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Lazors for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Pyrosphere located at R. Mestre Guilherme Camarinha, 63, 5-2 4200-537 Porto Portugal. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Finished every level without using any hints, some took days to solve, but it is a very good game, I can only recommend
Among the best puzzles. Graphics are pretty, essential and intuitive. Level variety is high. Difficulty varies gradually but immensely. Great game
A great brainteaser although I find some more difficult levels with portals sometimes a bit trial-and-error. Definitely waiting for new levels.
I didn't know it's adfree... I use adblockers... This leads me to wanting to donate. How can I? I passed all the levels and didn't use any hint. BTW... I need more levels.
I uninstalled it the same day. I'm not playing a game that requires me to run my screen at the highest setting in order to see anything. My battery level is more important. Really, a black hole on a gray background?
I have had this app since I got a smartphone back in about 2008 or 2009 and when completing the different puzzle types would be awarded with a couple hints if needed. Recently an update was applied and that is gone idk if it is just a bug but it is VERY disappointing.
I have been playing this mind reflectional game since it has been build and found it the best of it's kind.
The great thing about this puzzle game is its simplicity and its level designs. It is easy to understand and paced well, which make the messy levels even more fun. Most importantly, each level set is themed, and there is incredible aesthetic in how some of them are designed, so it never feels stale. Levels aren't added frequently, but when they are, you can expect them to be top-notch quality. This in my opinion is what separates this game from the rest of the batch.
I first heard of this game in 6th grade. My best guy friend, a HUGE nerd, showed me. I thought I could never do it. By 7th grade everyone had it lol so I downloaded it. Ever since I've been addicted
A contender for THE BEST free puzzle game on Google Play. Simple in concept but ingeniously executed, with a brilliant learning curve as more variation is introduced with multiple laser beam sources and targets, carefully limited options for where you can place blocks, and an increasing variety of these blocks that reflect, obstruct, split, refract, teleport and carry the lasers around. Best of all, no obnoxious ads that pervade other free games, and enough hints earned for free to get by.
Bit repetitive and dull aftrr a while. I also paid for 20 more hints (I have the receipt, in duplicate) and yet my game still says 0 hints left?! Didnt want to post this here but I couldn't find a way to contact the developers.
I just use this 2 see how much more some people are limited with their brain, it didn't even take me 10mins to solve the first part of the last level, about 6mins 2be exact. I skipped the beginning levels, a friend of mine thought they got the hang of the level next 2 the last level & quit when they couldn't figure out the obstacle. I solved the same part they failed on in 5mins. To think of the social filtering process gone wrong & manipulation in the world.. 2 be born into a bad section makes life vain!¦[
Dammit, this game takes all my time now! Great gameplay, with simplistic controls. This game is NOT for you if you don't like challenging levels, and mommy holding your hand every step of the way. Word of warning: clear your head before you play... You're going to NEED it. smh
A new, fresh idea that I believe has a lot of potential. This'll be up with the likes of 2048 and Unblock Me in no time at all
I love games whose concepts and rules are simple to understand and learn, and yet require a great deal of thought and experimentation to solve. Lazors is great 90° fun.
Simple concept, yet very challenging. This game is ad free (always good), instead gaining its well-earned money by requiring pay for additional hints. There are many levels to choose from, each pack coming with a range of the difficulty and you are reward a certain number of free hints for each pack you finish! My only complaint that keeps this game from getting a 5 is the lack of any kind of level editor, as this is the exact type of game that benefits greatly from that sort of thing.
Tons of levels. Simple, smart design. Slowly introduces new, interesting mechanics to keep things feeling fresh but familiar. Completely free. No ads. No microtransactions. No notifications.
DON'T BUY HINTS If you're stuck just Google it and it will show you how to do it. It might take away from the game, but it's better than spending a dollar for extra hints. Plus, you get 2 hints for free each time you finish a section. Still a good game to kill some time and work your brain out a little bit.
I love this game it is challenging and I love the effects. The levels are so fun and I love that you can switch to so many levels. Download this game or you are a loser!
Loved every bit of it! It's simple but difficult. Try solving them in your head, without moving anything.
The puzzle makes your mind to find most of the permutation! I hope developer will add more puzzles to it...till now all levels have been completed!
Excellent game with decent challe ge and just the right amount of content to not be too short but not get bored of it either. Must play!
I'm giving this 5 Stars just to start with. I haven't even played it. Why you ask? I have this kind of mental thing. I don't know if I'm crazy or what. I draw imaginary straight lines with my eyes bouncing around objects the same way this game is played. My nipples are hard just waiting to try this thing. It's exactly what I do everyday and have been doing every day for years. This is like a dream come true!
Awesome puzzle game with no ads or annoying pop-ups it's really addictive and a ton of fun I would pay money for it and it's free what more could u ask for? Great job devs! Just a suggestion the puzzle selection menu could be prettier.. but it works great as is :)
This game is aesthetically pleasing and has a great interface. I'm only a few packs into the game so my review may be innacurate but the boards only allow so many moves therefore making solving the puzzles markedly easier.
