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League of Stickman 2-Sword Demon

League of Stickman 2-Sword Demon for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by DreamSky located at Rooms 05-15, 13A/F., South Tower, World Finance Centre, Harbour City, 17 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Tel๏ผš00852-22060092 Fax๏ผš00852-30030133. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Don't get mad at me cause a lot of people said this but the new update you can't play it was really fun it would be 5 star
Ye I'll give 1 star because when I download it again. It does a flashing screen and says "loading" and when I press it doesn't plays and do the same thing. Please fix it
Hello dream sky! I love this game! Well, i used to. I got a new phone so i tryed to signed in with my google account but it wouldnt work! Please fix it.
I would really give this game a 5 star but i have no idea why there are two games but the game is nice its enjoyable to play and nice to kill time
League of stick man 2 improved in a lot of ways from it's predecessor, however it gets a low rate from me on the count of not having the character feist in the roster. I also prefer the rendition of the monkey character from your first game better. And also, this game is buggy A.F. but honestly that wouldn't matter to me if u guys included my boy feist, the steel fist guy is pretty nice but honestly doesn't make an adequate replacement.
I tried opening the game but it keeps showing me the message of downloading files with mobile network. I'm totally fine with it but the message keeps popping up after accepting it many times.
The game is unplayable. It prompted me to download the obb files first and then nothing happens. The loading bar keeps flashing on the screen. I thought it would not work because I am using mobile data so I switched to using WiFi but it's still the same. Can someone fix this. I had played other games from this developer and I notice they don't really pay attention to any feedback from its players but I hope you'll take action on this one.
Great game overall but you need to make it a little bit less grindy with the summoner exp possibly increase it as well boost a few other things please Take this into consideration because i dont want this game to die it has great gameplay sure you need money but the game dosent need to be pay to win i hope you guys see this and not some ai
I love this game so much... But there is still so much bug.. so i give 4 stars, bug what i found : can't teleport to another place, the lenguage still Japanese, and more... Oh yeah... I wish u can fix the server internet connection... Because the signal just down 1 bar... And the game need u to reconnect so make it more... Smooth... ;)
I have no idea why it just doesn't load, when the bar goes full it just closes would change my rate if it works
Fix the damn loading screen EDIT:Loading screen got fixed now I can't even use my old save data that I PURCHASED stuff on!
Origanally 5 star a year ago but now I can't play, that mean the game is not good anymore. I will give five star when it's fixed. And when it is we should get a free character specifically for people who couldn't play.
I REALLY liked the game, but because I couldn't keep progressing since apparently my level was too low, I said ok, you quit on me I quit on you. P.S: I finished the previous game in less than a week because there was no level restriction, unlike the 2nd one, what a disappointmentโ˜น๏ธ
ITS OK. But why isn't a certain hero in altar appearing When I need to summon it The King Is not showing up and I have enough soulstones to Summon King not the Monkey King and he not showing up and the wishing well works now :D
I dont know whats wrong with the servers or why i cant log in, but the servers have been down for days and all of there websites etc are innactive. Almost like they nust closed up shop.
SO MUCH BUG,I don't know what you want (for development) ,why you make a game with a LOT bug 1.you can only 1 time to go at chap 4/7 for playing,after that you can't go back(you must close game and back again) 2.after you disconnect/reconnect what you can see only BLACK screen 3.AND now I can't login with my google (Maybe you banned my account) ,Sorry I give a cheap star because what I got only BUGS ๐Ÿ‘ (if I can give you ZERO star I give that)
The game won't load when I'm on the loading screen and i would like you the dev's fix this, know wondee why you can get it for free.
6 star 1. this game has been like green profile 2. don't cost any money you have 3. flase and broke is not a broke is a bug there never fix bug cuz they need to leatn 4. bruh this game is awsome with new character 5.i know you all in trouble yeah you need to sigh in the google play thats the memory of this game 6. is take to long to downloading this cuz is to many mb is this, i warning you all this is not a joke ok.
The game looks cool but it didn't even make it past the loading screen it will start blinking and don't take it from me others have also experienced this seriously this sucks ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜žand some of us spent money on this some premium game this is ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ค
Love this game and it's amazing art style and character wise. Some of the best stickman work I've seen but there is just so much missing. It's not loading anymore, characters and artifacts still not in game and now with the merge, we get kicked from guild everyday.
Honestly the reason why I'm giving you 5/5 is because it's a great game. I really want to give it a 2/5 stars because there is no reason to have two different applications just because there is one charcater that you have to pay for. Just put that into the game. Dont make us download 2 different apps. That is way too inconvenient.
