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League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends: Wild Rift for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Riot Games, Inc located at 12333 W Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90064 (424) 231-1111 . The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood, Suggestive Themes) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game, I was waiting so long for it to come on mobile, as an old high elo player from pc version, the only thing Im not fan of is the mirrored map, i think thats what I will miss the most, some people are used to start on top map and i think its more interesting. Update, i have changed to Samsung note 20 pro and everytime i check the time, the top notification bar where my hour is i cant get rid of it and need to restart the game. reduced my rating to 4 star because of that
I can experience League of Legends without buying gaming PC. I can relate to League of Legends and can exercise my mind because of tactics of the game and how to win it. It is a really good experience. The punishment for being AFK is good because the experience of all players matter. But the banning must be revised to help everyone because being AFK has many causes.
The matchmaking system is absolutely awful. No matter how well you play, your teammates will always mess up the whole game. It's like: your KDA is 12/5, in the meantime the KDA of your teammates: 1/10, 2/5, 1/4, 2/3. I don't understand how it's working. I've already had a lose streak of 10 losses in a row. God, this is nuts... The game itself is cool. It's well detailed, everything is beautiful and stuff but those bad teammates ruin the whole experience! That's why I put only 3 stars for now.
I have been playing mobile moba games for years now. What I can say about Wild rift is that the gameplay experience itself is really good. However the factor that keeps me going back to my other moba games is the community features. Wild rift lacks any community features, so it is difficult to actually make/find friends to play with. There should also include a live gameplay feature where people can stream their matches live.
Even though the graphics are phenomenal, the game play is terrible! Instead of just being able to point the character in a certain direction, you have this thing, that acts like a ball, in which you have to hold and run in the direction that YOU think is right. As for firing off the weapons, it's dismal. If your character is in the middle of a battle and the enemy, along with your support, are all in this tight area, forget about pointing the weapon right, and prepare to die a lot. Don't bother.
I've played league since launch in 2009 and I absolutely love this. There are some things that could be improved but I think they are already working on them such as Roll Queue I think it is super necessary. The experience reminds me of when I first started league and I love it. I play on a Fold so my screen is rather large. I can't put this game down. Faults aside I cannot rave about this game enough.
Good game. It gets too bad of reviews because of robot zombies who will quit after one week or only play twice a year and give it one star because of some stupid reason. Or the idiots who say "I'll give it 5 stars if you do this" This is without a doubt the best quality MOBA to come out on phones. With that said, please add Gangplank :) if his barrels are hard to use, perhaps a new system where you draw a line from the barrel ability to where you place it, would make it very simple. Good 5/5
A lot of bots and quiet a few hackers too. Would give a full 5 stars if both of these are fixed. Overall, I quiet like the games mechanic about how if important teamwork can be instead of solo-ing. There are too quiet a few toxicity here and there but like I said, I like the game. Still riot, fix the game. Don't focus only on Valorant. I know that the riot company's that I know will fix this.
My only issue with this game are the trolls. So many intentional feeding and going on lanes their champions are not fit for; they don't respect team picking order regardless if there's already an adc/jung/supp or tank in the team, they still pick however they like. Everytime I ban them, there are more trolls. I can't rank up properly because of this. Please introduce the ranked draft pick. Overall, I really enjoy playing the game, it's easier & more fitting for me to use on my device.
The game at first was very fun and exciting. The events made me more engaged and interested. It was made clear to me however, that the game has glaring issues that needs to be dealt with immediately. The matchmaking is completely horrendous and unfair. It seems that this issue has been present since launch but still has not been addressed. The lobbies are filled with try-hards and toxic people. The servers continuously experiences lag spikes and frame drops. Punishment from afk is too harsh.
So far the only problem ive noticed with the game is that while trying to take down a tower. No matter how many minions there are attacking. The targeting system with seitch targets without warning and the tower will also switch to attacking you even with a full set of creeps on it. This makes no sense as the whole point of waiting for the creeps to go first is that they take agro priority over you the player. Otherwise the game is amazing. More characters please!!
