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League of Masters: PvP MOBA

League of Masters: PvP MOBA for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Lunosoft located at 55, Digital-ro 34-gil Guro-gu Seoul, Republic of Korea. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
its good ..i have completed 1 day of this game and the next day it is not opening just telling "Checking resources".so, please fix my problem plzzz
this is a good game, but still need a lot of improvement especially with the heroes please add more heroes so the player can choose more.
I love this game and if our power is not there therenis a potion to drink for energy its so much good but in start we go so it is fast but is goes slowly so thanks πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜
I like the concept of the game , even after reading the reviews I downloaded and played it , it's not your average moba , few game modes to keep your mind busy , only issue I have is ranked match seem to never get one even after reaching lvl 20 , game is either dead due to the adds , noticed the ranked rankings and the top player has only 10 matches in , so I take it this game is dying out.
Controls are unresponsive.. too much ads.. skills can't be pressed.. this is the most jankiest moba i have tried..
its really easy to play fun hehe its actually so easy because im ml player mobile legends player and its pretty easy to play
Fun and interesting game but start and end game all ads time so not interesting about it so already uninstall this game
Game is goid in some way but theres some few problem...no way to play with friends...multiple of adds...some times bad control but have some benefits...its really really lighter than other games like it...and the characters are cool...equipments work very well...no cheat...this is best...hope for being better...😍😍😍
I happy to know that this is like mobile legend b.b good nice I like it and it takes data as well .plz keep the data 100 mb only don't rise up I request to all who are looking for a game like mlbb this is the one it is better than heroes arena no lack to much good nice.
Game is ok to play on low ram device yet it needs a lot of improvement, there are too many ads, champions are impossible to get, ranked game never loads and there's no recruit friends option, mainly bad game.
best game .the graphic okay but when i play multiplayer its have some problem but i love this game and 1 more thing can you low the download size mb to 99 mb.this game really like MOBILE LEGEND BANG BANG .Γ­ l0v3 thΓ―s g4 m3
This game so cool . But there's that which make bored is that the movement of heroes are slow.If it will fixed the game should be super β™‘
The only reason you get 2 stars is cause the game size is so small. But then again what use is it to have small size when you can barely play. The controls are so slow. And the interface is rather complicated. This game needs to go back to the oven for some more months or maybe year. It wont stand a chance against other games.
Skills can be more smoother.... i dont like how the skill aiming work and how you cant cancel them..... gameplay is rough but if the game can be improve more theres potential in this......
many thing make me scratch my head often. this is the only game that i feel my team al or bot especially normal rank.. previous first ranking jump up really quickly as if they just click damn button and win 20 in few minutes. not to mention they never lost. wth even pro like me still manage lost ( because really weak team) i can't even recall back to base because if i did we surely lost.
Hmm ok but some time it doesn't catch my network and lagg all the time can you please fix servers and networking
Why is the game so small? Why don't you make the game big as the MLbang bang? Please make an update and I would probably change my rate into 5 stars. I would like to highly recommend this, but the thing is, the game is not good enough to play like the other games such as mobile legends and dota, and etc. So please make an update by making the battle field bigger, and make the controlers big, and please put a lot of players in the game. It would be fun if you do so.
This game is good but want improvement So,add more maps,modes and make it 5v5 moba but i love this game if you Update it then i will give you full star and Please do not big the mb size.
The game is awesome but always stuck in checking version please can you fix this because this problem continues from 2 days from now
Not sure if the player base is completely brain damaged or they just use ai in games, but everyone is so bad. Like literally they might actually have brain damage. Decent game otherwise.
this game is good but when i play my team mate is like bot or afk. And i think it need more improvement like you can buy the champion buy can be use by a coin or gem like that. And other one is there's so many ads so my suggestion is uhm remove does ads because its disturbing my time for playing.
make the grafhic l better,last but not least make the map like dota 2 or mobile legend,and the last make 5v5 mode and more heroes.update it faster appcross
Need good network. Slow Loading To much add new version is lol Iam go to delete this game because new version is............ Ffffffffffff
I liked the premise of this game, what destroyed my review of it was when I decided to support it with an in-app purchase. I decided to go big with the Divine Trove for $19.99, purchase confirmed, and I recieved nothing. Next thing I noticed is there is no customer support button anywhere in this game. Hoped maybe there was a delay so I waited one day. Nothing. I'm calling Fraud Prevention immediately.