This game is actually really fun and surprisingly better than the first one, however, there are still many flaws. Too many bugs I couldn't keep track of, exploitations, and (to me) way too far "side missions" and "quests" apart from the main missions. Translations aren't good in many texts as well. Although, the characters are really fun to play with and their abilities. Some are okay, others are superior. Other than that, overall a great game. Though not one I'd recommend to others.
When I finished updating it to the latest one (1.1.7) it freaking wont open. Its stuck to the loading screen and it says on the bottom "download obb files" I waited for hours and still not working. Please notice this. When I downloaded it back it only took 40mb The last time it was over 300mb. I don't know what's wrong so please fix it.
FIX YOUR SERVERS. So heres my problem, i've been on the recommended server, says that its in "Fluent state" mind you. Ever since the day i joined it kept getting slower and buggier day by day, the game even dares to tell me i have an unstable internet connection!! It keeps getting worse to this day, to the point where i can barely sign in anymore, also claiming rewards from "arena points" has never worked since day 1, all i get is "exception error" everytime i try to claim them.
I like the game but what happened to the story mode to interact with the characters to defeat the boss i dont know why you guys took it out I hope u add it again overall I love the game
I really like this games,one of my favourite,I hope you can make more char into this game one day and still working on this game.but seems like this game haven't been update almost half of the year,so I hope your community can make this game great again,I miss league of stickman,maybe add more char? Welp,that's it from me,have a nice day
Why i can't log in, i spend lots of money in this game because its so awsome then now i can't even log in im so very dissapoited about this, pls fix this issue and if you don't just give our money back!!!
EDIT: i just noticed the $8500 paywall for an item, Blimey. I am enjoying the game but theres some in game issues that could use improving. There are daily missions that grant points with chests rewarded at certain milestones and it is done well but some missions say they grant 10 points and only grant 5 upon completion.
I really like this game, but sometimes when I go to the other places (like go to the other chapters), the loading is too long even my connection here is good and I waited it and its still loading. Please fix it. Thanks.
Hey so I played the game for a long time and then I played it again and it doesn't work pls fix this it's just stuck I downloaded it again but it still doesn't work
I liked this game in the first time.... But after a few time.... I had to delete it.... Way... too much work.... Please make all the upgrades or everything else less time killing.... "If we do those upgrades, equipping, merging etc. all the time... when are we gonna play???"
The screen gets very confusing and everything seems extremely easy, so far just holding down buttons has gotten me through every level. The visual effects are interesting but gameplay feels boring and poses almost no challenge. There is a ton of variation in attacks, however that all goes out the window when just holding down the attack button kills the enemies within a few hits. I cannot justify paying money for this
Good game but i have a small problem: I want to summon a hero (specifically Boar Lord) but i t doesn't show him in the altar even though i have enough soulstones for him which is 60. It happened when the newest character came, so could it be a bug? If you can look into it, that would be great.
I really love the characters but it look not enough so we need more hero that we all need to collect it
Can't open the game, screen keeps flashing at the beggining. Edit: Well, since the developers are not fixing the game, unistalled
This game have great potential but it also have lots of issues: 1. The English is kinda broken 2. Random loading and the loading takes forever when move between zone on the main map, most of the times the zone doesn't change at all even after I move my character to different zone in the main map 3. It's lean more toward pay to win 4. The matchstick is way too expensive, I'll spend my money if it cheaper 5. Performance issues, sometimes the game froze or slow down even on high end phone
Pretty awesome game when it was active, characters were awesome and I love the variety of things to do in the game, but I haven't been able to login for about a week and a half even after uninstalling the game and resetting my phone. Hopefully the issue is fixed and I can give a better rating but we'll just have to wait and see.
I really like this game. The controls is good, i support this game๐Ÿ’–. please more cool updates๐Ÿ™.
Honestly it's an OK game, but the fact that it uses some files from League (especially at the start, that's definitely Darius from League) is just amusing and just bad.
I decided to give this game a try again but now i cant even login into my account becuz the loading screen is broken and i cant even get in. Many other people have this problem so please fix this error
I like this game. Its very good in continuing the series from the first game. Good controls, simple but very fun gameplay. I only gave this 4 stars because it was very grindy. But overall this is a really great game and i love it
The game is great i played the free version & I loved it so I decided to get this one to show my support for the dreamsky. Keep up the good work.
This geme is amazing Fight demon is our goal Our goal is to Get 100 hero!! Also upgrade your hero to be powerful team up with friends Good luck with League of Stickman
Hey what happened to this game? I came back and see it has 2 stars now, when I installed it I'm stuck to the loading screen, it seems some people have also encountered the problem that I have. Will you atleast like revert the update?