The connection is really destroying the gameplay, i have a good ms using wifi and back-up data but it keeps hanging at 999 ms, why is that? I'm really disappointed because later on i'm gonna be banned from the rift because my previous teammates reported me from leaving the game. I love this game, but i kinda hate it for few reasons, i know y'all doing a lot of work since day 1 and keeping the balance in rift but please fix and optimize the connection, it's too annoying.
I know we're still on the Beta Version and things have changed that much lately, the previous version was a real wack and it doesn't let you play when your ping is high but this new update lets you have a quite smoother gameplay, but I'm still hoping for a fair matchmaking queue and HOPEFULLY you can fix that "High Ping Issue" when our ping suddenly goes up for no reason (our connection is pretty stable but the game isn't) it's frustrating but KUDOS to those who made this game so far! THANKS!
I like the game that's why I am disappointed about the latest update. The game is getting worst to be honest, I keep seeing people complaining about this but I never really pay attention. Until I started getting spike ping in game despite having fast internet and what pisses me the most and the reason why I finally decided to rate the game and comment here is that I got trouble in logging in the game, Like I really can't enter it. Please fix it as soon as possible.
Great port to mobile, I'm enjoying this more than pc version only due to the shorter(average 20 mins) game time and load times... Ranked is abit touch and go for matchups, found myself stuck in silver for some time due to being dumped with 2-3 iron or bronze from promotion games. Also had some issues with lags in game alot, elastic banding to places previously visited on the rift. Buggy here n there but for entertainment on the go it's pretty good.
I love this game. And I've been playing this game on pc. But the only problem is that it eats a lot of data and sometimes the game slow down frequently. I hope there is an optimizer for people who has slow internet connection. And even I have good/strong internet connection, it still lagging sometimes. I'm really hoping for them to fix the servers because it's really annoying to play it with high ping even though the internet connection is strong.
This is a great game because as much as I love LoL. Sometimes matches can take a long time. This game not only frees be from needing a pc. I can play this anywhere. Furthermore the matches are resolved quicker. My only issue is that sometimes I would disconnect before the match starts and it locks me out for the whole match. I'm sure riot will fix this eventually. Overall great game otherwise.
Loving the game so far. I'm not into rank matches, currently at Gold league. Anyhow, what I love about the game it that it's generous enough for free-to-play players. All they need to do is just to play & login everyday and they'll get rewards. I enjoy the Wild Rift coz of its graphics & UI. Easy to navigate. I'd say I won't have second thoughts to invest for the game (I've already spent almost $200) & prolly will spend more. Haha! Yo devs! Don't mind the bad reviews & haters. Keep it up!
FIX YOUR PING AND RECONNECTION SPEED, SLOW ASF. My internet speed is fast but the reconnecting speed is really slow, i have been disconnected for a few times and have my rank demoted. Please fix this, i have played league of legends also in PC and have been enjoying it. *Edit* i don't know how to submit a ticket, but i can say the problem. When playing the game, and you got disconnected, you cannot reconnect while the game is in progress. Also there is no replay for all those games you played.
Seems good so far. Really could do with more game play settings. Right now, the mobile game is essentially "auto-lock" onto enemy mode for everything. If there were an option to remove this functionality, I feel the game would require significantly more skill, bringing it closer to the PC version of this game. The fast pace is nice, the gameplay is fun (for a mobile game), the graphics are nice and it all seems well optimized. Galaxy S10 with mostly max settings and I generally maintain 60FPS.
It just got worse again. The match making is unfair. If you win in promotional once, they give you stronger enemies and low skill allies. This is ridiculous. Another thing, there's a lot of lag even with a good internet. And Another thing again, why is it back to always teamed up with foreighners? I thought it was fixed?? It really is a bad update. Just wasted my time and effort in those games
Two stars until you add role-que. Matchmaking is cancerous in the game currently, the chance of you getting decent players in your team is 10%. Otherwise, you only get feeders, afks and trolls who don't care about ranking up, they just stupidly play around. And if you say anything in-game chat, they curse you to death or call you out with unnecessary names... LOL on PC is nothing like this, i know it's a different platform, however the concept of the game remains the same. You have to work it
Game was fine before the last update. After the lunar new year update, performance became far worse than before. I used to get a stable 60fps with the highest graphics, but now it drops to 30 during teamfights, every single time. And this is at lowest graphics settings, with everything set to lowest for maximum performance. I don't know what happened to the game, but this is not an enjoyable experience. And I'm 100% sure it's not a hardware issue, as I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S10e (Exynos).
