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League of Stickman - Best action game(Dreamsky)

League of Stickman - Best action game(Dreamsky) for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by DreamSky located at Rooms 05-15, 13A/F., South Tower, World Finance Centre, Harbour City, 17 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Tel๏ผš00852-22060092 Fax๏ผš00852-30030133. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is great but there is a bug where ur game will crash everytime u load it. If you go to settings and allow it access to all permissions like phone location and stuff itll work but i dont understand why it needs access to phone
Great game and all but there hasn't been nothing new in this game in over a year it's like the devs gave up on these games they have alot of games but haven't added anything new
I used to love this game and when i downloaded it back it started over i spent over 40 dollors on this game all for nothing i hate this game
They need to work on stability. The game is very laggy and sometimes crashes. Overwise its a solid game for sure. Edit: its mostly multiplayer. it takes a full minute or 2 before the menu pops up for it as well. Another (minor) problem with this game Version (meaning out of all 3) this 1 doesn't show up in pending updates for all apps with updates available. Note: I dont know if this problem happens with the other 2 Anyways i do love the game. It just needs some work done still
I give 5 star because its nice but my problem i cant login when i login its says to me login failed pls help me to fix this dont know how to fix Pls Help Me To Fix This im sad cant join multiplayer :(
The game is good, but are a few problems. First, when I get knocked down by the cannonball guys or the big red enemies (I don't know what to call them), and if they are a huge number, then I can't stand up as they are continuously firing at me, knocking me back again and again and slowly draining my health to zero, not giving me any chance to fight. Second, the Arena is a bit broken. I have about 11k strength, but I encounter enemy having below 5k strength or above 20k strength, which is unfair.
I lost my all progress after change or detele this app. LOL. DreamSky you should upgrade your game like another games. wht the hell game you do if can't save it. Fix. ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸโญโญโญ
Can make an easy/normal/hard when ever i get a new character, i have to go back to the first level and redo everything i already did which feels like a grind and boring to do. With modes at least im not doing the same thing. and/or add a way to level up the characters automatically so they are as powerful as the high leveled characters. please consider doing one of these.
I love this game i first play this 2017 sep but i stop at 2019 i play again but i think๐Ÿค” big. about Could add some Spell's Like sprint ,shield and Lightning strike, Add new some hero Like Viegar as Cylops.
Very cool game! But there's a problem. Every 3-4 min after completing the chapter the app suddenly has stopped and my rewards got lost :( ... Please fix this problem for Android 4.4.4
good concept boring after a while due to progress being so slow paced and it being based around pay to win
I already bought this, but I tried to connect it to my account in the free version and it said restart the game, I did it but nothing happened, I hept on restarting it but nothing happened. Is this game legit??? Please reply, I love this game and i dont want to quit.
Idk why you need location permission and the game keeps stopping without it. So I just uninstalled it.
Definitely the best for it's kind, tried some similar ones and always got back here. New game mode, characters, and equipments keeps on being added from time to time. Data recovery works awesome. Got some ads, but very acceptable, definitely not an ad crazed app. I do wish for co-op to be available again thou. Doesn't need to be via internet or same wifi hotspot if it's too much, even bluetooth is acceptable. Hope you can consider this bothersome request. Either way, keep up the great work :)
game has style i have to give it that , it looks flashy and feels great to kill hordes of enemies with special attacks , but skilled based , it is not , its just mindless button mashing and hoping you kill the enemy before they kill you. and upgrading characters to just to much of a pain . if they made it less grind heavy and add more depth into the gameplay , hell this could be one of the great mobile games but as it is , its just slightly above average
cool game, simple and fun. 2 things keeping it from a 5 star game. lots of buying options all the screen. I find myself accidentally clicking on them a lot. clumsy ui, feels like pay 2 win kinda game. fights start to lag if too much is happening. there's no settings menu but they have sound settings.
