the ad is so long and the gem is just two why?! Why?!
I'm Playing this game years ago and I stop because of coin drop killing my device but now I got a new device which it can handle fps drops and coin drops. Btw I'm waiting for the ghost event
I love this but game there are levels that are very hard that I can not play but i think this game pretty much nice I think who loves this game is that they are fan of fighting
This is the bast game because there is one chapter that gives you 100diamond and I keep going there and also please add some new hero's
AMAZING. Let me just say that this is the best Offline game I have ever played in my entire life. The graphics are cool although I know that the the devs can make it better. The lvling and earning money and gems are very fair. JUST AWESOME. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME.
this is so amazing app game i love it i can buy all the heroes with games in chapter 3 i love itπŸ’—πŸ’—
This game is fun ez to controle but i had 500 gems and then it made me wast 100 give me my gems back NOW i will rate 1 star GIVE ME MY GEMS BACK NOWWWW
This game is awesome. It is free to download and has good grapics,only missing in this game is personal achievement in the game not in google,to have some other rewards that is rare, we players hoping for new good update of this game, hope you make a good improvment,this game is not perfect but i like it so much.
Love the game so much it is well made I love getting the five star characters and leveling them up but I don't like how u have to buy the area mode or if u don't for me it just keeps saying error
Add all hero in league of legends hero and add more and more chapter and increase the graphics into ultra graphics and fix the characters motions to attack and movement thats all thanks.........
Nice! Its look like League of Legends but when i allow in the start its bugging its always showing Loading loops plsss fix it
Most addictive game I've downloaded, nothing wrong with it, absolutely no issues with ads, and the gameplay is REAALLY fun and cool.
The game is really good but I keep getting loot then it's not in my inventory idk if Its supposed to do that or if it's a glitched
Good!although I'll wish to have a local multiplayer so we can all play to our family or friends,and especially listen to our opinions and issue.Thank you very much! But...the ad are too long when I open my wifi/internet,it has a super long ad that,it's so long it's even take 3-5 minutes and I can't skip too!it doesn't even have a reward so I'm just re-opnening it...I don't know whether you read it or not but,I just wanna say my opinion.Thank you!
I cannot access the Arena anymore. Every time I try it tells me that there is a 3rd Party Application that is installed that I need to delete. I'm not sure what the application is. Would appreciate if you looked into it and gave feedback. Thank you.
I got sumirai and ninja on chapter three becouse there is a glitch on the last level of chapter3 you get 100 gems if you beat the last level of chapter 3
wow good game but sorry its not just good as raid shadow legends but good game!😘 when u buy new heto like samurai ninja or toaist its ok! beacuse when ur at stage 3 pick ur lvl 1 hero and start lvl up 5 stars thank you!😍😘😘😍😍
This is one of the best stickman games i've ever played,it's addicting,it's fun to play,the controls are decent as i was hoping for,the gameplay is great,and the difficulty is balanced though the problem is it's kind of laggy even if you have a high-end device(i have a 2gb ram device)because the game itself isn't really optimized for the devices to run smooth,even while enhancing your equipments it lags so you should priotize on optimizing this game but overall it's still a great game keep it up
I would give it 5 star but the problem is that when you try to recover your data 2 times it say operation too frequently and I have a BM with 5 stars and skin and the gem is hell to grind in this game
Probably the best stickman game on the playstore . Very many unique heroes. Although, needs a jump feature(not just in combos and abilities) other than that tiny flaw, really, really good. Good job creators!
why all of the time i need to be online i just gonna get reward have to go online when i will use the settings have to go online when going to crystal raid have to go online what the heck this is not offline that much and its full of ads when online and i have to download 92.67mb a day but when i download it nothing happen no change just nothing and it annoys me two stars until you fix that
Still a good game but they changed it alot since i was here last and i miss the old version please could ypu add a way where you can pick if you want the old version or not
i,m going back to play this year i almost play 3 years but it,s so fun nice number one in game in stickman gameplay..
Best shadow fighting game but the only thing i hate about this game is the price of heroes is too much Sooo..... please reduce the price please
This has amazing characters I like BM the most he's like the most stealthiest one ever your skin is very good I have to give it a five star it's very very good
It Keeps on crashing, seems like a decent game if it stopped crashing after every freaking level. Really annoying to get to the end of a lv just to have it quit on you,I'd like to give this a go,but I will uninstall if this continues.