To be honest I was very excited about this game, but it did not live up to hype. The controls feel clunky, there is no diversity in builds, and the graphics just feel too close up.I've never played LOL, just ML and I can honestly say that this game is definitely not better. It may just be because of switching platforms( from pc to mobile) though. Hopefully it gets better.
This is a pretty good mobile version of the original classic on PC Windows. Good graphics and good performance. It currently has a truncated list of the same, familiar champions to choose from, but that roster will continue to grow with time. It only gets 4/5 stars because the controls/targeting are just frustrating as hell, but that's probably more a critique on the mobile moba genre in general when transitioning from a convenient point-and-click format (PCs) to a tap-and-drag one (phones).
So my initial reaction after playing more than a few matches and haven't played League of Legends for many years that being said it is one of the best adaptations for a MOBA that I have seen to this day. It's not too easy it's not too hard it is the same level of tales that you would be expected to find in a league match. So if you are too cocky your team will pay, so this has all of the same feel for it but kind of sped up. Which I don't mind to some extent.
Hi Riot Team I've been with this game in PC for a very long time. Now that you have the mobile version, maybe you should add some more excitements to this. Try putting the Twisted Tree-Line or the ARAM game in mobile version while not consuming more space on our phone memories. So that we can still have the amazing experience of League of Legends even in Mobile Version.
Great game for a mobile moba, they can still improve the experience by providing us a stable gameplay. I mean like stable pings, I observed that it frequently lag spike. A great addition would be a seasonal pass wherein you grind to get stuffs. Different game modes would be also a great addition, to lessen the repetitiveness of gameplay experience. But overall the game is well made for its PC counterpart
Personally after the update was phenomenal! But I did come across with a really annoying thing we're most players have also experienced. Whenever we play a match, any match the server itself not the connection were using makes the game stop or freeze whenever we get to play, idk about you rito but hopefully you'll fix this problem as soon as the next patch, other than that great update!
Game is good and nice to play. But there are a lot of differences between this and PC version. A lot of lag since 2.1 patch. Every team fight fps is dropping so much, even if it is on the other side of map. Also ping is dropping to 1000ms a lot of times. And didn't have any of those problems in previous patches. Using same phone, same internet. It also started to lag a lot when I am receiving notifications, which was not the case before.
My Review: The First Release is stable, but every update there's a mess/bug, I started experience this in 3rd(??) Update until now, (that) I'm always reconnecting to the game, I'm always starting at 3:00 and my teammates is 00:00, 100% I'm always experienced this and this is really annoying, and the "Retrieving data" when you reconnect is not good because your always like waiting 8-12 seconds (I know it's a small number but it's a big advantage for the enemy)
It's not a bad game but when something happens that makes you get disconnected and wasn't your fault you get punished even if you join back. For instance my wifi went out for a second and kicked me then allowed me to rejoin but then finished out the game. After it was over it told me I was banned to matchmake for a certain amount of time. It was the first time but if it keeps happening does the timer go up cause then I don't feel like playing then even though I do enjoy it.
Its a good game, but I have an issue on bots being used on PvP. They're just feeding machines that goes straight into the tower and gets killed easily. It'll become a 4v6 or even 3v7 at times. Its frustrating at best and infuriating at worst. Pls change the ai of the bots so they could be some use for the team, not the enemy team. Thanks
The connection is really unstable, even i try to switch servers all the time, it disconnected every 2 - 3 times. I 100% sure my wifi is in an excellent situation. And finanlly the unreasonable punishment comes. One more thing I can't stand, i just counted as evidence, 6 out of 10 games, i will meet one robots in our team, which means i have to play harder as 4 V 5 instead of enjoying the game. lol.
