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League of Stickman 2020- Ninja Arena PVP(Dreamsky)

League of Stickman 2020- Ninja Arena PVP(Dreamsky) for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by DreamSky located at Rooms 05-15, 13A/F., South Tower, World Finance Centre, Harbour City, 17 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Tel:00852-22060092 Fax:00852-30030133. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Allright, fun at start but extremely repetitive. currency takes absolutely forever to farm, and it absolutely shocks me that some packs cost 40$ for a single character, and they have about 20 characters... almost a full ps4 games cost for a game, for a single character in a game that you can see everything in 2 hrs. honestly just play the trial for each character then be done, gameplay doesn't advance it just gets bigger numbers that outgrows the characters you can use without money.
its a really good game and i enjoyed playing it. and another thing good about it is that you don't have to rely on microtransaction completely! its very fun to play. tons of new challenges made it even fun. buying the characters isn't that hard too which i really loved about this game. wish the other games were like this. keep up the good work!
Games rly nice! one of my actual favorites tbh, but it would be really cool if there was some Multiplayer, i want to play it with my friend, we both play it and want co-op or live pvp with a invite system, not going to bargain u with a "if u do dat i'll giv u 5 star" because the review it's about saying what u think and giving suggestions. Well, that's it game 10/10 and i can't wait for the full version of League of Stickman 2. Thanks for reading, and cya!
This game is trash i mean come on the pvp is only 1 minute long and the matchmaking is broken, you're always paired up with higher ranked players and you have to pay in order to buy tickets to play pvp. Next time you make games please consider being good, skilled and smart developers.... alas you're not.
Ill give you three stars cuz when I play bladey she easily gets stunned by large opponents and please enhance her dissabling abbilities cuz I easily get destroyed using bladey if im stunned even once, please enhance her shes my favorite hero.
i got lag when coin and characters and enemies and effect droped at the same time and it freezes too but my device is snapdragon 662 and still cant handle it
was having a great experience with the game. I made a purchase for a character and never got him on top of that the order somehow placed twice and still I never got that character. Im okay with playing the game naturally but I won't be purchasing anything in this game or any of their other games until I can hear from a developer and her this resolved.
This game is amazing!!!But,please add new hero Developer that is,Whitebeard and have a power same as Whitebeard based on One Piece anime.
The game is really fun to play and I enjoy overall mechanics of the game. The only issue I have is that the game is locked to one landscape orientation, it is still locked even after enabling "Auto rotate" on my phone.
Can we have a way to make equipment that saves up space? Something like fusing two peaces of equipment into a stronger one? We really need a way to clear up the inventory that's not selling! Maybe a enhance option is needed along with some fixing of the frame rate.
I like this games bc you can battle lots of creatures. I don't know how to collect a daily bonus and I don't have many coins! I don't like it when I'm on the last part of chapter 4 bc I keep on getting killed and I don't know why!
I like the game but some of the characters looks pixilated and others look like 3d and can you guys update the main menu and i think the game need more characters i really think some characters need a remodel
It WAS Addictive, really good controls, it is an amazing game that gives you the ability to grow even without paying, you just need to play and play! It also has a very supportive team. If you need help they will assist you almost immediately! I love it! Great job Thank you!--- NOW IT DOESN'T WORK!
Pls whoever made this game! Make it multilayer offline.... Like (wifi hotspot) so that we can enjoy playing battle with other friends. I spend 30,000 diamonds(30,000 pesos) 1year ago for this game.... I Will forgive you if you just make it a wifi hotspot game.... Like bomb squad,Special forces group, and other games that has offline wifi hotspots... Plssssssss
well, the game is not too shabby, liked the characters, fluid controls and combat is pretty much satisfying, the only problem with the new update is the sound effect doesn't play, it made the gaming experience pretty much boring (i really hope the problem is from my device)
"This game is one of the best stickman game out there." This and many more high praise comes to mind when I think of this game ... but that changed when i tried the new update. The copy of chapter 101-110 is absolute trash, due to the fact it does not function as it should. The enemies are weaker than chapter 100 and even chapter 99, the experience point and coin gain are both miniscule if not nonexistent. I won't even bother with it anymore. For the' bug fix' it was actually the opposite.
I love the game, but I have recently obtained Rose and her skills need to be fixed. Her 2 skill won't hit enemies unless they're outside the range of the skill or behind her. Her 3 skill won't hit enemies that are right in front of her or where the sword falls but it will hit enemies off screen or almost off screen. Rose needs a fix on her skill hit boxes
It's a fun and great game that may have a few in app purchases but it's really fun even if you don't buy anything. Ok while this game may still be great I have noticed that money I've spent in the game to get in game items hasn't been counted even though I have the logs of the purchase in my purchaae history, but in the actual game what I have purchased is nowhere along with any of my progress
please bring co-op multiplayer back I will make it 5 stars if it happens and please fix the sound effects it stops when another sound effect is newly activated but i still love the game so please fix the issue of the problem. thanks for putting effort on fixing all our problems. this is the best game ever.🤣🤣🤣
i think something that could be changed would be the controls and the items. i wish it would be a joystick so you feel more alive. the items are very tiny, specially on a phone. but excluding that, its a good game up
This game is very fun and I almost unlocked unlocked every character by fighting the chapter 3 boss when I defeat the chapter 3 boss I get 100 gems
Chapters are giving only 70 to 80 k maximum whereas the equipment upgrade is too expensive moreover nightmare takes too many times game play to give one element too much time consuming.