It's so fun and challenging. No ads. It's all good except if you use a hint, and move it, you now have to use 2 more hints to get a different one. Doesn't matter much. Still 10/10 game.
who the hell do u think u are?!?! just because u are apparently good in this game what does thst mean? nothing. if u was as inteligent as you claim u wouldnt feel the need to brag about it. And also u callin this friend of yours stupid? why are u friends with him then fool?
Challenging. A lot of ad free puzzles. Sometimes hints are wasted because it places a reflector where you already had one.
Even if this is an old game. This is still one of the best puzzle games that i have played. Best part is that it don't got ads but please suppory the creator if you can.
If you're looking for mindless, numbing puzzle matching, you're wasting your time. This is a well thought out puzzle game that requires critical analyzing of each level, I'm still stuck on the same puzzles I was years ago when I started playing. A great mobile game, don't pass this one up.
Tremendous game, I downloaded it yesterday, but I'm already done with almost two-thirds of the progress (and I haven't even used the hints yet). There are too few levels, otherwise it's a great game.
I loved this game. It starts out easy but gets quite challenging as you get different types of blocks. Its ad-free and the in-app purchases are for hints only, it's good when developers choose user experience above making money. Definitely recommended if you like puzzles.
Great game with simple mechanics yet complicated puzzles. Especially the worm hole section (and generally teleporters) can be tough to crack, but that's a good thing!
It reminds me of a reflecting lasers game for Windows 3.1.1 for Workgroups back in the 90s! I loved that and I'm loving this. Buying hints is a great idea for making in game money from dumb people, and it's genius! Haha
All you have to do is find the first and then follow the line if you had a max amount of moves it would be better
The mad genius behind game needs to be commended. The only thing that I would recommend is to increase the hints gained. For the harder levels achieved. This game is brilliant and I absolutely love it. And seeing as I have put a decent amount of text on the comment Google will bump me up to the very top. This was a jobs well done. I enjoy the sound effects as well. Now I am going back to try and figure out the rest.
Good ranges of easy to hard and there are multiple 'worlds' which makes it easy to jump around if you get stuck.
Sometimes you cant even see the target properly because a block is in the way, and the levels are too small so gets cramped. And ive seen other apps that use the same concept and are WAAAAY better/more fun.
n_i*sin(theta_i)=n_t*sin (theta_t)...transmitted beam angle will be different than the incident beam, since the refraction coefficient of glass is different than that of air. Just messing around, only because we just went over this 😂
This was an app that was just what I was looking for. An enjoyable app, if I wanted something that would ultimately challenge my spatial awareness and mental agility to the utmost limits I'd have climbed everest. This app in my humble opinion is one I will definitely keep. My thanks to the creator...
Entertaining logic game with plenty of challenge, but surprisingly short for as many puzzles as there were (which is why it's not a five star game). Tore through every one in a handful of hours total play, even with sparse use of hints.. Add-on puzzle packs would make this even more addictive.
Wonderful game, but unfortunately no support with Google Play, would be better if there were save on cloud
An addictive little game that you can waste hours on, five minutes at a time. It's perfect because you can play at your own pace, stop anytime, then pick it up again right were you left it. I have a couple of requests to make it a bit easier on the harder puzzles. I would like to see different colored lasers when there are two (or more if there are that many) and perhaps a pulse that travels down the laser from the source. On the complicated puzzles, it's sometime hard to keep track of what is bouncing where and I end up moving a mirror because I thought the laser was coming from one direction (or beam) when it was coming from another. But these are minor quibbles that don't affect the play-ability, or addictiveness, of the game. Great job!
I've enjoyed playing Lazors a lot. Plenty of challenges, it was very useful trying to keep my brain sharp. Many clever and enjoyable hours have been spent. I only wish there would be a new set of levels . That said, playing some levels again can be just as much fun, as you don't remember the solutions, as they're often subtle and complicated.
I want to be able to flag the tiles with different colors (at least 3 colors). That way you can flag possible tile or the impossible one, just like minesweeper
I played this when my lil brother had a kurio tablet I got to play it and I loved it! Its definitely a time consuming game and its challenging!
This game isn't only free fun and challenging but the fact that new and new levels are always added makes it sooo much fun. This game is addictive and just a real brain teaser. 10/10 because I replayed it 3 times even years later!
Nice hackable level format too--easy enough to make your own levels. I first played this on iOS some time ago and was so happy to see that there's more levels! I'm very pleased by the lack of permission requirements too. Thank you devs, you've done an outstanding job!
A great puzzle game, mentally challenging and creative in using geometry principles of angles and mixing it with physics of different materials, absolutely deserved 5/5 stars! I would gladly pay for more levels.
Great App!!!!!! Can't stop playing! Have to really, really think about where you are going to put the blocks to deflect the lazer! And the best of all....IT'S AD FREE!!!