2 star, the game is good, but when you got disconnected, it is very hard to reconnect. You still need to load the previous time laps of the game before you could control it again. And worst is that while the timelaps is loading, the game is already finished sometimes you're disconnected from the game again.
Honestly, everyone complaining about controls, disconnects, skin transfers.. get over it. It's mobile LoL. This game blows other phone games out of the water. There simply is no comparison. Graphics, sound, gameplay etc it's all solid.. FOR MOBILE. Controls do take some getting used to and those clutch skill shot heroes you're used to playing may not be your first pick on mobile, but certain heroes do still perform well. For what it is, they knocked it out of the park.
Probably one of the best MOBA on mobile. Most others simplify the game too much, but this one keep its complexity and its variety in champions and powers. In fact, I even prefer this to the pc version, since the match are quicker and so, less frustating when you lose. The only problem is that some power are less precise, but nothing that cant be solved with practice.
Great game and very fun. A pretty decent port of the original pc league of legends, while also having its own little thing going on. That being said.... the past two games I have played I get a message that says "Failed to connect" making the game literally unplayable. I have excellent internet and even attempted to get just closer to my router to make sure it wasn't just the distance. I can't play this game until this issue is fixed.
Great revision of the desktop game on mobile, however, 3 out of 5 for now due to frequent connection failures during loading screen. Fails to reconnect when I tap "Reconnect" and logs me out when I tap "Cancel". Happens every 1 out of 4 matches. I know my wifi isn't the issue, nor is cellular data. I've tried playing a few games in a row on iOS as well and the same issue persists. I've also tried different wifi connections no changes; still fails to connect every 1 out of 4 games.
It's a great game yet terrible in the same time, mostly due to the players.. Really needs updates like picking lanes before matches, less penalty for afking (unless in ranked), because after all it is a mobile game, people sometime drop reception or get phone calls. Can't wait for a noxus special event though, I really look forward to see how Katarina will play on mobile
So I know this is a "new" game by way of mobile MOBA standards but all the same. I feel like the game is still as stiff from the PC version, and with its 3 modes, it leaves much to be desired. If this were anyone other than Riot Games, I'd have less of an issue, but hey they were lazy in the PC version as well. So check list: lack of variety in game play? Check. Limited variation and array of heroes? Check. Controls that make dying look more fun? Double check.
The game tends to crash a lot and gets and error during matches no longer allowing you to reconnect to the game. I think they had a nice idea where they where going, but after putting so much time into on the pc version you would think you wouldn't have to start over from scratch. I think it looks great for a mobile, but having to a effort into it just not feeling it. They don't even have all the champions in the game yet which they might do later over time who know.
Generally it is a good game but Riot need to release more champions quickly. Ranking need to be changed, so when your team goes afk you don't loose rank (only happened 3 times to me today and twice two players left).. "players level" is much lower than LoL. Being Android app means everyone can download it, so many players who can ruin your game by leaving, afk and no punishment for them.. no matter if you are silver, gold, platinum..
Its well put together, works smoothly and doesn't have any real issue with the gameplay whatsoever. Events are relatively frequent for now which is also pretty good. Only thing I'd really point out is the fact you can get coop game bans really easily + they can get bit strict too, including coop vs ai bans which imo are not really that necessary. But overall it's a great game. Could also work well as sort of a advertisement for League itself if they keep it "relevant".
Overall good game. However, it has a ton of cons that need to be adjusted. I believe it is safe to say that the role interface for rank is very much needed since a lot of players tend to auto lock roles that you're accustomed to. Including locking in secondary and third roles. I believe you should give people the option to dodge games as to not waste peoples time when you have a player auto locking a role. Something else I want to add is not having as much tutorials for communication and pinging
Best mobile MOBA for sure. There are some small gripes like with vague symbols (Just put a key screen somewhere devs). There seems to also be a lot of different reward and quest windows which can feel a bit of a maze to navigate at times. I'm not downgrading a game on its UI though. The core game is what matters. This is easily one of the best looking, skill demanding and strategically satisfying games you will find on mobile. It is early days still and will only get better in time.
