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League+ for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Riot Games, Inc located at 12333 W Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90064 (424) 231-1111 . The game is suitable for Teen (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its tobad it never works. Really too bad riot is unwilling to fix this. And yet even with the November update still no notifications
Jeez...why do i have to enter my username and password everyday?! Before was ok, now every day i have to reconnect with my account
App tends to crash... I never receive my messages.. unless I click on app and look at messages.. un reliable and needs major updates
Up until recently the app was great however now I have to uninstall it and reinstall it just to get it to freaking work. I also no longer get notifications which is ridiculous I'm very disappointed
After logging in and closing the client. League + will almost always bug out and they're no way to restart it so you need to install reinstall I swear some companies ies are just asshats by design
Its a good app i just think it can be more useful perhaps riot you can make it so that you can purchase rp through the app and see your loot and buy Champs and things like that.
Its tobad it never works. Really too bad riot is unwilling to fix this. And yet even with the November update still no notifications. February's update yet still not getting notifications good job.
This app gave me the opportunity to find my boyfriend no matter if I'm home or not ,from desktop or mobile ! Girls download it
Before the updates it was alright but now it cant even load my profile proprely please fix this bug. Friends list isnt shown either so friends profiles too and match history. UPDATE 1: I'm waiting for so long all I can say is the app got even worse, now I cant login, send msgs... FIX IT ALREADY LEAGUE FANS NEED THIS!! UPDATE 2: After the last few patches on this app I changed my rating now the League+ WORKS! Finally I can check my profile, my messages, etc... There are some bugs, but it works.
It's a great app that has a lot going for it. My only criticism is that it's typical Riot: they keep fixing one thing to break another.
I have to Uninstall to logout. I have to logout to update to see who's on. I'm not notified if someone is messaging me while I'm not playing league. This is more broken than their clients
Stupid app dont waste your time. Signed in. Now my accounts forever signed in on league+ signed out but account always appears as signed in on league+ for no reason. My accounts not signed into it anywhere yet there it appears signed in to league+ on my friends friendlist
Friends list shows now and you can message your friends now. Finally fixed after 1 year of it being bugged lol. Changed my 1 star to 5 as the app is actually functioning.
Almost nothing works, particularly the core features most would use the app for, such as chat, viewing profiles and match history.
I really like the idea and design of app. Hope to see more features and bug fixes in the future. Keep up the good work.
Trying to watch Worlds, using my native language=deutsch stream instead of english stream. Changing language to english="Sorry, something went wrong and we couldn´t load this video." Uninstall then install, deutsch stream. No button to change it or anything... Reset app again, then finally english stream. Small indie company has broken game either mobile app. I don´t get you guys.
Forgotten App This app has clearly been forgotten. You don't receive notifications for messages. Everything is extremely delayed, for example the status of friends.
My app has crashed like 10 times in 2 mins. Please help. I just want to message my friends without having to log into league on my computer.
Please add proper support for Dark Mode and Reading Mode (aka Blue Light Filtering). When these settings are turned on in the device, the message bubles in the chat become white and the letters in the message become a super bright orange color blending with the message bubble, making it nearly impossible to read. This is in Redmi Note 8 Pro, MIUI 12.
Sometimes its not fully up to date with current stats and match history but the chat function and the current friends online status are very useful. If friends want to message you while you aren't in the app, you will get the notification on your phone that they reached out to you. Very helpful.
Ive got a top tier phone so performance isn't an issue, but this app is so laggy and buggy. As of Jan 8, it's not even updated to season 11 so you can't see anything here. You also can't see how long your friends have been in a game. This app also tells you when your friends finally finish a game ...... 6 minutes after they log off
Works good at what it does have, but the lack of features makes it unusable. I use this app only for league esports and it is awful for that. When you want to watch a game live you can't select where to watch it(Twitch, YouTube, ect.) As well as not being able to select what language or what region the broadcast you're forced to watch is from. Another problem is that there's no way to view the individual league standings on this app. Works fine, its just missing way too much.