League of stickman is an action game, for images, visual effects, and animation effects is quite simple but interesting, there are several characters you can have. To power up characters is quite easy but you have to be diligent in farming, but in this game there is no auto mode, so I have to keep playing it, in the game you will be spoiled with a fairly action-packed gameplay, before playing you can choose 2 characters that will fight, one character that will play characters, and one as a support and substitute, each character has several skills and is accompanied by ultimate skills. This game is pretty cool. ... to want to see the reviews of other games can check my instagram @ lemon_sugar_076
Can you bring back the 2 player mode ? I'll rate 5 stars and happily share your game through all my socmed.
The graphics are just shades of black, and the gameplay seems to be very repetitive with no new twists once in a while. The English is broken in some areas... I guess this just isnt my type of game
I downloaded this game four days ago and im already in love with it. Its very good to kill time and its hard so you will be playing a while till you can defeat all the elite enemies. It has really good gameplay but graphics could be better but for a stickman game beter than most, one thing you should fix is the graphics. otherwise a very very good game 100% recommend download.
This are a nice game but thers only one problem if you battle the boses you cant win and you dont get even 5 gems by playing a level ofwer why nit fixs that and i also like the roos she destroy the enemies fast thanks
honestly, i really like the game, i used to play it a while back and ended up coming back to it. the thing is i recently made a purchase and bought the bm pack thinking I'd be getting the character and i was planning on buying a few others but after i made the purchase i tried to play as him and it still saud he was locked. i don't know where that money went.
Great game... I was lookin' for... At first I was stunned with the graphics & the gameplay. But after buying another hero the fun got doubled. I can play with 2/3 heroes at the same time. But because of being dungeon game it's not that kind of fun. But, yet it is really fun.... The gameplay is hard & it makes the game realstik. Although great game. THNX.... ;)
i love the heros and there attacks bow shooter fire swords magic powers its cool that's all I have to say
This game is so good thank u for making it love the graphics and it's very challenging I've been playing this game for years and nothing has changed it's still the best game I ever played โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ
Not even worth a cent, if you really wanna play it just wait for the sale just letting you know it's so bad.
Everything needs a Google login it took me three weeks to get 999999 coins for ninja packs and its telling me to sign in for ninja and even if we want to defeat world boss we need to sign in.And if we want to buy gems or coins we need to pay almost 1999 for 400 gems you know how costly that is๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ
It's a good game but there's no save data when I want to switch phones and the game is not optimize enough.
Every single character in the game are basically ran-sacked from league of legends But it makes up for it's un-originality with it's fun gameplay
I played this game 2018 Or 2019 I loved this game but it started to get boring but I decide to play it again because I just want to get back my memories from this game :)
This game is good but it is not updating yet and not adding new heroes and skins as much as you can. I like this because I already played this game years ago.
It's not an auto save progress, I got mad since my progress of the game didn't save, all of those time will be just a waste
Well this game is good it just doesnt get update frequently and the newer league of stickman especially since it didnt get updated from 1 year to 2 years.
This game was like my favourite game in my childhood but it's very hard to get diamonds so I suggest you save up and I highly recommend for those people who has nothing to do. I gave this a 3 stars because it was hard to get diamonds and it was very hard to defeat.
Its always buggy. I don't know if the dev are always slacking cause every dev of Dreamsky is inactive and less interactive to their customers and fans. You can't even update you page daily. You can't even update the app every two weeks. Maybe the business is down. Do all your best, goodluck! I hope you can fix everything.
I Just Wasted 3 Dollar For This Game This Game Is Trash Graphics Are So Bad Gameplay Is Not Good So Slow To Play WASTING MY TIME I Recommend Dont Download This Game This Game Just Wasting Your time and money
after a good amount of time on this i can say it is worth. gameplay ramps fast so to keep you going you farm to get high end loot (if using this version you get more gems just by playing). 2 characters are great and each feel different and a great example is gus and sven both are one stars but play completely different. 3 the graphics and nice with the the black with neon colors to show you where you are and the skins make you look sweet but are very pricy. so this ge gets all 5 stars!