After the new update, I can't login using my gmail account. It says to "check my connection or device if im using the correct account". This has been my only device and connection I've been using ever. Please fix this Edit: March 31, 2021 The problem seems to have fixed itself without me doing anything. Just logged in the next day, and everything this is alright! Thanks for the support though, It just means that you guys truly care. ;)
Guys this game is the best MOBAA game for mobile I have ever played, and although some say the matches take a vit too long (which i kinda agree), the ingame map, champions, skins, events, and so on are so well designed and the game itself so well constructed, I can see they have really made effort to build this game, everything flows so gently in Wild Rift, pleae give the game a go!
Its a very nice game .. and well adapted for mobiles .. but I gave it 4 stars because there is one thing we need and the game will be slightly perfect .. its role pick/lock matchmaking .. because we are tired of have e assassin's and two junglers in the same game .. we need this option to pick the role before we start the match .. and thats the only main thing ( in my opinion ) that we need to make the game a better one
Good solid game. The out thing I have an issue with that brought the rating down significantly for me is that you're penalizing players for disconnect. I would understand if this was a console or PC game. But this is MOBILE. People have things to do and can't be glued to the screen even during a match. Things happen, emergencies come up. So penalizing players for leaving instead of just turning the player character into a A.I is drastic to me. Fix this issue and you'll get a higher review.
The game disconnected a lot when I first installed and played, but it seems to have stabilized. Earning new champions is a lot easier in this version than the PC, as well as character skins. I haven't played pvp yet, only players vs AI. I haven't run into too many issues of AFK players--so far so good. The font is still tiny as ever to read. They really need to fix that or have some sort of enlarge text feature. No need to spend real $ to win unless you want to buy skin packs. Nice job, Riot!
The game's really good as it is in the PC and there is clearly a lot of effort gone to it but it has inherited the same balance problems from the PC version. If for some reason you've decided that you don't like to play strong/meta champions you will be simply get rekt and there is nothing you can really do about it, no amount of skill is enough to counter the numbers that are stacked against you, really a shame it's just about money at the end of the day, it would've been 4.6 stars othewise.
I have come across connection issues where I've been kicked out of the game after champion select, and it forces me to log back into the app. It also doesn't take me back to my existing game. Now, the spells casting and engaging in fights with others is a whole different story. Using your spells to attack a champion near minions is impossible as it engages at the minion instead of the champion. I'll stick with Mobile Legends and PC for now. Failed to connect to the match. Reconnect? Again.
Love the game, really well made for mobile, well thought out. Of course it's not gonna be as precise as on the computer but it makes the game more fun. I take out a star because you get ban time way to easily, it's too strict. Sometimes I get phone calls, 3rd time it happened and now banned for 10min. And I was playing co-op not even ranked. Afraid of how long it's gonna be the 4th time.. It's a mobile game, bans should be more casual it's not the real LOL. Relax these rules and it's a 5/5
Great game, I've been enjoying it a lot lately since the launch in America. I have a Samsung S10+ and the game runs smooth, the controls are fine as well as the graphics. The only thing I will address is that sometimes when im loading a game, before entering it fails to connect and it doesn't allow me to reconnect for a few mins, but that just happen once like out of 10 games. Maybe in the future with the balances they will fix this issue.
Im giving this a 3 star for now, just because they only has few quests to do. The UI and other stuff in the main menu is quite boring and needs more improvement, the gameplay is excellent tho! And the other thing is, when you only put symbols instead of using actual words in the main menu, its confusing specially to those who played this for the first time like me. I'm looking forward for the improvements and would rate 5 stars.
The game is functional. I have an issue with it closing my phone after a bit. I'm not sure what it's about. Might be a ram issue. Only app that does this. Other than that, it's pretty fun. Not a slow paced but not faced paced either. It's pretty fun atm. I think the item shop should be better displayed but that's just preference. Overall it works and it's fun.