This is not that much bad game it's good for new players to learn how to play this like game's. We never have to dislike a game it could be not good for you but it can better for any other , since I am giving it 4 star rating
The game is good but the rank is my problem bcos, so delay skill, u play 3 vs 3 but some times ters a bug like wen the game is going and ur enemy or team is missing. Tnx for make this game.
I liked the game but after i closed it. It wouldn't open back up and i really want to play it so please fix this for a 5 star rating.
I'll be quick. There was no tutorial, Ads in my face, The game play was slow and boring, And hard to understand
I am actually enjoyìng this game. But the game is frequently crashing plus the ads sometimes doesnt even work. Playing in rank game is so difficult to match with, thats why im always playing on normal rank.
I think it't noob gameplay Why is not moba game Why must is role playing Ok it's graphics is not good
This game is nothing compared to an moba game I mean no pressure but when I try to write an user name it always says imposible u can't use an nickname and 3 v 3 come on and we can't make builds heroes arena is better then this what I don't recommend league of masters worst moba game ever!
Cmon devs maybe in the PVP just add bots if there is no one playing Damn... no one is playing the game anymore But the AI Mode its ok
Made to whatch advertising controls are horrible game guides are horrible theres non tho lol. U start the game with ads. Completely bs game don't download and waste your time
Okay this is a great game why all of you want to change it into a big map?? This game is hard to make can't you feel the creator heart if your the creator of this game you will be sad right so? Don't change :)
The gme should be in the top 5 best games this game is beast if i was the creater of this game i will be pround that i made this game so play and installe this game it is super beast
Hi i want the developer to answer it, why does the characters is very hard to get. I recommend to have a prize to all character so that the player did not waste to much time to get a character
So stupid, the second u login, there's add, 30 sec add...haven't even play the game...zzz. INTANT UNINSTALL.
nice game.....but its have three downloads so its 2 out of five because laggy and so slow my wifi is not like very low but it's still not working so slow...😯 please fix this problem because it's waist of time so fix this please...i love this game fix it so i give it five star....πŸ‘ good game.....
This game is nice but the controls are very hard to useπŸ˜– thus, why do weed need to reach level 20 for rank game? I have been playing 36 matches and yet, I'm still in level 6πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ. This game is also crashy. plz update this game for me to change my ratingπŸ€—
I do not know why everyone's complaining. I think this is a great game and recommended for all moba players out there.😁😁😁😁
Good improve the graphics like mobile legends ,and you the company who has created league of masters pls create a game like pubg or free fire if it's high mb that's kk but I think that you can do it , πŸ’―% u CAN ,pls create soon as soon as possible,.,.,.if you create I will recommend my friends to download that game keep the name as ( pubg no),(free fire no),(cod no), keep any new name ,. Thanksgiving
The only reason I give it 1 star.. Is because they ask for permission to photos and media.. I dont know why the hell you need permission to to access my photos and media to play a game! Going back to mobile legends.. Thanks!
Useless game, almost all bots. Even skills of heroes are like LOL πŸ˜‚. no one can understand what hero is doing in arena ground. We can't lock target. Kills meaning and range are not defined or not shown in screen.
Stupidest game ever!πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž Better be trash It has low graphics,the enemy is bot, this game should be offline because the enemy and the teams are only bots mobile legends is most better than this game. What a trash🀬🀬🀬
At first it was very good but like two days later it didnt let me play and it wont enter the game and i had to wait ten minutes or more but then it disconnect
I like this game very much this game is very realistic that is why I am giving 5 star but there is one problem that is we cannot buy hero in money so please fix this we want to buy hero in money not in ruby
Ok Let me Get To the point. Please make the hereos can be purchased using the gems... Its hard to save hereos tickets to redeem the hereos... Update The Monthly Login Please
The game is good! Amazing graphics! I love the heroes! Pls update this game cuzz... When i move the joystick the hero will move late and make the map good like mlbb and others thanks
This game is so best . I'm really love this game🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩I'm can't stop if I'm play this game πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°and I'm love this game because didn't lot ads and didn't disturb me to play😘😘😘I'm really like this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really like this game because it has a similarity between Mobile Legends but I don't like playing ML because my phone really lagging and when I play this game it really helps a lot😁
This game is very good but I cat join in online multiplayer it take too long to wait until it has many players please fix and this is the best moba game in my life. Thanks
The abilities dont activate most of the time you tap them (recognizes my tap but wont actually activate even when targets are around). Thats why i stopped playing( stopped after 3 games) has potenial but damn gotta fix that
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make the tutorial skippable. if people are too retarded to know how to play then let them do it. but for people with brains, we don't need a retarded tutorial.