What the hell! I try to sign up, I get to the end where they have you put in your username and password, and I hit the next button. You know what happens, it just stays at that same ass screen. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO WRITE A REVIEW ON THE GAME WHEN I CAN'T GET TO THE GAME!!
I dont get notifications. Its on from phone and app but no notifications given, no sound, no messages, no nothing. Worst thing is i cannot even send a bug report cuz nothing happens when i click confirm to send the report. Sad thing is, developers doesn't seem to check here either.
App is nice now even i stopped playing LoL but i use it for communication. But app is logging me out all the time. Every 2 or 3 days i need to reauthenticate
Can't see how long friends have been in a game. Notifications don't work. Need to reload the app a few times for the information to be accurate.
Edit: app constantly crashes forcing the app to be force stopped in app management. Notifications, "connection to internet", ability to send messages after switching between background apps prior to league+ for any reason are unreliable possibly due to this. Only way to cope with these problems are if the method initially mentioned is taken, and restarting the app. Similar to how the old chat app functioned with its problems: unreliable
New update, same bugs the app is incapable of showing who is actually online again... Keeps showing people in game who are actually offline...
Crashes after you open it every time. Used to be good but there was some update at some point and now it just doesn't work
chat bugs everytime, sends me old chat notifications of 3+ days ago. Can't access to my friends chats properly unless i close and reopen the app 3 times straight. Sends my messages at any time the app wants (It literally has sent messages to friends that were meant to be sent months ago). Cannot see your friends online unless you restart more than once. Only works to see the news and stuff but don't get it if you want to chat with them, it sucks just chat with them on discord or something.
The whole point is to get chat notifications and I can't get those. I can't even find an option to turn them on. I've tried doing it from my settings but nothing happened. Fix it please.
I log in my user name and password, and it just stays loading. I've been trying uninstalling and installing again for months now, still the same problem.
Super buggy. Crashes more than 50% of the time you first open it. Notifications rarely come through. Will often delete messages. All around a really awful app. But what would you expect from Riot.
when i go to the app. it usually bugs and doesn't open it just stays at a blank screen and i have to go do force stop from app. settings. The search bar malfunctions-needs fixing
Buggy, always bugged. Contacts sometimes wont charge, they dont appear. If u try textin someone nothing happens. Cant update anything here.
I installed this app and all it does is give me a blank space to staring at ....this is not the first time its doing this...everytime I download it does same ...I have tried on multiple occasions...maybe it's just my device I said then tried it on my bros phone and still the same issue...pls fix the bugs they are just too much .,
Older version wasn't a big thing but it used to work. It was doing what it supposed to do which was sending messages. New version doesn't send messages, I can't see the messages even tho I get notification sometimes. I can't see friends list or match history. I know they tried to make it better and I wated patiently for months for any improvement but seems like riot forgot about it, still nothing changed. I'm deleting the app.
4 and not 5 stars because of these bugs: a)when i go to the app. it usually bugs and doesn't open it just stays at a blank screen and i have to go do force stop from app. settings b)the search bar malfunctions-needs fixing c)sometimes when i put note at a nickname the app. malfuntions and just closes and sometimes i get message from android system that the app. has function problems
It does not offer as many features or statistics as the PC client. Nor games statistics, news or summoner MMR can be viewed with in the app, everything opens on an internal browser. It more so seems like an app for League of Legends news and not as companion app for the PC game as they advertise it.
Every few hours application fails to open (black screen) and completely prevents the access to the league app. The issue can only be resolved by reinstalling the app. Most terrible application.
2 stars at the moment, until it becomes compatible with wild rift, chats seems to load but unable to see players profiles (from wild rift) once that get solved ill change my rating
This app is great, rarely any bugs and gets the job done. Though I do wish for one added feature; that is to be able to watch vods through this app. I seriously hate having to be on PC in order to review vods, and it would make this app absolutely perfect if you were to add that future. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
Works really well for me, but I'm not getting any notifications? All the settings say that notifications are on, but in my phone notification settings, it says all notifications for this app are "auto-disabled". Phone is an Samsung Galaxy S20+.