GG, love this game like how I love the PC Version but as Usually there alot of Bug, yeah since it's new game and you guys have a problem behind the scene I understand, but still it's really great game still alot more to improve in this game like the gameplay changes, quality Life improve and more, love every event in this game so far so fun and rewarding, and I didn't expect you guys pull out new champion like Seraphine to the Wild Rift and (no Spoiler) I see what you did Riot. Overall 8/10.
Ok this nearly gives me the exact LOL feel on PC. The controls are smooth and the character models are amazing and it's also beginner friendly. However,my experience starts to fall apart as there's no role picking (yet) and there are some lag spikes and connection problems eventhough I have a great internet and good phone. Hope this will be fixed in the next patch. Other than that it's an amazing remake of LOL.
As a former LoL player, this game is so nostalgic. I think for a relatively new game, they've captured most of the significant essences that formed the PC version. Also the fact that the champions have 4 skills is so unique in the Mobile MOBA genre. I really enjoyed it but I think that the Ranked system needs to change for it to be a better community. Overall, definitely my go to MOBA since I don't game on my PC anymore.
I've been playing league since season 2 on PC. and now that it's on mobile i get excited. same feels and still has a lot of action through out the game. my only problem is the report system, you don't punish enough players who troll or feed. you only take actions on people who are idle or afk. i hope that you can take action on all reports especially when feeders greatly affect the outcome of games. will give 5 stars if i see improvement.
I used to rate this 5 star before, but now i changed my mind. because of your tricks in matchmaking in solo rank, ill lose interest in the game, maybe not only me has the same problem but knowing my experience in matchmaking, it is tricky and has a pattern that if u are promoted, you will began to teamup randomly with noobs and the enemy teams are organized. it will continue to match team mate like that until u get demoted. and when u got demoted the enemy team will now become weak.
I have got to say, the game looks amazing. Controls are not bad at all. The game is too new to be toxic, yet... If this follows any sort of online community pathing for competitive online gaming, the pros will be out in a few months, and toxicity will follow suit. LoL based reporting will follow after that and well, the game will be full of trolls soon enough. All and all, the game's performance is amazing for a mobile app and there have already been small patches so its pacing good.
The game is good because by far im a lol player myself as well. One thing that i hate the most is why afks still moving? They should stop moving to prevent even feeding more to the enemies and also i haven't received anything about the players we reported doing such as confirmation replies, have you taken any action to prevent this? For now, I'll be giving this star because of it. Take action to this ASAP if you want to have more players to play with this app
So Ive been playing LoL since I was like 18. Still love the game. I think they did a great job converting this to mobile devices. The reason I only gave it 4 stars is because every couple of games it'll give me a loading circle then say it failed to connect to the game. It'll then keep trying to reconnect and never will. After a couple min I'll have to reque for a new game. No idea what happened to the game I got kicked from
The in game punishment system is a little bit harsh for a mobile game. You can't play while you're travelling incase you hit a dead spot. This means you can't play in a regional area, on the train, in the back seat of a car, on a rainy day, or any time the conditions may variate from perfect inner city connections that are immune to dead spots. The game is otherwise great.
it's a good game, i guess it will get even better in the future. my only complaint at the moment is that i was going to play today and the game froze on the loading screen (to start the game). it was not my internet nor my cell phone. i had to close and open the app and it took a long time since every time you open the game it asks you to press "enter" (that's very annoying). i missed 6 minutes of the game and after that, i found out that i was sanctioned. i think that's pretty unfair
Well, despite the fact that sometimes you dc and can't get back in, I have played nearly 20k games of League since S2 and over 50 of Wild Rift. There is a reason LoL is the most popular game in the world. They deliver huge with a lot of free items for grabs in the starting events. It also suffers from the world of blind pick in regular PvP, but if you can, with most of these games, find friends who you enjoy playing with, it is for sure a good game.