Theres Stamina build in this Game.Unless you Pay up or Patiencely wait for it , this Game just wasnt build to play for a Long term of Period..
I love this game it's awesome and best for the ones who are just beginning. But I hope it have an invite button so that I can invite my friends. Well it also have very less champions I hope you'll add more and more. And can't we chat personaly, well I can't play rank too but I don't care I just love it. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Fun game. Game needs a advanced update game is behind the times of the concept of gaming the game needs a severe update. Game has too many ads on it it prevents the concept of good gaming it's like watching One Giant commercial less ads more game. Game is fantastic when you get past all that game just needs an update to enhance the gameplay to make better gaming.
This game is amazing.Just a few suggestions.There is also an issue.when you attack an enemy Hero near the enemy creeps,those creeps won't stop following and harassing you,same thing happens when near the enemy tower.Please also add a bubble when trying to cast a spell (like of those in the MOBAs) and a cancel button and please make the map clickable to be able to explore more easily than clicking champion icons(its also helpful).And a small suggestion to Jik Nyo,please make her hold the strings horizontally than a harp(which is vertical)
I feel so pity for the one who had already downloaded. It's really horrible game it's called multiplayer game but I have only met AI since I downloaded it(about 5 month ago lv.23) I don't wanna insult much so I just wanna simply say that do not download it.and the hero's and all are good but we are soo slow its like we're using turtle and then after that we can't even use skill unless we use basic attack.
Don't watch adds because You will get nothing , they have 1* 2* 3* hero system means pay to win MOBA , no categories section guess yourself if characters is mm, mage etc . And you have energy through which you can only play this game for sometime then spend money to play game and not only that this moba gives you hero summoning options you can't buy hero on shop you have to summon on luckπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ this MOBA is total fail no one will play it , PAY TO WIN.
This game is an awsome game i have ever played but one thing is i can't play rank matches everytime i try the game back to homescreen i wish to fix that
so lag and controls are not functioning well. delayed! if you fix this and improve the smoothness then i will download it again.
This much ads. Need to remove ads from game. Or may be someday the game will be removed from playstore due to negative reviews.
I wan't to claim the ruby and items by ads...i play 3 times but i can't get it...really plss fix this a have high connection but its not working
What means can play offline mode,when i play and i try to off my internet why say need internet so its not true that can have offline mode much better u say can play without internet
I'd like, play, and make purchases if there weren't so many ads, or at least a removal of ads guarantee by a purchase or two. I'll be uninstalling.
I played it so far and it's so good,by the way this game needs an improvements and high quality heroes skills and HD graphics and more heroes to add battlefield adjustment and Matchmaking,needs some new heroes skills,jungle monsters,buffs make the arena 3 lines,it's very good to add some new controls and new tower field new map or maby the devine bridge and new hero build process and new battlefield background music,hope you enjoy my feedback,i will wait the biggest update in this game
It Is So Bad,It Had Each Ad If Your Online. It Have Also Had Arena Same To MLBB But,MLBB Got 3 Lanes In Arena And This Game Arena Had 2 Lanes.
Its nice app but when i uninstall it in a very long days i dowload it again all of my buying heroes are lost and the only heroes that there are only 2 or 3 if you did not fix the problem i will not download this app disgustingπŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸ˜›πŸ˜›and if I play it there was an ads. Even if difeat and I play again to much ads again
Uhh... It's an ok game but still underdeveloped. Most of the times players are bot ( they will never chase you into jungle ). Graphics are ok. Controls are sometimes unresponsive. And one above all the biggest problem is the unlimited ads. I hope in future it gets a bit better.