The application is good , i admit , it really is usefull to keep up with the game news and updates if not playing , but , due to a little bit of care from riot games , the application is lacking some features and having always a lot of bugs , and some times even not working at all .
It's getting worse.. Every time i open this app I have to sign in and after this the app crashes so i have to reinstall it again
Broken client. Bring back the old league app please. Thanks. Every update you guys do, whether it's mobile app or league client, it's always broken. Just leave it the way it once was before all the changes.
There's something wrong with the app. It does not open at all. It shows the logo and then takes me back to my homescreen.
League+ is very slow and refuses to refresh properly. It refreshes but it be stuck at the last time I messaged someone on this app. You can't message someone cause it be frozen in the last time you message them. As some people have said, when someone messages you, you don't get notifications. This is hella worse than league client itself
Worst companion app to a game ever. Match history never loads, always bugged, can't see when friends are on either. Messaging barely works tbh and I see no point in installing this app in it's current state.
I wouldn't mind to see some non invasive ads if that's what it takes to make this bug of an app work decently.
Why is it so hard? If Op.gg or league match history can easily show this... No match history, no after game data, and a bug showed one match history with my friend but it only showed 2 items. All items are previous icon too.
Its a pretty outdated app, i mean all the items are old. The system may have adapted into season 11, but not the items.
Was working, and sent notifications. It suddenly stopped and now won't even update chats that I have. It's like it never refreshes. No longer usable in it's current condition.
I loved the app when I first downloaded it as i could see my history and who was online. But now it still has me at level 10 and I am at 21. It is way behind and kind of frustrating when I'm trying to loom at stats and it doesn't work.
App is worst. It doesn't work anymore. No content and it is utter waste. I have to enter username and password everyday and it doesn't work now. Profile, match history won't reload. Almost everything in this app doesn't work.
I love this app. It's better if you want to talk to your friends on league without having to open the game
Really bad Can't look at others match histories, own profile doesn't even load, all you can do on this app is message your friends. I might as well msg them via discord or whatsapp, fix these issues and the app would get a 5 star from me
Terrible experience, just like the client, full of bugs, crashes, nothing loads and etc. Bugs everywhere, patheic.
The addition of the native match history is really cool. I would suggest adding a button to open the match in the browser. At least as long as the other match history features aren't implement yet.
Im so glad that you guys from riot have finally fixed it.. After that new update almost everything works, at least I can see my friends playing, but I can't see ny match history or profile, so please do something with this app, this app used to be so good back n' the days.. Thank you, Riot games.
App has potential, but for the most part is pretty useless. Last update was in November 2020, and as of now, the app is filled with question marks; new textures and items in season 11 are just not there. Looks pretty blank. If Riot manages to fix the textures and everything, this will be 4/5 star app.
The apps okay, a little buggy and has definitely had plenty of problems in the past. It seems to work fine now, but I only really use it to check if my friends online without having to boot up a computer or directly asking him. And it's also a nice way to see my match history to easily flex on a friend by showing them a 10/1/8 game I had. All in all it's a little convenient but nothing to write home about.
Hello. Unfortunately, League+ refuses to send me notifications regarding new messages received. For a time, yes, it worked properly, but it recently stopped doing so. I tried to block the notifications, then re-turned them on — nothing; reinstalled the application itself — nothing. I have no idea how else to deal with this error anymore.
No chat or friends list functionality whatsoever. EDIT 1/2/2021: The app now works while you have it open. If someone messages you it WILL NOT notify you. The only way to receive messages is to be actively refreshing the page within the app. This pretty much makes it useless just like before.
I like the app, but it is so much lag in it. You don't get notifications and ypu need to log out and in for the app to work normally like once a week or more. Also sometimes the app doesn't work because it says no internet connection while your connected to Wi-fi or your own data. I would give it 4 or 5 stars if it was more functional and less buggy. I like the concept and that you can chat with friends and see the latest new tho.
