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League of Berserk

League of Berserk for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Socket Games located at 서울특별시 서초구 잠원동. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
bought a pack, got charged for it, and got nothing in return. sent an email to their support and no response after a week. it was decent but that ruined my experience so just uninstalling the game now.
So played for an hour or so and I am shaking from excitment. Game is very addicting. Abouts ads - if you push them to watch the advertisement they give you gold/diamond and other stuff. Big boost in the beggining. There is strategy on what weapons/potions/scrols you should use, not like push and see what is what. Will see where I am in another hour, but yea, great game.
I could only play once and then it froze. Well that's where you lose me and my money. I only made it to level 8. I turned my tablet off to charge. When I come back it freezes on the English server the moment I start playing for a literal one second. This game is a mediocre all around BTW.
I read it from comment its hard to log in, but decide to try it anyway, and what i find its just what they say. I dont mind spend money for game,but not for pay to win either
Okay I really rarely write a review because it is such a bother but this game made me do so. First things first I am currently only level 7 in game so i dont have much exp with it but i can say that I already enjoy how simple and addictive this game is
Its a meh. Not really that interesting. Battle is really boring tbh, you don't get to control your character. Just buffs and potions. Good weapons and armors are hard to get, as far as I can tell. If you want to to just sit and use buffs while fighting, then this is your game.
what's the point in the upgrade in capacity after a level up if the potion capacity increases too? potion space increases by a ridiculously high number doesn't make sense to give more space and then it's taken away by "heavy" potions , players are left with less potion to use even though a level up gives a capacity upgrade which is kind of an ironic game mechanic since you get less potions to use?!
You guys better make a quick video of you dancing! Or I'll change review. Good game but the 5 star is for the dance ;) first game I enjoyed on the game store... doesn't seem pay to win and you give us tons of ways to get free things... thumbs up dev's.... I still wanna see that dance!!!!
Nm to say, the game is pretty fun and is a really good time killer, so far? I'm loving it :D It's kinda addictive, too...Althought, a tad repetitive but, all in all? is really fun and a great way to kill time. Aaaaand? Did I say that is a excellent time killer? did I? good, 'cause I like this game quite a lot, keep up the good work, guys, overall, the game is awesome, already recommended the game to some of my friends, I hope they like it as much as I, and as I say before keep up the good work.
This game is very good but it looks a little too.. gritty. everything looks like a brony after eating a taco that fell on the floor. but over all the game is very good and you should play ot in my opinion.
Fun! I like it. Only thing that bothers me is that it takes forever for the blacksmith to restock weapons lol
love the games. the games have a potential. no need to spend money to level up faster. easy to get the reward.thank you for making such a nice games but i think the graphic need improvement.
One of the few games i like no intrusive adds or pay to win its great i would reccomend to everyone seeing this review to play this game
yea starting to notice that the gamea fun but when you get further in the game all your seeing is broken all strength tanks mashong your skull in with crit even if your using thorns to reflect they will just oneshot you nerf the stupid amount of critical players keep getting constantly im tired of trash players using constant hybrid damage tank with heavy weapond 1 shoting me im a ninja build but yet useless cause spam crit damage. also add team base matches, it could keep the same aspect
Game is awesome at first especially if you enter all the coupon codes you'll be so strong but later on you'll get 1 shot by crit builds for massive amount of damage from 2h swords.
I'm really enjoying this game. but you know what else we need? GUILD! AND GUILD RAID! AND GUILD WAR! THAT GIVES GUILD POINTS TO USE ON GUILD SHOP! XD I'm really hoping that you can consider doing that
This game is very well scripted i like the rpg theme. I was bored one day and found this game i was amuzed when i downloaded it. the whole scheme was amazing and so was the dialog keep up the good work you are amazing and inspiring. Have a good day! <3
Can't even play, won't accept any nickname. And from all the reviews I read about auto farming and mtx gear upgrading, doesn't seem worth it to even try figuring out the stupid naming problem
Pay to win and cash grab if you don't pay you can't get strong, so intense grinding also dead community the players are all bots same with the chatlog that is full of bots 0.5/10
This Game is great,you can level up easily and there is no lag,bug and the players are kind also your character can earn gold when your idle by just hitting the scarecrow 5✧✧✧✧✧, Download this game now and meet friendly players and have fun!
Good game but turn laggy when attck speed is to fast. Slight delays on using potions in duel so end up double tapping and waste the potion. I do hope for the future development of this game.
the game, for me seems pretty cool. I can find myself sinking inside this game and play. I like the grind factor and the community seems nice. I recommend this game for anyone with a lot of spare time on their hands!
The game was ok at best it caught my entertainment for a couple hours. The game itself is a good idea however the idea of training in the game giving you less then 1/10 the exp as duels making it harder to level given you either must pay to win by getting materials better equipment or more energy to duel for xp. The game is way to much pay to win for my taste.
very addictive game, I thoroughly enjoy the grind and leveling up my character. The pvp is also very fun. quick and easy to learn. the only thing is when you get closer to the higher levels is when real money can be involved to make it the grind quicker. overall it's a well designed game, but would like updates. hasnt been updated in a while. 4/5 stars
Look guys, I play A Lot of games like this in this spectrum of specific spectrum of gameplay. You guys have something really special here, the gameplay is a nice smooth grind. The menu system is mostly user friendly AND the learning curve for this game is understandable so theres hope for skill improvement. Some things I would change are by simply expanding to what you already have.(ie) more variety of battles modes, clans, maybe a mission system (where it keep the intent of coming to a daily routine) more "flashy" rewards (making it when you get an item in gmae, make more and exciting things to happen on screen to appeal also to the younger generation of people. People of 16+ will already fall in love will the gameplay, just make it more of a softer art styl). Thank you.