Messaged the devs about being unable to do ranked matches, and the fact that no rankings can be seen on the rank list...and I got "Sorry Kally. The rank game matching needs a minimum of six players. so, we can't guarantee the match." Which means I need five friends just to rank match. Because I have waited for up to 30 min at points for a ranked match, and still nothing. Pretty much a trash game. If you want an actual MOBA 5v5 you can actually play ranked matches in, you should look elsewhere.
This game is okay as a miniature size of mlbb but need a lot of upgrade, Graphics, real time PvP matchmaking, more heroes , infact needs many to upgrade and update.
A disaster from the start! The Main Menu is loaded of buttons to get lost! No practice to get started. Story Mode seems lacking, and there's rumors about this MOBA being P2W. Don't know, but gave up.
I started really liking this game but now I can't even log in lots of complaints about this game. Waist of time. Oh and can't even play rank good network but still sucks.
If you enjoy seeing ads. This game is for you. You will have to play a little bit of game in between. But only for short time.
Really wanna try new moba, BUT after login THERE'S UNSKIPABLE 30S ADD!! REALLY??! no tutorial, the summon need to view ads, even receiving mailbox reward need to play ADS. Maybe the hidden name is "Leafue of Ads". Lost interest after that.
The concept is great but tbh it needs lots and lots of improvements. The rank system just won't Match me up. Getting new players is very very very difficultie, either you depend on summoning or wait forever to collect enough gems. The controls are very awkward to handle. And most importantly there are tons of adds, literally tons of adds. You just can't do anything without watching an add. Please improve the game. And yeah the game is noob. There is no real competition.
Hero adjustment maybe example mage mana use decrease when skill level up and warrior hp and defence increase γ€ŠI HOPE THERE IS NEW MAP》 [1 Lane But it have a Jungle]
After ban of mobile legands, I have started this and reached to lvl 20, bt it takes a lot of time for matchmaking, control of game is also very bad, and every time I got the bot as my teammates...
Wow......the controls are just horrible.....wow.....I thought this game would be fun ......what a let down...and also tooooooooooo many advertisements .
Game in such size plzz improve the ads system and great graphics and increase team size .overall keep improvingπŸ‘
This is the worst ADS simulator i have ever seen . This game need to be taken off the store and people should be paid to play this simulator .
The think that I give this game three stars because .In this game there is no MPV just play,play and play and in it had lots of ads plz put update of some new heroes and put voice chat so when the game will update my friends where playing too and I shall give five stars
Its a very rough game, controls feels very restricted and movement, aiming needs work and lock on. There arnt any real people you fight against. The equipment thing is unnecessary shouldve just stick with rank and classic matches and cut the rest, very nice hero designs and skills but also a big power imbalanced . The game feels very rushed. If developers spent abit more time on this game it would actually be a good game. Alot of things to work on. Maybe something to revisit in about 2-4 years
Its a very amazing game i have ever played its graphics are great and specially the sound❀❀❀❀
This is the WORST games moba i have ever seen. Really disappointed to play this waste games. I suggest dont wate your times to this useless moba games..
fun but finding matches needs some work and on the chat room it would be nice if messages had timestamps as a reference to when someone said something.
need to improve controls it should have auto target when there is nearest target. switching makes a delay for a kill
The app is great but it would be more awsome if you can chat with people, make teams and peoples countrys would be shown
I love this game but I don't love ads. Too many ads. The game has many potentials. My only concern is that sometimes I got disconnected to the server and sometimes I feel that my enemies and teammates are Al espescially in normal mode... Another one, please add chat button in the game so we can communicate to our teammates during the game and make strategies.. Please make some update that will benefit us all..
It's a gud game, controls are fine for me, I went up to lvl 20 in two days but after that the game just couldn't move past t the load screen. I waited for 30 mins but i still couldn't move from the load screen.if it's something on ur end please fix this.
When I instal it I cant go in....this is sucks..what will happen after that lom divine arena??? Mine just stoped
I really like the game I believe the game could actually be something I believe the game to get into Esports I believe the game needs a severe update this game needs to drop off all ads this game needs a severe update and has not been updated for very long time other than that I like this game. PS game has way too many ads in it that makes the game stall and lag and then sometime will knock you off and you have to restart the game plus ranked mode on game does not work at all game needs update.