I did what it told me to do and nothing happened! I wasn't able to access anything let alone get in the app, then it told me to sign out so I did than when I signed in again it told me the info (user name/password) I put in five seconds before hand was wrong when it was correct I mean what the heck guys! I don't recommend this app sorry creator's but this app was a let down... If i could I'd give it zero stars -_-
The app is completely non functional at the moment and has been for months. It's like they dont even care about fixing it As of November 2020, this app again does not function. They can barely keep their game running no surprise their app falls to the wayside
Failed to do what's it's meant to do. Never did I remember this app working properly for once on both ios and android phones. Such a waste. I'm sure you can spare a few bucks from 1.5 billion revenue to fix this broken app.
Should add more to this app like the lore would be neat to have on the go in an app along with this so nerds like me can read the lore and disscuss with freinds over the app as well make it more than what it is and itd be a great little thing to have on your phone
The interface is kinda clunky. I wish it provided more information and made your own statistics easier to view.
This would be an incredibly useful app for chatting with friends and checking match history, as well as a place to keep up esports, but with every passing day it loses functionality as Riot has updated it in a really long time. The match history is bugged and is missing textures while also having outdated item logks
It works maybe a third of the time? Perhaps less. Doesn't load new messages or even show who's online unless you close and open the app, and always with a huge delay. Lately it doesn't load even after restarting. And it has always been terrible with notifications. Love the game, disappointed with the app
When it works it's nice to check to see who's online. I've experienced bugs in the past as other reviewers have reported, and now I can't even log in. Pretty worthless.
Ok for me app works great unlikely like other reviews its not buggy it doesent crash it works great BUT for some reason if app works in background my phone constantly heat and its draining my battery. Luckily i can fix this by force stopping the app but it would be nice to look into this because its just annoying that i have to do this each time and also i forgot to do it sometime and my battery just die.
Literally the most bugged app in the history of communication. In a way it's a fitting alternative to the worst client in the milky way.
The app logs out my account every time i open it for a while now. Please fix the app and add a "remember user" feature that was there before.
Itd be nice if we could watch our replays on this app, possibly download any. It's a great app in all, being able to see our stats. It's just, not being able to rewatch expired replays isn't fun
The app stops working after a week, then everything becomes "outdated." 😔 You have to logout and login again for the app to refresh, but that's annoying. 😒
The app doesn't work anymore. The status of my friend has been the same for the last two/three days. Reopening the app doesn't fix the issue.
As of 2020-01-21 app is completely broken Can't view profiles or their match histories, can't even chat with people because sent messages don't appear even though you get notifications Back in the day 3rd party apps did better than this billion dollar company manages EDIT: 2020-06-16 still broken and unusable EDIT: 2020-10-27 App is decently usable still slow and buggy though
This app is full of bugs and crashes allways at anytime, also my accout gets disconnected automatically, and the notifications are not working. That's what we expect from Riot Games. Fix this app soon please
You know what would make league+ complete? The ability to spectate others games on your phone. Just as you would on your computer.
After logging in with riot ID, all the screens are stuck at loading. Nothing loads be it News screen or the friends tab just nothing works. Please fix this app!!
I used this to keep in touch with a friend, however the chat functionality got worse and worse with every update, from unreliable notifications of a new message, to the inability to send a message in later updates. It fails to do the one thing it needs to.
After latest update the current online status of friends was not accurate. But this is due to "Optimize Battery Usage" feature which prevented getting accurate online status. The app was using a lot of battery power though..
App has a lot of display bugs but it was nice to add the professional esports schedule as well as updates, etc.
Wrong font color + background color of my messages. Can't read them. Please change the colors, because this is annoying.
I love League, and this app.. when it works. I always have to uninstall and reinstall every single time i want to use it or else i can't access my account on it because if i don't i just simply can't click on my profile or look at my friends dms, the dms won't load and the profile icon literally just doesn't take me anywhere. Other than that, it works fine.
The main idea of the app is amazing, but the app isn't good. The conversations aren't refresh frequently, when I want to see a match it redirect me to a turkish channel and I can't earn drops