This game has a decent level growth and good game detail in pixal form played so far 2 hours not bad no ads. This is very fun i have been studying to develop and create game and trying out art and i find the cobination of both in this game to be of a great quality. It does have slow progress after lv.20 but its to be expected so to get the true grinding experience overall awsome game hope to eventually i hope to make one to and work with an awsome group and enjoy making fun games such as this.
This game is fun. The only complaint I have right now is it does not support 19:5:9 aspect ratio phones. If the Dev updates it so I can see the entire screen it would make for better gameplay. Still overall really good game.
This game is very fun and balanced. It's definitely possible to be the top without paying a dime but it'll take a long time - even with paying it still takes a long time to reach "top". Consider this game a long term marathon. Great time killer and exciting PVP.
fun game. reflect potion is OP. it reflects all damage you deal, and they are not more expensive than other potions, and it still lets them attack. so in short, its free damage that stops you from doing as much damage as you can. you might say "theres a potion that removes buffs!" but the reflect potion is half the price. so they can have 2x more.
It wouldn't even let me start. I downloaded it then went to play and said that I needed to update it. Then after I updated it I went to play, it asked for me to input a nickname, so i started putting my name in and it wouldn't accept any names. It kept telling me incorrect name. I dont get how its incorrect when I'm the one choosing the name. Ultimately uninstalled.
Pay to win, and your opponents are always better geared and f-ing 3 tap you, so you want to get stronger, making any dumb player spend a boat load of money to try to get the upper hand
It's interesting and fun! I'm new so I hope it is not pay to win! I would love to see a betting feature. For example, I can challenge a player and we can bet items or money. Similar to RuneScape duelling arena!
Its a really good game just played it and grindin i like the idea and i just hope that the game improves more
Pay to win pluse very expensive top up for super low graphics game. Fast lazy developer pluse expensive top up. If i top up. I will do it on highend games with efforts on making it :)
i play quite a few mobile games but this is what ive been looking for. A simple stat based character creation arena style game. its a ton of fun so far and simple enough to learn all the ins and outs.
I have been playing this game for almost 2 years and would gladly reccomend this game to everyone. The game itself is a pvp/ pve duels where you control what potion you intake, turning it into a timed pvp. Because each potion is unique and you can have up to 5 different potions, there is a set of potions that fits the style they want their character to be. Speaking about the character, everytime you level up from duels, you can level up your stats into a person that fits your playstyle.
i really like this game....the amour ...the way battle...the look of the warrior...but..i dont know why...today is update day!!!so happy....but i dont know why it keep jump out?like the game...few minute or less will jump to main screen...then i have to log in again
Grindy. Expensive micro. Needs improvement. Good game still. Too pricey for diamonds 5 diamonds id 1 dollar i find it hilarious and a joke, greedy pricing. Sets and items will cost you 50 dollars and up. Like id spend that much for trash sets that you can grind in game. Please downgrade your pricing add more ways to acquire items and materials. Put more items and potions. Thanks
Dance monkeys dance! Kidding, love the game though. It definitely starts out fairly simple (I just hit lv. 9), but I can see the planning ahead. I enjoy the PvP function and the weapon upgrades. One aspect I look forward to using is thr several presets for stats. I hope you all plan to keep it in the game. Look forward to more fun!
At first I thought that it was dumb how the fight was basically auto play and that you just had to spam buttons for potions but I was wrong. There is actual strategy in picking your gear and what potions you bring with you. Good game:)
Don't like it. Some settings are just ridiculous. Eg, I couldn't feel any fun in the battle, just merely pushing buff and potion. Secondly, the limited capacity to carry potion and buff just stupid as same items will keep expanding also its size as your capacity is expanding while lvl up. It make you carry the same number of the same items although your capacity is bigger. I got too bored especially the beginning of the games force me go through repetitive training and pvp until certain lv. Quit
AFTER A FEW TRAINING BATTLES THE BATTLES GET UNFAIR. THE OPPONENT ALWAYS GETS BETTER EQUIPMENT AND WHEN YOU LOSE YOU ONLY GET 1 EXP.I recommend playing this game just for a day.then uninstall.Level 5 is when the unfair training battles begin.
I only rate games deserving of a rate, and this one definitely fits the bill. It's a classic. Perfect for casual gaming and long term play. I can pick up my phone, duel some folks, refine my weapons and armor, and manage my items all in about 5 minutes. The combat itself is brutal, fast paced, and intense. So glad I decided to give this one a try. Easy 5/5
The game isn't bad. The battle system is simple and pretty balanced. The potion system (all potions are free) is surprisingly interesting and the 1v1 is fun. The problem with this game is that it's as grindy as grindy gets. The materials for some objects are over 40k and you probably only get 3 of it during each battle. The micro transactions are also overpriced. 5 gems cost 1usd, which isn't bad until you realize that you make that much in minutes. The only ones that make impact are above 59.99
Very Nice game, it has good graphics and has a fast online que. The potion system is spot on! Very nice works devs. I may have only played a bit but I already think this game is awesome.
A semi automatic gameplay that requires hardcore grinding for you to be on top or else you will be force to pay to win. Gameplay is monotonous and simple yet addictive. So far my gameplay experience is fair.
Simple gameplay with some nice depth! There are numerous ways configure your stats, gear, and the potions you use in battle. The battles are quick! There's plenty of pvp and PvE. Not much story, but the gameplay is sound. You are the tank, healer, buffs, debuffs, and damage. Your choices (before and during battle) are often what will determine your victory. Also, the dev team post about updates on FB. It's about once or twice a month.
So far so good. Reminds me of the game lineage the blood pledge. A Korean MMO where you could duel and pop pots 👍👌