Hi I'm unable to enter the league of masters from 13dec 12am plus as it stated error cannot connect to server but now I can enter the game already and but my previous account gone..Isit someone hack my account or GM block me into this game cos I always first or second in normal match??!!! I'm damn frustrated cos I have reach level 50 max and my Selene 4star champion gone and Tao 4star all gone and I have to start all over again from level 1..!!! Is there anything wrong with this game???!!!
Fabulous game i played all over.xiang tiang and chiyou are the most powerful characters in this game.i unlocked master wong and sun wukong.nice game in arena and in classic also.Everyone should play this game.Try it and unlock new characters like zhao yun,xiang tiang.But i think this game need some improvement in all things because for unlocking just 1 hero it take 2 or 3 weeks.It is not so good as we have to unlock hero to play arena or bridge.The best was mobile legends as it is a china app.πŸ‘
96 mb only this game is very bad you not play this game It take 1000000000 ruppes this is very bad . When you download the game it take 100 ruppes after when match it takes 1000000 ruppes
I literally don't understand how the ratings are even decent for this game the controls are slow and clunky item system is non existent unless I missed something I did only play for a few minutes and realized the game was going to be insanely grindy and ad heavy
may i suggest for upcoming updates a heroes animations, and a settings for shadows and graphics? i gave it five stars and i know someday, you'll make an improvement, keep a good work
Can more update on gameplay developer...and lagging issue while aiming others player..hopefully developer solve the problem asap...
As after first opening app. Ad after collecting mail. Uninstalled immediately after 2 ads within 10 seconds and no gameplay.
Don't make size so small that it affects our experience... The skills and basic attacks lag all the time... there is no proper skill placement... very poor description of in-game items
I tought its a great game but its so annoying because of the flipping ads and the skill cant touch so annoying this game is a bit worst than the other game kinam
I rate 5 stars to support and encourage the developer. I already feel bored. Here are some bug and problem that needs to fix: using skill requires multiple tap, there are times using all skills at once for combo aren't working.. you need second to cast another skill/spell.
I like itttttttt so much but you should add some 1more lanes maybe 3 lanes and then add sausage when u get 5 kills countinuesly and make it 5v5 yea
Total waste of space. It is basically a horrible versionof MLBB. The amount of ads they show is UGGGGHHHH, an ad literally shows at the beggining and end of each battle and when you first open the game. Also, there is no tutorial unless you conect to facebook which is pure bs. Another thing is there are barely any heroes, its only about 30 or so. And this may just be my experience, but any time I surrender in quick match I cannot exit the game. Overall, this is just trash!!
its a good game...a similar of mobile legend but its my choice becouse theres a little something different...and a little loging...i enjoy it playing when im in a nightshift of duty,..
This game is not for first timer, as soon as you open the game you'll see ads and again ads, so don't download this game guys, complete waste of time.
Well I will give a four star if you fix the problem. First fix the button size the button are to small and fix the button when I want to use my skill second fix the moving control there way to laggy, ok that the problem pls fix it. :)
This game is nice. The heroes, the skins, the idea. But everytime you open the app or just a new screen it will redirect you to an Ad. I really don't mind watching ads because it helps the Dev but this just overdone it. Almost every "free* claimable thing in this game you supposed to watch an ad. And theres this hack that's been going around the game where you could one hit the enemies, turrets etc.
Its an 5v5 moba online game it has an 3 free heroes to use and you need to play to get chest to get heroes and its an free online moba games its where you and your team is fighting to another team it is fun ti play not gonna lie its good but it need emprovements and stuff im not that satisfiy so gg
Its a best game but you need to have a perfect ai for super minions and need more items for heroes ❀
Too much ads when i open the app it closed becauce the ads and the actack is very slow. And not even working
A mobile MOBA riddled with issues. Clunky, unresponsive controls and ads at every turn. Needs a lot of work to be able to compete with the other well-established MOBAs.
GoodπŸ‘game .....but I have 2 problems 1 is it is very slow and laggy... and 2 so little heroes and to buy them we should play elite ... I thought to buy from money or diamond.
Only 3 ⭐ cause there is too much of ads which distracts alot....yet the game is awsome ....hope there will not be too much of ads and bring a change as soon as possible...πŸ‘πŸ‘βœ¨