There's no support for players and I'm not saying this because I'm mad but I'm saying it because it's true. So if something went wrong in yourvin app purchases you won't be reimbursed. Sucks right?Dreamsky why don't you reply on the emails that the players send you?.. also is server 15 Elsa working fine? Or I was banned from the game? I've spent so much money in this game why can't I login?
For some reason it's now an online game which makes zero sense. So if I'm out of data or simply no internet connection, i can't play it unlike the first game After connecting to Wi-Fi which works perfectly fine, I'm stuck at a loading screen. I tried relaunching the game and it's just a black screen Total waste of time
It's a really good game, i really enjoy it. But i really think you shouldn't limit how much we play. I have a lot of free time, and i just cant seem to find anything else to do than wait for my tries at the rune tower or other stuff next day. Maybe it's just me being an idiot but i think you shouldn't have limited tries at arena or level limit in adventure mode.
If I could rate -5 stars I would. this game has so much potential but you just gave up on it made it unplayable for 2 months and you refuse to fix half the bugs. You had so much potential these games were so good but it turns out you just can't just a few bugs and you are pure failures. If anyone reading this review wants to play this game just dont. It isn't worth it it's a waste of time for what it is and do not play it it's actually GARBAGE they don't update and the content is trash.
I just love everything about it but the lvling is so hard can u at least make it. A little bit easier
If I could rate -5 stars I would. this game has so much potential but you just gave up on it made it unplayable for 2 months and you refuse to fix half the bugs. You had so much potential these games were so good but it turns out you just can't just a few bugs and you are pure failures. If anyone reading this review wants to play this game just dont. It isn't worth it it's a waste of time for what it is and do not play it
I am a VIP2 player and the game is terribly buggy, the dailies are buggy and it takes a week for the game to fix the bugs making us miss so much dailies with no compensation at all. What's worse is the server A14 Swordmaster that I've been playing became full and doesn't let me join in, and it always says connection error when my internet is doing fine. Hard to enjoy the game so I had to uninstall.
I don't regret buying the game, I love it! Not pay to get at all! My only problem is, ads, everytime I press an ad button to watch ads for rewards, the game crashes, also, Chapter 4 Stage 10 is hard but I think sometime I can beat it.
the gameplay is great, the style is great and it deserves a 5 star but of course, there will be and would be a bug if the game is still on beta so the problem is that sometimes when you press start on the chapter levels, it takes you to the lobby back again and sometimes when you tap to many things, it starts to loading endlessly and you'll have to re-open the game. Overall, the game is great and fun. really worth paying for a great hero and anything you buy in the game. Thank you, Dreamsky.
I bought the paid version in advance for when i have storage space but months later there was apparently an update that made the game unplayable pls fix cant escape the loading screen
This has been said before, but it MUST be said again. This game deserves 5 Stars but ever since a certain update came up. NO ONE has been able to open the game and pass the Loading screen. Devs, if you see this message, please tell us if this is intentional or if something happened. We all would like to keep playing.
This game is fun and it is easy to use. I just don't have enough time to play and keep up with it. I wish I had more time to play it. It stops working after having it for many months.
Now I think twice before downloading this game. This paid version is good but I ignore the complaints of loading cause the real issue here is the Pay-2-Progress or possible Pay-2-Win. Battling other players is an issue especially when they're paying users.
Hey a great game. It's almost like RPG . Now this is important can you update this purchase app because, free app and purchase app version is not same. I try download free app version and Sword demon(hero) just lost. Then I checked the lastest update between this game and free app version is the highest version. Please fix this. I will wait for it. For now I will play free app version.
Lan(the fighter) needs some adjustments. He's B tier yet he doesn't really stand out too much when it comes to skills because of how long they take to recharge. He doesn't even have the double-tap skills too. Pls give him some buffs. (Also, the update really messed up the game, so I came here from the other version of this LoS2.)
I like this game since now I hope someday they will add more heroes I really really like this game.hope you guys add some more features about this game,... something with a hero soulstone that not in the hero Altar I wonder if you guy's add about this hero but hey Nice game, This is a Best stick Games I ever played with such a good graphics I love this game.
Can't download the obb . The "Loading" thing keeps showing up and flashing please fix the bug and error . Good luck on fix.
So while I was Playing i was Level 31 i am on a Guest Acc Cuz i Thought that it was Auto Sign-In Then i Logged out i Pressed Sign-In i Thought it was a Bug So i Re-Installed it and When i Played it I Cant get to my Acc -(2019) i Think its name is Nightmare -(I forgot to Say it When i lost my Acc)It was a Very Good Game Tho... Profile of the Acc: Blood Sword Demon if that what it is called
Game was amazing. Now its broken at initial load screen. And to think this is one of the few games ive ever sank a dime into. Thatll never happen again with this developement company. No game support = no funds. Id give it a zero star if that were a rating.