I like this game and have been playing since I was nine except when I finnally decided to spend money on it.... It crashed and Im really mad now because it didn't count my $2 purchase for the gemini pack. So then I tried deleting the game and re-downloading it. But it didnt have my save data because the game doesnt tell you that u have the option to save! This game is a rip off and I dont recomend it to anyone who plans to pay-to-win. Until somebody fixes this I wont play EVER again.
This game is fun but there is a bug...when I play in chapter 3 the last one we can get 100 diamonds and that's why I almost get all of the hero pliz fix it
i love this game, so much fun. hours of gameplay and great loot source. and amazing characters. one issue i found was the game would run slowly or whenever i got into a battle it would freeze every 6 seconds. thia could just be because of my phone but i hopw they can fix this.
I love this game so much. Ok lets go to the story So I play this game When i was done playing this i watch youtube and i search about this game and lot of people hacking so i hack this game from first. But i realise all gems and coins and skin is already mine and it turn and turning into a boring game so i decided to delete the hacks and i play peaceful. So the game is not boring and i will play this game everyday but not everyday because theres module hehe I will give ths 5str. pls fix the cdk
This game has so much potential to being even better but the creators aren't adding anymore cool new stuff to the game. I need more heroes,modes,skins, and better graphics for example like not even the enemies look intimidating they just look like black shadows. I already beat the game all I need is new stuff and now I'm bored.
my game is always crashing. when im about to fight against boss and especially on pvp my game crashes. my runs and tickets are only waisted. i hope you can help me out with this problem. i enjoyed your game, but this crash is only the problem. i give 5 stars cause i really enjoy this game badly. hoping you could help me out with this problem. thanks DreamSky
i love this game soooooo much! before i was playing this game, but when i reached chapter ten the game gets hard and i don't have enough gems to buy the hero that i want so i unistalled it. But now im ready and eager now, i gonna reinstall the game, but i have a problem what is the difference of league of stickman pvp and league of stickman 2019? what is the best to install among the two? please answer me
Compared to most stickman games this one would probably be the top because of its good graphics, excellent interface. However if I could request some changes it would be that all characters get outfits and that not all the quest require an internet connection. But thanks for the awesome game💪💪
For the Developer, your game too much stuttering in many cases, mainly when there's a lot of characters, coins drop, items drop, executing multiple skills etc... Despite my gaming device is using greatest Snapdragon 855+ , still can't handle your simple 2D graphic game. Honestly, please improve/optimize your game since i really like it. Thank you!
Pretty laggy in levels and when certain abilities are used with characters, I hope you can fix this because I've enjoyed this game for years now
Reason for rating this game is because now I have an issue with it not working and force closing on start up due to when I use my wi-fi or mobile data the game forces closes, this happens even when I'm mid battle .. Another issue I am experiencing is that none of my achievements go up although it tells me I unlocked a new one .. I've unlocked about 12 achievements on this game and not one has sync toy google games profile to level up .. This here is frustrating .. Fix It Please !!
Game itself is actually really good! However, I have only one problem. and that is "the way how we save our progress". It's a little disappointing 'cause the save file is only on local devices. What's the point of connecting to Google Play Games if the progress can't be transferred and played in a new device or other device? I hope that this can be done. But overall, great game!
Please focus on game fps count or game stability not on game content I have 4 gb ram Snapdragon625 but this game not running smoothly we want your game to be known and in order to do that this game needs improvement not in content but the playing capability, I always experiencing this lag with STK samurai with 100% crit, because what's the point of having too many content if your game is always unplayable because of the lag spike I will rate this game 5 star if this game improve its FPS.
Please focus on game fps count or game stability not on game content I have 4 gb ram phone but this game not running smoothly we want your game to be known and in order to do that this game needs improvement not in content but the playing capability, I always experiencing this lag with STK samurai with 100% crit, because what's the point of having too many content if your game is always unplayable because of the lag spike I will rate this game 5 star if this game improve its FPS count.
Please focus on game fluency not on game content, because what's the point of having too many content if your game is always unplayable because of the lag spike I will rate this game 5 star if this game improve its FPS count
Really love the game. The only thing I'd change is either save integration with the free version. Otherwise, great game. (Edit because I said that prematurely, you get gems pretty quickly in this version and you get the upgrade crystals easily as well)
Please add Google play game services to save progress in a more traditional manner rather than facebook and thanks for reading our suggestions and complaints to further enhance your game also I have sent an email but started it with ''League" so it may becsent to wrong email, as I said I have lost my progress and purchases but have the reciepts on my purchases which should be proof enough
I can't open the app anymore it sucks if available I'd rate it a 1/2star ugh if you fix this I'll rate it good I'll explain my problem it's when I open the game it and suddenly changes my screen to play store ugh it sucks
This app is very good!! 😂😂Even after playing mobile legends with your 4 lose streak in ranked mode you can still play this game!! My favorite hero is athy because she looks like miya from mobile Legends and gus also looks like tigreal. Im not compairing those games but I still like it hahahahhah its very similar to mobile legends with some of its characters!!