Okay so the game is FANTASTIC, the graphics, characters and basically everything, I love it. But there's too many toxic people, and I know its not the game's fault. So to everyone who spams the chat about how bad their teammates are, you can shut your mouth, no one asked. You don't know what is happening on the other side, and not everyone is as good as you expect them to be. They also probably had better matches too, maybe its lagging for them or whatever. Just shut up. Thanks.
I wish the game was good, just because there was a problem. I last updated I thought that was the only update but it still exceeds its limit. so the data I loaded was missing. I hope to tell the truth how many updates there are because it is a pity to update in the playstore. if you do not reach your load it will end.
You can tell a lot of effort has gone into the champion designs, wallpapers, and animations. But there have been times where the game has crashed during a ranked game and when I try to reconnect it just crashes again, which then leads me to be reported and banned from matchmaking, like for 2 hours and then my friends play without me, it sucks!!
I'd give this game a 4/5 if it wasn't for the consistent 'failed to connect to the match==>confirm/cancel' loops that happen. I've had it happen once every 3 or so games, but only in PvP. Thankfully I haven't been hit with leaverbuster yet, but I've seen plenty others complain about being punished for this, especially in ranked. Im sure it isn't my connection after having the same issue happen to a friend over comms when the match starts.
Really great controls. Perfectly adapted to mobile. The graphics and effects are great even at performance mode. Many free heroes. You start with five and quickly get more as you level. Every hero can be obtained through ingame currency. Primary hamper is teammates, if your team doesn't abide their role it can really be to your detriment. Please finish the tutorials and play your lane. The AI has a great understanding of teamwork and their role, sometime I wish I had the AI team...
at first i could play the game smoothly but after all the other patches, i couldn't play the game properly anymore. it keeps lagging even tho i have good internet speed and i even deleted some of my apps hoping it'd help. but sadly it didn't. I've been playing the pc version of the game for years but because of the pandemic, i couldn't play it anymore because i dont have my owm pc. When the mobile version came out i was happy because i can play the game again. I hope you can help me with this
Hi devs, since the number display in the ping was put there have been an issue on my connection. I don't know if it's the internet wifi or in the game itself but one thing I can say is that before the update of season 1 ut was all good. No lags, no delays, no ping spikes, no disconnection. I would like to voice this out that if you can do something about this. My device is Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro. I don't know, maybe you can update the game, contact Xiaomi or our internet provider Globe Telecom.
This game is incredible. It actually shows you in detail how to play the best tactics and strategies. The connection to game is better than any other mobile game I've played. How easier to get characters in this game is incredible compared to others. Best of all it no pay to win type game. The buffs in game are really helpful. The characters skins are a little tough to get but the characters aren't so something has to be tough to get. I've got a few character request if yall don't mind thanks
Fun game that's almost exactly like the PC version. I really enjoyed playing for when I could. Often times the game would say I have connection errors (trying to reconnect constantly) or boot me out of the game while I am playing despite my internet connection being stable. I think I might uninstall just because of this problem but it could just be the recent update.
Very good port to mobile. I have little to no issues on my OnePlus 8 5G. I only give 4 stars because the option to play Draft Pick (outside of custom mode) would make the game a much more enjoyable experience. The controls work well but take some getting used to. My biggest gripe is that the skins from League do not transfer over. I've already spent money on skins in LoL and I buy a lot of cosmetics in Legends of Runeterra. I don't see why I should need to buy skins twice. I've played since 2015
I was waiting for this game and it does not disappoint, though I have some concerns regarding it tells me to reconnect match during loading and it will not allow me to connect so I cancel and have to input my account which becomes frustrating and messes up the game for those I play with. Also from time to time I would notice the game does not register my input and I always am in the green with my connection. Hope this can get resolved soon.
Honestly, at the moment I still prefer Mobile Legends. It's about time Riot brought league to mobile. The UI is GODLIKE. This is definitely a top notch interface. Better than the desktop client tbh. Anyway, game play is very good. Controls are fluid and coming from ML, it's very familiar. Balancing is on par. Not broken like ML. Landing actually exists here. Champ selection is pretty decent, but can't wait for more to get added. You're actually able to play on LTE unlike ML. That's a major +.