Pretty cool game, it has a simple fighting mechanic, pretty cool characters, and overall a fun, simple, yet addicting stickman game
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Edit: Yes, thank you for adding new contents for us. I really like the new challenge and heroes. Also the new costume for Fox has an issue. Everytime I try to use "normal attack" the game just freeze and crashes, skills are working fine without problem. It's just the normal attacks that keep freezing the game, but when I revert back to default costume the game doesn't crash when I attacking normally. Please fix this issue devs, thank you.
To my knowledge, there are 3 versions of this game on the appstore, and they're all practically identical (2 costing money). I don't know what you guys are up to but I don't like the look of it. There's too many of these games on the app store for it to be legit... Oh, the game: 1 star. It's the same thing over and over with no point or goal. Next.
Probably one of the best android games out there. I always come back to play and one of the FEW apps to make it onto my homescreen as a shortcut...that's saying a lot. Good feel and animations, satisfying gameplay even if just grinding the same level over and over. That's a very impressive feat for any game. I will definitely be doing in-game purchases to support their cause.
I 've been playing this game for years and i still think its the best game ever based on League of Legends BUT the game has many bugs, not uptaded tutorials(the game tells me to press at the wrong place based on past uptades)and also there is no sound settings on the main screen. The game overall is really really good and slow(unless you give money to buy the packs).I am a bit dissapointed that there aren't many skins for all the characters and no settings menu on mc (i want to disable the text)
First of all This game is very addictive..But one thing is the problem.. I bought a skin for my character Fox..while offline ..and when I played it while using the skin..I didn't even manage to click the controllers..the game will stop and exit..and I tried to play the character with skin while online the will still stop..To think that my device is an updated gadget...so i will end up looking on my home screen..DreamSky company PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM.
ADS ARE SO ANNOYING! Thought paying for this will remove ads that appears after completing a chapter but it didn't! WHAT A SCAM!
Fun game, but there are some significant problems. For me there was no possibility to upgrade top tier characters to Max level. Timing of events is not always consistent and there has been no response from the company for help or a fix. Would love to play it more, but hard to play knowing you can't Max out all players and developer doesn't care to answer emails.
Ok first off, I feel this game is falsely advertised. 'Great Graphics?' Where? Oh you mean the background. Anyways gameplay-wise is what saves this from I 1 star but some problems can be found. Gameplay feels repetitive and bosses are just big normal enemies. Campaign? No story. It gets...boring. You might argue, 'But it's a great time killer, right?' and yeah, you're not wrong. But to me it's just your standard beat 'em up with a new coat of paint. And plus, THEIR IS BARELY A TUTORIAL. Im out.
Its very good game, i love it a lot, so i played it for about 4 days and it good to kill time, i myself found it hard and very good, i rate it 5!
i like this game well enough, I mean, I bought it didn't I? What I,m just scratching my head over, is if there is an explanation on the differences on this PvP vs the 2019 version. because the 2019 is twice the size of this one, and I would hate to have lost money buying the lesser version of the game... Any explanations the DEVS could give out? thanks for the explanation! great game BTW!!
I buy heroes taoist 10 USD then suddenly when I open the game, it says "connecting failed', it's kinda sort of bug or something. I really like this game since when I were a child and pls fix this I want to play more.
I like this game it's really satifying playing no lagging easy to play it and also mg brother like it and so much Marvelous Reward. I hope u add more hero that we can play and add skin too be cuz my Feist and ninja dont any skin i hope you add some skin dont forget to add hero too :)
Great game! Its really addicting and fun to play,I played free version up until now.Only thing that bothers me is how repetitive chapters are, and lack of things to do in-game. I suggest adding more things in campaign/story mode (like more maps,new enemies and more mini bosses).I would love to see Pc version of this game because this game has potential!