I just hope league of stickman 2 has 1 ranking list for the whole world and not different ranking lists for various spin offs of the same game. I found it unfair when discovered different ranking lists for different versions of league of stickman. like oh I'm #1 in my country ranking list. only to find out my name doesn't show on the free version or pvp,I'm only on the ninja version. I had to play the free version again just to rank there.
I love this game. Id recommend it to anyone that likes mobile games. Ive spent some money already in the game and have zero regret. That said it still has some flaws. Like when the game crashed when you use default attack on the Fox skin. Or when it shows you have no connection to the game when you actually do. DreamSky is one of the few people on mobile that I like and follow.
❤😙 thank you for such good games like this i hope you make it better , i gave four stars cause ads are approaching me and the characters are so much expensive with diamonds....i wanted free 100k diamond adds its cool i promise....just play this game right now
I played this game 2 years ago and had aa account that has many stuffs on it. Now I reinstalled the game on a sale a week ago and my account is gone. Can't retrieve it using Google Play either. But I always enjoyed this game and looking forward to play it again anytime after all the updates this game had.
One of the best games I've ever played, that is now buried under greedy practices and stupid decisions like not adding a "graphics menu" to deactivate the blue circles that appear every single time you touch the main screen. I used to love this game, but right now, with all these stupid re-releases that add nothing to the game, with the unnecessary grind to unlock everything, and obviously all the pay2win stuff. Good concept, bad final result.
Crashes after winning a crystal raid every time & doesn't give me the rewards I earned. Veru irritating. Plus there's a new annoying loading thing that takes forever when I'm in the game for no reason. Plus it takes more than 30 presses before I actually get to go to settings & cloud save.
Addictive, really good controls, it is an amazing game that gives you the ability to grow even without paying, you just need to play and play! It also has a very supportive team. If you need help they will assist you almost immediately! I love it! Great job Thank you!
Game will not open if i have wifi or mobile data on, and since the only way to get hero tokens and level up my sprite and get pvp gear and stuff like that is online, the game is now getting annoying to play. Please fix it because right now all there is to actually play is campaign.
i have worked so hard in this game. But upgrading heroes and getting soulstones is turning out to be a major hassle. Developers please note: in hero dungeon, kindly add more of ninja and samurai.I see BM, FOX, CAPTAIN and all the others almost every week. even in endless mode, you hardly get samurai or ninja soulstone which is very frustrating. All I get are bladey, captain, kalpa and crappy soulstones which I do not want. kindly do something about Samurai and ninja. Keep the game fair.
Nice and really addictive game but need to be add a lan multiplayer and online multiplayer mode and auto Google save system because once i lost my progress that o maded by playing 10 hrs every day that maked me uninstall this game....
I love this game I'm just gonna to this 5 stars if you change elite gems (I'm not sure about abyss gems because I don't kill that boss)because I just get 10 gems like normal mode I'm just disappointed of that gems that I get but in normal mode chapter 3 the last level I get 100 gems so I played again and again that part so pls fix the game
I downloaded the game and then the payment was cancelled on a few days but i notice i didnt cancel it and my money didnt go back please fix it
I will give this 5 star but plss make the game more exciting and why is celestial palace is very very veryyy lag????
It's really a fun game to play BUT it's too heavily based on paid MTX to progress in the game. You can earn a gem here and there playing the game but you need 1000s to buy other characters, which really can only be earned by paying for gems. It's completely Pay 2 Win and unless you enjoy that you should try another game.
Good game I recommend it also for gems you could a replay chapter 3 final level over and over again it will give you 100 gems each time
Its a good game but I can't see a language setting i can't understand the words im just guessing how to exit and to buy skins
Im thinking about the arenas are those real players that im fighting or just a bot im confused on how can i pause a battle during in a arena match only pls make it a real player 1v1 battle online not bots pls so it will be a great experience and fun.
File System access to save game progress? Yeah, no. Android provides internal storage to each app for that, so I'm not trusting that. Additionally asking multiple times for location access doesn't exactly make the app more trustworthy. 1 Star, only, because I have to, to be able to rate it, even though I couldn't play it.
Don't know why such game is paid, animations and looks are not appealing to the eye plus you might not understand what's the game for... and the most important thing is that it has no story to know what you are doing.
This is one incredibly satisfying game! The only downside is, you can't continue your game progress on a different device. You have a cloud save, why is it you can't transfer data to a different device! Please! Make a way for the players to truely be able to save their progresses!
1 star because of low quality of graphics i hope the next version may contain high quality of graphics
I need to actually play the game the game keeps lagging out on me and an I can't even get to the main screen so creators if you see this PLEASE FOR THE LOVE ALL THINGS THAT ARE GOOD FIX IT.
I'm currently downloading it now... It's my 28th install to different devices it's fun to play this game 👍