Yoooooo...... Game devssss.... Got a minute???. The game is wonderful...really really good.. Its just I thought you fix the bug where after playing for a minute or so it always crashes and go back to the homescreen.. Its sooooo annoying...pleaseee do something ...pleaseeeee fix the crash issue pleaseeeeeeee.... PLEAAAAAAAASSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!? LOOKING FORWARD FOR YOUR GREAT SERVICE... HAAIIHOOOO.. Looking forward for more eventss...^Β°^
Its good but the endless mode is too hard too many tanks spawn and is very annoying they spawn on both sides and are a lot of tanks they just can destroy you out of nowhere also pls make it so every final battle the normal enemies cant do a lot of damage its unfair sometimes when normal enemies destroy you
Already finished the game but the gameplayis still too good(for me) I liked the controls having no jumps unlike the other hack and slash... the only thing I dont want in this game is that . No new heroes(latest) but still its a good game U can try it out
I love the game but can you change the arena time to longer I meet people My Level that takes so long to kill so thw time rn is too short
Look ain't nothing wrong with the game but can somebody tell me how to claim gift packs because my I bought my son one and he never received anythingπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
I want this game but i give this 4 star cuz i want voice action wen using 4th skill please add sum voice action and iwant offline mutiplayer so the game is so nice when its done i give this 5 star
I realy love this gameπŸ€—it also fun...my opinion is i want you to add many heroes in this game..pleaseeee.....πŸ™πŸ™i hope you this game have many heroes😍😍
A nice and haed game that make you to play more and you play but intecting thing is you can open many charchat one of my favorite is bm my favorite more vialln and we can play without net so no lag and so so so much smooth go play now
I know its so cool but it always crashes because it says after I finish a level this is what it says. The game your playing is not responding. and then that always happens. so can you please fix the game to have 5 stars thank you.
Really fun game, but the ads after every completed level are annoying and I can't click off most ads and I have to restart the game. Very annoying.
Good good but a little bit lag but fun but it should add more Charaters like red ridding hood πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜› or Something
Why my gameplay is crashing while I use Snapdragon 665 on my phone and all game is OK unless this game? Please fix my problem 😒
I am going to put 5 stars on this only if you fix the event trade cause mine doesn't change. It still stays on the apple event. What will happen to my collected ghost event? I didn't get to exchange it and wasted my time collecting it and that is just stupid and now a new collecting event occurs. Fix it
This game is so fun and cool like B.R.U.H.! I have a request for u, CAN U MAKE A CLAN WHERE U MAKE THE CLAN OR JOIN TO OTHER CLANS AND CLAN WARS PLZZZZZZZZZZZ? And also add the audio settings on u know, "SETTINGS" and make it adjustable. KUTGW (keep up the good work). Thx πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒ Edit: Add character named Joker from Joker Execution plz (to know his look, plz go to his channel) and add jump button thx. Also make the hero party in campaign all modes three hero or four thx😊
Hey dreamsky and all the staff and creator of this game. This is very very enjoyfull game thanks for making this i give you 5 stars. :) please next update, can put some multiplayer offline because i want to challenge my brother. And please more stage and items and hero please. Like support, healer, shielder, and lifesteal item and many more. Thanks. I hope you read my request. :)
This game is great and I am the top global player. I had noticed that their are no new characters coming in this game pls add new characters and give some discount. Pls it is an request .
It is a good game but u experienced one very Annoying bug. When i bought a Deluxe 5-Star Treasure, it didn't show ANYTHING that i bought up in the Equip bar. And i thought "Oh! Maybe i just need to equip it on my hero, Rose!" (Heroes also have stars and Rose is a 5 star Hero ) I thought it can only put on the same or higher star hero, but it still DIDN'T SHOW UP. I ended up buying another 2 5 STAR DELUXE AND AN EXTRA 5 STAR STANDARD. Please fix this. Thank you!
Why this game still haven't new updates i waiting almost 2 years for more heroes, skins please notice this
THIS GAME IS SO FUN I JUST UNLOCKED THE SAMURAI CHARACTER THIS GAME IS FUN EVERYONE PLAY THIS GAME ITS FUN and I also don't care if there is a little bit of characters in the game the game is still fun
Hi developers I have some suggestions on your game Please add some new items like magic items for skills Add new heroes your own concept, Add items that has hp on hit or lifesteal, Add skins from other heroes, Reduce hero price like bm from 800 - 500, Btw this game is awesome and its no boring If you read this comment pls add my suggestion
I love this game! There is glitches and on the activity raid I cannot trade for the prizes with the apples! Needs to be looked at! I will rate 5 stars when this is fixed I've tried emailing yall but i get a return message saying the email is full that yall cant recieve any emails. Please fix i love this game but feel i am wasting time when i cant collect on great items to become stronger!
great game i love it but please add an actual multi player and fix your bugs it would be so nice i prefer this version over the seccond purely because of how it plays
I love this but theres a problem bm cooldown is so high pls can you make it lower pls and can you add blue skin bm to plsssss oh and can you add that who tutorial us in the game like he is the master hero because he teach tutorial right
Bueatful game play and beautiful caraters so good on them quality Man make more of these and more like these
Absolutely beautiful the game is f2p thank you for making this game Great you can replay levels and get gems every win including the replay chapters and levels
League of Stickman is awesome because I have now a Feist, Fox, hunter, BM, Ninja, Zilong, Monkey, Gus, neh Gus is just free hero, Bladey, Athy, and of course my favorite hero is Monk....... Be hosest I hate rating apps but I rate this app because I like this game........... Just yes my feedback and my Facebook is Jerald jeray and send me ok, good......... Bye bye πŸ‘‹ see you soon........