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Last World

Last World for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by iDreamSky located at Chuangmeng Tiandi Technology Co., Ltd., 16th Floor, Unit A3, Kexing Science Park, Keyuan North Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence, Horror) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It would be better if flowers and grass would regrow on our own lot and that we didnt have to "unlock" craft items after we already have to level up for it
Doesn't get past the load screen. Keeps bugging me for access to make phone calls and my files. Why would a game need this?
For Devs please change controls so dying isn't so painful, movement control was essential reason people die. Movement widget keeps moving...shouldn't it be stationary? 2. PVP versus PVE most of your environment factor aka zombies didn't have enough items for players to sack and kill so essentially people went kill players more so. I have say be on your guard even if your admin they think your sparkly treasure...they attack you to. 3. Health and stamina they don't regenerate if want a game that has regenerating don't play this, even after you ate something come on. I ate juicy steak all I got health restored, some water from it, no stamina restore what going do some research yourself...are recipes or kitchen in future of this game. Will we see more materials....find some nuts and spices? 4. Skill points what is deal with that, 3 points per level up you could permit perks then...per level up then, gain perk per chance a map or encounter. Perks would been nice evasive against ninja players hey...dodging blows? 5. air drop doesn't reload or there no more...is there way to avoid airdrop event or could change for new one? 6. good things about game generally zombies don't send raids against your home, players do...not sure what level that is...maybe when you get cb radio which level 10. 7. Will I return, maybe...will my character be there?
I love this game, it's fantastic! There's only one problem.....could you please make areas where there are no zombies to give those of us with limited weapons a chance to gather resources?! Apart from that, this game is great! ♥
It's a decent survival game, but there's still some bugs and it freezes from time to time. When killing a zombie it's health bar freezes as it's still hitting you then it's health bar depletes...
its a good game but... i just bought a material pack and it sent it to server I've never been on saying i have a pending purchase on the other server..but i dont even have a character set up on the please fix asap id like the stuff i payed for
Hi, I like this game and have level up quite high. However, I was wondering why for the character like Tess Brolin and Auguste has no English explanation on its file. Maybe better if you have it so we know the strength and weakness of this character.
Another rip off of last day of earth, nothing about it the only difference is the graphic that about it, not only that you need stamina like last day of earth, Dont download
Can't be installed, even though I have the minimum requirements. Sorry. If you could change the size smaller, I might want to try. I still have about 400 Mb free storage.
i love this game but theirs ail problem i cant seem to be able to add my friends that are playing the same game? any help would be greatfully appreciated!
Dont get this game, cant get past the loading screen and its all in an Asian language. Will not load at all.
can't even play, never gets passed the title screen. not sure why this game asks permission to access my phone calls too. send like a scam to me
I just updated my game and I can't even play it you need to fix this bug and if i lose all my stuff i am going to be furious
Love game only think dont like is game keeps glitching every time I try to move in the game or do anything character glitching the character starts running in one place an or walking and then you get stuck at sides of map not being able to move I've already deleted the game re-downloaded it reset my phone and it's still doing the same thing other then that great game
It's a pretty good game, great idea, but it just doesn't work on my phone. The game expects a bit too much out of my phone, and it was real laggy. Other then that is was good, few bugs, but got rid of it, due to space.
Bad Stability unstable server in ASIA Need an update Server update So that this game is stable and playable
It's ok in all ways but the only times I dislike it that it's a same game as LDoE but its own way like other games that copy LDoE.
Im unable to even get past the start up screen. Look into this, fix what needs to be fixed, and perhaps I'll redownload and try it again.
Can't get past loading screen and nothing before that is in English. Plus it wants access to all my calls and files.
just uninstalled after update because after every update i have to uninstall then reinstall it but this time it wont let me download it again. annoyed because i love this game.
Can't even load game, everything comes up in foreign language (some form of Asian maybe?) Keeps asking access to make phone call, etc. And does nothing when you select a region
Can't even get past startup screen , please fix this problem and then maybe I will give it more stars
It never let's me play with my friends and it lags so much it probably glitched on me atleast 5 times a min so keep this in mind when u are about to download this
Updated my game the day it had the update however unlike my brother who was able to claim the first day of the Christmas event items i was not and it started me right on day 2 It needs to be fixed and i need the event items in which i did technically start the new event on day one.
i just spent $10 on the game to buy an upgraded backpack to be able to carry more. well i logged off the game safely at my base to long on the next day and find everything i paid for to be erased. do not spend money on rhis game very disappointing im sure this post will be taken down by the company so plz reshare and re post so noone loses hard earned money like i did.
Another Copy of "Last Day on Earth" Game, So many copyrights, and every single copy is a failure compared to the Original Game, these days companies don't have any originality, just copy copy others. Just play the original game, atleast they update frequently.
The game wont even load up for me, asks me to choose a server or a similar thing and then never changes.
I enjoy the game itself the concept is fun however it glitches so bad that u end up loosing everything if they can fix it it would be an awesome game very addicting but with the glitches I would not recommend it until it's fixed
WARNING!!! Try this game ONLY if you have steel nerves. Don't expect to find your stuff after death every time(it's a lottery) even if no one found it, it will be gone because of refreshd area. The Same(and I quote SAME!) zombie deals different amount of damage each time you enter that area... Also don't be surprised if enemie will appear from nowhere or spots you from other side of the map(It's "normal")... All of this is only a tip of the iceberg, so if you agree with condition, that (literally) anything can happen (like, stuff that you gathered all day, gone missing from your chest, after "reconnection"), then by all means, give it a shot, but try not to smash your phone please (I DEAR YOU !!!)...
It's great game love it but the new update has messed up the game. after i pick my server it loads up it freezes and ive tried to restart my phone
I can't get past the picking a server screen, it keeps telling me that login failed. Was super interested too, darn.